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The year is 1933. Hitler has just taken power in Germany. The world is still in a depression. Unemployment is high. This Map Game takes place in 1933, when Hitler has just taken office.

Game starts.

  • United States: Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge begins in San Francisco Bay, with a goal of being the largest bridge in the world.
  • United Kingdom: Hindustan independence is debated. 100 BEF Troops are also sent to Grenada.
  • China: uses Western help and improves its military. They undergo a complete overhaul.
  • Finland: The Finns propose an economic and military alliance with Denmark, Sweden and Poland.
  • Thailand: Thailand builds up their military and builds a few planes, buses, AA-guns and boats.


  • United States: Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge continues in San Francisco Bay, with a goal of being the largest bridge in the world. Also, Albert Einstein arrives in the United States.
  • United Kingdom: The British offer Germany an alliance in hopes of keeping the peace between the two nations. Hitler is invited to a ball in Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Anglo-German Alliance if Germany accepts. 50,000 British troops are sent to Sudan.
  • Cuba: The Cuban president is shot down. The new one is a highly authoritarian president. Despite this, Cuba plans to open up deals with the US regarding automobile importation.
  • Ethiopia: In hopes of modernizing their military Ethiopia invites European and American mercenaries to train there troops.
  • Sudan: The city of Khartoum, capital of the region for both Sudanese and Englishmen, is raided by revolutionaries. The objective of the rebels becomes obvious as to drive out Great Britain out and establish a independent nation. Many of the locals and foreigners fear that they plan to raze surrounding countryside and destroy personal property; unfortunately the local government does little other than adding more security to military camps.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviet Union finishes their work on the first Five Year Plan. Worried about the possibility of a British-German alliance, they begin a slight military expansion. They also ask the USA to open diplomatic relations with them.


There is an army mutiny in Vladivostok, but it is quickly crushed. An army mutiny occurs in Hanko, but is crushed.

  • United States: The United States strongly discourages the UK-German alliance, and also begins to take in more Jews fleeing from Germany.
  • Ethiopia: To improve the economic situation Ethiopia sends a joint trade deal to the USA and UK. The Ethiopian military continues to grow.
  • Seeing the threats, the Baltic states joined with the other Eastern European countries (Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland and Hungary) to form the Eastern Europe Treaty Organization (EETO), and sign treaties with Germany, Italy and Greece to get protection.
  • First of all, what threats are there to band against? German rearmament didn't start until 1935 in OTL, and the Soviets were busier with industrialization at the time. Plus I seriously doubt that all those nations would agree to some sort of military alliance, Azecreth
  • I agree, east Europe was still recovering from all wars and was industrialising, LxCaucassus
  • The band was for protecting against the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. As you see in real, they signed the Molotov - Ribbentrop Pact and divided the whole east. And also the Baltic Entente was signed on September 12, 1934 at Geneva. Wikipedia: "The Baltic Entente was based on Treaty of Understanding and Collaboration[1] signed between Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia on September 12, 1934 in Geneva. The main objective of the agreement was joint action in foreign policy. It also included mutual commitments to support each other politically, and to give diplomatic support in international communication. The endeavour was ultimately unsuccessful - the combined strength of the three nations and statements of neutrality were insubstantial in the face of the massive armies of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. The plans for division of control of European lands located between the two superpowers laid out in the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact assigned the Baltic countries into Soviet "sphere of influence". As a result, in 1940 all three countries were indeed occupied by and annexed into the Soviet Union." So that's why eastern Europe was just in danger from Nazis and Soviets, and so only Baltics cannot defend against them, Laptop Zombie
  • The Fascist 'party' in Cuba expands. Meanwhile, a Soviet traveler introduces Communism.
  • Great Britain: The 50,000 troops land in Sudan and occupy Khartoum as well as other parts of the colony, an all out war begins against the Sudanese rebels, with only soldiers being killed, civilians are not harmed and moved to safer areas. 35,000 more troops are sent to Sudan. Great Britain offers the Rebels independence negotiations, hoping to avoid future bloodshed. The Ethiopian trade deal is accepted while an alliance is offered to Ethiopia.
  • Stalin, taking advantage of the murder of Sergei Kirov, uses it to expel some 400,000 people from the Communist Party, securing his power. The Soviet Union begins working on a heavy tank to replace the T-35.
  • An army coup took place in Venezuela, an army General takes over with the aim of becoming a local and regional


  • The Finnish parliament proposes the reconstruction plan to modernize the military, industrialisation, and technology.
  • There is an army mutiny in Vladivostok, but it is quickly crushed. An army mutiny occurs in Hanko, but is crushed.


The Austrian government falls in the Austrian Civil War as the army refuses to shell the Karl-Marx-Hof, an act that would have endangered the lives of thousands of civilians. They then turn against the government, resulting in the fall of the Dollfuss’s government. The Social Democratic Party of Austria takes control of the nation.

  • Great Britain: The 35,000 troops land in Sudan, with the British forces beginning to occupy the last bits of rebel controlled territory after several small but bloody battles. The rebels are once again offered peace negotiations. 200,000 thousand troops begin to be sent to India, they are not there to injure Hindustan. The British Expeditionary Force begins construction.
  • Thailand: Thailand builds up their military. They also ask for an alliance with Japan.
  • Venezuela: Venezuela enters the world game. The military regime said they have no gripes, but wished to enhance the country’s standing in the world. Venezuela starts making an offer of restarting pre-Great Depression oil exports to Canada and the USA. The Venezuela General-come-president flies to Washington DC and Toronto to start talks with the leaders of the nations. Some press reports also mention claims of a minor arms deal was also on the cards. The treaties were only speculative. None of the nations were really up to it, since their economies were still badly depressed.
  • Ethiopia: Continues there military overhaul and agree to the British alliance they also send a deal to Britain to buy Somaliland and help them in Sudan
  • Italy: Italy begins a technological and industrial overhaul, employing several scientists (such as Enrico Fermi) in science and industrial plans. Vittorio Emmanuelle III is killed in a car accident, and his son Umberto II ascends to the throne. He immediately takes some precautions against Benito Mussolini, gaining more power with the re-establishment of a democratic parliament. In the elections, the Social Liberal party gains the upper hand.
  • Soviet Union: Stalin initiates the Second Five-Year Plan, which focuses on heavy industry. He also applauds the action of the Austrian people to resist the rise of Fascism.
  • The United States negotiates with the Venezuelan government on oil, asking for information such as terms, and of such. Also, the United States begins some research into Einstein’s theory, curious to see if it could be used as a weapon.
  • The Fascist and Communist 'parties' gain power in Cuba.
  • Finland begins initiating the reconstruction plan for a complete technological, industrial and military overhaul to reconstruct military tactics, structures and industrial buildings. the main goal is for Finland to gain Great power status, although the notion seems far-fetched, it is a motivational subject for Finns. The Finnish government hopes to gain good relations with the US and also take interest is Einstein, but put the subject aside as reconstruction is the most important thing, although the Finnish scientists gain some interest in E=MC2 and begin to study it, but only slightly.
  • Sudan: Many people rejoice the destruction of the oppressive rebel, although many towns have been razed or pillaged and hundreds have lost their homes. Many crops and farms also have been damaged by the raids conducted by the rebels. Fortunately, because of the British intervention many members of the resistance decide to emigrate elsewhere to avoid charges leaving the organization to crumble. The actions of the conflict, however, leave only more tension between Christian majority to the south and Islamic majority to the North.
  • Baltics: The Baltic States builds up the military.


The Saar Basin votes to re-join Germany after a plebiscite which receives a 90% affirmative vote.

  • The Finnish Government continues to implement the reconstruction plan. The military is looking into research to improve BT-7 Tank. The Finns propose an economic and military alliance with Sweden and Norway, which is accepted only by Sweden. the Finns are now one small but significant step closer to forming the Scandinavian Community. Finland asks the USA for alliance. The scientists continue toying with the e=mc2 idea but with no significant gains.
  • You can’t control Sweden and Norway. That is rather implausible, as in WW-II, the Finnish were not really friends with the Swedes or Norway. And Norway never enters an alliance, anyway. -Pita
  • Actually, Finland was VERY friendly with Sweden at the time (The Swedes sent aid to the Finns in the Winter War), but besides that, you're right. ~Fed
  • The Scandinavian Community is a goal not a reality. all it is now is an alliance.- we can Use to do the alliance with Norway. Yes: 1-25;50-75. No: 26-49; 76-100. Otherwise I don’t know how I can actually make an alliance.
  • I did the number it was 76- so Norway doesn’t accept alliance. I will fix the rest.
  • The United States continues research on a weapon to be produced with Einstein’s proposal, however funding is very little and almost nothing is done on time. Meanwhile, they propose to Enrico Fermi to come work in the United States.
  • Enrico Fermi declines, as the government-backed anti-Semitism that put his wife in danger is gone. Italy also continues to improve its industrial and technological potential. It also begins claiming Dalmatia from Yugoslavia.
  • The Japanese begin to build up their military with conscription of able bodied males from the ages of 17-20. The Japanese also begin building up their infrastructure to begin mass producing weapons. They also begin to create the 空母部隊 (Aircraft Carrier Battalion) of seven ship with plans to expand the size.
  • Sorry for not joining immediately. I didn't know it started.
  • Soviet Union: Industrialization continues under the Five-Year Plan. The Soviets begin reorganization of their tank forces into a full armoured role, to support their "Deep Penetration" doctrine.
  • Ethiopia: A small baby boom occurs after a string of good growing seasons and there military begins to look more and more European.
  • Venezuela faces a rebellion by counter revolutionary forces in its cities. The army’s attention turns inwards and focuses on national stability. Oil went off the agenda for the time being. The rebellion was quashed after two months. The El Distrito Metropolitano de Caracas and Ciudad Bolívar were to remain under martial law for another year. Telegrams were sent to the American and Colombian presidents confirming that the rebellion had been terminated.
  • For the content of Venezuela's '1935 telegrams' and the pending oil deal with the USA see the Diplomacy Page.
  • Cuba amps up its military. The Communist Party and Fascist Party expands. They offer to buy Haiti from France.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military. Thailand also builds a few small planes.
Axis vs Allies Revised (Map Game). Venezuela’s neutrality act of 1935.

Venezuela’s neutrality act of 1935 had banned political interference in grey tinted states. Green are of interest and olive green might be to.

  • Venezuela: Venezuela declares its neutrality outside of the Americas and parts of Australasia. An urban people’s literacy campaign is also launched. A interim free trade deal is offered to Colombia and Nicaragua.</p> It also offers the USA a reliance oil deal.
  • "The USA are to be given cut price Venezuelan oil for a fixed period of five years subject to renew their after in exchange for the USA giving Venezuela several hundred rifles and pistols, plus the odd tank and/or modern armoured car."
  • The United States agrees to the Venezuelan deal, and also begins to help build up their military due to the situation in the country being dangerously out of balance due to the rebellion.
  • Thailand: Thailand starts to build some ships. They begin plans of invading French Indochina.
  • Ethiopia begins to add a small number of tanks and planes to their military arsenal and sees the economic need for a ocean side port.
  • Italy continues to improve in the industrial and technological areas. Italy also begins to improve its military forces.
  • United Kingdom: The British government begins plans for an independent Sudan, as the past rebellion clearly outlines most of its peoples will. More troops are sent to India and all troops are expected to be in India by next year as well as two aircraft carriers, four Battleships, three destroyers, and five light cruisers.
  • Poland: After an overthrow of the weak Polish government by the Polish military the Kingdom of Poland is established. Poland sends requests to Germany and Russia to buy hundreds of planes and heavy tanks as it sets out modernizing its army under recommendations from military experts.
  • Hindustan (Modern day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar) starts to negotiate their Independence with Great Britain. They also ask for an alliance with China as well as Great Britain. They also say that they will keep the King as the head of state but will have a parliament with the President as head.
  • Negotiations will take place on my talk page for Hindustan independence, DeanSims
  • Germany amps up its military and refuse the polish offer because of its relatively low number of units at the time.
  • China asks any European nation and also the US for an alliance. China attempts to reorganise its military and starts building railways across the empire. China heavily fortifies its coast and the border with Japan. China attacks the Communists in Jiangxi and forces them of the Long March. There is a major divergence with the OTL as on this march, Mao Zedong is killed by a stray bullet in a KMT ambush. His successor didn't have the necessary charisma or strength in numbers and the Communist Party collapsed.


  • Japan begins planning the Type 96 tank and the A6M Zero after determining that a general purpose fighter-bomber and main battle tank was needed that could be on par with a European army. The Japanese also begin a massive propaganda campaign in Manchuria and Korea to lower anti-Japanese sentiment. The Japanese Navy also begins to expand with nine battleships due for production by 1937, they are planned to have nine anti-aircraft guns, nine (six front, three back) 20-inch guns, and ten inches of armour plating on the deck with 20 inches on the hull and 26-inch on the face of the main turrets, they are planned to be 265 meters overall length, displace 65,040 tonnes empty and 71,700 fully loaded.
  • Ethiopia: Continues their military overhaul and agree to the British alliance they also send a deal to Britain to buy Somaliland and help them in Sudan.
  • The US agrees to the Chinese request for an alliance, and also continues to upgrade their military. They begin designing a tank designated the M4, a medium tank designed for mass-production but efficiency. Also, the carrier USS Roosevelt is built, currently the largest in the world.
  • Finland Continues to implement the Reconstruction plan. The Air force is increased and the Finnish parliament issues a law that allows the president to implement conscription of all able bodied males aged 18-30 years during wartime. Meanwhile, interest grows in reverse-engineering world weapons and using it in the Finnish army. The army adopts a mongrel blitzkrieg-deep penetration tactic. Scientists continue studying Einstein’s theories. Finland agrees to a Chinese alliance hoping that it will secure its rise to a great power.
  • Venezuela: A friendly telegram is sent to Cuba with an offer of Venezuela oil for Cuban arms and an alliance. Venezuela expresses its need to develop and fears of being dragged into a conflict involving an increasingly unstable Europe (See Spain). The urban people’s literacy campaign is a success. Literacy rates are up from 25% to 35% of men and from 10% to 15% of women. The government took note of India’s political actions, but were bound to keep out and not interfere by the 1935 neutrality act.
  • Violence between the Communist/Fascist parties in Cuba erupts. Cuba accepts Venezuela's alliance.
  • Thailand: Thailand asks for an alliance with Hindustan. Meanwhile, they (Thailand) build up their (Thailand) military some.
  • Vietnamese soldiers in the French colonial army continue to riot. Several hundred French soldiers (~ 400) are sent to French Indochina to try to cease the uprisings.
  • China asks Thailand for an alliance and thanks the US and Finland for the alliances. They ask for military aid and help from their allies to upgrade their army, navy and air force. China's main political party - the KMT, ban the Communist Party and then hold elections. They win by a massive landslide. Vast projects are begun to modernize the nation. China heavily fortifies their borders with Russia, Mongolia and Japan.
  • Germany amps up its military and accept the Chinese offer of alliance.
  • Soviet Union: In response to the Chinese build up, more troops are deployed to the Chinese border. Funds are sent to the Cuban Communist Party. They accept the remnants of the Chinese Communist Party who are attempting to go to the USSR. A military build-up begins, with a focus on tanks.
  • Hindustan gladly accepts the Thai offer for an alliance and asks the US and China for Alliances while they begin arranging their government. They also look at the Soviet actions with a frown but say nothing on the international stage and become a Democratic Republic with a constitutional monarchy in place and the Emperor of the British Empire as the head showing that they still need support from the UK. They start to revamp their military and increase the number of persons serving in the army. They army is opened up to females and education for females is supported with them getting a grant. They also begin to peacefully start assimilating Nepal and Bhutan using NO military action whatsoever and saying that they can keep their governments and head of governments would become Chief Minister of the new States for the rest of their term.
  • Cuba plunges into civil war. The highly Communist western portion of the nation becomes West Cuba. The authoritarian eastern portion becomes East Cuba. As of December, Eastern Cuba has the upper hand.
  • Baltic leaders meet in Riga. The Lithuanian President says, "We don't suppose any European country to come to another continents. Europeans should care about Europe, Americans should care about America, and Asians should care about Asia. Other countries may help China, but not us."


  • Ethiopia: adds more mostly WW1 style planes and several Italian L3/33 tankettes to their arsenal (they also ask Thailand for a secret alliance to jointly attack French colonies).
  • Germany amps up its air force.
  • Ethiopia begins to add a small number of tanks and planes to their military arsenal and sees the economic need for a ocean side port.
  • Italy continues to improve in the industrial and technological areas. Italy also begins to improve its military forces.
  • Turkey: It occupies Rhodes.
  • France:It buys US Samoa.
  • Trucial states: They amp up their navy.
  • Sudan: Start building 30 WW-I style planes and several Italian L3/33 type tankettes.
  • Cuba amps up its military. The Communist Party and Fascist Party expands. They offer to buy of Haiti from France.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military. The grand prix building is opened.
  • Finland: The Finns propose an economic and military alliance with Sweden and Norway, which is accepted only by Sweden. the Finns are now one small but significant step closer to forming the Scandinavian Community.
  • Baltics: They created more Cyanide bombs and throw down on Moscow, remark ~ one million deaths.
  • Italy: It also begins claiming Dalmatia from Yugoslavia.
  • Baltic states repeat asking for alliance from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany, as well as send asks for UK and US alliances. They created arsenic bombs and throw them down Stalingrad, Minsk and Kiev, remark at least ~ 100,000 deaths per city.
  • Poland: The construction of hundreds of heavy tanks begin. The tanks are designed for defence and huge amounts of money are poured into creating and importing them. Planes and armoured cars are also imported from neighbouring countries. The size of the army's reserves are bulked up to over a million, the full time army stays at a steady and manageable number of 400,000. The Polish regime also speak to the German government regarding the possible annexation of Czechoslovakia, with Germany taking the Sudetenland and Czech part of the country and Poland taking the East half.
  • United Kingdom: The UK offers Hindustan (still an English colony), the below borders:

    Proposed Boundaries of Hindustan.

    Hindustan is in Orange. The rest of the 200,000 troops land in India. They soon begin preparations for an invasion of an unnamed nearby country. As Hindustan is still part of Britain’s Empire, 400,000 Indians are drafted by the British Army. They soon join the 200,000 British and form the Army of India. 150,000 more troops begin the trip to India while 50,000 troops from Britain’s colonies begin to travel to India as well, where they will join the Army of India. The British Expeditionary Force is completed and lands in Jamaica, preparing to take out Cuba and create a Republic out of the island Nation.
  • Venezuela: A telegram is sent to both parts of Cuba about a possible free trade agreement and the sending 25 peace-keepers Havana and 50 to central Cuba to set up a buffer zone due to the violence between the Communist/Fascist parties in Cuba. A ten year Venezuelan industrialisation plan begins, but they would not see the benefits of this campaign for at least five years.

A LoN bill if forwarded by Venezuela and backed by Argentina in resolving the Cuban crisis is on the {C {C {C}League of Nations.

UN hasn't been founded yet Azecreth 15:33, August 26, 2011 (UTC)

Well, since it's the LoN, I have to point this out. They would not back either side, they would try to restore peace. However, they have to rely on troops deployed by the member nations to do anything, since they have no peacekeepers. If no one donates troops, nothing happens. And if they pass sanctions, but no one listen, then too bad so sad. Azecreth 15:45, August 26, 2011 (UTC)

  • The Soviet Union sends military advisors and planes to help the West Cubans win the war. they also sell them weapons.
  • Hindustan23

    Final Hindustan Borders

    United Kingdom: Hindustan independence is date is finally set for next year with the following borders: The British Expeditionary Force, made up of 200,000 men and several dozen naval vessels, leaves from its base in Jamaica and lands its forces in the Santiago De Cuba, attacking the East Cubans flank and blockading the East Cuban Coast. The East Cuban Navy is soon destroyed after the BEF Naval Vessels cause several major battles.
  • The United States supports the Communists side of the war, due to the fact that they seem better to the public than an authoritarian government. They supply weapons and materials to West Cuba.
  • Ethiopia: Continues there military overhaul.
  • China uses Western help and improves its military. They undergo a complete overhaul. Meanwhile, the KMT purges the corrupt members of its party and gains a lot of popularity.
  • Finland continues to Implement the Reconstruction plan. The Finnish Government orders that homeless people in the streets contribute to Finland by constructing new Tanks and armoured vehicles. The Swedish L/60 is reverse-engineered and made into the Panssari Hyökkäys Ajokki Esikuvallinen 1936-or the PHA esik-36 (some call it the Pahyaj 36) and is immediately put into mass-production military designers are given a task to produce a pure-Finnish heavy tank, "it should fire large, heavy rounds and have its cannon closer to the centre/rear and have two machine guns at the rear and front." A first prototype is built in April but is incapable to do anything and the round explodes while still inside the barrel, luckily nobody was killed but sent the driver to the hospital for three months. Back to the Drawing boards. Scientist continue to try to decipher Einstein but are less productive than before because they were preoccupied with designing the tank.
  • Thailand: Thailand accepts China's request of alliance. Meanwhile, Thailand builds up their military and builds a few planes and boats.
  • With the Independence of Hindustan certain, they start upgrading their army with it being opened up to females, they get an automatic boom although not as much as would have hoped for as many females still don't have enough rights. They follow the steps of Venezuela and introduce a literacy campaign which is aimed more at females than males and they give a subsidy to the Tata Group to manufacture a range of things from steel to iron to even cars. They also, because of British pressure, reshuffle their cabinet and pass the Jan Lokpal bill which would create an ombudsman body which would look into corruption in the government and have harsh implications.


"The Spanish Civil War begins on July 17, see Spanish Civil War at Wikipedia"
Canada: Canada sends several hundred (~800) Canadians to serve in the International Brigades of the Republican forces as in OTL. Royalist, irredentist and anti-French demonstrations are regularly held around Bangkok that year and border skirmishes later erupted along the Mekong River frontier line.
  • Baltic states:Karelia is mostly liberated.
  • Poland: Under recommendations from army high command Poland begins to produce large quantities of planes and tanks. The production of an air force is given priority. Hundreds of tanks and planes are ordered from Russia and Germany as Poland attempts to modernize its army and avoid falling behind other world powers. WW-I style aircraft are made.
  • Soviet Union: Stalin ships planes, tanks, pilots, and trainers to the Republican military in exchange for gold. In response to what he sees as a threat from Finland, a massed Russian army slams through the uncompleted Mannerheim Line, and begins driving on Helsinki, while another army moves into northern Finland from Karelia. In the Baltic States, the half a million man army there smashes through the Finnish defenses, and force the Finnish troops to either evacuate, or be captured. The Baltic states are annexed by Soviet Russia as all their land is occupied.
  • Poland: Poland offers the Soviet Union and Romania an alliance. As part of the alliance Poland will buy over 1000 tanks and planes from the Soviet Union. Poland also requests that as part of the alliance Lithuania be handed over to Poland.
  • Alliance rejected, Budapest bombed. The sale can go ahead, for a suitable payment. Azecreth 13:26, August 25, 2011 (UTC)
  • Italy: Italy continues improving its military and industrial and technological strength. It also begins to support Stalin with the war against Finland and the Baltics, for it was, in the words of the current Prime Minister Pietro Nenni, a suicidal war launched by a far inferior opponent against the Soviet might. The currently Social Democratic parliament continues to strip the Grand Council of Fascism of its powers in favour of itself and King Umberto II. Irrendentist claims over Corsica and Dalmatia continue to grow.
  • Poland: Not willing to wait any longer for an answer from the Soviet Union regarding Lithuania, Poland launches a surprise invasion of Lithuania, looking to reunite the old Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth. The attack begins with a bombing by the Polish air force on multiple military targets, especially military airports. This is followed by a long bombing of the Lithuanian capital and a ground invasion by the 2nd, 3rd and 5th Polish armies backed by about 200 tanks. Lithuania is shocked by the attack and within the first two weeks alone almost the whole country is captured, including the capital, with some small pockets of resistance remaining in the North.

Didn't I just say that I annexed the Baltic states? So if you invade Lithuania, you are invading me.Azecreth 13:32, August 25, 2011 (UTC)

I'm not a mod but come on, Poland barely has an air force and even if it did, the British air force is huge, so can a mod please erase that part about Poland beating back the UK's air force?

  • United Kingdom: A free hand is offered to give Germany a free hand to take Finland in a United Kingdom-Soviet conflict. United Kingdom aircraft are sent to aid Poland.

Um, 1936 era planes can't fly from Britain to Russia, and you can't use French air bases, since they haven't declared war on me. And why did you just promise to give Finland to Germany? They are a sovereign nation. I also don't think that the Germans need to ask your permission to mobilize their army. Azecreth 16:03, August 25, 2011 (UTC)

  • Finland: A batch of tanks with a 40mm gun is built.
  • Hindustan: Hindustan develops a 85mm artillery gun range.
  • The Soviet Union: Soviet AA guns are upgraded.

