• Korea: Korea continues to research military technology. Two aircraft carriers are sent to the Arabian Gulf while two more stay behind. The first nuclear submarine is also launched, named the ROKS Pyongyang. Korea requests either the American, Canadian or Soviet governments to allow the sub to use their ports for an under-Arctic journey. Meanwhile, dissent again rises up as the people see that money is being poured into military development much more than public services and infrastructure.
    • Soviet D: The Soviet Union would allow Korea to use Vladivostok, being the only major Russian Pacific Coast.
    • The United States offers two southern Alaskan ports of Korea's choice.
    • Korean D: We will use Anchorage and return back to Vladivostok. Thank you for your help.
  • The Soviet Union continues with its economic and political reforms, which helps the growing economy of the Soviet Union, making it one of the largest in the world, behind Japan and the United States. Research into all modern technologies in the scientific, military, medical, and social classes continue. Seeing the Koreans have developed a nuclear submarine, the Soviet Navy begins to design their own nuclear submarine. The Soviet Navy increases the amount of destroyers, cruisers and frigates, as well as submarines. In the Siberian Tundra, development of geothermal power plants and natural gas plants begin. Working and living conditions for all jobs in the Soviet Union are improved. The Space Program is deterred from landing a man on the moon to a satellite communication network, space station and space shuttles. CIS Membership is offered to Algeria, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Congo, Nigeria, Liberia, Morocco, and Italy.
    • Turkish SECRET D: The Turks understand that the Soviets are not interested in a conflict with Japan. However, we do understand that you have ambitions, and those ambitions are to spread Communism and socialism in your sphere of the globe. Our proposition to you is to crush Japan and Korea, and begin your spread of influence in China, along with the aid of Turkey and the MEF. We understand that three superpowers cannot share a planet together, but how about two? We look forward to your response.
    • Soviet SECRET D: We have no problem with Korea. It's Japan that's the main thorn in the side of the Soviet Union. In a hypothetical situation - by hypothetical, we mean the destruction of Japan - East Asia revolves around Japan and the E.A.T.P.S. or whatever the organization's name is. Should Japan be crushed - by crushed, we mean severely limited in terms of military - then the political alliance in East Asia would surely buckle and collapse under its own weight, and then the Soviets move in and establish influence in Eastern Asia. So we will SECRETLY support you with a Lend-Lease Program, which includes oil shipments from the oil, medicine, weapons, food, and other supplies.
    • Turkish SECRET D: Agreed. This exchange never happened.
    • Italian Diplomacy: Italy secretly offers to coordinate with the USSR against the American led pack of pigs should war ever break out and offers troops in any Soviet-Japanese War. Italy acknowledges the fact I can not be a superpower, but SECRETLY wants to put America and its puppets back in its place while reuniting Germany.
      • I don't have no 'puppets, you two timing ignorant Mafia dude. The Soviet Union actually has puppets and client states, and calls them that. I have a little something called "allies." I have no control over their government, therefore I have no puppets. The Soviet authoritarian regime appoints SOVIET COMMUNISTS to rule over the former democratic nations of HUNGARY, AUSTRIA, POLAND, EAST GERMANY, FINLAND, ROMANIA, and last but not least, IRELAND.
    • Soviet SECRET D: We thank Italy for their support and promise that you will be properly awarded.
    • Jap D: the government proposes a final peace attempt to keep peace in Asia you realize any war will destroy both our nations right, you have no way of doing damage to the home islands the same way I have no chance of pushing deep into Russia.
    • Soviet D: It's not Asia I'm interested in. I'm only supporting my ally, Turkey. This is my only request: allow Turkey to have its sphere of influence in the Middle East. Japan has East Asia, the United States has North America and Western Europe, the Soviet Union has Eastern Europe and Cuba, and Argentina and Brazil have South America. So why can't Turkey have the Middle East. It's plain and simple. Japan and the US leave Turkey to the Middle East and the USSR will back down.
    • A Communist economy? And anyway, Turkey should never have brought this up because Turkey doesn't know of the impending doom. Any too the who, all the nations reject your offers.
    • It's not a Communist economy. If you read my posts, you would notice reforms which help loosen control of the economy, and is more of OTL Chinese economy system. Enclavehunter (talk) 01:45, November 17, 2012 (UTC)
      • You mean capitalism poorly hidden behind a thin veil of Communism? ~Viva
    • Additionally, this is diplomacy between Turkey and the Soviet Union. Not Turkey, the Soviet Union, and the United States; who I should point out doesn't have dominion over secret diplomacy. ~Viva
    • Oh yeah? Well, I'm a mod, and you can't have a discussion about something you don't know about.
    • Well now. Since you're a mod, please explain what implausibility is in this diplomacy that warrants it being crossed out. Because I DO know that the Japanese and Americans are up to something because Japan has been threatening Turkey with invasion. My secret police caught their spies, and their mobilization efforts are clear as freaking' daylight. ~Viva
    • SS, it's pretty damn obvious when a country's preparing for war and mobilizing. It's perfectly fine for Turkey to mobilize.
    • It's not like the news is screaming "JAPAN IS MOBILIZING." So you really wouldn't know unless you were metagaming. And what spies could you have captured? If spies weren't sent, found they cannot be. Simple.
  • Japan: Japan readies for the campaign to come and massive build up continues. Studies into nuclear fission begin for a more efficient nuclear energy power production. Extensive production of new military hardware continues and the radar system is upgraded with a central detection handled by computers to allow quicker reactions. All research programs are continued and the green revolution reaches its pinnacle. The Imperial forces begin large scale defensive manoeuvres to the north and military exercises are launched throughout the Gobi Desert to prepare for the war in the Middle East. The first super carrier is completed and another two are put forth. The navy continues to expand, mainly the air force. With the landing on the moon plans to expand Japanese presence begin. The economy and industry continue to expand throughout East Asia.
  • Chinese SECRET D: We ask Japan to train our military.
  • Turkey: The Turks and their protectorates place their militarise on high alert, and prepare themselves for the coming war. The nuclear arsenal is readied for usage, and the strategic bomber fleet is sent away from of the Turkish territory to an unknown location. Nuclear bomb build-up begins. Pakistan is approached with an offer for membership in the Middle Eastern Federation, and Afghanistan is offered the same deal as well. The Turks' first nuclear aircraft carrier is finally completed, along with a sister ship that is also completed in another dry dock (Remember when I began construction of a sixth and seventh aircraft carrier a few years back?). Both are assigned missions in the Indian Ocean, along with half of the Turkish navy. The nuclear power plants damaged in the botched sabotage attempt in 1963 are repaired, and back online. The UAE is offered a final chance to join the MEF. Elsewhere, the Turks amass a large invasion force to attack the remaining regions of Persia, and a second force to deal with the UAR. The missile shield is activated, and the military awaits the war.
  • You don't know anything of this war, Japan and the US planned it secretly. Pakistan, Afghanistan and the UAR are suspicious of you and would not join. Moreover, there is no such thing as "conquest and reconciliation" as much as you'd like to believe so.
  • On the crossing out of the mobilization and preparation of war topic: That doesn't mean he can't mobilize his military. There is a number of clues that shows that war is near: Mobilization of other nation's militaries, increase in foreign presence in the Middle East, military build up, and other clues. So I believe it's allowed for Viva to mobilize his army at any time, and can't be restricted, because two nations secretly plan for war. Enclavehunter (talk) 08:57, November 16, 2012 (UTC)
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai releases the third issue of โทโฮไคคิดัน 2; Miko, Koishi and Kogasa manage to figure out all the clues and also find out where the suspect could be hiding - in China, so the three take a train. Though along the way, face many danmaku battles, by the end of this issue Koishi, Kogasa and Miko reach China and arrive in Lanzhou. Meanwhile, some railways continue construction and some others are finished.
  • Italy: Italy continues military and nuclear bomb build-ups, now owning 217 nuclear weapons. 45 more are given to Turkey, giving the Turks a grand total of at least 90 nukes. Funding of anti-American rebels in West Germany continues and weapons begin to be funneled into West Germany to fund the rebels there. Mexico is offered an alliance as is Brazil and Argentina.
  • NO. Italy does NOT, I repeat, does NOT have 217 nukes. Ban vote, my fellows mods and shmods. There's no such thing as an anti-American rebel in West Germany cause West Germany has its own government.
  • China: Military is being built up and the dragon tank is completed. Nuclear research continues.
  • Netherlands: Netherlands increases defense, military and the navy. Some new harbors are built as old ones are repaired.
  • Argentina: Continues to modernise the military as soon as possible and ask for joint land and naval exercises with the USA in the case that war begins. Argentina completes its rocket program and begins mass production. Many nuclear shelters are complete across the entire nation and some more continue in the north. The history of our nation is stuck in it. Chile border is slightly fortified, the two additional carriers are complete, eight carriers are now operational and other ships begin to be built. Argentina begins to build a SAM system.
    • The USA agrees, and offers Argentina GO-COLD membership as well as aid in becoming the most influential nation in South America.
    • Argentina accept both American offers.
  • Romania: As tension rises, Romania begins to build border defences. Anti-air, guard towers and anti-tank are all being produced as trade tariffs rise in Romania to support the costs. Peace organizations are being sent around the nation to prevent revolts or unhappiness as military spending is almost doubled. By 1970 the government wishes to secretly have at least 30 nukes. Romania also sends turkey a formal letter of invitation for an embassy, wishing to keep in good relations.
  • North Republic: Project Baldr continues. Training of military and computer technology research continues. The North Atlantic Treaty of Oceanic Countries (NATOC) is signed between Quebec, the People's Republic of Ireland and the North Republic. (They are both my allies so I did Random. org 50/50) The idea of this organisation is to promote peace an prosperity in the North Atlantic. It helps of course that the North republic is Japanese leaning, Quebec, American and the PRI a friend of the USSR. We pursue better relations with Sweden and ask France again about the Faroe Islands.
  • The United States continues to build up its military. The United States offers the UAR protection from the Turkish in any case of war whatsoever, should the US see it justified. The long proposed Washington DC Amendment is ratified, and America's second nuclear submarine is completed.


  • Korea: The world's first nuclear submarine completes its first journey, named Operation Sunshine. The submarine travelled from Anchorage to under the Arctic and to the North Pole. It then returned to the port of Vladivostok, where it was restocked. It then finally came back to Korea. Military forces continue to be placed on high alert as protests again grow higher. Riots continue in major cities, again with much of the military siding with the protesters. The protesters wish the Korean government to cut ties with Japan, as they see Japan as one of Korea's worst enemies.
    • Turkish SECRET D: The Turkish government wishes to provide the Korean people with weapons and ammunition as well as military training to combat the Japanese in the event a military confrontation.
    • Alarmed by the recent developments in Korea, the Japanese government requests that the Korean government reaffirm their friendship with Japan and the government offers the people of Korea yet another apology for the occupation the old regime had subjugated them to and requests that the Korean people state their problems with the Japanese Embassy so that relations can improve through solving the problems through cooperation.ouch you really got me were it hurts I can't fight a war abroad if my relations with allies become shaky I will be focusing on solving this crisis before I head abroad.
    • America will help Japan pwn Korea if either Korea or Turkey tries anything funny. Just saying.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai writes the fourth issue of โทโฮไคคิดัน 2. Meanwhile, some railways continue construction and some others are finished.
  • Japan: With the recent events in Korea and the tensions with the Soviets the Japanese realize a war with Turkey at the moment would be unwise and counter productive to what Japan is trying to accomplish in East Asia, through the creation of a truly free and cooperative alliance in Asia. The Mobilization is slowed down and slowly reversed, a secret message is sent to the Americans stating that Japan won't be participating in the invasion and should the Americans go through with the war Japan will only be able to provide diplomatic support and veto any attempts to denounce it in the U.N. The previous political restrictions to certain parties are lifted but the Communist and ultra-nationalist groups are still watched over carefully and. all projects are continued and advanced, East Asia continues to receives funds for economic improvement due to the massive economic benefits coming in but they are slightly relaxed since local productivity is already being achieved and since through regional trade everything is increasing. Exploration of possible oilfields in the Chinese republics begin lead by the Manchu-Japanese Oil Inc. The New Yen is designed to serve as a formal currency in the customs union between Japan and Manchuria. In a formal statement Japanese Prime Minister Yamamoto declares that Japan will withdrawn from the increasingly turbulent situation in the Middle East and in the west to focus on maintaining stability and harmony within East Asia and with its allies, which is considered a key factor in the current Japanese policies of friendship in Asia. The military while slowly demobilized remains on high alert in case violence should appear to the north or in the Korean peninsula. construction of a general same system across Japan and its allies begins. The naval upgrade is finally completed and it remains the most advanced in the world and the second largest by little at this point but more ships are still produced, the construction of the nuclear sub continues. research into bio-fuels begin, as does thermal and other alternative energy sources. an idea begins to appear within the the high command of taking advantage of the EMP and research begins within the nuclear industry as well as the electronic companies to come up with a decent device but the usage is far from today. The first laser is made after years of research, and research to begin applying it to military hardware begins. The bullet train is completed and its first trip is made with Emperor Akihito and his family aboard, the train is considered a monument to Japanese technological accomplishments along with the nuclear bomb, the space program, and the computer. Restrictions on the Chinese states are slowly lifted and a merger is proposed to the Diet by the liberal coalition. It is approved and soon the Nanjing regime and the North Chinese republic will be united into the Republic of East China with a capital of Nanjing. a few more nuclear plants are put forward for construction inside and outside of Japan. The cultural revival continues and many decisions taking by previous Japanese governments are put into question since the restoration, but utmost respect is maintained towards all previous leaders and loyalty to the imperial family remains absolute throughout society. The Japanese government approaches the Russians with a possibility of finally ending the long time rivalry and finally sitting at the table to lay things out and move towards greater cooperation and friendship. The gang war on the main is finally over with the final defeat of the Chinese gangs, but the previously supported paramilitary group the Tiger faction begins to speak out against Japanese influence within Han lands, and the change the name of the organization to the Dragon's Awakening and create an official political party within both Nanjing Regime and within the North Chinese republic, along with a military wing that for the moment remains dormant.
    • Would Japan be interested in building the Pacific Space Station with the United States (OTL ISS, really) as a symbol of our mighty power and good relationship?
    • Jap D: Japan agrees.
    • Soviet D: We agree to look into ending rivalry between our two nations and also look forward to greater cooperation.
    • Turkish D: We thought your Empire was a truly free and cooperative alliance.
  • The United States divides the GO COLD into three separate groups, all of which are still in the GO COLD, however. The North American Democratic Alliance (America, Quebec, Mexico, the Central American nations, and Hispaniola), the European Union (Great Britain, France, Spain, West Germany, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, and Sweden), and the African League (South Africa, Madagascar, West African Republic, United Arab Republic, Algeria, Morocco), and the South American Republic Organization (Argentina and Colombia). The military build-up continues. JFK is re-inaugurated. America secretly builds new nukes, but on the front, America is decreasing its number of nukes. Nukes are stationed in North Ireland. Artemis 10 lands on the moon, the third American thingum on the moon. Artemis 11 is launched towards the end of the current six month period. Artemis 12 will launch at the end of the year. The current plan is to launch ten more thingums on the moon, two every other year for eight years, and then two more after a two year period. However, the last few will really be going to set up an orbital station around the moon, which should be done in the 1990s. America announces plans to build a space station around Earth, and asks the Soviet Union and Japan if they want to help. America offers the North Republic nuclear weapons (because I think we're friends like we should be, unlikely you).
    • Soviet D: We would like help.
    • Help in what? Do you mean to help? If yes, that's great.
    • Yeah. That's what I mean. To help with the space station. Enclavehunter (talk) 00:35, November 19, 2012 (UTC)
  • North Republic: Project Baldr is completed. The North Republic is now totally carbon neutral. However as demand is expected to increase, planning mission is granted to build new stations as and when in pre selected sites. A general election is held, with every person voting (as is the law). As expected the Green Party sweep the elections, winning 60 out of 64 seats in Iceland and 15 out of 37 in Greenland, with a total of 75 out of the 101 seats. Bjarn Nordal becomes High Minister. In a show of goodwill he appoints Anders Bergstrom (leader of the Labour party, who fell from power, currently holding 16 seats) as President. In his inauguration speech he makes it clear that the North Republic will not deploy troops to Turkey, but will instead give impartial humanitarian aid to both sides. He orders research into recycling and solar power. Research on computers is continued.
  • Argentina: Continues to build up its army, the companies of Argentina also begun to install themselves in Africa and in the rest of Latin America with the goal of increasing the nation wealth and help the hosting nation to develop themselves. The cars are now everywhere as a lot of people own them and the cities begun to grow as many Latinos from across South America go in our nation to find job. An invitation to make Paraguay and Bolivia join the Latin American confederation in exchange of technological advance and economic support is sent.(1-5 yes, 6-10 no, Bolivia 8-no, Paraguay 8-no),
  • The Soviet Union: The Soviet Union constructs two more destroyers and cruisers, while three new nuclear submarines are laid down. The T-80 is released to the Soviet public, and makes it one of the most powerful main battle tanks in the world. The prototype stealth aircraft is tested, but fails to get detected by radar. Designers go back and determine what went wrong and how to fix it. Taking in the footsteps of the North Republic, the Soviet Ministry of the Environment asks for research into recycling. The Premier, seeing it a beneficial way to reduce our impact of the environment, agrees. Research into EMP, lasers, and VTOL begins. Another duo of satellites are launched between January and May of 1965, while three more are scheduled between June of 1965 and February of 1966. Humanitarian aid is sent to nations, such as Afghanistan, and poorer nations in Africa.
  • Brazil:The City of Nova Arcadia is Inaugurated as the Administrative center of the Brazilian Federation, the United states is asked if Brazil can joins the Go-Cold Organization, the President Quadros, continues the increase of military and production of Gauss weaponry, as a means to defend the nation and its old allies (Bulgaria, Persia and Romania,) in case of conflict in Eastern Europe, while this population from Venezuela, Guyana and Colombia, as well as from Angola, begin arriving at Brazil as its economy begins to grow for the Gauss weaponry production, as well the government of the Federation, Grants asylum to every citizen from the poorer African countries as far as the come to the federation to look for labor options, as well as to increase military production, several universities are opened through Brazil, and Hospitals in the deepest cities on the Amazonas, like in Letizia on Colombia Menor
  • Turkey: The Turkish government seeks to expand its sphere of influence into Africa, reaching out to the countries of Ethiopia, Somalia, and Sudan, as well as Pakistan, offering to support it against India should a war break out (RNG: Ethiopia 9-yes, Somalia 6-no, Sudan 8-yes Pakistan 3-no). The construction of a new batch of nuclear missiles begins in secret outside of city of Ankara. Research into maser technology begins alongside of unmanned aerial technology to compete with the rest of the world, and development of EMP resistance materials is given strong priority. The Turkish government announces the formation of the Middle Eastern Defence Coalition (MEDC), which is to succeed the Middle Eastern Alliance. Development of a new series of weapons, equipment, and defensive technologies to equip the armies of the MEDC begin in Turkey. Finally, a second announcement is made is that Turkey has began work on developing its own space research program known as Türk Uzay Ajansı (TUA), or Turkish Space Agency.
  • mmmm, I don't know about Ethiopia, they are Christian and have remained independent since Roman ages, so not sure if the population would agree Sine dei gloriem (talk) 23:47, November 18, 2012 (UTC)
  • More than half of the population is Muslim. And it was occupied by Italy breaking that record, and stomped by Britain in the 1860s I believe (the Emperor was Tewodros II). Anyway, many nations have been independent for centuries, yet I see them joining GO-GOLD and the E.A.C.P.S. like flies to honey. China, a nation that has remained independent for centuries, just rolled over when Japan conquered it. And most importantly, I asked politely and I'm offering them money and technology (which they direly need). ~Viva
  • I still don't know, in this timeline Ethiopia remained independent in the 1935 colonial war because, Dean didn't make it happen, and im not sure about half population being Muslim Sine dei gloriem (talk) 00:14, November 19, 2012 (UTC)
  • Bleh, you're right. About a third of the population is Muslim, but them being independent still doesn't serve as a major factor for joining an alliance. Especially when they are benefiting from it (many nations actually joined the British Empire to escape war, poverty, starvation, and or to even gain prestige). ~Viva
  • Nyope nyope nyope. Ye doth not doeth R(eth)N(eth)G(eth)s. Jobs of the mods that be. RNG: 1-4 Yes, 6-10 No, because there's little chance anyway. Don't call it bias. Ethiopia: 7, No. Somalia: 3, Yes. Sudan: 9, No. Pakistan: I'm not even doing this one. Pakistan said no way too many times already. Stop asking. And all anyone gets by joining the Turkish sphere of influence is a bad name and disdain from the American and Japanese sphere. Only the Soviet sphere likes you, and that may very well change.
  • Don't know if you noticed, but that little list at the top shows that I run the algorithms too. They also getting guns, money,and power. So I don't think they care. And reread your stuff. Pakistan said no once, so "way too many times" is either a mistake or lie. ~Viva


  • Korea: Protesters and rogue elements of the military storm the presidential residence and take the president hostage. The National Assembly Building is stormed as well, and most legislators taken captive. A new government steps in, which is completely anti-Japanese. They immediately cut ties with Japan and put their forces on maximum readiness. (Sorry but I wanted to make the game interesting :P)
    • Jap D: The ambassador to Korea along with all Japanese Nationals are evacuated and the navy is placed on maximum alert along with the army. Japan also offers asylum to the previous government and any who are against the recent Korean coup.
    • Turkish SECRET D: The Turkish government offers economic and military aid to the Korean people to break free of Japanese occupation and oppression.
    • Dude, you realize there's no one for you tell this? There's no government, and even if there is one, you don't have its phone number or address.
    • Same for the rebels in Syria, Libya, half the rebel movements in known world, and weird guys calling themselves Hamas. Odd world we live in. ~Viva
    • Yes it is. It's funny how nations like Turkey like talking to no one in particular.
  • The seizure of power and refuses to acknowledge the new government, Korea is suspended from the EATSP and an economic and arms embargo is declared by Japan and its allies, it requests that the USA follow suit. The army is left on high alert and the Empire of Manchuria also mobilizes under the justification that a reactionary government has appeared along its border Japanese troops are deployed to Manchuria to help protect it. The situation in China is also becoming a bit dire as the Dragon's Awakening begins mobilizing large protests in favour of Chinese unification and the destruction of Japan, while the armies of the puppet regimes remain loyal and a large part of the populace non-belligerent many join the protests and a series of terrorist acts begin to appear in China, and even a few in Manchuria,the government stunned by the new turn of events is forced to request that the whole EATSP prepare for what looks to be a large anti-guerrilla war on the horizon in China as a whole. Troops are deployed to the mainland to help control the situation. Plans to begin construction of an extensive space program continue as another satellite is deployed. The prototype stealth jet is made but will be tested later in the year to avoid any malfunction. Meanwhile, all other projects are continued. A new military plan is designed designated Operation scorched Asia based around the immobilization of Japan's enemies as quickly as possible so that an occupation and anti-guerrilla operations can begin at once. industrial growth continues and without the supplying of resources to Korea the resources are sold to the rest of the East Asia region reforming allowing a new surplus. Koreans in Japan are allowed to remain should they choose but are required to accept regular police checks and must reaffirm their loyalty to Japan. The ultra-nationalists use the recent occurrences as a propaganda tool claiming the pleasant policies of the liberals have brought it into a crisis. The construction of the same system continues. The nationwide anti-espionage campaign continues.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai writes the fourth issue of โทโฮไคคิดัน 2. Meanwhile, some railways continue construction and some others are finished.
  • France: The military is being upgraded and we tell Italy that if you continue to aid we will declare war and we build and test our first nuke
  • You have nukes. Thank America. Also, who's playing France?
  • North Republic: Scientists at the IIT unveil the worlds first 'Microprocessor', the IIT Odin. It has 1500 silicon transistors and is 1/7th of an inch by 1/5th of an inch. (Before all you history buffs get mad... In OTL the first microprocessor, created in 1971, had 800 more transistors and was smaller. I have built on Japan's base research for several years. America says it thinks it will have a primitive PC by 1968. Japan is at a similar tech level.) We cut all ties with Korea, freeze Korean assets and order the deportation of any Korean people found in the North Republic. We ask Japan to send some communication satellites into a Highly_elliptical_orbit. We will of course pay. Project Baldr has given us surplus electricity. and to this end we inquire if any Scandinavian country wish to purchase some. Denmark agrees to cut Debt in exchange for some. (Random. Org 1-5 3,4,5 yes, 12 no: 3 yes).
  • Jap D: Japan agrees.
  • The Soviet Union refuses to acknowledge the new Korean government, due to trying to establish good relations with Japan, and freezes all Korean assets, and shuts the border down until further notice. Research into lasers, EMP-proofing, VTOL, robotics, recycling, and other high-tech technology continues. Three more satellites are launched, which results in one part of the Soviet Union to communicate with the other. The new prototype stealth bomber is a success and the Premier orders the production of two stealth bombers to test their effectiveness against radar. Research into unmanned aerial vehicles begins, as well as medical technology. The Soviet Navy produces three more cruisers, two destroyers, and one nuclear submarine. Anti-missile defences systems nicknamed the "White Dome" is erected across the country, particularly concentrated around Moscow, St. Petersburg, Marmansk, and Vladivostok.
    • Turkish D: The Turkish government would like to offer the Soviet Union a chance to integrate our defence systems together, and possibly work side-by-side in any future endeavours it you wish.
  • Turkey: Turkey secretly begins work on a new kind of missile to counter some of the weapons developed by their enemies (I certainly won't be telling you which, but you'll find out in five years), and a number of secret projects under the oversight of the Geleceğin Teknolojileri Programı, or Future Technologies Program. The navy is expanded to counter any threats in the Indian Ocean, and weapons and equipment are sent to the members of the MEDC to begin rebuilding their militaries.
  • You have to tell us which. How are we going to if its plausible or not? Anyway, it ain't like anyone gonna know. So tell us.
  • Don't worry, it's totally plausible. Besides, people are going to know, since I began working on EMP-resistant materials, Japan and the USSR began working on the same thing the next year. I'm protecting my assets. Who are you so I can tell you elsewhere. I'm too lazy to scan through the edit history. ~Viva
  • I was the one who started the EMP research actually.
  • Indeed you did. But I started EMP protective research. I don't shoot at something that I can't protect myself from later.
  • The Great Scrawdadoland I am.
  • The United States continues to build up its military. Korea is excommunicated. The Korean Embassy is closed, the American Embassy is closed, etc, etc. All Korean assets are frozen. The Korean nation is declared unstable and the United States offers to deploy troops to help stabilize the region. Stuff happens. Technology advances. Things. First man to walk in space. (LOL so late.) Gemini 13, Artemis 12 and Artemis 13 are all launched at separate times in the year time period. The Ares program starts. Mariner 7 and Mariner 8 explore the surface of Mars. Mariner 9 and Mariner 10 will come to Mars next year.
    • Jap D: The government considers the current situation - one that must but dealt with by the EATSP but should the situation turn sour aid may be requested.


