Pre-Apocalypse Timeline:
1968 - 1970
Archive One:
1970 - 1972.25
Archive Two:
1972.50 - 1974.75

This page is an archive for the Night of the Living Alternate History map game, from 1970 to 1972.25.

The Game

Let's begin.


Zombie related deaths along the Mississippi River continue, as US personnel attempt to establish a front along the river bank, fortifying in deserted cities.
The city of Chicago, a haven for thousands of fleeing refugees is under siege by the largest amassed Zombie Horde ever assembled. Mass panic ensues and many try to flee out of the city, only stopped by the makeshift checkpoints established in the surrounding area. The citizens of Forgottonia and the Greater Chicago region barricade themselves within any place they can as the Zombies enter Chicago.
Along the Texan-Mexican border a perimeter is established, keeping the Zombies back in the south. The city of Juarez, now in complete anarchy, is declared the capitol of several fledgling republics, all influenced by the local drug cartels who fight to control the city. Zombies overrun the city, temporarily ending gang violence.
Zombies also reach the northwest where the remaining US states fall into emergency.
In Alaska the rebel faction, centered in Fairbanks, declares an all-out war against the "corrupt, tyrannical government" still remaining in Juneau and Anchorage, which still aligns with the US and its unfavored Alaskan-Russian treaties. Alaskans in mass hysteria round up and kill dozens of Russian refugees and traders, greatly angering the Soviets in the west of the state. Finally, in a final act of rage the Russian tribes of Alaska destroy the old treaty and gather its peaceful citizens for war. Several days later the Alaskan sky is ignited by several raided oil stockpiles. The harsh conditions push the main Alaskan force deeper into Innoko National Wildlife Refuge, where a last stand must be made until the army can be mobilized. The Southern Alaskan front is established through Denali (Mt. McKinley), where the Alaskan state guard watch for the first signs of an offensive toward Anchorage.
In New England the many states of the former US northeast scramble for control of their claimed areas and the contested zone in the north.
In Pennsylvania many urge for the uniting of the former state.
On the British Isles the Zombies thrive and engulf much of southern England. The English government falls back to major cities and begins to consider officially moving its capital elsewhere, as London is now officially abandoned. The City of London, locked away behind its walls, care little of the problems outside. The wall is hastily fortified by those inside. Outside hundreds flock to the doors, begging to be allowed in, dividing the people within. Should they let these refugees in, risking contamination? Or should they abandon the Londoners to die. Inside there is already little housing creating a crisis within. Normally the city of London has more commuters then residents, meaning that there is only housing for a small fraction of the current population. Many die of poor sanitation and lack of supplies.
In France and Italy the Zombie infection spreads rapidly. The European governments struggle to set up defenses in time.
'In Vietnam the north continues it aggression unaffected. With US military almost completely withdrawn, northern soldiers push easily into the south. South Vietnam urges its allies not to abandon them. But what more can the US do? The Zombies are coming for us...

God help us all.

Australia: Offers to the English government to be located to a remote island under Australian control to be inspected to prevent the disease from spreading. Bans all entering and leaving of the nation, limited to traveling between Australia and New Zealand, we offer the New Zealanders to join Australia in a full union under the name of "The Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand". Martial Law is placed temporarily, forces under heavy restrictions to restore order from the panicked populace.

  • English Diplomacy: We reject this kind and sincere offer on the grounds that we do not wish to leave our people to stand alone against this ungodly hell.
  • New Zealand Diplomacy: We accept your offer. May the rest of the world look up to our leadership during this time.

Northwest Federation: The governors of Oregon, Idaho and Washington all meet at Seattle to establish a temporary government. The First Triumvirate is formed and the Northwestern Federation is created. Though the safest areas are around the Puget Sound, the military establishes various strong points and settlements. Troops pull out of Spokane and are relocated to various towns and bases in central Washington. A flood of refugees enter from Montana, able to escape using motor vehicles. The Cascade Range acts as an obstacle for the Zombies. Though the border of the Northwest Federation is drawn at Idaho, by h end of the month, the military declares the 'safe zones' are areas west of the Cascade Range. Refugees from the trouble in Alaska enter the Puget Sound via ferry or boat. The area is split up into several districts, each encompassing what used to be counties.

Bay Republic: Manages to push all Zombies out of the region, and fortifies bridges to ensure if there is a Zombie outbreak it will be constrained. Boats, both from the national guard and commandeered, patrol the Bay and surrounding coasts to ensure security from encroaching hordes. The top priority is military organization and a steady food supply after that. To deal military organization soldiers begin being put into ranks and regiments depending on training, and to deal with food fishing vessels are sent out and expansion eastward begins in attempts to seize more fertile Valley regions. A C.S. (Californian Ship) Gorge is sent north to see what survives in Alaska. Meanwhile, Anton LaVey begins becoming popular.

  • You are the green nation, I think. The Bay Republic is San Francisco.
  • I think San Francisco is farther south than purple.
  • Did you read the Pre-Apocalypse Timeline?
  • Can I change nations?
  • We just started. I don't see why not.
  • For future reference the Bay Republic is the small purple nation south of the green one. It encompasses all of San Francisco.

Confederate States of Halifax: Concerning the public with the recent breakdown of the west, Victor de Bedia Oland (the current Governor of Nova Scotia) breaks away from the government of Canada. With pressing matters, Prince Eduard's Island breaks from Canada as well, and forms The Confederate States of Halifax. Due to the fear of infection, the west border is blockaded and harbors are shut down. Tourist are deported. Martial law is declared in Halifax and Charlottetown, along with a 9PM Curfew. A National Guard is assembled.