What I don't understand is that you delete my post for having a tank with a 40mm gun but you don't delete Hindustan's for having a 85mm gun (that, BTW, was only used in Soviet AA guns in 1939)

  • The Soviet Union: The Soviet Union agrees. With the Polish situation resolved, they evacuate all the Polish parts of Lithuania, and focus on crushing Finland. They tell the British that the Baltic States are no thing to go to war over, especially when the Soviet Union was only defending itself from attack.
  • United Kingdom: The British declare war on the Soviet Union and Poland, and 200,000 thousand troops are sent to help Finland while the British Navy begins attacking ALL Soviet ships and much of its coastline cities. The UK response to the Soviets is that yes you were on the defensive, but how many other nations were on the defensive that you conquered, it is time to teach you Communist scum what you deserve. Britain withdraws all penalties from Germany due to the Treaty of Versailles and other treaties thereafter, Germany is given the green light to fully mobilize its entire armed forces and navy to attack Poland and the USSR, of which all of European Poland and Russia will be ceded to it, the Baltic States, and Finland. The British Army invades the Soviet Union through Persia, and the army, numbering 200,000 men, begins to destroy the Soviet countryside and cities, hoping that Germany will launch an attack soon though Poland, draining more Soviet-Polish troops to another front.
  • Finland:The Finnish troops in the Baltics strategically make their occupation zones to be next to the soviet ones, now blocking further soviet advance into Baltic territory without going into Finnish territory (the only areas not really occupied are around large cities and off the coasts - Finnish troops are not besieging cities only defending themselves). A message is sent out the the USSR: "If you advance any more-it will be an official declaration of war on Finland as you are basically forced to advance into Finnish-held territory." Finnish troops propose peace negotiations in Helsinki or Tallin. A secret (Emphasis on SECRET) message is sent to the Estonian President which is pretty much summed up in this quote: "Stalin is not a man that forgives a death or invasion easily - if you kill even the slightest acquaintance that you said hello to during a party and talked to for a while - he will kill your entire family in front of your eyes." Finnish scientist continue trying to decipher Einstein, but to no avail.
  • Japan finishes two of its nine planned battleships. The IJNS Āchā and the IJNS Senshi. They are joined by the newly completed seven aircraft carriers, two older (WW-I) battleships, and five cruisers (four inter-war era, one Sino-Russian War Era). They form the 22nd Fleet and are deployed to the island of Cuba, via Panama, to settle unrest in the region and to gain valuable experience. They soon begin a blockade of the island allowing no food, medicine or arms through. They do allow refugees to leave to the United States. The Type 96 is completed with 130mm armour in the front, 122mm in the rear, a 10mm underneath (note that may sound like a lot but the panther tank in OTL had 120mm in the front), they bear an 88mm rifled cannon, a .307 calibre machine gun, and a new model Tokyo engine that allows it to travel at speeds of 40 mph on road and 22 mph off-road. The A6M is also completed and is exactly the same as in OTL. Ten A6M's are on board the carriers of the 22nd Fleet. The Imperial Japanese Naval Air Corps in the 22nd begins bombardment of both sides in the Cuban Civil War, destroying many places with impunity due to lack of anti-air. They cause massive casualties on both sides.
  • Italy:The Socialist Party wins the upper hand in Italy's parliamentary elections. The new Italian government begins sending aid to Western Cuba. It also continues to improve its military, industry, and technological strength.
BANG! Cuban ships sunk!
  • United Kingdom:150,000 British troops are sent to Germany and placed under German command.
  • Finland: The Reformed Finnish enters full mobilisation. the army sends a counterattack of half a million and the Finnish air force is sent to bomb the cities of St Petersburg and Moscow. The Finnish army decides to do something unorthodox - they attack the Soviets in their weak spots in order to get behind the lines and attack at the rear.
  • United Kingdom: A branch of The British Expeditionary Force, made up of 200,000 men and several dozen naval vessels, leaves from its new base in Jamaica and lands its forces in the Santiago De Cuba, attacking the East Cubans flank and blockading the East Cuban Coast. The East Cuban Navy is soon largely destroyed after the BEF Naval Vessels cause several major battles. 100 troops are also sent to the Cayman Islands.
  • The Finnish create a prototype of a heavy tank. This tank is dubbed the Ankara Panssari Hyökkäys Ajokki Esikuvallinen 1937 (A-PHA 37). It has armouring from 20-140mm (20mm underneath, 100-120mm armament on the body, two .50 cal machine gun in the front and two in the rear. The 40mm cannon they plan to place on the tank (a modified version of the Swedish Bofors 40 mm was placed and contributed to the failure in April) is the hard part, the Finns still fail to convert the artillery gun into a tank gun. However, the Finns suspect they will have the gun therefore a working tank prototype in early 1937 (hence the name). The Finns with help from the British are able to repulse the Soviets out of their land but fighting remains on a standstill at the border. Finnish troops support Baltic Guerrillas giving them weaponry. The Finns get their hands on the Thomson submachine gun re-engineering it and calling it the koneistaa pistooli 1936 or KP-36. Troops are given them. Conscription is approved by parliament for wartime-only use. it is set in place for all able-bodied 18-30 year olds. The Finns allow the British to use Finland as a base of operations for the time of the war and offer them an alliance. Scientists take a break from Einstein as no clear progress is coming out. Due to the near death of the test pilot of the first tank prototype, some interest is gained into the teletank idea that the Soviet army has.
  • Venezuela: sends a telegram to the US and Nicaraguan presidents expressing concern over the growing army mutiny Spain and the civil war in Cuba. Venezuela sends the early torpedo boat "Bolivar," training ship “Isla de Cuba” and " the gun boat "Miranda" (see Wikipedia, Venezuela navy Bolivarian Armada of Venezuela [http://[1]. [2].]) to keep the peace in in a small slice of south East Cuba, at the coastal enclave of Baracoa town, along with 50 more troopers. The Bolivarian Armada of Venezuela (the navy) holds the line as Venezuelans are evacuated along with any East Cubans who can be fitted in over the next few days. Harbour defences are manned and the border with British Guyana closed as a security measure. # The Venezuelan government puts forwards plans for a League of Nations peace summit in The Trucial States, chaired by neutral The Trucial States, Turkey and the USA. A non-aggression and free-trade agreements are offered to Colombia, Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica.
  • United Kingdom: Lithuania is to go free.

  • Poland: Poland makes Britain and Germany a take it or leave it offer of peace. Poland reminds Britain that all it did was shield Lithuania from the Soviets, and Lithuania will have more independence as part of the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth than it would have had under the Soviet Union. Lithuania is also allowed to appoint its own ministers to the commonwealth government, and Lithuania is now shielded by a much larger army than before. Meanwhile RAF raids are easily fought off by the modern Polish air force, mainly because the Polish are defending with air bases and anti-aircraft guns always nearby. They improve the BT-7 tank.

Baltic states: Buys ten improved BT-7s.

  • Poland: Poland masses over half a million troops to its borders with Germany, setting up heavy defences such as machine gun bunkers. However it once again offers Britain and Germany peace, saying it wishes to remain neutral and will not stay in the way of attacks on the Soviet Union, it once again reminds foreign diplomats that all it did was shield Lithuania from Russian aggression, and that Poland paid a high price in doing so.
  • Germany continues to expand its military and accepts the Polish offer of invasion of Czechoslovakia.
  • China continues its military overhaul and fortifies its borders with Russia, Mongolia and Japan. China upgrades its navy and purchases many new aircraft from the US.
  • Hindustan, wanting to be ready when they become fully Independent, sends a request for an alliance with China, Venezuela and the US and send a request to join the LoN. They stay out of the Cuban war and focus on the Internal problems of their country and It is decided that every Briton who has lived in Hindustan for more than ten years and/or was born here would become a Hindustani citizen. Also, they begin a campaign to populate the Quetta region of Northern Hindustan. They start to develop their own tank, with the specifications of a 85 mm cannon, 115 mm armour in the front, 110 armour at the back and a 50 calibre machine gun and develop an engine for their tank which would be able to travel 35 mph off-road as most of the Hindu Subcontinent in still rural and begin a mass enrollment of men and women into the army with two years compulsory training, hoping to have a standing army of ten million persons and a militia of 75 million. Their peaceful assimilation of Nepalese and Bhutanese people is complete, mainly because the Hindustani Government sent Gandhi to woo the people as his reputation preceded him and the people listened to him when he preached that there should be a strong country to repel an invasion into South Asia if it ever happened. He is then sent to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) to woo them.
  • Western Cuba gains ground over Eastern Cuba. They thank all countries helping out Western Cuba and promise to send rewards when the Civil War is over. Unfortunately, thanks to the Japanese bombing, Cuba may not have the funds necessary to pay back other nations. Both sides ask why Japan is bombing Cuba. East Cuba tries pushing back, but they are pressed defending themselves from other nations. In December, General Joseph Enrique gives the order to invade Haiti. The tactically unwise order nearly instantly led to his expulsion from the army. 'Pulling an Enrique' will become a popular term in Cuba. Also, a drink called the 'Enrique', noted for the unwise level of alcohol, is invented in Western Cuba. Luckily, Eastern Cuba didn't lose any ground in Haiti.
  • Riots worsen in Vietnam. More and more French soldiers are sent to prevent a war between the two peoples. There is word that several Vietnamese soldiers requested Thailand help them in a war of independence. France requests Great Britain helps France if any declaration of war by the Vietnamese is announced.
  • Great Britain not only accepts, but puts its Army of India on Thailand’s Western border. Hindustan is offered more of the Indian subcontinent if it joins France and the UK to form the Eurasian Alliance/Powers
  • A strike wave hits factories in Riga.
  • Western Cuba is granted diplomatic recognition as Cuba’s official government and the UK demands that Japan stop all bombing raids against West Cuba.
  • Poland: Poland and Germany declare war in a 142 page telegram sent to the Czechoslovakian government. The next day the Polish air force and the German Luftwaffe begin bombing defences in Czechoslovakia. 200,000 Polish troops, backed by over 2000 tanks and 500 armoured cars launch a ground invasion into Slovakia after a fortnight of bombing. With Germany invading from the West the Czechoslovakians are unable to cope with fighting on two fronts, and being so outnumbered on both. Poland successfully captures the cities of Ostrava, Olomuc and Brno, effectively diving the country in two. Poland leaves the West of these cities to the might of Germany while the rest is slowly taken with advances from the West and North. The Czechs fight bravely but after a huge and bloody urban battle in Zilna, won by the Polish side, all hope of fighting off the invasion is effectively lost. With the country divided and thousands dying by the day the Czechoslovakian government finally surrenders. All land west of Olomouc becomes German, the rest becomes Polish and after the defeat of Czechoslovakia Poland sends military aid to the Republican Government of Spain. The aid consists of senior military advisors, weapons, ammunition and artillery, it also promises air support if needed. The Polish regime is apparently fearful of such revolutions taking part in Europe and is opposed to the ideals of the conservative rebels.
  • United Kingdom: Germany and Poland are offered membership in the Eurasian Powers, which at the time consists of France and Britain. The Army of India is renamed the Army of Anglo-Hindustan (AAH), and UK troops making up the Army rise to 500,000 as all Hindustan’s previously drafted are honourably discharged due to Hindustan about to gain independence. West Cuba is offered membership in the Eurasian Powers. The rise is calculated after the 500,000 Hindustanis are removed from the equation, making the numbers appear to rise, even though many British troops want the Hindustan’s back in the AAH.
  • Thailand: Thailand strongly refuses to help the Vietnamese. Thailand also tells the United Kingdom to go away as they do not want any trouble. Thailand builds their military more.
  • United Kingdom: The British Armed Forces and Navy continue to be mobilized and expanded. The Baltic States are offered an alliance. Sudan is granted its independence with the below borders:
  • Hearing of Thailand’s refusal to the Vietnamese offer an apology is given to Thailand for putting troops on its western border. The UK offers Thailand parts of still British Eastern India for three million pounds.
  • Japan: The Japanese Minister to the UK offers an explanation of Japanese actions in the Caribbean by saying that "日本は共産主義政府のためにしたいいないも独裁的な政府を我々受け入れるか。私たちは、公正でバランスが取れている政府で構成されている新しいキューバのために代わりに望む" (English: The Japanese have no want for a Communist government nor do we accept an autocratic government. We wish instead for a new Cuba that consists of a government that is fair and balanced." The IJNAC continues to create massive casualties on both sides of the civil war. The IJN also continues its blockade which by now is creating a food shortage.
  • 500,000 Hindustan troops are re-enlisted in the British Army of Anglo-Hindustan and that Hindustan agrees to join the Eurasian Powers.
  • As thanks for the troops the UK gives Hindustan more of the Indian subcontinent as well as parts of the Arabian peninsula.

    Earth After the UK gives Hindustan and Poland some territory as gifts.

  • Poland accepts Britain and France's offer of an alliance and joins the European powers. Poland also steps up support for the Spanish republicans. 12,000 Polish soldiers are sent to fight with the republicans as well as over 2,000 other Polish citizens in non military roles such as medics and technicians. Poland also sends a request for the purchase of over 1000 planes from Britain to take place over the next year.
  • Poland’s offer is accepted by the UK and as thanks for joining the alliance, part of Arabia is given to Poland as a colony. Planes begin to be shipped to Poland en masse.
  • Ethiopia: adds more mostly WW1 style planes and several Italian L3/33 tankettes to their arsenal.
  • France: Strengthens forts in Djibouti.
  • Poland: Wishes to expand further. Arabia?
  • Thailand: Annexes the Laos Sainyabuli Province to Thailand. Two Thai Carden Loyd tankettes, Thai one Vickers six-ton, one Thai Vickers Light Amphibious and four French Renault FT-17s tanks are lost.
  • Poland send a telegram to the head of Trucial States.
  1. I think the mods (and whoever developed this game) are going to be angry that there are more than one turns in the year. I'm not one, but I'd just thought to point it out again. 9 もりや すわこ
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  5. Can I just ask who does the U.A.E. belong to, I can't see the colour clearly. Leninist


A strong drought hits the Yemen causing great hardship for the Yemenite people.
  • Poland: Within weeks of gaining an Arabian colony from Britain Poland mostly annexes the remaining part of Yemen not under Polish control; there is almost no resistance to the Polish soldiers as they march through the Yemen in the name of Poland.
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  • Fixed, I moved on the 2nd Polish to the next year. Diplomatic responses and trade deal and alike could be posted multiply, but changing territory, wars and elections could be done in one post per turn? Good Idea? Oxfordshire 1972
  • Definitely!! :D 1 Imperium Guy
  • Finland: The idea of putting a 40 mm cannon is abandoned because it is getting nowhere, and instead the Finns design a 105 mm cannon akin to that of one of the German Panzers and make the gun long for accuracy purposes. The A-PHA is finally complete and after the design was proven to be successful is put into mass production. While observing atoms a Finnish Nuclear physicist improves the concept of a nuclear chain reaction. Finnish physicist Vilho Väisälä invents the radiosonde, radically improving weather balloons.
  • China seeks to purchase Burma from Britain using funds seized from the remnants of the Communist Party. China having finished modernising its military demonstrates its effectiveness by reconquering Tibet over the year. China moves its capital to a more central Wuhan. Chinese troops offer to help the Vietnamese in return for Laos and Cambodia.
  • Costa Rica rejected the Venezuelan free-trade zone and non-aggression pact out of hand in favour of present trading ties with Argentina and Portugal; Nicaragua and Colombia said yes and the Panamas did not commit themselves either way. A League of Nations bill is forwarded by the government of Venezuela and backed by Panamá on resolving the Spanish crisis. The Venezuelan Over-seas Intelligence Agency (V.O.I.A.) is formed. Venezuela will also continue trade with Spain, but will not take sides in the civil war or take military action either. Venezuela will also continue trade with Spain, but will not take sides in the civil war or take military action either. Venezuela starts secret plan to send cheap oil and food/cattle fodder stocks to the East Cubans, until a truce occurs. It's not much; Venezuelan ships are small and slow. Venezuela creates the ABC plan which will replace the 1935 Neutrality act in 1937.
    Axis vs Allies Revised (Map Game). Venezuela’s ABC act of 1937.

    Venezuela creates the ABC plan which replaced the 1935 Neutrality act in 1937. Dark Green are friends, light green are sphere of influence and Olive green are of peripheral interest.

    Defence spending had been increased and a military a recruiting drive began The Venezuelans begin experimenting on better ways to wage defensive war. The navy is mobilised in a defective measure. [3]. Venezuela also builds a few light military planes. Venezuela’s southern infrastructure is improved. An alliance is offered to Sudan, Hindustan and China.
  1. A= Dark Green are allies.
  2. B= Light green are friends.
  3. C= Olive green are spheres of influence so of peripheral interest.
  • Hindustan Accepts!! Hindustan, with Thailand, form The Asian Democratic Powers and send an invitation to China.
  • West Cuba powers its way farther into Eastern Cuba. As Eastern Cuba loses ground, they just invade somewhere else, hoping to spread to another Caribbean Island without anyone else knowing. More of Haiti is taken and many other Caribbean Islands are taken.
  • Hindustani tanks are ready and begin mass production. Also, more merchant ships are built to connect parts of Hindustan. Hindustani army is growing and a proposal is sent to the UK that more troops will join the Anglo-Hindustan Army if parts of British East India are given to them. Literacy rates are going up.
  • Hindustan23gggh

    Earth After Afghanistan’s Conquest

    United Kingdom: For a total of one million Hindustan troops in the Army of Anglo-Hindustan, East Hindustan is ceded to Hindustan on the term that the AAH will be allowed free movement throughout Hindustan. China is offered one billion pounds for Tibet. The AAH, now numbering 1.5 million troops, invades Afghanistan and quickly conquers the small nation almost as quickly as China's conquest of Tibet. Preparations for an invasion of Persia begin. 500,000 more British troops are sent to join the AAH, which would bring it up to two million men. Afghanistan becomes the British Colony of Western Hindustan. The Army of Anglo-Iraq (AAI) begins to form as British and colonial troops begin to flow into the colony. Troop levels in the colony are at 345,000 at the years end. Several squadrons begin to make their way slowly towards Iraq.
  • Why did Thailand take some of French Indochina? ChrisL123
  • France: France, relieved with the fact that Thailand denied any involving of Vietnamese independence war now looks to China, to ask that no involvement from China of any kind will be used to help the Vietnamese rebels. Vietnamese rebels, assuming China won't help them, contemplates an dual-independence war with the American Philippines.
  • Germany expands its army and advances in Czechoslovakian territory, conquering the Sudetenland, although it still has difficulty to get to Prague. Meanwhile, It accepts the British offer of membership in the European Powers.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up its military and builds a few more planes.

Venezuela: As the year progresses Venezuela politically recognised East Cuba, West Cuba and Sudan as nations.


The independent Sudan.

(AvA) revised. The devision of Cuba as of 1938.

The planned division of Cuba.

  • Ethiopia builds more planes and tankettes as several textile factories and food processing plants crop up around the country.
  • Sudan: The established government accepts Venezuela's offer for a alliance and also offers Ethiopia rights to establish individual company’s in there territory in exchange for some of the profit (25%). Reforms in the government lead to the establishment of two branches: The Catholic Majority and Muslim Minority with both having a national elected leader and council members. Also, a purchase request for several Breda Ba.65 are sent to Italy.
  • Italy agrees to the Sudanese request. Italy also continues improving its military, industrial and technological strength.
  • Japan: The Japanese infrastructure is now on-par with most European powers. The Type 96 and the A6M begin mass production. The nine battleships are now fully operational and they join the 22nd Fleet in Cuba. The Japanese recognizes Sudan as an independent nation. Both east and west Cuba are seen as illegitimate governments. The Imperial Japanese Naval Infantry invades the Isla de la Juventud and takes control of the island. The 22nd Fleet withdraws to the island and begins to protect the island from any invasion. The IJNAC continues to bomb military bases on both East and West Cuba.
  • You don't have the range to attack Cuba. I motion for a retcon of the entire Japanese invasion.
    Azecreth 15:01, August 29, 2011 (UTC)


  • A massive hurricane strikes the Gulf of Mexico, devastating the Caribbean islands, Florida, Cuba, and most fleets surrounding Cuba.
  • Finnish A-PHA Tanks are put into regular service. The Finnish Air force commissions the building of new planes and asks the British if there is a possibility of purchasing spitfires. More is to come. Finland creates the Finnish Intelligence Research Establishment (VKoeL)
  • Spitfires are still in production, and haven't been made yet. Wait to 1938.6, then you can have them, if Britain agrees.
  • OK. This was Asking Britain for the planes. When I checked the first one was made in 1936 but whatever.
  • They did, but the first one didn't roll off the production lines until mid-1938
  • Western Cuba takes more of Eastern Cuba. By now, Eastern Cuba has lost the will to fight West Cuba and has gone on to terrorize other islands. Jamaica is invaded and Haiti is nearly conquered by East Cuba. West Cuba demands that Japanese airstrikes stop and they encourage other nations to actively engage Japanese planes in combat in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The Japanese request that peace talks be held in Tokyo between the East Cubans, West Cubans and Japanese. The Imperial Japanese Army invades Mongolia and quickly overwhelms the outdated and poorly trained army. Mongolia is then absorbed into the Japanese Empire. The 22nd Fleet withdraws from Cuba along with most of the occupying forces in the Isla de la Juventud. The 22nd then leaves for Tokyo where they are greeted as heroes.
  • Venezuela also condemns reported research in to the theoretical ‘Nuclear e=mc2 implosion bomb’ (OTL experimental nukes). Oil export deals are offered to Hindustan, The Baltic states and Sudan. East Cuba is physically abandoned due to the hurricane wiping out the Venezuelan navy and merchant marine fleet. Urban reconstruction starts. The 175 troopers at the coastal enclave of Baracoa town are missing assumed dead. The Venezuelan Overseas Intelligence Agency (V.O.I.A.) reports disturbing news in Prague, someone tried to arson part of the Venezuelan embassy, which is giving asylum to Czech refuges. V.O.I.A. agents are also making similar reports from the consulate in Bratislava. Colombia and Nicaragua enter a free-trade and non-aggression pact with Venezuela. Later that year Bonaire, Aruba, Trinidad and Tobago had taken Venezuelan hurricane aid after the surviving ships were repaired.
  • The Italian government continues support for the Western Cubans. The Socialist Party forms a coalition with the Social Liberals, Social Democrats and Communists which greatly swells the left wing parties' coalition in the Parliament and further reduces Fascist power. The Italian technological, industrial and military powers are improved with the start of a plan akin to Stalin's Five-Year Plan.
1937.6 Map (AvAr)q

The world as it stood in 1937.6.

  • China disputes Japan's invasion of Mongolia and the support for East Cuba. China manages to seize Southern and Western Mongolia before the Japanese take the country. Heavy fortification is built along the new border with Japan. The Chinese navy moves north to the Yellow Sea and airfields are built in Shaandong and Inner Mongolia. Chinese officials apologize to the French for offering to help the rebels and sends a contingent of Chinese troops to help crush the rebellion. China accepts the Hindustan, Thai and Venezuelan offers of alliance. China joins the Asian Democratic Powers. China expands its army with a propaganda campaign and around 90% of it is moved to the northern provinces. China asks to buy the predominantly Buddhist Burma from Hindustan for USD two million or nearly two billion rupees.
  • Hindustan says that if they can get Tibet, they will give China Burma. Meanwhile, the long awaited Invasion of Persia begins, The AAH attack through Afghanistan while the Hindustani army attacks from Hindustan in a pincer movement. Hindustan also accepts the oil exports from Venezuela. Hindustan also celebrates its Independence day on the 15 of August with Gandhi being Chief Guest, Jawaharlal Nehru becoming Prime Minister and Muhammad Ali Jinnah becoming President. The Hindustani Flag is Raised in the Red Fort. Hindustan also promotes heavy industry and International countries are encouraged, especially British companies.
  • Worried by the German and Polish seizure of Czechoslovakia, the Soviets begin new development of medium and heavy tanks (The T-34, and KV-1 respectively). Supplies, planes, and advisors are sent to the Republican forces in Spain and Cuba. The Soviets also work to improve ties with the Italian Socialist Party, and to try and bring it under their control if they can. Funding also goes to the Communist Party in Romania, in an effort to improve Soviet influence in Romania.
  • Germany captures Prague and conquers some other territory in the former Czechoslovakia. Meanwhile, the military is upgraded.
  • United Kingdom:The Army of Anglo-Hindustan invades Persia from Afghanistan while the Army of Anglo-Iraq invades from Iraq. The Persian capital soon falls to the superior British and Hindustan forces and their overwhelming numbers, forcing the Persians to surrender to the United Kingdom and Hindustan and be annexed by the UK. Oil begins to flow into the UK and Hindustan. Occupation forces are ordered to stay for the rest of the turn.
  • Hindustan is finally granted its independence as the Republic of Hindustan, and it officially joins the Eurasian Powers the day after gaining its freedom. The UK and Hindustan exchange Ambassadors for the first time.
  • Why is Ireland part of UK?
  • The Irish Free State (Irish: Saorstát Éireann) (1922–1937) was the state established as a Dominion on 6 December 1922 under the Anglo-Irish Treaty. The Irish were independent.

A strike wave hits factories in Riga.

  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and builds a few more ships.
  • Ethiopia agrees to Sudan's deal and allows there companies to begin construction in Sudan they also ask Sudan and the Irish Free for an alliance.
  • The Baltics ask if they could help Germany and Poland in invading Czechoslovakia, also ask UK if they could join any alliance with UK, Germany and Poland, but refuses to join if the alliance do not have attacking Soviets as a main goal.