Check out the new and improved algorithm in the talk page.

  • Korea: The new government nationalizes all Japanese property and business inside Korea, as well as American and Soviet. The two nuclear submarines are upgraded to be primitive ballistic missile launch submarines, capable of firing Juchae B1 missiles that contain 200 kt nuclear missiles. It has a range of 800 nautical miles, or 1400 km. They are capable of hitting any target in Japan or Manchuria, as well as Vladivostok. They warn that any act of violence against Korea will result in the incineration of Japanese targets. All four aircraft carriers are deployed to the East Sea, as well as the four hunter killer assault submarines. To show their resolve, the Juchae B1 is tested, and impacts several dozen miles beyond Japan. The Korean military is mobilized, and everything is placed on high alert.
    • Jap D: Should a single Japanese city burn or a citizen get killed the whole of Korea will be burned.You realize that should I go all out on you Korea will lay in dust and burned to ashes right?
    • Korea: MAD. I have the capability to wipe out most of your cities and you do too.
  • Hungary: A new type of automatic rifle, is put into production, hopefully to be developed with Turkey or Yugoslavia. (Is Hungary a democratic, Communist or authoritarian type of country since Turkey became the new Superpower aligned with Hungary?) Propaganda targets Czechoslovakia and Romania has been seen, but are denied by any Hungarian representatives to international, and pro-Fascism groups grow, based on memories of Hungary's Golden Years, prior to the Soviet Invasion of the 40's.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: Romania invites Hungary for an embassy on Romanian soil.
  • Authoritarian.
  • The Soviet Union, seeing the aggressiveness of the of the Koreans, adopts strategic bombing methods. Non-nuclear - but enough explosive power to sink an aircraft carrier - missiles are aimed towards targets that are used to support major industrial, economic centres. Power stations, bridges, hydroelectric plants, oil refineries, airfields, communication centres, fire and police stations, oil storage facilities, tank yards, SAM and missile sites, train stations, rail yards, rail-road tracks, and most importantly, the fleet of aircraft carriers. Research into lasers, EMP-proofing and weapons, continue, while the two stealth bombers are developed, and tests flights are scheduled for 1967. Research into digital-flight begins, while research into UAV's continue.
    • Korea: Korea has no fight with the USSR. I propose a non-aggression treaty that would benefit both our nations. Korea does not wish to fight the USSR. To show our truthfulness, we will un-target Vladivostok from our nuclear missiles.
    • Soviet: The Soviet Union agrees to the non-aggression pact.
    • The United States and the GO-COLD see the Soviets as selfish and unwilling to protect their ideologies. They shall give up everything to protect themselves, perhaps even their own land. Do the Soviets value more their integrity as a nation or their existence as a two-timer?
      • Korea: Bella gerant alii.
    • Soviet: Two-timer? All were doing is ensuring that no war breaks out between Korea and the Soviet Union. Do we recognize them as the official Korean government? No. Do we support them in their militaristic goals? No. So yes, we do believe in our integrity as a nation and we will never give up land to a nation.
    • Korea: What would you be doing if I had a nuke targeted at San Diego?
    • Be busy blowing your whole country with 75 of 400 nukes.
    • ...And have the radiation make most of the East Sea and Japan uninhabitable. And besides, is it really worth it? Obliterating my country for a major city of your own?
    • Yeah. Seems fair enough. You touch my land, lose all your land. And yer nukes too. Anyway, no one is insane enough to be using nukes. Four nukes have been launched in the past, with horrific results. Everyone is too scared to launch a nuke.
  • Brazil: Seeing the events in the East Asia, the federation begins asking an alliance with the Japanese Empire and wishes to open communication with other East Asian nations.
  • Japan: All research projects are continued and Japan continues to maintain a solid naval defence and the construction of the same system is nearly completed. More nuclear weapons are produced. The government in response to the Koreans to push them to back down, launch a dummy missile which lands a mere 30 Km off the coast of Seoul and a series of naval, aerial exercises are held. Japan begins supplying and training the former government to launch a counter coup and restore balance to the peninsula. Yamamoto meets with leaders of the opposition and with members of the high command to discuss what steps must be taking, with the Korean crisis and with the growing insurgency in China it is decided that a stall should be made with Korea through promised mutual destruction to prevent any Korean aggression while the growing problem in China is dealt with. In China a series of tourist attacks each more violent then the last continue as the Dragon's awakening demands the complete withdrawal of Japan from all of former China even Manchuria, something which both the Manchu and Japanese governments refuse. The military is once again deployed to China for the first time since the 50's (Can someone make a mod event where the Dragon's awakening launch a coup in Free China or at least begin acting out of Free China with Chinese support so that a large war in Asia can start. I'm itching to get involved in a major war.) The infamous I.S.R.F. restart their operations in both East China and Free China with the hopes of breaking the movement before it grows to much. Their is a loss in earnings of companies that had installations in Korea and their stocks plummet but the rest of the East Asian Economy remains strong, another industrialization wave begins this time aiding Burma and Malaysia. Singapore begins to grow with an increase in business men from Japan, taking over the previously dominated British market. The Liberal Coalition restores the banning of the Ultra-nationalist party and any public meetings of the party will be repressed.
    • You know that getting a missile "within 30 km" is pretty bad, right?
    • read my post carefully as a warning not an actually attack more of a fear tactic.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai writes the fourth issue of โทโฮไคคิดัน 2. Meanwhile, some railways continue construction and some others are finished.
  • Netherlands: The Navy is upgraded as is the police force as well. The Government jails some suspected Communists and goes after more.
  • Turkey: The Turkish military begins mobilizing for combat, calling on a force for 300,000 troops and 3,100 MBTs, and 200 tactical nukes for mission not yet defined by the government. The nation constructs additional nuclear weapons, and the GTP continues its research of the special missile program and EMP-buffering technology. Turkey announces that it will be launching a separate space station program, called the Nispet Space Station, which is to launch by 1971. The Turkish military sends Hungary and the other MEDC I61 Aslan assault rifles (OTL HK33s) for their militaries' forces.
    • Hungarian Diplomacy: We thank our Turkish friends for sending the MEDC I61 Aslan rifles, which are being tested out in Budapest, to be put into the Hungarian Armed Forces as the official service rifle by 1969. We also want to help train astronauts to assist in the the Turkish Space Program.
    • Turkish Response: We would be happy to accept them into the program.
  • North Republic: Research into solar panels, computers and recycling continues. Research on cloning begins. We offer to buy the Faeroe islands off France. We ask for help in setting up a space program, for we believe that humanity must eventually colonise the stars in order to survive. The Armed forces are set to readiness in case of war.
  • Romania: The government continues to secretly build nukes. Coastal defence is priority and anti-air and beach front bunkers are built. Bomb shelters are built outside of major cities. Private Prisons are built and Romania opens its prisons for international use. Romania sends Hungary an invitation of an embassy on Romanian soil. Research is also put into electronics.
  • France: Some civilians are found shot. We blame the Irish and we declare on Ireland
    • Netherlands Response: The Dutch government frowns upon this declaration of war and plea that France not to go to war with Ireland for the good of Europe and Ireland to make reparations for the deaths of the murdered Citizens.
    • Ireland is Communist. Declaring war on them would start WW-III.
    • Not to mention why the holy f**k France would declare war on a country for a couple dead people.
    • BS implausogasm.
  • ​Argentina: Continue to modernise and develop the military as fast as we can. A slight improvement is said to have occurred in the economy of Latin America and and south-west Africa. The Gauss cannons are slightly improved and the energy needed for those is slightly decreased. The USA are offer a technological exchange. Closer ties between Latin America and East Asia is proposed to strengthen both of our regions.
  • India: Declares war on the Bengali rogue state. This is after 20 years of non-stop armed forces building and naval tactics as well as its creation of its jet fighters and bombers. Crop yield is high and enables troops to be well fed. The economy continues to grow and expand. Many more factories are built and roads are re-built. Many dams are also completed and research into unknowns in the field of nuclear devices is begun. Nuclear devices begin to be built to keep pace with the research. However, most of the resources are being devoted to the war effort, and only army R&D funds are reaching the project, as the army hopes to be able to use a functioning nuke. Indian leaders then ask for a secret catch-up on events in the world as the Indians have been a little too inwardly in recent years.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The government offers to supply the latest firearm designs and blueprints for some of the more recent technology developed by the Japanese, in exchange for a promise that India will supply troops for the intervention in China.
    • Indian diplomacy: India asks what is going on in China?
    • Implausogasm in India's part.
    • Read my posts from previous turns and you'll find out. Basically, a group I funded is now causing havoc on the mainland, a large insurrection to try to expel Japan. Figured it was about time to make an event like that. Also, I've been itching to get into a guerrilla war.


  • Korea: Korea continues to produce nuclear powered submarines and other naval forces, and another aircraft carrier is in the making. Korea now has 150 nuclear weapons, of which approximately 50 are placed on aircraft carriers, 90 on land, and 10 in submarines. Missile research continues, as does antiaircraft missiles. An anti-missile defense also begins to be developed.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai writes the fourth issue of โทโฮไคคิดัน 2. Some new buildings are planned to be built, including a few very tall ones.
  • Hungary: In a shocking move, considering recent history, Hungarian President Pal Losonczi (I'm assuming Royalty no longer exists in this Hungary), visits Bucharest in the first diplomatic meeting between Hungary and Romania ever recorded, and open relations. Speaking with the Leader of the Romania, the Romanian Embassy will be opened up in Budapest, along with consulates in other cities in many parts of the Eastern portion of the country. (Also, who are our enemies and allies, Turkey? I can't find much information on what's going on since my return.) Meanwhile, plans to strengthen the military start, with the MEDC I61 Aslan assault rifle being implemented as the service rifle of the Honvédség. Though initially planned for 1969 implementation, with hostilities growing all over Europe, we want to buy 300,000 I61's, in a costly buy to modernize our military. (What would be a realistic size for the Armed Forces at the moment?)
    • Turkish D: The Turkish government has agreed to sell you the weapons at a third of the price, and provide you with modern equipment for the same price as well.
      • 500,000 troops appears good enough for your military. And check this out to see Turkey's foreign relations. ~Viva
  • North Republic: All research continues. We begin to look into a conclusive survey of all organisms in the north republic and their rarity. We again ask the French to buy the Faroe Islands. Construction begins on an aircraft carrier.
  • Since France is not answering, we will do an RNG. (1-5, Yes, 6-10 No) Result: 3. France agrees to sell the Faroe Islands to the North Republic for a reasonable price. France is not allowed to protest, they're miniscule islands and should belong to some Scandinavian country.
  • Netherlands: The Government disbands, jails and heavily punishes the Communist party and its members. The Army is doubled and receives upgrades. The Navy is doubled and introduces the HNLMS Walrus S2 which is an upgraded Walrus 1 class submarine. The Air force receives major upgrades as well.
  • France: Military is doubled and the Communist Party is becoming more popular.
  • LOL Communism in France. Double military.
  • Japan: The government continues its military operations against the Dragon's Army and martial law is declared throughout East China by the national governments, terrorist attacks continue to grow and a series of gunfights break out across the region. Japan's allies Indonesia and Indochina begin supplying troops to help fight in southern China. The economy is slightly affected by the recent clashes but all business outside of China and Korea remain strong. research into all projects continue with a new computer model quite similar to the recent North Republic one is released, The Stealth plane is a complete success and production of the new plane begins. Tensions with Korea remain high and the Diet demands that the coup leaders step down and allow the old government to take power. naval production continues and the construction of the nation's first nuclear aircraft carrier begins. Soon a prototype EMP Device will be ready for testing within a year. Meanwhile, two more communication satellites are sent into space and plans to start construction of the Imperial space station begin.
  • Brazil: The Gauss cannons are upgraded, being now able to shoot projectiles of 60 and 120 pounds per round, and using less energy, this and the building of the six and seven carriers impulse an attempt of building a greater influence sphere in Angola, offering aid, industrially and Militarily, in this Gabon, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Namibia, Angola, y Rep del Congo are invited to Join (1-5, Yes, 6-10 No) Result: Gabon:9, Nigeria:6, Ghana:2, Togo:4, Namibia6, Angola:3, Rep Congo:8. The Result is that Ghana, Togo and Angola, Join the Pact of Janeiro or Pact of southern Atlantic. In other news, settlements begin increasing in Colombia Menor and Peru Menor, so as to bring it under Brazilian cultural standards. Brazil asks Hungary for an alliance, between both of us, and the military begins working on handheld Gauss rifles. The navy, army and Air force begin modernization, and two scientific expeditions are sent into Antarctica, as well that Brazil asks American aid on a Space program for the southern American nations. Brazil joins the Go COLD organization, Preparations for elections begin for next year as President Quadros wants a second period on presidency of the federation. Nuclear programs begin showing some success in developing Nuclear weaponry, yet none is made as the Scientists state that it currently is not known how to keep the bomb to continue detonating Industrialization begins as the President Quadros wants to make the Federation a World power (I want to be OTL Canada!)
  • You cannot do RNGs. And why would African nations even join a pact with Brazil? Also, you cannot hope to be anything more than OTL Spain.
  • Why not, Japan is a world power after World War II in our timeline, and I'm getting a small quantity of aid from the Americans, so it's possible - though really hard
  • I don't see why Brazil can't become a world power. Brazil in OTL now days is an emergent power next to India and China, and last game I turned Colombia into a world power by the 1980's. Nkbeeching, besides Brazil has a lot of potential in the right hands, shall we say they can become a world power by the 1980's like China did. Nkbeeching
  • OK, not Spain. Brazil.
  • Turkey: The Turks invite the Ethiopians, Eritreans and Sudanese governments to join the MEDC (RNG: 1-4 yes, 5-10 no: 6, 10, 4) Don't complain, I run the algorithms anyway. The Turks continue development of their technology and space program, and announce the completion of a launch pad in East Arabia. Additional troop build-up for unknown plans.
    • Soviet D: The Soviet Union proposes to merge the MEDC and CIS into a single multinational organization.
    • Turkish R: In light of the dangers posed by today's world, Turkey feels obliged to agree to the Soviet Union's proposal.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviet Union continues to research into lasers, EMP-proof, EMP weapons, medical, and other technological advances, especially Gauss weaponry. The first Soviet stealth bomber is a success, but due to their cost, the Premier orders only seven to be built for now. The Soviet Army and Air Force is modernized, while two more satellites are launched. South Africa, Zimbabwe, Somalia, and Kenya is offered membership into the CIS (RNG, please).
  • 1-4 yes, 5-10 No. Only Somalia and Kenya are possibly plausible. 5, 7.
  • Argentina: Continues to build up the military with the newest equipment. The nuclear technology development continues, with great progress. An expedition is also sent to Antarctica following Brazil and an international meeting to definitively divide Antarctica is called.
    • Brazil: We ask that if the Antarctic division meeting is done Brazil can get a portion of the continent under their sovereignty and request Argentina, to execute war games, and a free trading partnership.
    • Argentina D: Surely, we also agree to the two requests.
    • The United States shall attend.


  • The United States continues to build up its military in case of war. The nuclear stockpile continues to build up in secret. The first primitive personal computer is developed. Only the government sees some use in it, and they buy some. A great tragedy strikes the nation. President Kennedy is shot in San Francisco, California. He is proclaimed dead the next day. Stuart Symington is proclaimed to be the president, but he too is killed in Columbus, Ohio. The government goes insane until President pro tempore of the Senate Robert Byrd is inaugurated as the 37th President.
  • The Speaker of the House of Representatives is second in line to the presidency after the vice president. You'd have to kill off the Speaker, too, if you wanted that to happen xD.--AP (Sorry all, I haven't logged in. I don't know why it doesn't let me. Could it be because I'm in Mexico?)
  • Actually, the Speaker only became second after a bill was passed in 1947 OTL. Which I did not pass ATL. So there. And yes, countries outside your regular range do give bad service. Happened to me in Labrador.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai writes the fourth issue of โทโฮไคคิดัน 2. Harbours are improved as well.
  • North Republic: All research is continued. The Faroe islands are incorporated into the North Republic in a day of great ceremony and pomp. We send official commiserations to the USA on the murders.

AvARe Antarctica DivisioN

Blue: America Red: Russia Yellow: Argentina Green: United Kingdom Purple: France Brown: Brazil Dark Purple: New Zealand Orange: Australia Light Blue: Japan Dark Blue: Norway

  • Argentina: Sends his sympathy to the American people. The Antarctica conference is open and all the interested countries are invited to join, we ask for the OTL Argentina claim. The assassination of the American head of state makes the president of Argentina order the security to be increase in the territory. The military are also built up.
    • Soviet D: We lay claim to OTL Australia's Antarctica and we will attend the Antarctic Conference to ensure this.
    • America wants the unclaimed land OTL and the Pole. Map proposed seen above.
    • Land is offered to Japan.
    • The UK wants some land.
    • France wants some land.
    • Australia demands land.
    • New Zealand demands land.
    • Brazil is offered land.
    • Norway demands land.
    • Soviet D: We agree to the proposed borders on Antarctica.
    • Turkey: We wish to be included in the division of Antarctica.
    • The North Republic would like some land or failing that, rights to research stations, particularly around the pole.
    • Both shall get land.
    • Brazil demands some more land.
  • The Soviet Union lays claim to OTL Australia's claims in Antarctica. Meanwhile, the military is improved, and research into all modern technologies continues. The Premier and the Soviet People send their deepest condolences to the Americans.
  • Netherlands:The Netherlands begins doing military exercises - starting with the navy. Military power is increased and more upgrades are put into the military.
  • Brazil: The president sent his sympathies to the Americans for the death of President Kennedy. While this, the scientific outposts continue growing in Antarctica as some scientists begin researching superconductive metals as well that President Quadros wants to begin possible outposts for Martian-like environment training for a possible space agency from Brazil in the near future, while Brazil claims Norwar and the eastern British Antarctic.
  • Hungary: Closer ties with Romania and the Soviet Union are planned, especially with Turkey's close relations with the latter. Despite cold relations with the United States, President Losonczi sends his condolences to the United States, upon hearing news of the American President's death, and offers a three-day period of mourning. Hungarian Officials meet in Ankara, where they suggest that Turkey's closest allies that are not a part of the MEDC, join together, alongside the CIS, and make a new Super union, like an "Eastern Powers" or likewise. Mainly in an attempt to establish ourselves as the Superpower of Europe, and help balance the power away from Western Europe. This offer is given to Romania as well. In order to help modernize the Ground Forces and the Air Force, we accept Turkey's offer on the discount, and asking for more modern tanks and jet fighters from the Turks.
    • Turkish R: Your request shall be granted.
  • Japan: Renounces all claims to Antarctica based on logistical problems but in exchange requests that it be allowed to have research facilities throughout Antarctica. All research programs are continued and the SAM system is completed and connected to the computer database for better control, research into a way to communicate between computers through a network for military purposes. All counter insurgency operations are continued on the mainland. Japan offers its condolences to the States.
  • Turkey: The Turkish government detonates the Bombalar Tanrısı, or the God of Bombs, over the Indian Ocean. The 57 megaton blast becomes the largest in human history, amazing and terrifying the Turkish government. The government decided that no other bomb of similar magnitude shall be constructed, as it is too impractical to be used in military combat. The detonation does, however, provide its researchers valuable information on nuclear physics in regards to the actual energy released by the explosion, and it is hoped that such knowledge will help them produce "clean" nukes, that is to say, ones that do not produce nuclear fallout.
  • Korea: Korea continues to develop nuclear weapons. Another nuclear submarine is released, although it only carries two nuclear missiles. Bigger and smaller bombs continue to be made, while plans are made for bombs small enough to be carried by a civilian truck. (Sorry for not posting, I was away on vacation).


Global Events: America welcomes long-time Senator Byrd as the new President. The Faroe Islands celebrate their return to a Scandinavian country. Nuclear radiation and waste is detected on the shores of India and some countries surrounding the Indian Ocean. They have not recognized the source.

  • Japan:?? A response team is sent immediately to the Indian coast to help study and determine the origins of the fallout. Troops in China are ever harassed by the growing number of insurgents. The high command authorizes a full scale military mobilization and deployment of heavy arms to the mainland to deal with what is now considered a full scale war on the mainland. Plans are drawn up to cut off the Chinese rebels from free China by means occupying the border. The Imperial forces slowly grow in numbers and the full power of the navy is awakened to protect the home islands from either insurgent attacks or from Korean incursions into national waters. Yamamoto, due to ailing health and growing Paranoia of political enemies, decides to step down from the position of prime minister. This comes as a great shock to the entire nation. He appoints with Imperial approval the previously unheard of Ishada Mizano as the new prime minister, Misano was the minister of Economy during the recent liberal government and is backed heavily by the Zaibatsu and military. The Diet also authorizes the high command to use the first EMP device over an area of East China completely controlled by the insurgents, it works wonders on their communication systems and mechanized units, but the movement is criticized by the Progress Party, which forms the opposition. All research programs continue and more stealth bombers and fighters are commissioned for construction. Japan's allies of Manchuria and Indonesia go onto high alert and begin deploying troops to China. The construction of the space station continues. All research programs are continued with breakthroughs being made in robotics and engineering; a prototype robot is designed at the Imperial Institute of Engineering and Robotics. The expansion of the anti-missile defence system begins to go throughout East Asia, and an ambitious project to eventually make an interdependent system based on land and space defences is approved by the High Command but will take years to develop. Japan formally offers Turkey a restoration of diplomatic relations and to end rivalry between the two nations due to Japanese problems closer to home, Japan will not intervene in Africa or the Middle East as long as Turkey stays clear of East Asia. Plans to build a new rifle based on the old bullpup gun (it will be similar to the OTL Chinese QBZ which in all honesty isn't that complicated of a design completely capable of creating at this time) and the new attack and transport choppers prove a high asset for the military and more are produced in large quantities. While the fighting in China grows in ferocity the armed forces prove extremely civilized in comparison to the previous conflict. The war in China is called the Sino Crisis in Japan and the EATSP while the insurgents call it the Patriotic War. The economy remains steady due to its simple diversity and interdependence with the other east Asian states, but the value of the East Asian stocks begins to decline. Industrial production starts going into overdrive to meet growing needs. The Imperial war machine, after more then a decade of silence, has finally begun moving again. The need for the computer network system hastens research to improve coordination for assaults. The first stages of Operation Scorched Asia begin, with the mass crack down by EATSP troops against insurgents and the return of the concentration camps to separate the insurgents from the population, and bombardment of key rebel installations begins. Loyalists to the puppet regime of East Asia take part in the fighting, as well, holding very public and broadcast rallies in favor of the Japanese intervention. These rallies along with the actual combat are televised across the globe as Japan allows international reporters to overlook the campaign. Usage of chemical and bio weapons is strictly forbidden. The military breathing masks prove extremely useful in dealing with rebel weapons and the harsh terrain in certain areas of China.
    • Turkish R: Turkey accepts.
    • North Republic Diplomacy: We send our official greetings from President Anders Bergstrom to Prime Minister Ishada Mizano, wishing him success in his new position. We state that if the Diet would wish support in their campaign against the insurgents we will surely help. Indeed our Militia are ideally suited to mountainous or extremely cold terrain.
    • Should the war go bad Japan will accept N.R. troops, but Japanese troops are highly trained in both extreme northern regions and jungle environments due to the extension of Japanese operations.

  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai writes the fourth issue of โทโฮไคคิดัน 2. Harbours are improved as well.
  • Austria: Austria begins military exercises and stays neutral in international affairs until they realize what is going on.
  • Argentina:? An atomic bomb is begun to be built. We began to send help to the nation affected by the fallout to reduce the casualty. The security is slightly increased and some began to denounce the drive toward a police state but the government states that it is temporary.
  • Korea: Korea continues to build up their military for what they see as the inevitable conflict. Nukes continue to be built up. (Sorry for not being active, I was a bit busy.)
  • China: China continues with nuclear research. We tell Japan that the government has nothing to do with insurgents and we ask Japan if they can help us create a computer and a satellite.
  • Dude, that's really biased. You should hate my guts for raping China 20 years ago. Nk.
  • France: France continues to build up the military and we create the famous assault rifle
  • North Republic: Days of celebration are held in honour of the Faroe islands and a commemorative stamp is launched. Construction of the aircraft carrier is continued. The air force now stands at 20 Mirage IV Strategic Bombers, ten Mirage IV Strategic Bombers (Thor variant) and 150 Zero 22 fighters. A large air base is constructed on the Faroe Islands. All research is continued. The government buys several Computers from the IIT at a greatly reduced rate.


Global Events: Indian officials in conjunction with Japanese scientists trace the radiation back to a large nuclear blast in the Indian Ocean. India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and several other countries demand to know what happened. Several people are treated for radiation poisoning.