Chicago: At the wake of the Zombie Apocalypse, The Mayor is kicked out of power and the Police Force takes over. The western borders are completely blocked with nobody coming in or out. The southern borders are closely monitored with a series of checkpoints and are used as camps for survivors. The eastern border is the least monitored border, with one major checkpoint and a few others here and there. If the apocalypse gets worse, however, Chicago is ready to enact stricter border controls, especially on the eastern border. Our main form of communication with the outside world is radio, telegraphs, supply planes, and ships. Our natural resources are water, metal, concrete, and wheat. We have access to oil via water. We send a diplomat to the Annapolis Conference via supply ship. 

Free Alaskan Republic: Most Alaska begins mass migrations, Alaskan Russians to the west, American supporters to the south, and Supporters of the free Alaska to the interior. Security around Fairbanks becomes tighter, and fears of Zombie attacks are common. Raids in Northern Alaska, and in the Russian occupied territories is common. Supplies, especially military supplies, are valuable, and while money has become worthless, Gold mined in the interior has become useful as a currency. Everyone is expected to help out with the military effort in some way, but Alaska will not gain freedom on their own. Diplomats are sent to contact nations in the Pacific Northwest. Not much is known about these nations except for a few rumors from fishermen and prospectors, but they take the risk, and secretly send diplomats via Canada to contact the nations. 

USSR: Works on military and makes people have regular appointments to check for the Zombie virus, which many doctors think may be curable. Thousands begins joining the Zombie Patrol, and anyone suspected of being a Zombie is killed. Works on nuclear missiles and bombs and begins planning to nuke the Zombie areas of North America and Europe, but not any human centers.

Cuba: Hearing of Zombies on the mainland, Castro orders all men of all trade ships to be inspected, and shoots anyone that has a wound that looks suspicious. The coasts are on watch, in case anything washes up. The only help given to Zombified areas is Air strikes, so as to not bring any infected soldiers home.  No one is allowed near the old US unless approved under the government.

Italy: After hearing the USSR's news (that came in Italy via Soviet embassy in Rome), President Giuseppe Saragat bans every trade coming from infected areas and makes an anti-Zombie law, similar to the Soviet Zombie Patrol; it will be started on Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Lazio, Apulia, Campania, Sicily and Sardinia.

  • Italy, keep in mind that there are already Zombies within your border (See map above).

United States: Military involvement in the midwest continues as ground forces attempt to establish checkpoints along the Mississippi River. The city of St. Louis is under constant bombardment by the US forces who advance toward the city from the south. A temporary government controlled by the military is established in Nashville for the purpose of properly facilitating fleeing refugees heading east. The United States Occupied Midwest Territory, more commonly known as Mississippi is officially declared. Excluding the territories’ capitol, Nashville, a loosely patrolled no-man’s-land emerges between the front along the Mississippi River and the US to the east. Rural and suburban areas in this wasteland fall into disrepair, while urban centers become havens for gangs and looters who control their share of the abandoned former United States. Faced with imminent starvation following the lack of agriculture maintained in the former midwest, many turn to crime to survive while fleeing east. Hundreds are killed from violence along route 64 and 59. In an effort to combat the attrition the government establishes the United States Agricultural Delta in the former state of Arkansas and Mississippi. At first very few in their right mind accept the promises of the government to head back west. Some are literally shipped there along route 40 after failing to repay debts while others, unable or unwilling to flee east have no other choice. Many begin purchasing land and other equipment in Nashville which thrives from the new market. Another hub is established at the military outpost of Memphis, which is largely considered the final checkpoint before the infected zone. Sentries and basic patrols are established along the former highways from Washington to Nashville, to Memphis, and military aid to Louisiana and Texas is increased. The former city of Vicksburg, Mississippi also prospers from the farming, becoming the center of the southern Delta. Its markets and gambling centers make quick revenue from the traveling farmers. The US currency becomes almost useless past Franklin except as tinder and in the many automated vending machines, leaving many to adapt a more primitive barter system. The United States urges its people to stay united, tasking many to govern themselves. US militia patrols the east, making sure that no criminals or infected enter the east coast, even if it means the deaths of innocent travelers. Communication and trade continues between Franklin, the last civilized trading union before the infected zone. Supplies also trickles its way into the many remnant states in the northeast. The United States urges all countries of NATO and the Warsaw Pact to work together to stop the Zombie Horde. We also urge all nations armed with nuclear weapons to avoid using them at all costs. In order to further discuss these terms a conference is called in Annapolis (on talk page).

England: The British Royal family and a large proportion of the Royal Guard is airlifted from Buckingham Palace to the island of Anglesey in North Wales. The British Royal family had successfully managed to survive this long due to the defence properties of the palace, and the military expertise of the Royal Guard. The vast pantry of the palace has also been able to sustain the high health of those inside, and those suffering from illness are treated successfully by medics within the Royal Guard. Once they land on Anglesey, they are moved to Beaumaris Castle, where the castle is reinforced with modern military weaponry and a now vastly armed Royal Guard. Menai Bridge and Brittania Bridge are destroyed by Royal Engineers stationed in Anglesey, cutting off all links with the mainland. The English Cabinet are airlifted to RAF Valley in Anglesey. Military patrols begin to be sent around the island to check for infection and make sure that no Zombies wash up on the island's shores. A warning is sent to all NATO and Warsaw Pact nations that any nuclear strike launched at the British Isles, regardless of target, shall be met with a decisive and large reprisal strike. Fearing that the most likely user of nuclear weapons to be the USSR, two Resolution-class submarines are moved into the Kara Sea, and launch authority is given to the two English submarine commanders for the launch of their Polaris nuclear missiles, if they detect a nuclear launch on a trajectory with the British Isles. England shall attend the Annapolis conference.

East Germany: East German scientists are trying to figure out how to use the Zombies to their advantage.

