Also see- Axis vs Allies Revised national flags, Caracas TV war crimes report, March 2, 1958 (Axis vs. Allies) and Axis vs Allies Revised (Map Game), archive 1960.6-1969.


May 6, 1949 – EDSAC, the first practicable stored-program computer, runs its first program at Cambridge University [1]. Nazis and Christian Democrats hold rallies across Germany, with violent clashes in Munich.

  • Venezuela: The Venezuelan government releases details of their planned Mexican railway scream. The railway will be run as a joint venture, as a way of making good to the beleaguered people of Mexico. The local Chontal Maya in Candelaria municipality [2] are liberated by a VOIA a few special ops teams and are attached to the Mayan Republic. A quick opinion poll revealed they were mostly Mayan Front and Colorado sympathisers anyhow. A Venezuelan nature reserve is opened in the Sierra Pacaraima mountains on the border with Brazil.
    Mexico rail deal 46

    The cities linked by the proposed 1948 Mexican joint railway network.

  • China: Chinese representatives to the UN walk out in protest due to the fact Asian representatives were not granted a single position on the permanent security council. China calls the UN "A Western plan for superiority" citing the list of permanent members as an example. China pulls out of the UN until Asia gains a permanent voice with veto powers in the Security Council. China strongly encourages Japan, Hindustan and the African and South American nations to do the same as; since China and Hindustan, who are the most powerful non-Western nations, were not granted permanent Security Council status, then where is equality on this planet???
    • Well, that’s sort of how it played itself out. I mean, you can have an ICJ court case if you want for the addition of an Asian nation. -Pita
  • Hindustan: It agrees and walks out and says that the UN should have China or Hindustan as a permanent member. Hindustan asks China if they should start a court case in the ICJ court and to better their chances should merge their representatives so they can cover both countries and have a stronger argument to get into the UN permanent council.
    • China believes itself, Hindustan, USA and the USSR should be the only nations with Permanent Security Council positions as they are the four most powerful nations on the planet. China can represent the East Asian and South American interests due to the alliances with Cuba and Venezuela. Hindustan can represent South and Western Asia as well as some African nations. USSR can represent North Asia and Europe and the rest of Africa. USA can represent North America. This is a more equal distribution of power in the UN.
  • China: China and Hindustan lodge a formal case against the UN in the International Court of Justice citing the UN is filled with racism and European superiority. With this some African, South American and Asian nations walk out in support.
    • Hindustan Diplomacy: Agrees to the Chinese plan but think there should be the UK as well as they have the largest empire on Earth.
  • Hindustan: Continues its projects and almost all farmland in Hindustan is now irrigated and uses fertilisers. The production of jet aircraft increases again with more workers becoming available and new tanks are developed. The size of the merchant navy is increased so that the provinces of Madagascar, Mozambique, Yemen and Oman are well connected with the other provinces of Hindustan.
  • Spain: A Socialist coalition (led by the National Confederation of Labour) consists of an anarchist-communist group has taken the government by revolution (Spanish Revolution) complaining about the model of the Second Republic which they accuse of "foreigners". In the colonials revolutions have been led by the Spanish to support this revolution. After taking power, annulled the constitution "foreign" and restored the Spanish Constitution before the Civil War. The new government is the Third Spanish Republic. Under the chairmanship of the Communist Party of Spain, Juan Carlos Vergara, has been allowed into Communist Party of Spain, the Spanish Socialist Workers Party, the Republican Left Party and the Democratic Centre Union go into the government. The colonies are now federal agencies and his people have been nationalized as Spanish. The presidency of Juan Carlos Vergara seeks international recognition of the new government.
  • Caribbean Union: The Caribbean Union continues to rebuild. The economy improves with increased trade from the other socialist/communist nations. Cuba opens a mining corporation in Brazil. Its main goal: obtain uranium. Meanwhile, socialism strikes big in Guatemala, Honduras and Haiti.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviets recognize the new Spanish Third Republic, and offer them admission into the Comintern. Development begins on jet fighters. Development of a rocket truck is finished, and production begins. construction of a memorial begins in Moscow.
    • Venezuela diplomacy: We recognise the new Spanish Republic. Only losers leave the UN, so Venezuela is not leaving it, but we would like an Hispanic nation on the permanent council (Cuba, Venezuela or Spain)!
  • Yugoslavia: Recognize the new Spanish government, Third Spanish Republic. YSP (Yugoslavian Space Program) begins development of a prototype rockets, hoping to have an artificial satellite in space by 1955. More math and science is push into the national school system. The defensive scalar weapon (Non-nuclear Electrometric Pulse Weapon [1]) research is moving slowly along.
    • No. Just no. The Soviets, even with the assistance of German rocket scientists, couldn't get their artificial satellite into orbit until 1957. What makes you think that Yugoslavia can beat that time scale. Nah, you wouldn't be able to get satellites until the 60's, at least. Azecreth 18:36, September 21, 2011 (UTC)
    • I said hope to have one by 1955 and the guy I have in charge of the program, Wernher von Braun, is main reason the US got theirs up so fast in the OTL. I had planned on adding in a few setbacks - Draycos
    • Wernher Von Braun is in Germany. Germany has access to greater resources than Yugoslavia, and greater technical expertise. He would never go to Yugoslavia. Azecreth 01:33, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
    • In 1945, by use, he came to work Yugoslavia, besides Germany has been in an economy crash since 1942.6 - Draycos 12:52, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
  • Thailand: Thailand doesn’t recognise any Spanish Government. Meanwhile, Thailand continues to build up their military and builds a few more ships and planes. Also, the Thai government establishes the League of Neutral and makes an offer to Switzerland to join and nothing happens, at all.
  • Italy: Italy vetoes the Hindustani proposal as soon as it comes into the SC. It also recognizes the Third Spanish Republic. The Italian government continues building its military. Finally, Somalia is released as a dominion of Italy.
    • It's not the Security Council. It's the International Court of Justice. You have no veto rights there!
    • Yes, yes we do.
    • No. You are not allowed to meddle in the ICJ. It is the enforcement of the decision that you can veto and if you do the Eastern Superpowers will take it as a declaration of war.
    • Agreed.
  • Japan: The Japanese agree to join with Hindustan and China in the Eastern Superpowers. The Japanese Diet approves the measure and an alliance between China, Hindustan and Japan is formed. The Japanese Treasurer-General re-proposes the intercontinental railroad from Paris to Seoul by way of Rome, Warsaw, Moscow, and Beijing.
    • Yugoslavia Diplomacy: Yugoslavia believes this is good way to build relations with other nations and wish the railway to run through Belgrade as well.
    • Chinese Diplomacy: China tells Yugoslavia it is too far out of the way to be connected. China proposes using existing Chinese lines to run TWO railways to Europe. One will go Seoul, Beijing, Ulan Bator, Moscow, Warsaw, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid. The other will go Seoul, Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou (for Hong Kong), Bangkok, New Delhi, Baghdad, Ankara, Istanbul, Sofia, Bucharest, Belgrade, Vienna, then Rome or Madrid via Zurich and Paris.
  • France: France recognizes the new Spanish republic. They also amp up their military, preparing for any new war that could take place in the next few years.
  • Finland: The Finnish continue to develop jet fighters. The Finnish continue to press for the SUMA (under Finnish Hegemony) having a reserved spot on the UNSC and a veto as a powerful nuclear nation. The Finnish construct a memorial in Svalbard commemorating Trinity and a war memorial is constructed for all those who died during the Wars for the Finnish homeland. The Finnish officially declare themselves a Great Power and the SUMA has officially declared itself as a "supranational organization". The Finns officially create the Suomi Hengitystiet (or Finnair) civilian airline.
  • The United States: The United States offers an alliance to Italy and the Soviet Union, while pledging again not to use nuclear weapons on any nation unless attacked with weapons of mass destruction. Meanwhile, they sit out the ICJ vote deciding to bide their time, as they are sure they will never be removed from the perm-Security Council. They also recognize the new Spanish government, and offer them an alliance. Nuclear weapons continue to be produced, now reaching 250 nuclear weapons.
  • Soviet Union: We agree to the USA offer of alliance.
  • Venezuela: Five CR.32 comparable fighters [3] are produced in Maracay.
  • UASR: The conquest of Zaire and Angola continues.


The August 23-31- Florida hurricane was the second recorded storm and the strongest and most intense tropical cyclone of the 1949 Atlantic hurricane season. 150 mph (240 km/h) winds are recorded [4]. October 13– Severe flooding hits Guatemala. July 27– The de Havilland Comet, the Worlds First Jet-Powered Airliner, makes its first flight [5]. August 5– A 6.75 Richter scale earthquake in Ecuador kills 6,000 and destroys 50 towns.

December 15– A typhoon strikes a fishing fleet off Korea, killing several thousand.

  • Venezuela: Venezuela gives aid to Ecuador, the USA and Guatemala. Two Venezuelan Rogožarski IK-3 fighters provided cover as the Venezuelan and MR forces (including a Venezuelan Fiat M11/39 and Mayan Republic Christie 1928 Prototype) liberate the rest of USA held Mayan Mexico in a surprise raid. Job done, border permanently fixed, gringos removed, fair elections planned for 1950 and their union to the MR planned for 1950.6. The incident covered the Municipalities of Candelaria [6], Calkiní [7], Hecelchakán, [8], Tenabo and[9], Emiliano Zapata [10]. Champotón [11] and Escárcega Municipalities [12] are largely Latino and offered to Cuba as a gesture of good will.The Regimiento de Aviación Militar del Venezuela is giving training and two CR.32 comparable fighters [13] to the emergent MR and Ruthenian air forces. Venezuela gives aid to to earthquake hit Ecuador and flooded Guatemala. Venezuela casts an awesome economic shadow over tinny Trinidad and Tobago and buys a 2% stake in Suomi Hengitystiet's share holdings.
  • Hindustan: peacefully annexes Sikkim.
  • China: China sends aid to Ecuador and then the US. China sends more aid to Guatemala. The aid workers arrive home just in time for the Korean disaster. China sends a warning to all coastal areas to heed typhoon warnings every time. China has another election with the KMT winning in another landslide. The KMT gains a majority in all provinces except Tibet where the Free Tibet party leads in the polls. Vast projects are begun across China to build more connective roads and railways across the nation.
  • Hindustan: Sends aids to affected parts of the Americas and continues their projects of improvement in all Hindustani provinces. They also send aid to Korea and China to repair for the damage done by the Typhoon. All farmland is now irrigated and use fertilisers. However, due to some fertiliser killing fish in a small lake, research is begun into why this is happening. It is found out that fertilisers have inorganic materials which kill the fish, and fertiliser regulations are brought into play. The number of jet aircraft increase vastly once again and Hindustani Airways is launched by the government. They immediately buy over 20 Comets and start to develop their own civilian jet aircraft through Hindustani Boeing. New versions of tanks are rolled out, being called the H-54 Heavy tank. Many H-45 versions are sent to factories to make them like the H-54. Better versions of the tank engines are developed so that they are 50%-60% more efficient. Plans are formulated for a Chinese-Japanese bridge with substantial Hindustani bridge.
  • Spain: The president, Juan Carlos Vergara, open to international diplomacy, from the Foreign Ministry now available. To do this, Juan Carlos invites representatives of the USSR, USA, France, Venezuela, Italy and Great Britain to commemorate the anniversary of the Spanish Civil War and in honour of the countries that defended Spanish democracy by sending armies. The Spanish economy, thanks to the socialist system implemented by the leftist coalition begins to slowly lift the economy. Makes clear that Spain is not a member of the Eurasian powers, that it was the previous government. Juan Carlos announces on television the misfortune that occurred in Ecuador and asked for a moment of silence in honour of the fallen in the earthquake.
  • Caribbean Union: The Caribbean Union creates its first nuclear warhead. Its allies in Central America become more and more socialist.
  • Argentine Commonwealth: The formation of the Argentine Commonwealth is pronounced in the Federal Capital, Ciudad de Pobres Corazones.
  • Venezuela Diplomacy: ' Venezuela openly condones China’s plans for a Nicaragua canal [14], provided it does not infringe on Venezuela’s cozy relationship with the ruling Somoza Dynasty [[15]], who feel it’s best to press for a full union with Venezuela. I’ve grown rather friendly towards them over the 15 years and even had a day out on their exclusive private Managua golf course. I already have de facto economic control of them. An economic and monetary union is proposed with El Salvador, Panama, the Dominica Republic, Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia and the Mayan Republic. It’s all to be tested on [16] (1-49 =I lose, 50 non-committal, 51-100= economic and monetary union) and will be published next turn. The foreign secretary visits both the Tokyo Memorial Garden and attends the Spanish Civil War commemorations.

The results of the 1st Ruthenian Republican presidential elections are as follows (turn out of 87%)-

  1. 60%= Ruthenian nationalists
  2. 20%= Hungarian Nationalists
  3. 15%=Slovakian nationalists
  4. 5%=Communists
  5. 0%=Fascist
  6. 0%=Yiddish rights
  7. 0%=Christian Democrats
Venezuela's governor will leave the next month.
  • Soviet Union: Military expansion continues. Work begins on a "Thermonuclear " bomb. They also create more nuclear weapons.
  • Yugoslavia: Sends food, medical, clothes, and other supplies to Americas and Korea. Socialist party grows in northern Yugoslavia. The YSP and the Scalar Project continues.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and builds a few more ships and planes. Thailand asks again Switzerland to join the League of Neutral, and (with, all odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9 ...) etc being yes and all even numbers (2, 4, 6 ... etc.) being no) they accept (number was 71).
  • The United States: The United States accepts all aid, and begins reconstruction of damaged areas.
  • UASR: The conquest of Zaire and Angola continues.


Anti-Soviet riots hit Warsaw and Gdansk. Anti-Nazi riots hit Prague and Baden-Baden. Baden-Wattenberg Surrenders to the neutral French instead of the Soviets or Yugoslavs. A free Polish regime appears in Lesser Poland, parts of lower Silesia and Kraków. Mud flows from the eruption of Mount Ruis in Colombia kill seven hundred people. The Jewish immigrants to Palestine propose that they make a 150 mile land perches near Lake Galilee and call the fledgling nation 'Israel'. It is led by New York Rabbi Joseph Richard Trachtenberg and Russia ex-soldier Mikhail Jackobavits.

  • Venezuela: The La Violencia [17] civil war in Colombia leads to a 200 strong peace keeping force being sent to Colombia’s La Guajira Department [18]. La Violencia (Spanish for- The Violence) is a period of civil conflict in the Colombian countryside between supporters of the Colombian Liberal Party and the Colombian Conservative Party, a conflict which took place roughly from 1948 to 1958 (sources vary on the exact dates). [19]. Venezuelan troops long stationed in the lawless Darién Gap annex it [20] to Venezuela. three 'Leticia class' vessels akin to the USS Aquarius (AKA-16) Andromeda-class attack cargo ships and three 'Bolivar class' gunboats comparable with the Gunboat Bogota [21] are launched. Three Stinson Reliants are produced as mail plains as Venezuela opens its national air mail service.
The Latin American Economic and Monetary Union vote ( [22] (1-49 =I lose, 50 non-committal, 51-100= economic and monetary union) ).
  1. El Salvador- 24=no,
  2. Panama- 42=no,
  3. The Dominica Republic- 15=no,
  4. Ecuador- 90=yes,
  5. Colombia- 87=yes.
  6. Mayan Republic 36=no.
  7. Trinidad and Tobago- 77=yes
Nicaragua merges (the Samosa family knows I own them) into Venezuela and is broken up in to six autonomous provinces and the ex-capital territory.

Venezuela thinks the present UN-SC plan is too anti-Hispanic. Neither Cuba, Venezuela, Spain, Argentina or the Mayan Republic gets a seat.

  • Ethiopia: The first four fast attack patrol vessels are produced and construction begins on Ethiopia's flag ship - a pocket Battleship code named Gray Lion.
  • France: France accepts Spain's offer, and sends Charles de Gaulle as a representative. France continues to amp up its military, and sends more tanks to its African colonies and Indochina.
  • Japan: The President states that unless the United States agrees to trade the Philippines for the Japanese Mexican Territory that territory shall remain in Japanese control. The Diet approves 27,000 Defence Army troops to be shipped to Mexico. The Treasurer-General offer China $3 million to begin the trans-continental railroad.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: Hindustan offer their troops to accompany Japanese counterparts to Japanese Mexico. Hindustan still says that it is a good idea for the Americans to sell the Philippines to the Japanese in trade for Japanese Mexico as that would make them (America) stronger in Mexico.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The Japanese accept but state that they will not be starting any wars.
    • Philippines are independent. USA promised to let them be free in 1944. but they still have US protection, so I wouldn't invade. Azecreth 14:27, September 23, 2011 (UTC)
  • The United States: The United States begins research on something called a hydrogen bomb, or the Teller-Ulam design, supposed to be thousands of times more powerful than the nuclear bomb. It is researched by Edward Teller, as well as Stanislaw Ulam. Funding is provided to the hydrogen bomb.
  • China: Chinese officials celebrate the ICJ decision and await the Security Council's response. China begins talks with Hindustan to discuss the possibility of only receiving one seat. These two round talks are started off by a massive celebration and welcome feast in Beijing (no beef was served). China also asks the nations of Germany, USSR, Hindustan, UK, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and France for permission to build a transcontinental railway connecting Seoul to Madrid with many cities in between. China upgrades existing railways on the proposed routes to allow a projected quadrupling of traffic. Chinese companies start work on the Nicaraguan Canal which has joint Chinese and Venezuelan ownership in the ratio 33%:66% (1:2). China takes the majority of the cost of the project.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: It is decided that China will take the seat on the condition that it has to represent the Eastern Superpowers as well as Asia Major. This will lead to a stronger Asia. Hindustan agrees to the train proposal and many railway lines running to the border of China and Hindustan are connected to Chinese lines. This leads to well connected countries and increased trade on the two developing superpowers.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The Japanese also accept Chinese representation of the Eastern Superpowers as well as Asia Major.
    • Yugoslavia Diplomacy: You have permission to build the railway through Yugoslavia. Just ask if you need anything else. Congrats on your victory.
  • Hindustan: Tank production starts to increase again with older tanks being upgraded. Progress is made to the creation of the Hindustani's own civilian jet aircraft. Also, with the new laws on fertilisers, it seems that the harmful effects of these have dropped to minimum. Also a huge new construction plan begins in Hindustani cities to build skyscrapers that rival the ones in New York in Navi Mumbai and New Delhi. In a historic moment, Mahatma Gandhi (not killed because he was not sending money to Pakistan as it is a part of Hindustan) visits China and Japan as the Foreign Minister of Hindustan in the 30-day visit to discuss on how to make the Eastern Superpowers something to be reckoned with. Construction begins on the China-Japan bridge with the bridge from China going to the Japanese island off Korea and the Japanese bridge continuing to link up with their Chinese counterpart on the same island.
  • Tierra del Fuego, Argentine Commonwealth: The National Sciences Institute of Tierra del Fuego launched a geographical expedition to Antarctica today. Eva Peron, president of the NSI, said, "We hope that this will be an inspiration - not just to Fueguinos, not just to Argentines - but to the entire world."
  • Venezuelan diplomacy: The two largely Afro-Caribbean departments (now a single province) on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua are offered to Cuba, whilst Venezuela retains the Latino and Amerindian parts. The two large islands in Lake Managua are offered to China on a 50 year lease if the Canal goes ahead.
  • Caribbean Union: The Caribbean Union continues to work on rebuilding. They accept the Venezuelan deals. Meanwhile, a UCSR spy sabotages the USA's hydrogen bomb plans and makes copies. They give them out to the other members of the UN, proving that the USA is working on weapons of mass destruction worse than the atomic bomb. In other news, the Caribbean Union makes five nuclear warheads.
  • Soviet Union: In the biggest military operation in history, the Soviets launch Operations "Reckoning", "Trebuchet", and "Romero". These operations involve over five million soldiers, and massive amounts of tanks and planes. Operation Reckoning, in the north, consists of over two million soldiers. with the large scale use of nuclear bombs and chemical weapons, they slam through the Finnish lines by sheer force, and make large inroads toward the centre of the nation, and towards Helsinki. Operation Trebuchet, in Central Europe, consists of Soviet and Polish forces. The combined armies slam across the German border, crushing the armies that defend it. Within months, Berlin falls before the onslaught of Soviet tanks, chemical weapons, and nuclear bombs. Operation Romero consists of two different attacks, into British Persia, and Hindustani Afghanistan. The Persia attack is a huge success, with the population rising up to help the Soviets. A British army is destroyed, and the overland trade routes between Hindustan and British Iraq are cut off. The attack into Afghanistan doesn't go so well, despite the assistance of Afghan resistance fighters, as Soviet forces hit Hindustan defensive lines, and cannot penetrate them, despite using chemical weapons and nukes.
    • UCSR Diplomacy: The Caribbean Union announces support for the USSR.
    • Hindustani Response: Urges all Eastern Superpowers to attack the Soviet Union with whatever they have, (look at the algorithm). Hindustan manages to do well on its own however, with nuking the Soviets and using chemical weapons on them as well, they manage to reconnect the Hindustani and British forces using pro-Hindustani fighters. Huge manpower reserves are summoned (you cannot survive against our manpower forces) and their now mighty tank army with jet aircraft are brought into play. The Hindustani jets cripple the Soviet air force who are still using propeller aircraft.
    • Actually, I can. As I said, I had 196,716,000 people in June of 1941. I never had to fight WW-II. It will be way higher now. Tell me, what was your population in 1950? And I maybe using most propeller craft, but there is a LOT of them. And my tanks definitely superior to yours. Azecreth 15:09, September 23, 2011 (UTC)
    • Our population was higher than 295,000,000 and we fought WW-II as a part of the British empire against Japan. We also sent men to fight in the North African theatre. Our population would also be higher. Your tanks aren't superior, not by a long shot. My H-45s were equal to your T-43s and my H-54s are equal to your T-54s which haven't even been produced while our factories are churning them out. Quality is always greater than quality. Remember the Korean war where superior American aircraft enjoyed eight to one killing ratio?? 1 Imperium Guy 15:19, September 23, 2011 (UTC)
    • If that’s true, then how come the Germans lost the war? And has this been proven. Have T-54's ever gone up against H-54's in combat? I don't think so. My guys have had training fighting against other tank using powers, while you have annexed third rate nations, some of whom were your allies, who used tanks from WW-I, and never even dreamed of armoured corps. Azecreth 15:22, September 23, 2011 (UTC)
    • Really? So Italy was a Third-world country whom we almost won over if you had not intervened? We have strict training protocols and ours tanks have attacked Polish, Italian and Imperial Japanese forces!! 1 Imperium Guy 15:26, September 23, 2011 (UTC)
    • You mean the Polish armies who were busy in Europe fighting me, and had probably stripped all their force in the Middle East to the bone? The Italian and Japanese tanks aren't that stellar either. And won over? You almost took an Italian colony that was over a hundred miles from Italy proper. Big difference. Oh, and you haven't answered my question about how Germany lost the war in OTL if quality always beats quantity. Azecreth 15:30, September 23, 2011 (UTC)
    • What about us, we weren't close either. Fine, maybe you do need a specific number of quality tanks to win over quantity. However, I am pretty sure we have that many amount of aircraft and planes. 1 Imperium Guy 15:34, September 23, 2011 (UTC)
    • I wasn't arguing about the planes. But before this gets crazier, let's have another moderator look it over or something. Flame wars = not fun. Azecreth 15:35, September 23, 2011 (UTC)
    • Agreed. That’s why I said that the algorithm should not be used. 1 Imperium Guy 15:41, September 23, 2011 (UTC)
    • Well, at least this way we have a basis. Without it, the arguments would probably be worse. Azecreth 15:43, September 23, 2011 (UTC)
    • Probably. 1 Imperium Guy 15:44, September 23, 2011 (UTC)
    • History proves quantity beats quality in Korea and WW-II. Nukes change a lot, killing thousands a shot. Climate plays a lot, so Hindustan freezes in Siberia, Russians burn in central and southern India. Terrain has a role in it too. The high Wakhan Mountains and Hindu-Cush are brilliant defensive land, ask the OTL Mujahidin and OTL Taliban. Literally a few guys with mortars, rifles and pack horses can tie down, if not badly damage a tank column or to a lesser extent an infantry unit in the valley below. Jets would beat propeller aircraft. Afghans and Persians are notoriously proud, patriotic, Islamic, anti-foreign colonial rule and determined, ask the OTL Mujahidin, OTL Ayatollah Khomeini and OTL Taliban.
    • French Diplomacy: France, being an ally to the USSR, offers assistance if requested to the recent invasions and readies troops in Indochina to counter any attacks made on the USSR from Japan.

I would a lot the game as follows (assuming I know correctly what is acutely just happened)

  1. The USSR gets land north of and including the cities of Qom [23] and Mashand [24]. They take Afghanistan north of [25] north of the rivers Harirud and Hindu Cush mountains
  2. Hindustan holds the rest of Afghanistan and gains Persia.
  3. The Afghan part of the Hindu Kush [26], Wakhan Corridor and mountains [27] is held by local OTL Mujahidin types.
  4. Tehran Province is held by a local OTL Ayatollah Khomeini type priest and his militia.
  5. Finland and Germany are ok, they did not need adjudication.

Oxfordshire 1972 19:25, September 23, 2011 (UTC)

  • Japanese Diplomacy: Tonga requests that Japan go to war with the CCCP, the Empire-Protectorate of Iwo Jima asks Japan not to once-again go to war with the CCCP. The Japanese President asks the Diet to deliberate on the matter. The Diet decides to declare (according to, sorry) neutrality in the war unless it involves Japan directly or China. The troops in Japan go on high alert and the JDAC begins rigorous patrols around the Honshu and the Japanese possessions.
  • Venezuela assignation plot: A cell of VOIA agents (planted there circa 1938-39 (I forget when)) and a couple of Yiddish Jewish resistance fighters corner Heinrich Himmler’s car as it speeds out of Berlin. The group have been tracking him for ages. I told you I had plans User:Azereth. The car is sprayed with bullets and crashes into a tree. A firefight ensues with the two outriders. A VOIA agent and an outrider die in battle. will decide the fate of the car’s occupants (Himmler, Bormann, the chauffeur, the guard and the private secretary). 1-4 live, 5 died in hospital, 6-10 killed outright. result.

  1. Heinrich Himmler 2=live
  2. Martin Bormann 6=dead
  3. The chauffeur 2=live
  4. The guard 8=dead
  5. The private sectary 9=dead
The three surviving agents and their two Jewish comrades also subvert village of Oberlichtenau near Chemnitz against the Nazis [28] and hoist the Venezuelan flag over the local town hall! Villagers across the fields in the village of Niederlichtenau join in and a couple of handfuls of small arms are dropped from Ruthenian PZL P.7 fighter, which then goes home.