  • Korea: Korea continues to work on research on future technology. Alert levels throughout the place remain high as nukes continue to be developed. Troops begin to be massed on the Korean-Manchurian border.
  • Japan: Seeing the Korean build up Japan warns Korea that peace will stand between Korea and the EATSP but should Korea attack Manchuria it will be war with Japan and mutually assured destruction. The war in Eastern China continues to rage on, and Japanese mobilization reaches 7,000,000 with more being mobilized for the conflict. (My armed forces were at 4,000,000 roughly. I plan on going up to maybe 12,000,000 during this period.) All economic and scientific activities continue. For the first time in years the conservatives and ultra-nationalists stand behind the liberal dominated Diet. Troops are deployed to Manchuria to protect their ally and brother nation, while the navy and air force are put on high alert in case Korea makes a move, with even EMP and Nuclear weapons being readied. The goal will be the complete incapacitation of the Korean military and industrial infrastructure, but this is a last resort scenario. The continuation of the space station construction is sped up along with the network system.
  • Argentina: The first nuclear bomb prototype is exploded in the Southern Atlantic Ocean to prevent the fallout of hitting any population center. The test is declared a success and a nuclear power plant is begun to be built three months later. They continue to be developed but the government says that no bomb powerful like the one exploded by Turkey will be built. We send some data to Brazil to help them in their program.
  • Way too early.
  • If it's too early then what is the exact year we can have an atomic bomb, Argentina and Brazil both? Sine dei gloriem (talk) 18:12, November 27, 2012 (UTC)
  • I was thinking that I had reached the say date. For the date, the USA is helping us. I think this shall be make us reach the technology slightly quicker.
  • Netherlands: The Navy is upgraded with more Submarines and battleships added in. Military is upgraded but not increased. More defense as in bomb bunkers are built.
  • Hungary: The Military continues building up, with funding increased from 3% to 3.75% of the country's GDP by the end of the year. Two strong Neo-Fascist groups, Vissza a Szuperhatalom (Return to Superpower) and Bosszú! (Vengeance!), which are both Ultra-Nationalists and Anti-Soviet groups, but hold different visions, and are actually enemies. Both groups are labelled as terrorist groups, when six members of Bosszú attempting to sneak a bomb through a van into Romania through the recently busy Nagyvárad (Oradea) Crossing that was constructed in the wake of new relations between the former arch-enemies. The six are arrested and taken to a secret facility, where (in a classic example of Human Rights Violation), they are reportedly tortured through various means, planned to spark conflict in the Border territory, wanting to spark Hungary's glory years of the Early 40's. Conscription ends suspension, and has a military of 150,000 active, while 350,000 are in reserves. However, activities are limited to military training, until conflict breaks out. Status with Czechoslovakia is unknown, though tensions are still high, since unlike Romania and Bulgaria, there has been little done to improve relations since World War II. There are plans to enact a law to allow for more soldiers to join the Honvédség. (Is this possible? Or is 500,000 the limit for this country?) Respecting Austria's neutrality, the President offers to build an Autobahn to connect Austria and Hungary, like the old times of the Empire.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai writes the fourth issue of โทโฮไคคิดัน 2. Harbours are improved as well.
  • France: Military is being modernized and we create our first EMP.
  • Turkey: Expansion of the nuclear arsenal continues and the development on the EMP-buffering technology continues as planned. Additionally, the expansion of military assets continuing without issue, and the Turkish government secretly contemplates an invasion of the UAR upon receiving cause to do so. Additional technology and weapons are sent to Hungary, and development of the infrastructure to push ahead modernization of the rural areas begin.
  • North Republic: The government creates a two thousand strong Special Forces group the 'Hvítabjörninn' (or Polar Bears). Due to a strong Inuit base they are very good in cold conditions. However, they struggle to deal with jungles or tropical conditions. To this end, we ask if the Japanese would allow us to have a base in Indonesia to train our troops, or if they would wish to participate in cross-climate training (by which we would train Japanese troops in the Arctic in exchange for being trained in the jungle. Research continues. Scientists are confident of eradicating smallpox worldwide by 1973. The aircraft carrier is completed and launched from Reykjavik. It is named NRS Great Auk. (NRS Great Auk is comparable to The Dédalo)
    • ​Jap D: The Japanese think that Tonkin will provide a better space for practice, since it is highly unlikely that Indonesia will want western soldiers on their soil after centuries under Dutch rule, but Tonkin is a prefecture of Japan and just as fit for training.


Global Events: Research points to a Turkish nuclear test as the culprit for the radiation deaths. More people in southern India become affected and several others die. Similar reports are coming in from countries bordering the Indian Ocean within a reasonable distance from the south of India. People petition to the UN to condemn Turkey. The UN is set to vote to condemn Japan following the deliberate breaking of international law; all while Koreans begin to feel the pinch of deprivation.

  • Korea: Korea continues to develop nukes. Troops continue to mass on the Manchurian border. Korea starts supporting anti-Japanese guerrilla forces in China, supplying them with arms and supplies. Training camps are also set up for the guerrillas.
    • Netherlands Diplomacy: The Netherlands offers military (Navy and Arms) and economic aid to the Koreans.
  • Japan: With the situation growing in violence and with intelligence pointing out Korean support the Japanese feel it is the final straw, those who went into exile after the coup (There's no way that the coup would be with 100% support. At least a very small population would be against the new Korean government, especially those who benefited from trade with Japan) begin to train with the Japanese armed forces for a planned invasion similar to the American-backed invasion of Pigs Bay in OTL, to bring a pro-Japanese government back to power. This is accompanied by a full scale blockade of all Korean waters by the superior Japanese Navy. Korea is given a final warning to back down. Mobilization continues as the Imperial forces get ready for a much broader war in East Asia. Bomb shelters are constructed throughout Japan in case Korea decides to go crazy and all nuclear weapons and missile defences are set to maximum alert, along with EMP bombs which will be carried by those Japanese pilots who are willing to not come back due to the large scale affects of the EMP. The new Arisawa rifle is nearly completed (the one based on the QBZ). Meanwhile, operations in East China are split into southern ones and northern ones while more troops are sent to Manchuria to protect the nation and Manchuria pulls back a third of the forces active in China to aid the Japanese defend Manchu land. More nuclear weapons are created and readied for the worst case scenario. The EATSP Headquarters are moved to Bangkok while a backup centre of operations is set up in Jakarta. All research projects are continued and advanced. With the threat of Korea on the horizon all previous hostilities that existed in between the political parties temporarily evaporate, as Mizano takes full charge along with the Diet and the High Command to deal with the China crisis and the rogue Korean state. Japanese forces are limited in their repressive actions due to the fact that international reporters are currently reporting live on the conflict but plans for the mass bombing campaign and clean up operation are set no matter what. The second phase of Scorched Asia begins. Breaking international law, Japan physically deprives Korea of its necessary imports and exports to bring Korea to back down before any conflict appears.
  • The Soviet Union, seeing that Japan has broken international law, recognizes the new Korean state, and supplies of oil, food, medicine, ammunition, and arms are shipped through the small border between the two nations to help continue the Korean economy, despite sanctions and blockades. Research into all modern technologies continue, while two satellites secretly designated as EMP satellites - otherwise low-orbit satellites carrying a nuclear weapon and should it detonate, cripple the electronic good of the targeted nation. The Soviet Command begins to protect the Soviet electrical grid and power stations by EMP-proofing them, as well as most fighter jets and armoured vehicles are retrofitted to withstand an EMP blast. Turkey is asked when the merger between the Soviet CIS and Turkey's organization begins.
    • ​Jap D: Requests are made for the CIS to stay clear of the conflict reminding them of the non-aggression pact that was signed and of the increasing Japanese investment in Russia. (also, EMP satellites I think, are a bit too advanced for this period - maybe in 20 or 25 years.) and requests that the CIS once again sit down to talks about how to fix the current problems between the two super powers.
    • Soviet D: Ah! I forgot about that.
    • Turkish R: Would 1975 seem an appropriate date?
    • I honestly don't think so. It's not really hard, place a nuke on a low-orbit satellite, send the satellite up with a nuke and detonate, and boom, we have an EMP. Enclavehunter (talk) 15:07, November 28, 2012 (UTC)
    • You do realize just how large of a waste of money that is? For an actual EMP satellite it would take at least 20 years to design, but to just send that up it's easier to simply nuke the other nation and far less expensive. Nkbeeching
    • Forgot financial. I'll fix it. Enclavehunter (talk) 20:18, November 28, 2012 (UTC)
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai writes the fourth issue of โทโฮไคคิดัน 2 and will be released next year. Harbours are improved as well. Elections are also held and Seni Pramoj becomes new Prime Minister of Thailand. He sends support to Japan to deal with Chinese rebels.
  • France: Seeing that Italy is still continuing to support Turkey, a French pilot drops an EMP bomb on Italy - followed by a military invasion.
  • Germany: Germany begins to build up its military and thanks to Italy secretly giving Germany nuke tech a few years ago construction of defensive nuclear missile bases begins. Buildup of the economy continues. The people begin demanding unification with East Germany. Secret negotiations with the USSR about uniting the two Germanies begins.
  • Hungary: Multiple Live Fire Exercises are scheduled in both the Summer and the Winter, as tensions rise all over the world. These are all taped in colour, to show as propaganda of powerful Hungary has once again become. President Losonczi, along with official statements from the Hungarian Government, have stated (since Turkey is Hungary's closest ally) that the nuclear fallout couldn't have been from Turkey, and that any nation could've developed the nuclear weapons and fired them into the Indian Ocean. Hungarian Ambassadors go on an official mission to Seoul, where there is an offer to open up a Korean Embassy in Budapest, and vice versa. There is a two Billion Ft (Forint, Hungary's current currency) plan to upgrade the defense capabilities for all sides of the country, including plans to build massive fallout shelters and nuclear bunkers in Budapest and multiple other cities all over the country. Construction is rushed and sped up, in fear of nuclear warfare breaking out, with World War III looking inevitable.
  • Netherlands: Netherlands upgrades military - mainly navy and air force, economy and government. The Government of Netherlands ask Belgium and Luxembourg to join Netherlands to create the Benelux Republic. Though it is still controversial for the Government of the Netherlands, they offer this referendum to Belgium and Luxembourg. Aid is offered to France and Korea.
    • A very direct warning is sent to the Netherlands by Japan to stay clear of Asia, an action which garners much support from Indonesia.


Global Events: The UN condemns Turkey for its reckless endangerment of people after its bomb blast in the Indian Ocean. The UN is set to vote to condemn the Turkish invasion of Persia.

  • Korea: In the final display of their power, a Korean submarine fires off a nuke at a small island in the East Sea. The missile hits within 0.2 km of the target, completely obliterating it. Missiles continue to be developed, while warnings are sent to Japan. Aid is welcomed from the Soviet Union, and joint training is suggested to their military leadership. A nuke is also supplied secretly to the lead guerrilla force in China (whichever it may be). Meanwhile, any resistance to the new government is dealt with harshly.
    • Jap D: The government holds a firm stance against Korea but says it won't go to war with Korea unless Korea invades Manchuria which is something Japan will not stand. (Also there is only one extensive guerrilla force lead by the dragon's awakening political party.)
  • Turkey: The Turkish government finally agrees that the time to finish the mission in Persia has come, and the declaration of war against Persia is issued by the government. A force of 470,000 troops are sent into combat to deal with a rump state, and put an end to it after a 20-year ceasefire. Tactical nukes are positioned in the region for use if needed. Elsewhere, the military reveals its first series of naval strike missiles, which are in short, stealth missiles designed to take out high-risk targets without revealing their position until the last minute before impact. A new class of cruisers and destroyers is under production to ramp up Turkey's military remobilization program in light of its position as a superpower. The introduction of the Forvet-67 as the new standard issue rifle for the Turkish military is to begin within the year in response to the Japanese QBZ gun.
  • You're not a superpower. You are like India, you have nukes but your infrastructure blows.
  • The same could be said for OTL Soviet Union. Regardless, I am. I spent the time from WW-II developing it. I've got nuclear generators, miles of railways, highways, and roads, missile sites, shipyards, armories, and factories. I control half of the world's oil, and most of the Middle East. So I have the influence, the weapons, the soldiers, the nukes, and the supplies to justifiably call myself a superpower, regardless of whether or not you think so. And superpowers normally have puppet states, and I've got like a dozen. Oh, and Turkey is in the "Big Cheese" category in the algorithm. So, yeah... ~Viva
  • You still ain't no superpower. Ain't got 'nough said to fight any of us real three alone.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviet Union stands by Turkey, its main ally, and condemns the United Nations for accusing Turkey of detonating the nuclear weapon in the Indian Ocean, which couldn't have happened without Turkish government approval. In Persia, a squadron of SU-77 Spirit Bombers - a stealth bomber - launches a bombing raid against major cities within the rump state of Persia, and return within Soviet borders before the Persians knew what struck them. Research into all modern technology continues, while production of weapons begins.
  • Japan: Military operations in China continue and Japan remains firm about wiping out the insurgencies. Japan, in an attempt to lift international opinion, agrees to lift the blockade on general goods except oil, and material to make weapons. Despite Korean support, most equipment sent to China is used wrongly and the rebels resort to guerrilla warfare and urban warfare. While they are able to strike at the Japanese, they suffer from Japanese superior tactics and efficiency - especially in cities and in the mountains and jungle to the south. All research continues and plans to send nuclear weapons into space are set for next year while the space station continues to be constructed. The combat in China continues to be televised.
  • Hungary: The Hungarian Government has announced withdrawal from the United Nations, in protest of their repeated accusations against Turkey. In a show of support, 100,000 soldiers of the Ground Forces will be deployed to Persia, to assist the Invasion, along with sending 20 jet fighters and 40 bombers of the Air Forces to assist alongside the Turkish and Soviet Air Forces. With this, 100,000 soldiers in reserves are made active troops, to maintain the immediate defense of the country. The Federal Defense program continues and continues building underground nuclear bunkers. Some that may be considered among the largest in the world (though a trade off, despite massive capacity, is that they may not be as high quality as other such programs in wealthier countries.)
  • That's just frakkin suicide and also implausible.
  • Netherlands: Netherlands increases the military along with upgrades to the navy, armed forces and air force. Economical and infrastructure is updated. Technological research is steered towards Robotics for military purposes. Referendum still offered to Belgium and Luxembourg.
  • France: The military is continuing to smash through Italian lines and we begin our second to defeat Italy.
  • Your algorithm wasn't done properly, and your troops are nowhere near Rome nor threatening enough to cause them to capitulate. Besides, I believe Italy is played by someone. ~Viva
  • LOL XD France in Italy BS.
  • North Republic: The first assortment of Special forces complete their training. All research continues. We send an official warning to the Netherlands. Stay out of Asia. If you choose to aid Korea we shall declare war. We can hit your major cities easily with our bombers. All military branches are put on full alert. Construction of a second identical carrier begins. The air force is doubled.
    • Netherlands Response: All we did was offer aid. Nothing more. So stand down. And any Japanese or North Republic diplomats in the Netherlands hereby removed at once and the embassies of both countries are closed down.
  • Argentina: Cuts all the remaining ties with Turkey. Help continues to be sent to the poor people affected by the radiation. The nuclear program continues as well (a final year would be appreciated). The people who are already hostile to Turkey began to hate the Communists. They are seen as supporters of the Turkish aggressor. This causes relations with Chile to decrease.
  • The United States cuts relations with Turkey and co. President Byrd is re-inaugurated with Richard Russell, Jr.
  • Germany: Germany continues to build up its military and Nuke buildup continues. Buildup of the economy continues. The people begin demanding unification with East Germany. Secret negotiations with the USSR about uniting the two Germanies begins.
  • You are not allowed to negotiate, that is America's job. And for the present moment, there are lots of pro-Nazis in the East, so no one really wants unity presently. And you have no nukes.


Global Events: The UN condemns Turkey for both the reckless endangerment of people for its Indian Ocean blast and its invasion of Persia. The world reacts to turmoil in East Asia (between Japan and Korea) and the Middle East (Turkey and friends plus most of the free world) with violent protests. Nationalist movements in the Middle East and the Balkans swell.

  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai releases the fourth issue of โทโฮไคคิดัน 2; Miko, Koishi and Kogasa look around Lanzhou and manage to find more clues, and soon leads to a suspect named คิริซาเมะ มาริสะ (Khirisāmea Māris̄a, Marisa Kirisame); by the end of this issue they begin to hunt for her. Harbours are improved as well.
  • Turkey: The Turkish government begins a secret eugenics experiment in which the Balkans population is unknowingly sterilized, and the Turkish population given fertility treatments during what are believed to be medical checkups. The Turks pump "colonists" into the Balkan protectorates and other members of the MEDC, and do so under the guise of providing skilled labor for the member nations. The Turks annex the remainder of the Persian nation and declare victory over their longtime enemy. Expansion of the infrastructure begins as the first highways are constructed throughout the nation. Integration of the MEDC member states' economy with that of Turkey's takes place as part of the nation's planned economic development. Finally, the seventh aircraft carrier under construction in Istanbul is completed. The TNV Ataturk II is the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier of the Turkish navy, and is to serve as the flagship of Turkey's carrier fleet (I've got seven now, woohoo!).
  • Still nothing in comparison to the three world powers. :P
  • Deny as you will, doesn't mean a thing in the end.
  • Do you have any idea at all how expensive it is to build an aircraft carrier? America has only seven now, and even that is implausible. Korea has over four, even two would be implausible. The max for Turkey should be three right now, and over the next three decades you can build two within every decade and then three in a decade after that. That would be the only plausible route for you. And stop denying it, Japan, the Soviet Union or America could easily beat you and conquer in any war. If we engaged in war with each other, a stalemate would ensue for decades until we decided to use nukes.
  • Right... Your clearly correct. Enjoy yourself. :P
  • You too.
  • Japan: The war in China is getting increasingly violent as the insurgency becomes increasingly fanatic and suicidal in the attempt to wipe out their mortal enemies with a nuclear weapon. Their control that supplied by Korea. They plan to plant it in the Japanese homeland as revenge for 20 years ago. Japanese troops fighting also become rougher in their treatment of insurgents but civilians are still treated reasonably well, garnering some support from those amongst the population that are more moderate. While stout nationalists support actively the Dragon army. The new rifle is finally in service. It's named the Arisawa TR 70 (tactical rifle). The situation with Korea is becoming increasingly intolerable and to secure some sort of a truce with them, a group of diplomats is sent to discuss terms of easing tensions between the two states. Should these talks fail the Korean exiles will be militarily supported and possibly aided by Japanese troops to retake the peninsula. All tech research projects are continued and the network is nearly completed for military usage. Anti-espionage operations in the homeland are increased and everything entering or leaving the country is checked. Construction of the space station continues. Life is tense in the homeland as the threat of Korea is looming over everyone's heads and the war in China is becoming increasingly violent.
  • Spain: Military continues to build up. During this a Communist revolution begins. The rebels ask for Turkish aid.
  • Germany: Germany continues to build up its military and Nuke buildup continues. Buildup of the economy continues. The people begin demanding unification with East Germany. Secret negotiations with the USSR about uniting the two Germanies begins. The Spanish rebels are sent money, weapons and 4,000 "volunteers".

    • Turkish SECRET R: Turkey fully supports the rebels and supplies, weapons and money are sent to aid them in their fight.
    • West Germany is not open to playing, and there are no "rebels" in Spain.
  • North Republic: All Netherland nationals are deported. The Embassy in Reykjavik is closed and the ambassador sent home. Netherlands' assets are frozen and companies are forced to stop any exports to the Netherlands. Work on the second aircraft carrier continues. A second cross-climate training mission with the Japanese goes well. Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland are offered membership of NATOC. (Random. org 1-10, 1-5 no 6-10 yes. In order stated: 5, 10, 9, 9. , No, Yes, Yes, Yes. Wow. I was not expecting that! Woot!) Denmark declines, stating that it does not wish to potentially anger the Netherlands. Sweden, Norway and Finland accept with pleasure. All research is continued. The jellyfish Chrysaora melanaster has its genome sequenced by scientists at RUB. (This is if Finland Exists? Not sure of canon. Seems like the USSR holds it on map, but I Am Walrus is supposed to be playing as them. He has not posted for ages so I thought I would do like we did with the Faroe Islands. David Rain (Sometimes...) (talk))
  • Finland is part of the CIS (Soviet-led), as far as I know. Enclavehunter (talk) 20:17, November 30, 2012 (UTC)
  • You are not allowed to do RNGs. And it is always 1-4 yes and 5-10 no. D, N, S: 7, 8, 1
  • Brazil: The superconductors are continuously researched in the Brazil outpost on Antarctica, while a new Computer system is developed to control air trafic in developed cities, and several updates occur to the Gauss cannons being able to shoot faster and with stronger resistence to heavy weaponry. While this, the election are finally done. The result shows Ranieri Mazzili as President of the Brazilian Federation. In his first act, he gaves full freedom of speech, and begins commanding the construction of the tenth, eleventh and twelfth carrier ships, as well as a campaign into modernization of Inner Brazil and Colombia and Peru Menor. In an attempt to make Brazil a world power, the nuclear program continues, expecting to have a nuclear weapon between 1972 and 1974. While this, after small failures and the crash of one of the Space ships, a small communication satellite is put into orbit by the Aero Agência Espacial Brasileira or AAEB (BASA in English). Several plans are made to attempt to build a Deepspace project in order to send probes to planets farther out into the solar system.
  • Korea: Another aircraft carrier is released, and aircraft carrier construction stops for now. Their space program continues, with a man in space planned for 1975. Missiles also continue to be researched. A Korean submarine also sneaks into Tokyo harbor where it surfaces. It is shot at, and it limps home wounded but alive.
    • Jap Response: The government, surprised about the sudden appearance of a submarine in the capital harbor, puts the entire nation on high alert and the naval defences are increased. it is suspected to be Korean but it is unconfirmed but Japanese subs begin patrols in all waters between Japan and Korea and around Japan.
  • The Soviet Union continues with its support to Turkey against Persia, while research into all modern technology continues. Two satellites are sent up, while designing a space probe to go into deep space begins. Afghanistan is offered membership into the CIS, in exchange for improvement of infrastructure and their military. (RNG, please).
    • Turkish D: In light of recent events, Turkey would like to move the date of brother between the USSR and Turkey to 1970.
    • Soviet D: We agree.
  • Hungary: Military build up continues. Live-fire exercises are performed in full, in case of an attack of an enemy, which are are put into government-funded films. Conscription extends its age group, starting from males 16 to 40. Anti-Hungarian sentiment in many parts of the world are reported to Magyar Rádió, including a massacre in Štúrovo, where 200 ethnic Hungarians were killed by ultranationalistic Slovak terrorist cell (who are more anti-Czech, but that's another story). Most of the anti-Hungarian sentiments come from the government's relentless support of the Turkish. The American ambassador is declared persona non grata, after strong accusations towards the Turkish, and gives all American diplomats 48 hours to leave Budapest, or face arrest by Hungarian law. Massive bomb shelters are constructed under the city of Budapest, with relatively large shelters under Debrecen, Nagyvárad, Szeged, Miskolc, Pécs and Győr. Initial plans to connect each shelter is deemed impossible, as it would take ten times the original budget, plus ten to twelve years to complete. President Loconszi announces that Hungary is ready for war, and has promised that the pathetic West should crash to the ground, while the East will reign supreme, especially as Spain and Germany are both likely to go against the capitalist pigs.
  • Netherlands: Netherlands continues to update and expand military. More Battleships and submarines are produced. Air Force is expanded but no updates. Economic and Infrastructure are updated. Robotic Research continues. Navy exercises are underway and so are Air Force exercises. Netherlands will open diplomatic ties with Japan and North Republic if threats against the nation's security end. As Korea has not accepted their aid they will not offer any more on behalf of the outcry.
  • America continues to build up its military. The world is shocked as President Byrd is assassinated. His assassin is identified to be Idreesul Kemal, a Turkish rebel from Greece who was exiled from the country for having American blood during the early Greek rebellions. Richard Russell becomes the 38th President.
  • I never exiled anyone from Turkey... ~Viva
  • So? I can make someone up. Anyone who's anyone could have been exiled during a war or if they were tried for treason. For all we know, seven people play basketball together. Seven people can leave the country. You don't write everything that happens in your country.
  • Well, yeah. But does he have to be Turkish? Just sayin'.
  • Because. Yeah, he has to be.


  • Global Events: The UN places economic sanctions on Turkey, freezing assets in many banks around the world, etc. Public opinion in the United States turns against Turkey with (as psychology has proven) most believing that the assassin of President Byrd was sent by the Turkish government. World protests worsen in major world cities like New York City, Paris, London, Rome, Athens, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Lima, Beijing, Tokyo, San Francisco, Atlanta, Ottawa, Stockholm, Reykjavik, Oslo, Copenhagen, and Athens. (All against turmoil throughout the world). The Free Balkans movement gains momentum and search for funding, arms and intel.
  • New York in the 1970s was the heart of crime in the Northeastern United States. The New York underworld was ruled by Mafia and policemen were killed easily. No such thing as "protesting" or "rioting," open and shut case.
  • Turkey: The Turkish government announces that it had nothing to do with the assassination of the American president, and that Mr. Kemal was a criminal who escaped justice in Greece. In Turkey, a secret report that 60% of the Balkans population has been sterilized is completed, and colonization by Turkish citizens has increased by 124% is celebrated by the Turkish inner circle. Using the campaign against smallpox as cover, the government begins spreading a lethal disease through the non-Turkish population in the Balkans, and labelling it as the bubonic plague, the symptoms being similar to that of the drug used. The plan is that the "plague" will lower the population there to a controllable level, while painting the Turks as heroes to the surviving population to seal the deal. The government continues its aggressive industrialization program, and prepares to construct a chain of nuclear power plants throughout the nation. The Turkish Space Agency announces that it will be launching a satellite into space in 1972. Finally, the government announces Turkey's membership into the CIS, bringing with it all of the MEDC members as part of the organization as well.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai writes the fifth issue of โทโฮไคคิดัน 2.
  • North Republic: The protests are calmed (though not halted) by the launch of NRS Snjóbylur (Snowstorm). Elections are held and the Green Party is re-elected despite the unrest. Work begins on a third aircraft carrier. Training of the Hvítabjörninn continues. The IIT launches a computer on sale to the general public, though very expensive. Sweden and Norway are again offered membership of NATOC. The government secretly offer the Free Balkan movement a safe refuge if things go wrong.
  • Hungary: Military exercizes continue, showing the power of the Democratic Republic of Hungary. With Turkey and the MEDC forming with the CIS, the Hungarians ask for membership in the new CIS. About 30% of food is donated to Turkey, to help them deal with the unfair sanctions placed by the UN, who would clearly care about money, rather than the safety of the Turkish people. Of course, more feed will be given in the Autumn, when harvesting season is on. Extra defense capabilities are installed, mostly around Czechoslovakia and Serbian border territories. Reports of sickness in the Balkans restricts travel to many parts of the region, making it harder to receive oil. In order to solve this problem, Hungarian trade ministers speak with Romania, Bulgaria and Poland, in order to allow oil bound for Hungary to come through at a lower price. Until then, oil prices spike 60% in price, while gasoline usage is limited to only about 20L a day, and restricting travel in domestic Hungary, and parts of Poland and Romania, so that the tanks, aircraft and APV's can be properly fueled, in case conflict breaks out nearby.
  • Netherlands: The Government calls a state emergency to Purge all Communists. The Military and Police of the Netherlands forcefully go after Communists. Their fates are in question as the Government hides it from the public's ears. Netherlands, now angered with Belgium, sends them an Ultimatium and if they reject it, it will be met with force. The Military is now relocated to the border of Netherlands and Belgium. Netherlands sends the same message to Luxembourg. Research in Robotics is funded.