London: Raiding of the Bank of England's Vaults gains the City several Tonnes of Gold Bullion, and the Raid also turned up a large amount of Steel, Guns and Ammunition stockpiled in Buckingham Palace and left after the evacuation. The Proportion of Royal Guard deserted by the English Forces swell the ranks of the City's armed forces. A new source of housing is found after discovering that, contrary to popular believe, the Underground network is relatively clear of Zombies. Hundreds of people take to the underground, and a 'screening station' at the station at Trafalgar Square where refugees from London are held and their blood is checked for the Toxin. If they are clean they are allowed into the tube network, if not, they are rendered unconscious and dumped in the Thames to drown. The WW-II destroyer HMS Belfast is refurbished, and becomes a safe method of travel on the surface, allowing the City to begin searching for survivors in the rest of southern England. The London Government feeling only contempt towards the City of London's cowardice, utilises its new army to push the Zombies out of their borders, and asks the CoL (City of London) to rejoin London to help make a Bastion of Hope in southern England. (Do I have to do that if they don't have a player?)

  • City of London Diplomacy: The City of London declines London's offer for union but asks for a trade agreement. (The City of London would probably try to keep the old treaties alive by retaining their rights and sovereignty. Try to ally with them and they will rejoin you if/when you remake the United Kingdom.)
  • N.B: The "City of London [1]" and the city known as "London [2]" are different things. I had a feeling that this problem would emerge so I will permit you to revise your post slightly. Comments about London, the city will be moved to a separate post.
  • I'm assuming you want to be London, the city, so I will change the nations list.

Saudi Arabia: The Arabs get notified that there has been a Zombie outbreak, they started stockpiling oil and closed off ports. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud says, "We ask for an alliance with the United States, Great Britain, Iraq, Iran, West Germany, Japan, and France"  We will attend the Annapolis Conference.

Colombia: The government hears about the news about the Zombie outbreak, many of the population doesn't initially understand the Zombies as many haven't heard of such a creature to exist, but the government rapidly realises the great concern that this posses to the republic status, firstly it closes its port to all European, Mexican and American trading, and it begins pulling its troops, the President Restrepo remains In power though sharing it with his successor Misael Pastrana Borrero, the first one dealing with the issue of establishing a fence from Uraba to the south of the Panamanian border to avoid the Zombies fully reaching the region of Choco. Despite previous conflicts it asks Cuba to join in a Caribbean alliance to protect each other's Nation in case of outbreak. San Andres And Providencia are given the status of special outpost and many military ships are sent to protect the island in case of outbreak, the fence is beginning to be built with some success but fear of the Zombie arrival grows. Panama is offered an alliance and Colombian protection, and the rebels are offered a cease of fire, which they accept and offer of military aid in the likely Zombie fronts and the construction of the Panamanian wall, which the government urgently accepts.

  • New Turn?
  • A new turn is scheduled to start each day at 21:00 UTC. Since this turn has been slightly longer because of the odd start I'll start a new turn in forty minutes. After that the normal schedule will continue. Mscoree (talk) 23:49, March 28, 2013 (UTC)

Turkey: The Turks asked for a trade operation with Saudi Arabia. And Also start building hundreds of Leopard 2A4 Tanks, ACV-AIFV for protection of the nation in a time of chaos. Civilians are being drafted into the military without question, turning the population into a government controlled militia in case of an outbreak. All trade is monitored. Naval vessels are constantly on watch for any signs of an enemy invasion. Border watches are also placed on HIGH ALERT. Shooting anybody on sight that tries to enter the nation illegally. Walls are also starting to be built around major cities, and the border

Madagascar:  Madagascar has put their scientist to work on finding a solution to get rid of all Zombies. Our military has been issued shoot to kill on all civilians that have been exposed to the virus.

  • There are currently no Zombies on Madagascar.


A front is established at the Mississippi River, and the city of St. Louis is entered by US soldiers, suffering heavy casualties. The government in Nashville begins branching out to protect farmers and traders heading to the Delta region. Small farms are established, but constant raids from roaming bands of raiders make life on the frontier a nightmare. Food begins to trickle back into the east to the cities along the coast.
The siege of Juarez and Chicago continues with little ground taken by human forces. The diplomatic situation in London continues to disintegrate between the English government, the Londoners, the fort within, and the many roaming gangs. Hundreds die within the City of London, where the housing and food shortages continue.
Hundreds of fleeing refugees escaping off the coast of England encounter the micronation known as Sealand. The Sealanders accept the refugees and begin screening them for signs of infection (The nation of Sealand has been added).
English refugees make shelter on the Isle of Wight where a community is formed.
Blockades continue to be established in the Bay Republic where order is established in San Francisco.
The Zombie Horde enters Panama, northern Spain, central Italy, West Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, and the Netherlands.

Saudi Arabia:The Saudis deployed troops to help their allies, Yemen and Oman. Saudi Arabia accepts the trade offer with Turkey, armed troops arrive in Turkey, stationed for the time being.  Saudis begin drafting more citizens, into the armed forces.  Saudis start producing 15th FA MLRS Battalion. The foreign settlers in Saudi Arabia are forced into interrogation and examines to see whether or not they carry the infection.  Saudi Arabia then increases the defenses at it’s borders. Saudi Arabia requests an ally with Madagascar.

  • Saudi Arabia and Yemen are enemies and are currently at war.

Bay Republic: Makes contact with the Republic of Alaska via C.S.Gorge and offers that the two nations share technology and supplies. The Gorge returns home to be repaired and outfitted with faster engines, and to be renamed the B.R.S. Gorge (Bay Republic ship, as Bay Ship would not sound good). Several orchards and farms are seized in the Valley, and the first scouts reach Sacramento. Meanwhile, the first ship built by the Bay Republic is planned and in undergoes construction, but due to limited supplies it is estimated to take a year to make. The military is re-organized by combat experience going into Civil (former police), Seabears (former navy), Rolling Fog (air force), the Sentinels (former military), and Militia (rag-tag/ just joined), and Raiders [not actual raiders(rag-tag with experience)]. The Hells Angels join the military, joining the Raiders group and are sent out on long-range scouting missions, with some going as far as Salt Lake City. Due to the recent apocalypse, many mesotheists "convert" to LaVeyan Satanism and join the Church of Satan, and Anton LaVey encourages that they do what they can to aid in the apocalypse. The mayors of the towns in the Bay Republic get together and decide to elect a leader, being a man from Concord named Virgil Baal, who is elected almost anonymously. Expands south and east.