Viva Venezuela! Hola USSR!

  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and improves their infrastructure.
  • Yugoslavia: Begins to update railways for the new Transcontinental Railway. A prototype of the scalar weapon codenamed 'Attero Dominatus' is built and tested. Result is all electronics shutdown 804 meters around the weapon.
  • Finalnd: Finnish respond to the Attacks of the USSR by rallying all the SUMA forces to aid and making a bombing campaign over soviet troops and a "blitz" over Leningrad. The Finnish government experiment with a rocket-mounted nuke as the SUMA combined arsenal reaches two MT (roughly 200 nukes, about 60 for each). The Finnish jet bomber, the Suomi Bombardier1 has good results in outpacing enemy fighters. The SUMA initiate a no-fly-zone over SUMA airspace save for allied planes and civilians. The Finnish create a katyusha-type construction and mount it with tear gas, nerve gas and conventional explosive rockets. The SUMA Baltic project begins operation God, research into thermonuclear fusion bombs. Many ideas pop up as funding increases due to war. The Baltic Project's operations to date are operation A, operation God and operation Mjolnir (rocket-mounted).
  • UASR: The conquest of Zaire and Angola continues.
  • Caribbean Union: The Caribbean Union continues to work on rebuilding. They accept the Venezuelan deals. Meanwhile, a UCSR spy sabotages the USA's hydrogen bomb plans and makes copies. They give them out to the other members of the UN, proving that the USA is working on weapons of mass destruction worse than the atomic bomb. In other news, the Caribbean Union makes five nuclear warheads.
  • Venezuela:Air Commodore Rodríguez Gilberto Miguel Orejuela topples the president in a coup.


A famine hits parts of Africa’s Shale region, especially in OTL Niger and Mali. Anti-Nazi riots occur in Lippi, Munich and Stuttgart. Pro-Nazi rallies take place in force in Anhalt. Local Czech and Hungarian interactionism rebel in Pecs, in Bohemia, Bruno in Moravia and both Zala and Sopron in Hungary. German refugees flee to Austria and Switzerland. An anti-colonialist situation occurs in Zaire akin to the OTL Katanga This Katanga crisis style uprising by the locals hits the south of OTL Katanga province. Several lightly armed, but determined anti-White occupation tribes are involved in it.

  • Tierra del Fuego, Argentine Commonwealth: The Antarctic expedition surges ahead. However, coordination and resupplies have become difficult due to the lack of aircraft. To counter this, the NSI has started developing a new lighter-than-air craft. Also, a temporary facility has been constructed on the Antarctic coast to service incoming ships more quickly and to facilitate radio communications between the NSI and the expedition crew. Meanwhile, back home, the first major Federal project (a National road and rail network) is nearing completion.
  • Venezuela: A squadron of three Death Penalty Idea bombers, a PZL.23 Karaś light bomber, a Stinson Reliant photographic reconnaissance plane, two ex-Yugoslav 7.2 Henkel He-162 Fighters, one CR.32 comparable fighters and one ex-Yugoslav Rogožarski IK-3 fighter. Propeller-driven fighters take off from six recently modified Venezuelan M.A.C. style tankers near the coast of Algeria (with a Conquistador frigate as an escort) in an act of unusually superb airmanship. They fly over Lake Balaton in the German held western part of Hungary. The 7.2 Henkel He-162 Fighters shred the local ad hoc Nazi air force, but their Flak 88 take out the slower part of propeller-driven fighter element when it arrives with the bombers. The bombers drop their cargo. The first lot of bombs destroy the strategic bridges to Zalaegerszeg over the River Zala, the second load of bombs hit the Nazi garrison at Zalaegerszeg [29] (the survivors managed to shoot down the bomber during the raid) and the 3rd bomber drops a VOIA five-man special ops team, a supply canister and six Venezuelan troopers down in the neighbouring discontent village of Balatonberény [30], which rises up against small local Nazi militia and hoists both the flags of free Hungary and Venezuela from their church spire! The PZL.23 Karaś light bomber misses a local Nazi radio mast, which is then evacuated flowing the raid. Later Balatonszentgyörgy [31], which is about 8 km down the road, joins in the rebellion.
The second squadron of now two Death Penalty Idea bombers, a PZL.23 Karaś light bomber, a Stinson Reliant photographic reconnaissance plane, two ex-Yugoslav, two Henkel He-162 Fighters, and one ex-Yugoslav Rogožarski IK-3 fighter propeller-driven fighters take off from a second fleet six recently modified Venezuelan MAC ships near Algiers. They fly along Lake Balaton in western part of Hungary. The two Henkel He-162 Fighters shred the local scratch formation German air force, but their Flak 88 take out the The PZL.23 Karaś light bomber at Hévíz. The other bombers drop their cargo. The first of the other bombers' bombs destroy the most German garrison at the frontline town of Zalakaros and the second drops supply canister and nine Venezuelan troopers down in the town of Hévíz, where the unscathed German Flack unit drive them off, at the cost of two lives.
Rebels and already used agent in Oberlichtenau liberate the nearby town of Pulsnitz.
Trebisov, Košice and Mt Tarnica merge in to Ruthenia-Nyíregyháza. The poll of 1951 (75% turnout) leads to this result for their 20 senators.
  1. 65%= Slovak nationalists.
  2. 20%= Oberlander Jewish rights.
  3. 10%= Polish nationalists.
  4. 4%= Christian Democrats.
  5. 1%= Socialist Democrats.
  6. 0%= Communists.
The unified state of Ruthenia-Nyíregyháza will not have another poll until 1960.
A new oil-fueled power station and several public air raid shelters are constructed in Caracas. One Rogožarski IK-3 fighter, three 'Bolivar class' light gunboats, another Martin M-130 airliner, two Panzer II tanks, a Dornier Do-24 comparable air-sea rescue flying boat [32], a Panzer III tank, two Sherman comparable tanks and a PZL.23 Karaś light bomber all churn out of Caracas’s growing industrial zone. Air Commodore Rodríguez Gilberto Miguel Orejuela is removed by the president in a coup.
  • Italy: Italy continues militarising and improving its industrial and economical capacities.
  • Finland: Operations Mjolnir and God are now operational and tested.
  • China: China blasts through the Soviet battle lines after surprising them with firebombing tactics, Mustard Gas and artillery bombardment. China crushes Tannu Tuva and seizes many urban areas including Vladivostok. Chinese naval ships engage the USSR in the Battle of Sakhalin where the most of USSR Pacific fleet is sunk by a combination of minefields, depth charges, torpedoes and heavy bombardment.
  • Why crush Tannu Tuva? You already took it in 1949. It was already yours.Oxfordshire 1972

  • I didn’t take it until the war with USSR began.

  • OK. Oxfordshire 1972 13:26, September 27, 2011 (UTC)

  • Hindustan: Deploys its fleet to sink the rest of the Russian Pacific Fleet. They then launch a huge offensive to recapture lost Persian territory using the same tactics as China by fire-bombing the troops and launching huge nuclear and chemical attacks. many tanks are used and tanks are given priority with jets on the production line. Some qualities of the tanks are reduced, however so that more can be rolled out. Another aircraft offensive is launched to dominate Persian airspace (nothing else). The UASR is urged to declare war against the USSR.
  • UASR: Continues its annexation of Zaire and Angola. They then declare war on Russia and sent their fleet to engage the Russian Atlantic fleet which loses over half of its ships. However, over a quarter of the British ships are sunk in the engagement. All colonies of the UASR are given the same rights as of those of the home countries which increases loyalty more than it is ever hoped for.
  • Yugoslavia: Sends in two Infantry Battalions, with the support of ten Renault R-35s, two Fiat M11/39 medium tanks, a Christie 1928 Prototype tank, and four Búrke Rocket Launchers trucks into German held Hungary. Taking villages from local Nazi forces, who fight back with all they have and not surrendering to Yugoslavian forces, pushing them back to Northern Hungary. Nazi Forces blocks the roads to enter city of Pecs with items from local town folks, The Christie and three Renaults run through the blockade, destroying it, with a company troopers behind them. Locals begin to rise up against the Nazi Forces. Hungarian and Yugoslavian Flags are flown over the Barbakán upon capturing the city. A platoon and the two Fiat M11/39 medium tanks is sent to meet up Venezuelan Forces at village of Balatonberény and help in any way they can. Remaining Yugoslavian Forces push their way up to the southern shore of Lake Balaton, freeing all Hungarian villages in their way to lake. The Heinkel He-343 Jet bomber [1], He 111 medium bomber [2], and He-70 "Blitz" mail plane [3] enters production.
  • Caribbean Union: Several islands in the Caribbean are annexed. Meanwhile, many nuclear warheads are produced. Scientist immigrating from the USSR begin to work on advanced wartime technologies. In late December, the President makes an off-handed comment. The UN is just an organization led by people looking up to war pigs like America. They hate communism and all it stands for, despite the fact that the USSR and the UCSR have some of the largest economies in the world! It's a group feeling sorry for piss ant little groups like SUMA. I just wish the USSR had more nukes so they could turn the area into a crater. I hope Venezuela and our other allies don't get the business end of the United Nose-In-Everything States like we did. A formal apology is sent to SUMA and most of the UN.
  • 'Tierra del Fuego, Argentina Commonwealth: 'The development of the new air vehicles has been completed! These lighter-than-air craft, known as 'Peronins', are perfect for airborne observation, radio coordination, and resupplies. They also do not damage the tundra when landing, whilst helicopters and planes do. The expedition has reached the South Pole, raising the twin flags of the AC and Tierra del Fuego. A summertime scientific research camp has been set up there. The government of Formosa has contacted the government of TdF inquiring whether the new Peronins could have a potential military application.
  • Venezuela Diplomacy: The President flies to the Vatican to see an audience with the Pope in the Holy See due to concerns over the war in the USSR. Venezuela condemns the casual use of nuclear and chemical weapons in all wars and say such weapons are inhuman. The Ruthenian-Nyíregyháza Republic is now upgrades itself from a puppet state to an independent client state.
  • Soviet Union: Full scale mobilization begins. This will put more than 10% of the Soviets population into the army. The T-54 is given priority development. A jet fighter, the MiG-17, goes into fast track development. The Soviet army in Germany continues pushing, with some German units defecting against the Nazis. Central Germany falls, and the only parts still in Nazi control are in the Southwest. A new push begins in Finland, with the introduction of Sarin as a weapon. The Finnish army is woefully unprepared for this type of weapon, and the Soviets make large gains there. Troops are rushed to the Chinese, Persian, and Afghanistan fronts, where they set up defence lines, and wait for the fronts in Europe to close up. The Soviet Union calls on its allies, the United States, France, Italy, and Argentina to declare war on the Eurasian Powers.
  • Venezuela brings a case to the International Court of Justice: The ICJ document reads “Guayana Esequiba is traditionally our land and was taken off our Bolivarian forbears in 1831. [33] The UK does not legally own it and Venezuela wishes to see the 120 year occupation brought to an end [34]. We wish to reclaimed it peacefully and give the locals equal rights of abode under the Venezuelan constitution. If they wish to leave or stay they can according to their free choice.”'
    AvAr Prague Nazi bunker.

    A long abandoned Nazi scientific bunker near Prague.

    A mysterious Nazi bunker is found in a forest outside Prague by a couple of V.O.I.A. spies and they think they can see a high tech lab through the keyhole of the hastily welded up door.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and improves their infrastructure. Prime Minister Plaek Pibulsonggram begins planning to build some subway and train stations to all the major cities in Thailand. The Prime Minister also begins planning more motorway for faster travel within Thailand as well as a racetrack so that Thailand can also host a grand prix racing event for Formula 1 eventually (as well as hosting some of their own racing and stuff.).
  • The United States: The United States condemns the invasion of the Soviet Union by China, and responds by using a nuclear weapon just off of the coast of China to show that they mean business. They also continue research on a “hydrogen bomb”, officially the Teller-Ulam design, which would be thousands of times more powerful than the nuclear bomb. The US Pacific Fleet is placed on high alert, and the entire military is at DEFCON 3, and the navy at DEFCON 2, almost to the stage of war, ready to attack at a moment’s notice. Men are mobilized for a possible war.
  • Venezuela Sport: Venezuela develops an F-1 racing team.
  • Japan: The Japanese Diet approves operations into Sakhalin Island and the Kuril Islands. The President sends a contingent of roughly 20,050 men, 117 tanks, 67 jet fighters and 22 jet bombers into the Sakhalin Island and they occupy the island with the majority of the Oriental peoples helping the Japanese against the Soviet oppressors. The Japanese take the Kuril Islands in a lighting war with air support from Sakhalin. The Diet then begrudgingly approves operations into the Kamchatka Peninsula. Thirty thousand men with support from three aircraft carriers, nine battleships and air support from Sakhalin Island invade the peninsula and capture the majority of it losing only 1092 men and one jet fighter due to technical failure.
  • Ethiopia: Increases its number of infantry half-tracks and tanks. The Gray Lion is completed along with several more fast attack patrol vessels. The vengeance fighters are retrofitted with new equipment. Radar begins to be used in some areas of the military.
  • Finland: Finland continues to pour money into the operations Mjolnir and God, as operation God comes up with a design similar to the teller-ulam and the sloika design. Finnish air force is being converted to jets and is dominating the Soviets. Finnish people get prepared for a nuclear strike into the heart of Finland. Finland condemns the nuclear bombing of China and prepares four strategic jet bombers to possibly carry nukes into battle secretly. The SUMA uses Chemical weapons en masse against the Soviets, demoralizing them and make advances into former Finnish and Soviet Karelia.
    • Read the algorithm. Crushing Soviet victory, the Soviet Union pushes far into Finland, advancing hundreds of miles. The Finnish air force is disabled for one year. (Note: All those posts about destroying Soviet navy: not true unless you post algorithm).
    • Finland uses nukes cough, cough and chemical weapons ahem
    • The USSR also has that. And even if not, the USSR would also have victory. Besides, you can't use nukes and chem weapons if you don't have an air force.
    • and I only have strength as, adding ten for nukes? or five for chems...and the only reason the air force is disabled is because that algorithm that didn’t take into account my membership of Eurasian powers AND SUMA. So there you have it...
    • It did take your membership there; your alliance score isn't zero. And the USSR's strength does not count the nukes either... Not only that, I don't see how your strength is nine since you don't have greater population, industry or military.
    • 'SUMA militaries act as one...attack and defend as one... I also had foreign aid by the UASR'and my alliance score was set at 4...that’s two allies.
    • They counted your alliance score. And you still don't have greater strength. Scandinavia isn't the superpower you seem to think it is.
    • Eurasian powers is like nine or something members...actually, when I think about it my alliance score is 22 for 11 ya, I win!
  • Italy: Italy sends huge amounts of volunteers into the Soviet aid without outright declaring war. Italy also continues militarising and industrialising.
  • France: Troops are sent to free Moyotte.


  • China: China Tactically nukes and firebombs in a preemptive raid on the USSR's lightly manned border with China. China surges outwards with a staggering army of almost 12 million troops. They overwhelm the USSR's troops and travel in small groups only uniting in time for a major battle. They are equipped with the latest Chinese weaponry and during the autumn, troops in Southern Siberia have Manchurian coats and furs airdropped in to keep them warm over the winter. China manages to sink the entire USSR Pacific fleet in the Battle of Vladivostok. Russian airfields are obliterated by huge amounts of normal bombs. China seizes by the end of the year; half of Central Asia and half of Siberia. Tannu Tuva is wiped out early with their defences standing no chance against a horde of Chinese troops.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and improves their infrastructure. Prime Minister Plaek Pibulsonggram begins planning to build some subway and train stations to all the major cities in Thailand and also have city subway to travel around in large cities. The Prime Minister also begins planning more motorway for faster travel with-in Thailand as well as a racetrack so that Thailand can also host a gran prix racing event for Formula 1 eventually (and have their racetrack be part of the season and stuff).
  • Spain: Spain recognizes secularism. However, the predominant religion is Catholicism in Spain. So Spain is a referendum that gives rise to YES. Therefore, Spain will represent the Spanish people in the Catholic belief. The most radical sectors of the Communist Party speak out against this entry. The government responded to this, we wanted to avoid another civil war.
  • Soviet Union: Soviet troops continue their advance, and after hard fighting, seize the rest of Germany, and annex it. A purge of Nazi elements begins, and the Soviets begin preparing a new government to be put into power. With the German front closed, the Soviets pull troops and send them to the Finnish, and Chinese fronts, along with quantities of nerve gas and other weapons. The Soviet navy begins a blockade of Scandinavia. Troops rush from Kursk, Sakhalin Island and Magadan to Premorski Krya, Chita and Irkutsk to fight the Chinese.
  • UASR: The AAA invades the Soviet Union and begins to destroy everything in there path. Anglo tanks and planes begin to bomb the hell out of the southern USSR and Anglo troops land in Germany and establish the German Imperial Republic. Anglo troops retake Bonn and force the Battle of Berlin, which ends in an Anglo victory. The Baltic States, Finland, Germany, and Poland are encouraged to throw off their oppressors and revolt. France is offered Zaire if it stays neutral as well as parts of Angola. The Anglo Navy breaks the blockade of Scandinavia and puts the Soviet Navy on the run. Nuclear bombs are given to the German, Baltic, Finnish, and Scandinavian rebels so they can end the war in their own terms. The Soviets are told that unless you withdraw from the Baltics, Finland, Germany, Poland, and any other European country, a nuclear war will begin. Be careful how you respond. Anglo tanks begin to flow into anti Soviet rebels hands. The United States is asked to help preserve Democracy by declaring war on the USSR, if accepted, the United Kingdom will grant Australia independence and grant the Dominion of Quebec its independence. Anglo troops set off from the colonies and land in Siberia in late September an establish a beachhead in the area. The Anglo Navy begins to blockade the USSR's Pacific coast and the Battle of the Black Sea and Sevastopol both end in an Anglo victory, destroying the Russian Black Sea Fleet and having Sevastopol being occupied by Anglo forces. Planes use Sevastopol as well as Aircraft Carriers as air bases and begin to drop nonnuclear bombs on the Soviet cities and countryside.
  • France: Why is China winning in Siberia? Hundreds of troops are sent to help defend the Ukraine.
830px-Axis vs Allies (r) m1949
A anti-colonialist situation occurs in Zaire akin to the OTL Katanga It is in Haute Zaire Province, to the northeast.
  • Spain: Spain international diplomatic situation improves, the foreign ministry said: 1) Promote relationships with Hispanic countries, so it proposes to Venezuela, Argentina and Cuba economic pacts that benefit both. 2) the entrance of Spain to the UN as a member and also the Global Alliance for Democracy countries. 3) The support of Spain to Venezuela, the Hispanic cause in the UN. 4) Mutual Protection Pacts with France, Venezuela, USSR and Italy. The ministry expects the responses of governments. The Spanish socialist economy has ensured that the economy is completely stable, this fact gives the new militarization (Thanks to the tanks left by the British in the Spanish Civil War). Now have an army moderate, especially in the states of overseas. Spain now not enter the war. Just in case its neighbours states are directly threatened.
  • Japan: The Japanese President condemns the Chinese pre-emptive strike on the CCCP and points out that the Chinese also have violated their treaty with Japan. Japan then withdraws its ambassadors from China and sets fire to their diplomatic offices, destroying anything they may have accidently missed. The Chinese ambassadors in Japan are sent back to the Chinese. The Japanese Defence Navy withdraws from the fighting and returns to the Honshu. The Japanese air-space is closed to all Chinese traffic along with all Japanese waters. A Japanese Bushi class battleship is harassed by Chinese Coast Guard cutters and fire upon them sinking three and severely damaging four. The Treasurer-General withdraws all foreign aid from China including, but not limited to, the railroad money. The Chinese nationals in the Mexico territory and the Pacific islands are deported. The Tongan government deports all Chinese nationals to the Philippines by accident. All Japanese military personnel are put on high alert.

Venezuela: Rebels and already used agent in Oberlichtenau liberate the nearby town of Pulsnitz.

  • China: China declares Afghani independence and Indonesia joins the war after heavy persuasion to join the Eastern Superpowers. China manages to take most of Eastern Siberia by forcing the Russians to suffer in their own winter - a result of cutting the Trans-Siberian railway at various intervals trapping vital supplies. Chinese troops are bolstered by 2.5 million new recruits who replace the 1.5 million casualties suffered by the Chinese troops. Tactical nukes and chemical warfare obliterate small sections of the Chinese army but are ineffective against the tens of thousands of these sections the inflitrate behind the USSR lines and join together just in time for a battle. With the Russians engaged on all sides the Chinese and Hindustani armies are able to make massive pushes against the stretched USSR forces. Chinese apologize profusely to the Japanese and attempt to wait out the diplomatic crisis.
  • Spain: Sends aid to the USSR.
  • Ireland: Denounces the war on the USSR and goes neutral.
  • Sudan: Invades the Anglo’s part of the Sudanese coastline.
  • Ethiopia: Sends aid to Hindustan.
  • Turkey: Sends troops to help the USSR to fight Hindustan.
    • Chinese Diplomacy: Chinese officials apologize for the breaking of the treaty and just before they leave they give one message to the Japanese: We continued our nuclear program for one reason: to defend the Eastern Superpowers if war ever begun. The Hindustanis were invaded and prompted us into action. We would have lost had it not been for the usage of small tactical nukes on their military bases. We will wait your response after you think it over. Let us not be too hasty.
830px-Axis vs Allies (r) m1949

Facing defeat in northern Kazakhstan, The Soviet Marshal Georgi Smirnoff issues a decree on a high power radio from inside his armoured train just south of Tomsk on May 20th, 1951 . It read - “I order you to lay down your arms and make peace with the opposing forces, due to overlying odds. Further heroics are now futile comrades. I declare the neutral [as in Swiss neutrality] state of ‘Tomskestan‘ in the lands my battle group controls. The only conditions I arks of my enemy’s is that we are not occupied beyond observers, the fighting stops on our front, that we remain communist and that we remain Christian. So help us God.” His battle-group holds –

  1. Tomsk Oblast [35]
  2. The north of Tyumen Oblast [36]
  3. Khanty–Mansi Autonomous Okrug [37]
  4. Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug [38]
  5. Omsk Oblast [39]
  6. Novosibirsk Oblast [40]
  7. The north of Kemerovo Oblast [41]
  8. And an enclave of distance fighters around the city of Magnitogorsk [42].
  • France: Troops from the Chad annex the west of the Anglo-Sudan and help arm free Sudan.
  • UASR: The conquest of Zaire and Angola is finally completed as Anglo troops mop up the final resistance from the resistance and Portuguese/Belgian regulars. The two colonies are annexed and the Treaty of London is signed by Portugal and Belgium as well as the UASR, ceding Zaire and Angola to the Anglo Union. Troop levels in the two new colonies begin to stabilize at around 435,00 men an 500 tanks. The rights of people in the home islands are given to all of the Anglo Unions colonies. May add later...


An anti-colonialist situation occurs in Zaire akin to the OTL Katanga This Katanga crisis style uprising by the locals hits the south of OTL Katanga province. Several lightly armed, but determined anti-White occupation tribes are involved in it.
  • Hindustan: Sweep in a take the territory unoccupied by any countries. They then, for the UASR, attack the USSR from British Afghanistan and Persia. They repel all Soviet troops form Persia and Afghanistan. Hindustan applauds its allies for stopping Soviet Imperialism. They then send their navy to help their British counter-parts.
  • @USSR: You bit off more than you could chew. Surrender and we will be fair.
    • Japanese Ultimatum: The Chinese must swear to make no more advances into the CCCP and forsake the use of all nuclear weapons and chemical weapons before the Japanese shall re-establish diplomacy.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: Hindustan agree that there will be no more fighting in the CCCP if the Soviets surrender as they will be treated fairly and will be resumed to mostly pre-war borders. It is now to be decided what the terms of surrender will be.
  • Tierra del Fuego, Antarctic Commonwealth: The development of the new air vehicles has been completed! These lighter-than-air craft, known as 'Peronins ', are perfect for airborne observation, radio coordination and resupplies. They also do not damage the tundra when landing, whilst helicopters and planes do. The expedition has reached the South Pole, raising the twin flags of the AC and Tierra del Fuego. A summer time scientific research camp has been set up there. The government of Formosa has contacted the government of TdF enquiring whether the new Peronins could have a potential military application.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up its military, and begins to build some subway and train stations in major cities. Thailand also begins building/constructing some motorway as well as a racetrack (the racetrack will, once finished, be used in future Formula 1 racing and regional racing too.) Birabongse Bhanudej, participates in this years Formula 1 racing.
  • Venezuela: Is puzzled by what is happening in the USSR and annexes Mauritius of the British.
  • Turkey: Sends 50,000 troops to help the USSR to fight Hindustan.
  • Ethiopia: Takes the opportunity to take control of more territory and support their allies in the war against the allies of the Soviet Union attack Eritrea and Somalia. Most of eastern Eritrea quickly falls but even with a bigger force and the element of surprise progress is slow in Somalia. Ethiopia ask the UK and Hindustan for support.