    • Hungarian Diplomacy: The Hungarians are outraged at the Dutch's action, and cut relations to the Netherlands, as a response to their hostilities towards the Communists and Belgians.
    • What did the Belgians do? Anyway, you're going on an implausogasm.
  • Argentina: The government of Argentina began to debate about what to do with the rebels in the territory occupied by Turkey and the possibility to fund them is taken as a possiblity. Two carriers also start construction and the nuclear program is planned to be over in 1975. Many outposts are built in Antarctica. Propaganda based on the Turkish and Communist actions is distributed in Latin America. Oil is discovered in the southern region and the necessary installations begin to be built. Japan and America are asked for support to build the infrastructure. Make it ready faster.
    • Japan agrees.
    • America agrees, in exchange for 5% of the oil.
    • Argentina response: We agree to share our revenue with America and Japan for fifteen years when the exploitation will be in full swing.
  • Japan: All projects are continued and advanced. Security continues to be increased throughout Japan. The war on the mainland continues to nothing more then a bloody stalemate as the Japanese are unable to root out the insurgents and the rebels are unable to affectively fight the Japanese troops. Industrial production is at a maximum. The waters all around Japan, and along the mainland coast, are completely patrolled by the navy.
  • The United States continues to build up its military and nuclear arsenal, just in case of war. Meanwhile, President Russell is evacuated to a secret location out of fear of assassination. President Russell launches the Presidential Assassination Investigation Committee, to determine the true cause behind the recent string of assassinations. A new shock strikes the nation, and President Russell is killed by a staff member who opposed Russell's racial bias. Vice President Hubert Humphrey is also found dead, so George McGovern becomes the new President. He leaves to another undisclosed location with trusted and screened staff only.
    • Dang! America just can't catch a break! ~Viva
    • Yeah! Don't worry, I have my reasons.
  • Norway: Johann VI becomes King of Norway. Norway forms an alliance with Siam.
  • um -- You need Siam's permission to formally make an alliance.
  • Correctamundo.
  • Spain: The civil war continues as rebels ambush government troops every day and some Spanish congressmen are found dead along with the prime minister of Spain and the government is in complete choas and the government is forced to surrender.
  • Holy Islamic Caliphate: <strike>Egypt's government is reorganized into the Holy Islamic Caliphate, and asks Turkey for an alliance. Caliphate forces begin to build up near one of the nations it borders, and plans to unite all of the non-Turkish Muslim World begin to be made. </strike>Military buildup continues.
    • Turkish D: Sure, why not.
    • No. Do some frakking reading. No Caliphate. This is a REPUBLIC. Egypt is not open for player playing. It is mod controlled. Furthermore, Egypt hates Turkey. Further furthermore, only Libya, Sudan and the Maghreb are outside of Egyptian influence.
    • Speaking of reading, Wikipedia seems to disagree, stating: "Egyptian–Turkish relations are bilateral relations between Egypt and Turkey. Egypt and Turkey are bound by strong religious and historical ties, and diplomatic ties between the two have remained extremely friendly." Seems they liked each for a very long time. ~Viva
  • Brazil: The protest in Brazil (Brasilia was never built. It's Nova Arcadia, the administrative capital, and Rio de Janeiro, the home of the President). Despite this, President Ranieri continues the modernization of the cities of Letizia and several more of the gained lands from Peru and Colombia. The industrialization of southern Brazil begins as some Nuclear reactors are built in the south outside the cities to avoid radiation spread to war in case of a failure. The 10th and 11th carriers are finally built and the superconductive research in the Antarctic outposts continue. As well of this, small civilian groups are sent in an attempt to prepare a possible extraterrestrial space program, and the Antarctic bases are to be used as training grounds of a possible Mars mission by the end of the Century. While this, the AAEB (BASA) launches three satellites: the Dragao I, Pomba I y el Marinheiro, the first one to Venus, the Second to Mercury and the Third to Mars. Progress is, as well, made in the Informatic field as some computers are upgraded with slightly more Memory. The Gauss cannons are updated.
  • Nope, nope and nope.
  • Why not? Sine dei gloriem (talk) 23:53, December 3, 2012 (UTC)
  • You don't even have a space program yet.
  • Why not? I made it last turn. You can always put mod events that one or two damaged. See my last post if you don't believe me. Also, Persia can't ever be Turkish. Fix that on the map Sine dei gloriem (talk) 01:06, December 4, 2012 (UTC)
  • I conquered it last turn. Check the talk page. ~Viva
  • One year is nothing. And don't worry, the Turkish Empire will start collapsing soon.


Gloooooobal Event Time! Greece, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia declare the independent Republic of the Balkans. Survivors of the Turkish a-hole-ness form an army type thing. The United Arab Republic, Libya and Algeria support them, and they all threaten war with the Turks if the RoB is attacked. The Free Balkans Movement assumes de facto control of the Republic. A Persian-led coalition of Middle Eastern provinces of Turkey sympathizes with their Greek friends (united by hatred, the best kind honestly) and are inspired to revolt. They mobilize for war in secret, since they are not as organized as the Free Balkans movement. Ethnic Turks showed mixed ratings of approval.

  • The United States continues to build up its military. McGovern becomes the first President in a year to survive! Wow! Meanwhile, the NASEA does epic things by launching Mariner 7 and Mariner 8, Venus and Mercury. Wow! Meanwhile, the GO COLD is reformed into the IDU, International Democratic Union. Wow! Meanwhile, we agree to take our existing portion of Antarctica on the given map.
  • Argentina: The nuclear program continues and the government creates and subsidizes several small companies to make competition to the rest of the world and create jobs. The first local civilian planes industry is launched and the military is modernised with a new generation of jet, helicopter and tanks. Bolivia and Paraguay are invited to join the LAC (1-4 yes, 5-10 no (3-yes and 5-no)). The LAC is renamed the Democratic Latin America Union (DLAU). More money and modern military and civilian technologies are sent to bring them to the modern standard. We agree about the Antarctica territory and began to build research stations there.
    • The DLAU is invited into the IDU as a subdivision in Latin America.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai writes the fifth issue of โทโฮไคคิดัน 2.
  • Turkey: A secret meeting of top officials in the military and government convene to discuss the "Balkans Question", and seek to resolve the problem posed by secessionist movements in the nation. The sterilization program is working, but progressing too slowly for the government, and thus they feel an alternative move is needed to save the country.. Using old problems of the region to ignite hatred of the Yugoslavian and Greek populations in Turkey, the government garners the support of the people to deal with the situation. Hundreds of thousands of Greek and Yugoslavian civilians are ordered out of their homes to allow for room for Turks to move in and colonize the regions. The dream to rebuild a bigger and stronger Ottoman Empire becomes the aim of the government, which finally renounces its already weak republic government (as was the case in OTL Turkey at the time). The non-Turks in the west are sent to reside in camps in the Arabian Desert with little food or water to sustain them. The East Arabian population is allowed to do to them as they please viewing the non-Muslims with contempt. The aggressive industrialization program continues with the Greeks being used as unpaid labour while Muslim citizens of the nation are given the surplus from the new policies to garner their support for the government's actions. Iraqi general Haddad Baha'uddin is given orders from the Turkish government to begin doing the same in Persia, leading Sunni Iraqi forces into Persia to begin establishing death camps (that only Turkey knows of) in the eastern deserts of the region. I kinda realized that the mods are using the relations with the Ottoman Empire to dictate how other groups in my nation view Turkey, so I thought it might work both ways. Thus, I'm capitalizing on the Turks hatred of the Greeks and Persians to neutralize major threats to my nation. Thanks Scraw and AP! Oh, and please don't complain, since in OTL 348,000 Greeks were killed by the Turks in 1923, 70,000 Kurds in 1938, and I'm sure we all know about the half a million Armenian in 1914. By the way, this does not constitute genocide in OTL international law since it is resettlement and suppression.
  • You realize this will make you seem more like the Ottomans? You should be trying to disassociate yourself with them. This is just an easy way to get other nations to get pissed off at you AKA WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (R)! Islam forbids anything like this, so it's also an implausogasm. Kicking people out would be a so-so thing. Slavery (at least that's basically what you're doing) is not. Turkey was formed from the hatred of the Turkish people against the Ottomans. So no Turks would want to reform an Ottoman Empire. Do some god damn research.
  • I'm sorry, but that is very retarded. No offence. The Ottomans were the Turks. How could the Turks hate themselves? Turkey was formed as a result of the Allied Powers taking their land. Do your own research and you'll learn that. Britain, Greece and Russia sliced up their land as the victors, not because the Turks wanted to clear their past. God d*mn, I know I can't be the only one who knows that. ~Viva
    • You're wrong. One does not do an entire twelve page paper on Turkey and the Ottomans to know nothing about them. The Turkish people later associated themselves with the Ottomans. They were originally from the Golden Horn and the Arabian area. Look up the Jannissay Revolts, the Turkish Revolution and Relations between the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey.
    • Yes, but that still doesn't change the fact that Ataturk and the Young Turks went to great lengths to disassociate themselves from the Ottoman Empire, which from Turkish history books themselves, states that Ataturk invented modern Turkish just to prevent his people from following Sharia like the Ottomans. ~Viva
  • Sterilization program is implausible and was retconned turns ago. Nazi-like treatment of the people is the worst thing you can do right now.
  • Perhaps you should do your own research and learn that Islam forbids nothing (nothing you've stated), and oddly enough, the Young Turks moved away from Islam to disassociate the new nation from the old laws of the Empire (the current language was Latinized specifically to prevent the Turks from reading the Arabic-written religious laws of the old Empire). So as far as Turkey is concerned, Islam means nothing but an easy political tool to whip up the people into action. F-Yeah! ~Viva
    • Islam does forbid forced servitude. I have read the Muslim book. I know. Turkey's government may not use Islam, but regions like East Arabia and Persia do, and the Shia Sharia is the strictest.
    • Well, thankfully for me, Turkey is a secular state, and Turkish law isn't based on Islamic law. And here's a fun fact: Sharia didn't really mean much considering the fact that the Caliphates throughout history still had slaves. Look up the Zanj Rebellions if you need confirmation on that. ~Viva
  • Event moved to the top.
  • Netherlands: The Netherlands upgrades the military. Navy is updated and expanded with newer Battleships, Aircraft carriers and submarines. Air force follows suit. The Government softens up on the Communists by letting them leave the country, they have 30 days or will forcefully kicked out. Super Computers are being built with newer research in A.I. for the Robotics research that was recently funded by the Government. Netherlands now aims for higher learning in Computer tech, Math and Science, A.I. and also Robotics.
  • No way that's possible. Nkbeeching
  • What's not possible?
  • Everything that's crossed out.
  • I thought there were Super Computers since 1960s. But okay.
  • Hungary: All criticism to the President, the Federal Government and its policies, is outright banned, which will result in a life sentence or death for Treason. Border Guards are ordered to fire upon anyone who attempts to escape the country's borders, and anyone trying to defect from Hungary will have three generations of their family arrested and sent to the newly built Heves Politikai Fegyház Tábor (Heves Political Penitentiary Camp), a camp 15 km north of Eger, which is capable of holding at least 50,000 prisoners, with four more planned to be built by 1972, where all those disloyal to the Hungarian regime will spend their days being forced to do hard labour, or risked torture and execution, using the cold winters and hot summers to the Government's advantage. These camps were developed during Hungarian Minister of Justice and Freedom, Hugo Lakatos' visit to Moscow, who was inspired by Soviet gulags, and impressed on how they made their opponents suffer farther than they actually deserved. Biochemistry receives a new grant in research, in ways of how to painfully torture and kill a human being in both warfare and internment, including a possible method on how to bring someone back to life so that they can be repeatedly broken. This is kept secret, though an offer is made to work alongside Turkish or Soviet scientists in a secret discussion in Budapest. This plan is called Program Mérgező Eső (Project Toxic Rain). In order to conduct these tests, at least one hundred random Hungarian citizens, all innocent, mixed between age and gender, will have these tests conducted, though there are reports of kidnappings in Serbia, Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia, where they face even worse fates. All effort is done to keep these projects secret, including a recording of when a scientist attempted to defect to Austria, where he was forced to watch his entire family killed/tortured/raped in front of him, before eventually having his throat slashed. The Young Magyars, is a newly developed program, to make sure those below 25 remain loyal to the country, and offer benefits to those who either join the military, or work in Government-approved businesses. However, it involves discreetly lowering the quality of life of others, though this is done at a gradual rate, and with total control by the Government. Gas prices are left intentionally high, to help out the Turkish economy, in light of the sanctions. A new deal is planned with Austria to bring back those who have escaped the country. (If you're wondering, yes, this is like OTL North Korea, except without the horrific poverty, yet.)
    • Turkish D: We thank Hungary, and will be supplying you with oil to relieve the "price problem" in your country.
    • This is most implausible.
  • Poland: Poland begins to build up its military in accordance with the Soviet Union. Meanwhile, secret underground movements begin to free the Poles from the Soviet's grip. The rebels begin asking for money and aid to fight the Soviets.
  • France: Some citizens revolt as they declare the government to be a dictatorship. The revolt is quickly put down. Meanwhile, we cut ties with Hungary and we secretly send weapons and supplies to the Polish rebels.
    • Polish Rebels: France is thanked.
  • Japan: All operations in China continue and the bloodbath just keeps growing with more troops being sent to China and others being kept ready for any moves by Korea. The high command authorizes widespread bombing campaigns on rebel hold outs and even across the border with free China. The population on the mainland grows ever tired of the continued loss of life and begin to feel alienated by both the Imperial Army and by the Dragon's Awakening as some of the most brutal atrocities are commited by the Chinese insurgents. A series of protests against the war appear across East China. Japanese-Manchurian-Indonesian troops continue trying to isolate rebels. The economic production continues at a large rate, but the value of East Asian stocks hit a new low. However, they still remain one of the highest valued and most stable in the world. All programs are continued.
  • North Republic: A catastrophe hits the country. Bjarn Nordal is assassinated when visiting the Faeroe islands. The police narrow down suspects to three: Eric Cabot, a French sympathiser who thinks the Faroes should be part of France, Mohamed al Dravid, a Turkish fish merchant and John Craningham, a British ex-pat who believes in the Empire. A national day of mourning is held. President Anders Bergstrom takes over the post of High-Minister for now. The new aircraft carrier is released, becoming the largest ship in the navy and thus, the flagship. It is named NRS Nordal in memory of the leader.
  • Korea: Korea continues to mobilize its troops in case of a Japanese invasion or other aggression. Several dozen Korean "volunteers" are sent to China to assist the rebellions there. Nukes continue to be made, as well as more aircraft carriers.


Global Events: With the help of friendly Muslim countries, the Persian-led coalition of Turkey's Middle Eastern Provinces organizes into the Free Middle East Movement -- allying itself with their Balkan friends and coordinating tactics. They unite temporarily under this banner, stating that they will form their respective countries upon victory, though with excellent relations after being brothers in arms. The Free Middle East movement creates a temporary government known as the Middle Eastern Confederation which officially breaks away from Turkey on April 23rd, 1971. MEANWHILE, IN THE LEGION OF DOOM (but really the Balkans), the Balkan Army achieves a decisive victory in Athens and marches north to liberate other regions. The world is in shock as Korea detonates a nuclear weapon over a Japanese camp.

  • Korea: Korea continues to mass troops on the border, as well as support the insurgents. Under Korean guidance, the terrorist group Dragon's Awakening detonates the nuclear bomb given to them by Korea in a Japanese camp. Over 3,000 Japanese are killed, as well as 100 nearby Chinese. The military is placed on full alert, and any Japanese in Korea are shot.
  • Argentina: The nuclear program and oil development continue with American and Japanese help. Bolivia and Paraguay development is progressing with help of some of our professionals and money. The Latin America highway is begun to be expanded to both nations. A good deal of the population began to feel bad about seeing the forest being cut. The government creates a national park but nothing really changes. The party began to lose popularity.
  • Turkey: The Turkish government orders a two-front offensive on the Balkan nation, and the Middle Eastern rebels, and dedicates their nuclear arsenals to finish the rebels once and for all. The Turkish people believe the war to be a fight for the survival of their nation as the rebels threaten to march into Anatolia from both the east and the west, prompting many to form militias to aid the military in their fight for the sovereignty of the Turkish nation. No rebel shall be spared.
  • Nice try. Say what you want, but your people have mixed feelings. Rebels don't come in and occupy the oppressor or conquer the oppressing country; they fight a defensive war, defending their home territory until the oppressor decides it's been enough and negotiates peace. You have to be the occupying force, not them -- it's simple war tactics. So your "fears" and Turkish militia companies are not happening.
  • So the mods dictate the internal actions of a player nation? That's seems a bit unfair. And I feel I must state that the M24 rebels in the Congo counter your statement as they are the occupying force, taking land that belongs to the government even though they are natives of that region. And the rebels in Turkey are taking land legally stated to belong to me, which means that they are taking Turkish land, and thus occupying Turkish territory. So my fears and Turkish militias are happening. OTL Turkey allows and requires it in some regions.
    • The United Arab Republic, Libya, Algeria, and Sudan declare war on Turkey and recognize the Republic of the Balkans and the Kurdo-Persian Federation as independent nations.
    • The United States secretly arms the UAR and Libya with nukes in case they need to attack Turkey, only if Turkey uses nukes.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai writes the fifth issue of โทโฮไคคิดัน 2. Hearing about the incident, the government becomes scared.
  • France: hearing the news of Korea dropping a nuke on a Japanese camp we cut ties with Korea and we send military support to Japan.
  • Netherlands: Netherlands starts doing Military exercises. Some upgrades are made to all Military branches. Infrastructure and economy receives a few updates. More Funding into Computer and Robotics research. The Government meets in privacy to discuss the turmoil in the world and what should the Netherlands do to protect itself from it. Netherlands offers Trade and Alliance with Belgium and Luxembourg and is proposing a trade bloc between the Low countries.
  • North Republic: Amanna Hansen is sworn in as the new High-Minister and head of the ruling Green party. Investigations continue. The military is mobilised and put on high alert. A large amount of aid is sent to Japan, so much that some are critical. Most, however, agree with this policy. NATOC meets and decides to co-ordinate its forces under the governing body temporarily. So General Charbonneau of Quebec is elected to the post, though he will be responsible to the committee. We send an official complaint to the UN regarding Korea's actions.
  • Hungary: Plans are confirmed to make sure the Honvédség reaches its goal of 750,000 soldiers (it won't be able to get as large as Pre-WW-II numbers, if the mods are wondering), including the forced conscription of prisoners, who will be freed on the promise that they serve in the Ground Forces, which considering the condition of their prisons, gives them no other choice, plus this would save costs and give only salaries to recruits. Plans of Operation Tengerpart (Coastline) are put into action, to begin the Invasion of Slovenia. Under a False Flag operation, a short-wave radio feed is broadcast in Slovene, claiming that Hungary is coming to rescue Slovenia from economic collapse. (Which even most federal economists are unsure of at this point), while the ethnic Hungarians in the eastern parts of Slovenia are encouraged to revolt against the Slovene. The secret purpose of Operation Tengerpart is not just to start the restoration of the original Hungarian borders but to give the Turkish secret military forts, which would allow the Turks to have bases in the Western Balkans.
  • The United States continues to build up its military. George McGovern survives yet another term! He is named "the Luckiest President in Recent History" by the Washington Post and "the President with 38 Lives" by the Chicago Herald Tribune. Meanwhile public outcry arises against Turkey and Korea. The RotB and the KPF are recognized as sovereign nations. The Civil Rights Act is passed, and further outcry opens in the south, especially against the US government. However, it is the same level of outcry as was seen in OTL.


Global Events: The Balkans Army, strengthened by recognition and aid, achieves a decisive victory at the Battle of Kavala which effectively liberates Greece and some western areas of the Republic. The Middle Eastern Confederation drives the thin Turkish army located in Northern Persia and establish it as a base of operations. Korea is condemned by the United Nations for gratuitously dropping an atomic weapon on sovereign Japanese land. The Japanese establish a beachhead following the invasion of Korea.

  • Um, perhaps you should look at the algorithm. Not only did I defeat the rebels and reconquer my land, but I destroyed the rebel nations. COBRA!!!
  • Actually the bomb was used on a camp is eastern China which is a Japanese puppet. I'm just striking them before a bomb can be used on Japanese soil. Nkbeeching
  • Korea: Seeing the lack of world response at their nuclear attack, more nukes begin to be given to Dragon's Awakening. Korea's nuke count surpasses 500, and ten are given to Dragon's Awakening. The leaders of the DA are encouraged to spam nukes.
  • Lack of response? The North Republic, UAR, France, United States, and Japan aren't enough for you?
    • Lack of any real response, such as military action.
  • I didn't respond because I was busy at work. Nkbeeching
  • Japan: The military, completely shocked by the usage of a nuclear weapon on their forces, authorizes the use of nuclear artillery that was designed over a decade ago. The first usage is done on a major centre of D.A. operations. This is combined with the complete bombing of the mainland whenever possible. Realizing the nuke came from Korea, the high command finally authorizes the mass bombing of the Korean peninsula but nukes are forbidden due to fallout. The mass usage of EMP's is, however, done and widespread usage of the stealth fighters are implemented. The Exiles launch an invasion aided by the Imperial Marines. The entire nation is put on martial law and all bomb shelters are put on active alert.
  • North Republic Diplomacy:We offer unrestricted military help from all members of NATOC.
  • Argentina: Strongly denounces Korea and cuts all relations with this nation. The ROTB and the KPF are recognised and the government began to secretly fund the rebel states. The government began to see a huge threat and puts more funds in the nuclear program. We propose the UN to put sanctions on Korea.
  • Turkey: After crushing the rebel movements (algorithm differs from mod event, so I'll type away), the Turks activate their missile shield before marching into the UAR, Libya and Sudan, with Ethiopian and Somalian troops marching into Sudan and southern Egypt, while Turkey handles the UAR and Libya in the north.
  • I think you need to read the algorithm, the rebels won. Your Empire would never have lasted anyway. Goodbye Turkey.
  • Netherlands: The Government finishes its last half year meetings. The Government reinstates the Dutch Resistances in case of an invasion or an unexpected attack. The D.R, which hasn't been active since the end of the Second World War, and the Government feels that the events in the past Three years puts the Netherlands at risk. The Government arranges meetings with Belgium and Luxembourg in Amsterdam later in the Year for an established Trading and Alliance bloc within the NPO. The Government ask for Volunteers for D.R. but will instate a Draft in the worst case scenario. The Military starts helping with the Training of the D.R.
  • North Republic Diplomacy: Do you still wish to stand by a country that is giving nuclear weapons to terrorists? We might welcome you as a brother but we need to know if you still support Korea.
  • Netherlands Response: We offered aid but it seems Korea refused and we are not going to be offering anymore because of the outcry from the incident. We didn't outright fully support Korea, just aid. Do the Old Prime Minister who supported Korea is not in office anymore. As stated before we would like to repair diplomatic ties.
  • North Republic Diplomacy: We too would like to re-establish ties. We will re open your embassy and unfreeze your assets. To friendship.
  • Before I post my next post, does Slovenia still exist? Stewdio333 (talk) 03:42, December 6, 2012 (UTC)
  • It does, but it's under rebel control or something stupid. I don't really know, Turkey collapsed, so it's under somebody's control. Vivaporius says: "I don't need a slogan!" 03:58, December 6, 2012 (UTC)
  • Zaire: Mobutu is assassinated by one of his generals, Gen. Raputo Makiadi (made up dude, of course), who assumes control of Zaire, and declares a war on corruption. He establishes the National Ministry of Transparency (NMT) to combat corruption in the government, and ensure the government's money is spent in the right places. Its leaders, staff and personnel are heavily screened by the new government and foreign aids to ensure that corruption does not infect the new government body. Plans to develop a railway system throughout the nation begins, and foreign military advisers are hired to train the Zairian military. Weapon purchases from South Africa and Israel are made, and older vehicles and weapons are scrapped to pay for additional projects. The nuclear facility at the University of Kinshasa (thank you, France), is studied by European-taught students to see how it can be adapted to assist in the nation's energy plans. Local leaders from throughout the nation are called upon by Makiadi to discuss the distribution of wealth to the people, and to make it clear that corruption will not be tolerated by the new government. The military is downsized to assist in the modernization and industrialization programs, and the soldiers are put to work building roads, bridges and wells to keep them busy and distracted from the poor standards of living at their barracks. The government begins high-level talks with the neighboring nations of Angola, the Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi, and Zambia on the development of an economic alliance to strengthen bonds and economic and industrial development in their respective countries. Official government surveys state that Zaire alone has $24 trillions dollars worth (by OTL currency standards), of untapped mineral reserves, which a well developed industrial base could use to transform the nation into a powerful first world juggernaut. The NMT is offered by the Zairian government to assist in the combating of corruption of the neighboring countries if the deal goes through.
    • North Republic Diplomacy: We offer you an alliance and trading partnership. We will provide a) energy infrastucture experts and possibly skilled labour b) Cross climate training for your military (the arctic) and c) a link to a growing European market through NATOC. In exchange you would trade with us at significantly lower prices and set up a number of Wildlife reserves.
    • Zairian Response: We accept, but we are adopting an official stance of neutrality. Military alliances will not be accepted at this time.
    • North Republic Diplomacy: Of course. We can respect your wish of neutrality. The offer will remain open as long as we are in an alliance so feel free to remined us of it in ten years time if need be.
      • Zairian Response: Of course.
    • Argentina D: We offer our help, as well, by offering a program in which your population will be invited to study in our nation to form the first groups of educated people who could afterwards teach the others.
    • Zairian R: We accept the offer.
  • Hungary: News of Turkey's collapse is hidden away from public view, where Radio and TV news only reports that Turkey is at war at the "neo-Nazi" Balkan State, and claim that the brave soldiers of Hungary are assisting them. In actuality, all returning soldiers from the failed campaign are told on orders not to tell about the fate of Turkey, or risk them and their family getting the death penalty on account of Treason. With the biggest supplier of weapons out of commission, there are plans to strike on deals with Arms companies from Austria or the Soviet Union, though there is the possiblity of opening up old arms factories, and developing an off-shoot of the Turkish MEDC I61 assault rifle, with a working title of the AMD 72 (Similar to the OTL Heckler and Koch HK35).
  • North Republic: Celebrates Turkey's collapse. Investigations into the assassination of Bjan Nordal take a new turn. It is found that the three suspects have been framed and that the actual suspect is still at large and may not be in the country anymore. More aid is sent to Japan. The Balkan state is officially recognised. The military is kept on a high level of alert. With nuclear weapons being deployed the public is warned of the possiblity of the North Republic being targeted, and what to do. Several 'Suvivor stations' are set up around the country. Soldiers are briefed on a possible invasion of either Korea or Hungary.
  • Argentina: Recognises the new republic that emerged from Turkey. The nuclear program continues and more funds are put into it to make it go faster. Funds also flood Bolivia and Paraguay and the Latin American road expansion is nearly complete. Negotiation began with Peru and the small but quickly made progress in Bolivia is show to give an advantage. Free trade between all the members of the Latin American confederation is proposed to Brazil and the other members.
  • North Republic Diplomacy: May we propose an alliance similar to the terms of our understanding with Zaire? In this fragile age it seems good to know that a country such as yours exists, as it seems we have similar goals for our people.
  • Argentina response: As an old colony, we know the difficulty of developing a new nation when we are often exploited by many nations. We would be glad to have joint project with you to develop countries that need help. We also propose a trade deal.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai releases the fifth issue of โทโฮไคคิดัน 2; Miko, Koishi and Kogasa continues searching for Marisa Kirisame, and eventually they find her hideout, located not too far from Xichang, and after a lengthy danmaku battle, Marisa is defeated, and she is arrested. By the end of this issue, Miko, Koishi and Kogasa begin to board an aeroplane and head to Argentina, hinting of a new series.
  • Brazil: The Argentinian offer is accepted, and the trade with other members of the LAC is accepted, military progress continues, and the navy's 11th and 12th carriers. Mass production of Gauss cannons begins, the building of infrastructure in Colombian Brazil. The BASA launches its first interplanetary Probe, the Pombo I to jupiter, and the Antarctica Space training facilities continue training possible Space travelers.