  • Free Alaska Diplomacy: We cannot trade now, because there is no safe trade route from the Alaskan interior to your country. However, if you assist in the liberation of Alaska, we can promise you that you will have a generous share of oil. 
  • Bay Republican Diplomacy: We unfortunately cannot send soldiers as we currently have our own issues, you know, with Zombies. We will, on the other hand, be able to smuggle some food into Alaska in time for the Winter season.

Turkey: Turkey's construction of walls across the border of the nation is nearly complete. All trade is blockaded. Except for products that are entering from Saudi Arabia, and the United States. Turkey also urges/requests for all countries in the region to ally our military powers for stability of the Middle East. Artillery, tanks, helicopters, and IFVs that recently came off the assembly line start to patrol the border. Turkey also requests Israel to talk about diplomatic relations. Manufacturing of more advanced tanks begin. Connected bunkers are also being built underneath the capital city of Ankara to secure important diplomats, and military leaders. Turkey has also been interested in producing clean nuclear, and solar energy. Curfews have also been taken place. Anybody spotted during the night will be questioned, and will most likely be checked for infection. Mining operations for rare Earth metals, and basic materials have also been executed to ensure the ability to have an adequate military.

  • Can I switch to Israel?Jdplayer10 (talk) 01:43, March 29, 2013 (UTC)
  • Sure.

Northwest Federation: Interstate 4 is cleared of abandoned cars, allowing for easier travel between Puget Sound cities and Portland. Gas is siphoned and the cars are, in some cases, retrieved or scrapped. Interstates 90 and 84 are also largely excavated. The military stages multiple attacks on infested territory, pushing the undead out of several dozen districts in Washington and Oregon with the help of various survivor communities. The safe zone extends farther east by June. Communication with the Bay Republic, Northern California, and the various Alaskan states is established. The Northwestern Federation declares neutrality for the time being in the Alaskan conflict. The rather sizable navy establishes a defensive perimeter along the Northwestern Shore in case the USSR gets any ideas.

Chicago: We begin to reinforce our city with supplies and rally troops. Our slogan is "The Dead is at your Door. Join us and they will be no more!" Thousands soon join the Chicagoan Forces and the Zombies are slowly fought off. The workday is divided into six hour shifts and checkpoints in the southern border are expanded, making room for new camps and Zombie research facilities, trying to find a cure for the Zombie virus.  We politely request that the US aid us in our struggle against the Zombies.

  • United States Diplomacy: The United States continues military involvement in Chicago.

Free Alaska: diplomats, mainly operating through contacts within the Bay Republic, manage to contact the various nations that have formed in the northwest. Life in the interior is harsh, and fights are common. anyone who isn't working in the mines is either producing weapons or in the military. It is compulsory to own a firearm, but military grade weapons are especially encouraged. After border skirmishes intensify, a law is passed requiring that people stand and fight in the case of an attack on their land. anyone who lets their land be taken by the enemy can be subject to hard labor. more people migrate to Fairbanks. In the area around Fairbanks, Christianity and Native Alaskan Shamanism begin to mix into what is called Tchiaq Ukpibun, literally "new faith". Tchiaqites are mainly concentrated close to Fairbanks, but in more sparsely populated areas. The religion is a minority, but it is the fastest growing. villagers report seeing a few Zombies near the Canadian border, but sightings were mainly found in the summertime. one local claims to have seen a Zombie in November that was freezing to death, and crawling on the ground, leading some authorities to wonder if Zombies, and perhaps the virus itself has an aversion to the cold weather. 

  • Is Free Alaska the light blue part?
  • Yes

Confederate States of Halifax: Full borders are established in the west, with western Canada in chaos not much Canadian resistance is present. Harbors are opened with only a selected team with Hazmat suits to interact with foreign boats. Countries with infected reported are not being traded with. The Capital becomes Charlottetown but only current citizens and  government are allowed on Prince Edward's Island. Rations are given to all citizens as supplies are being stockpiled. Regions are created with a governor to control each region. Voting for the Regional Governors begins. Water refining plants begin to clean ocean salt water for later drinking use. Gas Masks are being handed out to the public. (Will now be called CSH)

  • CSH Diplomacy: An alliance offer is sent to Free Alaska. New Foundland is offered to Join the CSH.
  • Free Alaska Diplomacy: We accept.

Australia: Offers again to the remaining UK governments to move to remote Australian islands. Complete border shut down, limited to travel between Australia and New Aealand only. Martial law remains. 

  • London Diplomacy: Would, but can't, no way to travel.
  • English Diplomacy: We once again turn down this sincere offer, as we don't want to leave our people.

China: Chairman Mao dies abruptly in office on April 4, Deng Xiao Ping is now the New Chairman. To commemorate the death of Mao, the PLA invaded Hong Kong. Due to England overrun by Zombies, the army took HK after five days of intense fighting. The army and navy plans for an invasion of Taiwan. Closes off the border and stops trade to USA and Europe except USSR. Deng starts reforming. A plan is given to the upper council, saying to attack the Zombies in America and thus, gain American land. Universities starts researching Zombie virus cures.