  • The Finnish Physicist Vilho Väisälä discovers the process of nuclear fission. The Finns put a bit more money into discovering how this can be used. The Fission process is to be kept secret. The Finnish have one last step in their reconstruction plan-increasing air force size and building the first Finnish aircraft carrier. Work starts immediately.
  • The United States pleads with the nations of the world to stop their sudden resurgence of rearmament, as that was one of the things that the Great War has taught them. They beg them to stop building their carrier groups, stop their warmongering, and build together for an era of peace and prosperity.
  • The Finns respond by saying that rearmament is only happening as part of the reconstruction plan - to modernize and replace old technology with newer more sophisticated weapons, vehicles, etc ...
  • Japan: The Imperial Japanese Army invades Tannu Tuva and swings south to make sure the Chinese do not interfere. They then quickly take control of the rest of the nation and is incorporated into the Empire. Two more battleships of the Bushi class (the class of which nine were just built) and they join the 22nd Fleet. The Japanese Naval Infantry lands, with support from the 22nd, in the Dutch East Indies and quickly pushes aside the Dutch. They secure the Dutch East Indian surrender within three weeks with no major complications from any foreign nations. The Dutch and Japanese sign the Treaty of Tokyo which cedes all Dutch holdings in the Far East to Japan.
  • Japan is going to fast due to the climate is harsh and the over stretched chain of supply and command. It would be possible now, but going across Mongolia and Tannu Tuva in one year would be difficult in the 1930’s, regardless of local resistance fighters. 'The Dutch East Indies was OK, that was spot on.
  • All right, I shall be less implausible with my conquests.
  • Enrico Fermi starts working on something he calls a nuclear fission reactor after Vilho Väisälä discovers it. The Italians condemn the Japanese and British for their "senseless" warmongering onto Afghanistan and Persia on the latter and China, Tannu Tuva and Cuba for the former, and demand both sides back down immediately. Tensions continue to rise over Dalmatia, Corsica and OTL PACA and Rhone Alps; However, trying not to look hypocrites, the Italian government only makes slight movements suggesting a peaceful acquisition of the French regions. The Italian "Five-Year Plan" continues.
  • The British Say that if you don’t like it, deal with it
  • Sudan accepts Ethiopia’s request for an alliance, meanwhile plans are made for a "Free Economic Zone" where foreign nations could request permission to buy land ownership in exchange they would pay monthly fees based off there earnings.
  • The Ethiopian military begins a three year plan to double their number of artillery and anti-air weapons. They also reveal blueprints for their first home built monoplane called ያሜ (vengeance).
  • In some richer urban areas, buildings are reinforced as best as they could against earthquakes. Venezuela’s southern infrastructure is improved. Venezuela also chooses politically recognises Francisco Franco’s Nationalist Government in western Spain. An alliance is offered to The Baltic States, Ireland and France. Many new schools are opened. Economic ties with Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao grow.
  • Germany captures the remaining Czech territory and continues to expand its military.
  • China condemns the Japanese warmongering and states that China has merely been retaking some of its lost territories. The Chinese economy is strengthened and as industry is promoted, China experiences exponential growth. Leading Chinese economists predict that the Chinese economy will be the world’s strongest by 1975. China purchases more aircraft and starts to produce many more is their new factories. With a lot of economic growth, China pushes a lot of money into the navy and churns out five battleships a year!
  • BTW, China has Tibet ...
  • Hindustan's tanks finally start to roll out in numbers and the Quetta region is finally populated with mostly Sikhs and Hindus, surprisingly. The number of advanced Tanks in Hindustan reaches around 300. Meanwhile, Hindustan starts building their own aircraft carriers and destroyers, the destroyers having the displacement of 70,000 tonnes in full load and 250 m length. It also has ten 150 mm guns. The Hindustanis manage to churn out these monsters five per half year. The Hindustani army is also recruiting more soldiers and this seems to create more jobs. Heavy industry is promoted so more jobs can be created and more people could have jobs. Also, the literacy program has succeeded and the average percentage of literacy in working class adults is 45%. Also, more schools are built and the Government schools are made better to be able to compete with private schools and so that more children could study. More laws are made for the equality of the sexes.
  • 'Please define how big your battleship is (tonnage, displacement, armour thickness in different areas, calibre of guns, how many guns, etc.) because churning out a battleship like the ones I'm churning out is at a maximum of two a year.'
  • I'm not really a ship person but I have nine ports working 24/7 to complete a battleship every two years. The average US battleship at the time took two years to build.
  • But Hindustan has a huge population, huge manpower reserves, heaps of materials and British technology.
  • Poland: A bloody uprising is put down in occupied South Slovakia, near the Hungarian border and in what was once Hungarian land. The Polish leader blames the Hungarian minority for the rebellion, claiming they are fighting to be merged with Hungary once again. An investigation is launched into how the attacks were orchestrated and funded. Venezuela is offered an alliance.
  • Thailand: Thailand tells the USA to stop going into others countries business and tells them to worry about their own issues only. Thailand then cuts off any political influence from the USA and begins to ignore them as if they never existed. Meanwhile, Thailand continues to build their military and builds a few more planes.
  • Turkey amps up its air force.
  • Soviet troops invade Manchuria, as Tannu Tuva was their ally. The T-28 tanks of the Soviet Far East Army smash up the Japanese tanks, and seize the capital of Manchuria. They also move into Japanese controlled China, and retake Tannu Tuva from the Japanese. More supplies are sent to Western Cuba and the Republican forces in Spain.
  • United Kingdom: The Navy continues to expand as does the Armed Forces. Germany, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Republican Spain are offered membership in the Eurasian Powers. Seeing that supplies alone will not save the Republicans in Spain, 200,000 British troops are mobilized and land in Nationalist Spain, opening up another front for the Nationalists to fight on. British troops in Spain begin to pour into enemy (Nationalist) territory, and by the turns end almost 1/4 of Nationaliasist Spain will be occupied. 300 tons of supplies are sent to the Republicans. The Army of Anglo-Iraq and Anglo-Hindustan merge to form the Army of Anglo-Asia (AAA), (hey that's kinda funny, you know, because it's an insurance place. You don't get it do you?) which has 2.7 million men of both British in and Hindustan soldiers total. Elections in the UK vote out the current government in favour of a more imperialist supporters of human rights, the new government is very friendly with Germany, Poland and Hindustan but VERY anti-Soviet. The Army begins to be mobilized to a total of five million men. Lord Halifax is inaugurated as Prime Minister.
  • The Soviet Union objects to the continued aggression on the part of the British. They ship supplies to the Communist elements in the Republicans, to ensure that they come out of the war in a position to take over the Republican leadership.
  • The Cuban Civil War is declared over. West Cuba requests that East Cuba is returned. A conference about where to expel the fascists is planned for the summer. Haiti is a popular choice among West Cubans. Cuba rejoices and immediately begins to rebuild.
  • The recent blatant and pointless imperialist attacks made by the UK alarms the French people and are preparing to break their alliance with the UK unless they return the Dutch colonies as well as Saudi Arabia. If they decline, a declaration of war is imminent.
  • Hindustan declare that they will follow the British Empire to war if that comes to it and launch a strike into Saudi Arabia from the Hindustani State of Oman.
  • Sudan also warns the British Empire not to do so otherwise immediate military action will follow.
  • Venezuela: Appalled with the way things are imploding Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao, who have grown economically closer with Venezuela over the years finally join it as a new overate. Colombia and Nicaragua move for a full blown economic union with Venezuela. Colombia's Enrique Olaya Herrera is upset by the militarists and Amerophelia, but Nicaragua's Anastasio Somoza García think's Venezuela’s union is spot on. They all call for America's help if a new World War occurs.
  • Seeing that it is a huge mistake to invade Arabia, British troops begin to immediately withdraw from the country. The British government pays the Arabians for the damage caused by British troops.
  • Baltics agreed for oils from Venezuela. The Governments created Common Technology Inc. for IT studies and the Arms Creator Inc. for background helps to their troops. They both amp up armies.


Dissatisfaction among the general British populace rises as they question the government's involvement in wars that have no effect on British interests, and the new Pro-German attitude of the government.

  • Japan: The Imperial Japanese Army quickly recovers from the shock of the Russian invasion and with their superior tanks and aircraft quickly push the Russians back after several bloody battles. The Imperial Japanese Air Corps pounds the Soviets with their massive and veteran "air army" and is able to push the Russians back to the border. The 22nd Fleet then lands veteran Naval Infantry in Vladivostok and after one of the most bloody battles ever to be waged on the Pacific Coast captured the city. The IJA advances up the Pacific Coast with air support destroying many of its enemies. The Russians are soon in full retreat.
  • Hate to break it but your tanks aren't superior. Not by a long shot. The Japanese tanks of OTL were designed for infantry support, not in an armoured combat role. Your guns can't even touch my tanks. Azecreth 02:14, August 31, 2011 (UTC)
  • I was about to say the same thing, the reason the Japanese originally lost the Border War of 1939 was, personally from my opinion, because the Russians had superior tanks. BlackSkyEmpire 02:51, August 31, 2011 (UTC)
  • That’s why I said that I made the Type 96 which I stated had a 88mm gun and 130mm armour, the same as a Panther tank.
  • The Soviet Union, under the leadership of a new commander, Georgi Zhukov, recover from the Japanese attacks, and use their superiority of numbers to recover the ground they lost. The T-34, which is receiving large development funds, distinguishes itself in trials on the front. Funds go to the Cuban Communist Party, the Communist Party in Republican Spain.
  • Italy begins supporting the Soviets in their war against Japan, the Cuban Communist government, and the Republicans in Spain. The Italian Five Year Plan also continues.
  • After observing the overcoming ability of the Soviet tanks against the Japanese, the Sudanese government offers to buy 22 T-35 Model 1935 and 16 BT-7 Model 1937.
  • The Finnish officially state that the Japanese Invasion of Mongolia and Russia are unlawful and have no base other than to gain more territory. After the Finns discover a "Japanese spy" trying to leak into nuclear research, the Finnish send the 3rd armoured division, consisting of A-PHA37(Heavy) and H-PHA36(light) tanks to aid the Soviets and are eager to see their performance. The Nuclear fission is used by scientists researching who are researching Einstein. They are subsequently given more money, although not a lot. Some scientists hint on using Newly discovered Neutron particles.(note: this is not a nuke project yet. this is research into what will evolve into an A-Bomb project in 1940. Just adding this because it may look tempting)
  • Venezuela: Funding also goes to the right wing and fascist parties in Greece, in an effort to improve Venezuelan influence in Greece. Venezuela builds up its military. Venezuela officially condemns the Japanese invasion of Mongolia and the British invasion of Saudi Arabia. Venezuela sets up five small ‘special economic zones’ near Caracas, where foreign nations could request permission for their firms to buy land ownership for 50 years, but in exchange, they would pay monthly fees based on their corporate earnings for those years. A zone is offered to the USA, China, France, Poland (if the promise to not invade Romania or Yugoslavia) and Germany (if they promise not to invade Yugoslavia).

Some VOIA enter Ruthenia to help see off a possible Polish or German attack.

  • China attacks Japan seeking to reclaim territory lost previously in Manchuria. Amphibious landing in Southern Korea cut Japanese supply lines and a small Japanese naval task force delivering men and supplies is sunk in Sea of Japan. Bombers hit many Japanese cities and disrupt supply and morale further. China takes all of Outer Mongolia and Inner Mongolia from the Japanese and a huge force of 2.5 million men are stationed in Beijing to push the Japanese out of Liaoning and Jilin provinces. The Chinese navy takes Formosa and it is renamed Taiwan. China pledges Russia to give Manchuria to China in return for a full military and economic alliance, control of Japan and/or Dutch East Indies. China prepares an invasion of Kyushu ...

  • Ummm, you do realize that China was in CIVIL WAR then???? Between the Nationalists and Communists? And China at that time had no air force, virtually no navy, and that even if they did, they would have been hopelessly out classed by the Japanese. That suicide attack will probably result in China being destroyed, Japan taking over, etc. Also, you how would you get the Dutch East Indies? Notice the word DUTCH in there ... Pita
  • He killed Mao a while ago, that seems to have ended the civil war. But yeah, the attack should not have gone that well. And any invasion of Kyushu will fail horribly. Azecreth 13:55, August 31, 2011 (UTC)
  • Mao died in about 1935
  • The Civil War ended in 1935. The only reason it continued in OTL was KMT incompetence. I have bought aircraft, built more aircraft, bought ships, built more ships, the Dutch East Indies are under Japanese occupation. I think I can sink a small task force ... and land troops in Korea ... and also take Taiwan and Mongolia as the Russians are also attacking Japan ... Scandinator 01:08, September 1, 2011 (UTC)
  • The United States condemns the Japanese invasion of China, but does not do anything for the moment. Meanwhile, the OSS begin a sudden surge of infiltration into British, Soviet and Chinese governments, determined to always be one step ahead of them.
  • China attacked me
  • The Soviets crush the Japanese landings in Vladivostok. With the assistance of the Soviet Far East squadron, the Russians capture the rest of Sakhalin Island. They also power down into Manchukuo it the assistance of "Deep Penetration", and capture the capitol of Hsinking. The Finnish tanks are not really needed, and are sent to quiet areas of the front, such as the Tannu Tuva area, and are used to relieve Soviet tanks.
  • The United Kingdom: British troops begin to withdraw from everywhere in the world except for Spain and its Middle East colonies. Seeing that it is a huge mistake to invade Arabia, British troops begin to immediately withdraw from the country. The British government pays the Arabians for the damage caused by British troops. Arabia is given 5000 barrels of oil as a token of goodwill and the UK and Arabia sign a non-aggression pact. With its troops free from Cuba and other fronts that only showed the UK as a bully, the British populace begins to calm down and begin to forget about the imperialism of their countries past. The British armed forces except for the AAA and the forces in Spain are demobilized and the draft is thrown out as the world is relatively at peace. The UK begins to build a new road and rail system as well as beginning to tinker with the ideas of Einstein. The troops in Spain defeat a Nationalist Army of 35,000 men at the Battle of Barcelona, and even more Nationalist Territory is taken until the years end when 4/5 of Nationalist Spain is occupied. The UK pledges that after the Spanish Civil War and the Republicans resume power all British troops, planes, and naval vessels will withdraw from Spain.
  • Venezuela agrees that bygones are bygones and all is in the past and life is now friendly. Venezuela offers the UK an oil deal and recognises UK colonial holdings in Iran and Afghanistan, who deserved to be defeated. Venezuela would like to share in the UK's railway technology, so as to improve their own. Venezuela decides not to back the Nationalist Spanish of Francisco Franco again and switches to the less brutal Republicans. Two frigates are laid down. The ships bear one 88 mm rifled cannon and three 0.307 calibre machine guns. Build time will be three years. Venezuela had received the two American M1928 Christie prototype design tanks [4] , and the Canadian Mark I Lozenge tank [5] they asked for earlier in exchange for the oil deals. A Irish merchant had smuggled Venezuela a Medium Mark A Whippet [6] which were once on the British Guyana border. They are all sent back to their barracks.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and builds a few more planes. Thailand also destroys any usa embassy within Thailand and close them all down, as they now view that country as a fictional nation thanks to propaganda with-in Thailand.
  • The French withdraw several hundred troops from Vietnam, preparing for war with the UK by attacking the British East Indies, and establish their alliance with the Soviets.
  • The Japanese ask for a Satus Quo Ante Bellum (As it was before the war) treaty with the Japanese revoking any claim over Tannu Tuva.
  • The Soviets reply that they want peace at the current border (whatever that is). The Soviets will help Manchukuo set up a government.
  • The Japanese reply that they want pre-war borders for Manchuria and Mongolia but will give the Russians all of Sakhalin Island and will give the Russians exclusive trading rights.
  • Just for future reference: Unti Possedis is when the border is the current occupation zone.
  • The Soviets agree to the Japanese peace offer. Soviet troops withdraw from Manchukuo, and assume control of the rest of Sakhalin Island. They also begin reconstruction efforts in Tannu Tuva. Soviet troops begin moving to the Polish border to deal with a possible general European War. Production of the T-34 and KV-1 are accelerated.
  • Japan: Celebrations of the peace treaty are a mixed bag as some believe it was a defeat while others believe it was a victory. The Japanese fortify their border with China after beating off their ill-fated assault. Reconstruction begins in war-torn areas. The 22nd Fleet is sent to Taiwan where they remain on high alert.
  • Hindustan celebrates its first Independence Day anniversary and its flag (not ready yet) was raised by the Prime Minister. Hindustan's five new battleships are tested while two new aircraft carriers are deployed. Hindustan also asks for rights to build Spitfires and Hurricanes from the UK and continues drafting troops into the army. Hindustan apologises to Arabia for invading them and gift them a few tonnes of natural resources and instead sends all its troops to the Eastern Hindu coast for reasons not known to the world yet. It also asks Thailand that will it cooperate in a war against France if they attack. The number of tanks in the subcontinent increases and there are now 1000 in total with the troops from Oman arriving. The railways are also starting to be upgraded and new roads are being built every day.
  • Just a question, but has Revisionist agreed to this? Because I don't think you can control his troops for him Azecreth 21:15, August 31, 2011 (UTC)
  • How am I controlling his troops? I said Hindu(stani) coast (as in OTL West Bengal and Bangladesh) and Oman is a province of Hindustan. 1 Imperium Guy 21:28, August 31, 2011 (UTC)
  • Revisionist controls the Trucial States, Hindustan controls Oman. Oxfordshire 1972
  • Cuba continues to rebuild. The fascist forces are expelled to Haiti.
  • Do to the increasingly volatile situation in Europe Ethiopia adds to their number of troops and begins construction of the first vengeance prototype.


  • United States: The US ask Mexico to join their alliance, as well as Canada, in hopes of forming an "All American Alliance" of both NA and SA. (How to determine if they agree? Also, a carrier group is sent to Midway to keep watch on the Japanese.
  • China: Realizing a lost cause pulls out of Japanese territories. Huge fortifications are built across the border supported by artillery. China continues the production of aircraft, tanks and ships in preparation for the inevitable war with Japan.
  • Venezuela: Venezuela says it would like to join the "All American Alliance". The border with British Guyana is returned to civil control. Venezuela starts to set up a world-wide oil, tuna, crochet and timber export trade (the USA, Nicaragua and Colombia are a priority). Venezuela takes up Poland's offer of an alliance providing they don't invade Romania, Ruthenia-Carpatho-Ukraine (OTL-Now today’s Zakarpattia Oblast) or Yugoslavia. An alliance and some oil is offered to the Baltic states on the same terms.
  • Finland: The Finnish scientists ask to purchase a small amount of Uranium from the Canadians (the agreement will be decided by 1-25 and 51-75 is yes, no is 26-50 and 76-100, just like last time ... I did it and the number was 16 ... We got some Uranium!). The Uranium is predicted to arrive in late July. The Finnish army is happy with the good performance of the A-PHA37 and H-PHA36s, as they managed to destroy 25 Japanese tanks with only four casualties themselves - three of which were the Light H-PHA36s. The Finnish Honour the lost in the Tuva and Soviet-Japanese Conflict and in their honour erect the monument to the Fallen Soldier, honouring all who have died fighting for Finland or the nations supporting in all wars. Finland Asks Norway to lease the island of Svalbard to Finland for 20 years (same method as earlier ... number is 42 so no we don’t have it ... I seem to have bad luck with Norway in this game), the offer is politely declined. The Finnish complete their first aircraft carrier and it is put patrolling the Baltic Sea, thus, completing the seven-year long reconstruction plan. The Finns ask the British to purchase Spitfires and bomber aircraft for their air force.
  • The Baltics: Baltics went on attacking Minsk and Kiev, with hope of destroying Russian troops before more approach. Meanwhile, they say that they would be very pleased for an alliance with any nation that is not an allies of Russia, Japan or China. Germany, Finland and UK are considered the best countries for an alliance accept. France is offered an alliance against Vietnam. The Baltic Secret Communicate Agency (BSCA) was founded. The first mission is still keep in secret, but the main goal is to murder someone important in the Soviet Union. Also, they ask for all European countries to "keep the Americans out of what they should be in".
  • You do realize that Russia can go RAWR and defeat your nation in a month long campaign???
  • They have some of my oil coming there way in 1939.6! Oxfordshire 1972
  • The Russian Bear could just look at your nation and it would be destroyed. It’s like Chuck Norris fighting Gandhi, Gandhi dies ... painfully, and then his soul burns for an eternity in Chuck's fireplace.
  • Soviet Union: The massive Soviet Armies built up on the Polish border move to stop the Baltic attack. Led by Zhukov and Tukhachevsky, Soviet tanks rout the Baltic armies moving on Minsk and Kiev, and move on the Baltics. The large soviet armies brutally destroy any enemy opposition, and annex the Baltic States. A purge begins to set up Communist governments in the Baltic, and remove all anti-Soviet elements.
  • Laptop, assuming that was you, then you have been conquered. You can continue on as the newly Communist Baltic States, or you can switch to a new nation, as long as you don't DoW me the first turn. Azecreth 13:52, September 1, 2011 (UTC)
  • The United Kingdom: The UK demands that the Soviet Union withdraw from the Baltic States or face war with the Eurasian Powers. Venezuela’s Oil deal is accepted and as its alliance with Poland is accepted, that makes Venezuela a member of the EP. The Arm of Anglo-Asia (2.7 million men), positions itself on the Soviet-(British) Persian border. 85 tanks arrive from the Home Islands as well as tons of artillery and join the AAA while 400 planes become stationed in British Persia. The Anglo-Pacific Fleet is mobilized and begins preparations for a blockade of the Soviet Unions Pacific and Bering Coast. The Nationalist Forces are finally defeated at the Battle of Madrid. Thousands of Nationalists are then rounded up to face trial for treason. The British troops in Spain are soon accompanied by British diplomats and a new Republican Constitution is put in place as Spain’s official government based mostly on the United States constitution. An alliance is soon offered to the newly restored Republic of Spain by the EP and using,( 1-25 and 51-75 is yes, no is 26-50 and 76-100) the alliance is accepted (#7). mass production begins on tanks, planes, guns, artillery, ammunition, naval vessels, and medical supplies. To see all current members of the EP visit the Diplomacy Page. The British Armed Forces begin to enlist hundreds of thousands of troops into its ranks until the turns end when the British Army (not including the AAA and the troops in Spain), reaches 1.9 million men. British troops begin to withdraw from the Republic of Spain.
  • Would someone add Canada to the British Empire as it still is a dominion of it? 1 Imperium Guy 19:37, September 1, 2011 (UTC)
  • Soviet Union: wonders why they are being threatened for defending themselves from invasion by a hostile power. They say that they will withdraw from the Baltic States when a stable government has been set up there. A similar build-up occurs on the Persian border to counter the British build-up. More troops are also moved to the Polish border. They have strict orders to not fire unless fired upon. The Soviets do not want to fire the first shots in a world war.
  • Hundreds of refugees leave Lithuania’s’ Klaipėda County and enter Poland.
  • Venezuela: A major cinema opens in Caracas. Venezuela decides to join the Eurasian Powers. A small cell of V.O.I.A. agents make a last stand on Estonia’s Hiiu and Saare Islands. Another cell group blow a road bridge up on the coastline Lääne county and petrol bomb a Soviet tank to no avail. The Venezuelan embassy in Riga is bunt down, reportedly by agents of the NKDV. Venezuela was hoping to defuse the situation with oil deals and alliance over the year, but it all went mad, we had no time, unlike on the Polish-Ruthenia border. When the oil tanker arrives the refugees will leave for safe haven in Venezuela and V.O.I.A. will evacuate it’s agents from the region. Venezuela sends a telegram to the Finnish and Polish presidents telling them to avoid a catastrophic war with the USSR.
  • France: amps up its military in Indochina, hearing word that the Japanese will attack Indochina from the Japanese East Indies to annex it for the Japanese empire, however there is no strong evidence that an attack will happen.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build their military and builds a few more ships and planes. The Thai government passes and carries out the "Shut down" plan and cuts off all political interference from the New World (except Brazil) as well as Germany and Italy. Thailand sanctions to recent Japanese aggression and requests that they stop their rampage. However, Thailand will not do anything else and will not declare war against Japan. The Thai government will eventually ignore them if it continues.
  • Poland: Poland offers the Soviet Union the Warsaw Treaty. Under the treaty the USSR and Poland will agree to ten years of non-aggression against each other, and a DMZ being set up on their border. Control of Lithuania will pass to Poland, further dividing and weakening the Baltics. Poland will pay a payment of ten million pounds in exchange for this and furthermore, Poland and the USSR will become strong economic partners. The Polish leader says that this is the only way to stop the chance of a united Baltic aggression or a war between Poland and the USSR, who for some reason continues to send troops to its border with Poland. The final clause of the treaty states that Poland will leave the Eurasian Alliance.
  • The Soviets agree.
  • The UK/EP Ultimatum is enlarged to contain Poland. The Eurasian Powers conduct a meeting in London to determine the future course of action if Poland and the USSR do not withdraw.
  • Japan: The Japanese Emperor states in an official "Letter to All Nations" stating that Japan shall no longer attempt any hostile take-over any nation unless they are attacked. The Japanese Prime Minister states that the "Emperor should be disposed with extreme prejudice" The Prime Minister along with most of the other ministers hire a massive mercenary army from the Honshu and from Japanese nationals in China to overthrow the Emperor and establish the Republic of Japan. The Japanese Civil War occurs and after nine weeks of brutal warfare in the Southern half of the Honshu and sporadic fighting in the North. The Emperor, after the last mercenary army is destroyed orders all the former ministers killed by beheadment. The former Prime Minister is castrated and tied to a rock on the beach, he drowns when high tide comes in. The Emperor then dissolves all ministries and declares himself the Emperor-Shogun. (Note: No OTL Japanese Generals or Admirals were killed or captured or joined the anti-emperor movement). The Emperor-Shogun declares that a new age of peace has arrived for the Japanese people and states that he shall ensure the safety of all ethnic Japanese across the nations. The Japanese infrastructure is soon fully rebuilt by the end of the six months and many retrofittings have been installed. Namely, but not limited to, central heat and air. The Imperial Japanese Army is back to full strength by the end of the six months along with most of the Imperial Japanese Navy and Imperial Japanese Air Corps. They are also now better fighters due to the experience they all now have.
  • Ireland: In a sitting of the Dáil (Irish Parliament) Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Éamon de Valera announces that he will be dropping all mention of Great Britain or its King from its Passports and will no longer swear allegiance to him in the Dáil. Ireland claims neutrality in any wars and will not take part in them.
  • Hindustan: accuses the Soviets of being hypocrites saying that they stopped the British expanding while roll in their tanks in the Baltics. Hindustan also says that they would have believed the Soviets to be democratic if they had elections of even different types of Communism (e.g Marxist, Maoist, other ...) They vow that they will support the British and send their trained troops and half (750) of their now 1500 tanks to Afghanistan - Soviet Border and Hindustan's northern border which is bordering Soviet Russia. They also get their militia ready in case Japan launches a landing in Indochina because they know that they will move into Thailand and Hindustan if that is successful and they vow to support the French in any defence attempt of the South - East. They also urge all The Asian Democratic Pact members to become closer in the light of the Civil - War in Japan. Five new battleships are tested and rolled out while two new aircraft carriers are deployed. Hindustan also asks for rights to build Spitfires and Hurricanes from the UK and continues drafting troops into the army and upgrading their road and railway system while adult literacy improves. They also ask the King of Persia to become the Emperor of Hindustan as the Indo-Aryan race is descended form Persia and Hindustan.
  • The UK gives Hindustan all of its latest technology including its work on Einstein’s theories, which are held top secret at the highest levels in British government.
  • Hindustan asks the UK if it a problem having an Emperor?
  • Italy: After agreeing to the Soviet Global Alliance for Democracy offer, Italy demands the British and the Hindustani back down, and quickly mobilizes its new and overhauled army. The Italian Five-Year Plan continues, albeit in a slower rate and in a more military focus.
  • Hindustan replies by saying that the invasion of the Baltics should be reversed and all Baltic territories should be returned.
  • The UK tells Italy that it should back down, as France, Spain and Germany are all members of the Eurasian Powers and all three of them surround you as well as there being troops in Gibraltar and Northern Africa. The British Army begins to mobilize in its African colonies.
  • Hindustan asks the UK not to take action unless necessary but it tells Italy that it should not interfere.
  • The UK agrees to Hindustan’s advice and colonial mobilization stops
  • Ethiopia: moves its army including all of their light tanks and arty to the border with Italy and begin to build massive fortifications to repel any invasion attempts.