Global Events: The Republic of the Balkans expels Turkey from the peninsula, the MEC advances on the collapsing nation. In a naval engagement off the coast of southern Korea, one of Korea's aircraft carriers is destroyed while the Japanese lose several ships.

  • Korea: Korea, shocked by the Japanese landings, orders a mass bombing campaign against the Japanese mainland. Thousands of Japanese are killed, although no nuclear weapons are used. All aircraft carriers and submarines are put to sea.
  • Zaire: The new Zairian government makes great strides toward removing corruption from the nation, and tasks the NMT with fighting corruption throughout the continent. During a meeting at the OAU, as the second most industrialized nation in Africa (OTL fact), the Zairians bring up the possibility of forming a large confederation of nations to protect African interests and economic development. The plan is somewhat considered by the members, but Zaire sees it as a stepping stone to something greater in the future. The government continues to build rails and factories throughout the country, though it focuses its efforts into developing the Katanga, Kivu and Kasai regions in the east, where the huge mineral reverses of Zaire are located. Ethnic tensions are lowered through the Brotherhood and Patriotism Program, where cultural groups are introduced to others in the nation, and long-standing tribal conflicts are put to rest by government forces, who aid tribes in coming together and viewing each other as brothers of the same homeland and identity. Continuation of development of the Kinshasa nuclear facility continues, and some progress is made with regards to the understanding and possibly utilization of nuclear energy. The military is expanded to give young men and women the chance to see other parts of their nation and add to the construction efforts of the government. Modernization of the capital and the major cities of Matadi, Bandundu and Mbandaka are began, and an aggressive effort to further industrialize the country are put forth with the aid of foreign investment from the North Republic and Argentina. Work on developing the tiny navy into a reputable blue-water force are drawn up, and developing a stronger air force to provide medical aid to the still isolated regions of the country begin as well. Finally, a delegation is sent to Gabon, the Republic of the Congo, and Equatorial Guinea for the possibility of establishing a political union to better aid the growth of all parties involved.
    • North Republic Diplomacy: We would like to send a team of research scientists into the country for two reasons. One: To help eradicate one of the last known smallpox spots, and two: to conduct a biological survey to help you decide where to place the national parks you agreed to build.
    • Zairian Response: Of course you may.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai begins writing the first issue of a new series, Garden of the Sun.
  • Japan: The government continues ordering the mass bombardment of Korea and demands that Korea end all hostilities towards Japan or face a large scale war. The Manchu and Japanese troops that were waiting in Manchuria to defend against the Koreans are ordered to invade northern Korea which is done. The Entire Japanese Navy engages the Korean one and the air forces continue to strike at Korea using EMP bomb increasingly. The war in China continues to be a bloodbath as usually with protests against both sides of the conflict. The Korean bombing while doing damage and killing a few thousand Japanese does little to the war effort due to effective defenses that protect key Japanese areas and the bombing brings all of the Japanese population behind the war effort. The Japanese media justify the war on the mainland using it as a show of Korean aggression when Japan had been good to them. The economy continues shaken by the bombings but largely unaffected since most of the infrastructure is well protected. (Also realize, you never prepared for EMP's so your infrastructure is largely ineffective at times.) The headquarters of the EATSP is moved to Thailand officially to avoid damage.
    • Korea: Realizing they are fighting a war that cannot be won conventionally, the three subs are ordered to launch their payloads at Manchuria and Japan. Several Japanese military camps in Manchuria are hit, as well as Kyoto, Tokyo, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Kanagawa, and Osaka. The Korean government, expecting a counterattack, escape in a submarine. Five aircraft carriers escape as well. The Korean military attempts to counter attack at both the South and the North, and tactical nuclear weapons are used. Meanwhile, in China, six tactical nuclear weapons are used on Japanese camps in China.
    • Jap Response: Retaliation is quick. Despite losses, the military will see the threat wiped out and back home thousands die from the missile attacks (Question: you dropped nukes on Japan? If you, did bye bye Korea, and not all would hit their targets giving defenses but the damage will still be extensive). Areas currently controlled are placed under the control of the exiles with Japanese occupation. A warning is issued that any Japanese killed will be met with a massacre.
    • Korea: Realizing it is too late to go back, all remaining 200 nukes are launched at Japan and Japanese China. A Korean sub stationed in the Pacific hits Honolulu and Pearl Harbor as well. It then travels to the US coast, where it launches on San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. The remaining five subs travel to Turkey, and request asylum.
    • OK. That's really fucked man. Why not just settle things at accepting the occupation of Korea and an extensive guerrilla war? I'll accept it but the game pretty much got screwed for me now. Although I do have an idea for a restructuring involving uniting Japan's puppets as a true Community as East Asia if that is allowed. Nk
    • Pita, you're normally a role model for other players. What's gotten into you?
  • North Republic Diplomacy: If you want troops just ask. We will gladly aid you.
  • North Republic: The last few pockets of Smallpox are isolated in regions of Africa with the help of Japan. The final crackdown begins, doctors estimate that Smallpox will be eradicated next year. The Netherlands is invited to re-open its embassy in Reykjavik. Scientists arrive in Antarctica. Computer research is continued as is the now more widespread genetics research. Support continues to be sent to Japan. Sweden and Norway are offered membership of NATOC (RNG 1-4 yes, 5-10 no; 3 yes).
    • Netherlands D: Netherlands accepts and the North Republic is offered the do the same.
  • Denmark (Newbie): Would like to install an alliance between Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and the North Republic. Want a Non-Aggression Pact with Germany.
    • Netherlands D: Netherlands accepts Denmark's alliance offer.
  • Netherlands: Netherlands continues to fund its computer research. Military, infrastructure and economy are improved. More volunteers are inducted into D.R. Defense is improved as well.
  • Argentina: Freezes all the Korean assets and activate the SAM system. The system is upgraded with all the newest technology. The new Balkan and Middle East nations begun to receive funds to rebuild their nations and improve their military. We also propose them to join the NATOC (or whatever it is) for further protection. Peru is also invited to join the LAC (1-4 yes, 6-10 no, 5-no), fund begun to be send in Peru. France is asked if their Guyana territory could be linked to the Latin American railroad, increasing the trade between your territory and the rest of South America. The local economy and the other LAC members economy begun to prosper, thanks to the free trade.
    • Sorry, but in RNGs, "yes" is always 1-4. ~Viva
    • OK, I'll correct the one in 1970.5
  • 'Soviet Union: 'The Soviet Union, shocked by the exchange of missiles between Korea and Japan, calls for the end of violence between the two warring nations. Research into all modern technology and equipment continues. Anti-missile defense systems are activated to protect any rogue missile from impacting the Soviet Union.


Global Events: Turkey sues for peace with the MEC and the RoB. They are granted full independence and Turkey will pay reparations. Turkey is disarmed of its nuclear weapons and the new government hands them over to the United Nations. (Why did Korea randomly fire their missiles at the United States? Everything they did was overkill, if two bombs were enough to end the Pacific theatre of WW-II then why shoot an entire arsenal? I think we should pretend nothing happened until we figure this out).

I think that if Turkey lost they would be kick out of Constantinople and this would become the capital, that or some Bulgar, Yugoslavian City, but more likely Constantinople Sine dei gloriem (talk) 01:41, December 9, 2012 (UTC)

  • Cause the US was being douche bags to Korea.
  • We didn't even threaten you.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai continues writing the first issue of Garden of the Sun.
  • Zaire: The continuation of industrialization in the nation continues, and scientists in Zaire with aid from Argentina and the North Republic, are able to reverse-engineer the nuclear technology at the University of Kinshasa. The government continues to develop the nation's railroad system, and the majority of roads in the country are paved and modernized to a degree that the development of highways may begin. The delegation sent to the Republic of the Congo, Gabon, and Equatorial Guinua propose their nation's idea for the integration of their political and economical systems for the benefit of all, (RNG: 1-4 yes, 5-10 no; Congo-4, Gabon-3, Equatorial Guniea-5), out of which only the Equatorial Guniea refuses to join out of their interest to maintain political independence from them mainland. Railroads, ferry ports, bridges, and factories are constructed in the new administrative divisions of Greater Zaire (Congo and Gabon), to bring them both up to the level of industrialization in Zaire proper. Oil wells are built in Gabon to assist in providing additional income for the construction efforts, and interior of Congo-Brazzaville urbanized for the tribal populations. The NMT and the Brotherhood and Patriotism Program are expanded to include the new districts to combat corruption and tribal conflicts in the region. The mining facilities in the west provinces of Zaire are modernized to aid the workers in fulfilling their quotas, and fueling economic development in the region by providing raw materials that can be used to build new wares and increase the standard of living by way of increased wages from the demand for additional workers.
  • Does someone else finds that this can't happen, Zaire would not join or merge, even with similar cultures, they fought to get independence, to now join another nation that it's not organized, c'mon Viva, you can do better or wait some more time Sine dei gloriem (talk) 01:49, December 9, 2012 (UTC)
  • Ugh. Sine, the African nations fought for independence from the Europeans. Heck, they're already working toward integrating their nations together right now, and back in the 70s, the goal of the OAU was to protect African nations from the Western nations. Even groups that normally hated each other fought with the goal of keeping the Europeans away. Please do your research before posting. AP called me an Africa wonk for a reason. I know more than enough about the region to make moves like this. ~Viva
  • Same as it was for the Spanish American nations, who shared cultures as well and we don't have a South American republic, and as you said nations fought against the Europeans. That's why I doubt this is going to be nearly possible. Four nations (Nueva Granada, Rio de la Plata, Peru and New Spain) that tried to remain together and furthermore, tried to merge into one and they failed and after that even in the same unity all of them break away into smaller, and you are going to tell me that a bunch of people with as of now different enough by their old owners are going to join because you made an RNG, when not even the Spanish Americans that shared far more common traditions didn't, you are just kidding me Sine dei gloriem (talk) 02:43, December 9, 2012 (UTC)
  • You're Hispanic correct? Read this. Also, take a good long look at Europe. They were working on integrating their nations into a single super state since the 1950s. From what I can remember, those Europeans have many things they don't have in common, yet the EU seems to work. In ten years’ time, we will have a unified European Union. Also, East Africa has been working to form a single nation for a while. Regardless, this is not a matter of concern given that there are a number of nations in the game bringing others into a larger one peacefully. And there are too many real life examples for you to research for you to complain about mine. As far as I see it, I don't care. Complain if you want, but please don't pester me about it. ~Viva
    • Allow me to go further into detail to silence this matter now. Zaire and its West and Central African neighbors share French as a common language. Zaire and Congo share many of the same ethnic groups, and as former French colonies, their economies, as well as those of the former French African nations, are already intertwined. The ECCAS is one attempt to integrate the economies of the nations together, and like the EU, a stepping stone to integrating the nations into a single super state, that like the African Union, is hoped to form a continent-wide nation. Unlike the South Americans, the Africans were united in a hatred of a common enemy (Spain no longer counts since they are your friends now from what I've read. However, that's up to you to decide). That's why the Organization of African Unity was formed, and why uniting under a single banner was taken seriously by African leaders. Also, this thing called Pan-Africanism was very popular for some odd reason, and was a motivating factor for the OAU's popularity at the time. I plan to use African desires to build strong nations to do exactly that, and hate and wealth are two of the most powerful bonds one can use to build an empire. Spain used wealth, and Germany used hate. Zaire and 90% of Africa have both. Thank you and goodnight. ~Viva
    • My point is not to say it's impossible. If not, that it's way too hard, and yes, Europe has tried to integrate their nations, not make it one. There's no such a thing as a European republic as you are doing with Zaire and Congo, and even if you shared a culture, it wouldn't mean they would join you. If that was likely to happen it would have in OTL, it didn't and believe me the Hispanic did have a major reason to join, that's why there were the United Republics of Central America. The thing is, that even with this, they were unable to unite into one because some wanted to be a centralist republic and some a federal republic. If this was ignored the Republic Of Colombia (Otherwise called Greater Colombia) the Federation of Argentina (Rio de la plata) and the Empire of Mexico Would have remained, but even so, they split, and there's no way you would make them fully part of you, because 1. you are not a very organized nation or a local power, they would ally you - yes, maybe in ten or five years join you, I can believe that, but no one who fought for their freedom would quit on it to join someone else, even if they are your brothers, just no. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 21:31, December 9, 2012 (UTC)
    • *Facepalm* You know what, I don't care anymore. This kind of knit-picking makes me want to shoot myself. I'm done arguing or debating about this. I just what to enjoy the game please. ~Viva
  • Argentina: Began to send money to the United States and Japan to help them treat the nuclear radiation and damages. Seeing the devastating effect of the nuclear destruction, the government of Argentina proclaims that no such weapons should be developed and propose that the number of weapons be reduced. The research for a civilian program continue.
  • Netherlands: The Government is in shock at the actions of Korea and offer aid to Japan and the U.S. Netherlands proposes the Benelux union with Luxembourg and Belgium. (RNG 1-4yes. 5-10no. Belgium(3) Belgium Accepts. Luxembourg (6) Declines.) Netherlands appreciates Belgium's acceptance to the Alliance but will approach Luxembourg on another time when it isn't too forward. The Government of The Netherlands and Belgium sign the BENE alliance treaty in Amsterdam.
  • The United States continues to build up its military. George McGovern, who has miraculously survived for so long, is re-elected.
  • You know, until you made a page for the US, I thought the names for the presidents were made up, but I was very shocked when I discovered there was a guy named McGovern. Odd... ~Viva
  • Question - what happened last turn? Being put accepted I need to know to decide how I'll do my turn. Nk

The nuclear exchange never happened.

  • Why not?
  • Brazil:continues buildup of Infrastructure in the south and the Peruvian coastline.


Global Events: Things settle down in the Balkans/Middle East. The occupation of Istanbul is ended, though its future is disputed (it will go to Turkey, though). The nuclear attack on the US and Japan did NOT happen.

  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai continues writing the first issue of Garden of the Sun.
  • Korea: Korea continues to provide nukes to Dragon's Awakening. Meanwhile, in order to build up their own proxy nations, an alliance offer along with nuke offers are sent to Zaire and Ecuador.
    • Zairian D: We accept the offer for the weapons, though we do hope there is an understanding that Zaire is an equal partner in this alliance, not a proxy.
    • Korean D: Agreed.
  • Netherlands: Netherlands and Belgian leaders meet again for talks about joint military training in Brussels. Military is updated as with Infrastructure and Economy.
  • Argentina: Focus on the internal economy and improvement of our social services continue. A bill to make the health care free began to be discussed in the government but many do not agree with it. Bolivia continues to receive support. The Zaire is told to be careful with Korea as it is currently the bad boy and biggest threat to the international peace by giving nukes to terrorists in China. Official diplomatic relations with the new independent nations are made and embassies are opened. We began to support the creation of a stable government and reconstruction. France is asked if they would link the intercontinental railroad in South America to their Guyana possession.
  • Japan: Troops continue to fight with Chinese insurgents and the brutality continues to escalate with no end in sight. The alert remains high with Korea and the plans to invade the peninsula in case of aggression remain. All technological projects continue.
  • Denmark: Re-offers an alliance with the North Republic, Sweden and Norway. Plans a treaty in Copenhagen. Re-organizes the military. Offers alliance with Canada ( one ratified) and the United Kingdom as part of a bigger Northern Alliance. Congratulate the BENE alliance and wishes this alliance to be a part of the Northern Alliance ( four Belgium ratified). Establishes formal relations with Japan, the Soviet Union, America, Argentina, the Netherlands, Siam, Norway, Sweden, the Northern Republic and the United Kingdom.
  • North Republic Diplomacy: We are happy to announce that we are already in an alliance with US, due to your membership of NATOC. (For more info please visit here.)
  • North Republic: SMALLPOX IS ERADICATED!!!! (If mods agree, I see no reason they should not, please make this Global event). A week of celebration is held. We formally reinstate our ambassador in the Netherlands, helped by Denmark's alliance with them. Sweden and Norway are welcomed to NATOC. Aid continues to be given to Japan.
  • It should be a global event since it was eradicated in 1973 from what I remember reading. ~Viva
  • Zaire: The government's industrialization program continues with the construction of a number of factories in the interior of the nation to promote urbanization inside the country. Incentives given to tribal populations in the form of food, money and education to get them to move into the cities are made, and the Brotherhood and Patriotism Program continues, healing bonds between tribes, and putting an end to strife between ethnic groups with the aid of the government. The peace is enforced with the resettlement plans of the NMT to remove ethnic groups from their ancestral lands with the aid of their local leaders, and get them to live in areas of the country to expose them to other people, and break the bonds that kept the rural populations from progressing beyond their tribal conflicts. The military begins to receive new equipment from donor countries, and the nuclear weapons received from Korea are placed in secret locations in the interior jungles where intruders cannot find them. The military is expanded from 85,000 men to 120,000, with 80,000 of the troops being professional soldiers, and the other 40,000 being conscripts and part-time volunteers. The capital city of Kinshasa is rebuilt to allow for the installation of modern technologies, and the development of a merchant marine is commenced to allow for Zaire to begin trading with other nations. The mining facilities in the far east of the country are at full production capacity, and the expanded railroad system permits the quick transport of the raw materials from Katanga and Kivu to the factories around Kinshasa for export or local consumption.
    • North Republic Secret Diplomacy: Allow us to suggest something to you. We know it may be beginning to feel like we want you to do what we say, but this is not the case. This piece of advice is a very good idea for your country. Now you have the nukes, break all ties with Korea. They are sure to lose. The world is united against them, and there is no reason why you should take hits because of it. You have been very clever, taking nuclear bombs from them and if you point this out to Japan they may well reward you richly.
    • Zaire Secret Diplomacy: We are a neutral country, and we shall remain out of any conflicts or political battles beyond our borders. We shall deliberate on the matter until further notice. Thank you for your inquisitive note.
The nation of greater Zaire is possible-[[1]][[2]][3]] [[4]][[5]]. 00:03, December 12, 2012 (UTC)


  • Korea: Korea continues to send nukes and help to Zaire, as well as advisers. Meanwhile, the 1st SOG, largely dormant until now, sees action again as they blow up a small Japanese camp in China, freeing all Chinese kept there. Korea continues to keep up their "liberator" guise in China.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai continues writing the first issue of Garden of the Sun.
  • Netherlands: Netherlands increases its military, infrastructure and Economy. Joint Military training with Belgium Begins. Dutch and Belgian engineers along with both Military and scientists are planning on new Bomb Shelters.
  • Argentina: Many workers in Bolivia are welcome in our nation to work. The oil industry began to be extracted in bigger quantity but the efficiency is not at its maximum. As promise, Japan and the USA receive their part of the revenues. Japan is also offered the help of our secret service to crack down the rebels. We agree to merge and the DLAU becomes a subdivision of the IDU. The election approaches and no one knows the outcome as both the Socialist-Green party and the Nationalists are almost equal in the poll.
  • Japan: A series of covert operations begin in Korea to destabilize the nation and ready it for a coup or counterrevolution lead by the exiles, including sabotage, murder of prominent generals or politicians learning about the location of nuclear facilities and a series of raids on industrial sectors making it look like Korean dissidents. While it is obvious that these actions are the work of Japan, there is no evidence linking Japan to the incidents after removing the possibility of Korea justifiying a war with Japan. In China the war continues into an ugly bog of terrorism and guerrilla warfare carried out by both the Dragon's Awakening and by the Japanese Imperial forces. The usage of unconventional tactics becomes more common and the massacre of the Yellow River occurs where 6000 Chinese insurgents are outflanked and wiped out by the I.S.R.F. and the usage of Carpet bombing begins. The government gives the go to the creation of cluster bombs. All projects are continued and the Net for military computers is finally completed greatly increasing information transfers and general communication in the armed forces. Manchuria remains on high alert and the exploitation of oil is greatly increased. Plans are made to launch a massive joint C.E.A. (Japan, Indonesia, Manchuria, Indochina) operation are put forward to finally make a breakthrough in the quagmire that is the Chinese crisis and the largest mobilization of forces in East Asia in over 20 years begins. The conservatives join forces with the utra-nationalists and begin a series of mass demonstrations demanding a stronger hand in dealing with the current situation in the Orient but it is likely that the liberal coalition will retain control since many fear the more brutal conservative approach. A new missile guidance system is designed directly connected to the usage of lasers and computers to be more efficient and the update of the current system begins. Japan requests that the U.N. formally suspend Korea from the organization on the grounds that they are a risk to world security.
    • The United States secretly offers Japan aid in any shape or form.
    • North Republic: We once again remind Japan that should they require aid, we will help.
    • Japanese D: while the aid is generous it is unneeded for now and will be seen by the world as a sign of weakness.
  • The United States continues to build up the military. Tragic! Tragic! George McGovern is shanked and killed. (Yeah, shanked.) The other guy, Bob Kennedy, becomes the Prez of deez US of A. (LOL.)
  • Twisted man. Just twisted. ~Viva
  • Zaire: The production capacity of Zaire is expanded to include battle tank and missile fabrication plants, and the ports are expanded and modernized to allowed for the ability to warships and cargo vessels. The government send diplomats to Angola's rebel forces (UNITA) to discuss the possibilities of uniting the two countries together after the rebels win the war. In exchange, Zaire will provide military, economic and industrial support for the Angolans. The request is based on cultural heritage, and the ideals set forth by the Organization of African Unity. Railroads are built to connect all of the major cities together, and include cities in other nations. So far, Zaire expanded its narrow-gauge railways from 5,000 km to 18,000 km, and its standard-gauge railways from 960 km to 3,450 km since General Makiadi took over the nation a year ago, and with the aid of the North Republic, Korea and Argentina. This is expected to fuel the transportation of goods from one end of the country to the other. The Zairian government puts forth funds to pay for the construction of the Trans-African Highway, and has already begun work on the highway going through northern Zaire. The military intelligence department discovers that the Derg in Ethiopia may attempt to overthrow the Emperor, and troops are sent to protect him and his family with his permission (RNG: 1-4 yes, 5-10 no; 3 yes). 700 soldiers trained by Argentina are sent to Addis Ababa to secure the Imperial Palace from rebel Ethiopian soldiers under the Derg should they attempt a coup. As for Angola, 20,000 troops are sent to help the rebels in fighting the Portuguese colonial army.
  • Stop making things up. Angola is independent.
  • They weren't not independent. And what exactly does Angola have to do with Ethiopia?
  • Denmark: Invites the Netherlands and Belgium to join NATOC. State they have no intention to participate in the UN even under observer position. Stated they are neutral in the Zairean and Korean - Japanese wars. Secretly offer other NATOC members plus the Netherlands and Belgium a plan for a Common Defense System of the North Atlantic Region (CDSNAR) which aims for protection against the growing Soviet Union.
    • Netherlands: Netherlands would be delighted to Join NATOC.
    • North Republic Diplomacy: Welcome. See Here.
    • You are already in the UN. And the American IDU.
  • North Republic: Welcomes the Netherlands to NATOC. The military retains a high level of readiness. Infrastructure is upgraded and aid is sent to Zaire and Japan. A new HQ for NATOC is built on the Faroe Islands, at Famjin.
  • CAR joins: Telephones are made common place in the capital city.
  • Canada Joins: Begins to develop foreign relations by requesting Alliances with the United States and the NATOC. A well built up military, industry and population had formed before confederation.


Global Events: Turmoil in East Asia continues with a nervous world watching. The American public is getting annoyed at the lack of lasting leadership in the country. (It's getting a little overboard, if not underwater--seriously).