Cuba:The USA is given support, but asks Puerto Rico in return. Troops coming back are checked, and any men with wounds are killed on sight. Castro orders scientists to research a cure. Trade is still not allowed with Mainland North America though. Closes borders to American refugees, not allowing anyone in. The USA is asked if Scorched Earth tactic could be implemented in their land, this way it destroys them faster.

Manhattan: The Former NYCs borders are closed to refugees. A military begins to be developed. Martial law is declared, and the city is renamed the Empire City of Manhattan. Relations are open with the US and Chicago. Traders are allowed, but must be checked when they come back, and if they have a bite, they are killed. Doctors research the cure.

Republic of Ireland: Ireland shuts down all of its borders. National Guard is called to deal with Zombies inside the borders. Calls for alliance with Scotland, Man and Brittany.

  • English Diplomacy: England states that any alliance with the rebel state of Scotland shall be met with English aggression. We offer an alliance with England as an alternative, so that we can cleanse the British Isles of this ungodly menace together.
  • Ireland Diplomacy: The Republic of Ireland declines your offer for an alliance, we want to remain neutral. Although, we will aid in the anti-Zombie campaign on the British Isles.
  • English Diplomacy: Will you cancel your alliance offer to Scotland?
  • Ireland Diplomacy: Yes, I am not going to ally with Scotland or England for now.

East Germany: East Germany fears the Zombies will enter their country soon. Orders are given by the government to kill any person who has been bitten by a Zombie.

Japan: Japan begins to build up the Self-Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Japan also offers China a non-aggression pact.

London: The Army begins to eradicate any Zombies, anyone with a bite is painlessly drowned whilst sedated. Asks Sealand and the City of London for an alliance. They then fortify London against an expected attack from England. Government moves into the underground, which has less Zombies than above ground. They shut off the entry to the tube, except the screening station, and one or two stations in areas clear of Zombies, where they start to loot houses to get food. The Army has pulled down the houses near the edge of  London, and dug in around the three surface areas London holds, Trafalgar Square Tube station, Covent Garden Tube station and Leicester Square Tube Station, against the Zombies, and the English.

  • You can't pick up the entirety of London and her people, plus a bunch of nukes and move it to Man. Man is a separate country to which you have no diplomatic relations or contact with. Not to mention you're moving through a Zombie infested area. Rewrite your turn and this time no relocation and no nuke steal.
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  • Okay it has been fixed. For future reference: NO ONE SHOULD BE NUKING ANYTHING. THIS IS THE HEIGHT OF THE COLD WAR. Mscoree (talk) 17:58, March 29, 2013 (UTC)

United States: US soldiers fortify within St. Louis and other cities along the Mississippi River. A new strategy is organized by the leaders of the Mississippi territory. General Creighton Williams Abrams Jr. is appointed high commander of Mississippi and begins implementing a new Vietnam-style search-and-destroy campaign into the Midwest. Hundreds of areas shown to be of high Zombie concentration are targeted by napalm strikes and ground forces are tasked with investigating suspected human populations near the river. Supplies and reinforcements are able to reach St. Louis via the Delta highway, which is now patrolled daily by the US army. Farming communities are established in the Delta, growing food to sustain the campaign. The siege of Chicago finally ends as US and Chicago soldiers manage to push the Zombies past the reaches of the city. The area around the city still remains heavily infected and a plan to push the Zombies out of Illinois is written up to be completed by this time next year. The United States stresses that any attack on former or current US territory will be regarded as an act of war. Trade continues between Chicago, Franklin, the Delta, Manhattan, and the New England region. We accept Saudi Arabia’s alliance offer and begin stockpiling Saudi oil.

England: The island of Anglesey has now been checked and has been found to be clear of all infection. Beaumaris Castle, now the residence of the Royal Family, has its fortifications bolstered with modern building techniques, the use of concrete and bricks from building yards on the island means this work is completed swiftly. The Royal Guard is brought back to full strength with members of the British Army stationed at RAF Valley being conscripted. The Royal Guard's ceremonial gear, apart from their iconic red coats, are dispensed of, with what is lost being replaced with current military gear in black camouflage. Beaumaris Castle has heavy machine guns, recovered from scrapped helicopters at RAF Valley, mounted onto its walls, with one on each of the castles towers. The Royal Guard is now armed with L1A1 rifles, the most modern British rifle, and reside in the castle permanently alongside the Royal Family. The castle's walls as a result are constantly patrolled by the Royal Guard for signs of danger, undead, or otherwise. The English Cabinet inquires to the de facto governments of Wales and Northern Ireland if they shall stay with them in what remains of the United Kingdom, and if so proposes the reformation of the United Kingdom's remnants into the United Kingdom of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Around 35% of MPs are found safe and uninfected barricaded in their homes and are airlifted along with their families to Anglesey, using plans formed for the event of a Soviet nuclear attack. Contact is made with all military bases in England, it is found their firepower and defences have allowed them to hold off the undead and take in large numbers of refugees from surrounding areas, they state how they had to turn away those who were infected, and their use of deadly force for those who refused. Contact is also made with a number of major English cities, who have enclaves of survivors who have successfully been able to hold off the Zombie Horde, plans are drawn up to reinforce the survivors with the British Army before the end of the year. Recon is performed on the city of London, and it is found that the city has split into two different factions. Plans begin to be secretly drawn up to retake the city at some point in the future, once the Zombie menace in the surrounding area has been dealt with.

Welsh Diplomacy: We will remain in the United Kingdom and we agree to the reformation.

Northern Irish Diplomacy: We shall stay in the United Kingdom and also agree to the reformation.