  • Finland: The Finnish Criticize the British invasion of Afghanistan. The Finns receive their Uranium from Canada and begin work with it immediately. The Finnish government wants to amp down the German influence after hearing shocking rumours about the Jews in Germany. The Finnish are tempted by the alliance offer but are alluded by the fact that Nazi Germany is also in the Eurasian powers. Add more later ...
  • United States: The US also criticize the British invasion of Afghanistan, and threaten military intervention if they continue. Meanwhile, they also hear of the rumours of the treatment of the Jews in Nazi Germany, specially about a place called a "concentration camp". The OSS begins to infiltrate the German government, and are on the watch for any sign of German aggression. They also say they will help whichever side is attacked first, and will be against the aggressor. Also, parts of the Pacific Fleet, the USS Yorktown, USS Arizona, the USS Oklahoma, and the USS Tennessee is moved to the Atlantic Ocean to combine with the US Atlantic Fleet.
  • The Soviets didn't invade Afghanistan. We only moved troops to the border. Azecreth 01:28, September 2, 2011 (UTC)
  • Hey, Afghanistan is a part of the British Empire and Hindustan can move troops in there. It was conquered ages ago (1937ish). That is no invasion. 1 Imperium Guy 16:45, September 2, 2011 (UTC)
  • Soviet Union: The T-34 enters mass production, and begins being equipped in armoured divisions. The Soviet economy improves as they take advantage of the Polish economic treaty. They organize the GADMC (Global Alliance for Democracy Military Command), a way to organize the military plans of the Alliance nations. The Baltic states are given independence as "independent" Communist republics. They are incorporated into the Comintern. Soviets troops are still in there to maintain order.
  • France: The French also criticize the recent British invasions. Many realize it's likely to happen again and amp up their military preparing for a British invasion.
  • Venezuela: Venezuela’s dictator chooses to stand for an election in 1939.6. He gives up his rifle for a suit and tie. Venezuela leaves the Eurasian Powers and gifts Poland and the USSR five free tanker ships worth of oil as a gesture of goodwill. A cell of VOIA agents infiltrates Germany after hearing the recent rumours about the alleged anti-Jewish "concentration camps". Venezuela mobilizes its military, closes its borders and arms the border with British Guyana as a security measure. Ties strengthen with Poland, but cool with the UK and Germany. Note- most Venezuelan people love me, but I fixed the result just in case (OTL-South American elections were very dodgy and often rigged by the ruling clique until the end of the Cold War). Equal employment rights are given to women, blacks and poor people. Venezuela politically recognises Ruthenia-Carpatho-Ukraine. Venezuela asks to be made a member of the global alliance for democracy and to become a formal member of a future economic union with the USA. I won the election with a 99% majoraty, but 6% of the ballot papers were forged.
  • China: The Chinese continue their vast modernisation plan. Six more ports are opened to naval shipbuilding and facilities are created for a submarine fleet stationed in the Yellow Sea. Factories are set up on the edge of the main cities building Chinese aircraft, artillery, guns, ammo and tanks. Minerals and oil are mined and refined in Xinjiang and Xizang. China reaches an unemployment level of 0% as the government recruits thousands for the factories and military. Troops are stationed on the French, Japanese and Hindustan borders. Chinese scientists are experimenting with the properties of various elements especially uranium. China's economy hits a yearly growth percentage of around 15%!
  • Poland: Lithuania's economy begins to greatly improve as part of Poland. The wider Polish economy also takes a huge upturn thanks to oil imports from Venezuela and the large amount of trading with the USSR. Poland begins to accept hundreds of thousand of jews into its border from Germany, seeking refuge. Once again there is an uprising in south Czechoslovakia. The Polish president blames Hungarian militants for the attack, and claims to have evidence the attacks were supplied by the Hungarian government, who want to widen their borders to pre great war status. The Polish leader decides to take the daring measure of invading Hungary by surprise, making the announcement of war only one hour before the invasion begins. Thanks to harsh treaties imposed after the Great War, and the expectance that Hungary would not be at war, Hungary's military is no match for the Polish. Hungarian fighters decide to focus all their powers on the capital Budapest. Within months all of Hungary is captured, apart from Budapest, where bloody street to street fighting goes on between the Polish army and the remnants of the Hungarian one. Poland promises other nations that this was a defencie measure and it will be the final act of Polish aggression.
  • China: implausible! 15% growth is too much and 0% unemployment is impausible.
  • China hit that rate eight times between 1950 to 1990 (1953, 1956, 1958, 1964, 1965, 1969, 1970, 1984) it hit 21% at one point (1958). It will slow as the economy grows further as it will extremely hard to go 15% up later on. It is only because the capacity is there but 20 years of no proper government has stagnated the economy. 0% unemployment is because the government is employing thousands into the war factories and the military.
  • OK 15% is okay but 0% is impossible as there is nomads in Mongolia, Tibetans that hate the Chinese, the far western reaches have nomadic peoples and very rural peoples that even today the gov't has trouble keeping track of them.
  • Unemployment is the percentage of people that are seeking a job compared to the total workforce. The nomads and the rural people aren't seeking jobs. Therefore, since ANYONE wanting a job gets one almost straight away ... presto!! Zero percent unemployment!!!
  • The United Kingdom: The French are reoffered membership in the EP on the promise that Germany will be removed from the Alliance. Venezuela and Poland are offered the same deal. The Dominion of Canada, due to the Depression, reverts to colonial status in the British Empire in return for its economy being worked on (I used to decide this), and Canada is annexed by the UK. British Colombia and the Yukon Territory are offered to the United States for a price of 75 million dollars and 1/2 of all oil that comes from the two provinces for the next 30 years. Quebec begins to petition the UK for its independence.
  • Venezuela: It becomes loyaler to both the USA and Nicaragua.
  • Hindustan: keeps open its relations with Germany so far and moves its troops away from the Soviet border and advises the UK to do the same, knowing a lost cause and instead sends them to Oman. The number of tanks reaches a staggering 2500 in total, half of them of them the new Shah Type medium tanks, H-36 which has 85 mm cannon, 115 mm armour in the front, 110 armour at the back and a 50 calibre machine gun and would be able to travel 35 mph off-road, while a quarter of them being Hindustan Type heavy tanks, H-45 with a 100 mm cannon, 120 mm armour in the front, 115 mm armour at the back and a 75 calibre machine gun and the tank could travel 30 mph off-road and the rest being light tanks. Five more battleships are rolled out with two aircraft carriers as well as with 15 destroyers and 30 merchant ships. The Jammu to Kanyakumari railway line starts construction while more of Hindustan started getting constructed thru' roads and railway lines.
  • Germany: sends a offer to France to buy the island of Madagascar. Meanwhile, an alliance is made with the remnants of the Hungarian government. The navy and military are expanded.
  • Turkey:'''' 'Goes neutral outside Bulgaria and the Middle East.
  • Germany: The German Army invades Poland out of support for Hungary. Meanwhile, a offer to buy the French colony of Madagascar is sent to France. The borders are closed off with France and Belgium. Germany offers terms of peace. Germany will withdraw once Hungary is a free land under foreign observers. As a good will act the Germany's forces call for a cease fire to come into force.
  • Turkey: Turkey amps up it’s navy.
  • Trucial States: Local firms look fir Dubai oil.
  • Soviets: KV-1 use is raised Ukraine.
  • Venezuela: One Dornier Do 24 comparable reconnaissance flying boat,1 Fairy Swordfish comparable aircraft and one 'Bolivar class' light gunboats are mad in Caracas.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build their military and build a few more planes and ships. Thailand improves their infrastructure as well.
  • Turkey: Goes neutral outside Bulgaria and the Middle East.
  • France: has a hard time considering Germany's offer, and asks how much they would pay. Meanwhile, the USSR informs the French government that Richard Sorge has found no evidence to support Japan will try to annex Indochina, and many troops are sent back to France.
  • Depends. I don't know what Germany GDP was at 1939, but what is the minimum price that you would settle for?
  • I found a chart of GDPs at the time, and France offers USD six million (about four cents per acre).
  • Ethiopia: rolls its first wing of vengeance fighters off the tarmac to defend their biplane bombers they also add several new light tank groups with artillery, cavalry, and infantry support to their army. The Ethiopian economy increases in size after a mini industrial rev begins in the nation.
  • Ireland: The Irish government seeing the warmongering between the various European powers asks a America if they can buy weapons off them to protect their shores as their weapons are out of date they also ask various European powers, e.g. France could they purchase 3-6 aircraft from them. Ireland continues its neutral stance.
  • Poland offers Ireland four PZL P.11 fighters as a token of good faith and the hope of a bright future of good diplomatic relations between the two.
  • Japan: The Japanese Empire supports Quebecois independence. The Emperor-Shogun states that Japan will support all independence movements from British and French colonies. The Japanese scientist begin playing with the idea of an atomic weapon using Einstein’s equations. The Imperial Japanese Ministry of Propaganda, the Imperial Japanese Ministry of Defence, the Imperial Japanese Ministry of State, the Imperial Japanese Ministry of Taxation and Tariffs, and the Imperial Japanese Ministry of Agriculture are established after they are were destroyed after the Civil War. The Imperial Japanese Department of Navy, Imperial Japanese Department of Army, and the Imperial Japanese Department of the Air Corps is established as sub-sections of the Imperial Japanese Ministry of Defence.
  • Cuba: offers an alliance to the USSR. They continue to work on rebuilding.
  • Baltic Presidents fly to the UK, ask if they could achieve good relations with the UK and France. A secret message is given to the British president.
  • Italy: Italy's militarisation and "Five-Year Plan" continues. The idea of peaceful nuclear energy is put into the main focus in technological improvement. Italy also proposes to buy the Littoral Banovina for an exorbitant price, which Yugoslavia accepts. Used to decide whether Yugoslavia agreed.
  • Ireland accepts


  • Germany: Germany offers France USD six million for Madagascar. Meanwhile, the air force is expanded.
  • Poland: In Budapest the remnants of Hungarian's army, totally surrounded with no way of getting new supplies, collectively surrender, putting the whole of Hungary under Polish control. Poland begins importing T34 tanks from Russia and manufacturing its own. The Polish president introduces the Plan for Polish Economic Reform (PPEF) the plan, which will take place over four years, will reduce unemployment, nationalise big businesses turning Poland into a semi socialist state, and reduce the gap between rich and poor. The plan was created by Polish finance Minister Lukasz Putski. To cap off a busy six months, just weeks after the plan is announced the Polish president's health takes a turn for the worse and his leadership is called into question.
  • Japan: Japan offers France USD nine million for Indochina and for France's 'Sphere of Influence' in the Far East. The Imperial Japanese Army finds secrets from the Mongolian government that had been hidden from them after raiding a suspected terrorist's home whom turned out to be the residence of the former Mongolian President. The documents describe several attempts by the Mongolians to create a nuclear weapon and who was involved. It also said where a secret cache of uranium was kept. The IJA quickly rounded up the scientist and uranium and transported them back to Tokyo. Work on a nuclear weapon continues.
  • I have to object to this. The Mongolians would never be working on a nuke. They don't have the time, knowledge, or resources to do that. And it was stated in the rules that nuclear programs wouldn't be started until 1940.6 Azecreth 19:00, September 3, 2011 (UTC)
  • Maybe the Soviets helped them
  • Cuba: continues to rebuild. Its military is amped up a bit.
  • Finland: The Finnish parliament is re-elected. The Finnish against all odds sign the Anti-Nazi pact with the USSR (there was an offer on my talk page and I accepted), as Hitler is becoming viewed as increasingly more evil than anyone in the CPSU. The Finnish offer a to make a joint Nuclear project with the USSR as the USSR has natural reserves of Uranium and much more testing ground for a potential A-Bomb derived from Finnish Research. The First Plutonium (derived from the Uranium purchased from Canada) plants are constructed along the Gulf of Finland, giving the project the name of the Gulf of Finland Project by the Finnish officials. This information is only shared with the USSR and is held at Top Secret. The Finnish Air Force expands to incorporate more bombers. The aircraft carrier is rechristened the FSS (Finnish State Ship) Väisälä after the famous physicist. The Finnish Parliament passes a law that obliges the Provinces of Finland to provide free Health Care to the registered citizens; as such the Province must add a certain amount of money to the minimum wage to compensate for the healthcare. The bonus amount is left to the discretion of the province but is eligible for inspection.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviets agree to the Cuban alliance. They begin reorganization of their military to focus on things learned during the brief Baltic War. The 3rd Five Year Plan begins. Massive factories are constructed in the Urals, to churn out military materials. The Soviets agree to the Finnish proposal for a joint nuclear project, but believe it should be based in the Soviet Union, to ensure secrecy.
  • Finland Response: The Finnish propose to build "Industrial Towns" and worker homes around the plants would bring a decent amount of inconspicuousness to the project, also not telling the workers in full what they are working on. The Finnish Ask that the project's main HQ be in a city close to the border, like says Leningrad. And that the Finns and Soviets would work as partners side by side ... without prejudice and that the stockpiles of nukes remain equal with the two countries until 1950.
  • The Trucial States: seeks immediate military aid from Commonwealth nations, as there is growing conflict within the regions of the Middle East that threatens its independence. With the nation's pearl fishery industry in ruins, the Trucial States directs its attention to seek out possible oil sources as another source of national income. The initial oil survey proved successful, and the government is asking for foreign investment to build oil wells.
  • Italy: Italy's Five-Year Plan continues. Enrico Fermi produces the first small nuclear chain-reaction in a racquetball court in Milan. Italy also requests to purchase Soviet uranium.
  • France: tentatively sells Madagascar to Germany for USD six million, and many French inhabitants leave the colony. France objects to Japan's offer to sell Indochina, however.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build their military and builds a few more ships and planes.
  • Hindustan: More tanks are rolled out and total tank numbers in the country nears 3500. Also, the Jammu to Kanyakumari railway is half complete. Also, Hindustan starts its nuclear program with a head start thru' the British help and both Hindustani and British scientists work together to build the first nuclear weapon. Uranium plants are also built. 95% of children are now going to school and are getting a good education. It is made compulsory to study until the age of 18, with the exception of joining the armed forces at the age of 16. In New Delhi, the first group of skyscrapers are being built as well as in Mumbai (Bombay) and Kolkata (Calcutta). Agricultural research is also promoted so there is no famine in Hindustan, although food production is already high and being exported to other countries. Another five battleships and two aircraft carriers are rolled out with 15 merchant ships.
  • China: China builds multiple nuclear test facilities across the country. China offers to sell uranium to other nations. (In order of current uranium production these countries can produce the most: Canada, Russia, Australia, Niger, Namibia, USA, China, South Africa, Czech Republic and India). China builds up its defences against the Japanese on the border. China seeks to ally with the USSR and help in a joint nuclear program. China continues the mass production of factories, aircraft, ships, artillery and tanks. China's economy continues its growth spurt with a rise of 20% this year. A vast naval task force is stationed near Taiwan. China proposes buying French Indochina jointly with Thailand. Thailand and China could combine resources and China receives a strip of land across the peninsula on the Thai-British border in the south; as well as Northern Vietnam and Laos. Meanwhile Thailand gets Cambodia and Southern Vietnam. China will pay 80% of the total cost.</span>
  • Thailand accepts the proposal and will pay the other 20% of the total cost.
  • Ireland: Ireland thanks Poland for the aircraft and have of the planes dismantled to see how it works and hopefully be able to recreate fighter planes of their own. Ireland begins building some small torpedo boats.
  • Ethiopia: Intensifies there military training program.

Division of British Canada

  • United Kingdom: Mobilization continues while the London Project begins in its Australian colonies to work on a nuclear bomb. Uranium is secured from its colonies, or at lest those which have any. Canada is subdivided into the Dominion of Oregon (The Yukon Territory, British Colombia, and Alberta), The Dominion of Nunavut (Nunavut), The Dominion of Canada (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario), The Dominion of the Northwest Territories (the Northwest Territories), The Dominion of Newfoundland (Newfoundland Island only), The Dominion of Quebec (Quebec and Labrador) and The Dominion of Nova Scotia (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island).
  • A few things. First, Nunavut didn't exist until 1999. Second, Newfoundland (and Labrador, by extension) wasn't added to Canada until 1949, and lastly, why would these changes be made to the country in the first place? -Chris


Leon Trotsky is assassinated in his Mexico home by Ramon Mercader with an ice axe.

  • Finland: The Finnish get to work alongside the soviets on the A-Bomb. The Finnish military builds more air planes and designs a strategic bomber with the soviets as a carrier for the bomb. The HQ of operations is made to be Leningrad due to it being the largest city in proximity to the Finnish-Soviet Border. More to come ...
  • Baltics: ask for help from the UK, France and the newly joined Norway.
  • What’s this with Norway. You can't control them, and if you annexed them, I will be angry, because that isn't possible.
  • Germany: the "Madagascar Plan" is started, consisting in relocating the Jews from Germany to the newly-acquired colony of Madagascar. The plan will take some years to complete due to the logistic difficulty of the plan. Meanwhile, the navy and military are expanded. The majority of the troops are relocated to the borders with Soviet Union and Poland to avoid a possible invasion by both.
  • Would somebody please add the Congo as German Possession in Africa? Ta!! 1 Imperium Guy 21:02, September 4, 2011 (UTC)
  • After 1918, Germany had no colonies in Africa. Fed (talk) 21:06, September 4, 2011 (UTC)
  • Actually, they did. Their colony of Cameroon and another one were taken over but I am pretty sure that they still had Congo as a colony.
  • Nope. One of the parts of the Treaty of Versailles stripped Germany of its colonial empire.
  • Exactly. it only would be like this if I invaded Belgium and acquire their possessions.
  • Poland: The Polish leader dies after a long battle with heart problems. The Polish cabinet elects a new leader, 37 year old Lukasz Putski, the former finance minister. Putski is considered much more liberal and a believer in socialism. Putski continues to implement the PPER. His first order of business is to send a request to the Soviet Union asking that all nuclear technology be shared with Poland so that it can contribute to the development and have the weapons as a possible defence against Germany. Putski quickly condemns the sending of Jews to Madagascar, thousands of Jewish refugees are accepted into West Poland. Finally, hearing of the success of the Trucial States success in finding oil, Poland invests millions in a project to drill for oil in Yemen.
  • Trucial States: The first barrel of oil was extracted at Al-Mafraq Oil Fields, and the government is seeking potential buyers. The Trucial Sheikhdoms proposes an international organization of petroleum producing nations, with the goal of stabilizing the global oil price from unnecessary fluctuations.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviets tell Poland that it would best if the people involved in this nuclear project were as limited as possible. They begin contributing information to the program that was stolen by their spies in the UK and America. Noticing the very anti-Soviet tone of the Baltic government, the troops in the region go into action, and stage a coup d'etat of the government, replacing the leadership with people more preferable to the Soviet leadership.
  • Laptop, your government has been replaced, and you are no longer in charge of the Baltics. You can be a rebel group there, or you can go to another country. Azecreth 16:46, September 4, 2011 (UTC)
  • Japan: The Japanese offer China an offer of alliance, if they don't accept that they offer the Chinese an offer of a 22 year non-aggression pact. The elite 22nd Fleet is transferred to Formosa (Taiwan) and goes onto medium alert. The Japanese scientist begin to make headway into nuclear weapons. The Mongolian scientist that are helping the Japanese look more into nuclear energy. The Imperial Japanese Department of Health Services is created as a sub-section of the Ministry of Defence and takes control of all the military hospitals and all military doctors or nurses or any military health related job is transferred to the IJHS or retired almost 25% retire with the rest transferring. The Japanese offer France USD 12 million for Indochina and the French Sphere of Influence in the Far East, they also offer plans for the A6M on the condition that they do not sell the plans to any other nation without Japan's consent.
  • Italy: The Italian nuclear scientists begin research onto a theoretical nuclear weapon after more theoretical chain reactions and plans for peaceful nuclear energy plants. Italy also requests France and the Soviet Union to purchase uranium. However, Italy also begins research on a possible thorium-fueled nuclear power plant. The Italian Five-Year Plan continues.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build their military and builds a few more planes and ships. Meanwhile, Thailand improves their infrastructure.
  • France: France is unsure if they should sell Indochina for USD 12 million, and asks for the USSR's opinion.
  • Hindustan: Another five battleships and two aircraft carriers are rolled out with 15 merchant ships. A record 1500 tanks are rolled out bringing the total number of tanks to 6000. Most of the army is shipped to Oman to survey the terrain for war.
  • China: China continues improving its military. China rejects all of Japan's proposals and offers to buy Indochina from France for 15 million pounds with Thailand. If Thailand cannot pay the amount straight away, China will offer a loan at an interest rate of only the Thai level of inflation. China starts mining uranium for the creation of a massive nuclear reaction, aka an A-bomb. China offers help Thailand with its nuclear program. China stations a third naval task force in the South China Sea. China continues fortifying the border against Japan.
  • Japan: Japan offers USD three million more than whatever anyone offers for Indochina.
  • China: China offers USD one million more than the Japanese amount for Indochina.
  • 'Ireland: ' Ireland effectively copies the PZL P.11 renaming their version An'Spiodal. The Irish government orders five new planes to be built and allocates resources for Irish engineers to create a tank.
  • United Kingdom: Mobilization continues.
  • Poland: invests in its industry. It annexes Rockal and Grand Comore islands.
  • Italy: Help the Papacy form the PACAB to fight chiled abuse in Ireland, Rome and the Tyrol.


  • Finland: Finnish and Soviet scientists continue to work on the Nuclear bomb. Research is done on a design. Strategic bomber concepts continue to be made, most of them involving tweaks to the current bomber designs. The Finnish send out an invitation to Albert Einstein to work with the Finnish part of the Gulf of Finland (or GoF) Project(His response will be based on, same formula I used Before, except this time no gains 1-10 ... It was 33). Einstein politely declines the offer as he has a dislike of the USSR. The Finnish continue to put more money into the GoF Project. more to be added ...
  • China: China attempts to recruit several leading nuclear scientists for the Chinese nuclear program for the next five years. China attempts to recruit eight of the them on with yes as 31 to 70 and no as one to 30 and 71 to 100. Results (67, 44, 41, 33, 64, 97, 17, 99). Five Western nuclear scientists arrive in China, the majority of them feel sorry for the fledging Chinese government, the 25 years of disarray, China's mistreatment at the Treaty of Versailles where Japan got territory promised to China and the recent Japanese invasion of Manchuria. These scientists are given everything to keep them comfortable and free accommodation is organized for them and their families. China continues to amass troops and materiale on the Japanese border. China offers USD 20 million pounds for Indochina. NOTE: China has more money than Japan. China asks the British to allow the stationing of naval ships at Singapore with a year fee of one million pounds to be paid for the next 20 years. China reoffers the USSR and Italy for alliance.
  • Germany: The navy and military are upgraded.
  • Thailand: Thailand shall pay four pounds (I think that’s 80% of the 20 million, not sure) along with China's offer to buy French Indochina with them. The Thai government tells China that Thailand won't be having a nuclear program due to Thai public opinion; but they thank for asking anyway and gives one million pounds to China as a gift and support. Meanwhile, Thailand continues to build their military and builds a few more ships and planes.
  • Hindustan: Prepares its armies and attacks the Trucial states. Through their now huge navy, they blockade them. By the end of the month, they are conquered. The leaders are allowed to rule over their territory but they cannot control anything else. Another 1500 tanks are produced with one aircraft carrier and six battleships. The Jammu to Kanyakumari is connected through railway and Hindustan asks if they can buy the island of Ceylon from the UK.
  • Japan: Japan offers USD 23 million for Indochina. The IJA masses troops on the Japanese-Chinese border. The Japanese ask the Americans, British and Hindustani to help diffuse the situation between China and Japan. The IJAC's training program is re-organized and it is made to be 19 weeks (OTL USMC training time) and with an emphasis on dogfighting and precision bombing, they are also taught infantry warfare and marksmanship. The IJAC also creates the パラシュート部隊 (Parachutist Corps) which is akin to OTL Paratroopers. The パラシュート部隊 is trained for seven weeks in close quarters combat and four weeks in marksmanship and guerrilla warfare, and three weeks in survival skills.
  • Ireland: The Irish government begin drafting up a new bill called the emergency powers Act 1941. This allows the government to increase the size of its defence forces and create a reserve army. The army is expanded from 10,000 to 20,000.
  • Poland: The PPER begins to produce results, as unemployment is lowered by two percent, mainly due to many jobs created in the construction industry. Due to the massive number of Jewish refugees fleeing into Poland from Germany Poland is forced to stop the refugees entering unless they can prove they will positively benefit the economy and will have guaranteed employment, stating they are well beyond their capacity of refugees. Jews who have not found employment after six months of entering and are living off benefits will be sent out of Poland. The measures are met positively by the Polish people, though many feel they are not harsh enough on the Jews. Extra troops and migration officers are sent to the Germany border to make sure the rules are followed. As fear grows of a war with Germany Polish president Putski puts in place two measures, pouring money and supplies into creating a very strong defence on the German border, and offering the Nazi leadership a ten-year non-aggression pact. The search for oil in Yemen continues with little success. Finally, Putski decides to begin a Polish project for the development of nuclear weapons, Putski is not a big believer in it but does not want to fall behind other nations. Various top scientists are recruited and given various sources of leaked information on the project to work with.
  • German reply: Germany accepts, and as a additional part of the treaty, requires Polish neutrality if Germany and Soviet Union go to war with each other.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviets condemn the unprovoked invasion of the Trucial States. Troops on the Hindustan border move to alert status. The KV-1 rolls into mass scale production, and more factories go online. Their reply to the French is that Indochina is their land, and it is up to them what to do with it.
  • Chinese Diplomacy: China condemns the Hindustani invasion of the Trucial States and offers protection and some resources for the emirs and sheiks that escaped and their subjects. China offers USD25 million to France for Indochina.
  • Hindustani Diplomacy: Most of the Sheiks and Emirs are allowed to live in their houses and govern their territory with the exception the Trucial States become a Hindu state. Hindustan says it is not going to go to war with any other country and starts to build roads and railways connecting Oman and Trucial States and a huge immigration campaign is started so that there are enough people to farm the land and irrigate it as well built the roads and railways.
  • ... Most of the UAE (98%) is desert. Only 0.77% is arable and that is with modern technology ... Also, irrigation systems are unsustainable in the UAE with only 50 sq km of the entire country irrigated.
  • Fine then, we will farm that 0.5 % of irrigable land.
  • United Kingdom: Mobilization continues. Hindustan’s offer is declined. The British offer to mediate a peace settlement between the Japanese and Chinese.


The Ecuadorian-Peruvian War is fought, resulting in victory for Peru, and a return to the status quo as a committee gets to arguing about the border.