  • Nuclear weapons given to Zaire are currently in limbo, since it might not be plausible considering there is no way they can handle them, store them or anything required to maintain such weapons. Plus East Asia is a war zone. There is not any plausible way for them to have reached Africa. The Absorption of those two African nations will be allowed, but no more. At least large ones or different ethnic/cultural groups, etc.
  • Stating that Zaire can't handle nuclear devices is not entirely accurate. Zaire was the second most industrialized country in Africa, and had a freakin' nuclear generator facility in the centre of their capital. I can house the nukes, though using them would not be too great of an option for the time being.
  • You don't have them. Korea sending them was impossible at the time. Having a nuclear generator does not mean that you can house nuclear weapons.
  • You don't make all the decisions here. South Africa had plenty of infrastructure to have nukes back then, Zaire can have 'em too. Besides, there really isn't much to storing nukes except keeping 'em in concrete and making sure dust doesn't get on 'em. Sure it costs a lot - but Israel, Pakistan, India, North Korea, and South Africa would contest what you said.
  • Zaire: The government continues to expand and develop its industrial and economic base, funding new development projects such as the expansion of the University of Kinshasa, and building three new ones in Lubumbashi, Kisangani and Mbuji-Mayi. The Zairian government denounces the new communist government in Ethiopia, and shelters the Emperor and his family from the traitorous Ethiopian soldiers. The military is expanded to a force of 250,000 troops with aid from the North Republic, and the defence industry in Zaire is developed to include aeroplane production facilities and additional missile fabrication plants. The shipyards needed to produce warships and cargo vessels for Zaire are completed, and the first ships are now under construction at Muanda and Port-Gentil. The Brotherhood and Patriotism Program continues to spread its work to the countrysides of the nation, bringing hundreds of villages together in understanding and establishing ties with their neighbour tribes. The government continues to encourage urbanization in the nation, with now 40% of the population living in or around a city. This brings much need manpower to factories and mines of Katanga and Kivu, and the farmlands near the Congo River. This increase in production boosts the nation GDP, and increase export revenues for Zaire. The petroleum reserves off the coast of the former Republic of the Congo are exploited, bringing in oil money for the nation, and plans to fully tap this new source of revenue are underway. 90% of the nation's major road networks have been paved since the beginning of the new reigme, and the airports of the nation's major cities have been fully modernized to accommodate larger airplanes. The rapid economic growth and progressive government reforms boost President Makiadi's approval ratings to 85%, and will see him re-elected in the next year and a half.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai continues writing the first issue of Garden of the Sun.
  • France: The French send military aid to Japan with Gign special forces and we secretly send an agent to Hungary to tell citizens the true fate of Turkey. His mission is a success.
  • Argentina: Continue to build up our military and more normal relation are established with Chile. More research bases are build in Antarctica. Bolivia began to see great change. The oil began to be exploited at maximum capacity and the economy is greatly improved. The Socialist Party wins over the Nationalist Party and makes schooling up to university free for all.
  • North Republic: We agree that Canada can join NATOC. However, the issue must be voted on so this is not a grant of membership. (All members please vote at NATOC page, I will do NPO's after everyone else). Aid continues to be sent to Japan and Zaire. A space program is started up, we apply for aid with this. (Could someone give a reasonable date for man in orbit, Man on Mars and Base in space please.) The Militia is reviewed. All of the armed forces are kept on high alert.
    • Korea criticizes the hypocritical double standard of the North Republic
    • Orbit: Late 90s, Early 2Ks. Mars Early 20s, Base in space, beginning in Late 20s and ending in Mid 30s.
  • Netherlands: The Dutch populace is in mass outrage after the Social Democrat Prime Minister candidate Maurice Van Laren died from wounds after a car "accident". Most of the populace believes the Government under the Conservative party orchestrated and covered it up. While the Police try to bring order to cities like Amsterdam and The Hague. Military receives updates.
  • Canada begins nuclear technology research to replace fossil fuel energy.
  • Japan: Japanese and C.E.A. troops launch the final stage of Operation Scorched Asia and the opening stages for Operation Taming the Dragon begin with the massive strike into the heart of Chinese-speaking lands and the mass repression and isolation of all populace. The largest bombardment campaign in the war so far is carried out as the first cluster bombs are used mainly containing napalm or more compact impact bombs. This, mixed with the tactic of carpet bombing and EMPs, proves devastating to all D.A. operations throughout China and also puts at risk Korean troops fighting in China. This is also mixed with an increasingly rough occupation of controlled areas but the locals aren't harmed that much - just extremely limited in their movements and liberties for security reasons. Black ops continue in Korea as the approach to the exile invasion closes in. The blockade across the continental coastlines continue and all ships coming and going are boarded and checked thoroughly to make sure no weapons can be smuggled. Food and aid, however, are allowed in and Japan states before the U.N. that the measures are necessary and mandatory to prevent further escalation of the conflict and to avoid a nuclear war in the East. The Japanese delegation to the U.N. also vetoes any attempts by the Security Council to send peacekeepers or calls upon Japan to cease operations in Asia that may be presented by anti-Japanese nations. Industry continues at a maximum but the continued harassment by the Imperial navy hinders a lot of business but the EATSP remains economically strong. In the official predictions, casualties in the war at the moment are at about 13,000 EATSP, and over 80,000 Chinese deaths caused by both insurgents and Imperial forces alike. It is unknown if the dead are civilians mainly or insurgents due to the brutal nature of the conflict and the D.A. insistence on fighting near settlements. Artistic criticism against the war begins to appear in several ways across Japan - mainly done by left wingers and those looking to make profit outside of the conflict - but they are met with widespread insults and social isolation by the nationalistic majority of the population who consider the war against the insurgents a justified war against a very real threat that a unified vengeful China would impose on Japan. While the Liberals continue to maintain support from the general populace, the Conservatives and Ultra-Nationalists are able to take advantage of the general fear and nationalism in the air to mount large rallies in favor of even more violent measures to retain Japanese supremacy in East Asia and finally silence all opposition. The ultra-nationalists begin adopting a very dogmatic and fascist platform, one that very much frightens the liberals and even the Conservatives allies. The missile defence system continues to be upgraded, and the space program is stalled due to the costs of the war and other projects deemed more important at the moment. Production of depleted uranium rounds begin in secret. To keep national unity intact and provide a much needed morale boost, Emperor Akihito begins giving public speeches to the people and the armed forces and starts taking a greater role in the day-to-day handling of the government but always respects the parliament system. This provides a much needed Charismatic Leader for the War Effort (independent of whether Akihito would be charismatic, he is the Emperor and the centre of Japanese nationalism and tradition providing an institutional backing - plus, he is a very intelligent and well informed leader in this TL since he's not a mere symbol as in OTL.)
  • Korea: Korea continues to improve its military power, and stages a fake border incident with Manchuria. 17 Manchurian soldiers are killed and nine Korean soldiers are killed. The Korean government demands reparations from Manchuria.


  • Global Events: The Balkan Republic breaks up, as the states were only together to defeat Turkey. Now they shall go their own ways. Changes reflected on map.
  • Korea: Korea continues to improve its military power. Another aircraft carrier is built, as well as more nukes and submarines. A space program is started up by the Korean government. A memorial is also made for 20 children killed in a shooting in an elementary school in Pusan. The President of Korea goes on national TV saying "Our hearts are broken today." The killer committed suicide soon afterwards.
    • RIP Connecticut kids and RIP Pita's parody kids.
  • Japan: The Japanese deploy more troops to Manchuria after the so-called border Skirmish and a joint statement by the Manchu-Japanese officials offer their condolences to the dead Korean soldiers and offer to pay the families of the deceased directly but refuse to do anything else and warn Korea not to press the issue any farther. The war in China continues to rise but the recent events have destroyed much of the insurgents' organization. The political situation in Japan remains tense and with the recent threats from Korea support for a hardliner stance grows but it is undecided whether to go with the liberal approach or the conservative one. Much of the pacifist voices are drowned out in the sea of support for the war and the defence of Japanese interests. A strong defensive line is established in Manchuria in case the Koreans do something stupid (Care where you tread, Pita. A war is the last thing either of us wants, conventionally I win, and non-conventionally it will lead to implausibility.) More espionage operations in the peninsula continue.
  • Canada: Nuclear research continues, and development of a larger military is in progress. The government has established an outpost in Antarctica for testing newly developed nuclear technology.
    • The United States agrees to let the territories exist as an independent nation free of Canada AND the United States, as they outgrew you but still hate us.
    • That makes no sense. Those provinces sure as hell would like to rejoin Canada. They are incredibly nationalistic. And this happened in OTL, too, with the Dominion of Newfoundland and Labrador, they couldn't sustain themselves so they gave up sovereignty to Great Britain. Then they joined Canada in 1949. (This applies to Nova Scotia too). They will return to Canada.
    • I agree. There is a good reason why they would never join the US in our lifetimes OTL-wise you. The provinces would go back to Canada in a heartbeat.
  • I know you're new so I'll explain this. You can't write what is expected of another country. You write for Canada and for Canada only. You need to contact the US first if you wish to do something like that. Since Nova Scotia and Newfoundland are incredibly nationalistic though, they will jump at the chance to rejoin Canada. But like I said, ask the US first and then see what the people do... Furthermore, only mods can edit the map. Thanks, and welcome. --AP (talk) 04:11, December 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • Thank you for clarifying this... I have restated it. -Oreotoast555 (In Italics)
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai continues writing the first issue of Garden of the Sun.
  • Zaire: The government makes good progress, with the industrialization and modernization proceeding smoothly. Ethnic divisions in Zaire have largely come to a stop, as tribal leaders and their followers and reconcile with their former rivals, and those demanding war against their "traditional enemies" are put to death to prevent more unnecessary bloodshed. The railroads are expanded into an ever more complex network of transportation, and the road network of the nation is expanded to include minor towns and villages, connecting the people together in trade. The oil supplies off the coast of Zaire are further exploited, and first batch oil tankers are finished to begin delivering the crude oil to other nations. The mineral reserves allow for the nation to being developing a largely self-contained economy with the massive reserves of iron ore, oil, lumber, and farmland allowing for the country to produce most of what it requires. The government passes a new law stating that at least 40% of Zaire's industrial capacity must be put to use to aid the homeland. The military is further expanded to a force of 470,000 troops, 1,200 armored vehicles and 300 missiles. The construction of missile silos to house nuclear weapons is under construction in the rain forest under heavy military guard. The defense industry is supported by the government to ensure self-defense capabilities during times of war, and to begin producing modern weaponry at home. The creation of new factories and housing in the interior continues, and large highways to accommodate the growth of cross-country travel are built. President Makiadi's approval rating continues to surge.
  • Argentina: creates its first atomic bomb which is explode in an isolated place. However, more focus is given to build nuclear reactors to power the nation. Oil continues to be extracted and research to develop green technology begins. Some hydroelectric barrage begins to be built and a scientist proposes a way to improve the output of wind energy. Negotiation with Chile to improve trade between both nation begins.


  • Korea: Korea continues to be aggressive towards Japan and Manchuria, sending more advisers into China. Meanwhile, another nuke "accidentally" ends up in the hands of the Dragon's Awakening.
  • Zaire: The Zairian government declares itself responsible for ensuring the progress and social security and development of Africa, after the success of their own nation, and begins reaching out to smaller nations who may wish to join in the prosperity. After reports of gross corruption and death come out of the Central African Republic under Jean-Bédel Bokassa, the Zairian government declares war on the nation to remove the corrupt government and share the wealth and power they have with their impoverished neighbors. The government continues developing the industrial and sevice sector of the economy. The transportation network is expanded still, with some 7800 km of railway added to the already extensive rail network, and hundreds of km of paved roads added to the countries transportation network. The first nuclear power plant is slated to begin construction in 1976 with the aid of foreign investors. With his approval ratings through the roof, President Makiadi announces that he will be running for re-election, and states that he will be passing a law that will lengthen the presidential term to five years, and that the upcoming election will occur in 1976. The military is expanded to 525,000 troops, bloated following the recent declaration of war against the CAR. Economic and political talks with Rwanda and Burundi are too begin in 1980. Finally, following independence, it is discovered that the MPLA and the UNITA cannot share power, and have plunged their nation into civil war. Feeling a commitment to Kongolese brothers, Zaire sends a force of 35,000 troops to Angola to aid in stamping out the fighting in the country and restore order to the land.
  • You know, actually reading Wikipedia is a good thing. I can't really make up actual history, so I can still declare war on a real dictator, and aid a nation that actually collapsed into civil war. That is unless you have alterior motives...
  • They didn't happen ATL. It's ALTERNATE HISTORY for Pete's sake. Not everything has to happen.
  • Then make it happen. I just did. Besides, Africa has been largely untouched by most of the events here. Things would go pretty much as OTL in there.- Pita
  • Jean-Bédel Bokassa was a thug, thief and a bloody dictator, but he did do some good like more bus route, women's rights and new ferry boats.
  • Yes, and then he spent a third of the national GDP on his imperial coronation, which no sane foreign leader attended except for his corrupt staff.
    • ​Jap D: A group of Japanese investors convince the Diet to allow them to try to invest in Zaire due to the African nation's rich mineral deposits and they approach the Zaire government with an offer to fund several public works in Zaire and send specialists in exchange for permission to set up mining operations in the country where most of the workers live. Amongst the projects suggested are a few schools, a national university and health care facilities.
  • Canada: New prime minister has been elected. Nuclear energy research continues with the first nuclear generator being tested in Antarctica.
  • NATOC: We are pleased to announce that you have been accepted as a member. All members, save the People's Republic of Ireland are in agreement that you deserve a place.
  • Netherlands: With the supposed "Accident" covered up from public eye, unrest still ensues but dies down.
  • Denmark: Put up the Common Defense System issue at NATOC. Held a parliamentary election. Jump away from the UN.
  • Please do not implausogasm us. You have no reason to. The only thing you could do would be to boycott the UN, and as part of the American IDU and North Republican NATOC, you most certainly would not do this.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai finishes writing the first issue of Garden of the Sun, and will release it later in the year.
  • North Republic: Elections are held. The Green Party remains in charge but loses seats to Labour. Labour forces a stoppage of the Space program, saying that it wastes valuable resources. Their approval ratings go up. The military is expanded and upgraded. We ask if Argentina would mind sharing its Nuclear research with us so that we will have a way to defend ourselves from Korea if they decide to launch an attack. (We have been critical of Korea, they have insulted us, we are paranoid.) Aid continues to be sent to Japan and Zaire. Infrastructure continues to be worked on. The military is kept at a high level of readiness.
    • Argentina D: accepts to share our data to help your nation build a nuke.
    • You do realize the uber-friendly United States is much closer and would be able to ship actual nukes to you instead of just plans? Whatever. The United States offers the North Republic and the NATOC a common-defense alliance.
  • CAR: Jean-Bédel Bokassa (French pronunciation: [ʒɑ̃ bedɛl bɔkasa]; 22 February 1921 – 3 November 1996, also known as Bokassa I of Central Africa and Salah Eddine Ahmed Bokassa) gets angry. He likes Zaïre and Cameroon, but wants them to keep out of the CAR and Chad. Bangui and Bambari become more defensively prepared as the police and local malitas stand by the small army in common cause.
  • Diplomacy starts with Zaïre, Chad, France, Cameroon, Nigeria, China, the USSR and the UK - assuming if they want it. Political neutrality is indicated in world affairs. Jean-Bédel Bokassa said at a rally in Bangui City that day that he is great due to social policies like the bans on polygamy, dowries and female circumcision he started in the early 1960's. the production of mostly artisanal diamonds starts in the regions of Berberati, Haute-Kotto and Haute-Sangha is planned so up 13,832 carats are planned for mining in 1976. A new ferry service starts in Bangui City's part of the Oubangui River. It travels to Zongo across the river into Zaïre. The presidential palace is enlarged heavily and lavishly. The CAR enlists one hundred more troopers as a maximum that year and asks for one military-cargo aircraft and two civil-cargo aircraft - with payment in the form of diamonds.
  • While your joining the game is appreciated, please note that you are still safe from the threat of war.
    • The United States offers to "patronize" the CAR to help it modernize and prosper.
    • Yes, we would liked to have had the USA as a patron, friend and trade partner. The CAR agrees. Your aid and love will be paid for in diamonds and iron ore- (R Beal).
    • We also request that these agreements remain secret. (We also secretly send military aid to rebels to overthrow the evil dictator. This will be made easier if you start talking about rebels against the current government.)
  • Japan: The war continues to progress and no end is in sight but the war has turned decisively in favor of the EATSP forces but it is estimated that fighting will continue for at least half a decade more to end the bloodshed. The restrictions on movements at sea in the region are tightened and more spec ops are carried out in Korea. Meanwhile, all projects are advanced.
  • India: a bloody terrorist attack happens in Mubi after three days of fighting the army stops the attack. We soon discover that the terroists were from Nepal. This causes us to send one million troops to invade Nepal.
  • Really, warman. Terrorists from Nepal? Come on, stop with this all the time.
  • Nabeechaking did this erlaernin the game
  • Nabeechaking? Anyways, I'm banning this "Warman555" guy for being the worst implausogasmer in the history of the game. I mean come on, you totally frakked up the UK, France, the non-existent Yugoslavia, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Italy, now India, and you can't even write in English.
  • I spent several turns creating an organization that would act as an anti-Japanese force in an otherwise very unplausible occupation of China. I did it to add flavor to the game and I am not invading another country. I'm fighting within an area of established Japanese influence. Also when I invaded China in 1937 I also slowly built up to the climax orchestrating an event that made war inevitable. If you're going to build up to a war, Warman, spend time creating a situation and then invade. Take your time. It makes the game a lot more interesting. Nkbeeching
  • OK
  • Let's give him one last chance, Scraw. At worst we ban him, at best we can help him build a more plausible base. Nk
  • Nk, I should have put Pakistan or China because the Muslims hate Hindus and China hates the EATSP.


  • CAR: The CAR agrees to an alliance with the USA. The USA aid will be paid for in diamonds and iron ore. The President likes to give concessions to Zaïre (fancy some big diamonds). A central African trading block grouping is put forward (CAR, Zaïre, Cameroon, Rwanda, Burundi, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria and Angola if they wish to join). The CAR calls up 60 more troopers and 12 airmen and declares the air force and army fixed. 120 cops and 20 riot cops also join in. Mobaye, Bimbo and Kouango, Bangui, Nola and Bambari become more defensively prepared by the army. Basse-Kotto and Sangha-Mbaéré were damaged in an abortive attack by Zaïre in 1974.6 and are now being fixed safely back up again The police go on the lookout for northern tribal rebels and tax invaders in Vakaga prefecture. Some tribal issues arise with Nilo-Saharan tribes on the border of Sudan, when they started refusing to pay their taxes. Central African meals and food associated with the Central African Republic are promoted. Millet, sorghum, vegetables, okra, onions, garlic, chiles, cicadas, grasshoppers, crickets, termites palm wine and banana wine are all on the public menu with pride. Prices are high and food is short of supply still. The [| iron ore potential in Central African Republic] is explored and some is found in the southwest, but it is yet to be mined - lack of skilled labour. The president buys a set of three stretched-limo cars all only for himself, his wife and his chauffeur to use on their family holidays! He also pledges to crown himself Emperor Bokassa I of the Central African Empire in December 1976.5 if all goes well!
  • Japan D: The government provides an offer similar to the one they offered Zaire in the early parts of the year. Independent of any conflict Japan is interested in doing business and adding in the formation of a strong, stable Africa.
  • CAR D: Agreed, if the USA does not mind. Japan would also be like as a good ally. Yes, let's become an alliance also.
  • Jap D: Japan would be interested in a purely economic agreement right now but would be open to an alliance in the future. (I'll make an alliance in the future, maybe, but economic interests come first and an alliance with any particular African nation at the moment may prove a liability.)
  • Jap D: But Japan would be willing to send specialists to train the CAR army in jungle warfare - an area that Japanese are known for as the foremost specialists in the world.
  • CAR D: Agreed! You train up the troops and I'll hand over the diamonds and iron ore.
  • Jap D: Agreed. Japan will send over officers to train the CRA Army and specialists to start building up infrastructure and the mining facilities and hopefully exploitation can begin by late 1979.
  • Zairian D: We apologize for the attack, but will be keeping an eye on you and will step in to prevent the spread of corruption from your nation. However, in light of your proposal, we will offer you economic aid and help in industrializing your nation in exchange for the diamonds you are mining.
  • CAR D: OK.
  • Japan: The fighting in China is now along fixed fronts at last with most of the coastline and the areas close to Indochina and Siam firmly under EATSP control but the central and northern areas remain a quagmire of warfare and atrocities that are very well known around the world thanks to Television. The horrors coming out of China are mainstream news world-wide, the government sees this as an opportunity and begins disclosing war crimes committed by the Dragon's Awakening and their Korean Supporters while downplaying the Japanese crimes a lot or in the worst of cases pinning them as necessary evils and important to restoring peace and order to East Asia. The situation with Korea has not been improving so Japan begins slowly aiding the Exiles to re-enter Korea via illegal methods or having them pretend to be defectors and the planned counter-revolution as an invasion would bring to much international pressure on Japan while an internal revolution support by Japan may be a viable and necessary option. The Manchurian Infantry get ready to defend their homeland in the worst of cases. With the situation becoming a bit more stable along the coasts of Asia business starts to pick up again. Japanese investors begin looking at Africa as a possible market and region to gain important raw materials, and hope to begin making trading deals with the African nations. All programs continue.
  • Zaire: The government continues to modernize the nation, and continue with the development of the nuclear power plant facility. The military is expanded to a force of 600,000 troops, and several thousands of missiles. The government collaborates with a group of Angolan rebels aligned with them that in exchange for military and economic support in the civil war, they will join Zaire as a confederated state, with control over internal affairs, but leave external affairs to Zaire. The Brotherhood and Patriotism Program is extended to Angola, to encourage the Kongo people to re-join their Kongo brothers and sisters in Zaire as a member of the nation and support the Zaire-back rebels fighting against the MPLA and UNITA, and restore peace to their homeland (the people of Zaire and Angola are mostly historically related ethnically and linguistically). The locals are seen to show much agreement with the idea, though some are fearful of the rebel and government retaliations. Zaire sends the Angolan government an ultimatum threatening war if any of the people who choose to side with Zaire are killed, thus denying them the right to choose whom they will follow. 45,000 troops are stationed along the border to protect any people wishing to flee across into the country to flee the civil war. Talks with Rwanda and Burundi begin (also historically related culturally), and Zaire agrees to provide economic support for both nations, and shuttled them toward modernization. Though no concrete results are made in the first round of the talks, Zaire puts forth the idea of a Pan-African union in the future, and will be working to see it created. The road and rail system of Zaire are expanded, and the farmlands of the country receive and install modern appliances to help them become more fruitful and abundant. Modern technological aids do much to bolster the supply of food in the nation, and provide a supply of goods for the market. Also, the rubber industry in Zaire is expanded to levels that exceeded all others in its past, providing much money for the local economy. Jobs and resources for the first time in Zaire's history are now plentiful.
  • Stop. You gained independence 15 years ago, you're not a police state nor some shining African wonderland. Zaire speaks French and Angola speaks Portuguese. Moreover, you have different native populations and language, they wouldn't join you. Rwanda and Burundi maybe, because y'all speak French.
  • And once again, do your research. Zaire and Angola's ethnic populations speak many non-European languages. The leadership of both nations belong to the Kongo people. And once again, I'm the second-most industrialized nation in Africa, an ATL and OTL fact. I've got the largest economy outside of South Africa as an ATL and OTL fact. So compared to the African nations who had nothing, I am an African wonderland. Take that and make it your own. You can't deny a fact of actual history. The Serbs and the Russians didn't speak the same language, but they were united by the fact that they were Slavic peoples. The Zairians and Angolans are both mainly Bantu/Kongolese people. So unless you've got a really good excuse, you can't separate two ethnically and culturally related people.
    • And yet, Russia and Serbia never united. Thank you very much. ~ S
    • And yet they still sent millions of their own to die for them. Huh.
  • Canada: Construction of a Trans-Canada Superhighway has begun. When finished, it will carry not only roads and vehicles, but electricity, water, communications Lines, Fuel lines and railroads. It will be a major artery in the industrial future of Canada. Research on nuclear energy continues in labs across the nation and on a remote military base in Antarctica. Work on the nuclear generator that was developed earlier in the year continues, as when it was tested, it failed to work.
  • Denmark: Jumps out of IDU and claims to be neutral between Soviet, American and Japanese spheres of influence.
  • Please stop being implausible. Thank you.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai releases the first issue of Garden of the Sun; Miko, Koishi and Kogasa arrive in Argentina and begin to work for a small restaurant for a while until a major crime happens, and soon the three go to work for the Argentine police to help catch the suspect. Meanwhile, King Ananda Mahidol dies and is succeeded by Bhumibol Adulyadej. Elections are held and Kriangsak Chomanan becomes Prime Minister.
  • Netherlands: Netherlands increases military upgrades, economical stance and infrastructure. Dutch diplomats are expected to have a meeting with Luxembourg in the following year.
  • Korea: Korea, realizing they cannot beat the might of Japan by themselves, instead begins a campaign of prosperity in Manchuria. Korea begins to take economic control of Manchuria, shipping Korean goods there at a fraction of a price as made in Manchuria. Most of these are welcomed in Manchuria, as Manchuria has a very weak economy and a huge gap in between the poor and the wealthy, similar to America in the 1920s. Meanwhile, the Special Operations Group launches an operation in the Middle East, blowing up three oil pipelines, as well as an oil tanker. They continue wrecking havoc on the world’s oil economy.
  • um ... Pita, I've been putting massive efforts into Manchuria and the Japanese and Manchurian businessmen have a monopoly. Plus, all your products are banned from exports within the EATSP. It's impossible to take economic control of Manchuria. Nkbeeching
  • Plus, over the past 30 years I've funded it socially and economically making it next to Japan and Siam the most industrialized and economically powerful state within the Japanese sphere in no short part thanks to its oil production. Your attacks on Middle Eastern oil have little effect on the EATSP thanks to Manchu, Malaysian, and Indonesian oil which are heavily protected by the Japanese plans. Nk
Most of Zaïre, most of Congo, Cabinda and N. Angola speak Kikongo, and ether French and/or Portuguese. Union of the Kikongo tribes would be possible. R. Beal.