Canadian forces push the Zombies back past Winnipeg Lake. The Canadian government also asks Halifax and South Acadia for an alliance.
The Alaskan state army, stationed at the border launch an assault against the rebel garrison, beginning the Battle of Denali. The rebel guards are routed but since the route is thawed and flooded the state forces are unable to advance further. The rebels rally at Healy, Alaska where a small force is gathered amongst the town people.
London fortifies itself deep within the subway system, while the City of London remains behind their fortifications. The Isle of Man increases its patrols on the island. The Isle of Man also accepts the alliance offer from the Republic of Ireland.
English forces begin re-establishing rule on the mainland and create safe houses within all major cities. English parols also re enter London, but their presence is treated no differently than any of the other gangs that roam the city.
English soldiers enter Scotland near the city of Edinburgh where Scottish rule is already disintegrating. The entirety of the Scottish army is stationed at the southern front where no one is able to make any progress.
A joint Spanish-French campaign is launched from eastern Spain and southern France, into the Toulouse region. Western France and the French-Spanish border is partially liberated, and major cities are garrisoned.
The forces of North Vietnam defeat the south at the Battle of Phuoc Long and are successful at pushing southern forces out of the northern half of South Vietnam. Northern forces begin pushing toward Saigon.
Chinese stability drops to 40 following the death of Mao Zedong.
Zombies enter British Columbia, the Northwest Federation, western Canada, the south of Panama, Columbia, further into Spain, southern Italy, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia.
The Annapolis conference continues (on talk page).

  • Zombies are already in the Northwest Federation
  • Do you know that between Panama and Colombia there is the Darien Forest a deep forest through the isthmus and Colombia, and even Zombies would take more than three months to really pass. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 21:58, March 29, 2013 (UTC)
  • They don't bother with stopping to sleep though, and they don't stop when some of them die, and they just go straight over things like cliffs, so they could just use their own bodies to deal with any obstacle they face.
  • Even so, swamplands are hard to cross for humans, and it would make them easier prey to animals seeking for a good food source, as well that like I say, Zombies would be going randomly to reach Colombia as well how could they have hopped through the Panama Canal.
  • They would just eat anything that attacked them, and they are going to Colombia because they can smell people, and they would just keep walking whilst in the swamp, even if they sank, and they would block the canal with each others bodies.
  • Also the few jeeps that passed the Darien took three months, being jeeps, so Zombies should at least take on year because, this are swamps and Zombies would be wandering, barely Populated regions. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 22:15, March 29, 2013 (UTC)
  • The note about the Northwest Federation: I meant they enter more. Currently the Zombie situation in Colombia is minimal. The natural obstacles that Sine brought up are an excellent point as to why. Very few Zombies have actually made it to the Colombian border.

Saudi Arabia: The Saudis began producing Cadillac Gage Commando V-150 for their Saudi Arabian National Guard. The nation now allows refugees to take shelter in the country if they pass the medical and physical exams. The Arabs get interested in nuclear technology and starts recruiting soldiers for possible biological attacks. Saudi Arabia request alliance with Iraq and Iran. Saudi Arabia wants to discuss diplomatic relations with; Iran, Iraq,and Israel. They are discussing how they treat their people and also the diplomatic relations, trade operations, and military alliance between Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Israel. Saudi Arabia request a Peace Treaty with Egypt and Yemen.

Turkey: Turkey starts recruitment for the TBRU (Turkish Biological Response Unit); armed with Hazmat suits, gas masks and flamethrowers. They are mainly ready for any Zombie outbreak, and put on a 24/7 standby. Construction of two nuclear power plants has also been underway. Scorched Earth and Search and Destroy tactics have been allowed within the nation’s borders, in case of a Zombie outbreak. Naval dry docks have also started building naval vessels in the Black Sea, and Mediterranean Sea, in case of any naval invasion. Research of a LAMS (Laser Anti-Missile System) is under way, with prototypes also starting to be created. The LAMS works by a chemical mix of Iodine, and Oxygen, when these two chemicals mix and put under a lot of pressure, it causes really hot Ultraviolet Rays. IR cameras installed on the LAMS detect airborne heat signatures, (e.g: missiles, enemy planes, and helicopters) when a heat signature is detected, the LAMS aims a lens at the airborne object; thus firing really hot ultraviolet lasers at it, which can cause it to get burned up, and shot down. The government controlled militia is also put down. However, every citizen is at least supposed to contain one gun in a household, and drafting is still happening. Hospitals have been put under guard. Military checkpoints are being strategically placed in cities, and around the country. Research of V/J-TOL helicopters has also been under research in case of the need of fast insertion of troops. Turkey with Saudi Arabia has also asked Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Oman, Israel, the U.A.E, and Qatar to be part of a strategic military alliance of the Middle East; to ensure stability of the region, and the safety of its citizens. This will all be discussed at the Annapolis Conference, or at another diplomatic conference. Radar towers and SAM sites will also be placed on mountains to detect, and shoot down any enemy air units that are attacking the nation, and its allies. Development of the border walls are still going pretty linear, the wall that borders Bulgaria, and Greece has been nearly complete. However, the wall blocking Iraq, Syria, Iran, Armenia, and Georgia is only a third of the way finished. More towns have been called in to make the nation’s biggest work force to ensure its security. Turkey is also starting a government funded anti-nuclear weapon movement. The TNWC (Turkish Nuclear Weapon Watch) has recently been established, and manned in Ankara. Turkey is also asking Cyprus if they can build a military harbor/installation on the island, and a naval dry dock. Two battleships are also being constructed at two military dry docks in undisclosed locations; one on the coast of the Black Sea, the other on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Naval Defense Cannons are also being strategically placed to make sure nobody tries to attack Turkey by sea. Uranium, Plutonium mines, and Aluminum ore deposits have been found around Mt. Ararat. The Uranium is currently being sent to tank factories to start developing depleted-uranium armor plates. Border patrols are still on high alert for any sign of infection, and/or attack. Turkey is also asking if Mercedes Benz, and Bell Helicopter to sign a contract to build more military factories within its borders. If these companies agree to sign the contract, the factories will be built with the help of the government budget. The constructions of subways have started underneath major cities, such as Istanbul, and Ankara. These subways will enact as shelters in case of a Zombie outbreak, nuclear war, or any other major event occurring in the nation. Storage rooms are going to be created to store MREs, weapons, fuel, and power generators. All of these resources are going to be used for basic needs for survival, in the underground. Electronic pumps can also gather water from underground aquifers. Food is also distributed along its citizens.