All Soviet resistance collapses in Magadan Oblast [43], but stiffens in Odessa Oblast and Kirovohrad Oblast [44]. Chukotka Autonomous Okra [45] is taken over by renegade party commissar and Chechnya falls in to an OTL style Islamist Chechen crisis. A heavy blizard stops all fighting in the Communist held Kamchatka fishing town of Korf (Russian: Корф) [46].Oxfordshire 1972

  • Venezuela: A new natural gas fired power station opens in Cuaid de Guyana. Ties strengthen with Spain and an alliance is offered to them. The Venezuelan government will set up the League of Catholic Nations: Cuba, France, Argentina, Spain, Ireland, Colombia*, Panama* and the Holy See* were invited to join the mutual religious, cultural, trade and defence (no nukes) pact. * vote. Let me know if you want in to it. A Tiger I copied tank and [47], seven Fairy Swordfish comparable aircraft and A Dornier Do-24 comparable reconnaissance flying boat [48] are made in Caracas. A MAC ship that is a direct espionage gained copy of HMS Activity (D94) [49] is laid down. Both Ruthenia and Nyíregyháza take the land between them in the chaos and the 200ft road corridor to Trebisov and Košice expands to a 2km land bridge Ruthenia and Nyíregyháza also take the lands to the east of Debrecen in fierce hand-to-had guerrilla war fare.
  • China: With the Tomskestan declaring independence from the USSR, the USSR lands east of it are totally cut off from the central government. Starving and freezing in the Siberian winter, they surrender to the Chinese who have dropped leaflets in USSR territory calling them to stop the war and surrender for heat and food. The whole of Siberia from Kamchatka to Tomeskestan surrenders to China. In the west further fighting continues but against such overwhelming odds, many units shoot their officers and flee the battlefield. Chinese troops face little opposition as they march into Europe, but only secure small gains due to the stretched supply lines. China draws up plans for two new nations and organises referenda in those areas: The Democratic Republic of Siberia and the Unified States of Central Asia. These will form out of most of the Chinese-held USSR territory. Chinese troops liberate the Kamchatkans and kill the corrupt party offical. China asks to assume control of British Siberia. China declares an end to their involvement in this war and secures their territory. China agrees to the Japanese ultimatum on one condiion: that the nukes and chemical weapons can only be used in self defence or the defence of a fellow Eastern Superpower.
  • Tomeskstan? Is there a place called like that? Or a Tomesk people?
  • Read 1951
  • Marshal G. Smirnoff named his state after the town of Tomsk, which is its supposed capital.
    • Tomeskstan only means "Land of the Tomesks" in Persian. That has no sense.
    • It was the only thing I thought of at the time, but It could change names.
  • Japan: The Japanese President, with the consent of the Diet, launches a "Peace-Keeping Operation" into Sakhalin island. The Japanese Army quickly subdues the the small and rather de-moralised Russians whom many now see as an occupying force. The Japanese in south Sakhalin proudly raise the rising sun flag out of their windows and in the streets, in the north the Russians and other oriental races greet the Japanese as peace bringers. Only 27 men die in the campaign. The Diet no longer recognizes the CCCP as the ruling force over the former CCCP and instead classifies the area as "in-anarchy". The JDAC begins dropping food and medicine to the people trapped in Siberia. The Japanese Defence Army launches another "Peace-Keeping Operation" into the Kuril Islands, they capture the islands with only 172 dead. The Japanese also persuade local rulers in the Kamchatka to be annexed by Japan. Japan asks the United States of America for the Alaskan Territory in exchange for the Japanese Mexico and a non-aggression pact for 22 years.
  • Finland: Finnish and SUMA forces occupy what is known as "Greater Finland". Finnish Flags are flown over Leningrad as it is renamed St Petersburg as it was originally and the city is made capital of South Karelia (the newly occupied territories are divided along the 64th parallel north into North and South Karelia). Finnish forces drive for archangel as the Soviet Air Force is all but destroyed along with the Baltic sea part is without the use of a single SUMA nuke (but chemical weapons were used "en masse"). The Mjolnir project fires its first SRBM into the uninhabited Parts of the Soviets' land as a warning. The SUMA declares itself a Supernational Superpower. The Suma declares Soviet Russia inadequate to keep its seat on the permanant UNSC and demand the SUMA have it in turn. The Finnish annex soviet karelia and kola peninsula and in Estonia (as a nation with a Finnic majority) a referendum is scheduled to negotiate their joining into the Greater Finnish Republic. The Finnish take the cities of Veliki Novgorod, Tver, Pskov and Smolensk, Yaroslavl and west Vladimir Oblast (although the UASR forces did a lot of the work). The Baltics are liberated and a "transitional Government" is set in place in Lithuania and Latvia, for the time of transition making them 'De Facto 'dependencies of the SUMA. The Soviets surrender unconditionally to the SUMA. Old Russian flags(the tricolor) are flown in all Russian cities liberated by the SUMA and the UASR and Veliki Novgorod is proclaimed capital of the Old Russia Republic (for the moment consisting of the oblasts of Tver, Smolensk, Novgorod, Tver, Pskov, Yaroslavl, and parts of Vladimir and non-annexed parts of the Leningrad oblast). (PS, this was done with a lot of help from chemical weapons, firebombings, and much aid from UASR along with the Anarchy that has become the USSR). A transitional government made from the main resistance leaders against the communists in Russia (although this government is not a dependancy but a separate state that the SUMA does not want any part of). The Finnish Withdraw and leave a small peacekeeping force to fight off the remaining soviet army. attacking them, although they are disoriented and leaderless. The war is known as the Finnic Unification War in Finland and a day of rememberance and a great monument is erected in Helsinki honoring the nearly four million casualties on both sides. Grand Duke Vladimir Kirilovich is found and declared Tsar of old Russia and hopefully the new Russian Empire.
  • Yugoslavia: Yugoslavia Forces turns to eastern Hungary controlled by Russia. With most Russian units returning to the Motherland for slow UASR Forces, Yugoslav Forces surge forward into eastern Hungary reinforced with remaining Burke RLs, Fiat M11/39s, Czech SI-D tank destroyers and three Infantry Battalions. Aeroput's eight Lockheed model ten Electras are used to drop in a company of airborne infantry units in Budapest taking it from Russian force in hours with reinforcements of the 12 Renault FT-17s and an infantry battalion arriving shortly before it ends, while five Burkes and four Fait M11/39s siege Szeged only days later ending with Russian Forces Surrendering. Miskolc is defended heavily by Russian forces. The siege last two weeks with severe casualties on both sides. Yugoslavia Forces push on into the Northern Great Plains region, Taking Debrecen in days.
  • Venezuela Diplomacy: The President flys to the Vatican to see an audience with the Pope in the Holy See.

The Venezuelan government then set up the League of Catholic Nations. Cuba, Italy, France, Argentina, Spain, Ireland and the Holy See were invited to join the mutual religious, cultural, trade and defence pact.

  1. Colombia 64=yes.
  2. Panama- 7=no.
  3. Holy See- 10=no.
  4. Italy joined.
  5. Argentina joined.
  • Argentina: Oil and gold are discovered near the AABCA, which is expanded. Commercial Peronin flights are started to Venezuela. A trial flight to Hindustan will take place at the end of the year. The Formosan National Guard has investigated the possibility of launching planes from Peronins. Unconfirmed reports are surfacing of an explosion in Formosan airspace.
  • Hindustan: Hindustan launch a peace-keeping force into the territoy where the former Soviet army in Siberia is still holding and through a blockade and British help, its falls. They then give the territory to recognised Democratic Republic of Siberia and they urge the Japanese and British to give up their conquered territories on the Russian mainland to the DRS but they can keep all islands conquered. They also send a huge army wearing the Chinese winter clothing (we don't have too great winter clothing) to fight the Soviets North West of the DRS. They too fall very quickly except on the northern fringes of their territory. With Chinese consent the Democratic Republic of Siberia and the United States of Central Asia are rejoined into the United Democratic States of Russia.
    • UASR Diplomacy: Agrees and lets go of their Siberian territory to the newly formed United States of Democratic Russia. All free troops from Siberia are now diverted to British holdings in West Russia from where a new attack is launched which meets up with surrendered areas in the North East. Over half of the remaining North Eastern CCCP is taken by British troops and they meet up with British troops stationed with the Greater SUMA troops. An attack is also launched from surrendered areas in the west and all Soviet land is taken except from the ones coloured in black.
    • German Imperial Republic. What the hell is that? Way to pretend you are democratic and hide your true intentions. You haven't had elections in forever.
    • We are having elections in 1952.0 and the German Imperial Republic is the type of country which was existant pre-WW-I, however, with a democratic government.
    • Authoritarian Democracy IS Democracy. It is a monarch whose powers are constrained by a legislative assembly. And I love how everyone except China totally ignored the logistics involved with conquering the entire USSR, and any partisan resistance that might have resulted.
    • I think the Soviets would be too occupied fighting in the East and so Britain, with the help of SUMA invaded Eastern Russia. I've got a strong feeling it is Azecreth here. If it is, you can take the newly formed United Democratic States of Russia.
  • Caribbean Union: The Caribbean Union works on building up its military. By now, it is completely rebuilt, save for Havana, which is still mainly rubble. The Havana Memorial is set up and pictures depicting horrors sent from the USA are sent to the UN members. Meanwhile, Haiti, Honduras, and Jamaica agree to become puppet states of the Caribbean Union. The UCSR supports the rebuilding of the USSR as a communist/socialist state.
  • Spain: Spain recognizes secularism. However, the predominant religion is Catholicism in Spain. So Spain is a referendum that gives rise to YES. Therefore, Spain will represent the Spanish people in the Catholic belief. The most radical sectors of the Communist Party speak out against this entry, the government responded to this, we wanted to avoid another civil war.
  • Turkey: Sends aid to the Soviets.
  • Sudan: Invades the Anglo’s border lands south of Egypt.

Blizzards stop all fighting in and around Kiev and Kirov Oblast. Riots hit Norilsk and Krupki A Ryazan General uses his initiative and orders the use of chemical and nuclear weapons on the advancing enemy forces in his district. Chernobyl’s local militia openly collaborate with the Poles and sell out to them on ethnic grounds. The garrison in East Prussia hoist the white flag surrender to Germany after heavy losses and heroic battles. A massive tank and bomber formation make a heroic last stand in Smolensk Oblast, along with their Byelorussian and Prypetskia allies. Oryol Oblast [50] surrenders and wishes to be a protectorate of Italy. Vologda Oblast surrenders to the UAER [[51]]

Thailand: Thailand continues to build up its military and still continues construction on subway, trains, motorways and the racetrack. Birabongse Bhanudej does not win this years Formula 1 and says will try again next year.

  • Hindustani Response: Start to develop their own Formula 1 team.
    • Venezuela: Develops an F-1 racing team.

On June 15 to July 1, 1951- In New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, thousands of acres of forests are destroyed in fires. Major pro and anti-Nazi riots occur in Aachen, Germany.

  • Turkey: Sends 5,000 troopers to the Soviets to fight the Germans with.
  • Spain: Sends more aid to the USSR.
  • Ireland: Denounces the war on the USSR once and stays neutral.
  • Venezuela: A new oil fuelled power station and several public air raid shelters are constructed in Caracas. One Rogožarski IK-3 fighter, three 'Bolivar class' light gunboats, another Martin M-130 airliner, two Panzer II tanks, a Dornier Do-24 comparable air-sea rescue flying boat [52], a Panzer III tank, two Sherman comparable tanks and a PZL.23 Karaś light bomber all churn out of Caracas’s growing industrial zone. Engineers continue to work on the Bramo 323 radial engine [53] and Junkers Jumo 205 aircraft engine [54] designs. General Umberto Aznar steps down due to ill heath in favour of his loyal son Lieutenant General Oscar Aznar. Vargas state [55] is ruthlessly developed around La Guaira city. Amazonas state southern third (1/3) [56] is made into a nature reserve. The Ruthenian-Nyíregyháza Republic is now upgrades itself from a puppet state to an independent client state. Venezuela condemns the casulised use of chemical and nuclear weapons in 1950-51. Panama, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and British Guyana are offered membership with in the Latin American Economic and Monetary Union. Ties strengthen with Spain and an alliance is offered to them. resulrs on the LAEMU aplications were as follows (1-49= N0, 50= noncommittal, 51-100=yes).
  1. Panama- 5 = no.
  2. Bolivia- 69 = yes.
  3. Paraguay- 76 = yes.
  4. Peru- 79 = yes.
  5. Uruguay- 12 = no.
  6. British Guyana- 55 = yes

Trebisov, Košice and Mt Tarnica merge in to Ruthenia-Nyíregyháza. The poll of 1951 (75% turnout) leads to this result for their 20 senators. The unified state of Ruthenia-Nyíregyháza will not have another poll until 1961.

  1. 65%= Slovak nationalists.
  2. 22%= Oberlander Jewish rights.
  3. 11%= Polish nationalists.
  4. 1%= Christian Democrats.
  5. 1%= Socialist Democrats.
  6. 0%= Communists.
  • UASR: The foothold in Siberia continues to grow larger and larger while the foothold around Sevastpool has expaned more than tenfold. Germany is finally liberated and billions in weaponry are given to the Germans by the Anglo Union. The invasion of Poland begins to establish a true Republic while the Baltic States are invaded and liberated by the turns end. Warsaw is occupied and the Republic of Poland proclaimed. Anglo tanks, troops, and planes continue to advance into the Soviet heartland. St Petersburg is captured and destroyed as the Baltic Union is proclaimed from the ruins of the once Soviet occupied Baltic States. The invasion of the southern Soviet Union continues rapidly as major industrial areas are captured and destroyed as Anglo troops continue to drive towards the Arctic Coast. The USSR is offered peace on the terms that it revert to 1933 borders. Troops liberate Afghanistan and prepare a defensive line in case China attacks. All UASR colonies become member republics in the Anglo Union, increasing loyalty more than ever hoped for.
  • Venezuela: A squadron of three Death Penalty Idea bombers, a Stinson Reliant photographic reconnaissance plane a pair of ex-Yugoslav Henkel He-162 Fighters, two conscripted civilian PWS-21 passenger planes and three ex-Yugoslav Rogožarski IK-3 fighters take off from seven Venezuelan MAC [57] ships near the coast of Algeria (with a Conquistador frigate and Chavez frigate as an escort). They fly over Lake Balaton in the German held western part of Hungary. The two Henkel He-162 Fighters shred the local ad-hoc Nazi air force, but their Flak 88 take out the slower two ex-Yugoslav Rogožarski IK-3 fighters when it arrives with the bombers. The bombers drop their cargo. The first lot of bombs destroy the rebuilt strategic bridges to Zalaegerszeg over the River Zala, the second load of bombs hit the Nazi garrison at Zalaegerszeg (the well drilled survivors managed again to shoot down the bomber during the raid) and the third bomber drops bombs on an army depot at Hévíz. A VOIA five-man special ops team and a supply canister drop out of both the PWS-21 passenger aircraft over Hévíz, before one is shot down by a lone Nazi Henkel He-162 Fighter which has joined the fray. The Locals rise up in Hévíz, which throws its lot in with the rebels in Balatonberény and Balatonszentgyörgy. The people of Kis-Balaton, Keszthely and Fonyod on the shore of Lake Balaton join the rising. Venezuelans and Yugoslavs are welcomed in. The flags of the three nations (Venezuela, Yugoslavia and free Hungary) fly high as a couple of Venezuelans set up a genuine provisional national government in the region (elections in 1955). This is the last such raid on Hungary on tactical and strategic grounds.

UASR: The foothold in Siberia continues to grow larger and larger while the foothold around Sevastopol has expaned more than tenfold. Germany is finally liberated and billions in weaponry are given to the Germans by the Anglo Union. The invasion of Poland bnegins to establish a true Republic while the Baltic States are invaded and liberated by the turns end. Warsaw is occupied and the Republic of Poland proclaimed. Anglo tanks, troops, and planes continue to advance into the Soviet heartland. St Petersburg is captured and destroyed as the Baltic Union is proclaimed from the ruins of the once Soviet occupied Baltic States. The invasion of the southern Soviet Union contnues rapidly as major industrial areas are captured and destroyed as Anglo troops continue to drive toward the Arctic Coast. The USSR is offered peace on the terms that it revert to 1933 borders. Troops liberate Afghanistan and prepare a defensive line in case China attacks. All UASR colonies become member republics in the Anglo Union, increasing loyalty more than ever hoped for.

    • Don't say you're winning without an algorithm. Thanks for the help, though, and Leningrad should be Scandinavia's siege if you think about it. First do an Algorithm, then do I'm Winning stuff. And if you want your own algorithm go right ahead but plausibly I can only do one.
    • Hindustani Response: Hindustan also says that no more aggression will be carried out if the USSR don't attack Asia again and leave the borders to be.
  • Finland: The Scandinavian Troops besiege Leningrad and it falls after two months of solod siege, with massive casualties on both sides. The Scandinavian troops, with the help from UASR liberate Estonia, With whom Finland has been keeping in touch with resistance leaders. The Finnish place a transitional government in Estonia. The Finns take Muramansk, which is still in half ruin. The Finnish air force is victorious in the air and the non-jet soviet air force's morale is shattered. nearly half of the Finnish air force is jet powered and all the bombers. The Finns construct more ships for the SUMA navy through Sweden and norway and they help a lot. The other Scandinavian air forces are also becoming jet-powered. The Finnish Employ chemical weapons and are tempted to use nuclear weapons but decide not to due to the fact that they are winning without them. Scandinavia's big cities are prepared for a possible nuclear attack form the CCCP. Operation Mjolnir is having some success and launch the first short-range nuclear missile, although it is not very accurate(the test was done with conventional explosives on the soviets). The Operation God already drew up a formula and design for an H-Bomb.

Soviet Union: Nerve gas kills off Baltic troops in Minsk, Finnish troops in Archangelsk, Chinese in Almaty and Hindustanis in Dushanbe.

  • Yugoslavia: With Nazi Germany units pulling out to fight back against USSR, very few remain in Hungary allowing Yugoslavian forces to push northward' freeing the towns and villages fast from their former oppressors. Re-inforcement of Engineer Company, MP Company, and two volunteer company help secure towns and rebuild damage property, while the Main forces get four more Burke RL Trucks, a Panzer II tank, six RF-17s, and another infantry battalion push the remaining Nazi forces to the northern border.
  • Hindustan: Deploys its navy to destroy the Soviet navy stationed in Asia. All troops help the Chinese war effort and the Soviets are told to surrender. Because of the war effort, the people of Hindustan feel more united than ever with Hindus and Muslims working together in factories and around 20%-30% of the Army consisting of Muslims. Hindustan also warns any Soviet allies in Europe not to interfere in the war (you know who you are).
    • Don't say your winning without an algorithm. Thanks for the help though, and Leningrad should be Scandinavia's siege if you think about it. First do an Algorithm, then do I'm Winning stuff. And if you want your own algorithm go right ahead but plausibly I can only do one.
  • USA: American forces invade Bermuda, Espoo, Bristol and the British puppet state in Russia big-time, scouring a major success and chilling tire enemies’ hears.
  • Soviet Union: Droops a H-bomb on Berlin causing ~ 100,000 dead, an A-bomb on Oulu and Tulu causing ~ 15,000 dead in each, an E-bomb on London causing ~ 5000 deaths, a D-bomb on Madras causing ~6000 died, N-bombs Mukden causing ~ 20,000 dead, Tsar bombs Deli causing ~ two million dead and a Q-fever bomb on to Mumbai causing 600 to die.
  • Sudan: Invades the Egyptian town of Abu Sybil.
  • Ethiopia: Invades the Juba region of Somalia.
  • Ethiopia: Liberates the Juba region of Somalia.
  • Soviets: Russia is reunited and starts to democratise. It slowly stops the invasions and pushes them back.
  • Ireland: Asks the UN to send peace keepers to Russia.
  • Venezuela: Sends lots of humanitarian aid and arms to the Soviets.


Axis vs Allies 1951.6b


  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up its military and still continues construction on subway, trains, motorways and the racetrack. Birabongse Bhanudej, participates in this year’s Formula 1 racing. Birabongse Bhanudej does not win this year’s Formula 1 and says will try again next year.
    • Hindustani Response: Start to develop their own Formula 1 team.
  • Argentina proper: Oil and gold are discovered near the AABCA, which is expanded. Commercial Peronin flights are started to Venezuela. A trial flight to Hindustan will take place at the end of the year. The Formosan National Guard has investigated the possibility of launching planes from Peronins. Unconfirmed reports are surfacing of an explosion in Formosan airspace.
  • Venezuela: A new oil fuelled power station and several public air raid shelters are constructed in Caracas. Two 'Conquistador class' frigates (comparable to the USS Abilene (PF-58)), one Rogožarski IK-3 fighter, three 'Bolivar class' light gunboats, another Martin M-130 air liner, two Panzer II tanks, a Dornier Do 24 comparable air-sea rescue flying boat [58], a Panzer III tank, two Sherman comparable tanks, A Tiger I copied tank and [59], two MiG 15 comparable fighters, seven Fairy Swordfish comparable aircraft and two Dornier Do 24 comparable reconnaissance flying boats [60] and a PZL.23 Karaś light bomber all churn out of Caracas’s growing industrial zone. A Tiger I copied tank and [61], three Mil-2 comparable helicopters, seven Fairy Swordfish comparable aircraft and two Dornier Do 24 comparable reconnaissance flying boats [62] are made in Caracas. A MAC ship that is a direct espionage gained copy of HMS Activity (D94) [63] is laid down. Engineers continue to work on the Bramo 323 radial engine [64] and Junkers Jumo 205 aircraft engine [65] designs. Venezuela requests military and civil help from Cuba, Spain, Yugoslavia and Argentina.
A VOIA five-man special opps team and a supply canister drop out of both the PWS-21 passenger aircraft over Hévíz, before one is shot down, along with the lone Rogožarski IK-3 fighter, by a lone Nazi Henkel He 162 Fighters which has joined the affray. The Locals rise up in Hévíz, which throws it lot in with the rebels in Balatonberény and Balatonszentgyörgy. The people of Kis-Balaton, Keszthely and Fonyod on the sore of Lake Balaton join the rising. Venezuelans and Yugoslavs are welcomed in. The flags of the three nations (Venezuela, Yugoslavia and free Hungary) fly high as the as a couple of Venezuelans. set up a genuine provisional national government in the region (elections in 1952).This is the last such raid on Hungary on tactical and strategic grounds. The MAC ship and Chavez class frigate leave the coast of Algiers and head for home.
(AvA) revised. Guayana Esequiba crisis as of 1950.

Guayana Esequiba is the Brown bit in Guayana.

Venezuelan forces take over Guayana Esequiba/OTL West Guyana and the island of Trinidad in a lighting raid that took the UK by surprise. Most troops were in Europe, Zaïre and Angola, so Venezuela had an easy fight. The Mayan republic takes over the ethnically Mayan counties in Belize (the farthest south and the southernmost, too). 'Operation Simon Bolivar' was judged a success and Venezuelan/MR forces dig in and prepare for a counter strike or peace talks. Peace talks are preferable and the president gives a pledge that "the locals will never be harmed or harassed as long as the don't harm or harass Venezuelans. All people are equal in this land." There will be no more fighting, Venezuela pledges not to expand further. The ICJ still apparently continues.
General Umberto Aznar steps down due to ill heath in favour of his loyal son Lieutenant General Oscar Aznar. "8 conventional high explosive V2 comparable rockets are erected in the coastal Vegas region. Vargas state [66] is ruthlessly developed around La Guaira city. Amazonas state southern third (1/3) s a [67] is made in to a nature reserve. Venezuela continues to develop an F-1 racing team and builds a course in Caracas. Venezuela begs Cuba not to attack the continental USA or use nuclear arms first!
  • UASR Response: Venezuela will be given the remaining land if they declare war against the Soviet Union.
  • Caribbean Union: A prototype ship is rolled out of the docks of Santiago de Cuba. Nicknamed El Gallo, it is one of the largest battleships in modern history. Capable of carrying thousands of troops to destinations, it has dozens of turrets and an area for bombers to take off and land. It is also armed with a launcher for nuclear bombs. This is considered a precursor to the ICBM.
The Caribbean Union launches full-scale invasions against 'non-compliant' Caribbean nations. There is little native resistance and most of the nation’s surrender to the vastly superior UCSR. A warning is sent to the other non-compliant Central American nations, saying that it would be wise to cut ties with the USA and join arms with the Caribbean Union, though the nations in Central America are largely Communist already. A strong net of fighters is set up around Cuba and its territory in Central America as a defensive measure in case any nations decide to stick their nose into this incident. Bombers are set up around the coast, preparing to destroy any invasion force from the US.
The Caribbean Union President announces that if the US gets involved in this, the UCSR will use its nuclear warheads. If the US gives Mexico over to the Caribbean Union, future hostilities will be prevented and the economies of both nations would prosper. Speaking of the Caribbean arsenal, several dozen warheads are produced and shipped to bombers. By now, the Caribbean Arsenal rivals that of the USA.
  • Yugoslavia: With Nazi Germany units pulling out to fight back against USSR, very few remain in Hungary allowing Yugoslavian forces to push northward' freeing the towns and villages fast from their former a pressers. Reinforcement of Engineer Company, MP Company, and two volunteer company help secure towns and rebuild damage property, while the Main forces get four more Burke RL Trucks, a Panzer II tank, six RF-17s, and another infantry battalion push the remaining Nazi forces to the northern border. To answer Venezuela call for help, Yugoslavia sends The Pythonic, six Dreadnoughts and The Drava which is load down with two new Heinkel He 343 Jet bomber [1], six Heinkel He 111 medium bomber [2], 12 Rogožarski IK-3 Fighter, and four Heinkel He 162 Fighters to take The Bahamas and Turks/Cacoss islands. They dig in and wait for Peace Talks or a Counter-Strike. Peace talks are preferable and the Crown Prince gives a pledge that ''the locals will never be harmed or harassed as long as they don't harm or harass Yugoslavians Forces. All people will be treated equal in this land. There will be no more fighting", Yugoslavia pledges not to expand further in Caribbean or in Europe. The YSP funding is set back until the Caribbean War is at stopping Point. The Scalar Weapon Program continues with the goal of making missile guide version. Transcontinental Railway's rails are brought up to date, just needing to connected to other countries railroads.
  • Venezuela diplomacy: Relations cool with China and the USA. The Venezuelan government will set up the League of Catholic Nations. Cuba, France, Argentina, Spain, Ireland, Colombia*, Panama* and the Holy See* are invited to join the mutual religious, cultural, trade and defence (no nukes) pact. * vote. Let me know if you want into it.
Panama, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Chile are offered membership with in the Latin American Economic and Monetary Union. Ties strengthen with Spain and an alliance is offered to them. results on the LAEMU applications were as follows (1-49= N0, 50= noncommittal, 51-100= yes).
  1. Panama- 5 = no.
  2. Bolivia- 69 = yes.
  3. Paraguay- 76 = yes.
  4. Peru- 79 = yes.
  5. Uruguay- 55 = yes
  6. Chile- 12 = no.
  7. Argentina joined
The Venezuelan government then set up the League of Catholic Nations. Cuba, Italy, France, Argentina, Spain, Ireland and the Holy See were invited to join the mutual religious, cultural, trade and defence pact.
  1. Colombia 64=yes.
  2. Panama- 7=no.
  3. Holy See- 10=no.
  4. El Salvador- 51=Yes
  5. Italy joined
  6. Argentina Joined
  • Soviet Union: The T-54 moves out of development and into the production phase. Germany is annexed after the remaining Nazi's surrender. A purge begins to remove Nazi elements from Germany. With the closing of that front, troops are moved to the Finnish front, where they push the offensive, and advance farther into Finland. There is still a sizable force in Germany to keep order. Sarin is first used on the Chinese front, in a small-scale counter-offensive.
  • Hindustan: More S-54s are rolled out. The offensive into Soviet Persia bears fruit and all Persian territory is captured with big inroads into Soviet Kysakistan (see algorithm). The air force plays a mojor part in the attack with countess Soviet aircraft being disabled due to jets. However, even the jets fell victim to the Soviets a lot of jets are also lost.
  • UASR: The conquest of Angola and Zaire is finally completed.
  • United States: The United States completes mobilization of the military, and in a surprise move, invades the UASR, destroying part of the British navy with a nuclear weapon at sea, as well as sarin and chloropicrin, severely depleting their morale, as well as their killing many soldiers. Meanwhile, three nuclear weapons are used on military bases in Great Britain, as well as in Finland. The invasion of Great Britain is a smashing success, with much of the RAF as well as the ground forces destroyed in the preliminary landings. Manchester is captured, and the US Army advances towards London. Also the US tell Cuba that any act of violence against the US will be met with crushing and devastating force that will leave Cuba a “radioactive wasteland”, as that the Cuban arsenal cannot match the US arsenal. Also, the hydrogen bomb is completed, and when tested, destroys whole island.
    • Cuba: A Cuban saboteur manages to copy plans for the Hydrogen Bomb.
    • Soviet Union: The Soviets laud the entry of America into the war as a "striking blow for the freedom of the world from tyranny and oppression at the hands of the Fascists in London and Berlin."
    • France: France applauds the US invasion and will offer assistance if requested.
  • Italy: More aid is given to the Soviets especially in the Chinese and Finnish fronts. The Hydrogen bomb planning, militarisation and industrialisation continue.