  • CAR:The people hear of a government corruption scandal. 125 cops and 35 riot cops now also join also join the force. Bengui, Birao, Bankora and Bambari become more defensively prepared as the police go on the lookout for northern tribal rebels and tax evaders. Some tribal issues arise with Nilo-Saharan tribes on the border of Sudan refusing to pay there taxes. The towns of Bingo, Bimbo and Bangui have some anti-corruption rallies and riots, but the few in the capital, Bangui are then crushed. The president like crusherfying the rebels. Jobs and resources for the first time in the CAR’s history are soon to be plentiful (in 1979/1979.6). A small industrial airstrip opens in in Bakouma town. The president has a big party with is cronies, family, many business men and some of the recently employed diamond miners (£10,000,000 was wasted on the caviar alone!).
The list of my mines in the CAR-
Mines in the C.A.R.
Place. Opened in. Closed in. Mineral. Ownership.
N/A, Berberati Low level working in 1976. Open Diamonds. C.A.R. government.
N/A, Haute-Kotto Low level working in 1976. Open Diamonds. C.A.R. government.
N/A, Haute-Sangha Low level working in 1976. Open Diamonds. C.A.R. and Zaire governments.
Bambari Unknown, exploration still happening. Not opened. Gold. C.A.R. government with Japanese and USA investment.
Bambari Planned for major working in 1979.6. Still to open. Iron ore. C.A.R. government with Japanese and USA investment.
Bakouma Unknown, exploration still happening. Not opened. Uranium. C.A.R. government.
  • Jap D: Japan secretly funds both sides of the conflict in hopes of protecting their investments and is willing to work with either side of the conflict.
  • Korea: Realizing trying to buy out Manchuria is futile, the Special Operations Group begins to do strikes in Manchuria and Japan. Meanwhile, zealots willing to die for their cause ram a Japanese aircraft carrier with a boat filled with explosives. Hundreds of Japanese sailors die as the carrier sinks. Korea claims no responsibility for the task.
  • Anti-Japanese Republican Army: The AJRA claims responsibility for the sinking of the Japanese aircraft carrier.
  • Who made this AJRA?
    • Me- Pita. I control them, like Nk controls the Dragon's Awakening.
    • I have no problem with this question. Is it a Korean organization or one that is muti-ethnic? Nk
  • Global Events: A revolution starts in the Central African Republic against Jean Whatshisname. UNITA advances on the MPLA in Angola, no winner in sight.
  • CAR response to global events: The president orders a crackdown on the rebels and has 16 northern tax evaders shot out of hand. In a radio speech he blames the French government for stabbing him in the back and tells the nation it was he and he alone that planned all the mining stuff! Former president David Dacko and General André-Dieudonné Kolingba unite against the government in an unholy alliance on the streets of Bimbo as violent clashes occur in the town.
  • Zaire: The Zairian government feels obliged to aid their fellow African brothers in the CAR, and sent 20,000 troops to the nation to aid the nation maintaining order. This is done out of the desire to keep to chaos in Bangui and not have it spread into Zaire. At home, the development of the economy continues to fast-track as the recently re-elected Raputo Makiadi continues his reforms. The Brotherhood and Patriotism Program continues to make progress throughout the nation, with nearly all tribal conflicts put to rest, and peace among the tribes finally achieved. Zambia is invited to join Zaire in the economic alliance brought up during their bilateral talks in 1973, and benefit from the recent economical progress in the country, (RNG: 1-4 yes, 5-10 no; Zambia 3), to which Zambia accepts. The government invests in the development of new technologies, purchasing Turkey's EMP buffering technology, which goes toward the rebuilding of that nation. The Kinshasa Nuclear Power Plant is completed, and provides enough energy for the city proper and its suburbs. The government declares war on Angola after Zaire frames the former for placing landmines along the border with them on Zaire's side, resulting in the deaths of dozens of people. Zaire claims that the Angolans would better benefit from the growing property of their country, and their descent into civil war is but an example of the poor leadership to come. 145,000 soldiers are mobilized and ordered into Angola to deal with the divided nation. The government declares that bringing Angola into Zaire is an effort that must be done to protect the people from themselves, and that they are equipped to handle the refugee crisis.
  • CAR D: Thank you for your help. We love Zaire.
  • Jap D: Japanese investors once again offer to invest in Zaire in exchange for rights to mining in the African country
  • Zairian R: Fine. You may begin mining operation in our nation. However, the slightest hint of corruption or imperialism and you're off of our land.
    • Stop doing that.
    • Wait why? Plenty of nations in the 20th century used an excuse like that to invade. EX: Nazi Germany, USSR, etc.
      • I think it's OK if the northern KiKongo\Bakongo are united, as they were part of the former Kongo Kingdom, but southern tribes like the Hero are a different issue all together. I'm looking for a Wikipedia page to back this up. 22:12, December 18, 2012 (UTC)R. Beal
      • Read this Wikipeadia link on Angolan tribes [[11]].
      • Ah, and the KiKongo/Bakongo control the government and the military in both, as well as a fair chunk of the population. In fact, a number of ethnic groups in both nations are intertwine, like the Chokwe, the Twa, the Lunda, the Yaka, and many, many more. And these are the large ethnic groups. I'm talking hundreds of thousands into the millions. So my comrade here is right.
  • Japan: Feeling the time is now to destroy the Korean threat, authorizes the Korean exiles to launch the counter revolution and from within Korea a series of uprisings that are well organized and evidently supplied with Japanese weaponry appear and talk about a Korea without oppression and that will continue to have no relations with Japan (a big lie) but will also take steps to bring Korea out of its authoritarian state and into a neutral position based on economic relations and democracy. Japan, in public, condemns both the rebellious groups and the current Korean government but secretly supports and funds it. The war in China continues at full throttle as the deaths continue to rise dramatically with increasingly suicidal and drastic attacks on the EATSP lines killing a few allied troops and many Chinese. The voices against the war within East China continue to grow as the moderates begin protesting against the Japanese occupation but also against the D.A. (While I will inevitably have to withdraw from much of China I'll be doing it in an orderly and cooperative form where losses may not be extreme.) While some think it is necessary to quash the protests the Diet considers this may be a ticket out of the bloodbath that is China. The economy, while still a bit still, is at an all time low, remains stable and high by world standards. Industrial production continues. and the upgrade of infrastructure in Japan and its sphere begins. All science projects continue.
  • Canada: Work on the Trans-Canada superhighway continues, with upgrades to the already existing Trans-Canada Highway system under-way. Government is contemplating building a Pacific defence perimeter. The nuclear generator in Antarctica needs to be completely redesigned after several more tests in the last six months proved negative results.
  • North Republic Diplomacy: We have just received notification of an alarming message sent to you from the Government to the USA. Having stripped away irrelevant parts about Quebecois independence (something the North Repubic endorses wholeheartedly) it reads: Also, you cannot join the NATOC as you are already part of America's IDU. We wish to state that you can disregard this. You are not a puppet. You have the right to make your own decisions. You may wish to consider their wishes, but why are they so desperate to stop you joining NATOC? For the Canadian people's best interests? We doubt it. Beware of the USA. We call an emergency NATOC meeting to discuss this issue to which the United States will not be privy.
  • Canada Diplomacy: All right, I have plans for them.
  • I would hate to burst your hate bubble but this has evidence. See this page for it. OreoToast555 03:28, December 19, 2012 (UTC)
  • My, how so? ~Viva
  • That was a man-to-man conversation, like this one. Notice how it's in bold? It doesn't count as part of the game.
  • That was me. I saw a typo in the original text, but it went to bold instead. That was nation-to-nation, not man-to-man. My fault. Just fixed it. ~Viva
  • Denmark: Strengthens the military. Renews ambassador to the UN after finding him accused of corruption. The new ambassador is strongly populist and right-wing, which may cause some changes in its stances in the future.
    • I will be a bit inactive for a bit for two reasons. 1. I'm busy with the end-of-semester tests. 2. I'm busy with my new map game (here it is). So if anything happened, I say that the North Republic user will be in charge of Denmark for a few turns.
    • Australia Joins
  • CAR newsfeed (Bengui journal): Former president David Dacko and General André-Dieudonné Kolingba unite against the government in an unholy alliance on the streets of Bimbo as violent clashes occur in the town. David Dacko declares himself president, as Bambari fall to the rebels. Thus president Jean-Bédel Bokassa hides in his fortified palace as rioters and police clash in Nola and Bengui. The Ministry of Finance have driven of some looters and gangsters outside it who tried to hijack a rebel rally. The towns of Bingo, Bimbo, Bankora, Birao and Paoua have some lesser anti-corruption rallies and riots.
  • North Republic:Worried by growing tension between the USA and Canada the armed forces are put on the last available level of readiness. We begin to brief the troops for a war with the USA, however one sided it may be. The populace is fed with anti-US propaganda. More Mirage Thors are produced. The government approves a military draft, should war begin. Aid to Japan and Zaire continues, though it may have to be cut if war begins.
  • Stop metagaming.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai begins writing the second issue of Garden of the Sun.
  • Netherlands: The Netherlands conducts a few military exercises with Belgium. Military is updated. The meeting with Luxembourg is being set to another date in the future. A dam south of Amsterdam is broken but engineers in the area say that it will be fixed and the area south of Amsterdam is safe.
      • Read this Wikipeadia link on Angolan tribes [[12]].
      • And read this for the Angolan tribal counter point- [[13]] 00:00, December 19, 2012 (UTC) R. Beal.


  • CAR: Some Spanish, Japanese, English, Kikongo and Ngambay language courses are offered in the newly built Bangui University (thanks to all that Japanese aid). Agriculture, meteorology and geology are also taught there as a norm. Jean-Bédel Bokassa gets kicked out of power in the CAR and hides in the town of Nola, with lots of stolen cash. And so, he will thus be replaced by President David Dacko! All parties to the war agree a truce and that a trade deal with Chad, Former French West Africa, Sudan, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, and Cameroon would be a good thing. (1-4, Yes, 5-10 No) Chad 8, Former French West Africa 6, Sudan 9, Nigeria 7, Equatorial Guinea 4 and Cameroon 5. Apparently only Equatorial Guinea wants it. A trade deal is offered to Australia, if they improve our roads we will let them mine our tin mines and have the tin ore in payment. The Central African Republic's ambassador to Angola comments that the enclave of Cabinda is ethnically akin to Greater Zaïre and does not like Angola ever much. He then eats his last £500 tub of ill-gotten and illegally imported caviar and swears allegiance to David Dacko!
    • Jap D: The government sends a diplomat to talk with the new government in the hopes that the treaty both countries worked out still stands and to possibly expand the deal to also exploit CAR's uranium deposits. In exchange Japan would be willing to help the CAR eventually built a nuclear reactor to provide clean energy.
    • CAR Response: David Dacko agrees to the deal, Bangui's old oil power station is out of date and a reactor would be a good thing. We have several uranium sites, like Bakouma, which is comeing your way.
      • Read this Wikipedia link on Angolan tribes and Cabinda for the OTL stuff I'm referring to-[[14]][[15]] [[16]][[17]][[18]]. 15:15, December 19, 2012 (UTC)R. Beal
  • Canada: Asks Korea if they need any assistance in the Korea-Japan war, working on NATOC Defense strategies. Work on the Nuclear Generator Continues in Antarctica, Work on Trans-Canada Superhighway continues. Offers the US a large sum of money to buy back Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.
    • United States Diplomacy: How about you take the island of Newfoundland and the territory of Labrador for not too much money? (Remember that Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are independent as Acadia.)
    • Canada Diplomacy: Agreed, how much do you want? (I'll tell the mapmakers to add Acadia)
    • USD: $3.5 million. (Relatively cheap.)
    • Canada D: All right, is your cheque sir. Sorry, I felt like going in-depth :P)
    • LOL it's fine. Nice editing. We thank for your cooperation, sirs.
    • Just read this over and I have to say that I love that check.
    • LOL - MS Paint can do magic sometimes :S
    • Jap D: Japan demands that Canada stay out of the war in Asia.
    • USD: We advise you to support the defendants, Japan, if any support is given to either side.
  • Denmark: The military is put on yellow alert because of the ongoing situations across the world. Offers Canada joint military protection after seeing its diplomacy on the NATOC page. Get away from the IDU (stop saying I'm implausible, Danes don't want to be controlled now) and manage to get other NATOC doing the same thing. We've discussed it on the NATOC page.
  • ...But you are being implausible. You can be in both of the alliances if need be. Chill.
  • Canada Diplomacy to Denmark: We accept your offering for a joint military system. We will devise plans for Naval and Land (Ground and Air) operations.
  • CAR D: A trade deal is offered to Australia: if they improve our roads we will let them mine our tin mines and have the tin ore in payment.
  • Japan: Japan continues to supply the Korean exiles as their revolt continues but with little to no gains or losses, but the revolt helps to occupy Korean forces. Japanese forces along with EATSP troops continue to press the D.A. as much as possible but the vast terrain of China acts as a constant escape route for the insurgents, but some progress is made in cementing Japanese control in the south. Negotiations with the moderate leaders continue and Japan in a public and surprising announcement promises to support a new government in a fully unified Eastern China and to withdraw Japanese troops by 1983 at the latest. The Diet and the high command clearly state this isn't a defeat or an abandoning of Japanese goals but rather a strategic withdrawal and the enforcement of Japan's greater goal which is greater East Asian cooperation. Part of the plan is to make East Asia a true ally and make amends for previous blunders on Japan's part. But Japan will retain its current cities along the coast and Manchuria will remain an independent state of East China. While this is met with mass protests from the conservatives and the ultra-nationalists it is approved by the rest of Japanese society and by the other EATSP nations. Indonesia and Japan enter talks to expand the monetary union that exists between Japan and Manchuria so that Indonesia is included in the union. Steps are taken to improve life in Indochina and Burma areas previously left alone by the Japanese aid organizations. Upgrade of infrastructure continues. The missile systems continue to be upgraded and all research projects continue. Emperor Akihito gives another speech to the masses in Tokyo and a memorial to his father is held for the great achievements that were accomplished in the Showa Era, the memorial is held in Kyoto, the former imperial capital of Japan, and the memorial is attended by the Emperor of Manchuria, the president of Indonesia, and various leaders from the rest of the EATSP. It is the largest ceremony that has been held in Japan in years. In a raid on a D.A. camp one of the Korean nukes is discovered and Japan uses this in a U.N. meeting to try to get Korea expelled from the U.N. and to get the international community to sympathize with Japan and their cause to keep order and stability in Asia. The government considers enforcing a no fly zone over Korea.
  • CAR D: The CAR can't get involved due to the resent CAR revolution, but would like if it could be sorted out between Japan, Korea and Manchuria at the UN.
  • Zaire: The Zairian government continues to sponsor economic growth in the nation, with most of the population making on average $2-3,000 a year. The government also continues to expand the military, this time to a force of 850,000 professional soldiers. Zaire establishes the African Economic Community, which is to serve as a unified economic and military body, protecting African economic interests in the region. An invitation is extended to Tanzania and Uganda (All three speak Swahili), with (RNG: 1-4 yes, 5-10 no; Tanzania 7, Uganda 2), though only Uganda accepts. The navy is expanding slowly with the production of three destroyers, and four frigates to form the basis of the Zairian Navy. The government secretly plots for a war with divided Angola, seeking to take the oil-rich nation for themselves, and bolster their own economy in the process.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai begins writing the second issue of Garden of the Sun.
  • Korea: Korea brutally quashes any resistance, pulling out tanks and aircraft to mercilessly kill the exiles. In retaliation, several special operations groups are smuggled into Japan, where they target major corporations, government buildings, and more. More oil pipelines are exploded, causing the price of oil to skyrocket.
  • Jap Response: Thanks to extensive internal security large amounts of damage are avoided but the damage is still substantial and security is tightened a lot. More of the exiles are dropped into Korea along with I.S.R.F. who cause havoc for the Korean military.


  • Global Events: South Africa and the country northwest and northeast (LOL, don't know names) form the Union of South Africa. East Arabia petitions to join the UAR.
  • Its Namibia and Mozambique. And that would be implausible for them to want to join a white minority government that as history that time revealed, was actively involved in suppressing their independence attempt (Namibia), and actively supported Portugal in suppressing the rebels (Mozambique). Namibia didn't like South Africa at all, and Mozambique just got through fighting a colonial power. Too implausible even on "good" grounds. ~Viva
  • Um - actually Namibia was under Aouth African administration until the 1980'sI think. Nk
  • It was a colonie of the RSA until circa 1985 and a dependent territory up until 1991. R. Beal
  • CAR: President David Dacko like and thus agrees to the Japanese trade and atomic deals. We have several uranium sites, like Bakouma, which is coming your way. A trade deal is also offered to Canada, Australia, France and Denmark. Japan would be welcomed to help work the Bakouma mine complex. A fire in the capital destroys the central bus station. Ex-president Jean-Bédel Bokassa is ill with flue in Nola. Telephones become commonplace in all major towns. Radio services are greatly improved with new and better transmitters. Cheap radio hand sets are sent to people in Bangui and Bambari. 20 more riot and 60 ordinary police are recruited. 100 new troops are siged upifyed. A request for two heavy civil cargo and two medium militery cargo aircraft is made.
  • Canada Diplomacy to the Central African Republic: We accept your trade offering, but we request that you entail further details regarding what to be traded in exchange for another resource.
    • CAR response: The Bangassou Uranium mine plot and Dangana diamond plot to become an active mine run jointly by Canada and the CAR, opening in in 1978.5, in extsange the CAR gets two heavy civil cargo planes, two light civil utility helicopters, a heavy military cargo plane, some buses, lots of tarmac, a navy patrole boat, some leading civil engineers to train CAR locals and lots of bricks. (Nation Page-Central African Republic (Axis vs Allies: Revolutions Map Game).
    • Canada Diplomacy to the Central African Republic: We will look into mass clay extraction from the coastal regions, and we will have the entailed amounts of vehicles sent to the C.A.R.
Here is a non-comprehesive list of CAR mining concerns for any investors to look at. It's got the lot-
Mines in the C.A.R.
Place. Opened in. Closed in. Mineral. Ownership.
Berberati Low level working in 1976. Open Diamonds. C.A.R. government.
N/A, Haute-Kotto Low level working in 1976. Open Diamonds. C.A.R. government.
N/A, Haute-Sangha Low level working in 1976. Open Diamonds. C.A.R. and Zaire government investment.
Bambari Planned for major working in 1979 Still to open. Gold. C.A.R. government with Japanese and USA investment.
Bambari Planned for major working in 1979.5 Still to open. Iron ore. C.A.R. government with Japanese and USA investment.
Bakouma Planned for major working in 1979.5 Still to open. Uranium. C.A.R. government with Japanese investment.
Bakouma Planned for major working in 1979.5 Still to open. Iron ore. C.A.R. government with Japanese and USA investment.
Bangassou Planned for major working in 1979.5 Still to open. Iron ore. C.A.R. government with Japanese and USA investment.
Berbérati Planned for major working in 1979. Still to open. Iron ore. C.A.R. government with Japanese and USA investment.
Bangassou Planned for major working in 1978.5 Still to open. Uranium. C.A.R. government and possible Canadian investment.
Berbérati Unknown, exploration still happening. Not opened. Uranium. C.A.R. government.
Bingo Planned for major working in 1979. Still to open. Diamonds. C.A.R. government with Zaïrian government investment.
Passendro Planned for major working in 1982. Still to open. Gold. C.A.R. government.
State owned for ever and not for non CAR working!'
  • Canada: The Canadian ambassador to the NATOC will be presenting it's Naval Defense plan to Parliament and the NATOC government sometime within the next few 'weeks'. Nuclear Generator in Antarctica under heavy development, Trans-Canada Superhighway is under major work, starting in the major cities along the routes, working out towards the next city. Considering next move in regards to the Asian war. We offer struggling nations politically a small peacekeeping force. We offer Australia, France, And Denmark a major trade system and a mutual Alliance.
  • Nuclear generator in ALASKA? That's US property.
    • ​Jap D: Japan warns Canada to stay clear of the war.
  • The United States continues to build its military and infrastructure. We ask the North Republic if they want a mutual defense alliance for the fourth time in a row and propose a NORTH AMERICAN FREE TRADE AGREEMENT with Canada, Quebec and the North Republic.
  • Canada Diplomacy to the United States: Canada accepts the NAFTA offer and offers a common Atlantic/Pacific Naval Defense System (See talk page)
  • Zaire: The government continues to develop the economy and the military, expanding the latter to a force of 1.1 million men. The expansion of the rail network is deemed complete, with enough railroads to get a man across the nation in under three days. The road system is also very expansive, with plenty of roads to allow people to travel with little need to stop for rest. With the transportation network, mining industry, and ports fully modernized, the government turns its attention to bringing in more people from the farms and into the cities, pushing the urban population from under 35% to 44%. The navy classes itself as a green water navy, and sent to one day accomplish the goal of becoming Africa's first blue water navy. A second and third nuclear power plant are to be constructed in Lubumbashi and Libreville, and a number of wind generators to be constructed in Katanga. A force of 245,000 troops are mobilized for an invasion of Angola (I need their oil and resources), and sent to the border to secretly prepare for the invasion. 780 battle tanks and 300 aircraft are also prepared for the coming fight, and stationed at bases near to the Angolan border for the war.
  • Your military is implausibly large. 780 battle tanks and 300 aircraft? Way too many. Size things down a bit, you gained independence 17 years ago. Angola is too large of a state to join you, you're only going to end up like Turkey if that happens. All the small African states (Rwanda or Burundi sized) yes, but the rest no. You can construct your African wonderland but be reasonable.
  • Too large yes, kinda felt so. But the Angola deal is much more simplistic than that. Unlike Turkey and Persia, the northern half of Angola is related to Zaire culturally, ethnically and lingustically. The southern half (aka the part I don't want), is beyond my need to control. The north has all the stuff I want, and is much closer to Zaire than the south policitically and socially speaking. And the tanks and planes were built over the course of those 17 years, plus the stuff I inherited from Belgium. So that part is very reasonable.
  • CAR response: 300 more troops are called up and enlisted.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai begins writing the second issue of Garden of the Sun.
  • Japan: Soldiers continue to fight in China but with the recent deal with the moderates operations are slowly scaled down to simply eradicating the D.A. instead of controlling east china, a task now deemed impossible by the high command. The ultra-nationalists hold increasingly violent rallies but are soon broken up by the police. operations in Korea continue but will soon be ceased once the war in China is over. the economy continues to stabilize.
  • And with this I can exit China on a stable note creating an ally and not in violent uncontrollable way. Nk
  • North Republic: Infrastructure is developed. A new fighter is unveiled, the Skua (Identical to the Dassult Mirage F1) a mix of the Zero 22's and the Mirage III's. Production is begun, aiming for 100 models. The naval docks are overhauled and improved with Jötunn SAM (Identical to the Roland) launchers installed at key points.
  • Brazil: we ask Zaire to open a new diplomatic relation with Our nation, as well that military budget is increased and presence in the Colombian and Peruvian regions increase despite all giving them enough autonomy to keep them under certain security, while this the Argentina is asked for aid to upgrade the Position of Brazil in the world, and Venezuela and Colombia are asked to redefine the borders, while this the Space agency launches a satellite to Jupiter and more Stations in the Antarctica begin construction even some Civilian outposts to Trained to a possible mission to Mars with US, or other Space capable nations,other nations like the CAR and Northern republic are asked new relationships as well
  • Korea: Korea continues to clamp down on the exiles, while sending more teams to disrupt the worle economy. SOG teams manage to target a mine in Japan, trapping over 38 miners. Meanwhile, more and more military hardware is created.
  • Nepal- Nepal's angry and disencharted Ghurkhas stage a coup and take over. A Literacy campaign is issued.