  • Turkey with Saudi Arabia has also asked Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Oman, Israel, the U.A.E, and Qatar to be part of a strategic military alliance of the Middle East. Remember for all Middle Eastern countries to go to the talk page about the Middle Eastern Alliance, in the Annapolis Conference section.
  • Saudi Arabia invites Turkey and Iran to join the Arab League.
  • Turkey accepts the offer and is currently sending aid, and troops to neighboring countries of the Arab League to help.
  • Mod Decision: Iraq and Iran agree to a military alliance.
  • Do you have any idea how heavy uranium is, those tanks would collapse under their own weight.
  • Tanks in the world actually have depleted uranium in their armor.
  • In the early 1970s in a Zombie apocalypse, not so much.
  • Stealing my subway idea much?

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self-Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Japan again offers China a non-aggression pact. Meanwhile, Kazutomi Takayama releases a manga, called Imperishable Night which features Seiga Rokkaku (OTL Seiga Kaku) as the main character, who is a Jiang Shi hunter.

  • Wasn't Imperishable Night not released until 2004?
  • If you're talking about the eight Touhou Project game of the same name, yes. I just used the title of that game and used it as a title for this manga. -Kogasa
  • Okey Dokey. 

Cuba: Continues all operations. Once again asks the USA if we can buy Puerto Rico. Cure is researched. Military is building, many men begin to join. A new wing of the Military is dedicated to stealth and Search and Destroy  missions , made up of elite troops, called Havana Especial.

London: The people of London are issued with air purifying breathers after a scientist discovers the possibility of infection by air. Scout units with sniper rifles are sent to disrupt the English forces in the capital. They use flash bangs to attract Zombies to the English forces and the sniper rifles (L42A1) to kill the English officers to disrupt the chain of command and demoralise the troops. The army begins to be upgraded (I have guns, metal, ammunition, water and money) an exploratory mission to RAF bases returns with around 500 men, 100 of which are royal engineers, assault rifles and Jeeps. The Above ground area is reduced to only Trafalgar and Leicester Square which, using the rubble of the Bridges across the Thames, and the skills of the Royal engineers found in RAF Halton are fortified to near impregnability. Covent Garden Tube station was collapsed after the English troops begin to loot the nearby area. The LDF (London Defence Force) reduce the rest of the city to ruins, and blow all the bridges across the Thames to slow the English. Buckingham Palace, the Symbol of the English Royal Family, is torched. Royal engineers tap into one of the many underground rivers in London, this one; the Tyburn. This gives the citizen of London water. The HMS Belfast is sent on a secret mission is estimated to arrive at its destination by next turn, when it completes its twin purposes. Within a large tunnel next to the Thames, construction begins on two x-craft. The majority of the army, as a safety net in case of attack, retreat in to the countryside, to commence guerrilla warfare. Offers an alliance with Scotland against England. Also offers an alliance with the CoL to prevent the English from taking over London 'United we stand, Divided we fall'

  • What spreads the Zombies, bites or a virus?
  • It's an infection so it can spread from coming in contact with Zombie blood pathogens (such as getting bitten), from non-sterile, infected objects, and from the air (rare).
  • Okay, so the people who aren't infected in the underground aren't going to become Zombies, and if they are tell me so I can revise my post a little.
  • When do we get a new map, I'm losing track of where the Zombies are and aren't.
  • I'll try to make something showing the location of major outbreaks later.

Australia: Mass-scale militarization begins, fearing riots and panic among the public. Borders are now completely sealed off from the outside world (aside from New Zealand). Australia is now completely isolated and dependent on itself for resources. Families become more self-provisional for themselves by gardening and farming their own livestock.

Colombia: The news of Zombies on The republic scares many but the Zombies are managed to be fended of the Chocoan Darien territories as they were not enough to really overwhelm the military. The Colombian Military Efforts to build the wall continue now with most of the Extension finished, only remaining Deep Darien territories, 75 of the Fence is Done and the Military Continues patrolling the area. Fearing of an outbreak in Venezuela and Brazil. The government begins building fences along both of the countries as military measures against infection. Ecuador is asked to Join a Mutual border fence to protect both nations from the Infection outbreaks possible to occur in Brazil or Peru. While this, military is built up and the capitals of Antioquia, Choco, Bolivar, Valle del Cauca, Amazonas, and Norte de Santander are Fortified and highly militarized. The rest are occupied in Evacuation process to the more fortified cities, mainly to Medellin, Cartagena, Cali and Bogota. An alliance is asked with Brazil and Cuba, to defend each other from the Zombies. The Navy is widely expanded and crops are beginning to be rationed by the government and cultivated in the farmlands of the country to start a self-sustaining nation in case of losing contact with outside nations.

Bay Republic: An AM radio station is repaired, and signals are being sent out as far as they can to call refugees to the Republic, bringing many who picked up the signal. Many of the refugees joining the Militia, or are given land on eastern borders under the condition they either make a defensible building or farm, many refugees also leave, as they see that Satanism is on the rise, and as most people are ignorant of what Satanism really is they see it as a city of demons and leave. Supplies are smuggled into Free Alaska via ship then stealth, and an alliance is asked for with the Northwest Federation. The Anton LaVey, after convincing many members of the Church of Satan to contribute many join the military, and due to possible future ammo shortages a Satanist who is also a blacksmith, with a small cult of people following him under the coercion of LaVey begin making melee weapons with a goodly range, such as zweihanders, halberds, pole axes, etc. which are donated to the government, and Anton LaVey is given an award by Virgil Baal called the "Savior" award to his contributions. Baal himself "converts" to Satanism, followed by the leader of the Hells Angels. The BRS Gorge is sent to Southern California on a scouting mission, and returns with less ammunition and a good amount of survivors, reporting that the south was almost completely dead. Expands east and south.