The Caribbean Union Flag.

  • Cuba: From 1950 - Caribbean Union: The Caribbean Union continues to work on rebuilding. They accept the Venezuelan deals. Meanwhile, a UCSR spy sabotages the USA's hydrogen bomb plans and makes copies. They give them out to the other members of the UN, proving that the USA is working on weapons of mass destruction worse than the atomic bomb. In other news, the Caribbean Union makes five nuclear warheads.
  • Italy:The Ethiopian-Italian War of (1951) sees a crushing Italian victory as Italy is able to take back Somalia and Eritrea and conquers the Ogaden.
  • Ethiopia: The Ogaden is re-taken.
Avar Flag of Free Bohimia

The Free Bohemian Flag.

  • Venezuela: A squadron of three Death Penalty Idea bombers, a Stinson Reliant photographic reconnaissance plane, three Henkel He 162 Fighters, three conscripted civilian PWS-21 passenger planes and three ex-Yugoslav Rogožarski IK-3 fighters take off from seven Venezuelan MAC [68] ships near the coast of Algeria (with a Conquistador frigate and Chavez frigate as an escort). They fly over Lake Balaton and in to German held Bohemia. The three Henkel He 162 Fighters shred the local ad-hoc Nazi air force, but their Flak 88 take out the slower three Rogožarski IK-3 fighters when it arrives with the bombers. The bombers drop their cargo. The first lot of bombs destroy the rebuilt strategic bridges around Krásná Lípa [69], the second load of bombs hit the Nazi garrison at Prague (the war-hardened survivors managed again to shoot down the bomber during the raid) and the third bomber drops bombs on an army depot at Karlovy Vary [70]. A VOIA 5-man special opps team and a supply canister drop out of the three PWS-21 passenger aircraft over Prague, before one is shot down by a lone Nazi Henkel He 162 Fighters which tried to counter the enemy attack. The Locals rise up in Prague and Karlovy Vary, which throws it lot in with the people of Keszthely. The railway lines from Karlovy Vary to Cheb [71] are blown. The Venezuelans Venezuelan flags are hung from a local radio mast and the Free State of Bohemia is declared in the Northern two-thirds/66%. Genuine elections will be held in 1954 and it will go grey and be put up for a new user in 1955. Venezuela asks Italy, Spain, France, Yugoslavia and Hindustan if they might want to help out in the unclaimed south to. This is only such raid on Czechoslovakian on tactical and strategic grounds.


  • Venezuela:
    AvA (r) Venezuealan held Mexico 1947 election.

    The Mayan Republic's new territory's first election was in 1951.

    A new natural gas fired power station opens in Cuaid de Guyana. Venezuela pulls out of south Trinidad as an act of good will.
The Mayan Republic Republic’s second tranche of land hold their elections (15 senators) and the results are as follows (turn out of 87%)-
  1. 40%=(OTL Mexican) PRI/RPI party
  2. 20%=Pro-USA party
  3. 20%=Colorado Party (Uruguay style)
  4. 10%=Mayan Faction
  5. 5%= National Party (Uruguay style)
  6. 5%=Pro-Cuba front
  7. 0%=Aztec Party
The unified Mayan republic will not have another poll until 1962.
Two KV-1 tank copies, six Yak 1 fighter copies, two Mil-2 helicopters equivalent and two MiG 15 fighter equivalents are rolled out in Caracas. A pair of Henkel He 162 Fighters, deHavaland Commit comparable jet liner, a MiG 15 fighters comparable fighter jet, a PWS-21 passenger plane and a Dornier Do 24 comparable air-sea rescue flying boat are rolled out in Maracay.
A Conquistador class frigate, one MiG fighter jet equivalent, ten VOIA agents and 100 troopers are sent to defend Cuba from attack.
Venezuela develops a national cricket team and a. PWS-21 passenger plane starts regular flight from Caracas to Bones Ares via Cuiad Bolivar, Reo DeJanero and Montevideo. The state owned airline “Aero Venezuela” is thus born.
  • Caribbean Union: The UCSR maintain their defences and add to them. A hydrogen bomb is created in a Soviet laboratory. Meanwhile, the Dominican Republic is taken over. Relations with the US cool just a little since both nations are against Fascism.**
  • United States: The US military steamrolls into Finland, taking control of the North. Also, the US invades British Malaysia, which has very few men, due to the war, using sarin. The US takes part of Malaysia. Finally, the US invades Japanese Mexico, who has attacked the Soviet Union. They take Baja.
  • Venezuela: In the issuing chaos of the nuclear war, Venezuela bullies frightened Panama and the regally coup and civil war torn state of El Salvador in to a full on union, on the same autonomous province basis as Nicaragua was. The president condemns the use of nukes one more. Purple snow (fallout) falls in Caracas.
  • Ethiopia: takes the global chaos as a chance to expand attacking a mostly undefended British Somaliland and annexing in within a month.
  • Venezuela: In the chaotic situation Ruthenia annexes southern German Bohemia with Venezuelan help (pair of Henkel He 162 Fighters shot down a surviving Messerschmitt AG Bf 109 fighter over Plzeň, before an Nazi Messerschmitt AG Me 262 shot them down as well). Anti-Radiation equipment and pills are sent to Finland and the USA. Venezuela begins to spencer the PAIGC in Guiné-Bissau and Cape Verde, sparking off a premature Guinea-Bissau War of Independence [[72]] [[73]] whilst Portugal's mind is on other things. Saboteurs disrupt the American's nuclear program and Finland’s Project Mjolnir, causing a years worth of disruption due to loss of vital equipment by them.
  • UASR: Uses ten 5KT nuclear weapons to attack US troops which are quickly overwhelmed with them losing over 90% of troops. Also, the British Navy, the mightiest in the world engages the nucked American fleet which loses many ships, including the prestigious aircraft carrier USS Enterprise. Only the south coast is in American hands, just.
  • Japan: The Japanese conjure up resistance fighters in the Kamchatka to attack the Soviet forces. The Japanese Defence Army then moves deeper into the peninsula with resistance fighters assisting. The Japanese lose 2,000 men but because of the resistance fighters are able to take the majority of the peninsula. The Navy moves back to japan to protect the home islands.
  • Yugoslavia: The YSP experiment with vertical take off on planes, creating a special plane for this experiment, called the "Vert Jet mk 1" (OTL counter-part Rayn X-13) designed to investigate vertical take-off, horizontal flight transition, and return to vertical flight for landing. The Scalar Weapon Program continues on a scalar missile. The socialist party leader, Josip Broz Tito, becomes Prime Minster. An Antarctic Expedition is planned to start in the second half of 1952. For this reason the Yugoslavia Government wishes to Build diplomatic relations and make a technology trade with Argentina Commonwealth for Arctic Gear and Flight in return for '_____ '(fill in the Blank).
  • Caribbean Union: The Caribbean Union takes more Caribbean islands. They build up their nuclear/hydrogen bomb stockpile. Bomb shelters are created in case of a nuclear attack on the Caribbean Union. They once again offer a deal to America: Their Mexican holdings (or a good fraction of it) to the Caribbean Union. If they accept, aggression towards the US will stop.
  • Venezuelan diplomacy. The Neo-Bolivarian Union is created out of Panama, El Salvador, eastern Nicaragua, Venezuela and Guyana Esequiba merging in to a united federation of autonomies states (like the OTL USA and its states).
    AvAr Neo- Bolivar Union flag

    The Neo-Bolivarian Union flag.

  • Mendoza, Argentine Commonwealth: A large explosion occurs over Mendozan airspace, scattering wreckage across several sq km of countryside. One piece of the wreckage bears the flag of Formosa. The government of Mendoza submits a successful resolution to the Federal Parliament demanding an explanation from Formosa. Leaflets are dropped on the Falkland Islands urging the inhabitants to demand a referendum from the British government on whether or not to break away from the UK and join the AC.
  • I think Formosa is controlled by China.
  • China does own Formosa - Draycos
  • I'm talking about this Formosa.
  • Spain: Spanish troops decide to support Venezuela. The Spanish fleet has sailed, while bombings occur in southern Bohemia. The Spanish army is coming soon to Occupy the south of Bohemia. This has requested military access to Yugoslavia to disembark.
    • Yugoslavia: Spain has permission for military access.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviets continue the rooting out of the Nazi elements in Germany. The rest of Bohemia is occupied. A major attack is launched against Finland and sees moderate success, reclaiming all lost soviet land, and pushing into central and Southern Finland. They launch a counterattack, to drive the Japanese out of Kamchatka. They succeed beyond their wildest dreams, as the Japanese were busy confronting the Americans, and not expecting a major soviet attack. They are driven out of Sakhalin. Capitalizing on their success, the Soviets land on Sakhalin, in a bid to retake the island. They seize over half of it before being fought to a halt. The MiG-19 goes into production, giving the Soviets access to jet fighters.
  • Venezuela Diplomacy: We protest, we got to Northern Bohemia in 1951.0. We beat you by six months! Our agents caused the rebellion of 1951.0. I will demand a withdraw and an apology! South American presidents meat in La-Plaz, Bolivia and Vote on forming a united Latino Block. Arms and propaganda begin to pour in to rebel movements in Portuguese Guinean, Cabinda and another African state I'm not letting on until tomorrow’s plan is revealed.
  • Soviet Diplomacy: We apologize. The Spanish left the mistaken impression that there were still parts of Bohemia unoccupied. Soviet troops withdraw from Bohemia
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and begins building subways in Thailand's major cities. Birabongse Bhanudej trains to get ready for next Formula 1 season. Thailand also offers Denmark, Portugal, Iceland to join the League of Neutral and (, odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, etc.) is yes; even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8, etc.) is no) and Iceland says no (number is 10); Portugal says no (number is 48), and Denmark says yes (number was 99).
    • Iceland is part of Denmark since the British never invade it in this timeline.
    • Iceland could go UDI and split off. 00:48, September 30, 2011 (UTC)
    • I thought Iceland declared independence in 1944? Or that didn't happen? Though I know that the British didn't invade Iceland at all in TTL but I thought Iceland would still declare independence anyway, or no?
    • The Danish-Icelandic Act of Union, an agreement with Denmark signed on 1 December 1918, valid for 25 years, recognised Iceland as a fully sovereign state in a personal union with the King of Denmark. The Government of Iceland established an embassy in Copenhagen. However, it requested that Denmark should handle Icelandic foreign policy. Danish embassies around the world would displayed two coats of arms and two flags: those of the Kingdom of Denmark and those of the Kingdom of Iceland. During World War II, Iceland joined Denmark in asserting neutrality. After the German occupation of Denmark on 9 April 1940, the Althing declared that the Icelandic Government should assume the Danish king's duties, taking control of foreign affairs and other matters previously handled by Denmark. A month later, British Armed Forces occupied Iceland, violating the country's declared neutrality. In 1941, the occupation of Iceland was taken over by the United States so that Britain could use its troops elsewhere. - source wikipedia

So therefore Iceland and Denmark weren’t invaded at all in TTL, Iceland remains Denmark. Thanks for the explanation.

  • Hindustan: The Maharaja officially closes parliament for the first Hindustani elections since the country's formation. The political parties include the Hindustani National Congress, Communist Party of Hindustan, Azad Hind, Hindustani Janta Party and the Rastra Samyatdata Seva Party. Majority needed is 40%
  1. 35%= Hindustani National Cogress
  2. 35%= Azad Hind
  3. 15%= Hindustani Janta Party
  4. 10%= Rastra Samyatdata Seva Party
  5. 05%= Communist Party of Hindustan

With no clear victor, a coalition government is formed by the Azad Hind and the Hindustani National Congress, the United Progressive Alliance.

  • China: China retakes the USSR occupied areas of Manchuria and Xinjiang province with the help of local rebellion against the USSR.


Civil war erupts in Romania as the Iron Guard party attempts a coup of the government. Much of the army sides with them, citing fear of the Soviets. They control much of the western half of the nation.

  • Venezuela: The USSR' apology over Bohemia is excepted. Prostitution, drug abuse, revealing necklines and blue movies are banned in Venezuela, since there regarded as un-Christian and in poor taste. Religion is to be encouraged with more vigour. A ship comparable to the Japanese seaplane carrier Wakamiya plus two Japanese mad Maurice Farman seaplanes of 1914 [74] is started.

The Results of the La-Plaz union summit were as follows-

  1. Colombia- 13
  2. Ecuador- 15
  3. Peru- 18
  4. Bolivia- 33
  5. Paraguay- 8
  6. Surname- 18
  7. Uruguay- 42
  8. Chile- 37
  9. Brazil- 28
It’s all to be tested on [16] (1-49 =I lose, 50 non-committal, 51-100= Full on Bolivarian Union)
Flag of fee Guiné

The flag of Free Guiné.

Venezuela begins to sponcer the PAIGC in Guiné-Bissau and Cape Verde, sparking off a premature Guinea-Bissau War of Independence [[75]] [[76]]. VIOA cells are advising and training the PAIGC freedom fighters in Guiné-Bissau. Venezuela quickly over-runs the remote and ill defended colony of São Tomé and Príncipe [77]. Arms flood in to Cabinda's rebel interior to, whilst Portugal's stll mulling over resent events in Europe and the Americas. Antonio Salazar's Fascists will face a big shock toady!

Possible border division. Viet Minh-controlled territory would be north, French Indochina would be south, and both separated by a demilitarized zone.

  • France: French Indochina suffers from increased riots from the Viet Minh, who even threatens to fight France for independence. France sends military weaponry to Indochina, preparing for any war that might take place. The French government prepares for a possible border division to avoid a war, dividing the colony into a Viet Minh- and French-controlled area. (map to be made soon.)
  • Soviet Union: Purging of the Nazi apparatus continues, along with preparations to put a new government in place in Germany. A new offensive is launched into Finland and sees success, resulting in the seizure of Helsinki, and the capturing of most of central and western Finland. The Soviets voice their support for the socialists fighting in Romania, and ask them if they wish to join the Comintern, to which Romanian socialists say Yes (1-50 = No, 51-100 = Yes. Result 75). Soviet troops move in to restore order and crush the Romanian Fascists.
  • Venezuela In response to the Soviet advance in to Romania, Venezuela activates the Fascist activists in Greece (sponsored from circa 1936-7). Colonel Ionnas Partrias Stakixs topless the Greek government in mainland Greece. His Ideals are a mixture of those from the OTL Greek military junta of 1967–1974 [78] and OTL WW-II regime of General Mitaxis.
Avar Flag of Greece coup

The flag of the 1952 Greek Colonels' regime.

Colombia’s La Violencia is [79] and the fight on emergent illegal drug trade are hijacked and used as a cover to invade Colombia’s coastal departments. A block from Tunja [80] and Atlántico Department [81] to the Venezuelan border with General Gustavo Rojas [82] as dictator (Operation Pin is underway). Colombia is putting up dogged resistance in the mountains and the Pasific coastline. Democratic Action [83] outlawed. Peru’s dictator Gen. Manuel A. Odria is offered an alliance. (random. Org result 33=No).
  • We did not" take over Romania". We asked them if they wanted our help, they said yes, we went in to stop the civil war. Thats how it happens. Azecreth 15:26, September 30, 2011 (UTC)
  • Post modified my post to reflect the canon in Romania. .Oxfordshire 1972
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and continues to build subways in Thailand's major cities, as well as continuing to build more motorways and the racetrack. Birabongse Bhanudej goes for his second season in Formula 1.
  • Venezuela diplomacy: Due to Soviet pressure, the Greek Colonels are abandoned.
  • Yugoslavia: The Tech Trade with the Argentine Commonwealth comes to agreement of this: Argentine give Yugoslavia the use of Argentine's radio/air resupply network and use of all AC Antarctic bases in exchange for all research on Yugoslavian's VTOL tech and Alliance between our Nations. YSP and Heinkel Aerospace Build two Prototype tiltwing plane called Heinkel TW-01 (Comparable to the Hiller X-18 ). Preparations begin for the Antarctic Expedition. A special ship for the expedition is being built called Arctic Ice. Specs - Type: fast combat support ship, Displacement: 53,000 tons, Length: 795 feet (242.3 m) (overall), Beam: 107 feet (32.6 m) (extreme) Draft: 39 feet (11.9 m), Propulsion: four boilers producing 600 psi (4,100 kPa) at 856 degrees Fahrenheit; super-heated steam driving two × turbines, producing 50,000 horsepower (37.3 MW) at 4,829 rpm, Speed: 26 knots Complement: 24 officers, 576 Crew, Armament: two x 40 mm Bofors L70, four × .50 caliber machine guns, and one x Búrke Rocket Launcher, Aircraft carried: One Heinkel TW-01. A Diplomat is sent to Liberia to negotiate prices for buying iron ore and rubber. Ikarus S451MM Matica is produced and four made.
    • Don't count Britain's counterattack yet in the map until he posts an algorithm.
    • We did, we changed the 1951.5 algorithm as the British attack took place in 1951.5.
  • Finland: Finnish troops go to war along to SUMA troops and hope from aid from the Eurasian powers that are not aiding at the moment. Some momentum is gained back as the Finnish Troops liberate and push soviet troops to the southern borders.
    • why was this crossed out?
  • UASR: Launches the final invasion against weak American forces. Nuclear bombs are used and the Americans are soon routed. The surrender and Britain is once again British.
  • China: China redevelops its military tactics. China declares support for the Viet Minh and and offer to purchase the area from France for 15 million francs.
  • Hindustan: Continues their civilian jet airline building project from the point they left off at building a Hind Boeing 707. The new government tours Hindustan to inspect progress made. With new territories, the railway line is expanded to go into the State of Arabia.


  • Venezuela: Due to Soviet pressure, the Greek Colonels have been abandoned. Cape Verde is liberated and Cabinda is well on the way, but things are still touch and go in Guiné-Bissau. Antioquia Department [84], Guainía Department, Vichada Department and Arauca Department are captured and troops dig in. Terms of surrender are given to Colombia and MiG 15 clones fly menacingly over Bogotá. The Medellín drugs trade will never rise as the city is violently purged of the petty dealer, with big ideas and even bigger poppy fields. A three year old kid is accidentally caught in the cross fire and dies, relieving the world of the threat of an ATL version of the OTL drug lord Pablo Escobar [85]. I love it when a plan comes to gather. Ecuador is bribed to keep out with the promise of long lost land [86] and Peru is offered Amazonas department. [87]. A HMAS Albatross equivalent seaplane tender [88] and HMS Furious equivalent aircraft carrier [89] are laid down. An Avro Lancaster derived bomber is rolled out [90] in Caracas. One MiG fighter jet equivalent and two Sherman comparable tanks, two Dornier Do 24 comparable reconnaissance flying boats and a PZL.23 Karas light bomber are given to Yugoslavia.
The Mexican railway project begins in the Cuban and Mayan Republic’s sectors of Mexico. Full race and gender equality is introduced in Greater Venezuela.
The Latin American Economic and Monetary Union membership and League of Catholic Nations membership are put to vote in Brazil after Venezuela approaches its big brother bearing gifts, AKA a big bit of Colombia’s Amazon interior. ( [22] (1-49 =I lose, 50 non-committal, 51-100= economic and monetary union)).
  1. LAEMU- 15=no
  2. LOCN- 77=Yes
  • Yugoslavia: The Arctic Ice does a test run to Crete and back with no problems. It is load down with supplies and goods then heads to Buenos Aires, Argentina with an escort of an ex-Venezuelan Chavez-class frigate, one Drava-Class Aircraft Carrier and one Dreadnought. The carrier has a copy of plans for the Vert Jet MK 1 and Heinkel TW-01 as well as the actual planes build for them. During the negations in Liberia, the Diplomats from both nations are killed in a bombing at Foreign Affair office by a local anti-nationalists rebels. Crown Prince Alexander and Josip Broz Tito convince Liberia to allow Yugoslavian Military forces to uproot the rebels. Sending a Battalion of Infantry and ten Renualt FT-17 light tanks to rid Liberia of the anti-nationalists rebels using search and destroy Tactics.
  • Soviet Union: Anxious to finish the front in Europe, the Soviets launch what they believe will be the final offensive in Finland. They are right, and Finland falls to Soviet forces. They then move into Sweden, and make it some distance into the nation before being stopped. The Finnish government had fled to Norway.
    • Where in the algorithm does it say this happened ... don’t think that just because you are the USSR you can steamroll nations.
    • Ethiopia: With all eyes on Russia Ethiopia uses the opportunity to assault British Aden using most of Ethiopia's fledgling navy and there 1st Marine Division within a couple of weeks the remaining enemy troops give up and the region is annexed.
    • UASR: With the mainland war over, troops are shipped to Aden and a huge counter-attack is staged. Italy is offered a piece of Ethiopia if they attack them. Using the Algorithm, Aden is recaptured with substantial gains made in the Ethiopian mainland because of nuclear weapons being used.
    • You can't just use nukes constantly without terrible repercussions and get real you just had a horrific war on your mainland with the USA involving nukes so your in no shape to fight a war half way around the world.
    • Ahem, we have a lot of colonial troops and populace mallias in Africa actually and the minimum amount of men from Britain, so we actually can.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and continues to build subways in Thailand's major cities, continuing to build more motorways and continues to build the racetrack. Birabongse Bhanudej comes back from the Formula 1 season and says he did good, but didn't win; he then continues his training and will participate in Formula 1 again next year.
  • Japan: Japan withdraws all troops and declares its neutrality in the war. The Japanese President resigns and a new general election is held. The new President, Toshiro Kago, is elected. He imeadiatley uses the JDAC and the JDAN to secure the waters around Japan. The American navy and the Japanese fight a massive battle roughly three miles off of Okinawa, the Japanese decisivley destroy the American forces. Japan then re-affirms its neutrality. Japan (to assure its neutrality) sends 25,000 troops to Japanese Mexico. They request a cease-fire on all fronts.
  • Hindustan: Hindustan gets ready to deploy new versions of its fighters, the F-6 Hind. These can travel faster then Mach 1 and sometimes 1.5.
  • Venezuela: My diplomats are at the ready! Venezuela agrees to enter next years F-1 torment.
  • Finland: Denmark is offered to join the SUMA and joins out of fear of the USSR and it being Scandinavian nation. Just please, check the algorithm notes that I made... you can't stay that powerful, you aren't getting that much help anymore.
  • Argentina: An odd meeting takes place between the governors of TdF and Formosa - two states with a long and bitter history. The AABCA is expanded.
  • Formosa is part of China. Just an FYI. Azecreth 19:18, October 2, 2011 (UTC)


  • Venezuela: A new natural gas-fired power station opens in Cuaidad de Guyana. ten LWD Junak trainer aircraft – [91], five Sikorsky H-5- [92], six Yakovlev Yak-12 light multirole STOL aircraft [[93]], two Boeing 377 civil air liners [[94]], two Panzer II tanks, A MiG 15 equivalent fighter are all rolled out in Cuaidad de Guyana.
The chaotic/violent/druggie Colombian resistance is reduced to stubborn mountain guerrilla warfare and diehards in both the Amazonas region and around Cali. An Ex-Yugoslav Dreadnought sinks part of Cali's navy. With this and the colonial authorities in Cabinda being pacified, eyes turn to Arabia.
Avar Arab Ba'arth republic of Dammam

The Arab Ba'arth republic of Dammam.