  • Hindustan: Hindustan rolls out another 1500 tanks with two aircraft carriers and five battleships. Its railway line is almost completed but the roads are taking slightly longer. Also, the literacy rates keep on getting higher with the government sponsoring the people who cannot pay for it and more merchant ships are rolled out. Hindustan also says that if Japan invades any Chinese territories, they will retaliate. Hindustan, in a bid to improve relations with Germany and Poland, start to send money and experts to build roads and houses as well as help cities to flourish in Madagascar.
  • Soviet Union: Build-up of military forces occurs on the Afghan border, and in Poland. Stalin begins a purge of what he considers disloyal elements in the military. Tukhachevsky and Zhukov, anxious to prevent the destruction of the Red Army as a force, stage a coup of the Soviet government. They set up a two man Committee to rule the USSR together.
  • Hindustani Response: Hindustan wonders why there is a build-up of armed forces on its border and hopes that the new government will be reasonable and remove the build-up of forces. They also hope that the two man committee would expand and make a council.
  • Finnish response: Finland hopes that the two marshals would consider to stay with the original Anti-Nazi pact and continue being part of the GoF Project. The Finns hope that the two-man committee would make a transitional council to make the USSR a Communist power (in the fact that many services are provided for the "little guy") but with a democratic spin.
  • Hindustani Diplomacy: Hindustan agrees that the Communists could have a democratic spin with having different Communist parties like Marxist, Maoist, Titoism and Guevarism as well as Castroism and Leninism.
  • Poland: Putski calls for a meeting with the new Soviet leadership and orders them to move their troops away from the Polish border, a DMZ, as this is breaking the Warsaw treaty. Unemployment continues to lower and in the next stage of the PPER, minimum wage is raised and a limit is put on the amount of hours someone is allowed to work a week, which it is expected will create more jobs. Many well established bank and big businesses are nationalised. In Yemen considerably sized oil reserves are found and construction of oil wells begins. More leaked information is given to the team of nuclear scientists, who promise the Polish government that there is a good chance of success in the project.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and builds a few more ships. Thailand also gives an extra one million British pounds to help China's offer of buying Indochina from France.
  • Japan: Japan's Parachutist Corps grows to almost twenty two thousand people. The Parachutist Corps is renamed the ドラグーン隊 (Dragoon Corps) after several officers complained that the term parachutist was to unconnected with Japan's past (Note: I did this because I have trouble spelling parachutist and it's kinda hard to say (for me) so I chose to change the name, if you can think of a better reason then feel free to put that in there). The Japanese Doragūn-tai land in Panama along with naval support from the five-cruiser 23rd Fleet. The Doragūn-tai along with Naval Infantry quickly take control of the pacific coast of the nation. The Imperial Japanese Army that was stationed in northern Honshu land in S. Mexico. The forces quickly take control of the nation after destroying the bulk of the army in the Battle of México City. The Mexican President signs a formal surrender to the Japanese after seven weeks of fighting. Mexico is incorporated into the Empire.
  • I don't think you have that kind of range. And if you do, then logistics is gonna be a bitch. Azecreth 19:26, September 6, 2011 (UTC)
  • The United States: The US condemns Polish and Soviet warmongering, demanding immediate withdrawal from occupied nations and to stop massing at borders. They also send the same message to Hindustan, to stop their warmongering and violence. Meanwhile, the nuclear program continues, and Klaus Fuchs is discovered to be a Soviet spy, while passing a telegraph to a Soviet official. He is promptly arrested and thrown in prison for the rest of his life, and relations with the Soviet Union deteriorate. Also, the US, surprised with the Japanese invasion of Mexico, immediately invades Mexico, helping the Mexicans against the Japanese. Mexico City is under siege, and everything north of Mexico City has been captured. They say that if Japan does not withdrawal within a month, war will be declared. They ask Britain, Venezuela, Canada, and France if they will help in case of war.
  • Japanese Reply: The Japanese military withdraws from México stating that they do not wish for another war. The give the Mexican people USD three million for their troubles and over 100,000 pounds of narcotics.
  • Hindustani Diplomacy: Hindustan replies by saying that it was to stabilize the nation and region and they are not going to war with any other country as they don't want to. Hindustan, even though it wasn't asked, says that they would help the US if asked.
  • Polish Reply: The Polish leader attacks the US for involving itself in "issues which are beyond its comprehension" and says withdrawing from occupied territories in the current situation would be impossible. Putski argues the wars were defensive and pulling out would create yet more conflicts, he also reminds the US the economy of all occupied nations is quickly picking up under Polish control and hopes that Poland and the USA can be close allies in the future.
  • Yugoslavia: Fearing another war raging through Europe, Yugoslavia enables three-year military draft for all males ages 18 to 21 years old and began to modernize it military. It looks to Italy and Russia for small-arms and medium-tanks.
  • Ireland: Ireland successfully create a light tank and the government order 50 to be built by years end. Ireland begins a five year economic plan to increase its resources and help turn it into a first world country.
  • Italy: Italy agrees to the Yugoslavian request as long as the Yugoslavian government agrees to recognize the Italian sovereignty over the acquired Littoral Banovina, which it had purchased earlier. Italy also condemns Hindustan and Japan for their recent invasions. The "Italian Five-Year Plan" continues in its last year. The Italian nuclear plan also continues.
  • Yugoslavian Reply: Agrees to recognize Italian sovereignty over Littoral Banovina.
  • Ethiopia: The Ethiopian economy and military continue to grow. The Ethiopian people and government begin to become disgusted with the warmongering and blood shed caused by the Great powers of Asia and Europe.
  • China: Chiang Kai Shek steps down as president of China for one term of presidency. The new president of China is Yen Chia-kan. China extends the offer of alliance to Italy and Yugoslavia. China also offers to buy Indochina for USD 25 million. China continues churning out tanks, aircraft, artillery and naval ships. China's nuclear program is proceeding extremely well with the huge amount of resources China is pouring in. The head of the project, Chien Shiung-Wu claims a working chain reaction on a large scale can be produced in two years. China condemns the Japanese attack on Mexico.
  • Finland: Work on the GoF project continue. the first large plutonium plants are constructed as part of the GoF Project, and fuelled by soviet Uranium begin producing plutonium en-masse. The Finnish once again ask Albert Einstein to join the GoF (this time being offered full Finnish citizenship), but politely declines due to his love of the USA. The Finnish pour more money into the GoF, and ask Britain to purchase Spitfire aircraft. Finally, the Finnish condemn the Japanese invasion of México as unprovoked. Mabe more later ...
  • Cuba: With a now sufficient army, Cuba invades Mexico and occupies several small Caribbean islands. Meanwhile, the economy has recovered and the wounds from the Civil War have been healed by now.
  • United Kingdom: Mobilization continues. Cuba is offered aid in there war against Mexico and offer that all of Mexico except for Sonora, Chihuahua, and the two Baja States be annexed by Cuba while the four remaining provinces will be annexed by the UK. To try and avoid war however, the UK offers Japan six billion for the four states.


  • Soviet Union: Zhukov and Tukhachevsky, wishing to secure super weapons only for themselves, as it could help the Red Army, cancel the Gulf of Finland project. The base in Leningrad is shut down, and all the research materials are seized and moved to a base in Kazakhstan, as well as the uranium there. Supply of information to Finland is shut down. Work begins on the T-34/85 and the KV-2, as the Soviets want to keep their advantage in tank technology.
  • Yugoslavia: Upon hearing that Italy would send small arms and medium tanks to them, Yugoslavian government decided to build 14 more Rogožarski IK3 planes and repair 50 auxiliary airfields and bring them up to date.
  • Hindustan: Hindustan rolls out another 500 tanks with two aircraft carriers and five battleships as well as more merchant ships are built. This means that for the first time in Hindustani history, there are over 8,000 tanks in the subcontinent, 8,500 to be precise. As well as this, all railway lines are completed in the Middle East with the roads not far behind while all the main routes in Hindustan are connected through roads and railways. Hindustan also continues retrofitting its armies and starts upgrading their army to keep pace with Soviets and Uranium is sent for when the first nuclear weapon is built. Employing Jews who are arriving in Madagascar, Hindustan start making roads and houses as well as laying railway lines. It takes a while, but soon the construction effort reaches full swing.
  • Whoa, whoa, you gotta slow down your military. What you are doing right now would literally tank your economy.- Pita
  • Better? :D 1 Imperium Guy
  • Sure, but be careful. Something like that is literally begging for an economic crash. -Pita
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and builds a few more planes.
  • Japan: The Japanese ask that France makes Indochina and independent republic. The 23rd Fleet returns to Japan. Two of the Bushi class of battleship is made and sent to the 23rd Fleet. The Japanese and Tongan people begin to negotiate a deal for an alliance. (Using The Tongan sign the Treaty of Nuku’alofa, in the treaty the Tongan people reject the British as their protectors and make the Japanese their protectors. The Kingdom of Tonga becomes an independent nation under the protection of Japan.
  • Italy: The Italian Five-Year Plan, almost at its end, continues. Italy also continues its nuclear program. Italian culture programs are also enforced, with people in Libya, Istria and the Littoral Banovina being encouraged to learn Italian (not being forced though).
  • China: China is rapidly developing its nuclear project. Disaster strikes China when an unexpected economic downturn hits due to panic selling on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. This affects global markets bringing them down by 5% and Asian markets sink by 10% while stocks in China go down by 30%. With the Chinese economy hard-hit, Chiang Kai Shek is forced to retake the role as president. The Chinese are forced to slash the budget and realize that some of the main causes are overspending on the military and over employment by the government. Half the factories are converted to produce cars and other consumer products which are sold to other nations. The Chinese GDP growth rate drops to 5% and unemployment grows to 2%. The remaining military factories continue to churn out tanks, aircraft, artillery and naval ships but only at two thirds the rate they used to. Since Britain is inactive, I used China is allowed by Britain to use Singapore on 50 year lease as a naval base in return for a rent of half a million pounds a year.
  • Cuba: Cuban forces push deeper into Mexico. The military, which is being very well trained, is going much quicker than expected. A tank factory is planned in Cuba and will be built by prisoners and dissidents under strict watch.
  • The United States: The United States criticizes the Cuban invasion of Mexico, saying, “Mexico is not your personal plaything. It is a sovereign nation and deserves to be recognized as such.” The United States invades the Cuban homeland, surrounding Havana and blockading the entire nation. The small Cuban military is crushed, and the US calls for support in the war against imperialism and tyranny.
  • France: France objects to China's offer for Indochina, stating that if sold, the tensions between China and Japan will worsen. (also, when is the actual world war starting?)
  • Chinese Reply: China wishes for France to reconsider the offer of 25 million pounds. It is a joint venture between China and Thailand to which these lands have been in the past parts of both Empires. China used to have northern Indochina at one point and Thailand used to have western Indochina. China also currently has no relations with Japan and tensions are so bad on the Chinese side that the KMT is barely restraining the other political parties from declaring war on Japan. Polls in China show 75% of people wish to reclaim lost lands in Mongolia, Manchuria and Indochina. This deal is integral to the stability of the Chinese nation as the other political parties are eating away the KMT's popularity. If it is rejected the Chinese will have to fight Japan anyway.
  • Ya we need to pick a start date and reason for the war. I agree- Lx
  • Whatever happens China will fight Japan sometime in the near future. The previous Chinese post shows that war is inevitable and it is close. We had all better start preparing ...
  • Finland: The Finnish manage to salvage some uranium that was imported because of two years of working with the Soviets. Scientists return to Finland to continue their studies at the continuing GoF project and the base of operations is officially made Vaasa. The Finnish Ask the Swedes to join and they gladly accept as they want to rival the soviets in technology (this was decided by a number 63 in the Project is officially renamed the Baltic Project and is kept in complete secrecy and labelled as top secret. Albert Einstein is once again asked to join the GoF (now Baltic) Project) this time with promise of full citizenship, a great pay check, great accommodations, the promise that he will be back in the USA by 1945 and the promise that his work would be shared with the US-in due time. Einstein finally agrees plans for his trip start being made (this was decided by number 52 in Certain Finnish officials and scientists are not happy with that condition but it was the only way to get Einstein to join to counteract the amount of scientists the USSR has. The Finns put more money into their air force and Baltic Project.
  • Ireland: Ireland continue their five-year economic plan upgrading roads and planning on making their own car for the "average Irishman". Ireland creates a new reserve force to give all abled bodied willing men training in case of war. Ireland begin stockpiling weapons and guns and will create 20 Spiodal's by the years end.
  • Cuba: Cuba calls for the USSR to help defend Cuba against the US.
  • UK: The United Kingdom demands that the United States withdraw from Cuba as there reason to attack Cuba is hypocritical. Mobilization continues throughout the Empire.


  • Yugoslavia: With Rogozarki IK3s in production and airfield being brought up to date coming along on nicely. They send diplomats to Ethiopia to view their training methods.
  • Soviet Union: The nuclear project is continued, using information from their spies to work on it. tank production and artillery production continues, with an expansion ion the Red Army. The Soviets tell the Cubans that they will not intervene militarily, but weapons will be sold to them. T-25's are shipped to Cuba.
  • Poland: Thousands of more jobs are created in the construction industry, as various public work schemes are created, although their is a fear these jobs will only be short term. As the PPER continues minimum wage is raised slightly and the limit for hours worked in a week is again lowered to create more jobs. Drilling and exporting oil from Yemen begins on a much larger scale which greatly boosts the economy, and more money is poured into the programs in the PPER. Polish scientists finally begin making some ground on their nuclear project, feeding off leaked reports from other nations. Poland sends a request to Finland asking that their nuclear projects be merged as the one to obtain results faster.
  • Let me just say this now. Finland has no uranium deposits in it. There is no legitimate reason to need uranium besides reactors and bombs. To get that, you would need to import it, which kinda defeats the purpose of the project being secret. And from what I understand, the nuclear reactors made in the GoF Project were in the USSR, and therefore under my control now Azecreth 15:52, September 8, 2011 (UTC)
  • I beg to differ, yellowcake uranium is produced and mined in Sotkamo, Finland-OTL Talvivaara Mining Company produces it, and the original four reactors of the GoF Project were built in Finland along the Gulf, Hence the name, and Uranium can also be legitimately used for Uranium Glass.LxCaucassus 23:09, September 8, 2011 (UTC)
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and builds a few more ships.
  • Finland: Finland Continues to work on the Baltic Project, Yellowcake uranium begins to be produced in Sotkamo and more Uranium is imported from Canada. The Finnish Uranium Glass Company is officially founded as a cover-up for the imports. Finland is greatly profiting from Einstein's Contributions. The Finns finally begin on building a strategic bomber capable of carrying a nuclear bomb and a test site in Laapland is proposed due to its low population. This information is held at top secret level. The Finns politely deny the Poles the right to join the Baltic project as it is a predominately Scandinavian initiative. The Finns agree with the swedes that joining the Scandinavian Alliance entails joining the Baltic Project. The Alliance is offered to Norway and they accept due to the nuclear part(determined by 16). The three nuclear test sites proposed are Finnmark, Laapland and the northernmost Svalbard. More to come ...
  • Japan: The Japanese begin to toughen their border with China and puts the 22nd Fleet on high alert along with the 23rd Fleet in Formosa. The Dragoon Corps performs test landing by putting prisoners whom were on death row on an abandoned island and performing a Para drop on the island, they then proceed to kill all the prisoners on the island. The Imperial Japanese Army begins to conscript units from Manchuria, Korea and Mongolia. They are all put into their own units but are overseen by Japanese officers. Non-Japanese officers will be allowed to control the units after they display "acts of loyalty" by being in a fire fight with an enemy and showing valour. The Japanese in the East Indies begin to conscript the population their and build defences around their cities. They also begin building airfields in the East Indies. All Japanese military personnel continue to be trained and are some of the most disciplined in the world.
  • France: Riots in France begin because of the recent objection of the Chinese and Japanese offers for Indochina, claiming the money could be used for the military, however French officials stands by its objection.
  • Ethiopia: Welcomes the Yugoslavian diplomats and begins to replace all there biplane fighters with monoplanes.
  • United States: The United States continues the invasion of Cuba, blockading the island and capturing the entire east side. This is possible due to the fact that Cuba's military is mostly in Mexico. Meanwhile, US troops also land in the Yucatan Peninsula and begin engaging Cuban troops. The Manhattan Project also continues, and the first nuke is estimated to be complete in late 1943 or early 1944.
  • You can't engage in combat with Cuba in the Yucatan AND capture the entire east side in one year. That's extremely implausible.
  • Why?
  • China: Chiang Kai Shek desperately attempts to control the Chinese population as widespread protests appear due to the government's inability to regain China's lost glory. Some young men travel into Japanese controlled areas of Mongolia, Korea and Manchuria. They encourage civil disorder. Chiang Kai Shek attempts to stop this and calls them to come home. Meanwhile parliament is in disorder as all opposition parties have united to support war on Japan and many KMT members change parties. The KMT loses many seats leaving a very, very slim majority of 0.1% in parliament. Chiang's approval ratings slump down to 19%. He begs France to sell Indochina or else China will go into chaos. Most factories continue production of aircraft, tanks, ships and artillery. China now has 10,000 tanks, 4000 artillery pieces, 20 battleships, 15 cruisers, ten destroyers, six aircraft carriers, 150 submarines, 2000 aircraft and three million active troops.
  • Hindustan: Realizing that they might suffer the same fate as China, reduce their tank producing rate by two-thirds and focus more on economy and producing things for the public. Hindustan now has 9000 tanks, 41 battleships and 15 aircraft carriers.
  • Germany: The always-crescent military expenditures cause the German economy to crash once again.
  • Ireland: Ireland continues its five year economic plan and continues its work on creating an Irish car. The government continues to stockpile arms and munitions.
  • Cuba: Cuban forces, with a new shipment of tanks, are able to rescue coastal areas, surround the US-Occupied areas, and hold the rescue areas. More tanks are requested from the USSR.
  • United Kingdom: British troops in Jamaica land in Cuba and march up to the remaining areas of Cuban controlled Cuba, stating to the United States, you want the island, come and get it. Cuba is promised that as soon as the Americans pull out so will the British.


  • Yugoslavia: Six of 14 new Rogozarki Ik3s and 15 of 50 airfields are completed. Upon viewing Ethiopian training methods, they offer four Rogozarki Ik3's and USD 12,000 (per six months) for two years, to Ethiopia for letting Yugoslavia units to train along side their own.
  • Cuba: With the delivery of more tanks and the construction of more weapons in Cuba, the Cubans are able to expel American forces from Cuba using force and a psychological tactic. Tobacco and cigar trade is offered to the USSR and anyone else who wants it. Meanwhile, naval ships are pushed out of production lines and works on breaking the American Blockade using guerrilla tactics. Cuba offers peace to America, stating 'Fascist exiles were corrupting the Mexican government' ... which was actually very true.
  • Ethiopia: Agrees to the Yugoslavian deal.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and builds a few more planes. They also ask Hindustan if Thailand can purchase four tanks for £800,000.
  • Finland: Finland continues to work on the Baltic project with the Scandinavian countries. Yellowcake uranium is produced and the first uranium glass is exported. The Finnish Scientists are now making significant gains in the nuclear department with the addition of Norwegian funding and Einstein’s work. more reactors are built in all the Scandinavian nations. The base ideas for a nuclear device are being laid down. The Finnish Uranium glass company becomes the All-Scandinavian Uranium Glass Productions Inc. Many nuclear plants produce uranium glass to cover the actual fact that they are producing nuclear produce. Many more Industrial towns are built
  • The new War Algorithm is here! Check out the talk page.
  • France: France uses the money sold for Madagascar to invest in the military in France and in Indochina, preparing for war with China and Japan.
  • Japan: The Imperial Japanese Navy and Imperial Japanese Air Corps takes advantage of China's economic woes and lands troops in Fuzhou and Xiamen. The IJAC Dragoon Corps quickly takes Xiamen and the IJN Naval Infantry takes Fuzhou. The two groups are able to meet in-between the two cities and liberate a 500km stretch of land between Xiamen and Fuzhou (basically a 500km bubble centred around a point directly between the two cities). The Japanese Army units in the north begin shelling the Chinese and after breaking the Chinese defences advance upon them. All of occupied Mongolia is liberated and in Manchuria the Chinese are pushed back over 550km.
  • China: China's elections are put on hold as Chiang's popularity increases due to the fact he is a skilled campaigner. The artillery is put to good use bombarding the Japanese out of the province of Fujian. Troops are pulled to the border and the coast and reserves are called. China's four million strong North Army blasts through the Japanese lines and retakes Beijing and Tianjin heavily fortifying both cities. Meanwhile the Centre Army encircles a major Japanese army group on Mongolia and destroys it in the Battle of Ulaan Bator, retaking Mongolia in the process. Bombs are dropped on all major Japanese cities with war industries the main target. Minefields in the Taiwanese Strait destroy several Japanese ships. China's submarine fleet shells coastal Japan. China pleas to other nations to help China against Japan who have not even issued a declaration of war!
  • Submarines don't normally have guns to shell coasts and if they do they are often very light guns and would do only superficial damage ... if any at all. A thing to consider is that you are in a time of national economic crisis. Yet another thing for you to chew on is that your fighters and bombers have next to no experience while mine have been fighting battles world wide; so sorry for having to undo your bomber post because they would get chewed up by the veteran fighters. Also the Japanese Air Corps is vastly superior to the Chinese so please take that into consideration when I destroy you.
  • My economic crisis is over due to reduction of government spending. While your air corps have combat experience, mine have been trained as well by practising combat techniques and studying how to dodge fighters.
  • Japan's Counterattack: Imperial Japanese Air Corps cover the withdrawal of almost 83% of the troops from Fuzhou and Xiamen, but only after the majority of those cities were devastated by fighting and Japanese troops burning the cities to the ground. In the north the IJAC in Manchuria begins attacking the Chinese ground troops and (according to the Chinese troops’ morale drops dangerously low as their fighters are killed in droves and the Japanese have near free reign over their skies. Japanese bombers begin attacking Chinese airfields lowering the number they can get up in the air by one-seventh.
  • Hindustani Support: Vow to support its Asian Democratic Pact members under attack and send troops to fight Japan as well as send navy support to the Chinese although it is predicted that it will take at least six months for their complete army to come into play.
  • Cuba: Cuba offers an alliance to China.
  • Italy: Italy condemns Japan for its invasion of China. It also continues its nuclear program. A "second Five-Year Plan" is put into idea. However, nothing is done yet.
  • United Kingdom: British troops begin to withdraw from Cuba, but they are intent on seizing Guantanamo Bay from the Americans and returning it to Cuba, the seizure will only occur if war is declared. The British sends 500,000 men to Jamaica while its Atlantic fleet is put on high alert. Cuba is reminded of the British help in ending the civil war.
  • Soviet Union: Production continues. Soviet nuclear reactors go online in Kazakhstan, and efforts are increasingly successful in gaining nuclear weapons, thanks to research stolen from the West. Work continues on the T-34/85 and the KV-2, and is nearing completion.
  • Poland: Worried they're project does not have enough funding to succeed on its own, Poland offers the USSR, Finland and Italy separate offers to merge their nuclear programs, saying if one accepts the other two offers will be withdrawn. In the next stage of the PPER a wealth tax is introduced to tax the wealthiest in Poland. More jobs are created in small businesses and construction. Poland's water system is significantly improved as leakage is vastly reduced. a billion dollar jobs fund is created to further lower employment and boost the Polish economy in the long run.
  • The United Kingdom offers to merge their nuke program with Poland, stating that past issues should be forgotten and a new alliance forged.
  • Ireland: Ireland produces its first car which is named "Luas". Production is begun on creating on mass producing this car giving thousands jobs. Ireland continues its five year economic plan and offers the UK the use of its West port for five years to dock naval ships in exchange for Northern Ireland.


  • Japan: The 22nd Fleet begins a submarine hunt around Japan, soon Chinese submarines are an endangered species in the Sea of Japan and the area around the waters of Japan. The IJAC continues to attack Chinese airfields and soon the Chinese Air Force is down to only 5/7 of its operating capacity. The Japanese Army in Manchuria attacks the Chinese army and launches a blitzkrieg attack on the Chinese. The Japanese Army surrounds the majority of the Chinese Army and soon the IJAC is able to kill the main officer's quarters of the surrounded Chinese, the disciplined Japanese are able to destroy the now disorganized Chinese and capture a large section of northern China spreading down to almost 22 km north of Beijing. The Japanese Army and IJAC are put on high alert as the possibility of a Chinese counter-attack is high. The border defences in Manchuria are strengthened. Japan asks the Soviet Union for help in their crusade against the Chinese. The Japanese also ask the French in for help in the war stating that they can have southern China up to the Yangtze.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviets refuse the Japanese request. However, Chinese Communists who have been training in the USSR return to China, to renew their fight for Communism. The T-34/85 and the KV-2 finish development, and enter mass production, slowly replacing their earlier aged tank brethren. Work on the nuclear project continues, and results are expected within six years.
  • Poland: In the final stage of the PPER unemployment is reduced by a further percent as the jobs fund begins to take effect. Thousands more T34's are rolled out in the south of Poland. Scientists make new ground in the nuclear project and believe they have the theory nailed, and now just need plenty of funding and supplies. The Polish president is reluctant to pump too much money into it as he is focusing on job creation. Once again the USSR, Italy and Finland are offered partners in their projects, but the UK's offer is turned down as Poland does not believe it would be wise to ally with Britain with the USSR's huge army bordering it.
  • You aren't allowed to produce the T-34 unless Russia says so. It's sort of a licensed brand thing. Kinda like why Italy never made Panzer IV's in WW-II. And you have to get my permission before you make your own version of the T-34 also. Azecreth 21:12, September 10, 2011 (UTC)
  • Finland: The Scandinavian nations continue to greatly progress in the Baltic Project. Einstein has become a great help and a plutonium-based implosion bomb is designed akin to the OTL trinity bomb and is codenamed koristella-"the tool for espionage purposes. The Baltic project also looks at the possibility of a gun-like bomb and a uranium based bomb. The Finnish build more submarines. The Scandinavian alliance is remade into the Scandinavian unified military alliance (SUMA) and the treaty is signed for five years making each country to support in some way the military actions of another Scandinavian country against another nation not involved in the SUMA-joining the SUMA also entails joining the Baltic project(although what applying nations get as part of the BP can vary) and vice versa, membership of the SUMA can be vetoed by any Scandinavian nation. More to come ... (P.S. guys, we are six years overdue for WW-II ... can somebody somehow figure out how to make the Japan-China conflict engulf the globe ... that is one of the reasons I made the SUMA the way it is to easier)
  • China: Chinese naval ships land troops in Taiwan and Indonesia, they advance to Taipei and Jakarta. Meanwhile China captures all of Mongolia and encircle the Japanese army near Beijing. Troops then advance into Shengjing and liberate Dalian and Shengyang. Hidden underground airfields continues to launch fighters and bombers that take out Manchuaria's main airfields. Repairs are made to the damaged airfields. China launches all of its subs hiding in hidden coves around the East China Sea. Japanese convoys and naval ships are sunk in surprise as they had thought the waters were safe. Minefields are placed in the Southern part of the Sea of Japan. Six million Chinese troops mass on the Manchurian border and pound the Japanese positions to rubble. Parliament moves to Qingdao to coordinate attacks better. China accepts Cuba's offer of alliance and calls on its allies worldwide to counter Japan's threat.
  • 1) The IJAC destroys most if not all of the Chinese bombers trying to destroy Japanese air fields because they have better planes, better men, better morale, better looks, better everything and they are veterans. Also destroying 50% of my air capacity is total crap, you just can't do that in six months to a determined enemy with all the stuff I've stated before. And don't use Nazi Germany as an example because they were fighting a two front war I'm fighting on one front.
  • 2) That's too many to sink for an already weakened navy.
  • 3) The Japanese Navy has better navy than you and a bigger one, while yours has already been terribly damaged. I don't even have to elaborate on that.
  • Italy: The Italian nuclear program continues.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military. Thailand also builds a few more ships and planes.
  • Hindustan: With no response from the Chinese government yet, Hindustan waits to deploy its troops. Much money is put into the research of jet engines on aircraft and many scientists start work on it. Also, in a historic moment, the former Shah of Persia (after he converted to Hinduism) is crowned the first Emperor of Hindustan in the historic Red Fort. The new Hindustani flag is also raised (the one on the countries profile list) and it shows the continuing alliance of the UK and Hindustan. With the economy safely growing again, extra money is put in to upgrade the tanks.
  • United Kingdom: Irelands offer is accepted and an alliance is offered to the Irish and in return one of the UKs colonies will be given to Ireland, Tasmania, a colony just below Australia. Hindustan is notified that the British Armed Forces will always back there Hindustan Allies, and a gift of the finest gold is given to the new Emperor of Hindustan. The Army of Anglo-Asia, numbering 2.7 million men, is positioned on China's southern border while one million British troops from the colonies and home islands land in the British Middle East and take up a position on the Soviet border. An EP-Soviet War is not wanted, however, and the British offer the Soviets a ten-year non-aggression pact with no other articles in an attempt to keep the global peace.
  • Ireland: Ireland is glad that its offer is accepted. Ireland declines England’s offer at present due to the fact that Ireland is neutral. Ireland, however, counter-offers that if England supplies Ireland with weapons and tanks and radar technology Ireland will create a strong army thus covering England from any Westerly attacks. Ireland continues its five year plan and orders researchers to improve the Spiodal.
  • Turkey: Invades Yemen by sea to free Anden and then on to Sa'iana.
  • China: Requests aid after Japan's illigal nucliar attack on Bajing in 1943.
  • Germany: It invades Eksjo and Eijko towns in south in Sweden, Riga and Pomerania.
  • Japan: The armed forces invdes south western Kamchatka and Magada.
  • Ierland: Develops the Irish roads and condemns Germany's growth.
  • Soviets: Soviet troops attack a Baltic states missile base near Parnu.
  • Italy: Conemens Germany's warlike actions.
  • Cuba: Invades Barbados and Grand Comore.
  • United Kingdoms Response: Offer ACCEPTED.