  • CAR:Mineral prospecting slows down as most sites are found, but still not actively mined yet. The CAR improves it’s roads noticeably and rebuilds Bangui's bus station. It expresses concern over the racist régimes in Rhodesia [[19]] and South Africa. There is much concern they may unite and if so, become stronger! President Dacko says the civil war is over and Zaire can cut it’s garrison from 20,000 to 9,500. Propaganda is issued to the people of the Gbaya tribe in nearby parts of Cameroon and a couple of Chadian border villages gently reminding of there cultural kinship with the Gbaya of the CAR. This is the start of a steady propaganda stream, planned to last for years if need be, so as to unite the Gabya as one. The CAR says it’s tribal stuff and once the tribes are satisfied, it’s ok. There is no plan for an empire, just some local tribal re-organization with the CAR. We are only after those ethnic, language, frakaphone and religion Gbaya tribal kinsmen in Cameroon. Nord, Est and Adamnanula provinces would fit in with the CAR on cultural, religion and tribal grounds, so the propaganda fly’s in (both literally and metaphorically). These links prove my case in Chad and Cameroon-
    • CAR D:An offer to Canada is made-The Bangassou Uranium mine plot and Dangana diamond plot to become an active mine run jointly by Canada and the CAR, with Canada geting the uranium and diamonds. It is opening in in 1979, in extsange the CAR gets two heavy civil cargo planes, two light civil utility helicopters, a heavy military cargo plane, some buses, lots of tarmac, a navy patrol boat, some leading civil engineers to train CAR locals and lots of bricks. Brazil is offered The Banbari uranium mine plot. A joit running of the Bambari uranium mine and all the uranium would be Brazilian. It is opening in in 1979, in extsange the CAR gets two heavy civil cargo planes, two light civil utility helicopters and a civil ferry boat.
    • Canada Diplomacy to the Central African Republic: We will work towards mass clay mining for bricks, and will use our abundance of resources for tarmac. Vehicles that are currently decomissioned in Canada will be repaired and updated to the highest standards.
    • Jap D: investment into the mining projects in CAR are expanded as is the community projects japan promised with engineers employing locals to build schools and improve transportation in the country.
    • CAR Response: Have the Dimb diamond mine plot, a min could be up and running by 1979. Existing mines held by Japan go in to full production. A lot of mines are opening in 1979-1979.5.
    • um while I have no problem with this arrangement realize your losing out big in these deals its best to make it co-ownership.
    • OK, it's co- ownership
  • Argentina: Offer CAR to invest to help its development. Many suggest that Bolivia have reach the level of development reached by Argentina two decade ago. We agree to help Brazil uptgrapte his statut in the world and we want to join their space program, if accept, we will send help to fund the program and furnish skill scientists. The navy enter in a expansive modernisation program..
    • Brazil: We thank in advance for you help to brazil, and we agree to join our space program
  • Canada: Establishing larger positive relations with the Central African Republic. Quiet year in Canada... work on the Antarctic nuclear generator project continues, Trans-Canada SuperHighway project is in full swing. Government has scrapped the idea to go to war in Asia... but to only provide peacekeeping forces After the war at the Asian's discretion.
  • Denmark: Tells the US to protect the new CDSNAR (see at the NATOC page) otherwise Denmark will get away from the IDU. Send some diplomats to establish affairs with the CAR and Zaire. Propose a resolution in the UN to suspend membership of nations who are at war of other UN members. Restrict Korean and Japanese asylum seekers. Build up the military. Accept the Canadian alliance.
    • ​Never ever threaten a world superpower. USD: We will, on the terms that you retract your UN resolution plan, as we already have laws that temporaraily remove voting rights.
    • DK diplomacy: OK. Removed.
    • North Republic Diplomacy: Why should they not leave the IDU? If they wish to leave why do you stop them? They are not going to the Communists, they simply do not wish to be part of your organisation. Notice the North Republic does not threaten or insult you. We simply do not understand your actions.
    • ... I said nothing to prevent them from leaving, in case you didn't notice.
  • Australia: Accept alliance with Canada and others
  • Japan: Efforts to end the war as best as possible continue as the Diet works hnd in hand with the moderates to establish a stable government while fighting against the D.A. continues to improve little by little with several more strongholds falling to Japanese troops. The Chinese population while extremely distrusting towards Japan (quite understandbly as well lol) are willing to cooperate with them under the possibility to be free of Japanese occupation. The moderates however request that Manchuria and Formosa be ceded to China, something refuses completely with Manchuria now a soviergn affiliated state and Formosa a prefecture of Japan, despite these setbacks the creation of East China will happen. The Imperial diet issues a ban on the ultra-nationalist party once more with their increasingly violent protests and an arrest warrent is issued for the leaders of the faction. meanwhile the Japanese contyinue to supply the exiles and urge them to start doing more violent acts of rebellion, while the I.S.R.F. units active in the peninsula continue attacking major military and research facilitis while a plot to assassinate the current regime is put forward, meanwhile security is tightened in Japan and all major leaders are pushed into hiding by the high command. three new super carriers are commissioned along with many more choppers and jets. A writer makes an award winning book in Japan and in some countries abroad "Scarred Asia: Blood, Opium, and Imperialism" (compare it to lets say the open veins of Latin America) while a strong critic of both western and Japanese imperialism and of current Asian national policies the book is not ban due to the current Japanese attempts to embrace complete freedom of speech. The economy slowly grows again with the violence calming down. Oil exportations within the EATSP are restricted to the EATSP only with the oil crisis and Indonesian and Manchurian oil values go up due to their exclusiveness, efforts to protect the oil lines are made by the EATSP military. all research programs are continued and work on a fission reactor begins in Tokyo in hopes of creating an even stronger nuclear reactor capable of even more energy production.
    • CAR big diplomacy-
    • Brazil- Brazil is offered The Banbari uranium mine plot. A joit running of the Bambari uranium mine and all the uranium would be Brazilian. It is opening in in 1979.5 In extsange the CAR gets two heavy civil cargo planes, two light civil utility helicopters and a civil ferry boat.
      • Brazil: We agree on you terms and we will give you what needed in exchange of the Uranium
    • Australia:' The and Haute-Kotto diamond mines could be 50% sold off and privatised as a Aussie pechrcase off of the CAR. In exchange for this the CAR get some some busses, two light civil utility helicopters and a second navy patrol boat.
    • Argentina:' Argentina is offered The Quadda diamond mine plot. A joint running of the Quadda diamond mine and all the diamonds would be Argentine. It is opening in in 1979.5, in exchange the CAR gets two heavy civil cargo planes, two light civil utility helicopters and a civil ferry boat.
      • Argentina D: we agree and we will immediately send you a plane as a guarantee that we will respect the treaty, the rest will come when the mine will open.
    • Siam- Friendly diplomatic ties are offered.
    • Denmark- Denmark is offered The Pangea diamond mine plot. A joit running of the Pangea diamond mine and all the diamonds would be Danish. It is opening in in 1979.5, in exchange the CAR gets two heavy civil cargo planes, two light civil utility helicopters and a civil ferry boat.
      • Denmark Diplomacy: Of course I will. All the planes and boat and helicopters will be given when the mine opens.
    • Canada:' Bananas to Canada, maple syrup to the CAR? A defence treaty?
    • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai begins writing the second issue of Garden of the Sun. Prime Minister Kriangsak Chomanan accepts the offer to open diplomatic ties with Central African Republic.
  • North Republic: Aid is sent to Zaire and Japan. We wish to open diplomatic relations with the CAR. The Skua designs are given to all NATOC member states as per NATOC Resolution Two. We propose an alliance with Australia. Research at the pole continues. We ask Canada to share it's nuclear knowledge with us.
  • Zaire: Zaire lowers its military force in the CAR to 9500 as requested by their neighbour, and accepts Brazil's offers from 1976. The government continues to develop the two nuclear power plants under construction in their cities, and sponsors the production of a fourth in Kivu. A number of airports are to be expanded to serve as international stops, and the air force is expanded to a force of 600 aircraft. The ability of the nation to produce locally built jets is expanded with the completion of a third aeroplane fabrication site in Kinshasa. Zaire also begins five-nation talks with Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Burundi, and Tanzania on the possibility of expanding the AEC and developing a common-market for goods sometime 1980-1982.
  • Nepol- Nepol disregards’ India’s falsified, pseudo-terrorists as a setting up job. Were were framed. Gurkah revaloution is finished off. Sedation and fraud lead to Sickimm becoming a province of Nipol after a popular rising and propagadized rebilion with Nipol’s help against India. China, Sri Lanka and Tibet is reassured as is Bangladesh. Alliances is offered to Botan and Burma, but result is unknowing. Alliance offered to CAR, USA, Siam, USSR and Hungary if players want it. Literacy campaign, more lowland valley region roads, more mountain passes cut with some enslaved pro-India prisoner lot from Sickimm and female domestic rights are enshrineifyed by laws.
  • Hello. I see you are a new player(I believe so). What you did here is implausible, you would need to fight a war with India to do that and you would surely lose. Furthermore your country's name is Nepal, not Nepol. Please register with this wikia to make an account. Other than that, welcome to this Wiki.
  • It's Hungary not Hongary.
  • Brazil: The Training program on the city stations on the Antarctic continue as the plan is to launch a man to the moon in 1985 and to launch a tripulation to Mars in 1995 - 2005 year period, nevertheless the scientific stations become relatively more important as the Production of Super-conductive metals its to become a priority to make better Energy grids in Brazil area, as well the Educations system becomes free to increase educational levels, while this the conquered regions are given further autonomy and the navy is updated, while this another satellite is launched this time to reach Venus called Pombo I.
  • Korea: Korea continues to develop economically, looking to be completely self-sufficient. Meanwhile, secret emissaries are sent to Egypt, Libya, Algeria, the UAR, and others to make them proxies.


  • CAR: As well trained miners churn out of college and take up all their picks, all mining operations will start as of 1978.5 (next turn) for joint ventures and in 1979 for CAR only jobs. A small port is added to the lower reaches of the Oubangui River. There is an international airport at Bangui-Mpoko, replacing the near by single airstrip ex-colonial airport. A small steel mill and furnace open in Bangui. Ex-president Jean-Bédel Bokassa is found by police and put under house ares in his Nola residence. CAR state propaganda is issued once more to the people of the Gbaya tribe in nearby parts of Cameroon and a couple of Chadian border villages gently reminding of their cultural kinship with the Gbaya of the CAR. A trade and defence alliance called the Central African Community is set up. Ambassadors are invited from Sao Tome and Principe, Nigeria, Cameroon, T’Chad, Sudan, Equatorial Guinean, Burundi and Togo (Equatorial Guinea already has a bilateral trade deal and has morally already joined the economical wing). 100 cops and 50 troops are recruited. Sao Tome and Principe takes both, Chad goes economic and Cameroon goes defence alliance- (obviosly the alliances with grey nations is not for my luck, so it's no longer a policy). A bus strike occurs over pay and a series of bad bush fires near Bira are quickly dealt with. Nuclear bombs are banned in the CAR. The CAR sets up a wild life reserve near Nola. A diplomatic mission goes to the big West African state (that covers OTL Niger, Mali and so on) that used to be French West Africa and to Botswana to start diplomatic relations if they want it.
RNG- (Yes 1-4/No 5-10) Trade alliance- Sao Tome and Principe 3, Nigeria 9, Cameroon 6, T’Chad 3, Sudan 9, Burundi 7 and Togo 10.
RNG- (Yes 1-4/No 5-10) defence alliance- Sao Tome and Principe 3, Nigeria 6, Cameroon 1, T’Chad 9, Sudan 7, Equatorial Guinea 9, Burundi 8 and Togo 10.
  • CAR big diplomacy-
    • Brazil- Brazil is offered The Banbari uranium mine plot. A joint running of the Bambari uranium mine and all the uranium would be Brazilian. It is opening in in 1979.5 In exchange the CAR gets two heavy civil cargo planes, two light civil utility helicopters and a civil ferry boat.
    • Australia- The and Haute-Kotto dimond mines could be 50% sold off and privatised as a Aussie pechrcase off of the CAR. In exchange for this the CAR get some busses, two light civil utility helicopters and a second navy patrol boat.
    • Siam- Lots of CAR coconuts in exchange for exotic Siamise spices?
    • Canada- Bananas to Canada, maple syrup to the CAR? A defence treaty?
    • Canada Diplomacy to the Central African Republic: We are preparing to send our refitted vehichles and resources to the C.A.R. We would like to propose a defence treaty between Canada, the C.A.R. and Possibly the NATOC Organization. NATOC Will discuss this in the coming weeks.
  • Global Events: The nations all refuse the Korean proxy offers. Madagascar and the nation north of Angola join the Union of South African States.
  • 'OK, AP, I have to agree with Viva here. There is no way those countries would join South Africa, it's still plain Apartheid, and the nations of black dominated Africa hated white dominated Africa and actively tried to get rid of the apartheid government. they would be more likely to join Zaire then South Africa and that's saying a lot. 'Nk.
  • That was not me. It was either Pita or Scraw.
  • Topple the Apartheid regime?
  • OTL Africa map. [[20]]. Angola would not join a racist S. Africa/Rhodesia (now non racist-Zimbabwe)/Namibia alliance. They would probably join up with Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique, who all hated S. Africa's Afrikarners and Apartheid. R. Beal.
  • OK. USAS does not include South Africa.
  • Question. Aren't Angola and Mozambique engaged in a civil war?
  • The US continues to do thing. Our space program continues, and we will have things on Mars within the next decade. We also continue work on our American Space Station, which will be completed in the Late 80s
  • Question from what year did coltan become a major resource just out of curiosity. Nk.
  • No idea ...
    • Why did all the nations refuse my offer of tech and alliance?
    • It's Scraw, Pita. Does he really need a reason? And really, why did those nations form the Union of South African Nations? What need was there to do so?
    • I'm assuming it's Viva. I am hurt by your words. The answer is that they would have no will to ally with a nation subject to large international hatred right now, and that getting involved with you would mean isolation from their larger allies, not to mention that you are all the way over there, and to get to them, you would need to pass through hostile territory. They're smart, you know. They're nations.
  • CAR diplomacy: A diplomatic mission goes to the big West African state (that covers OTL Niger, Mali and so on) that used to be French West Africa and to Botswana to start diplomatic relations if they want it. Mods to decide if they do.
    • (It's the Western African Republic.) The WAR accepts.
  • Canada: Work on the Trans-Canada Superhighway is still hard in development, and a Brand New (Not Tested Yet) Nuclear generator design has been brough to the government and will be tested at the Antarctic research base. Continuing to Refine positive relations with the Central African Republic, shipping resources and vehicles to the C.A.R. Capital City Moved to Calgary. Alberta. Infrastructure was damaged in fire to an extent where it could not be repaired. Old government buildings in Calgary are being renovated for their new job's.
  • Zaire: The invitation to join the AEC is extended to Tanzania, Burundi, and Kenya (RNG: 1-4 yes, 5-10 no; Tanzania 4, Burundi 1, Kenya 9), with Tanzania and Burundi agreeing to join the community. The plan to send troops to Zimbabwe to oust the white-minority government is placed before the AEC council by Zambia, and a coalition force of 75,000 troops is put together to invade and replace the regime with a "friendly" government. Coalition president Raputo Makaidi states that the time for black-majority government in Zimbabwe is important for peace in the region, and the South Africa's apartheid government time is also limited. Rails to connect Kinshasa to Dar es Salaam is commenced by the government.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai begins writing the second issue of Garden of the Sun. Prime Minister Kriangsak Chomanan accepts Central African Republic trade deal and accepts an alliance with Nepal.
  • Korea: Disappointed with the failures of proxies, more ambassadors are sent with tech offers, including nuclear bombs.
    • What are the nations again?
  • CAR D: The CAR takes note of Korea’s actions and makes a move. The CAR makes offers of an alliance against outside colonialism in Africa to- the Cameroon, Chad, Sudan, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, West African Republic, Togo, Nigeria, Algeria, Libya-Tunisia and Burundi if they want it (Mods can decide if they take up the offer.). The deal is also rewarded with a 50/%50 joint mining deal in to the limestone beds in Vakaga and Mbomou provinces in which kaolin, kyanite, limestone and quartz can be mined. The stuff is great for bulding, it’s a major plasterboard component. The mines will be open in 1979.0. The Leonardite deposit in Salamat is not for sale, minde [21].
  • An organization like that already exists; the Organization of African Unity.
  • CAR D: It is raised in the Organization of African Unity that Korea was sniffing around North Africa and tried to subvert Egypt, Libya-Tunisia, Sudan and Algeria. The CAR is scared since it is weak, due to low population and poor development. A request is set forth that Korea cant't be let go beyond Egypt or it's trade sanctions time! If any other nation is attacked then the AU should stand as one on the battelfield. South Africa and Zimbabwe-Rhodesia are accused of racism and a call is made by the CAR to all Black African nations to topple the white only governments. A 50/%50 joint mining deal in to the limestone beds in Vakaga province in which kaolin, kyanite, limestone and quartz can be mined is shoved in Libya's face in an act of naked bribery, just for good mesure. (Mods can decide who takes up the plan to keep Korea out of Africa and if it becomes AU policy. They can also decide if Libya is bought off by the bribe).


  • Global Events: African states resist all Korean attempts at subverting them. The African Union like thing votes for a motion calling for unified resistance to foreign influence. A black anti-apartheid revolution begins in South Africa against the oppressive white regime. A massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Brazil's east coast and a tsunami quickly follows, the devastation and deaths are very high. Acadia's legislating body votes unanimously to rejoin Canada.(It has been established that they cannot survive being independent and even if they could, they'd jump at the chance to rejoin Canada.)
  • CAR: Loads of mines finally open across the CAR. Lots of Japanese built schools educate our kids. More force-full Gabya tribal propaganda hits Cameroon. Aid (limited food, clothing, planks, human labour and limited fuel) is sent to flood/tsunami victims in San Tome and Principe, Equatorial Guinea, coastal parts of Cameroon and coastal parts of Greater Zaire and coastal Angola. My god, it was 8ft as it hit the cost of Reo Moni in Equatorial Guinea, killing about 60% in the one-mile inland danger zone. David Dacko hears a few days later on VOA radio and on Radio Moscow that it's 50% worse in Brazil. David cries and declares a week of national morning in the CAR. 50 doctors, 50 nurses, 50 sailors and 60 cops are recruited. My nation Page [22].
    • Jap D: A series of hospitals will be set up in the CAR. As part of the economic cooperation between the two countries and several members of the prestigious Japanese Medical Program go to Zaire to help teach modern medicine to local doctors, and to help improve the life expectancy little by little.
    • CAR response I agree.
  • Japan: Investment into CAR, Zaire continue and Japan begins funding the revolution in south Africa hoping to secure a friendly environment for investment. The war in China continues to scale down with more and more Chinese joining the moderates as they see Japan's since intentions and the D.A. strongholds continue to fall apart as Japanese I.S.R.F. force clean up the rebels. Funding for reconstruction begins as Japanese technicians and engineers begin heading for the mainland to help restore the Chinese homeland. Efforts to perfect fission continue, as do all other projects and the Space Program is reopened to compete with the American efforts in a friendly rivalry. Asian stocks begin to rise again with the dialling down of fighting and the security of Asian markets restored, the Japanese lead east Asia corporation begin reinvesting and revitalizing the companies and major corporations to secure the east Asian economic independence from western corporations. Korea is approached to finally end the rivalry that has existed for over 5 years now, and promises to stop interfering in Korean affairs, hoping to bring Korea back into the East Asian market.The decision to begin trasiting to a soft power policy begins by sustaining its place in the world as a super power through economic supremacy and maintaining a large military only to defend Japan and east Asia from foreign interference. With the continued shift in Japanese policies Ultra-nationalists become even more violent but suppression of the faction is severe, marshal law is removed and the strict policing is slowly relaxed with the threat of terrorism and war ending. Indonesia is welcomed into the Monetary union with Japan and Manchuria.
  • Zaire The Mokambo Copper mine project on the Mufulira, Zaïre is opened.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai continues writing the second issue of Garden of the Sun.


  • CAR: The lignite, monazite and [Leonardite] that were discovered earlier in several places become a national priority. A small port and a navy jetty is built on the lower reaches of the River Kotto. A new Ferry boat, 5 non bulk ore carrying ships and a navy patrol boat are all built. 100 more doctors, 120 nurses and 60 dentists are recruited. Aid still goes to the disaster zones in Brazil and Africa. All planned mines are now operational. The CAR welcomes the resent events and the Black anti-Apartheid revolt in S. Africa.
  • Canada: All requested infrastructural and resources to the Central African Republic have been delivered. The new highway system upgrades are nearing its third-quarter of work. The Antarctica Nuclear Generator is in development and should be working in a power-plant by 1984. NATOC will be having it's C.A.R. meeting sometime this year.
  • The United States continues to do its superpower things like build up military and space program stuff. We continue working on our space station. We also prepare to send a thingamjig to land on Mars in 1983. Incumbent President McGovern will be term limited out of office next year, so VP Geraldine Ferraro (the first female VP in el historio) prepares to attempt for the Democratic nominee. Meanwhile Nelson A. Rockin' Fella is going for the 'Publican nomination.
  • Wasn't that guy shanked a while back?
  • Who?
  • McGovern.
  • Naw, he's the Cart Wirth Noirne Lirves, mayrte!
  • So he died in 1973.5 and came back in 1979?!
  • Global Events: The UAR already has nukes, so it says no. Algeria wants nukes but sees no feasible way to get them without raising attention. Libya says yes. (Let the Cuban Missile Crisis equivalent games begin!) (Btw, the UAR includes Egypt and only Libya said yes.)
  • Argentina: Sends support to Brazil to help them recover from the earthquakes. Argentina open a third nuclear power plants to answer to the growing need of energy. The Socialist party successfully restore normal diplomatic relation with Chile and both side agree to reduce the defence at the frontier and increase trade between our nation.
  • Zaire: The invasion of Zimbabwe begins to remove the white-minority government there. The government completes the Kinshasa - Dar es Salaam railroad, and plans to extend the link to other major cities in the city. The military is expanded to a force of 910,000 troops to accommodate the larger size of the nation. Also, a number of factories are constructed in Zambia and Tanzania. The government considers invading Angola to secure the oil fields in the northern half of the nation, and to control the refugee problem after Zambia complains to the AEC council about the overflow. They plan to leave southern Angola alone or place a puppet government in control there (So this way I get my land and oil, and Angola too. *Insert evil laugh here*) Also, the AEC voices its concern with the Libyan and Algerian nuclear requests, and has stated that it will deploy troops to the region if they present themselves as a threat to the rest of the African continent.
  • A: No one knows. B: Only Libya accepted.
  • 'Denmark:' User retires. Denmark join NATOC, give up sovereignty and independence to the North Republic, with a requirement: Denmark become a Special Administrative Region and the King continues to reign over the Danes. The rights of the Pangea mines and the planes and boat and helicopters exchange is also given to the North Republic.
  • Funny fellow. :) Just 'cause the player retires doesn't mean the nation has to end.
  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai continues writing the second issue of Garden of the Sun.
  • CAR D: Police have heard a rumour in Bira amongst some contract labours from Libya about a ‘Arab [atomic] bomb project’ and alike, but the CAR don’t know who’s nation is doing it, or if it’s real or not! It might not actually be true, like. Both our ambassadors to the W.A.R. and Libya are concerned about resent military maneuvers and displays of weaponry in Libya, but it appears to be of no major threat yet. The CAR is worried, but not too much as yet. The CAR wishes to strengthen ties with Zaïre, Canada and join NATOC. Troop numbers rise by 50 airmen and 50 troopers in response. 50 paediatric workers, 100 teachers and 60 midwives are signed up. A display of traditional CAR art is offered to Hungary and Zaire, to be sent in to the Tábor and Kinshasa art galleries for six months if they want it.


  • Global Events: A nuclear reactor in Brazil blows up. (Hello, early Chernobyl!) The black revolution in South Africa is over and the Apartheid government is overthrown. Namibia and Botswana join the new, freer Union of South African States.

NOTE to the player of the CAR. You are not allowed to start new turns, do not do that again.


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No, anyone can start a new turn at 00:00 UTC. -Pita


  • Siam: Military continues being built up. Surakiart Phathanothai finishes the second issue of Garden of the Sun and will be released next year.
  • Japan: Withdrawal of troops begins and the foundations for the new China government begins. All of north east China is under Japanese control and only the central strongholds remain. Another Korean nuke is seized and destroyed in a very public event to show the world No Nuclear threat will be allowed in East Asia, Japan refuses to pay for the cost of the bomb to Korea. investment in Africa continues. All economic and scientific projects continue.
  • CAR: Relations are offered to S. Africa. Many farms open and new buss services are made available. 50 troops and 100 teachers are recruited. The CAR wishes to strengthen ties with Zaïre, Canada and join NATOC. Troop numbers rise by 50 airmen and 50 troopers in response. 50 paediatric workers, 100 teachers and 60 midwives are signed up. A display of traditional CAR art is offered to Hungary and Zaire, to be sent in to the Tábor and Kinshasa art galleries for six months if they want it. The Gabya tribal propaganda campaign was juged a failure and scrapped. Three highways are running north, west, and south from Nola. A line from Cameroon port of Kribi to Bangui was proposed. Sall ports open in Bangui, Nola, Salo, Nzinga.
  • You're nowhere near the North Atlantic. Another option could be to join the International Democratic Union?
  • I believe NATOC and Canada asked me.
  • OK.
  • Argentina: Sends more support to Brazil and orders the nuclear reactors structure in our nation to be strengthen to prevent such a disaster. A nuclear submarine begun to be build. CAR is proposed financial support to help his program. The mine in CAR begun to extract diamond and a lot of money come out. Argentina economy become the strongest in Africa as oil and diamond are both available to us, The government begun to think about selling energy surplus to our neighbor.
  • How could you have the largest economy in Africa when you're South American? And given that the economy of South Africa is faltering because of the sanctions and revolutions, would that make Zaire's economy the largest in Africa? Just sayin'.
  • Oops, my mistake. I was obviously thinking about South America.
  • CAR response: Kotto diamond field is to be mined by the CAR and Argentina jointly as of 1980.5. A defence - is offered to Canada, Argentina, the W.A.R., Libya and the USA.
  • CAR D: We lack the stuff needed to help Brazil, but raise the issue in the AU.
  • Argentina D: We agree about the joint exploration and we offer you support to fund your development programs. We must decline the defense pact as we are only ready to help your development and sell you some modern equipment.
  • The United States continues its thingums. Walter F. Mondale opens as a contender for the 'cratic nomination, and That Rockin' Fella from 'gressive Partayyyyyyyy runs into Bobby Dole (say whaaaaaaat?) for that there norminartion.
  • Update: Anti-black discrimination is not as bad as it was OTL. Blacks have their rights and all, bus segregation's over, and Malcolm X and MLK are alive!
  • Zaire: The government authorizes the invasion of Angola after partitioning the chaotic nation between itself and rebels within the nation itself to form South Angola, which will serve as a puppet government and member of the Zairian-led AEC, and North Angola which will come under the direct control of Zaire itself. The AEC continues its invasion of Rhodesia to see a black-majority government come to power. Elsewhere, Zaire begins investing in the CAR, and expansion of the railway system north is planned to connect Bangui with Kinshasa. President Makaidi states that he will be visiting the AEC member state of Burundi, working with the local government in expanding the economy and distributing the wealth equally. Thus, Bujumbura will be serving as the temporary capital of the AEC until his return to Kinshasa.
  • CAR Response: I believe the CAR's defence treaty still holds with Zaire and we condemned Rhodesia in the AU a few turns back. I consider myself an ally of Zaire. I will give my political support freely; and troops and/or matériel if asked for. Long live Zaire! Let's crush the Rhodesian Whites together!
  • Korea: Korea continues to amp up their military. Egypt is the only nation to accept their offers, much to the disappointment of the nation. However, nuclear missiles are immediately shipped to Egypt. They are SECRET, and can target all of Europe and a lot of Russia and Africa. Military personnel and spec ops personal also begin to train with Egyptian troops.
    • The 1979.0 event was- "Global Events: The UAR already has nukes, so it says no. Algeria wants nukes but sees no feasible way to get them without raising attention. Libya says yes. (Let the Cuban Missile Crisis equivalent games begin!) (BTW, the UAR includes Egypt and only Libya said yes.)."
    • Here is a post quoted from the end of 1979.0 - "CAR D: Police have heard a rumour in Bira amongst some contract labours from Libya about a ‘Arab [atomic] bomb project’ and alike, but the CAR don’t know who’s nation is doing it, or if it’s real or not! It might not actually be true, like. Both our ambassadors to the W.A.R. and Libya are concerned about resent military maneuvers and displays of weaponry in Libya, but it appears to be of no major threat yet. The CAR is worried, but not too much as yet. The CAR wishes to strengthen ties with Zaïre, Canada and join NATOC. Troop numbers rise by 50 airmen and 50 troopers in response. 50 paediatric workers, 100 teachers and 60 midwives are signed up. A display of traditional CAR art is offered to Hungary and Zaire, to be sent in to the Tábor and Kinshasa art galleries for 6 months if they want it." 19:07, December 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • Canada: Work on the Super-Highway system is coming to a finish. The government has finished renovations on the buildings in Calgary. Asking Zaire to be Allied with us, Asking the Americans to allow us to add a state-of-the-art resarch module to their space station.
    • USD: You don't really have a space program or space technology, so how about we help you build a station on Earth in Canada that'll connect to a wing of the Space Station that you can control?
    • CAD: Hmm.. I'll work on developing tech and a program for now, I suppose this will do for now.
    • Zairian D: We agree to the alliance. Though we remain neutral military-wise.
    • CAR D: We request a military alliance with Canada, but we remain neutral military-wise outside of Africa.
    • CAD: We accept the Military Alliance with the Central African Republic.
  • Brazil: We, shocked by the recent events, begin shutting down the older Nuclear reactors and crisis state is reafirmmed, we ask the US, China, Japan and other nations to help us rebuilding the Coastal regions of Brazil and luckily the Nuclear reactor that failed was in the outside of the highly populated areas from Western Brazil so the poisoning only spread through the City and the population had been evacuated. While this, the research on superconductors continues the Antarctic Space research continues and Argentina is asked to build a mutual space station.
    • Argentina D: we agree to join the space station program.
  • North Republic: Aid is withdrawn from Japan due to the ending of the war, though it will be restarted if requested.The aid is sent (along with extra) to Brazil to help with rebuilding. Along with this an alliance is requested because of our mutral ally Argentina. Aid continues to be sent to Zaire (on the understanding that you will not treat the whites as they have treated you) and is started in small amounts to CAR. We ask if we may participate in the Brazilian/Argentinian space station to which we can bring computer expertise. We call a NATOC meeting. A North Republic ship coming back from Japan passing through the Suez canal spots what appears to be Korean troops in Egypt. Worried they inform the government who Secretly alert Japan. The Skua production is completed.
    • Brazil: We accept your alliance and we agree on you participating the space station effort
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