The ships heading towards the Sudan do a sharp turn to the north fast and reach Saudi Arabia. Two Chavez class frigates, a Conquistadores class frigate, two MAC ship, two Leticia class support vessels and a cargo ship land in the still developing harbour at Jeddah Seaport. Saudi’s monarch is reportedly regarded as feeble in the face of foreign ‘Knights Crusader’ and non-believers ruling in all the nations around Saudi as well as in the north of the country itself. Medina’s fiery (ATL) rebel cleric Mullah Jibreel Abdullah ibn Khalifa welcomes the 35 troopers, 200 small arms, 12 mortars, six Christie prototype tanks, 60 bananas, 100 barrels of kerosene, the two Rogožarski IK-3 fighters and the two PZL.23 Karaś light bomber on board the ships. Mullah Jibreel urges the locals not to spit or throw shoes at the ‘Knights Crusader’ who have chosen to support the cause of the planned breakaway Islamic Caliphate. The troopers will train his forces up, ready for the formation of his new Islamic caliphate in Al Madinah Province [95] and his side-kick (ATL) Mullah Mustafa Sabire Ali bin-Assad wishes to do the same in Makkah Province [96]. A (ATL) Ba'athist/Nasserite General Mohamed Yasser Hussein has plans for Dammam city and the (ATL) The minor royal Sheikh Abdu Ali bin-Falika bin Saud is after Riyadh. An (ATL) Arab nationalist civil servant Badr Bin Muhammad Hamad Bin Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz sets up in Al-Hasa and the Saudi region of Al-Bahrayn. Local shiekes take up, Ha'il, Buraidah, Dhahran and Al Bahah Province. They have all agreed to share the port of Jeddah and its hinterland between them. Catholics + Wahhabi+ Ba’athists, it's a strange mix, but it may just work.
Sudan and Ethiopia each receive two Panzer II tanks and a MiG 15 equivalent fighter. Hindustan is reassured it is safe in Yemen and Oman.
  • Ethiopia: using defences built up before the war with Italy and massive numbers of reinforcements from the countryside the British are pushed back to the coast with huge casualties on both sides and ask for help from anyone willing to help bring down the mad man that is Britain and tells the Italians this is none of their business.
  • Spain: Border patrols are increased and Río Muni's economy is further developed.
  • France: Uprisings begin in French Indochina. France uses several military vehicles to scare away protesters but the uprisings continue. Molotov cocktails are used to burn down many French government centres. France uses force against the Viet Minh, but protests increase because of it. France predicts the border changes will be necessary within the next few months.
  • Argentina: An experimental new fighter, the XMF, is rolled out to Air Force squadrons on a trial basis. This extremely versatile aircraft can be launched like a rocket from Peronin or ship - however, it is very difficult to land safely, and once its fuel is expended it is basically just a glider.
  • Soviet Union: Germany is given their independence as the German Democratic Republic. Soviet troops move into Denmark, and crush them, since the small size of the Danish military prevents them from putting up effective resistance. All of Denmark is occupied. Soviet troops continue to move into Sweden, and seize parts of the north. Troops prepare for a possible drive into Persia and China.
  • Thailand: The Thai Government, fearing that SUMA would try to go after The Faroe Islands, Rockal, Iceland and Greenland next; Thailand begins to send a lot of ships to The Faroe Islands, Rockal, Iceland and Greenland to protect them and ensure that both Rockal, The Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland stay free from occupation from any nation. Despite this, Thailand is still neutral, and just wants to ensure that The Fearo islands, Rockal, Iceland and Greenland stays in peace. Meanwhile, Thailand continues to builds the subways in Thailand's major cities, builds a few more motorways and continues building the racetrack. Birabongse Bhanudej is off to a decent start in Formula 1 this year and hopes to achieve victory if he can..
  • I gotta object to this. The Thai navy doesn't have the capability to send their navy halfway around the world to defend Iceland or Greenland, neither would they care. Oh, and SUMA already controls Iceland and Greenland. We've had this discussion. Azecreth 18:42, October 2, 2011 (UTC)
  • My bad, I crossed it out then. Sorry..
  • Thailand: The Thai Government, fearing that SUMA would try to go after Antarctica next; Thailand begins to send a lot of warships to Elephant and Grande Comore to protect them and ensure that both Elephant and Grande Comore stay free from occupation from any nation. Despite this, Thailand is still neutral, and just wants to ensure that both Elephant and Grande Comore stays in peace.
  • Sudan: Tries to invade Uganda to help Ethiopia, but takes only a few villages.
  • Portugal: Offers a trade and free-market deal with Spain
  • Spain: Spain accsepts and gives Portugal a trade and free-market deal with Spain.
  • Ireland: Sends a few troops to guard Rockal.
  • Italy: Wishes to buy Grande Comore.
  • Hindustan: Attacks those islands south of Grande Comore and conquers it.
  • Italy: Italy's budget defasit grows.
  • Spain: Buys back the islands south of Grande Comore and gives them to France.
  • 'Ethiopia: Using troops that attack from land air and sea massive amounts of artillery and tanks the Ethiopian military recapture the city of Djibouti and drive the British out of Ethiopia.'
    • Use the algorithm, will you? There's no possibility for you to recover Djibouti. Besides, Djibouti wasn't yours in the first place; it was FRENCH. Therefore, you're invading France.
    • Plus the algorithm says that you cannot even invade us anymore, we have completely destroyed most of your expeditionary force.
    • Sorry, I don’t know how to use your idiotic algorithm and I’m sorry that the mapmaker made you mad by taking my side but he did so its over unless you are going to invade me again which I wouldn’t suggest and yes, Djibouti was FRENCH but I invaded it and France did nothing about it so it's mine now. That’s just hope the game works and you invaded me so I’m not using my expeditionary force.
  • Italy: Italy continues sending help to the Soviets in their war with Finland like they have had throughout the whole war. Italy thanks the British for their request but refuse it saying they do not wish to continue being involved in wars for Somalia. Nevertheless, Italy sends help to the British.
  • Venezuela: A second arms shipment is issued to the rebels in Saudi Arabia. The Arab Nationalist Shiekh Fahad Ali Bin- Abdullaziz take the oil town of Qatif. Both he and the near by Baa'thist General mentioned in 1953.0 got a Sikorsky H-5 equivalent helicopter to.
Two Sikorsky H-5 equivalent helicopters [97] and one Boeing 377 equivalent airliner [[98]] are rolled out in Caracas.
"Aero Venezuela" uses the Boeing 377 equivalent airliner to set up an air route from Caracas to Lima Via Quito. Oil, natural gas and bauxite deals are struck which Peru in exchange for a supply of lead and copper.
  • Hindustan: Attacks territory south of Venezuelan Arabia and conquers it. They then request Venezuela not to cause Rebellions in British Arabia as they have helped them in times of need. They also propose a Status Quo Ante Bellum treaty to be signed by the two powers to stop the stupid war. They then sent 20,000 men and 500 tanks to help Venezuela to bring stability to the region. The railway lines in Arabia are completed and resistance pockets are crushed. An offensive is launched into Afghanistan to capture remaining territory.
    • Venezuela Diplomacy: OK, the rebels in the northern red part will be stopped.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: Thanks the Venezuelans and hopes the extra troops sent will help the Venezuelans.
  • Japan: The Japanese Navy begins researching surface to surface missiles. The first test successfully hit a naval ship at nearly three miles but only causes superficial damage. The Japanese re-establish relations with China. The JDAC begins more fervent patrols around the Honshu.


  • China: China institutes a new birth program to encourage more children. The Chinese armies are retrained and many new recruits are added.
  • Venezuela: Urban student riots hit- El Distrito Metropolitano de Caracas (Metropolitan District of Caracas) and hooligans riot in the Distrito Capital (the capital city proper) and in the Chacao, Baruta, Sucre, and El Hatillo municipalities in Miranda State. The General Umberto Aznar University of engineering is opened, but nearly burnt down by angry teenagers and trades unionists. The riots are slowly fought back with teargas, water cannons and rubber-bullets. Cali falls and Venezuelan pushes in to Colombia's Amazonas region.
Two Sikorsky H-5 equivalent helicopters [99], two LWD Junak equivalent trainer aircraft – [100], two PZL.56 Kania equivalent fighters- [101], two Lublin R-XX torpedo bombers, three Panzer III tanks, six 1928 Christie prototype tanks and one MiG 15 equivalent fighter is all rolled out in Caracas. Hindustan's offer of ten F-6 Hinds is accepted and rewarded with 60,000 bananas and several tonnes of Bauxite.
Tobago and Guyana are peacefully assimilated in to Venezuela as equal citizens. Hindustan, Ethiopia and Sudan are offered an alliance. The rebel sheikhs in Anglo-Arabia are stopped, removed and join Venezuelan Arabia's population.
Elections occur in Free Bohemia. On a 78% turn out of an electorate of three million the result for the 90 strong Chamber of Deputy’s is as follows-
  1. Christian Democrats- 65%
  2. Social Democrats- 25%
  3. Communists- 7%
  4. Liberal Democrats- 2%
  5. Sudetenland German's rights- 1%
  6. Greens- 0%
The Presidential poll was similar in nature, but the Greens got 2%, while the Communists only got 5%. The Venezuelan governor leaves and the counter becomes an independent (grey) state.
  • Finland: The SUMA finally get the upper hand in the war as the Soviets can not cross the Torne Valley. Finnish troops move along the Baltic, eventually retaking the Finnish Capital of Helsinki in the Bloodiest battle of the war. Soviets remain in control of Central Finland. Denmark is liberated after receiving large amounts of Swedish aid. For Logistics reasons, the SUMA combine their air forces to make the Scandinavian Unified Air Force-the SUAF (It was Going to be Unified Scandinavian, but then the acronym would be USAF). The SUAF start the jet conversion on a massive scale. New Flag is put forth for the SUMA (check the Flags page). Iceland, as a Nordic country is offered membership of the SUMA. The SUMA anxiously await their response. Operation God Explodes Scandinavia's first hydrogen bomb in the Arctic due to money pouring into the Baltic Project. The design was similar to the Tellar-Ulam and the yield was ten MT. PS: I’m sorry if it got erased due to rollback and I forgot to write about it for the past three years (*operations Mjolnir and God). Iceland Joins the SUMA and becomes its fifth member. SUMA is renamed the NUMA (Nordic Unified Military Alliance) and the Air force is redubbed the UNAF (Unified Nordic Air Force).
  • France: Viet Minh declare northern French Indochina "Vietnam", however it is declared by France as an unrecognized state until the next year. Meanwhile, several military weaponry is sent back to France.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The Japanese do not recognize Vietnam.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: Neither do the Hindustanis.
    • Venezuela Diplomacy: Venezuela won't either. They call the Viet Minh "lawless hooligans".
    • Yugoslavia Diplomacy: The Kingdom of Yugoslavia does not recognize Vietnam.
  • Ethiopia: Joins the Venezuelan alliance and with the help of Islamic militants and a surprise attack from behind by naval vessels including the Gray Lion that miraculously survived retake most of Somaliland
  • Hindustan: Continues its jet project which is almost complete. More money is invested in railway construction to link up Persia and Afghanistan to the main railway lines in Hindustan. Tehran will be the hub in Persia and Kabul in Afghanistan. The troops sent to South America help to smash rebels in Columbia and Hindustani troops move into Peru, all under Venezuelan command.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviets launch counter attacks against the SUMA forces, and manage to retake most of the land that was lost. Denmark is reconquered, and the Soviet Baltic Fleet moves to prevent the Swedes from amphibiously landing on Denmark again. Returning the war to Asia, since a peace was never reached, the Soviets launch a major offensive against China. They catch the Chinese unprepared, and push them out of the USSR, and far into the deserts of North-western China. They also liberate Tannu Tuva, and parts of Mongolia.
  • Argentina: The Paragon-1, the first rocket in the Argentinian space programme, is completed.
  • Yugoslavia: The Antarctica Expedition Lands in Coats Land, Antarctica [1] and begins to set up a Research Station. The YSP Return to normal operations and begins work on Nike Satellite Project. The Scalar Weapon Program complete it missile variant of Attero Dominatus called Fulminis Igne Missiles. These missile have an EMP blast range of 201 meters (659.6 feet). three more Arctic Ice-Class are built and one of them is sent Venezuela as a gift.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and continues to build the subways, motorways and the

racetrack. Birabongse Bhanudej arrives back and had a decent year (didn't win, though) and continues to train for next year's Formula 1. Also, the Thai Government does not recognise Vietnam and Thailand closes their borders to Vietnam as they do not want to deal with them.

    • Venezuela Diplomacy: Thank your Hindustan, Cali is now your reward. Thank You Argentina for the Arctic Ice-Class ship. OTL From 1954 to 1989, the country was ruled by Alfredo Stroessner, but I undermine the planned coup to put in my own Paraguay lacky. As the news breaks about the end of the Asian war and the coup in Paraguay, Peru decides to call it quits and reluctantly joins forces with Venezuela due to military and diplomatic forces beyond its control.
    • The Arctic Ice-Class came from Yugoslavia.
  • News Flash!! Asian War is over!! See International Court of Justice for the ruling!! :D 1 Imperium Guy 19:27, October 3, 2011 (UTC)
  • Japan: The Japanese President celebrates the end of the war in Asia and pulls back from the Kuril islands and Sakhalin island all troops. The Japanese Navy continues to develop ship launched missiles. The Japanese conscripts are all honourabley dscharged. The JDAC begins patrols over Vietnam. The Japanese offer the Malay States and Singapore protection and equal representation if they join Japan. Because of the rising anti-colonial sentiment they gladly accept. The Malay States and Singapore are annexed by Japan. The Japanese request that Hindustan annex Ceylon.
    • Hindustani Response: After talking with Britain, it is agreed that Cylon will be given to Hindustan. Also, with the war over, the troops return home and team up with the AAA to attack the Philippines and Malaysia.
    • China: China currently is leasing Singapore from Britain. We request to keep it.
  • UASR: Starts to help provide mass employment to people and farming is encouraged. The industry begins a new era of production and the US is condemned at. Immigration from British Africa is encouraged and many people flock to Britain.
  • Caribbean Union: The President has a heart attack and dies. His heir starts off his rule poorly, destroying what the old President was trying to rebuild between Cuba and America. He sends a telegram to America saying, 'Get your slimy hands out of Mexico before something bites you'. In December, he says 'The Soviets should just nuke SUMA and be done with it before someone else does it.'
  • Soviet Union: the Soviets pull out of the Chinese land they were in. The troops there move to finally crush NUMA, and to seize Persia.


  • Spain: Border patrols are increased and Río De Oro's economy is further developed. Spain peace keeps in Tubmanburg, Liberia.
  • Venezuela: Like-minded Bolivia gets the political hints and joins the Bolivarian Union. Venezuela sends peace keepers to Harper, Liberia. Portuguese Guinea is nearly ours. British Pitcairn Island (near Tahiti) is annexed as the 64 locals surrender to a Venezuelan fishing boat with a 0.50 machine gun, two rifles and a pistol on board it.
    AvAr Saudi Caliphate of Riyadh flag

    The former Saudi Caliphate of Riyadh come Central Arabian flag.

Ba'athist/Nasserite General Mohamed Yasser Hussein of Dammam city-state is appointed PM of Venezuelan held Central Arabia and the minor royal Sheikh Abdu Ali bin-Falika bin Saud of Riyadh is declaimed king Emir until elections can be arranged.
Two Sikorsky H-5 equivalent helicopters [102], two LWD Junak equivalent trainer aircraft – [103], two PZL.56 Kania equivalent fighters- [104], two Lublin R-XX torpedo bombers, two Panzer III tanks, six 1928 Christie prototype tanks and one MiG 15 equivalent fighter are all rolled out in Caracas. Two ex-Yugoslav Dreadnought class ships (comparable with Nevada-class Battleship) are laid down. The other ships that were in construction are now launched. Ten Búrke Rocket Launcher equivalent and an espionage derived copy Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 [105] and Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19 [106] are made in Cuidad Bolivar.
Due to obviouse Geo-political circumstances, President Sadeq Ali Reza Abdul Rahimi of the long unrecognised state of Free Kurdistan joins forces with Venezuela rather than Hindustan or the British, or the USSR after the promise that they would become a protectorate of Venezuela. A direct transit route from Persia to Turkey is created. Later Turkey's West coast would do likewise and form the state of Ismire after Venezuelan troops start peacekeeping in the region after the bitter six month war with Hindustan.
After seeing how Soviet Yellow the map of Europe is and hearing the desperate cries from dumped friends, Venezuela resumes aid to the Greek colonels, who have retreated to the Peloponnese peninsular and the islands small (Lesbos, etc.) of the Aegean Sea. They will stay there, since I'm watching them. The rest of Greece is declared a neutral state.
  • Hindustani Response: Hindustan then attack all territory which is surrounded by Venezuela but is unconquered. They soon fall and troops link up with the Venezuelan counterparts.
  • Finland: As part of the Danish realm, Greenland and the Farore Islands join as junior members of the NUMA and are exempt from military aid by virtue of their populaiton being so low that they just cant help. NUMA forces Launch the mostmassive counterattack ever in the war, retaking most of Finland and Helsinki in the fourth battle of Helsinki. Denmark is liberated and the Finnish governement moves back to its rightfull capital. Many more people are crying out for peace now that Finland is Retaken. More to come...
  • France: After much consideration, the French government decides not to recognize Vietnam. Troops in French Indochina secure the Vietnam(-claimed)-Indochina border, so as to not let the Viet Minh claim more land.
  • Ireland: Ireland declares its neutral status in all wars beyond Europe.
  • Japan: The Japanese Naval Infantry and the Japanese Army take control of the Malaysians and the Philippines, local resistance fighters are few and far between. The Japanese though takes any threats against the Japanese very seriously and almost one hundred rebels are publicly executed by firing squad within the first six months. The Japanese Navy takes control of the massive Singapore harbour and begin to search for any classified materials that were forgotten by the British. The Malaysian jungles prove to be difficult to fully control and many resistance fighters live in their but are of little problem. The JDAC use bases in Singapore to perform reconissance against the Vietnamese. The Japanese asks the French to allow them to begin bombing the Vietnamese.
    • British Response: Say that the fall of East Indies was inevitable and say there is no classified stuff there. They say that no aggression will happen if the new Japanese territories are treated equally and no more aggression against the British is sought.
    • French response: France gladly accepts Japan's offer to bomb Vietnam.
  • The United States: The United States invades Japanese Mexico as a response to the Japanese invasion of Philippines, and gains all of Japanese Mexico with the extensive use of chemical weapons, as well as much superior military. Mexico is incorporated into the United States, adding several more states to the Union. Meanwhile, the United States invades British Gambia, taking over the entire nation within a couple of months. The USA requests for help against the British from the Soviet Union.
  • Caribbean Union: The Caribbean Union calls the United States' incorporation of Mexico into the Union a complete outrage, defying the treaty that had been set forth by the UN. They pull up information regarding the US saying that it would let Mexico go. The UCSR states that if it does not give freedom to Mexico, they will liberate it for them. Parts of Cuban Mexico are given freedom and become the Mexican Socialist States. The nuclear arsenal is amped up at alarming rates, along with the military.
  • Hindustan: Crush all opposition in the Philippines and Malaysia. From their Persian territory, with British and Venezuelan help, attack and capture Turkey with blitzkrieg tactics not used since the days of Hitler. All Afghani territory under rebel control is also seized and troops are stationed there. More troops are sent to Venezuela and the Philippines. The bridge from Chinese Korea to Japan continues to be constructed and more major railway lines are connected to their Chinese counterparts.
    • Um, Persia doesn't border Turkey....
  • Soviet Union: The Soviets launch a giant air operation in Scandinavia. Multiple nuclear bombs are dropped on the cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala, Vasteras, Orebro, Linkoping, Helsingborg, Jonkoping, Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Baerum, Fredrikstad, Kristiansand, Drammen, Asker, and Tromsø. They demand that NUMA surrender or face nuclear obliteration. Using troops taken from the former Chinese front, they launch counterattacks, and once again retake most of Finland.
    • You really want nuclear winter don't you... hasn't anyone learned the lesson about nukes by now after two Rollbacks because of them??? Once again Nuclear winter will start... just saying Finland's the only country with an H-bomb and my targets are Leningrad, Moscow and Minsk. Can nobody figure out that nuking a country with nukes = bye bye world?-Lx
    • Actually, nobody knws about nuclear winter yet, in this TL. And how did you make three H-Bombs, when I am actively bombing you. Not to mention that my fighters would shoot your bombers down. I can do this to you because my air force outnumbers yours at least five to one. Azecreth 01:57, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
    • It doesn't take that long to make a nuke. and I have an air force and AA guns too, Don't think you can bomb the shit out of me and I am a defenceless child about to fall off the edge of a cliff.-Lx
    • That's it, I'm tired of this crap involving you. Finland cannot hold up against the SOVIET UNION, the nation that defeated NAZI GERMANY, for more than five years. You cannot be doing half the stuff you are. I motion you be kicked from the game. Poll is on the talk page. Azecreth 13:56, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
  • Yugoslavia: The Yugoslavian Soldiers in Liberia welcomes Spanish peace keepers and continue to hunt the rebels, mean while the main Yugoslavian Military forces pushes into Albania and crushes the small military force in 15 days. A new proto-type tank is produced named Mammoth, (Specs - Type Super Heavy Tank, Weight 200 metric tons (220.5 short tons), Length 10.2 metres (33 ft 6 in), Width 3.71 metres (12 ft 2 in), Height 3.63 metres (11 ft 11 in), Crew 6, Armour 460 mm (18 in) (in the area of the mantlet), 250 mm (9.8 in) (mantlet), 240 mm (9.4 in) (turret front), 220 mm (8.7 in) (turret side and rear, and hull front), 210 mm (8.3 in) (turret front behind the mantlet), 190 mm (7.5 in) (hull side and rear), Main armament 128 mm (5 in) KwK 44 gun L/55 (32 rounds) Secondary armament 75 mm (3 in) KwK 44 gun L/36.5 (co-axial) (200 rounds) 7.92 mm MG34 machine gun, Engine MB 517 diesel engine (V-shaped 12-cylinder) 1200 hp (895 kW), Power/weight 6.4 hp/t, Ground clearance 500 mm (20 in), Fuel capacity 2,700 litres (590 imp gal; 710 US gal) (internal fuel tank), 1,500 litres (330 imp gal; 400 US gal) (external fuel tank), Operational range 160 km (99 mi) (road), 62 km (39 mi) (off road), Speed 13 km/h (8.1 mph)). The Arctic Expedition completes the Research Station now named Peterson Research Station after Peter I.
  • Ethiopia: In an all-out unexpected assault the Ethiopian military drive the English out of Dijbouti and the rest of Ethiopian Territory.
    • For gods sake you cannot do that!!
    • British Response: In a colossal counterattack the Ethiopian navy's ships are sunk, including the Grey Lion, and the British reconquer all lost territory. They then push into Addis Ababa, shocking the Ethiopians out of their wits. Soon, they are surrendering en masse.
    • For Gods sake there is no way you broke through my lines you have almost no forces left in the region and your at war with almost all the worlds superpowers including the USA and USSR Im the least of your problmes so there's no way you took Addis Ababa or sunk my whole fleet and my troops are battle-hardened and fighting for their homes so they wouldn't surrender en masse especially not to a much smaller force.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways, motorways and

racetrack. Birabongse Bhanudej begins his last year in the Formula 1 season.

  • Soviet Union: The Soviets blitz through Kurdistan, and overthrow the government there. They begin organizing a new government for the nation. Following that up, Soviet troops move into British Iraq (since we are still at war). The attack is a stunning success, as the British were not prepared. Baghdad falls by the end of the half year, as Iraqi freedom fighters rise up to help the Soviets.
  • Austria: The Austrian Führer sends out word to the Austrian people that they will be united with Germany in a confederate union. He starts to build up the economy following historical examples, such as building projects, nationalisation of industry and the unification of trade unions into the Austrian Workers Front. The first elections also occur ending in a major victory for the Peoples Nationalist Party.
Elections occur in the Nationalist Republic of Austria. On a large turn out, the result for the 500 strong Chamber of Governance is as follows-
  1. Peoples Nationalist Party - 100%
  • NUMA: NUMA counterattacks by H-bombing Minsk, Moscow, and Leningrad,
  • Argentina: Road, rail and air transportation links are improved between the states.


  • Caribbean Union: The Caribbean Union declares war on NUMA and detonates 15 nuclear warheads to the west of its territory during a windy day, spreading heavy fallout all over the nation. Meanwhile 12 H-Bombs are produced this year.
    • WARNING! WARNING! Wildly implausible claim alert!
    • If you want to spread radiation, that's how you do it.
    • Hundred's still too implausible for the 1950s.
    • If I said dozens, would you feel better?
    • Maybe around 7-13?
    • Ooh, and on a random note, check out my Viva la Vida parody
    • Haha that's funny! And I put 12. Sorry for the trouble.
    • LOL
    • It's so STOLLI
  • Spain: Border patrols are increased and Río De Oro's economy is further developed.
  • Venezuela: Portuguese Guinea falls to us and our proxys. Oil and coal supplys are sold to Austria along with an alliance and thousands of tonnes of coffee. Peru and Bolivia are subsiquently bribed and bullyed in to siding closly with Venezuela. The squadron MiG 15s and Pena de muerte concepción class bombers flying over head made the point very clear.
    • Austria: Austria thanks Venezuela for the resources and its peoples happiness boost with the Coffee trade and the Oil and Coal allow industries to become more efficient and allows industry to expand slightly.
  • Venezuela: Ten Rogožarski IK-3 fighters, two PZL.23 Karaś light bombers, five Yakovlev Yak-12 equivalent light multirole STOL aircraft [[107]], four Avro Lancaster derived bomber, two Pena de muerte concepción bombers. Two Mil Mi-1 equivalent helicopters- [[108]] two Sikorsky H-5 equivalent helicopters [109], four MiG 15 equivalent fighters and one Boeing 377 equivalent airliner [[110]] are rolled out in Caracas. The Boeing 377 airliner is given to Austria as a gift.
    • Austria: Austria gladly accepts the airliner. Using it as a transport for heavy weapons payloads.
  • Austria: Austria sends an offer to the German people via leaflets dropped by planes offering "a total union both German peoples have been after for years which was only resisted by the corrupt politians that used to rule both nations". Several motorways are started going to key points of Austria. There is also one that heads towards Germany. The Austrian Führer also proclaims that in a recent survey flux capacitor production went up by 610%, the people are amazed (and slightly confused due to the lack of hearing about flux capacitors before but conclude themselves it must be something important).
    • Really should read the history. The Fascists lost the Austrian Civil War. Or did somebody else coup the government. And BTW, the Germans are a puppet government actually run by the Soviets.
    • I know the Fascists lost but these guys aren't fascists they are simply nationalists and they won the elections and changed government organisation into a Nationalist Republic and had a first new election. And the nuking of Moscow and the still nationlist/fascist nature of the Germans would allow for a revolution or coup d'etat but hopefully the negotiation of Germany into a German Confederation would work better.
    • The Germans are ruled by communists. And just because Moscow got nuked by a lucky strike doesn't mean that the Soviets collapse. I almost think that the nuking ashould be retconned, since I'd like to know how he got bombers through a large majority of the Red Air Force, and Moscow air defenses.
    • The Germans were ruled by communists after OTL WW-II and still wanted to rise up, they also would not all become communist and pacifist after their government collapsed and would still be nationalists if not Fascists who wanted to overthrow the communist government.
    • I would like to point out the presence of Soviet troops in Germany to prevent that sort of thing. I have more than enough guys to crush Finland and keep a significant military presence in Germany. Besides, I have removed all the Nazi's, and the German scientists have been moved to the USSR proper. Azecreth 21:53, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
    • All the Nazi's huh? you mean the party? So because their party is removed from power the people are suddenly not fascists/nationalists? no, they still are and Austria offers them a way to bring themselves up from the darkness and back into what they want, which I think with a resounding cry would be a powerful Germany once again. Plus the military presence would not help if all German nationalists rebelled against you with the help of Austria. Plus you are failing to see that I would prefer a peaceful union between Austria and Germany and have no interests in invading Russia.
    • I'm not arguing that they aren't nationalists. I'm arguing that they aren't openly Fascist anymore, if the people were openly Fascist to start with. Not everyone in Germany was a Nazi. And I think you are overestimating the Austrian military. And I also doubt that everyone would rebel at once. Azecreth 22:37, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
    • If they were under Germany as long ass they were in this game, they definately would have, the rest would be mainly nationalists, the young children would be specifically nationalist/fascist. Almost every second youth in Germany was a fanatical Fascist in OTL 1945, the others were in between nationalism and rebellion against Nazis. So that means that under a longer lasting Nazi Germany, the youths would carry a Nazi future onwards if not aggressive nationalist, conquered or not. The Austrian military at the moment is not a weapon of actual war against say the soviet union however we will build a much better armed forces in a short time. And it doesn't even require all Germans to rebel just a large amount. Plus as I was saying before, we just want a peaceful confederation with Germany. If that however severely bothers you we would accept the old eastern lands of Austria. Austria, Hungary and Slovakia.
  • France: France kills several Viet Minh who tried to attack French border guards. Many French officials believe a bombing of major Vietnamese cities would cause enough mayhem, destruction and anarchy for France to annex the state back, however many aren't sure if it would work. France starts working on nuclear weaponry in anticipation.
  • Ethiopia: The Ethiopian military drives the British north and then digs in deep using trenches concrete bunkers and mine fields to stop any counterattack they then send in raiding parties on horseback to harass the English and support local militia units.
  • Yugoslavia: Heinkel Aerospace continues to experiment with VLOT technology, the company create two new planes, the Heinkel Tr 01 (Comparable with Focke-Achgelis Fa 269) and the Heinkel He 656 Súhvezdia (Comparable with Lockheed Constellation). The YSP launch it first booster rocket, Yugo, from Chania, Crete to test escaping the earth's gravity. Yugo reaches the lower Thermosphere (100 km), all Data on the Launch is sent to the EASA (Eurasian and American Space Administration). four of the six Dreadnoughts and The Drava becomes the Bahamas Fleet. The Pythonic and and remaining two Dreadnoughts return to Yugoslavia. Another Drava-Class Aircraft Carrier is laid down as well as four new Snow Leopard Frigate (comparable to Rothesay-class Frigate). A copy of the plans for Heinkel Tr 01 plane as well as a copy of the plane is sent to Argentina.
  • Argentina: The AC consolidates and formalises its territorial holdings in Antarctica.
    • Hindustani Response: Recognise the Argentinian holdings in Antarctica and begin their own expedetion to Antarctica.
    • Do you mean expedition to Antarctica?
    • Sorry, my bad. Yes, I do.
  • New ICJ case. Please give your support. 1 Imperium Guy 09:44, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
  • Hindustan: Condemns the unprovoked attack on Iraq. However, because of their peace treaty, they don't give a DoW to Russia. The bridge between China and Japan continues with substantial Hindustani help and their civilian passenger jets are almost completed. Also, they increase the size of their expedition and sent more men to Antarctica. Antarctica is seen as a place where population problems can be solved but they don't want to harm any life there. Hindustan test their fist H-bomb in the Hind Ocean. The EASA or the Eurasian and American Space Agency is founded.
  • Finland: Finnish bombers drop more H-bombs on Minsk and Kiev. Those cities are bombed and completely destroyed.
    • We already said. It's too early for ICBM's. Especially ICBM's equipped with a 62 ton nuclear bomb. Azecreth 13:59, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways, motorways and

racetrack. Birabongse Bhanudej comes back from Formula One with no victory, but better results; and starts his training to prepare for the Formula One in 1960, taking a break from it for a few years but will still practice.