Albert Einstein escapes an assassination attempt with his life. No one knows who is responsible.

  • Finland: The SUMA lets the Polish into their ranks as a junior member (limited access to the nuclear program means that they must fund the program and they can have researchers from their home, however they will get results (aka nukes) five years after the full members unless they decide to not be a member of SUMA) The SUMA continues with the Baltic Project, the Finnish continue to build more subs and provide support for the Chinese. The Finns start building "the tool" and "the device" (another uranium based bomb design). A Test date is set. some scientists begin to speculate the results of the test. One group of people begin to believe that the atmosphere will ignite and incinerate all life on the planet. This theory was quickly proven wrong but many people are still nervous to see the results. A betting pool is made amongst scientists, results ranging from Zero (a dud) to 45 kilotons of TNT. More to come ...
  • Cuba: Cuba builds up its navy in case America decides to attack again. More factories are produced and tanks and other weapons are rolled out to be used in defines and in the war against the Fascist forces in Mexico. Cuba sends a warning to Venezuela about fascist forces infiltrating the area. Peace with America is offered, along with the shipping routes of fascist exiles if they accept.
  • Italy: The Italian nuclear program begins the plans for a nuclear weapon while several more nuclear plants come online throughout the nation (the most notable of which are in Naples and Milan). The Second Five-Year Plan also tentatively begins.
  • Yugoslavia: Training begins Ethiopia, 45 of the 50 airfields are repaired and updated, and remaining Rogozarki Ik3s are completed. A new order for 24 more Rogozarki Ik3s and ten new Dreadnought Class Battleships is put in.
  • Japan: The Japanese Army stops all Chinese advance on the Manchurian border (aka you can't break through in a single turn). The IJAC continues to pound the Chinese senseless and soon the Chinese air capacity is down to 4/7 of its original capacity. The Japanese Army in Tonga finds a British radar station that had been abandoned. They take the radar back to Japan wear rough copies of the technology are made, it is predicted that by 1945 they will have perfected the technology. The Japanese begin work on a jet program to totally devastate the Chinese air force. The Japanese nuclear program finally pays off when the first nuclear weapon is detonated on Okinawa. The island then becomes a nature preserve. The Japanese offer China a peace treaty in which they will give Mongolia to the Chinese while the Japanese retain the rest of their land, they also offer China an alliance if they sign the treaty.
  • Poland: Insulted by the Finnish offer they refuse, but once again offer to merge the programs, giving each side complete access to the others information. Italy is again offered to have its program merged and a reply is asked for. The PPER comes to a close, with the billion dollar jobs fund still there for many years to come, the plan is seen as a massive success, having succeeded in reducing the gap between rich and poor, nationalising many big industries and businesses and reducing unemployment by a hugely impressive five percent. It is expected that the unemployment level will continue to decrease for the next six or seven years thanks to the jobs fund and the success of the PPER. Oil continues to be drilled in a huge scale in Yemen, making Poland one of Europe's largest producer of oil, which further adds to the strength of the Polish economy. The Polish president boldly predicts that within three years the Polish economy will be the strongest in Europe.
  • Finland Response: The SUMA Unanimously declares that Poland has passed their test (not settling for mediocrity) and the SUMA declares that if the Polish make a good contribution to the Baltic Program within the year they will be upgraded to Full member after the detonation of the Device.
  • Polish response: The Polish regime injects more funds into the program and demands results by the end of 1946. Poland offers SUMA empty desert land in Yemen to use to test the nukes once they are developed.
  • China: China offers Japan peace only if Manchuria, Taiwan and Mongolia are returned to China. China is not to be intimidated by Japan and detonates a nuke in Mongolia. China digs in on the Manchurian border. Chinese artillery pound Japanese ground units while AA guns fire into the night sky bringing down almost 50 planes on good nights. China's air force and navy are slowly redeveloped in the southern provinces and the Chinese army captures the rest of Taiwan and Java in fierce battles. Borneo and Sumatra are soon attacked and most of the islands east of Java are taken without a shot fired.
  • Wait, don’t the rules say that it will take four years to develop nukes from 1940.6? It's 1940. That’s still one year until nukes can be TESTED.-Lx
  • We don't have jets yet, we're only testing them.
  • How come Japan can test their nukes????
  • Soviet Union: Worried about the growing Scandinavian threat, the Soviet Union launches an invasion of Poland and Finland, after Poland is ejected from the GAD. Two 200,000 man armies move into both Poland and Finland. A massive bombing attack precedes the invasion, with large numbers of Soviet aircraft wiping out the Finnish air force. The bombings are also successful in knocking the Finnish nuclear reactors offline for weeks. . The attack into Finland sees some success, with the Soviet attack out of Leningrad driving the Finns back towards Helsinki, and the attacks from the north taking the sparsely populated mountain regions. Finland is rocked back on its heels, and the Soviets come within 20 miles of Helsinki before being stopped. The T-34/85 has proven vastly superior to the SUMA tanks, and production is ordered to be increased.
  • Not realistic to take much of Poland, Poland has a million and a half troops to call upon as well as thousands of tanks and planes, the advance would not succeed with that amount of troops, and I'll be happy to keep peace and leave the SUMA, BTW.
  • Yes, it is realistic. Why? We had surprise. We have had experience with our tanks. Our tanks are better than your tanks. Your active army would not be over a million men, since that would kill your economy to keep them all supplied. I also have thousands of planes.
  • Polish Response: Poland offers to leave the SUMA and join the war on the USSR's side in return for peace, saying if it had realised it would create war with the Soviet Union it would not have joined the SUMA's nuclear program.
  • Soviet Response: The only surrender acceptable to the Soviet Union will be your complete surrender, and the installation of a Communist government in Warsaw that receives its authority directly from Moscow.
  • Venezuela: Venezuela demands the Soviet Union makes peace with Poland. A transfer of territory to the USSR would be acceptable. Two 'Chavez' (get the political gag?) class frigates (The ships bear one 88 mm rifled cannon and three 0.307 calibre machine guns apiece) are launched and begin to patrol the Caribbean. 52 more M1928 Christie prototype design tanks are produced during the isolationist past period. A cell of VOIA agents move from the Protectorate of Ruthenia and enter Nyiregyhaza over the border with Polish-occupied Hungary and agitate for a separate (neutral) Hungarian nation. 1000 Peacekeepers are sent to the Peru/ Equador border. 1000 Venezuelan peacekeepers begin to patrol the city of Cancun in Mexico.
  • Did you notice the part in my response where I said that I wanted a Communist government set up? There would be no transfer of territory, only a socialist government put into power in Warsaw. Azecreth 17:09, September 11, 2011 (UTC)
  • A Marxist state of N.E. Poland? 60%/40% split?. Oxfordshire 1972 17:26, September 11, 2011 (UTC)
  • No, a Communist government for all of Poland. They surrender, they get a Communist government that rules over all of them. No annexations. Take it or get crushed, and then I'll do it anyway. Azecreth
  • Thinking about it? Oxfordshire 1972
  • No. I am not thinking about it. Either they take my deal, or I crush them and establish the Socialist Republic of Poland anyway. Azecreth
  • OK ... (gulp) ... Oxfordshire 1972 17:34, September 11, 2011 (UTC)
  • Hindustan: Sensing an opportunity, quickly moves all troops to Oman and attacks former Polish-held Yemen. Within six months, because of all troops having been moved to Poland, Yemen has fallen and Hindustani troops meet British troops on the South of the Subcontinent.
  • United Kingdom: The British troops celebrate the arrival of their Hindustan Allies by throwing a huge celebration in the Hindustani soldiers honour. Enough food and drink is brought for all of the Hindustan and British troops. The London Project is completed and nuclear bomb testing begins in the Pacific Ocean, with a huge cloud stretching for miles into the sky and wider over the ocean. The Nuclear Build-up Act is passed by Parliament and production on nuclear bombs begins immediately. Security on these matters is top secret, so secret that not even the workers are told what they are relay doing. A mediation proposal is offered to the USSR that the UK will buy Poland and Finland’s freedom for any price as well as half a billion barrels of the finest oil for each nation that the deal allows.
  • Soviets Response: Once again. We will not be annexing any Polish land. We will only be setting up a government more favourable to us. And we would never accept your fascistic oil, as we have our own oil.
  • United Kingdom Response: An EP-Soviet War is not wanted, and the British offer the Soviets a ten-year non-aggression pact with no other articles in an attempt to keep the global peace.
  • Soviet Response: We agree.
  • Hindustani Response: (hey, hey, hey) Hindustan asks the Soviets for a ten-year aggression pact as well. BTW, someone please add all these territories to the map.
  • Continuation of Finland: Finland Troops recover from the Soviet incursion and push them back. the nuclear project is put into full throttle and they Start producing much more tanks and the Finnish send a message to Poland saying that if they can get the device exploded by the end of the year they run a real possibility of winning the war. the Polish are upgraded to full member of the SUMA and more A-PHA 37s are produced. An improved version of the A-PHA is made and the A-PHA 44 has a faster speed and better, stronger armouring. A tiger-like tank is also produced and named the A-PHA2. Swedish and Norwegian troops rush to the soviet border and manage to take back some territory pushing the soviets to the OTL borders. A test date is set for the nuclear device and the test ground is kept secret: speculation-Svalbard, Laapland, Yemen.
  • Um, your reactor is offline, so you can't produce Uranium. The KV-2 was designed to kill the Tiger tank in OTL, and the T-34/85 was designed to kill the Panther. And which OTl border? The Post-Winter War border? Or the Post-Lapland War border? And remember, use the War Algorithm when posting attacks, so we can see what the totals are. Azecreth
  • I had four years to produce uranium and plutonium ... and what I mean is the post winter war border; and I am in the process of building the ATL Trinity. in an underground lab. There are reactors in Sweden and Norway (not many) and I have lots of AA guns, one of the reasons the soviets lost so many fighters (two times more than the Finns) in the winter war and continuation war; and I’m not alone now, I have the Swedes and the Norwegians now, too, in the SUMA - Lx'
  • Italy: The Italian government supports the Soviet government in their invasion. They also continue their nuclear program, getting close to build a successful nuclear weapon now. The Italian government's second Five-Year Plan and its militarization also continues. The Liberal Party joins the left-wing coalition in the Italian parliament.
  • Ireland: Ireland continues its five-year economic plan and begins incorporating Northern Ireland into Ireland. Ireland begins subsidizing their Luas cars and begin selling them all over Europe at a lower cost than its competitors. Testing continues on Spiodal planes.
  • Axis vs Allies (R) 1944

    The world as of 1944.

    Thailand continues to build up its military and builds a few more ships and planes. Thailand also becomes neutral, but will continue to upgrade its military and will continue to build planes and ships but will only be used for defending themselves. However, Thailand will still support its allies.
  • United Kingdom: The plans for a finished nuclear bomb are put up for sale to the countries that pay the most. The offers must be accepted by the UK.
  • Venezuela: A oil deal is offered to Ireland and Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia is offered a political and economic alliance by Venezuela.
  • Yugoslavia Reply: Accepts both oil deal and the alliance offers.
  • Ireland's Reply: What does the oil deal entail?


  • Finland: June 10, 1944-Nordostlandet Island, Svalbard, Norway; SUMA-Controlled lands; The TOOL, Codenamed Trinity(after detonation) was detonated by the SUMA powers at exactly 12:08:14 and a yield has a yield of 20 KT of TNT and is the world's first Nuclear Weapon detonated successfully. The name derived from the Trinity of Scandinavian States and the god-like destructive power in the nuclear Bomb. The Finnish Government has made it mandatory for each newspaper to have a mention of Trinity. Clearance of report: Unclassified, Clearance of the Bomb design: Top Secret”- The Preceding was an excerpt from the official report of the Trinity Test. The Baltic project is now constructing a weaponized version of the Trinity device(3 completed by August). The Finnish Air force has completed constructing three identical strategic bombers and the location is only known within a group of seven people (Heads of state of SUMA, the head of the Finnish air force, and the designated bomber pilot that tested the plane(although he doesn’t not know its purpose), the hangar supervisor) and not written down. The Finnish set up AA guns at each and every one of their Airports and four at the military ones. More AA guns are set up throughout SUMA territory. Some Finnish research is given to the USA to use as promised to Einstein. The Finnish Start producing a weaponised version of Trinity. (Algorithm-Related stuff here)
    Trinity Test Fireball 16ms

    Fireball of the Trinity 16 ms after detonation

  • Second detonation. The British beat you to it.
  • But didn’t the rules say that the Nuclear programs lasted for four years and started in 1940.6. By that logic, players would only be able to detonate nukes this turn.-Lx
  • Cuba: Cuba builds up its navy in preparation for any attack from America. Meanwhile, a gigantic onslaught on Mexico is unleashed. The Cuban/American War increases unhappiness in pro-capitalism dissidents. More jails are constructed and an offer for an alliance with Britain, along with coffee and tobacco exports, are offered for an atomic bomb.
  • France: France amps its military up faster, many anticipating to help fight Cuba for the United States (an ally) if asked; however many oppose the thought of attacking the island, saying "it's really none of our business."
  • Ethiopia: Finishes off the last of their air force renovations and increase their number of main battle tanks and tankettes. Ethiopia also creates there first armoured infantry divisions using half-tracks modelled after those used by Germany.
  • Venezuela:
    AvA R peace in 1945 plan

    Split Poland on an ethno-Linguistic line? The Soviet Union annexes the part which speaks Ukrainian and/or Byelorussian and turns the occupied part of the Polish-speaking land into a puppet state with a communist government. Germany gains the German speaking border villages. Poland would leave Hungary and the non-Polish speaking part its piece of Czechoslovakia. Hungary and Czechoslovakia must go neutral. Germany could back from Czech Prague, but keeps German speaking Sudetenland as a gesture of goodwill. The USA could help if there are not enough Venezuelan peacekeepers to hold the line if the plan is ratified.

    It is listed in a VOIA report that it was rogue agents the former Baltic Secret Communicate Agency (BSCA) and not the NKVD that burnt down the embay in Riga during the Soviet invasion. Experts are sent to the former Trucial States to fix any Hindustan invasion related damage to oil facilities in the Al-Mafraq Oil Fields. Venezuela condemns the various attempts by many nations to annex Mexico and wonders what is going on in the Trucial States. Venezuela requests that the USSR does not invade Romania, Yugoslavia, Ruthenia or a free Hungary. The installing of a Communist state in Poland is accepted. Hungary is to go neutral. Venezuela produces the Rodriguez type airliner, which is a copy of Poland's PWS-21. and 30 Stinson Reliant air force utility planes are made under licence from the USA as part of the existing oil for arm deal of the 1930's. Ireland can have a guaranteed 25 year supply of oil in exchange for selling its Luas cars in Venezuela. Venezuelans: 20 Troops sent to Cancun.
  • China: China moves deep into Manchuria with heavy casualties for both sides. Taiwan is captured as are Sumutra and Borneo attacks begin on Papua and troops move into Korea. The lack of a powerful air force forces that Chinese to take many more casualties but for every Japanese soldier there are 15 Chinese soldiers all united under one Chinese flag. China asks to join with Russia in alliance. China's nuclear program continues to progress rapidly. China asks Britain for an alliance offering exchanges of nuclear tech and weapons tech as well as the prospect of cheap Chinese labour for British companies. China detonates the "巨火龍" or Giant Dragon's breath on the Gobi desert. It produces the equivalent of 25 tons of TNT.

{C {C}

  • Venezuela diplomacy: China is reminded that most of Papua New Guinea‘s people are Papuan and Melanesian pacific islanders, not Chinese or Austronesian.
  • Chinese diplomacy: I plan to give most of the OTL Indonesia independent after I seize it from Japan.
  • Japan: Japan drops a nuclear weapon on Beijing and offers China a peace treaty or will drop more weapons on China. The nuclear weapons storage are moved underground where they will be impervious to anything from the air. Japan begins to mass produce nuclear weapons in underground factories. Experiments on jets continue with an engine equivalent to the OTL Volksjager jet engine. Fighters go on patrol very heavily over the Honshu and will destroy all bombers entering Japanese air space. Radar is implemented to track the Chinese.
  • Question: Where is your uranium from???
  • There is uranium deposits in Japan proper and far southern Korea
  • Soviet Union: They reject the Venezuelan peace deal. Lithuania is given independence as a Communist State in the Comintern with Soviet authority. Information stolen from the West by Soviet spies allows them to put their nuclear program on a fast track. They are on pace to detonate their own nuclear weapon by the end of next year. Soviet troops, reinforced with 500,000 soldiers, smash what remains of the Polish armies and occupies the country. A purge begins to remove non-Communist elements. The Army on the Finnish Front, containing 750,000 soldiers now, hits again, passing the current borders, and driving far. The North of Finland is seized, and they move to the south. Helsinki is put under siege by the Soviets, and they move to link their armies and cut off East Finland from the rest of Scandinavia.
  • Yugoslavia: Yugoslavian Scientists begin work on research on jet engines.
  • Hindustan: Tanks numbers reach 10,000 and oil extraction from the new Hindustani territories begins. Also due to the help given by the British, their test their first nuclear bomb in the Hindu Ocean (Indian Ocean). The navy is readied to help China. The research into Jet engines reaches a high point when axil jet engine technology is implemented is the prototype jets.
  • Ireland: Seeing the power of this nuclear weapon shocks the Irish government! The Irish government begin implementing a radar system throughout their Airspace and research spending into improving the Spiodal is increased. Ireland accepts Venezuela offer and begin shipping Luas cars over to them.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and builds a few more ships and planes.
  • Venezuela spying: VIOA industrial spies take plans for the German Panzer II [7] tanks as the world watches chaos engulfs Poland and Mexico. Polish technical datasheets are stolen and go to Venezuela as Poland sadly dies. A few armed VIOA agents 'loiter' about the Slovakian towns of Trebisov and Košice. They then 'take over' from where the Polish regime’s remnants left off. Košice in south eastern Slovakia is a very Jewish town and I’m watching it, I like Jews. Spies also examine Germany’s behaviour in Madagascar’s Jewish sectors.
  • Italy: the "Second Italian Five-Year plan" continues. Italy also is able to produce its first nuclear weapon and tests it in central Somalia. Italy also begins sending support to the Soviet Union without outright declaring war.
  • Cuba: Cuba requests a nuclear bomb from the USSR in case America attacks again. They also offer an alliance to Italy.
  • United Kingdom: British troops prepare to invade Saudi Arabia.


  • China: Chinese troops destroy the last remains of the Japanese army crushing them in a series of several battles, in order; Battle of Harbin, Battle of Pyongyang, Battle of Seoul, Battle of Changchun, Battle of Heilongjiang and lastly a surprise Battle of Okinawa. China takes most of the rest of Japanese occupied mainland Asia with scattered resistance in North Korea and organized resistance in South Korea. Meanwhile Japanese troops surrender in Sulawesi and China pounds the resistance in Papua. China surprises Japan by flying under the radar in the middle of the night and launching Three nuclear bombs on the cities of Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe in retaliation for Beijing's destruction. The pilots had decided to go on this suicide mission only due to the loss of their families in Beijing. China will not attack Japan any more unless they hit China first ...
  • Implausogasm.

  • How??? I have a six million strong army there and the people there support me against the Japanese. Radar even to this day can be flown under and China has vast reserves of uranium. Okinawa is a tiny island and can be overwhelmed by a small number of troops. China has multiple nukes and can and will use them.
  • The Japanese Army is highly trained and dug in. We got better tanks, better looks, better training, better technology, fanatical loyalty to their country and every single Japanese soldier would have to die before they would give up a centimetre of land. The Chinese, though large, are highly untrained and disorganized. The Japanese would chew them up.
  • Take a look at the battle algorithms. A large population and industry is wiping you out. My army is way better trained compared to the OTL as the Commies sabotaged my war effort OTL. In ATL my tanks, tech, training are equal to yours. Loyalty cannot stand against an army of six million where a united China outnumbers you by 25 to one. The ATL Chinese are much more organised as only one army is operating for China. Also you are alone in this world with no allies. China has engaged other nations diplomatically and earn seven allies.
  • China now has an ally fighting for them with equal population, Hindustan. Face attack from two sides now Japan.
  • Hindustai Response: Vowing to help their allies, they attack the Japanese colony of New Guinea using their battleships and aircraft carriers and because the Japanese are distracted, the colony is overrun within three months. The Maharaja (Emperor in Hindi, which I speak) himself comes to inspect the new territory. They then direct their fleet towards Korea so that they can help liberate Korea from the Japanese.
  • The United States: The United States also detonates their first nuclear weapon, in the New Mexico desert. They also push again into Cuba, destroying most of the Cuban navy, and losing only the USS Arizona, which will be repaired and put into battle again. Also, the US begins offering supplies and weapons to the Mexican government against the Cubans.
  • Are you even using the algorithm?
  • I did but someone deleted the edits and I no longer have them. If you wish I can try to repost them all. But I have +18 against Japan each time due to population and industry and allies so the result is always the same ...</p>
  • Still, please post the algorithm.
  • Done.
  • @ USA CrimsonAssassin just posted an algorthm stating the contrary. On top of that, destroying an entire navy without losing a single ship is Rebel soldier grade implausible.
  • Well in fact, to the contrary, the Cuban navy at that time consisted of maybe three or four WW-I-era battleships, no carriers, several frigates and cruisers. Also, I did not destroy all of your navy, only most of it. The American technological and numerical advantage, combined with the fact that Cuba had virtually no air force, and even the ones that were there were outdated, again back to the WW-I-era.
  • Finland: The following is the chronology of events that occurred on the 20th of January, 1945: at 0600 hours group of three Identical “Death Bringer “ Strategic Bombers with an escort of 15 Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian fighters (five of each) takes off from Svalbard, Norway, one of the Bombers is carrying the “Thor’s Fury” Nuclear Bomb. At 1100 hours, after reaching Soviet airspace the bombers take their first fire. The Squadron of ten Soviet planes is defeated, with five casualties for the SUMA along with one Decoy bomber, the two remaining Bombers progress into Soviet territory. At 1200 hours the SUMA squadron arrives over Murmansk. The Thor’s Fury Bomb is dropped at 12:01:12 exactly. At 12:01:55, after falling for 43 seconds a chain reaction starts to detonate the bomb and two seconds later at 12:01:57 the Thor’s Anger Bomb detonates over the city. Its Yield was equal to 2.3 kilotonnes of TNT. The air base in Svalbard is heavily fortified and ready for a Soviet attack. The Finnish ask the Soviets to peacefully surrender After expelling the soviets from Finland and regaining all lost territory and pushing into Soviet land.
  • Venezuela:


    dear mr president, Can I buy one of these of the USA?

    The president of Venezuela personally condemns the dropping of any nuclear bombs by any nation on any target and declares Venezuela a non-nuclear weapons nation! Venezuela finally folds up and gives in over Poland. The current oil deal must be renegotiated anew with the new Communist regime. Slovakia’s Oberlander Jews will be safe. Košice in Slovakia is also very Jewish town and I’m watching it, if not send them to Madagascar or the USA (the USA is full of them). Germany could also send Jews to the USA if Madagascar is not big enough. The town of Nyiregyhaza in Hungary is formally attached to the protectorate of Ruthenia until a free and neutral Hungary is created. . Industrial espionage against Germany gave us the plans for the Panzer II [8] and five roll out of my Caracas tank factory! Two more ‘Chavez’ class frigates are laid down for construction. 100 troops land in Panama Canal Zone to help America defend it in any future conflicts. A Venezuelan cargo ship unloads 5 M1928 Christie prototype design tanks in the PCZ. Other 100 troopers land in the Darién Gap and Panama's Kuna Yala Province to secure the vulnerable country as Mexico ‘s troubles continue. 125 more soldiers go to Cancun and Campeche in the Yucatan and look after the locals. 25 soldiers also land in Mexico’s Cozumel Island. . Venezuela supporters the USA’s statement a few years back that Mexico is not a colony and will be defended by its friends. Relations with Cuba freeze-over they cool that much. All those fighting in Mexico are to agree to a peace treaty with Mexico or I will stop giving them oil until they do- Watch it Cuba! A Chavez class frigate blockades Cuban forces in some of the minor Caribbean Islands.

  • Yugoslavia: Ask Wernher von Braun to come and work on the jet engines for USD 50,000 a year (using 1-25,51-75 = yes, 26-50,76-100 = no), He agrees (74). 12 more Rogozarki Ik3s completed and four are offered to Venezuela. The First two of Dreadnoughts are near completion. The specs for the ships are similar to OTL Nevada class Dreadnoughts.
  • Soviet Union: The Russians vow to never surrender to Finland, even though they have been nuked. Soviet aircraft surge into the sky, and destroy what remains of the Finnish air force. A two-million man Soviet Army slams through the Finnish lines north of Leningrad, surrounds the Finnish armies in Karelia, and destroys them. Running on their momentum, with their "Deep Penetration" Doctrine, the Soviets hit Finland, occupy Helsinki, and take most of Finland, except for a few bits of West Finland. Poland is released as the Socialist Republic of Poland, with a Communist government. Soviet troops stay in the nation, to support the Communist government, and continue to remove anti-Communist elements.

  • Japan: Japan agrees to the peace treaty that China offered in which Korea, the Honshu, the Pacific islands and the East Indies would remain Japanese while the Chinese would have Mongolia and Manchuria.

  • Chinese Response: China will only accept a peace treaty now if Japan gives everything minus the home islands. Accept our we will attack. This is because of your uncalled for attack on Beijing.

  • Cuba: Mexico surrenders to Cuba. The leader of Cuba makes a speech to the nations of the world. "We apologize for any violence and hostility towards any nations. As you all may know, we are on a hunt for Fascist forces, and Mexico has a high amount of fascism in its government. We did not invade out of conquest; we are ridding the world of fascism. A peace treaty with Cuba is highly advised, as violence towards them is not justifiable. We have confiscated Mexico until further notice. I would like to also announce the creation of the UCSR, or the Union of Caribbean Socialist Republics. Again, we apologize for any trouble we have caused. We would like to offer a non-aggression pact for ten years to the US and Venezuela, during which we can come together as a worldwide community. This deal also offers tobacco and coffee products, which are, believe it or not, some of America's most valued imports."

  • Venezuela diplomacy: ¡Hola (hello) every one! I agree to Cuba’s ten-year non-aggression pact and will not cut oil. I would like some tobacco plants, but I grow my own coffee. Fancy some of my banana plants? The southern Quintana Roo Province is home to the city of Cancún and Cozumel Island, which Venezuela patrols; so I claimed it as a protectorate and will de-fascist it myself (elections and independence are set form 1947.0). The ‘Chavez’ class frigate goes home to Venezuela. The proposed UCSR is cool man and is OK.
  • Cuban Diplomacy: ¡Si, señor! Me gustan los tratos. (Yes sir! I like the deals). Protect us from America in case they attack por favor.
  • Hindustan: Start to produce their Jets in numbers, diverting resources from the tank building factories which are not functioning to their full capacity. The jets look like the Me-362 and can fly very fast. Hindustan readies its land armies in case they are needed for Chinese help. Construction in Madagascar nears completion.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and builds a few more ships and planes.
  • Italy: Italy declares war on Finland and sends several divisions of volunteers in aid of the Soviets. The Italian government also threatens the Finnish one with a nuclear bombing of Uusikaupunki if they do not surrender immediately. The Italian Five-Year plan and nuclear programs continue.
  • France: France sends tanks and ships to Indochina, fearing an attack by either Japan or China to annex Indochina. However, France does not get involved in the war and will only join if their colony is attacked.
  • United Kingdom: The AAA invades Saudi Arabia and begins to gain territory.


Axis vs Allies (R) 1945

the world as in 1945.6.

{C {C}The die-hard Japanese general in New Guinea commits ritual suicide and his troops finally surrender to China.
  • Venezuela: A major drive-in cinema opens in Caracas! I agree to the Yugoslavian offer of four Rogozarki Ik3's. Venezuela's new presidential aircraft is an American designed Martin M-130 airliner. . A coastal radar system is being installed. Venezuela vows to help the USA defend the Panama Canal and the Panama Canal Zone in times of crisis. Two big new frigates (The Conquistador) is laid down. Build time is two years and it will of a similar calibre to the wikipedia|USS Abilene (PF-58)- but not a copy </span> Five M1928 Christie prototype design tanks will be shipped to Ireland and Yugoslavia. Five M1928 Christie prototype design tanks come out of my Ciudad Bolívar tank factory! I stole polish plans during the fall of Poland and created copies of 5X Polish 7TP tanks, 5X Polish Ciągnik Siedmiotonowy Polski "7-tonnes Polish Tractor", 2X Czechoslovak heavy 220 mm wz.32 Škoda mortars, 2X Polish PWS-10 fighter aircraft, and 5X Polish PZL P.11 fighter aircraft Several new schools open in the urban slums.
  • China: China destroys the last resistance forces in Taiwan, Indonesia and Korea. China threatens Japan with more attacks and a possible landing on Kyushu if Japan does not surrender to China. Chinese officals state that Japan can keep the home islands much to the disatisfaction of the Chinese public.
  • Hindustan: Starts to produce the first axil jets in the world and continues its military armament. The unaircrafted aircraft carriers start to get aircraft which turn out to be jets. The new jets are called F-5 Katals and can fly around 950 km/h. Also, as a gesture of good faith, the captured Japanese territory is given to China. Hindustan then use their navy to launch an amphibious assault on Mozambique and within four months, it falls to Hindustani troops.
  • Caribbean Union: The Caribbean Union sends another offer of peace to America. Tanks and other defensive units are produced. In Cuba, construction on the Square begins. The Square is similar to OTL Washington DC or the Red Square mixed together.
  • Soviet Union: A nuclear fireball blossoms in Kazakhstan as the Soviet Union detonates their first nuclear bomb. Production is fast tracked. The two-million man army finishes occupying Finland, and proceeds into Sweden, where the Swedish Army is forced to fall back. All of Finland is under Soviet control, but the leadership has escaped, presumably to Norway. A purge begins to remove the lements loyal to the previous government. A low-key resistance movement begins in Northern Finland.
  • OK ... Azcareth, what do you not understand about FINLAND IS WINNING THE WAR?????!!!!! The Finland is winning part or the USSR is losing part, you said that you captured Helsinki last turn when the algorithm clearly stated that Finland Pushed INTO Soviet territory. It's just like with the USA invading Cuba, you can't just steamroll the nation just because you're the USSR. You can't get what you want just because you're a mod. Yesterday my internet was down so when I came back today what I saw was just the USSR totally ignoring anything that was posted in the Algorithm and somehow managing to get away with it!!!!!!!!!!-Lx
  • Venezuela diplomacy: Venezuela invites the Pontiff to Caracas and Maturín [[9]] to help spread the Catholic faith further and inspire the rural poor with his Papal visit.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build their military and builds a few more ships and planes.
  • Yugoslavia: Jet engine testing begins and begins updating infrastructure. The first two dreadnoughts are completed and six more as well as Rogozarki Ik3's. Thanks Venezuela for the M1928 Christie prototypes and offers to help if they need anything.
  • Japan: The Japanese, in one last desperate attempt, bomb the Chinese Armies with nine nuclear weapons and three in Beijing, Shanghai, and Fuzhou (note: these were suicide missions like the Chinese so no complaining!!!). These attacks destroy the Chinese Army and many of its citizens. The Imperial Japanese Army lands in Korea and retakes Korea. The Dragoon Corps lands troops in Beijing and they quickly take the irradiated city and they break out of the valiant, yet doomed, attempt by the Chinese Army remenanats to enclose them. Soon Japanese Army units are landing in the captured ports and ad are rolling freely throughout China.
  • That's not what the algorithms say. The algorithm clearlys shows that you have lost Korea and there is no way a mainland attack is successful. Shanghai is defended by massive AA turrets that shoot down its bomber but I'll take the other two hits. And also WHERE IS YOUR URANIUM FROM???????
  • Hindustani Response: Hindustan sends out its own nuclear bombers, 2 hit the Japanese on the Chinese mainland and one each for Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Tokyo and Kyoto with four decoy bombers. All bombers were suicide missions giving the Japanese the taste of their own medicine.
  • When on earth did you test your nuclear missiles? 1 Imperium Guy 20:49, September 14, 2011 (UTC)
  • Bombers not missiles
  • Okay then. :D 1 Imperium Guy
  • United States: The United States will take nothing but the complete withdrawal of Cuban troops from the Mexican mainland, as well as its complete demilitarization in order to prevent it from expanding any further. Now that they have no choice, they nuke Havana with a 2.1 kiloton nuke, killing 60,000 immediately. As all contact with their higher-ups come to an abrupt halt, many units surrender to the United States, as the US closes in on the Cubans. The US takes the rest of the Mexican East Coast, securing it against the Cubans. Meanwhile, the Panama Canal is also closed to the Cubans. The United States also suggests a successor to the League of Nations, which has been shown to be ineffective, into a United Nations.
  • Finland: Finnish troops continue with their stalemate in their assault in the USSR. Cities are being prepared for Atomic bombings and the Odin's fury bomb is dropped on Petrozavodsk while the Soviet generals were visiting the front, killing them instantly. Finnish troops besiege Leningrad.
  • The USSR took over Helsinki, so I don't see any stalemate there. Petrozavodsk is not nearly near the front; it's in far eastern Karelia. Also, once again, the Finns didn't adore the Viking gods.
  • Check out the new United Nations page!
  • How did you take over Helsinki, if you look on the algorithm, you lost by NINE POINTS I think that's enough for the Finns to take some Soviet territory in retaliation. If you look at the Algorithm it clearly states that the Soviets were losing the war. And it's not only Finland dropping the bomb, it's also all the Scandinavian nations and Norse Scandinavians and Finland didn’t adore, but didn’t hate Norse (Viking) gods. -Lx
  • The test is Finnish-led, so it should have Finnish names. The Finns had no relationship whatsoever to the Viking gods. It's like saying that since Italy is allied to the USSR, then I can name my nukes "St. Kyril", etc.
  • I had 196,716,000 people in June of 1941, while you had 3,695,610 people in 1940. See how heavily you are outnumbered? I outnumber you 53 to one. And that’s just in 1941, without the USSR having to fight WW-II, the population would be a lot higher. That’s why I can take over Helsinki and beat you despite nukes. Azecreth 23:53, September 14, 2011 (UTC)
  • Italy: The Italian government sends several volunteer divisions into the USSR in order to support them. A nuclear weapon, the "People's Revenge", is dropped on Uppsala, Sweden, and the Italian government demands the Scandinavian alliance surrender to the Soviets or face nuclear bombings on Malmö, Oslo, Oulu and Stockholm. Anti-air defence programs are also started to be built at most important Italian cities in order to prepare for a possible retaliation. The "Second Italian Five-year plan" continues.
  • France: France moves many military tanks and weaponry towards Indochina instead of Cuba, wanting to prepare for a possibility of a nuclear war between China and Japan.
  • Ubited Kingdom: To save troops, a nuclear bomb is dropped twenty miles off shore of Saudi Arabia's coast. Terrified, Saudi Arabia surrenders and the country is annexed. Preparations for an invasion of Egypt begin.


World 1946

The world in 1946

  • Everyone see the UN page- it has been created.-Pita
  • Sweden: The Swedish suffer minimal damage because of mass preparation for a nuclear attack. In response to the bombing, the Great Redemption Bomb is dropped on Milan. The Finnish ask the Soviets for an ante-bellum treaty, saying that their main goal should be getting rid of fascist, bigottous, anti-semite, non-nuclear nazi Germany, not "nuking the hell lout of each other!!!". Massive underground bunkers continue to be constructed in Scandinavian major cities. The Finnish Ask for ante-bellum treaties with all. Finland asks China for aid as the Italians have dropped a bomb for no reason as they were not provoked in any way. anti-air stations continue to be built. (PS guys we gotta stop nuking each other, its getting really out of hand, at some point somebody will face radiation consequences. the USSR will do the same thing as Chernobyl but all the others have to deal with population stuff). Finland begins constructing a prototype of jet fighters based on leaked material. SUMA doctors encounter a strance condition while examining the people's vengence victims bombs(will later be diagnosed as rediation sickness). The finnish spies get a design of the german V-2 rocket.(proposal for a UN resolution: Onew nation shall not use nuclear warfare against another unless in retaliation against nuclear attack)
  • You don't have the range to reach Milan. Also, you seem to be playing as Sweden and Finland, which is against the rules And I had an alliance with the Italians, that’s why they attacked you. Azecreth 13:48, September 15, 2011 (UTC)
  • China: China offers Japan a ceasefire in return for Chinese aid for the nuked cities in Japan. The Japanese government is barely coping with the nuclear refugees and launch a feeble assault which is swiftly beaten off. China calls for an end to the nuclear warfare worldwide and sets up the Non-nuclear Aggression Pact for all nations against nuclear warfare. Chinese AA units around Shanghai manage to take down the bomber header to the city. All Chinese cities are now heavily armed with AA guns as a troop camps. Troops mass on the coast threatening an invasion of Japan to deliver aid to the starving and injured country. Indonesia is granted independence with the city of Panang and the area around it remaining as a Chinese naval base in the region.
  • Japan accepts this agreement with two conditions ... all nuclear weapons in both countries be destroyed and China and Japan enter an alliance.
  • Chinese diplomacy: China agrees to the terms although the general population has a mistrust and in some cases hate of the Japanese people. The KMT launches propaganda declaring the Japanese as friends against the extremes of Fascism and Communism.
  • Italy: Against the popular wish, which demands an immediate end of the war, a retaliatory nuclear strike sends bombers to Oulu. The construction of AA guns around most of the cities (most concentrated in Florence, Rome, Naples and Trieste) continues, and is partially complete in some areas. Curfews and reductions of freedoms are increased. The Italian government declares the strike fully retaliatory and then proposes Finland a peace treaty, in which both countries pay monetary indemnizations for each other's damages and help rebuild the destroyed cities. The Social Liberal and Liberal parties, opposing the war, leave the left-wing coalition. However, it is still the strongest coalition in Italy.
  • Finland: Due to mass preparation, most of the population manages to escape to the bunkers. BTW, how did you get that close INSIDE Finnish airspace without getting shot down, and how did somebody fly for that long? Whoever I bombed Was close to Finnish-Controlled grounds and/or was on the coast of the arctic or near the border of a certain nation(not that far into airspace)
  • He used Soviet air bases, and had a Soviet escort of fighters, probably.
  • Yes. Besides, it's about the same distance than Southern Japan-Fuzhou and about half the distance of Tinian-Nagasaki, so yeah, it's plausible.
  • Caribbean Union: The Caribbean Union calls for all nations, especially Venezuela, to help it and break alliances with the warmongering USA. Furthermore, all nations capable of nuclear warfare are asked to nuke America or provide Cuba with nukes, as it has gone past the point of negotiation. The Caribbean Union states that Mexico has surrendered and no harm is coming to it as of yet. More factories pump out ships to defeat the American navy around Cuba and Cuban forces in Mexico expel American forces from most of Mexico using a mixture of guerrilla tactics. Meanwhile, the old Mexican government states 'It honestly feels safer with the Caribbean Union'. In Cuba, pictures of Havana are leaked to the other nations to further break their relations with America. A picture of a crying, radiation-burnt child becomes the trademark of nuclear war for years to come and becomes a famous TIME magazine cover.
  • You didn't post an ALGORITHM!!!
Axis vs Allies (r) 1946.

The world of 1946.0.

  • Venezuela: Don’t listened to Cuba or the USA, the USA has dropped a nuke and Cuba sent them mad! Oil supplies to Cuba and the USA are cut. I hate nuclear bombs and I said this a couple of years ago. Venezuela helps the USA close the Panama Canal, but utterly condemns them using a nuke on Havana. I'm also blockading Cuba, Miami and the Florida Keys with four of my six Chavez class frigates. I wanted to settle this diplomatically or non-nuclear war. All ships from any state carrying nuclear arms in the blockade zone or in the Panama Canal will be sunk! I ask Yugoslavia, Ireland and the Holy See for help.
"The president of Venezuela again personally condemns the dropping of any nuclear bombs by any nation on any target and declares Venezuela a non-nuclear weapons nation!" again on world wide radio station broadcasts.
A literacy campaign is begun and several new schools also open in the rural provinces. More oil wells are drilled near the border with Colombia. Venezuela starts up its bauxite, iron ore, low grade gold and natural bitumen mines. The 40 year old coal mines expand and are joined by new ones. [10] Does the France, Germany, Italy, Yugoslavia, Hindustan, China or Ireland want my bauxite and coal at a cut price for ten years? 5 Panzer II copied plans tanks out of my Ciudad Bolívar tank factory! A 15 year oil supply deal is offered to Turkey. Campeche city (which I patrol as a peace keeper) and the Municipalities of Campeche, Hopelchén, Calakmul,, Tekax and Peto in Campeche Province, , plus Balancán Municipality and Tenosique Municipality on the Tabasco/Guatemala border are to become the Campeche Province Protectorate. Chiapas Province falls under a local war lord. A Polish 7TP tank and a Polish PZL P.11 fighter aircraft arrive in Ruthenia, Quintana Roo Province and Campeche Province Protectorate. They will hold an election and become independent in 1947.6. The remnant Japanese troops in the Pacific Coast of Panama are given the chance to surrender peacefully and return to Japan in a honourable way. If this happens, then the Venezuelan troops will be moved to Quintana Roo Province.
Venezuela invites the Pontiff to Caracas, Maturín and Angel Falls [11] to help spread the Catholic faith further and inspire the rural poor with his Papal visit. I offer him 1000 tonnes of bauxite and 25 troopers to protect the Vatican in time of need.
  • Hindustan: Starts to help in the clean up attempt in Japan and China and Gives both of them aid money. They also start to build railways and encourage migration. New records are broken when jet fighters cross the Mach One barrier and all fighters are upgraded to cross Mach One with jet numbers reaching 250 fighters. More battleships are rolled out with tank priduction numbers going up to 750 tanks per six months.

The old Mexican government requests that America pulls out. They just want the fighting to stop. They've already adopted several Communist ideas and they need to be supported by a Communist government for now.

  • China: Chinese troops enter Japan ... not as bringers of war but of peace. The sheer military might of China is used in rebuilding Japan and China. To the astonishment of the world, China manages to rebuild most of the cities of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Xiamen, Taipei, Fujian, Beijing, Tianjin, Seoul, Pyongyang and numerous other cities over the course of the year. Photos of the rebuilding flood the world news and is taken in by the UN as what the world should be like. China and Japan offer to mediate the Cuba-US and Finland-USSR conflicts and both nations condemn the acts of nuclear terror. China and Japan disassemble all their nukes. China and Japan exchange diplomats and will remember February 5th each year as Peace Day. Both nations hope this alliance will hold and signal the start of a new era ... China buys Venezuelan coal and uses it to power coal electricity generators across China and freely supplies it to Japan for the rebuilding process.
  • Yugoslavia: Sends it two new dreadnoughts to help Venezuela with the blockade. Jet engine test successful, they begin applying the Technology to prototype planes and the prototype misses programs, sending notes over the research to Venezuela. Parliament pass a bill on women rights allowing them to vote and join the military as non-field units. Infrastructure in the northern Yugoslavia is completed and begins to move south. Yugoslavia buys Coal and Bauxite.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviet "First Lightning" nuclear bomb is dropped on the Finnish sea port of Turku, wrecking the port. With things settling into stalemate, some suggest taking peace, but the leadership wants to make at last a few gains to justify the war. More tanks are manufactured and moved to the front, in preparation for a final push to conquer Finland.
  • Finland response: What are the USSR's terms for peace then? maybe a temporary ceasefire next year to mediate an agreement? Anyway the Finnish president will go to Moscow to discuss it anyway so I suggest concentrating on eliminating the Nazis.
  • Venezuela diplomacy:
    AvA 1946 Peace in Mexico plan

    Venezuela's idea.

    Split it temporally, hold elections and reunite it as an independent state in 1947 or 1948 and stop the war.
  • Japan: The Japanese people hold a vote of no-confidence against the current government. The vote concludes that 89.37% of the population wish for a change in government. Mass protests are held and strikes cripple the Japanese economy. The people capture the Emperor-Shogun and exile him to the Island of Iwo Jima. His royal guard escorts him to the island and the island becomes the Empire-Protectorate of Iwo Jima under the rule of the new Republic of Japan. The Republic is set up with the President as the Commander-in-Chief, whom is voted every two years, and a Treasurer-General as the Secretary of the Treasury, and is elected every ten years. The Diet of Japan is made up of 100 Diet Members (DM's) voted in a mass ballot every year, the Diet holds the power to create laws which must conform to the Rights of the Citizens which is (nearly word for word) the US Bill of Rights. The first President, Shoji Kaneko, is elected and the first Treasurer-General is elected, Masuko Arata, is also elected. The Diet is then voted in shortly thereafter. The President's first act is to reform the military. He abolishes all the Imperial Japanese ... military organizations and creates the Japanese Defence Army, the Japanese Defence Navy, and the Japanese Defence Air Corps. The new government seeks closer ties with China.
  • The Emperor had close to no power back then so they'd coup the junta, not the Empire ...
  • Read my 1939 post.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and builds a few more ships and planes.
  • The United States: The United States, now faced with no choice, drop three more nukes on Cuba’s military bases, almost completely annihilating Cuba’s military. (Also, don’t post that about Mexico. That is an utterly biased post and is null and void.) They pledge not to nuke any more civilian targets, although bombings of military bases will continue. They take more of Mexican Cuba (I didn’t lose any of Mexico, look at talk page), as well as blockade the nation with their much more superior navy. Meanwhile, they propose to found the United Nations with Britain and the Soviet Union, headquartered in New York, to bring peace to the world, against the evils of Communism and Fascism. (If you agree, say so on the talk page of the United Nations page.
  • United Kingdom: The 2nd London Project is begun to work on a secret, nuetron bomb. The invasion of Egypt begins to take shape as troops begin to mass on its borders.


  • Finland: Finnish leadership go to Moscow for peace negotiations. The Finnish government ask to have a temporary ceasefire for peace negotiations. The Finnish ask the soviets for their terms for peace. The Finnish state that the treaty of non-proliferation must state that only nuclear nations can be and can remain nuclear nations, and are allowed to produce weapons for defence purposes (I just want a cold war between Superpowers involving nuclear build-up and then a START treaty). More to come.
  • Soviet response: We want the Post-continuation war border, and we want a cap on nuclear weapons.
  • United States: The United States brings a complete halt to all military operations inside Cuba, although keeping their forces in Mexico. They propose a partition of Mexico, leaving the borders as now until they can stabilize the nation and hold new elections. Meanwhile, the United Nations headquarters is built in New York, declared an international zone. The USN pulls out of Cuban waters, and reparations are made to Cuba for the nuclear bombing of their nation. Also, the United States government, shocked with the horrifying effectiveness and the destruction of a nuclear weapon, propose the Non-Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, in order to limit the use and creation of nuclear weapons. (Go here to sign the treaty). The US is the first to sign the treaty, and encourages the Soviet Union, Cuba, and others to do the same.
  • Caribbean Union: The UCSR accepts the deal. In Western Cuba, an area relatively untouched by the war, a scientist discovers Potassium Iodine pills, more commonly known as radiation pills. They sell them ONLY to the USSR and China and they request that they do not sell them to other countries. The capital is moved to Santiago de Cuba. A massive rebuilding of the economy and military is under way.
  • Venezuela: The oil blockade on Cuba and the USA are lifted. Venezuela welcomes the peace treaty and offers from Hindustan, Yugoslavia and China of help in peace keeping. A Chávez class frigate, two Rogožarski IK-3's, [12] fighters and a Stinson Reliant photographic recon planes patrol the Venezuelan coast. Another PZL P.11 fighter and another Stinson Reliant photographic recon plane patrol the Texan coast. A final PZL P.11 fighter benignantly patrols over Trinidad and Tobago, just in case of trouble. A cell of VOIA agents take over Valladolid Municipality, Yucatan [13] and it is moved in to Quintana Roo Province. Ten more PZL P.11 fighters, one copied Polish type Lublin R-XX torpedo bomber. [14] and two more Rogožarski IK-3 fighters are rolled out of my Maracay factory. A military recruitment drive begins. A new mixed civil/air force/coast guard airfield is being built at Maracay and Caracas. 30 or so counter-revolutionaries tried to stop work in Caracas, but I have pacified them (with lots of CS gas). Oil is offered at a cut price to China and Japan for 15 years.
  • Venezuela diplomacy:
    AvA 1946 Peace in Mexico plan

    Venezuela's idea.

    Split it temporally, hold elections and reunite it as an independent state in 1947 or 1948 and stop the war. Have I cured the USA/Cuba I cured the canonicity?
  • China: China takes Venezuela's gas offer and buys millions of the Caribbean's radiation pills. These pills are distributed across China and Japan. Chinese troops actually finish rebuilding all of the damaged cities but major projects like bridges and tunnels will take longer to repair. China starts to modernise its rail facilities and connects Mongolia and Korea into the Chinese network. All the artefacts from Beijing's palaces and museums are returned from the underground bunkers and placed in the exact replica of the old city. Thousands of rural people migrate in to fill the new Beijing.
  • Hindustan: Start a huge migration project into their Middle East provinces as well into their new Mozambique territory in Africa, Hinduising them. Their railway building project continues in Mozambique and all the experts from Madagascar are sent there. Hindustan asks if they can buy Madagascar from Germany for a 50% profit for Germany.
  • Yugoslavia: With peace in the Caribbean for now, Yugoslavia recalls it Dreadnoughts back to home waters. Begins testing it new jet planes, Henkel He 162 [1]. Plans for guide missile artillery system are being drawn up. Opens new Brown Coal, Copper, and Silver mines and expands its current Wine, Raspberries, and Plum jelly industries.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and builds a few more ships and planes. Thailand also leaves the United Nations as the Thai government strongly refuses to join. Thailand wants nothing to do with the UN and wants to stay out of it; and they (Thailand) start to ignore the UN as if it never existed. Meanwhile, Thailand also improves their infrastructure a bit more.
  • Egypt socially implodes.
  • Ethiopia: Due to their need for a coastline and their peoples dislike of the Europeans, Ethiopia launches a full scale assault on French Djibouti quickly overrunning the countryside and encircling the city proper after months of intense bombing, shelling and violent street fighting the city falls and province is annexed.
  • Japan: Japan continues to accept Chinese help and Tokyo is rebuilt out of modern materials, although a section of the city is left as a nuclear waste as a memory to the horrors of nuclear war (called the Remembrance Memorial). The Japanese invite the Chinese President, American President, French President, Soviet Premier, Panamanian President, and Brazilian President to the opening of the Remembrance Memorial in Tokyo. will add more later ...
  • Hindustani Diplomacy: Why wouldn't the Hindustani president be invited? (We're weird as we have an Emperor and a President). Hindustan offers to send supplies to Japan and ask to sign a treaty in which we propose that the nuclear arsenal of the two countries will not be fired on each other and a non-aggression pact for at least five years.
  • Whoever is against nuclear weapons go check out Non-Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (Axis vs Allies Revised) page to sign it.
  • I have joined, says Hindustan.
  • Japanese Diplomacy: The Japanese ask for a total non-aggression pact for five years then to be renewed. The Hindustani President and Emperor are invited to the commissioning of the memorial.
  • Hindustani Diplomacy: Hindustan agrees to the Japanese offer and thanks them for inviting their President and Emperor.
  • France: France removes many of its tanks in Indochina with the end of the Sino-Japanese war and offers to help Japanese cities. The French President gladly accepts in Japan's offer and prepares to fly to Tokyo.
  • United Kingdom: British nuclear stockpiles reach into the 200's by the years end thanks to mass production. The invasion of Egypt begins and it is expected to be over by the end of next turn.