  • Japan: The Japanese request that Taiwan be annexed by Japan so that the Philippines-Malaysian area can be easier conected to Japan. The Japanese field the first aplicable naval missile. The missile is able to sink/heavily damage a ship from nearly three miles away. The missile is christened the Flying Dragon and is adapted to an Army form. The Japanese Navy begin building a cutter that is roughly the size of an OTL USCG cutter that is armed with 96 missiles with the capability of launching nine at a time. The ship is sent out against a test ship moving at roughly ten knots, the test ship is sunk with the first strike. The Kasai no Yajirushi (Fire Arrow) class is begun to be built, Seven are made by the end of the six month period.
  • United States: The United States invades British Sierre Leone, hoping to smite the British by taking their colonies. Will post algorithm later.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviets detonate their first H-Bomb. It is based off Sakharov's Third Idea, and is a success. The Soivets demand the surrender of NUMA once again, or else these new Hydrogen weapons will be used on all their cities. They also continue pushing into Iraq, and take the whole nation. They halt for a strategic pause, and to give the UASR time to sue for peace. Kurdistan is given its independence, with its original lands, and Kurd Northern Iraq.
    • I killed your can you stay alive??
    • I can get new leaders... And I doubt that my entire leadership was all in Mosocw, just waiting for you to nuke them. At least a few of them had to have survived. Azecreth 00:09, October 6, 2011 (UTC)
  • UASR: Condemns the attack on Iraq and start placing troops. They hope to work out a peace treaty with America as they don't want a war with a power they don't want to fight. They also call the Russians dictators as they is no elections for the leaders of oblasts or adminstrative areas in Russia where the people can vote.


  • Finland: Finland nuclear bombs Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, Riga and Vilnius.
    • You can't reach Tatarstan. And apparently the Finnish air force magically got more planes than the USSR, even though I am still bombing you. But you haven't been banned. Just surrender, and you can go on as a socialist state in the Soviet sphere. Azecreth 00:38, October 6, 2011 (UTC)
    • And magicaly even if basicaly all the higher ups of the CPSU are dead you can still manage to survive. Kiev and Minsk are nuked. Thats basicaly your entire competent leaders. Don't forget about nuclear winters. Scandinavia prepared for nuclear attacks, USSR didn't. And NUMA has an air force too, If I can believe that you can drop 20 nuclear bombs on me(most of them were crossed but then somehow became canon again), then I can believe that NUMA can H-bomb you, kill all your leadership.
    • Rostov-upon-Don, Tomsk, Ryzan, Almate, Tashkent and Vladivostock were also importent nodes in the milatery-political aparatus of the USSR, but were obviosly lower than places like Minsk and Kiev.
    • Even so people can't transition in the snap of fingers especialy if a lot...and I mean a lot of higher-ups died. I find it hard to believe that nobody would compete for power and then make the nation split into many different warlord states or something of that manner after this.
    • This is true.Oxfordshire 1972 01:35, October 6, 2011 (UTC)
    • This is a span of six months. I can get a new government in place in six months. And the national government controls the military. Warlords get crushed, since not all the generals were in Moscow, Minsk or Kiev. Worse comes to worse, I just pull the guy who was sitting in a bunker a few miles from the Chinese border. Azecreth 13:49, October 6, 2011 (UTC)
  • Portuguese Empire: Portugal leads reformations in the government, leading to gradual power shifts to democratically elected leaders inside the government. Representatives arrive from Brazil to Lisbon to establish itselft as a major player inside the empire.
  • Venezuela: 12 Panzer III tanks, two Boeing 377 equivalent airliners and seven Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 copies are [[111]] are churned out of Valladolid (the one in Venezuela, not the Spanish, Colombian or Mexican towns of that name). A MiG-17 copy is given to Spain and Argentina. Two Panzer III tanks are given to Yugoslavia and Austria.
"Aero Venezuela" uses the two Boeing 377 equivalent airliners to set up an air route from Caracas to Santiago in Chile, via Lima via Quito Natural gas and bauxite deals are struck with Peru in exchange for a supply of lead and copper. Venezuela starts broadcasting its first experimental TV signals in the cities of Caracas and Valladolid. Venezuela offers Portugal an alliance. As NUMA crumbles, Venezuela’s ex-Yugoslav Arctic-Ice ship and a Chávez class frigate arrive in Bouvet Island [112] and Lars Island [113] The Islands’ single all-year research station is obviously no real match for the invaders and surrenders. They accept Venezuelan protectorate ship, since it was more of a security and humanitarian take over than a military conquest. Colombia’s new borders are defined.
  • Yugoslavia: Plans for the Mammoth Super Heavy Tank are sent Venezuela with crate of Yugoslavian wine. Sends Diplomats to Austria and Portugal in hope of securing better relations with both nations. Begins construstion on three new Hospital Ships which are made from modified Liberty Ships. Work on Transdanubia-Yugoslavia-Albania Railway begins and will be connected to Seoul, Korea to Madrid, Spain Transcontinental Railway as a secondary line in the Balkans. The ex-Venezuelan Chavez-class frigate, RYN Trinity, a Snow Leopard-Class Frigate, RYN Empress, and a Dreadnought-Class Battleship, RYN Kraken, are sent to Chagos Archipelago (Also known as Oil Islands)[2] to scout as an Indian Ocean Naval Base. They change course after finding a British Navy Vessal to Archipelago of Agalega [1] and Claim the Archipelago in the name Yugoslavian Crown. Military Officals decide to replace the old Renualt FT-17 light tank with something newer. The sulotion is the Tiger Korytnačka Tank (similar to M46 Patton).
  • Ethiopia: Drives the Demoralized British troops into the sea and recapture all Ethiopian territory the reconstruction process begins immediately and a baby boom begins as militia troops return home While extenseive Defences are built at strategic points along the coast line to repeal naval invasions.
  • Austria: Austria thanks Venezuela for the armaments. Austria takes large loans from the American Bank, Venezuelan Bank and the Japanese Bank. They put the money into heavy industry and the mining industry, constructing several factories and mines that improve Austrian machine and metal goods production and metal mining capacity. Some panzer III tanks are made. The Autobahns are a third complete with the huge work force, those that finish their work early are employed in the factories or the armed forces. Another message spreads out to the east into Hungary, giving offers of unity and therefore prosperity.
  • UASR: Support the ICJ case and find it as a way to sue for peace against the Soviets. They move all troops into defensive positions in their country and hope no other nation attacks them as they are suing for peace against the countries which attacked them.
  • Hindustan: The bridge from China to Japan continues to be built.
  • Argentina: Thanks Venezuela for the MiG 17, which will be given the codename Raindrop in the ACAF. In return Argentina sends an experimental XMF (X-15 equivalent ) fighter. The AC Parliament asks the UASR to give the Falkland Islands to Argentina, which is much better placed to defend this priceless nature reserve. The 'Modular Warfare' programme is launched.
  • Soviet Union:The NUMa powers surrender within hours of each other under the threat of nuclear destruction. They are occupied by Soviet troops, and NUMA is dissolved. The Soviets start rebuilding and decontaminating ruins in Northwest Russia, and in Scandinavia. A purge of the old leadership elements begins. The capitol is moved to Nizhniv Novgorod until Moscow can be rebuilt. Defense liners are set up on the Iraq-Saudi border to await the results of the peace negotiations.
  • This type of implausibility, even if the leadership was destroyed somehow managed to not have any competition for power magicaly, and that implausibility is why I left the game. Have fun with nuclear winter (then again, I wouldn't be surprised if all of you ignored that too)!
  • Considering what just happened, there wouldn't be open argument over putting a new leader in place, as they would want to show as strong a front as possible. Argument comes later, after the nation has recovered. It's like arguing if the Secretary of Homeland Security should be President in the event of a nuclear attack on Washington. Although there are continuation of government plans for that sort of thing. Azecreth 14:12, October 7, 2011 (UTC)
  • OK, but what if the homeland security people were dead, what then? And what happened to Moscow is worse than Chernobyl. Moscow, Minsk and Kiev plus 100 km radius=nuclear wasteland. If all the people even considered to become leader are DEAD! Don't forget the nuclear winter!
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways, motorways and racetrack.
  • Japan: The Japanese Navy builds several more Kasai no Yajirushi class missile carriers. The first twelve are put out to sea and begin patrols into the Gulf of Tonkin. The Japanese Army fields the first missiles in Malaysia where they are used to attack suspected Malaysian rebel strongholds. The JDAC begins bombing Vietnam heavily using fire-bombings on large population centers. The Japanese President assures the people that as long as he is President there shall be no boots-on-the-ground in Vietnam. Singapore becomes primarily Japanese speaking for the first time.
  • Ireland: Ireland wishes to see demilitarization of Antarctic.


  • Ethiopia: Construction begins on a transnational railway connecting all of Ethiopia's major cities. Reconstruction begins on Ethiopia's navy Including the Grey Lions replacement the Lion's Revenge and its sister ship the Lioness.
  • Spain: Border patroles are strengthened.
  • Venezuela: The two frigate navy expadition that went to Bouvet Island roam the Sub-Arctic islands capturing them by hoisting a flag on a local mountaintop each time. Prince Edward Islands[114], Peter I Island [115], Shag Rocks, South Georgia and the Heard Island and McDonald Islands [116]. Macquarie Island is visited, but the trip frendly and no threat to the Australian camp because the Island will stay Australian. [117] Venezuela lands a badly frostbitten crew lands on Prince Olav Coast and lays claim to the former Norwegen/NUMA teritory of Queen Maud Land [118].Venezuela offers to give up all Antarctic territory south of of 60° S if every one else does. A small research station is built on Bouvet Island. The Shag Rocks are then given to Argentina as a gift, since the Falklands, etc. are rightfully Argentine not British.[119] two Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19 [[120]] copies are rolled out in Caraccas. 2000 Troopers, a M.A.C. ship, two MiG 15s copies and two Pena de Muerte concepción class bombers drive the lawless Liberians to the interior as coastal strip which forms one-third of the land falls to Venezuela and company.
  • France: The new "Scramble for Antarctica" capture's France's attention. France beings expeditions to Antarctica using the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (namely Kerguelen) and beings to make research stations on the tip of Antarctica (I'll draw it on the map). Meanwhile, French officials declare the nuclear weaponry will be finished by 1956 to bomb a city in Vietnam, however many are not quite sure this is the best approach to the problem.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: Hindustan thinks that killing off the leaders would completely destablizle the independence army and there is no need to kill a perfectly good workforce.


  • China: China tells Japan that Singapore was theirs and was handed over by the British in the 40's. China allows Japan to use Taiwan's ports but does not allow any further suggestion of annexation. China develops its military and constructs huge bunkers under its cities in case of nuclear warfare. China is worried that in recent elections the provinces of Mongolia, Tuva, Xinjiang and Heilongjiang have voted extremely leftist along with the cities of Beijing, Tianjin and Fujian. The Nicaraguan Canal is completed and shaves off three days of travel from the crossing.
  • I control Tannu Tuva. Azecreth 11:22, October 7, 2011 (UTC)
  • Argentina: Argentina's newest bomber, the Crescendo, is finished in CPC.
  • Caribbean Union: The Caribbean Union sets up a massive system of trade policies with other communist nations. The idea behind it is to trade primarliy with communist nations and not trade with capitalist nations. This should starve the already faltering US economy. Meanwhile, several hydrogen bombs are produced this year.
  • Yugoslavia: The Antarctic Fleet pulls back behind 60 degrees 00 minutes south line and heads to Welch Island (67° 34′ 0″ S, 62° 56′ 0″ E) [1] and begins set up a naval resupply base for Yugoslavia and it allies. The Yugoslavia Military pushes deeper into center of Liberian pushing Anti-nationalist Rebels back, the Mammoth Super Heavy Tank is brought over to test it combat and to bring an end to the Anti-nationalist. Construction begin on the Naval Base at Archipelago of Agalega.
  • Austria: Austria starts paying back loans straight away, not wanting to fall into great debt. The Führer puts into place the enlightenment bill in which there are promises to upgrade media outlets and bring a greater flow of information to the people. He starts by making a commission which verifies the information of information outlets like newspapers, radio stations and television and makes the new free national newspaper called the "Österreicher Informant". Along with this there are also many new national products that are made very cheaply and offered to the Austrian populace, the products include things like radios, television sets and phonographs. They also put a commision in charge of overseering cinemas and build national cinemas which are free to view, allowing for a greater flow of information to the people. These luxuries are greatly welcomed and boost the populaces happiness. While these things are happening, the new nationalised heavy industries manage to produce a newly designed austrian tank, called the Kriegtiger I, it performs better than any German tank to date, 100 are ordered and 100 are rolled out of factories and replace the old panther II and III designs within four months. The Führer heralds the new tanks as the first of many new upgrades to the war machine of Austria.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways, motorways and

racetrack. Thailand also bans most of the western cars (cars that are allowed importing and driving in Thailand: Renault, FIAT, Lancia) and only allows cars made from Japan, and some other cars that are made somewhere else in Asia, to be driven in Thailand; except for the construction vehicles though. The Thais that owned western cars (except for ones that own Renault, FIAT, Lancia) give up their cars in exchange for a new one. Some Thai refuse, but their car is taken away anyway and replaced with a new one, some get over it anyway. It is expected to take a few years before all Thais have cars that are allowed by the Thai government.

    • Dude, just saying the sentence just before the last made my day.
  • Hindustan: The bridge is continued and construction is expected to finish soon. EASA launch their rocket constructing project and the Hind-Boeing 707 version is completed. This opens up a whole new airtravel experience. The aircraft is offered to all EASA members. Military versions are also rolled out. Taking Austria's example, the Maharaja encourages TVs and radios and hopes to have media hubs as well.
    • Yugoslavia Diplomacy: Gracefully accepts Hind-Boeing 707.
    • UASR Diplomacy: Accepts the Hind-Boeing 707.
    • Austrian Diplomacy: Asks for production licenses on a Hind-Boeing Heavy Payload Long-range Bomber Variant.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: It will be given if Austria join the EASA.
    • What is that by the way? cannot find it on the diplomacy page.
    • Eurasian and American Space Administration. It's on Diplomacy page now. - ;-) Draycos 22:55, October 7, 2011 (UTC)
    • Austria Diplomacy: Applies for a place within the EASA, seeing more benefits could await.
  • UASR: Ask the Soviets again about the proposition on the ICJ court and ask the US about the peace treaty. They then counter-attack in Ethiopia and capture all of former Aden. No more attacks are conducted and the border if heavily fortified. The railway system in UASR Africa is built and improved on and huge immigration of Blacks to the UK and whites to UASR Africa takes place. The effects of radiation after nuclear bombs is learned of and the results are not pleasant.
  • Japan: Japan rejects the idea that China owns Singapore but to let things simmer down a bit they withdraw their request of annexization from Taiwan. The Japanese Navy continues to build more missile carriers with the total number reaching twenty-two. The Japanese Defense Air Corps continues to fire-bomb Vietnam and asks China to invade the Vietnamese from the north. The Japanese Navy sinks nearly twenty ships in the Gulf of Tonkin.
  • Venezuela sciance: A PGM-17 Thor coppy missile [[121]] begins the space program.
Liberian warlords retreat in the face of aerial bombing and jungle warfare towards the the border with Guiné.
  • Spain: A new embacey is opened in Austria.


  • Venezuela: Venezuela’s Arctic Ice class ship and the two Chávez Class frigates do their usual thing and go out clinic islands for one last time. The Islands are- Annenkov Island [[122]], Laurie Island [[123]], South Sandwich Islands [[124]], Clerke Rocks [[125]], South Shetland Islands [[126]], South Orkney Islands [[127]], Black Rock by South Georgia [[128]], Ross Island[[129]] and Inaccessible Islands (in the South Orkney Islands) [[130]] A scientific base is opened at Hope Bay, on the Antarctic Peninsula’s Trinity Peninsula, [[131]] alongside the Argentine one [[132]]. A few days later, the armed occupation of South Georgia [[133]] ends and the five Venezuelan soldiers leave Grytviken [[134]] for good and all military forces evacuate the zone south 60 degrees 00 minutes south line.
Signy Island [[135]] and South Georgia are returned to the British since both have British bases on them. Laurie Island is Given to Argentina [[136]] because it has an Argentine base on it [[137]]. Clerke Rocks [[138]] is gifted to Spain, The Inaccessible Islands group (in the South Orkney Islands) [139] are given to Yugoslavia. Annenkov Island [140]is gifted to Ireland. Black Rock by South Georgia is given to Argentina since it was stolen by the British like the Faukland islands.
Both France's Île Amsterdam is visited [[141]] and New Zealand's James Ross Island are peacefully visited. [[142]].
  • Yugoslavia: Students in Kosovo demand greater rights for the Albanian minority. A bill enters parliament to equal rights the rights between citizens. The Government wish to increase the relations with Hindustan, Portugal and Austria. The Three Hospital ships, The RYN Súcit (Mercy),The RYN Obnova (Recovery), and The RYN Plné Zdravie (Full Health), the Drava-Class Aircraft Carrier, The RYN Andromeda, and the four Snow Leopard-Class Frigates, The RYN Snow Leopard, The RYN Empress, The RYN Midway, and The RYN Valkyrie, enter service while four more Dreadnought-Class Battleships and one Pythonic-Class Battleship are commissioned. 50 Tiger Korytnačka Tanks are produced and begins to replace Renualt FT-17 light tanks (I have 110 of these, plan to keep 20 for training use, will sell the rest of them to other nations, they are WW-I tanks, good for museum pieces or Target practice). Begins to developing an AEWACS (Airborne Early Warning And Control System). Ten more Heinkel He 343 Jet bombers are made. The Ikurus A.D. company examines Heinkel Aerospace Jet engines, the ex-Venezuelan MiG 15 Jet Fighter engine and the newly acquired Hind-Boeing 707 engines. The YSP begins to set up Yugo 2, for the launch in Chania, Crete. EASA members are welcomed to come watch the launch of the Rocket. The Scalar Weapon Progam begins research on creating safer version of Attero Dominatus Bombs and Fulminis Igne Missiles that do not short circuit living being nervous systems. King Alexander II encourages TVs networks and Radios networks in hopes of creating information system. Designs for a Force Appalicaion Vehicle/Light Reconaissance Vehicle are being drawn Up. Sends two Heinkel Tr 01 (Comparable with Focke-Achgelis Fa 269) to EASA members and Austria.
    • Argentinian diplomacy: Thanks Yugoslavia for the gift of the Heinkels, and sends a 'Paradox ' fighter in return.
    • Austrian diplomacy: Thanks Yugoslavia for the Heinkels and sends five Kriegtiger Tanks in return.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: Thanks Yugoslavia and gift the F-6 Hind to Yugoslavia. They also take tips for the EASA launch in the Middle East from the one on Crete.
  • China: Chinese diplomats try to encourage the Vietmanese to join China as a province. The Vietmanese agree (based on result: 1) and China negotiates with France for a 30 million francs repatriation for the loss of half their colony.
    • French diplomacy: France tentatively agrees to the 30 million francs for the Vietnamese province. The French border patrols stay at the border in the unlikely case that China tries to take more French Indochina.
  • Argentina: Twelve Audacity-class helicopter carriers, complete with 'Zeus'-type helicopters , Paradox-F supersonic VTOL jets, and Serenity-class airships, are laid down in Rio Negro. Two are sent to help with the general running of the Antarctic operations, and two are put on patrol duties around Argentina. Two are offered to EASA for when it becomes necessary to recover human astronauts. The Universities Federation of Argentina offers full support to EASA.
  • Austria: Austria continues to repay debts to Venezuela, USA and Japan. They also welcome the Heinkel Tr 101's which are used in experimental engineering to construct experimental VTOL aircraft. An expansion on the enlightenment plan is put into action, expanding it to include upgrades to education. They therefore introduce educational reforms and make schooling completely free including universities, all educational centers are given a team of advisors to make sure that these reforms take place and that everyone is being educated properly. These reforms boost the amount of intellectuals coming out of Austria and is cheered by the public. Meanwhile Austrian national industries do a whole manufacturing job for the Austrian armed forces, producing a huge amount of newly designed weapons: 44750 stg 56 (assault rifle), 6000 SSkarabiner 1 (marksman rifle), 2250 SSgewehr 1 (sniper rifle), 6000 leimg 56 (light machine gun), 2250 Masgew MK-3 (machine gun), 2250 Panzerschreck 1 (bazooka), 60000 P56 (pistol), 60000 Model 56 SHGrenade (grenade). These are given to the six infantry divisions and hope to be fully distributed by the end of the year. Some factories are put on continuing production and mantenence of the weapons and so the spares are put on the world market for sale.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: Japan requests that the UK not change its flag. Also if it does to use a simpler design as most vexiologist will tell you that the simpler a design the better.
  • Venezuelan Science: Experimental TV broadcasts now start in Ciudad Bolivar, Managua, Panama City and Bogota. Along with this a new drive in cinema opens in Panama City.
  • Spain Thank you for Clerke Rocks in the South Shetland Islands.
  • Venezuela Diplomacy: Free Guine has an election and becomes a new (grey-blue) independent nation in Portugal's now democratic sphere of influence.
Free Guiné 1955 General election results to the 50 member senate and the presidential election results, both on a turn out of 88%, were as follows.

Senet results-

  1. 50% - African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC).
  2. 45% - African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde (PAICV).
  3. 2% - Communist Party.
  4. 1% - Pro-Portuguese party.
  5. 1% - Democratic politics and government for Cape Verde (DPGCV).
  6. 1% - Movement for Democracy (MpD).
President João Bernardo Ansumane Mané of the PAIGC wins. He got 55% of the vote, while PAICV only got 40%. The Venezuelan governor leaves a month later.
  • Hindustan: Providing mass-employment, huge industrial factories are build and the EASA launches their first prototype rocket into space with no satellite fitted to it. The readings from the craft show it is a great success and it manages to reach into space. Towards the end of the half-year, another, complex multi-stage rocket is launched with even greater success and plans are formulated for the first artificial satellite to be launched next year. Research in Japan is begun to build a satellite for the EASA. Also, the war industry is booted up and tank production numbers go up again. The S-54s are upgraded and the S-34s are converted into better machines, being redesignated the S-34/90s. Military versions of the Hind-Boeing 707 are rolled out and Hind-Boeing is given the contract to build successor prototypes 717 and 727.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways, motorways and racetrack. The Central Group in Thailand plans to build a few shops in some Burmese speaking provinces.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviets agree to the British peace proposal, and withdraw from Iraq to Kurdistan. The Mig-19 debuts in the Russian Air Force, and the Russian air force is updated to utilize jet fighters. Utilizing German scientists captured in the 1950 conflct with Germany, the Soviets begin a rocket program. They expect to launch a satellite within five years.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: Hindustan are happy with the way things turned out. They offer the Soviet Union cricket and hockey specialists to help the Soviet Union make cricket and Hockey teams.
  • Japan: The JDAC continues patrols over Vietnam and begins advising the Chinese of where possible remnants of the radical VietCong are left. The Japanese Navy searches and seizes 32 ships in the Gulf of Tonkin that are suspected of shipping weapons to the VietCong. The JDAC out of Singapore begins to firebomb Malaysian communist camps. The army often sweeps in the next day and often finds 50+ dead after every strike. A new Japanese President is elected, Michiaki Kamada, a veteran of the Second Sino-Japanese War and the Russo-Japanese Conflict. The Japanese changes their constitution to allow the President to stay in office for life, but will have a vote of no-confidence every even numbered year.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: Will you be able to build a satellite for the EASA within 1.5 Years with all top EASA scientists?? Wait, stupid us, of course we will. What do you think about having war games between Eastern Superpower members and The Asian Democratic Pact?
    • Stupid question, but how many rocket scientists are from Japan, China and India anyway? Azecreth 23:48, October 8, 2011 (UTC)
    • EASA Scientists are from Hindustan, China, Japan, UASR, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, Argentina And Austria.
    • Venezuela has an OTL Thor-class rocked choppy for the EASA scientists to use.
  • Venezuela: Venezuela peace keepers advances as the opposing Liberian warlords retreat in the face of aerial bombing and jungle warfare to a pocket near the border with Guiné.