Canonicity note- I screwed up the world map. British Mexico was in fact held by Japan. The maps can be re-done with different tint for the territory. Two references were made to a peace deal involving the, which could be change from "British" to "Japanese". It was never attacked or attacking so the war is not affected. Oxfordshire 1972

  • Riots is Sana‘a town.
  • There is a pro-Yugoslavian riot in Doğanşehir [[15]], Çelikhan [[16]] and Reşadiye [[17]] in Turkey. Heavy floods kill two in Jennersdorf [[18]] in Austria and Korf, Russia [[19]].
  • Venezuela's government does not file a patent for its new ammonia fertilizers, so any one can use it freely in any nation with out copyrights, patents or costs other than (of course) paying their own people to make it. Farming out put increases by 5%- 6%if you use it.
  • Ethiopia: Djibouti is rebuilt and construction begins on Ethiopia’s first naval vessels fast attack patrol craft called the Barracudas.
  • 'Sudan:' Makes a few tankettes.
  • Hindustai Diplomacy: Hindustan asks for an alliance with Ethiopia and offers to help them build a navy.
  • Venezuela Farming out put increases by 5%-6% due to newly developed types of ammonia fertilizers! A second major drive-in cinema opens in Caracas Venezuela’s foreign minister visits the small groups of troops, subversives and VOIA agents by plane in Tekax and Peto (municipality) in Yucatán Province, Chetumal town in Quintana Roo and Tenosique Municipality on the Tabasco/Guatemala border by aircraft to rally support for a Mayan homeland. A Curtiss P-36 Hawk fighter that was captured in the S. E. Mexican Hopelchén province joins the fledgling Mayan air force. The Chávez class frigates all go back to their home ports, the Venezuelan aircraft return to their home airfields/airports. Fresh diplomacy is reopened with Cuba and the USA. An Ar 234 comparable plan is put out to show at Caracas’s now finished new airport. A copied PZL P.7 fighter and copied PZL.23 Karaś light bomber are rolled out on to the old airport runway. Oil and coal flows in to frendly Nicuagua in extange for wine. A 15 year cut price oil deal is offered to Finland, France and Japan.
Free and fair elections are due on these dates-
  1. Campeche Province Protectorate (indipendence set for 1947.6).
  2. Quintana Roo Province protectorate (indipendence set for 1947).
The 'Mayan Republic' will be the product if the Mayan Front party wins. The others are a pro-Cuba, feminist, fascist and the (OTL Mexican) PRI/RPI party of our reality. PRI/RPI holds all the cards and will probably win.
  • China: The Chinese Premier and President visit Tokyo for the opening of the memorial along with the Korean and Mongolian Premiers. The capital of China is moved back to Beijing. China offers to buy Indochina from France once again. China also offers to buy the Philippines from the USA. Chinese economic expansion continues at a rapid but stable 12% a year. China constructs thousands of AA-guns across its borders in heavily fortified bunkers. These bunkers also hold one sniper and an anti-tank unit armed with a new invention - the bazooka. This technology is offered to the US and French if the sales go through and are lifted to the Hindustanis, Japanese and Venezuelans.
  • The UCSA offers alliances to Honduras, Haiti, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. Honduras, Haiti, Guatemala, and Costa Rica accept the alliance offer. Computed via
  • What's the UCSA?
  • The United Caribbean Socialist Association/Caribbean Union:
  • Japan: The Japanese unveil the Remembrance Memorial with all requested guests there. The Japanese Defence Air Corps lands Dragoon Corps in the forest of Indonesia. The Dragoon Corps captures a Japanese Army General whom retained loyalty to the Emperor. He is held on trial for war crimes and beheaded in Hiroshima. The Treasurer-General allocates USD 17 million to the retro-fitting of cities in the north of Japan. The Japanese Public Health Service is created by the President, they begin work on treating cancers of those affected by the nuclear war.
The world after egypts fall

The World After Egypt’s Fall

  • United Kingdom: The invasion of Egypt finally ends with the countries surrender to British troops. Egypt is annexed and incorporated into Anglo-Sudan, which is then renamed Anglo-Egypt and Sudan. With the Suez canal secured as well as a vast chunk of the worlds oil producing territories, the British Empire is reformed as the United Anglo-British Empire (UABE), with a Parliament still existent. The billions of barrels of oil begin to be imported to the home islands while military oriented industries begin to be constructed throughout the Empire. Plans for a Anglo Sphere begin to be worked on. The 2nd London Project continues while other London Project type experiments on unclear weaponry are begun.
  • I'd just like to point out that Egypt was your ally, so you didn't need to annex them. You also controlled most of Egypt already anyway.
  • France: France learns about the United Kingdom's recent annexations and invasions and warns them to stop or a war is inevitable. France sends several thousand troops and weapons to French Equatorial Africa's border, predicting they will try to annex French African colonies.
  • United Kingdoms Response: The UK does not want war with France as that would break the secret treaty with the USSR and the non-aggression pact with the same country. France is offered a ten year non-aggression pact as well. An alliance is offered to the United States.
  • Venezuela: The four-star Johnny Tarrbuck hotel is opened in Caracas.
  • Soviet Union The C.P.S.U. (К.П.С.С., K.P.S.S.) , orders more military maneuvers on the Persian border and extra coal mining in the Kurgan.
  • Zrussianstalingrad1

    Red army troops somewhere on the Finnish-Karellian front, 1947.0

    Ireland: An economic alliance is made with Sudan and Ethiopia.
  • Turkey: A motorway is built from Ankara to Antioch.
  • Sudan: A close economic alliance is formed with Ethiopia and Indonesia.
  • Italy: Buys Rhodes of Greece.
  • Soviet Union:'The Soviet Union drops a nuclear bomb on Helsinki, Oulu and on Stockholm. Soviet troops begin moving to the borders with the Balkan States, but a large force is still maintained in Finland.
  • Venezuelan response: The government utterly condemns the nukeing of Finland. All nukes must be banned as of 1948. 'Purple-gray snow' or fall out is falling in the Caribbean and parts of Latin America according to our spies. 30 Venezuelans show singes of radiation sickness.
  • Finland: Project God successfully builds a Hydrogen Bomb which is tested once in the arctic, where it wielded 14 KT of TNT. The Finnish Quickly Bomb New York in retaliation with the H-Bomb. Project Mjolnir decisively designs a thermonuclear warhead. and tests it on Leningrad (the rocket laced with a conventional explosive). An astounding success. 25 KT of TNT are pushed into the atmosphere.
  • Ireland: Condemns the atomic bombings.
    • Wait ... So, somehow small Finland is able to create TWO hydrogen bombs in a single year whilst the US are STILL creating one to prove, AND bomb New York? Implausibility at its finest.
    • I meant to say a conventional test of the mechanism, if you looked at my other Operation Mjolnir tests They were the same type: Same mechanism, just with conventional explosives, that’s how I was able to test a SRBM without nuclear. Same here. And I was working on a H-Bomb longer then USA.

Switzerland offers help to the dead and dying on all sides.

  • Soviet Union: With no response from Finland our peace negotiations, the Soviet Union drops a nuclear bomb on Helsinki, and on Stockholm. Soviet troops begin moving to the borders with the Balkan States, but a large force is still maintained by/in Finland.
  • United Kingdom's Response: 12 nuclear bombs are dropped in the arctic ocean in a circle. A sign of protest against the use of nuclear weapons. If another nuke is dropped on Finland or any other country for such a small offense as Finland’s, it will be an all out nuclear war. As to show the UK means business, 24 nukes are dropped in circle around the South Pole while 500 nuclear missiles in the home islands alone are set to hit the USSR if it repeats the same offense while nuclear missiles in the colonies begin to grow in numbers.
  • You don't have nuclear missiles. You can't have nuclear missiles with the range to hit the USSR. MRBM's weren't developed until the late 50's, and ICBM's were past that. Azecreth 16:18, September 17, 2011 (UTC)
  • Only stuff like B52 Bombers, exsperimental Regulus missiles and V2's, etc. are available until the early 1950's on any side. Oxfordshire 1972 16:24, September 17, 2011 (UTC)
  • Venezuelan response: The Government condemns the nuking of Finland. All nukes must be banned as of 1948. 'Purple-gray snow' or fall out is falling in the Caribbean and parts of Latin America according to our spies. 400 Venezuelans show signs of radiation sickness. Venezuela offers Panama oil.
  • Soviets response: Warnings are sent out to Britain to not interfere in this conflict. The Soviet Union can quickly match the stockpile you have built up, and if there is a nuclear war, then we will not be the ones to perish. We can devastate your entire country while you can only reach a fraction of our nation.
  • British response: We don’t want war. Just don’t nuke Finland for not answering. Occupy them yes, but not nukes. The USA is offered an alliance. The government is changed to the Union of Anglo Severing Republics (UASR)
  • Why would the monarchy suddenly step down, when it's loved by most of the British populace? This has no sense at all.
  • Who said the monarchy was stepping down?
  • Ethiopia: Begins on Ethiopia’s first naval vessels fast attack patrol craft called the Barracudas.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and builds a few more planes.
  • Finland: The Finnish government propose that the Soviets take the territory Directly surrounding Lake Ladoga except for Viipuri city (as it is a large city. The Finnish Leadership finds little to no strategic value in Karelia (but it is kept to themselves and not told to anyone). A map will be posted shortly (in the 1947.6 post) with the proposal and clarification. Many Finns are crying out for peace and lose confidence in the president. A far-left wing coalition is formed by parties and new Communist and social-democrats (but the SDPF-Social democratic party of Finland still exists). (Yay, laptop back!)
  • Hindustan: Moves all its troops to its its Middle Eastern provinces as well as all its navy. They then amp up their jet aircraft production as well as tank production. All major cities and towns are now connected by rail and road and many new schemes are introduced for farming and the new fertilizers produced by Venezuela are put to good use and irrigation of crop projects begins with the aim of irrigating at least 60% of farmland in one year.


"The reason I didn't edit for the past day or so and didn't even post my regular Finland post is because after I posted peace my actual laptop corrupted a system 32 file and I'm only supposed to get it back today. I found a way to edit on my iPhone and tried to find a way right after I found out that Helsinki got nuked ... I can't respond to the Soviet terms and would have said post winter war and after the nuking desperately tried to find and found a way to edit on an iPhone ... But it does a half assed job at it, I count scroll down to respond so I did so here." I agree with Finland, my computer was hacked two days ago by a Danish IP My F-secure security system repulsed a 'Fin-scan' and a Mydoom virose.Oxfordshire 197218:42, September 17, 2011 (UTC) That is why nuking Helsinki was redacted, as it was a OTL computer falier by Finland's User, not a war plan.Oxfordshire 1972 10:19, September 18, 2011 (UTC)

  • Ethiopia: Agrees to the alliance with Hindustan and thanks them for their help.
  • Venezuela: Five Panzer II copied design tanks, A PZL.23 Karas light bomber and ten PZL P.7 fighters are sent to Yugoslavia as are later 50 Venezuelan troopers, a Chavez class frigate and several ships full of oil, bauxite, bananas and iron ore. We love you Yugoslavia. An alliance is offered to Italy (You back my plans for a Mayan republic and I will defend you and give you cheap coal for 20 years). We launch our two now completed 'Conquistador class' frigates (comparable to the USS Abilene (PF-58)). three vessels akin to the USS Aquarius (AKA-16) Andromeda-class attack cargo ship are laid down at ship yards. A frightened Nicaragua and Colombia form closer ties to Venezuela, the USA and Caribbean Union. The Mayan Republic election goes ahead. It's free and fair (and I mean that)-
  • Campeche Province Protectorate and Quintana Roo Province protectorate vote.
The Mayan Republic will be the product if the Mayan Faction party wins. The others are a pro-Cuba front, feminist, fascist, Colorado Party (Uruguay style) [20] and the (OTL Mexican) PRI/RPI party of our reality. PRI/RPI holds all the cards and will probably win.
AvA (r) Venezuealan held Mexico 1947 election.

The Mayan Republic's first eliction was in 1947.

The results of the 1st Mayan republican elections are as follows (turn out of 94%)-
  1. 75%=(OTL Mexican) PRI/RPI party
  2. 20%=Mayan Faction
  3. 5%=Pro-Cuba front
  4. 0%=Colorado Party
  5. 0%=Fascist
  6. 0%=Feminists

The Population is about 1.5m, 45%-ish of today in OTL. There are 75 senators in a one-chamber parliament. There is a Venezuelan governor and a native prime minister. The president will be elected next year.

  • Yugoslavia: Thanks Venezuela very much for the men, weapons, and supplies and in return sends several ships with wine, raspberries, plum jelly, copper, brown coal, as well as two Heinkel He 162 Fighters [1], one Dreadnought ship (comparable with Nevada-class Battleship) and four Fiat M11/39 [2] (Got these from Italy in 1942) and wish for the troopers to enjoy themselves. Need anything, just ask. The guide missile artillery are named Búrke Rocket Launchers and is put into production (similar to the Russian Katyusha RL [3] , the difference is that these can lock on to radio signals or homing beacons). Infrastructure is completed. Expands naval port to service more ships.
  • Japan: The Japanese offer the United States their Mexican territory for the Philippines. The Japanese Defence Air Corps puts out the A10M jet fighter, it is roughly equivalent to the OTL MiG-15. The A10M is out into mass production. The Japanese diplomat in China dies abruptly from a heart attack, his body is lost in transit from China to Japan. The Japanese President asks the Chinese for USD 22,000 to give to the family of the dead in reparation of losing his body.
  • Hindustani Diplomacy: Still feeling guilty on their nuking of Japan, they offer their research on jet aircraft and ask the USA to consider the Japanese offer as it would benefit Asia and America alike.
  • China: China agrees to the Japanese request. China offers 15 million pounds for each of the Philippines, Indochina, Amur and Malaysia from their respective nations of USA, France, USSR and Britain. China starts to pour funds into poor Pacific colonies and many start to view China as their leader. China sends envoys to Yugoslavia and Ethiopia and offers military training and supplies in return for an alliance. China starts to restructure and increase its military. China continues expanding its railway network and aims to by 1953 connect all provincial capitals. Railways move west rapidly and soon Urumqi is connected to the network. Work starts on building a rail link from Chengdu via Qinghai province into Tibet.
  • Yugoslavia Reply: Accepts the alliance offer.
  • 20080331201235!Talvisota Finland Oktober-November 1939 copy
    Finland: Finland Proposes this to the USSR Territorial sessions around Lake Lafoga because of it being the "Slav Sea" and Fins being Finnics and not Slavs along with lots of ethnic Russians living there. (If you don't agree, change proposal One to proposal Two and use the same base map so I can see what you want). Finland constructs more tanks and planes and bombers to recuperate what they lost.
  • Um ... I believe not only is it too little for such a drawn-out war, but also, that territory wasn't Slavic back then. Since that's not an excuse, the Soviet Union should ask for more plausibly speaking.
  • Soviet Response: We want the Petsomo area, the Salla area, and enough land to give the Soviets complete control over Lake Ladoga. We also want a cap of 50,000 troops for your military, and we want you to pay us two million dollars in commodities for war reparations.
  • Finland Response: Really ... the war's a stalemate ... anyway, I had time to recuperate, people. Not gonna cap anything ... Remember the stalemate context.
  • Hindustan: Using all of their Middle Eastern forces, they attack Somalia. Within five months, they have fallen.
  • France: France warns Hindustan to stop their recent invasions on African colonies. They request Ethiopia lets France enter several hundred military tanks to the border off Ethiopia, Eritrea and Italian Somaliland to ward of Hindustan. Also, France denies Britain's aggression pact, anticipating the UK will invade more countries.

Venezuela: They condemn the warmongering in Africa and wish to see Hindustan pay reparations to Somalia and Eritrea as a way of making good the damage done. A Chávez class frigate, two Rogožarski IK-3 fighters and a Stinson Reliant photographic recon planes patrol the Venezuelan coast.

  • Italy: The Italian government begins greatly fortifying and militarising the Italian colonies of Eritrea. It also sends most of the (large and highly trained) Somalian Legion south in order to help the Somalian troops still resisting the Hindustani advance. They defeat the Hindu government at the Battle of Mogadishu. The Italians get the Somali support after promising freedom as a dominion if they help the Italian government against the Hindus. Popular revolts in inner Somalia free most of that territory, which is desertic and therefore can't be protected well by the Hindu government. The Organizzazione per la Liberazione della Somalia (Organization for the Liberation of Somalia) is formed in Jubaland.
  • Hindustani Response: Moves most of their forces to the to the Southern half of the country and dig in. Their troops then establish a huge defensive line and the Hindustani then start to immigrate civilians to their new territory and start a huge campaign for Somalis to work for a decent pay and them being given new houses when they are built. This quells any major rebellion threat from the Somalis in the Hindustani province.
  • Italian Response: Italy asks for the Global Alliance for Democracy (especially Soviet) aid, since "It was the Hindu who invaded us and it is the Hindu who have to pay". Italy also condemns Hindustan for its racist policies in its colonies.
    • It's not racist, they are workers.
    • Yeah, right ... Then why don't you use the local Somalis?
    • Right, then we will.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and builds a few more ships and planes.


  • Japan: The Japanese President is re-elected to a second term. The President then declares that the Republic of Japan is neutral in any foreign war in Africa. He does though ask for a Status Quo Ante Bellum treaty be signed by the belligerents in the war, he then offers Japan to a neutral mediator in the war if they please. The Japanese Defence Navy begins building more Bushi class warships. One is built by the end of the six month period.
  • Caribbean Union: A Leninist-Communist President is appointed. Much of Cuba, especially the war-torn areas, is cleaned up and the economy, teetering on collapse, sees a stunning recovery. Deals with America and Venezuela are proposed to give the Caribbean Union more territory, linking their share of former Mexico. The palace in Santiago de Cuba is completed and a Havana Memorial is proposed. The Caribbean Union proposes a defense system of the Socialist nations called the Victoria Pact (contrary to popular belief, this meant the 'Victory Pact', not named after anyone). Brazil is offered an alliance and the USSR and China are offered to join the Victoria Pact.

{C}Brazil accepts the alliance

    • Promise we can call it the Warsaw Pact later on.
    • Soviet Response: We accept.
    • Here's NATO then, lol!! 1 Imperium Guy 19:45, September 19, 2011 (UTC)
  • Venezuela: A Stinson Reliant photographic recon plane land lands in Khust and two PZL P.7 fighters land in Košice, to start the training of the soon to be independent Ruthenia air force. Two PZL P.11 fighters and another Stinson Reliant photographic recon plane land on the Mayan Republic’s coast and join their fledgling air force. A recently converted Venezuelan Stinson Reliant mail plane explodes due to a fuel leak in the Chiapas region of Mexico, killing the pilot instantly. Six more Arado Ar 234 comparable “ Pena de muerte Concepción” (death penalty idea) class bombers bombers are rolled out at Caraccas airport, and both two Fiat M11/39 tanks and three Sherman comparable tanks are trundled out of a factory in Caracas. Arms manufacturing stops for a while due to economic overstretch.
  • Bauxite deals are offered to our long standing allies Cuba, the USA, Panama, Colombia and Nicaragua. Nicaragua is now an economic puppet of Venezuela, but the OTL/ATL military dictator is just my sort of guy. An alliance to remember ... Venezuela sends some of its faithful fleet of semi-armed tankers, a USS Abilene (PF-58)- comparable Conquistador class frigate and two Chávez class frigates carry 100 troopers, one PZL.23 Karaś l, one Rogožarski IK-3 fighter, two M1928 Christie prototype tanks and two Fiat M11/39 tanks over to OTL Dakar in Senegal if peace keeping is needed in French held Africa.
  • Ireland : Recruits 10,000 more troops.
  • Finland: All Scandinavians Prepare for the worst if the peace negotiations do not work out and more stuff are built in case to reinforce the front. The Finns will never let the USSR cap anything. The Finns make their first jet bomber and a model of the V-2 Rocket tipped with a Great Redemption-style nuclear bomb. The Finns prepare their bunkers and citizens for possible nuclear attacks but do not take any offensive until negotiations have passed. The SUMA accepts the membership of the Eurasian powers.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviets accept the Finnish peace deal. Troops are moved from the Finnish border. Reforms begin to correct the military flaws discovered during the Soviet-SUMA War.
  • Yugoslavia: Buys Crete from Greece for USD 1.5 million (used, 21). 15 Búrke Rocket Launchers produced. Naval ports expansion is at 45% completion, designs for a new aircraft carrier class and Battleship class are being created. Heinkel Flugzuegwerke Company [1] is bought and is moved to Yugoslavia. A scientist from Poland is hired for his knowledge on the nuclear bombs side-effect, the Electromagnetic Pulse.
  • China: China continues sponsoring the Pacific nations. Four countries try to join the Chinese nation but separate movements destroy this effort in Samoa, the Solomons and Vanuatu. However, Fiji declares itself a colony of China. Chinese peoples repopulate the war ravaged areas and Manchuria is filled with Chinese people wishing to move into a new life. China re-offers 15 million pounds for any combination of Amur, Indochina, Malaysia and Philippines from their respective nations.
  • Hindustan: Gather all its forces and stage a huge counter-attack. Using bombers, they bomb all Italian positions and then drive through the Italian ranks using tanks. Within a few months, the Italians have most of their army surrendered, fled or dead and except from the northern tip, all of Somalia is conquered with the Hindustanis meeting up with the British.. To make sure Somalis employed by the Italians are not a threat, all Somalis are promised employment and most Somalis are employed almost immediately to rebuild a war-torn land. More troops are diverted from mainland Hindustan to make sure the Italian remnant is not a threat and a new line is built to keep the Italians out. More tanks are rolled out and Hindustan's central government becomes stronger then ever with with many new watchdog-societies being establish so that corruption never nears the levels of it was in the time of the British Raj.
  • Venezuela diplomacy: We welcome the fact that the Somalis are being helped by Hindustan. If it’s a war of liberation then we have no problems.
Avar Flag of the Myan Republic

The Mayan Republic flag

Thailand is invited to join the UN and the Non-Nuclear Proliferation Treaty {C}[21].
The Mayan Republic elects its first president and Venezuela's governor leaves the next month.
  1. 80%=(OTL Mexican) PRI/RPI party.
  2. 10%=Mayan Faction.
  3. 5%= National Party (Uruguay style). [22]
  4. 5%=Pro-Cuba front.
  5. 0%=Colorado Party (Uruguay style).
  6. 0%=Fascist.
  7. 0%=Feminists.

It is now a free and independent land, but a Venezuelan garrison will remain for security purposes until 1958.

  • Hindustani Diplomacy: We do not want Somalia. There will be a referendum on whether they want to join Ethiopia or become an independent country after their liberation.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and builds a few more ships. Thailand also improves their infrastructure.
  • Germany: In dire need of money, Germany sells Madagascar to Hindustan, leaving the Jews who were deported from Germany to there intentionally. However, the economy's state only worsen, because of the government spending all the money gained with the selling of Madagascar. Civil unrest begins in Schleswig-Holstein, Silesia, Prussia (both East and West).
  • Hindustani Response: They thank them for them finally agreeing and give 160% of the cost of Matagascar when they bought it (10% higher than originally proposed).
  • Venezuela diplomacy: Venezuela offers Germany a 20 year supply of cheap oil or coal if they abandon the Nazis and become democratic, like France and the USA. :)
    • How much oil do you have?? lol!!
    • Venezuela could potentially increase production capacity by 2.4 MMbbl/d from 2001 level, I only give about 0.1 MMbbl/d a deal. [23] I could go on for years (I was thinking of ~50 years supply).
  • The United States: The United States pledges to be out of Mexico by 1960, after they have set up a democratic government. Meanwhile, the US is put back on DEFCON 4, since the long and drawn out war against Cuba is over.
  • China: Samoa and Vanuatu manage to declare their independence from Britain and join China as colonies. Chinese farmers are encouraged to migrate into Northern and Western areas.
  • UASR: The Anglo Union invades Portuguese Angola and Belgian Zaire, and huge amounts of territory begin to be conquered.


Sporadic anti-Colonial riots hit Sana‘a (Yemen), Tripoli (Libya), Mafikeng (S. Africa) and Lahsa (Tibet).

  • Venezuela: Venezuela proposes building a new railway linking railway from Cancun to Tuxtla Gutiérrez via San Francisco de Campeche, Mexico City, Guatemala City, Acapulco, El Paso (Texas), Tecoman, Juarez, Mazatalan, and Villahermosa (Tabasco) in one united network rail network that the locals can enjoy and flourish under. Both Cuba, Japan, The UK, Germany, Italy, China, Hindustan and the USA are invited to set a joint board for the joint-run line. Venezuela suggested it so they have a veto and the fledgling Mayan Republic is on the board.
  • Mexico rail deal 46

    The Mexican citys linked by the proposed 1948 joint railway sceam.

    China: The riots are put down easily as it was only a small group inciting discontent. However, this activity causes the government to speed up the Chengdu-Lhasa railway. The railway is now due to be finished by 1950 as it speeds through Qinhai. Chinese diplomats go to Nicaragua to enter negotiations with their government for a rival Chinese sponsored Nicaraguan Canal.
  • Caribbean Union: The Caribbean Union works more on rebuilding itself. The military is amped up and the damaged infrastructure is rebuilt more and more each year. They ask for more land in Mexico from the US and Venezuela.
  • Venezuela diplomacy: Cuba's point is noted.

The results of the 1st Ruthinian Republican elections are as follows (turn out of 93%)-

  1. 55%= Ruthinian nationalists
  2. 20%= Hungarian Nationalists
  3. 20%=Slovakian nationalists
  4. 5%=Communists
  5. 0%=Fascist

The Population is about 750,000, 65%-ish of today in OTL. There are 45 senators in a one-chamber parliament. There is a Venezuelan governor and a Ruthinian prime minister. The president will be elected next year.

  • Soviet Union: The Soviets demand that Hindustan withdraw from Somalia, and make peace with Italy, or face war with the USSR. Troop buildups begin on the Asian border with Hindustan and British Persia. Work begins on designing the T-54, a replacement to the T-34/85.
    • Hindustani Response: Due to the anti-colonial riots happening in Yemen, all troops are withdrawn from Somalia, seeing it as a doomed cause as they don't want to go to war with the Soviet Union. Instead, all troops are sent to either Magagascar or Yemen.
  • Yugoslavia: The Heinkel P.1079A [1] is produced. Two new Drava-Class Aircraft Carriers (Similar to Nimitz-Class) and one new Pythonic-Class Battleship (similar to Yamato-Class) are laid down in the ship yard. Wernher von Braun is put incharge of the Yugoslavia Space Program. An educational reform is begins. Research begins on EMP weapons for defensive use.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and improves their infrastructure.
  • Ireland: Offers Thailand an alliance.
  • Japan: The Japanese President once again offers the United States its Mexican territory for the Philippines. Japan proposes that a trans-continental railroad be built from Paris to Rome to Warsaw to Moscow then through Siberia to Beijing then finally to Seoul. (for easier reference it would be Paris to Seoul via Rome, Warsaw, Moscow, and Beijing). The Japanese Treasurer-General offers USD 22 million for the project.
  • Hindustan: With troops coming home, new infrastructure projects are started and the level of produce of food goes up due to the use of Venezuelan fertilizers and proper irrigation in over half of all farmland. The production of jet aircraft increases again with more workers becoming available and new tanks are developed so that the Hindustanis are always a step ahead of the Russians in tank development. The size of the merchant navy is increased so that the provinces of Magagascar, Mosambique, Yemen and Oman are well connected with the other provinces of Hindustan.
  • Italy: Italy thanks the Soviet Union. The Italian government begins to re-mobilize Somalia and Eritrea. Fortifications are begun to be built along the border. The Italian military program continues and increase of production of war materials begins.
  • The UN resolution has been passed, and check out the ICJ page. Also, the non-perm security council members have been replaced.
  • United States:
    SUMA flag variant 1

    Variant one of the SUMA flag

    The United States respectfully declines the Japanese offer for Mexico, because Mexico would have to be re-made into a unified Mexico with its own government in a few years, and because the Philippines are so much more valuable than Mexico. However, the US does offer Japan free trade, as well as a Mutual Defense Treaty between the two nations, as well as 15 million dollars for Baja California.
  • Finland: The
    SUMA flag variant 2

    Variant Two of a SUMA flag

    Finnish Continue to recuperate their economy. The Finnish continue pushing to make the SUMA, a powerfull nuclear nation to have a reserved spot on the UNSC and veto right (SUMA). Two Flag variants are put forth as a SUMA flag, although the official flag is not decided yet. The Finns start researching the V-2 and improving it. The Finnish air force make their first jet fighter and it is tested in a spectacular show. The Finnish people loose faith in their past president and Juho Kusti Paasikivi is elected President of Finland. and the next elections are set for 1950(due to war) and terms of office are set at six years.
  • Ethiopia: The first four fast attack patrol vessels are produced and construction begins on Ethiopia's flagship - a pocket Battleship code named Gray Lion.
  • UASR: The conquest of Zaire and Angola continues.
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