  • Venezuela: Six 'Bolas' class tank landing ship comparable to the USS King County (LST-857) [143] is laid down in Venezuelan and held Panama. An espionage derived Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 [144] copy is rolled out along with another Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19 [145] copy in Cuidad Bolivar. 20 OTL Sherman equivalent tanks roll out of Panama City. six high explosive carrying equivalents to the OTL MGR-1 Honest John rocket are constructed near Cuidad Bolivar [146]. Two space exploration and two high explosive carrying PGM-17 Thor copy missiles [[147]], 20 Sherman comparable tanks, six Yugoslav style Mammoth Super Heavy Tanks, 20 QF 4.5 inch Howitzers [[148]], two Junkers Ju 88 Night fighters [[149]] a Bolivar ( OTL Bogata) class gunboat and six high explosive carrying SSM-N-8 Regulus comparable missiles [[150]] are made in Caracas' industrial zone.

The nation forms an OTL USA style federation of Venezuela, and its satellite states of Gayana, Tobago, Panama, Nicaragua, the Netherlands Antillies, El Salvador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay. TV is experimented with in Lima.
  • Yugoslavia: The AMG Dynamic Transports presents the M5 Force Application Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (FALRV) (Specs - Length: 6 meters (20 ft), Width: 3.2 meters (10 ft), Height/depth: 3 meters (9.8 ft), Weight: 5200–5900 lb (2340–2680 kg), Maximum speed: 120 KPH (75 MPH), Crew: Driver (one), Passenger (one), Gunner (one), Transmission: 4-speed automatic, Suspension: Independent 4x4, Fuel capacity: 25 U.S. gal, Engine: 8-Cyl. Diesel 6.2 L (380 cu in) or 6.5 L (400 cu in) - 6.5 L V8 turbo: 190 hp (142 kW) @ 3400 rpm / 380 lbf-ft (515 N·m) @ 1700 rpm, Armament: M61 Vulcan) to Yugoslavian Military Officials. The Spokesman saying "May I introduce, our new Force Application Light-Reconnaissance Vehicle. It has 4-inch Armor Plating; M.A.G. Bumper Suspension; a mounted machine gunner position, and total seating for three. Gentlemen! This is the M5 FALRV! I like to call it the 'Puma'." Most of the Military Officials like the vehicle upon inspection, but wonders why only three seats? "There are several variants in the works, including a troop transport variant." The spokesman replied. with this answer the officials agree that this is the new vehicle they've been looking for. The AMG Dynamic Transports begins to production. The Ikurus A.D. company produces the Rogožarski IK-11 Falcon Jet Fighter (OTL counterpart Grumman F-11 Tiger) and the Ikurus HT-01 Fénix helicopter (OTL counterpart Bell UH-1 Iroquois ). The Naval Base at Archipelago of Agalega and the Naval Resupply Base on Welch Island are both completed. The YSP has attached the satellite Niki 1 to Yugo 2. EASA members from Hindustan are there to watch the launch. Yugo 2 rocket was launched November 30, 1956, putting Niki 1 into orbit with a perigee of 358 km (222 mi) and an apogee of 2550 km (1580 mi) having a period of 114.8 minutes. At 1:30 am, Nov 31, 1956, Niki 1 is confirmed in orbit. Niki 1's batteries powered the high-power transmitter for 30 days and the low-power transmitter for 103 days. Maybe More Later ...
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: ​EASA members cheer at the first EASA satellite launch into space and tell the Yugoslavians that their ambition to put a satellite into space by 1955.6 was not that far fetched. Using Yugoslavian designs as well as other countries' output, a design is made to transport eight people into space. It is ambitious but it is hoped it will work.
  • Hindustan: With the launch of the EASA's Yugoslavia satellite, the more complex version being built in Japan is speeded up considerably by notes taken from the previous launch and the second EASA satellite, Hind-1 is launched, quickly followed by the Yugo-3 and the Hind-2 being launched from the same rocket. Tanks and battleships continue to be rolled out.
  • Austria: Austria continues to pay off debts focusing on the American debt, predictions show the American debt will be paid off by late 1958 however they send requests to the USA, Venezuela and Japan to ask if debts can be zeroed due to large fluxes in the interest rates in Austria. With the new motorways built and the railways nearing completion, the Führer puts focus into getting the workers from those large projects into the industry or the army, the amount of people flooding into the army causes it to rise from 70,000 to 160,000 and more are expected to join. Meanwhile, the police force is reformed to deal with crime, it is now the "Staapoli" a shortened version of the German for state police, their tactics manage to reduce crime massively and their tougher treatment of criminals causes a fewer number of criminals recommitting crimes. There are also huge manufacturing jobs done to keep the army supplied, while this is happening the Boeing 707 heavy payload bomber is replaced by the new Hind-Boeing-Junker Ju 77 long range heavy payload bomber, the new aircraft is considered a much more effective stratofortress with greater bombing capabilities. They manufacture 24 of these at great costs and send out requests for an adequate escort fighter.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: Hindustan say that they will help pay off the Austrian debt (around 40%-75%) if they allow Hind forces to be station in Austria to be used by the Austrian government as well as get the contract to build Hind-Boeing Junker Ju 77s in Hindustan. Another condition, as important as the rest, is that they must form a cricket team, with help from Hind specialists as greater benefits await.
    • Austrian Diplomacy: Austria agrees to the terms saying that 50% would be fine anything above would be considered extra. They allow Hind forces to be stationed in Austria however limit them to a maximum of 10,000 men so far. They also give them a contract to build a maximum of 500 Hind-Boeing-Junker Ju 77s in Hindustan. They also welcome the idea of a cricket team, seeing that there are many great atheletes in Austria who do not yet have a sport to play and that cricket would open up international sports possiblities for them.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: Hindustan are please with the way things turned out and say the least they could do is pay of 75% of the debt. They are also happy with the Hind forces limit and the contract to build Hind-Boeing Junker Ju 77s and a new Hind-Boeing manufacturing store is opened in Austria. Cricket and as a bonus, hockey specialists are sent over to help train Austrian sportsmen. The same offer (about the cricket and hockey specialists) is given to Yugoslavia. Hindustan also offer 25 F-6 Hinds for free, complimentary with the Hind troops.
    • Austria Diplomacy: They accept the 25 F-6 Hinds and welcome the Hind troops. Austria also makes an inquiry into the Olympics, and whether Austria could host them in the near future and whether Hindustan would support this idea.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: Hindustan support the idea of the Olympics being held in Austria and enquire whether cricket can get into an Olympic Sport.
    • Venezuelan Diplomacy: I agree about the Olympics and cricket. I would like to hold an F-1 racing tournament with Thailand and a cricket tournament with Hindustan.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: There will be a cricket mini-series between Austria, UASR, Hindustan, Venezuela, Australia and New Zealand next year. There will also be an F-1 tri-tournament (Hindustan also has an F-1 team) held in Thailand. Hindustan change their bid, say that F-1 should also be included.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The Olympics should be held in Greece.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: We see the point of that as the Olympics should be held in Greece. A compromise is propsed that the Winter Olympics will happen in Austria in 1958 and the Summer Olympics in 1960 in Greece.
    • Austrian Diplomacy: The idea of the Olympics is for it to be an international sporting event that happens internationally and considering the recent greek olympics in comparison with no Austrian Olympics, it would be better for a reversal with the Summer Olympics, 1960 in Austria and the winter Olympics in Greece, 1958.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: Probably a better idea.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways, motorways and racetrack. The racetrack is to be finished by autumn of next year, and Thailand will try to enter the racetrack into part of the Formula 1 season in 1959, which gives enough time to test the track and improve if needed.
  • Japan: The Japanese Army captures several communist rebels in Singapore, Hiroshima, and Tokyo. They are found with a grand-total of over 900 pounds of explosives and 112 rebels are arrested. They are given a fair trial-by-jury before being convicted of treason. They are all beheaded publicly. The JDAC Dragoon Corps lands troops in the Malaysian jungle to fight against the communist. They quickly tear apart the unprepared MalayCong and kill most of the hirearchy in Operation: Snakebite. The MalayCong however retreat deeper into the forest and an etimated 2000 escape over the Indonesian border. The Japanese President swears that the MalayCong shall be eliminated within the decade.
  • China: China declares that all MalayCong in Indonesia will be found as are the radical elements of the VietCong. They are all destroyed by the superior forces of the Chinese armies. (Indonesia is a strong ally of China's)
    • Hindustani Response: An enemy of my friends is my enemy. Soon, men and equipment and men are sent to assist in the destruction of the MalayCong. The Hindustani President declares the Eastern Powers to be at war with the MalayCong. He wants the Japanese President's dream to become a reality and that to within five years.


Since apparently everyone thinks I'm a cheater for roleplaying the Soviets, and acting like they would have in real life. I quit. **** you all, and go ahead, feel free to destroy the USSR in one year. I cease to care. And DON'T post anything on my talk page about this because I am not coming back. Period. Azecreth 23:23, October 10, 2011 (UTC)

I don't want Soviet land, I was after Greek land. You can't have Austria, Finland, Poland, the USSR and the Baltics over run each other in one year. 'Hyper-conquest' is daft. Oxfordshire 1972 19:07, October 11, 2011 (UTC)

  • Venezuela: A Chavez frigate captures the now statless Galapagos islands and the Bolivarian Union is given to Chile, Suriname and Uruguay if they want it (, No= 0-49, indicisive= 50, yes= 51-100)
  1. Chile = 55/yes
  2. Uruguay = 22/ No
  3. Suriname = 3/No
The German/Italian/British/Native Fuagan/Croat/Swiss ethnicity of the southern three provinces and Terre De Fureg region have more in common with southern Argentina and are given to the Argentines as a gesture of good will.
The federal telecomunications network, water supply, sewerage works and power grids are substantially improved.
20 QF 4.5 inch Howitzers [[151]], 12 Sikorsky H-5 equivalent helicopters, one Boeing 377 (with modifications for heavy ordanance payloads) two Junkers Ju 88 Night fighters [[152]], two Junkers Ju 88 tactical bombers [[153]], six Junkers Ju 87 or Stuka [[154]], two MiG 15 comparable fighters, two Junkers Ju-77 [[155]], 200 QF 4.7 inch Gun Mk I–IV Coastal defence gun [[156]], 20 QF 4.7 inch Gun Mk I–IV Medium field gun [[157]] are made. Two MiG 15 comparable fighters and four PZL.23 Karaś light bombers are offered to Ethiopia.
The Venezuela Space Agency (V.S.A.) launches a Thor missile copy from its facility in Cuidad Bolivar to see if its new and upgraded 'space tonic' fuel works. It did, and the missile safely splashes down off the coast of northern Peru.
  • Hindustani Diplomacy: (You are a part of the EASA, you know) The EASA takes tips from Venezuela's new "space tonic" and plans to use them on the maiden voyage of the shuttle which will carry 12 astronauts, upgraded from eight. They also applaud this attempt and say that it was brilliant that this new space tonic has been discovered. Are your 20 astronauts ready? It is asked by the EASA.
  • Ethiopia: expands its military improving its tanks, half-tracks, and Aircraft. Ethiopia begins to look into Different means of providing cheap clean energy to there people with nuclear being the most likely prospect. Accepts Venezuelas offer and quickly begins to reverse engineer and multiplying them hoping to replace most all of the Air Force after five years.
  • Hindustan: The Hind-3 is launched with a dog to see if the dog could survive in space, the dog was trained to hit a button with its paws after a certain amount of time. The dog manages to press the buttom and successfully lands in the Pacific where the Japanese navy picks the Dog. Ham the Chimp is launched from the Arabian desert in Hind-4 where he, too, successfully completes his mission and lands in the Hind Ocean where the Hind Navy picks him up. Two candidates from Hindustan will be used. The Hind cricket team tours Venezuela winning the ODI series 4-3, with Venezuela performing very well.
  • Soviet Union: Using plans stolen from the Yugoslavians by Soviet spies, and top German scientists brought in from there after the war, the Soviets launch the satellite Sputnik-1. Later, they launch Sputnik-2, and then Sputnik-3. The T-34 is finally phased out, and becomes an export-only weapon. Rebuilding begins in Moscow.
  • Japan: The Japanese launch the Isamu Takeshi from Singapore into Earth orbit. The Isamu Takeshi carries a dog into space. He circles the earth three times before successfully landing in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japanese Mexico. The dog is then adopted by the Governor of Mexico. The Japanese Missile Defense Department is established. The JMDD begins building silos for intercontinental missiles carrying traditional explosives. A three stage rocket succesfuly hits a bunker in Japanese Mexico and succesfully destroys it. Over twenty-two silos are begining to be built.
  • Austria: The Führer makes a great speech to the people of Austria, with quotes like "Freedom of the masses is upon us," and "No sickle will slit the throat of truth and no hammer beat down the people of Germany!" This speech is dropped in leaflets all around Germany, the speech is also transmitted into Germany on all radio waves. The Führer goes into Germany to meet with resistance politicians and makes several great speeches around the country, inspiring the German people to throw off the yolk of the Comintern. After this campaigning they confront the Soviet government and arrest them on accounts of treason, then put the previously underground Germans Nationalist Movement in power, soviet troops are ordered to leave the nation as armies of civilians rally to the cause of Germany arming themselves with new weapons from Austria and old weapons from pre-soviet Germany. The German Co-operation pact is signed quickly only ten days after the induction of the new government and the Nationalist German Republic is formed. Meanwhile, another 105 Kriegtiger tanks are manufactured to turn an infantry division into an armoured division. Austrian scientists also state that they have managed to begin the in-depth development of nuclear science.
  • Soviet Union: A german government in exile is set up in Poland. Soviet troops in germany swing into action, and begin fighting against the German and Austrian nationalists. The Soviet Union declares war on Austria and the German govenrment. Combined with an influx of soviet troops, they crush the poorly armed militias and overwhelm the austrian troops. Much of Germany is retaken for the government in exile. Austria itself has not been invaded yet, and they still hold out in southwest Germany.
    • Not only is this post stupid, it is implausable but I will play along until someone notices. But to point out some things: The militias were far from poorly armed and a good amount would have been ex-soldiers and you cannot simply "overwhelm" my soldiers who have been training for this and have tanks that are far superior to the current soviet model with even only recently old soviet equipment, Also Germany would not have "sympathisers" I feel its just another way for you to fund your childish wars.
    • So what is basically a King Tiger analog is superior to the T-54? Oh, and a major proponent of the Nazi party in the beginning were socialists, so there would be sympathizers. If you don't believe me, then look up the National Bolshevik Party, and the KPD in Weimar politics. And I can, considering the Germans fought a war, which resulted in loss of life, while I still outnumber people by a lot. Why does nobody understand the sheer amount of guys that I have makes it hard for them to beat me. Even in OTL, NATO war plans basically gave up Western Germany to the Soviets unitl the Americans could arrive. And please, how is this implausible? Azecreth 20:09, October 10, 2011 (UTC)
    • A king tiger analogue? no more of a king tiger crossed with a jagdpanther crossed with a T-54 is better than a T-54, as those were the tanks I looked at for a comparision suggestion but decided against as it was significantly different from all. The Nazi party were Nationalist Socialists, key word there Nationalist also are you meaning to tell me that a third of Germany's population in an even more Fascist Germany than OTL would side with the Soviets? I think not. You may have a sheer amount of guys but look what that has always done for the Soviets, sheer loss of life too. The reason its implausable is because you would not be able to storm through Germany against a huge mobilized force along with more up to date weapons and better moral considering the speeches and mass amounts of people that are against you.
    • The Germany is not USSR yellow. How is it a puppet?
    • ???? :/ Oxfordshire 1972 15:04, October 11, 2011 (UTC)
  • UASR: The UASR moves directly to assist Austria, flying troops into Germany and crushing the Soviet forces who have overstretched themselves and are appalled at the amount of Germans that were slaughtered during the ruthless assault. They manage to destroy the Soviets main force while the Austrian armour powers through their flanks, they also give the Austrians freedom to use nukes if need be.
    • The Austrians don't have nukes. And post an algorithm, please, or this will have to be deleted. Azecreth 20:09, October 10, 2011 (UTC)
    • Posted, it is merged with Austria.
    • Azecreth, you are not a moderator so stop acting like one. You do not have the right to request things from people or delete things. Let me repeat again you are not a moderator.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways, motorways and

racetrack. Thailand also asks if Belgium, Netherlands, San Marino, and Monaco would like to join League of Neutral and (; odd numbers 1,3,5,7,9,etc. is yes and even numbers 2,4,6,8,10 etc. is no) and Belgium says yes (number was 37), Netherlands say no (number was 72), San Marino says yes (number was 1), and Monaco says yes (number was 1...again...). The racetrack is approaching completion very soon and will be done in fall of this year.

  • Yugoslavia: Deploys the new M5 FALRV Pumas to Liberian to speed up the the war, a huge anti-nationalist weapon case is found. The weapon case held five Vickers Medium Mark II tanks [1], eight 15 cm sFH 13 [2], four 90 mm Guns M3 anti-aircraft [3] , 2000 Ak-47s, and 500 SKS Carbines [4]. The YSP and Heinkel create the Heinkel Tr 02 (comparable with Bell XV-3) and YSP and Ikurus A.D. create the Ikurus IKX 01 (OTL counterpart North American X-15) to continue research with VTOL tech and breaking the sound barrier. The Bill to Equal Rights Between Citizens passes.
    • Venezuelan Diplomacy: We call for an immediate end to the Austria-USSR war and the holding of democratic elections and a plebiscite in Germany. 2,000 peace keepers and five Panzer III tanks will be sent there to patrol the borders after a ceasefire has been called on the present borders. The plebiscite will be in each German lander (land in German. They are semi-devolved regions) on whether they want to be Soviet, Austrian, fully independent, French or Communist German status quo ( Fruit, oil and coal supplies are offered to Austria as gesture of goodwill.
    • Austrian Diplomacy: They thank Venezuela for the supplies but note that the Soviets will simply use the Venezuelan democratic approach to delay the plebesite as much as possible and try to conquer Austrian lands besides the German people supported a free independent Germany in Union with Austria, is there any other signal to what they want more than their blood on the streets of Germany and their bodies in the thousands and surely those should be clear indicators to who they don't want in control.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: We think that Austria should be allowed to unify with their kin and think the USSR should not declare war for this. Are your 20 astronauts ready? Hindustan asks Austria. They also want to avoid a nuclear war as they have seen what happens to troops infected with radiation.
    • Yugoslavia Diplomacy: A volunteer battalion moves to Austria to help where needed. Agrees with Hindustan on the matter of USSR declaring war and that a vote by UN should be held to decide the matter.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: We know that going to the UN won't work as the USSR can just veto any resolutions. Hindustan also warn the USSR not to attack anymore Austrian troops otherwise Hindustan could get involved and maybe get all of the Eastern Powers to join in.
    • Austrian Diplomacy: The UN is not a viable option Austria agrees however notes that the Soviets will not relent in their attempts to control central Europe. They will only accept defeat if they are defeated, they will not make reasonable compromises - especially as Germany is the jewel on the crown of their conquests.
    • Venezuela: The nationally renowned ATL Caracas Times, now Caracas TV journalist Mendoza Alfonse Sánchez (he’s somewhat between the OTL explorer Bare Grylls and OTL journalist Sir Richard Dimmbelby) is sent on the most daring mission of his entire 22 years of reporting (I'll let on about its content when he returns in mid-1958.0). TV is tried out in La Plaz, Cali and Asunción. The OTL late 1950’s pilot system in Chile is expanded throughout the major urban centres of Chile.


Axis vs Allies (r) 1956


  • Venezuela: Air Commodore Rodríguez Gilberto Miguel Orejuela again topples the president in a coup.
    • China: condemns the coup.

Venezuela media: The nationally renowned ATL Caracas Times, now Caracas TV journalist Mendoza Alfonse Sánchez (he’s somewhat between the OTL Bare Grills and OTL Sir Richard Dimmbelby) went to Denmark, Estonia, Pomerania and southern Sweden to investigate suspected war crimes allegations . It was one of those three month undercover jobs like OTL journalists do in today’s N. Korea, Zimbabwe and Saddam’s Iraq. Mendoza’s report for Caracas TV can be found here Caracas TV war crimes report, March 2, 1958 (Axis vs. Allies).

AvAr Rzeszow, Poland

Reported war graves, Rzeszow, Poland.

Two QF-3 pounder Hotchkiss guns [[158]] two Junkers Ju 88 Night fighters [[159]], two Junkers Ju 88 Dive bombers [[160]], two Junkers Ju 88 Torpedo bombers [[161]], Junkers Ju 388 bombers [[162]] Junkers Ju 388 reconnaissance aircraft[[163]] Junkers Ju 388 heavy fighters [[164]] are made in Venezuela. Three more M26 Pershing tanks [[165]] and three 90 mm Gun M1/M2/M3 anti-aircraft guns [[166]] are made in Panama. five QF 4.7 inch Gun Mk I–IV [[167]] field guns are made in Colombia. 200 more WW-II style Opel Blitz trucks are made in Peru and All Chávez class frigates are retrofitted with a rear facing (stern/aft) QF 4.7 inch Gun Mk I–IV Naval gun [[168]] along side the existing machine gun. Ten of the trucks are sent to the peace keepers in Europe.
Venezuela crushes the last of the Liberian rebels and captures 20 rifles, a Sherman tank and a 3-inch Gun M1918 [[169]]. The failing state of (User deserted) Sudan are subsequently bribed and bullied in to siding closely with Venezuela and Central Arabia. The squadron MiG 15s and Pena de muerte concepción class bombers flying over head made the point very clear to the dated Sudanese military (last update was in 1939). MiG 15 clones fly menacingly over Khartoum as new leadership is set up under temporary Venezuelan control. Six M.A.C ships, an Ex-Yugoslav dreadnought and the a Chávez class frigates are off the coastline along with a Central Arabian patrol boat. A ( referendum will be held on there future full independence (as a neutral grey state), independent as a Venezuelan client (green tint), return to UK rule, Ethiopian rule, French rule or Italian rule in 1960. Voting will be held separately in the five ethnic provinces in 1960. Air Commodore Rodríguez Gilberto Miguel Orejuela is toppled and shot by the president’s brother in a coup.
  • Austria Diplomacy: Austria points out that the USSR would never approve of this and neither will the Austrians but for different reasons. The Austrians fear that the Referendum will most likely be tampered with by the Soviets. And that the Soviets will use force in any situation they can so the referendum will not happen until they are defeated and by then it will be proven who the Germans are aligned with.
Venezuela points out that it is a Latino/Amerindian hegemony and does not see why Austria can’t form an ethnic homogenous union with Germany if the people chose to in a ( test in each Lenda) fair referendum.
  • UCSR: The Caribbean Union announces support for the USSR. They donate troops and, if needed, nuclear warheads. Speaking of nuclear warheads, more uranium is found, allowing for more warheads to be produced this year.
  • Hindustan: In a striking move, four astronauts are launched from an OTL capsule like thing called the Enterprise. Crews are: one Hindustani, one Yugoslavian, one Chinese and one Venezuelan astronaut. It is a great success, except from the slight hiccups which occured during launch and re-entry. The EASA then encourages other members to launch their own astronauts into space. EASA members (namely China, Japan, Hindustan, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, Argentina, Austria and Britain) then decide on what to do next. Hindustan also start to provide many things to the civilians and corruption is thankfully on an all time low due to the Lokpal Bill, which sends any currupt ministers to Jail. Also, the car companies are expanded on and it is aimed at the normal farmer.
  • Ethiopia: Drops leaflets all over Sudan telling them to vote to join Ethiopia or become independent and that no nation from outside Africa could have claim on any part of it.
  • Austria: Pushes the Soviets to the borders of Germany with a huge push due to the strategic victory of the

    Europe should everything in the treaty go pro-German

    last year. They also push up into the Polish corridor though only slightly, defeating several Soviet infantry forces as they go. The long range payload bombers fly out and bomb the Soviet supply lines breaking them and preparing them for another Austrian assault. They see that Cuba has joined the war and ask for Venezuelan support in fighting the war and send troops, they also ask other nations to send troops against the Soviet Union to stop its aggressive attitudes in Europe. Heavy manufacturing continues and more of the German militia begins to be armed with Austrian weapons.
    • Austria Diplomacy: Seeming as the Soviet leadership has buckled and the Austrian/German and Anglo forces have moved forwards even more pushing deeper into Poland stopping just before Warsaw and the fact that the Soviet armed forces have been separated due to several soviet attempts to sweep right across Germany, they offer peace terms demanding that the Soviets surrender certain territories to both Germany and Austria. They draw up the tenth Treaty of Berlin and it states:
    1. Dealing with Poland: They must give the pre-WW-I German lands in Poland back to Germany and give the Pre-WW-I Austrian lands in Poland back to Austria. They must leave Poland and give the burden of support governance to Venezuela. There will also be a transference of land to Poland, to give it a route to the sea, there will be a corridor made from the northeast tip of its territory all the way to the coast in the north.
    2. Dealing with Romania: Romania will have lands taken from it for its aggressive creation and therefore annexation of lands that were sovereign to Austria and Bulgaria. Therefore, specific lands will be given to Austria and Bulgaria.
    3. Dealing with Scandinavia: The three two states of Finland, Sweden and Norway will have Russian influence removed from them and will be given back their sovereignty. Russia will pay Finland ten billion Rubles in reparation and the original Finnish government will be restored.
    4. Dealing with Greenland and Iceland: Greenland and Iceland will be given independence based on a countrywide referendum taking the whole nations votes into account only once.
    5. Dealing with Denmark: Denmark will be given a referendum on whether to join with Germany, this will be done in 11 separate subdivisions which will then be grouped together to see the result.
    6. Dealing with Hungary: Hungary will be joined with Austria. Specifically, Russian held Hungary other parts are free to decide whether they join with Austria
    7. Dealing with Russia: Russia will pay ten billion rubles each to Austria and Germany.
    8. German Line Pact: Germany, Austria and Bulgaria will remain independent from each other however will have free trade with each other and will assist each other militaristically and support joint scientific ventures. This pact will stop future wars in Europe and allow the three states to remain independent and become present on the stage of international politics.
    • Yugoslavian Diplomacy: On the seventh part of the treaty, is this just Russian held Hungary or Russian held, and Yugoslavian / Venezeulan client states?
    • Austrian Diplomacy: The Russian held Hungary will be the only forced one, the others are just suggested in the treaty.
    • Venezuelan Diplomacy: The Baltics were trouble and Finland caused the war, so do they deserve pity? - No, they can stay Soviet.
    • Austrian Diplomacy: Austria agrees to the amendments stating that the Baltics openly co-operated with the soviets after being given independence, even locking itself back in. Finland also was practically destroyed by Soviet strikes so there is not even a people let alone a nation to reconstruct.
  • Argentina: A Paragon-1 rocket places a satellite, Destiny-1, into orbit.
  • Yugoslavia: With the Liberian Anti-Nationalist Rebels defeat, the attack force pulls out and leaves regiment of Peacekeeping Troops. A small railway is built on Archipelago of Agalega to connect the islands and promote trade. For protection, the military builds a second line for a Railway Gun Train on islands. With the Scalar Weapon Program basicly complete, Yugoslavian scientist turn to the idea of an entirely electrical gun that accelerates a conductive projectile along a pair of metal rails using the same principles as the homopolar motor. 20 Andersmith-Class Motor Torpedo Boats (OTL counterpart Vosper Type II Motor Torpedo Boat) are layed down. The YSP and Yugoslavia Army Officals combine effort project to studyused a non-rocket space-launch method based on a very large gun to fire the models to high altitudes and speeds with the goal of studying ballistics of re-entry[170]vehicles.
    • Venezuela diplomacy: The Venezuelan ambassador to the UN commented in favour of Germanic union, tied a Venezuelan flag to a Bolivian flag, then an Austrian flag to a German one. The Venezuelans comment that Europe is getting to a crisis point. 200 volunteers go to fight the Soviets. The Venezuelan puppet state of Oberlichtenau-Niederlichtenau breaks its ranks, votes for an Anslushe with Austria and volunteers its limited services to any future Austrian state. Ruthenia follows the official Venezuelan line of military neutrality.
  • Japan: The JMDD becomes the equivalent of America's OTL NASA and NORAD. The JMDD launches the Isamu Takeshi-2 into orbit from Singapore. The Isamu Takeshi-2 carries a man into orbit around Earth. He circles the Earth three times beforeerforming the first sace-walk. The JMDD also launches the Isamu Takeshi-3, Isamu Takeshi-4, and Isamu Takeshi-5 into orbit, all carrying men. The Isamu Takeshi-6 carries the first women into space. She unfortunantley dies during re-entry when the ship disintegrates. The JMDD begins mounting massive RADARs all around the republic, by the end of the six month period most of the Republic of Japan is covered by RADAR along with most of the Far East. The JMDD also opens the first seven of the twenty-two planned silos. They launch thirty-seven missiles into Malaysia where the destroy the majority of the MalayCong left in Malaysia. The Japanese Navy continues expanding itself.
    • Venezuela, emergecy talks in the USSR:
      Less DeconstructionSov

      Venezuela does not like the territorial feeding frenzy!The Baltics and Finland will stay Soviet.

      Venezuelan diplomats contact the ATL Soviet dissident and OTL premier Nikita Khrushchev [[171]]. He was a great OTL reformer and de-Stalinised the U.S.S.R. The only thing that was his bad attitude over OTL Cuba. The ATL West has rescued him from a Kuban prison camp and Cuba is already a safe Communist state, so he’s not going to cause any trouble soon. He has his OTL/ATL core support in the Ukraine (his home republic) and thr Rostov-Upon-Donn Oblast. The USSR will not be carved up like a sossage! The conquered lands will be removed, but the core state of the 1922 USSR and Tanu Tuva will remain intact! Polish Galicia (the bit above Ruthenia) is full of Ukrainians and can join the USSR on ethnic lines. The Baltics were trouble and Finland caused the war, so do they deserve pitty? - No, they can stay Soviet.
    • Austrian Diplomacy:

      Alteration, Austria will go no further than this.

      Austria says that the lands may be given to the USSR as long as they do not conflict with Austrian claims and if they do the people of that land will be given referendum on who to join.
    • Austrian Diplomacy: Austria says that it will accept this version of the treaty with one change, the Austrian claims will not be taken from the treaty, saying that they can be lenient however there is a line they must hold with the treaty. So they present a new map.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways, motorways. The

racetrack is finally completed, and it will be tested next year. The racetrack will be closed until it is proven safe and stuff, and it will be open to the public after the testing is done next year.

  • USA: The United States amps up their military, still wary of violence breaking out in Europe and other nations. (And btw, all of Mexico is American)
    • The IJC Case 4 ruled in Japan favor.
  • France: France continues to maintain the ex-Vietnam-French Indochina border; they anticipate the border patrol and peacekeepers will disband by the next year.
  • Japanese Diplomacy: The Japanese asks to purchase the remainder of Indochina in return for $13,000,000 and a French astronaut to be carried in the Isamu Takeshi-7.
  • UASR:
    Afghanistan-Pashtunistan (New Union)
    The UASR out of Southern Iran, Pasturistan and Iraq, form the Union of Arabian Islamic Republics (UAIR). It is meant to be open to all types of Islamists and Kurdistan is given an offered to join (decided through, nos. 1-4 is no; 5 neutral; 6-10 is yes; no. gotten was 9), which it can't refuse as it gives fairity and economic support to all people of all Islam types. The rest would be kept by Hindustan with a bit of former Kurdistan given to Hindustan to link up with Hind-Turkey.
    • Yugoslavia Diplomacy: What is the current status of Transcontenial Railway? The Yugoslavian Part is complete and has a back up line ready.
    • Venezuelan Diplomacy: Wait for Khrushchev’s emergency telecast, it's coming soon.
  • China: China decides to support Austria in its invasion of the USSR. Most of the transcontinental railway's southern part is opened with the line strecting from Seoul to Paris via Pyongyang, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hanoi, Bangkok, Calcutta, Delhi, Karachi, Tehran, Yerevan, Istanbul, Sofia, Belgrade, Vienna, Zurich, Berlin and Amsterdam.
  • About the ICJ case, I'm pretty sure I vetoed it, and even if it wasn't, since when has the UN had any power?


  • USSR: The railway is apparently safe, for the time being. A literacy campaign is launched in rural Iraq and farms are colectivised.
  • Venezuela:

    O.K., Austria will go no further than this.

    The map is OK. The Peacekeepers will be moved from the Austria/Germany border to the planned Soviet/Polish border. In the chaos following the apparent collapse of the Soviet high command after the death of President Joseph Stalin, Ruthenia links up with the nearby enclave on Mount Tarnica in Poland after 15 years of isolation. A political and economic alliance and the promise of a cross Andes air (Lima to La Plaz to Brasilia) route are offered to Portugal.
  • Portuguese Empire: After years of Government formation and military consignment, the Treaty of Azores is signed by the Prime Minister of Portugal and the rebel forces which had taken over the nation of Brazil after the death of Getúlio Vargas, the national capital is set in both Lisbon and Brasilia with rotation. Portugal's Social Democratic Party has lost its majority in the house, allowing the Portuguese Democratic-Republicans to take the majority seat and economic reforms have begun to progress to allow more industry into Brazil and Portugal
  • Brazil is a vassal/ally of the UCSR.
  • Venezuela, emergency talks in the USSR: Nikita Khrushchev has set up a provisional government and appears to have the at least temporary baking of the CPSU. Troops pull back and leave the lands of OTL W. Germany and evacuate remote Greenland. Border, prisoner and security talks continue. He is adamant that Communisum will not fall and the Baltics will never gain independence. He is also cocerned about the fate of Ukrainians living in Poland, Ruthenia and and Romania.
    • Austria Diplomacy: The Ukrainians in Poland and Romania will be given the choice to be transported to the USSR.
  • Ethiopia: Attacks Italian Eritrea driving the smaller Italian force north and with the help of Eritrean militias take several key cities the Ethiopias drive slightly into Somalia then dig in to repel any counterattacks made by the Italians. Ethiopia calls on all freedom loving nations to help them drive the communists out of Africa.
  • USSR, Khrushchev’s emergency telecast: He gave a two-hour speech on Inter-Tass, Radio Kiev and Radio Moscow from the temporary capital of Ryazan, near to the contaminated, but thankfully not nuked out right city of Moscow.
    Axis vs Allies (r) The 1958 Nikita Khrushchev plan

    Nikita Khrusceve's plans for a new, post war Europe.

His main points are as follows (OTL= also happened in real-life) -
  1. (OTL) The problems of Soviet agriculture had been a major concern for years and earlier attracted the attention of the old collective leadership. The state would encourage peasants to grow more on their private plots, increase payments for crops grown on collective farms, and invested more heavily in agriculture.
  2. (OTL) The Virgin Lands Campaign irrigation plan will open many marginal tracts of land to farming in Kazakhstan and neighbouring areas of Russia.
  3. (OTL) Irrigation around the Aral see will see corn; cotton and cattle flourish in nearby parts of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
  4. (OTL) Collective farms will be reorganization into larger units in the countryside.
  5. (OTL) The politically corrupted industrial ministries will be removed and replaced them with regional economic councils, known as sovnarkhozes.
  6. (ATL) Polish Galicia is ethnically Ukrainian and must become part of Soviet Ukraine.
  7. (ATL) The Prypiet Marshes are ethnicly Byelorussian and must become part of Soviet Byelorussia.
  8. (ATL) The war criminal stuffed Baltic States would never get independence ever again.
  9. (ATL) Czechoslovakia will be split from Poland.
  10. (ATL) Poland will remain Communist.
  11. (ATL) Finland will remain Communist.
  12. (ATL) The UN fact-finding team is to keep its nose out of Soviet and Communist territory.
  13. (ATL) A prisoner exchange is offered.
  14. (OTL) Stalin is publicly denounced as a despot and Lenin is portrayed as a hero.
  15. (OTL) Tannu-Tuva will be absorbed in to Soviet Russia as an autonomous oblast as in reality.
  16. (ATL) The Transcontinental railway will go ahead as planned.
  17. (ATL) Sputnik 4’s lunch will go ahead as planned.
  18. (ATL) No nuclear arms will be stationed in Tannu-Tuva or Finland as a gesture of good will.
  19. (ATL) No hostle nuclear arms are to be put in either West Germany, Democratic Ismir or Mongolia as a singe of frendship to the Soviet people

Yours sincerely, Provisional Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev.

  • Austrian Diplomacy: The Premier proposes things that are unacceptable and things that are more than acceptable. Anything that contradicts Germany's, Austria's or Bulgaria's claims are negated as these are the main policies Austria must hold up need I remind you that our troops still occupy western and central Poland and now that due to our promises to Bulgaria they have joined us against you and are prepared to storm across the border into Romania. Accept our territorial demands and we will accept the rest, That means Austrian claimed Galacia is to be Austrian but we will give the Ukrainians a choice to get transport to the USSR or not.
  • Venezuela media: The nationally renowned ATL Caracas Times, now Caracas TV journalist Mendoza Alfonse Sánchez (he’s somewhat between the OTL Bare Grills and OTL Sir Richard Dimmbelby) went to Denmark, Estonia, Pomerania and southern Sweden to investigate suspected war crimes allegations . It was one of those three month undercover jobs like OTL journalists do in today’s N. Korea, Zimbabwe and Saddam’s Iraq. The repeat showing of Mendoza’s report for Caracas TV can also be found here Caracas TV war crimes report, March 2, 1958 (Axis vs. Allies).
  • Hindustan:
    Space shuttle concepts

    EASA shuttle the one in bottom right.

    Is very worried about the state of Europe. However, it continues to focus on its space effort. Hindustan gives more money to the EASA, which then sees alternatives to a module launch towards the moon. The design on the bottom right is chosen to get man to mars. United Space capsule Columbia is launched, carrying four people and is a success while United Space capsule Enterprise makes three more trips into space, flying around the Earth over ten times in its last trip.
  • China: Construction of the Japan-Korea bridge continues and the two halves are nearly joined. China pours money into developing its economy and infrastructure to supply jobs.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: Hindustan sends over more workers and architects so that with the bridge complete, all of the Eastern Superpowers can be linked up. Hindustan also asks whether China wants F-6 Hinds (fighters which can cross Mach 1.5) to complement its bomber fleet. China is commisioned by the EASA to build moon-tech such as lunar buggies and possibly research about building a colony on the moon.
    • USSR diplomacy:

      O.K., the USSR will go no further than this.

      The new map is accepted. Austria has the diplomatic upper hand. They would like to join the EASA, a man shuld be put on the moon before making a space shuttle, since space travel is safest with staged-rockets under present technological conditions. It is noted that Hindustan is about five to ten years ahead of the USSR in technical development.
    • Austrian Diplomacy: Austria thanks the USSR for the acceptance of the peace treaty.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: With the opposition in the EASA, there is no reason why around five years can't be spent (of course it will be much less than that with USSR scientists) perfecting the shuttle. There will be rockets to help it take off in 1/6th of Earth gravity which will help it. With nine major powers of the world in the EASA, things look hopeful for the planned Luna missions.
  • Austria: Austrian Forces annex former Soviet Lands, Germans pull out of Poland annexing their alloted lands and Bulgarian troops move into Romania and annex their claims. The three countries sign into the German Line Pact and Austria draws up a new agreement called the Vienna pact giving Vienna central Governance in the line pact so that the other nations can focus on industry and technology and also causing the other nations to become Nationalist Republics. They also form the German Aeronautics and Space Administration (GASA), which as part of the treaty concerning GASA works as part of EASA. On another note the Führer celebrates this as a great victory, "for soldier, worker and politician." He is joined in celebrations by the German Führer and the Bulgarian Vodach. Germany begins to procede with reconstruction plans using the huge unemployed to do so, Bulgaria uses their unemployed to upgrade their infrastructure meanwhile Austria uses theirs to upgrade the new Austrian lands. Germany uses the ex-military soldiers to create a new armed forces and Bulgaria and Austria conscript troops into the armed forces to secure these new territories and many local ethnicities join their forces. Austria asks Yugoslavia and Venezuela to hold referendums in Hungarian and Slovakian territories to see if they join Austria or if they feel this is unnessesary if they may join Austria.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways, motorways. The

racetrack is undergoing the first part of testing, and passes. The second and third parts of the testing are ongoing.

  • Japan: The Japanese continue to build silos and missile carrier ships. The Japanese launch the Isamu Takeshi-7 without a Frenchmen. They also launch the Isamu Takeshi-8, Isamu Takeshi-9, Isamu Takeshi-10, Isamu Takeshi-11, and Isamu Takeshi-12. The Japanese Army begins a massive campaign into the forests of Malaysia to flush out the last of the MalayCong. They stop at the Indonesian border, as they are fearful of sparking the Third Sino-Japanese War, this lets 1000 more escape into Indonesia. The MalayCong in Indonesia begin attacking the "Capitalist Swine" in Indonesia, causing over 300 deaths in many terrorist attacks. The Japanese Navy creates a ship launched ICBM. They also create a ship-to-ship missiles that have the range of an OTL SRBM, they are deadly accurate and have high explosives that could rip a ship in half. The ship-to-ship SRBM (SSRBM) are mass produced and become the most common missile on Japanese naval ships.
  • Yugoslavia: The Heinkel He 444 Jet Bomber are created (OTL counterpart Boeing B-52). The YSP upgrades current rocket technology from the Yugo Rocket Family to the Titan Rocket Family.


  • France: France begins to send several thousand troops back to France from the ex-Vietnamese-French Indochinese border. They also object to Japan's French Indochinese offer. Also, protests in French Equatorial Africa cause France to send troops to keep the peace. There are talks that the FEA will declare their independence by the next year.
  • Venezuela: Mount Tarnica in Poland is divided from Ruthenia and folded in to the new, free Poland. Ruthenia will hold a referendum on joining Austria in 1959.6. Venezuela takes the administration of Poland pending elections in the mid 1960’s. Venezuela offers the USSR, Thailand and Portugal a non-aggression pact and treaty of friendship.
The UN referendum over the Falklands goes ahead. The Random.Org result was as follows (highest result out of 0-100 wins. They are fanatically pro-British in OTL, so +20 bias to a pro-British vote)-
South Georgia
  1. UK rule- 94
  2. UN protectorate- 83
  3. Argentine rule- 77
  4. Full independence (friendly to Argentina and Britain)- 92
  5. Joint UK/Argentine rule- 93
The Falkland’s
  1. UK rule- 117
  2. UN protectorate- 36
  3. Argentine rule- 57
  4. Full independence (friendly to Argentina and Britain)- 34
  5. Joint UK/Argentine rule- 55
The result is they both stay British, as do the unihabited Shag Rocks and Black Rocks that lie between them.
  • USSR: The people are grateful the nuclear war is over. Remote Iceland and Greenland are evacuate are evacuated, while Norway and Sweden are given full independence. The ruined Soviet cities are to decontaminated and be rebuilt over the next five years. There is a sharp rise in alopecia, leukaemia, cancer and thyroid failure in the nuke arias due to radiation sickness. A treaty of friendship offered to the once occupied territories, Yugoslavia and Ireland to prevent a future war. An alliance is offered to Cuba, Thailand and Venezuela.
Sputnik 4 is launched, goes in to orbit for six weeks and is a scientific success, giving something for the people to rally around. Yuri Gagarin starts his space training. Deep sea divers experiment with Hydreliox, which is an exotic breathing gas mixture of helium, oxygen and hydrogen. A new coal mine opens in the Ukrainian’s Donbas region. A literacy campaign starts in Turkmenistan and Chechnya. Destalinization, a CPSU purge of party hardliners and the Virgin Lands irrigation program begins in earnest. A Soviet survey team land on Berkner Island and laid claim to its northern coast.
  • Austria: Austria begins loyalty campaigns and expands the enlightenment act to the new territories and brings the army up to a new strength of 46 Divisions, mostly Volk Divisions, they also continue to harness the unemployed to build infrastructure. Germany also begins huge reconstruction and passes its own version of the enlightenment act, which is delayed due to efforts to rebuild, however the Führer of Germany predicts it will be in operation within four years. Bulgaria manages to have a faster infrastructure upgrade than Austria and Germany, seeming to be modernised by the end of five years, the Vodach also passes its own enlightenment act seeeing its success in Austria and its appeal in Germany. Meanwhile the Austrian aircraft researchers produce a VTOL Jet that can just reach Mach 1.7, it is lightly armed and the base design has been engineered to fill the roles of an Interceptor and Dive Bomber, it is called the Junker-Mach Ju 56. It is given freely to the nations of GASA and production licences of 150 maximum are offered to the nations of EASA. Also in other news GASA opens a Nuclear division.
    • Yugoslavia Diplomacy: Accept the licence for Junker-Mach Ju 56.
  • Japan: The Japanese Navy continues to mass-produce SSRBM's and fit them to ships. The Japanese aircraft carriers and the Bushi class battleships are retro-fitted to have at least one missile launcher that can carry a SSRBM. The Japanese launch the Isamu Takeshi-13, Isamu Takeshi-14, Isamu Takeshi-15, Isamu Takeshi-16, and Isamu Takeshi-17. They all carry men around the earth several times. The Isamu Takeshi-18 is launched and succesfully orbits the moon.
  • Yugoslavia: The Territorial Defense Force is established. The force acted as a Home Guard which roughly corresponded to a military reserve force or an official governmental paramilitary. Heinkel created the Tr 03 (OTL counter-part Bell X-22), 1 is given to each EASA member. 50 M5 FALRV Pumas are sent to Venezuela, Austria, China, and Argentina. M1 Civilian Puma (M5 FALRV varient) begins being sold to the general public.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways, motorways. The

racetrack gets cleaned up and maintained, and will register the track for next season of Formula 1. Meanwhile, Birabongse Bhanudej continues his training.

  • Hindustan: (yes, I know it's ten years late) Invests more money in computers after EDSAC, helping upgrade the shuttles to include computers running. The shuttles are upgraded to 18 men-capable shuttles. United Space Capsule Challenger is launced with all the upgrades done. Soon, the Enterprise is launched to orbit the moon and return, followed by Columbia and Challenger. More satellites are launched, including the Hind-4, Hind-5, Hind-6, Hind-7 and the Hind-8 followed by the Hind-9. More money is put into the commercial sector and Hind Airways is launched with a fleet of 12 Hind-Boeing 707s and the newly rolled out 12 Hind-Boeing 717s and 12 Hind-Boeing 727s. All prove to be a great success. Businesses are given priority over farming seeing that after considerable effort, the farming sector booming. Hindustan start to retrofit their own Battleships with Radars, newly developed strategic thermo-nuclear missiles and upgraded missiles and guns.
  • UASR: Drills for oil in northern Saudi Arabia.


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*Venezueala: The 1at of the 'Maya Class' and 'Inca Class' frigate, comparible to the OTL Rothesay class frigate and Whitby class frigates respectivly are laid down laid down in Cali.

The people are fed up with being involve in Europe’s wars and know that the economy is hopelessly skied towards military conflict. The USSR’s offer of an alliance is accepted. There is talk of a single railway running From Craracas to To Surce via Bogata, Cali, Quito and Lima.The heaps of post-war aid poured in to rebuilding Poland, the USSR and Scandinavia help create new jobs and causes them to have a mini-economic boom. The older Polish and American arms are given to Poland as part of the rebuilding plan. Port facilities are enhance in Sudan and Central Arabia.
The second and third Thor rockets are launched from Ciudad Bolivar and is successfully land of the north coat of Chile. The new space tonic rocket fuel is proven a success and the formula is given to the EASA for their new space craft to use.
The Ruthenia-Nyíregyháza referendum result, with a turn-out of 95% is as follows-
Trebisov and Košice.
#Join Austria- 66%
#Join Poland- 4%
#Independence as a Venezuelan client state- 30%

Nyíregyháza .
#Join Austria- 32%
#Join Poland- 1%
#Independence as a Venezuelan client state- 7%
#Join the Lake Balaton freestate- 60%

#Join Austria- 68%
#Join Poland- 2%
#Independence as a Venezuelan client state- 10%
#Join the USSR's Ukrainian SSR- 20%

Mt Tarnica, et al.
#Join Austria- 0%
#Join Poland- 100%
#Independence as a Venezuelan client state- 0%

  • Italy: Water supplies improve.
  • Spain: Develops the infrastructure of Reo do Oro.
  • USA: The Senate and Congress review the situation in Mexico and orders an inquiry into the causes of original the war in the 1930’s. They hope to resolve the going conflict with Cuba over Mexico. There is talk of a Pan-American highway down the East-Coast of the Americas, linking Anchorage in Alaska to Santiago de Chile via Panamá City. The 1960 Mexican election will be held as originally planned. The remaining municipality’s of Mexican state of Campeche, Jonuta (municipality) [[172]], in Tobasco State are given to Cuba. as a way of helping Cuban Mexico consolidate itself into a more coherent geo-political block. The ethically native Teapa (municipality) [[173]] goes to the M.R. The state of Tamaulipas is annexed to the USA for security purposes and the navy is exspanded slightly.
  • USSR: A memorial to the Spanish Civil war is built in Ryazan and Leningrad will stay a ruin as a memorial to the dead on both sides in the S.U.M.A./N.U.M.A-Soviet war. Moscow and Kiev are largly being decontaminated. The rebuilding begins in Kyev. Yuri Gagarin’s space training is going well, a few Vostok rockets are built and two new radar tracking stations are built in Bikaner and Arkhangelsk. Finland, the Baltic Nations and the USSR repair themselves and unite for the time being in common cause against the immediate enemy of homelessness, radiation sickness and thyroid cancer. The Dniprodzerzhynsk Metallurgical Technicum is expanded. A new détente is started with Austria and Hindustan.
  • Yugoslavia: Using EASA data, The YSP begin to build space shuttle designs for a small crew of six with rover bay to Land on the moon. A large Meteorite hits the earth in Coats Land, researchers from Peterson Research Station come and take it back to the station for study.
  • Hindustan: Yugi Gargain is selected to go into space for the Russians in the EASA. Another Capsule, Discovery, is launched. It is planned that a Saturn V rocket will help the capsule get off the ground and the end part of the Saturn V will be part of the capsule until it reachs landing poing where the end part will deploy a moon-rover on the moon for the astronauts from the caplsule to explore. The capsules are launched and take readings of the moon when they orbit it. Good spots are chosen on where to land and where to explore. The construction of more aeroplanes begins, to great success. Huge profits are made in the launch of Hind Airways in its first year.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways, motorways. The second and third parts of testing the racetrack is done and completed and the racetrack will be officially ready now.
  • Japan: The Japanese navy continues to build more missile carriers. The total number of these ships rise to almost thirty-seven. The JMDD launch the Isamu Takeshi-19, Isamu Takeshi-20, Isamu Takeshi-22, Isamu Takeshi-23, Isamu Takeshi-24, Isamu Takeshi-25, and Isamu Takeshi-26. The JMDD finishes building twenty-two missile silos. The Japanese begin testing guided missiles.
  • USSR reforms: The Ekranoplane is launched. Serious moves are made to democratise the country as in freedom of travel and quota concessions. United Democratic Soviet States of Russia, Kamchatka SSR, the Central Asian SSR and Irkutsk SSR all adopt English as a second language.

The democratic state of Hyper-Kazakhstan/Dagestan get more autonomy in the Soviet Union.

  • UASR: The Anglo Expeditionary Force lands in Uruguay and easily takes over the country piece by piece. Uruguay becomes the 45th member of the Anglo Union.


  • Jordan: The Emir dies after an esplosive detonates, when he and the Czech finance minister visit a school in Kabul.
  • USA: They start the Nike Zeus missile project and drill for oil off the coast of Texas.
  • USSR: Heavy oil drilling begin around the southern city of Mykop, near Krasnordar. All surving data and assets from the SUMA Baltic project in relation to operation God, research into thermonuclear fusion bombs, and the Baltic Projet's operations operation Mjolnir (rocket-mounted nukes) will be turned to peaceful uses. later many ideas pop up as funding increases due to Khrushchev's OTL techno-love coming forth. Decontamination begins in in Minsk and Helsinki.
  • Spain: Develops the infrastructure of Reo do Oro.
  • Ireland: Offers its support to the USSR.
  • UASR: An Anglo Spy ring in the USSR kills the remaining leaders of the Communist Party and a small Monarchist Group siezes control of the government and the Tsar is put back in power but blanced by the New Russian Congress which is muh like the United States Congress. The Tsar and Congress both have an equal division of powers. Production of Nuclear Missile Satellites continues and is expected to be completed by next run. The Anglo Union asks for the return of Arabia and Sudan as Sudan is hoping to be allowed to vote on whether it wants freedom, join the UAIR, or rejoin the UASR. An alliance is offerd to the UAIR.
  • UAIR: The UAIR asks that Venezuela return Arabia to the UAIR and allow the UASR to take control of the Sudan until plebiscites can take place. The UASR alliance offer is accepted.
  • Venezuela:

The results from the Sudanese referendum on a turnout of 73% to the 66 member Senate were as follows-

  1. Royalists- 56%
  2. Ba’arthists- 37%
  3. Islamists- 5%
  4. Communists- 2%

The Venezuelan governor leaves the next month and the king takes over.

  • Hindustan: More shuttle launches take place and the EASA actively sponsors every space agency under it, whether it be GASA, NASA, or VSA and even the newly formed ISC. Other capsule launches' objectives include orbiting the Earth to see the effects of microgravity on many things. The army continues to be boosted and more money is put into the automobile industry.
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