Chicago: Our city is reinforced and we counter the Zombies. Chicago begins preparing for Operation: Surround and Destroy. We do this by stalking up food and establishing a military training program that should be perfected by 1971. Zombie virus research continues. 

Free Alaska: As the battle of Denali continues, the Free Alaskans hold their ground at Healy. The Main Garrison holds at the town, while reinforcements arrived from the north to flank the attackers. In the counterattack that followed, the Free Alaskans gained a decisive victory, but do not have the resources to unify the rest of the state (see algorithm). Meanwhile, the Alaskans ask Canada for an alliance, so Alaska can be unified. Around the nation, the flag used by the Denali regiment (the defenders of Healy) becomes popular as a national flag. 

Northwest Federation: Wenatchee is taken early in the season. By August, troops march on Yakima. They spend much of August and September surrounding the city before storming it in late September. Meanwhile, the safe zone expands to encompass more districts. In Oregon, troops march on Bend, just reaching it by mid-September. The fighting continues into the next season. The alliance with the Bay Republic is accepted, both nations being former US territory.

Manhattan: Cure research and military development continues. A wall begins being built around where the nation borders OTL New Jersey.

Texas attempts heavy barricades at the borders. Meanwhile, quarantines of infected cities begin. Some western cities are deemed unsalvageable 'Dead Zones', including El Paso and San Angelo, that have been abandoned. Healthy residents of Dead Zones are evacuated and relocated as fast as they can be reached. In November, the President signs a series of laws known as the Anti-Zombie Acts. These laws state that life ends at death and 'undead' creatures are not alive. They also reorganize the Texas Ranger Division, having Companies C and D exclusively hunting down Zombies.

United Kingdom: Early warning radar of a British patrol ship within the English Channel detects an unknown vessel of quite a substantial size. Two Avro Vulcans equipped for maritime recon are launched from RAF Valley in Anglesey to intercept. The ship is found to be the HMS Belfast, which has been refurbished to be seaworthy, and is under the control of the rebel faction of London. Fearing that they plan to use HMS Belfast to continue their extremely aggressive behavior, the Prime Minister gives the authorization to sink the ship. Three Avro Vulcans, armed with anti-ship missiles, are launched from RAF Valley under the cover of darkness. They intercept HMS Belfast, firing their anti-ship missiles at the vessel's hull. This causes critical damage to the hull, and as a result the waters of the English Channel begin to flood into the damaged sections. Due to the tactical placement of the strikes, the ship sinks within an hour. News reaches back from London to Anglesey that the rebel faction has torched Buckingham Palace, and has leveled large areas of the city. PM Wilson, furious at this sign of anarchy, declares a show of force is required. High altitude patrol planes sent from RAF Valley discover that all above ground activity for the rebel faction is limited to makeshift fortresses in Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square. This leads the RAF strategists to conclude that the rebel faction has hidden themselves within the city's underground system. Using maps of the London Underground and topographic maps of the city, they conclude where the tunnels are closest to the surface, and as a result, capable of being attacked. Whilst doing this, one of the strategists notices that the distance between the surface and the tunnel  for the line between Charing Cross, the station below Leicester Square, and Waterloo, is thin enough to penetrate with a high explosive charge also. When asked about why this is strategically more important than all the other targets, the strategist replies that it is the line's position, below the Thames, that makes it so important. With this information, a bombing plan is formulated and is launched at the city. The first wave is made up of two Avro Vulcans, launched from RAF Valley, carrying two bunker buster missiles each. They go after the mini fortresses of Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square. The first Avro Vulcan launches its two bunker buster missiles at the fortress in Trafalgar Square and successfully penetrates it, the fortress is destroyed completely only seconds later by the missile's high explosive payload detonating. The second Avro Vulcan launches its two bunker buster missiles at the fortress in Leicester Square, and once again they successfully penetrate the fortress and the high explosive payload destroys the fortress completely. The second wave, which is made up of ten Avro Vulcans, launches bunker buster missiles at the tunnels that had been identified by the RAF strategists, this successfully opens up the London Underground to open air in a significant number of locations. Members of roaming gangs and numerous undead are seen entering these access points across the city, the first to try to raid supplies, and the second due to the unending drive to feast. The third wave is made up of a solitary Avro Vulcan, which drops the high explosive depth charge into the Thames above the underground line on a timer, the exact time for the charge was calculated by one of the strategists at RAF Valley. The depth charge successfully detonates and blows open the underground line, the waters of the Thames are seen to rush in, and within ten minutes the entirety of the central London underground system is completely flooded. Some survivors are seen, by the now patrolling Avro Vulcans, escaping the underground system at outlying stations. However, they are in low numbers and carrying nothing with them, as the majority of London's citizens were located in the underground lines of central London along with nearly all of their resources. British Army troops are airlifted into the military bases around London, and successfully recapture them from the Zombie Horde. Some of these troops recapture tanks and APCs, and commandeer them. These troops then form a loose perimeter around London. Once in position, royal engineers that are escorting them, build up heavy fortifications, using concrete and bricks from the ruins of London, so as to prevent any escape from London by the rebel faction. This perimeter is reinforced, once the heavy fortifications are complete, with more airlifted troops from RAF Valley. They are given orders to besiege the city, and allow no-one to enter or leave, using deadly force if required. One of the Royal Navy nuclear submarines is moved into the mouth of the Thames, with orders to torpedo and sink any ships attempting to enter or leave the river. Due to the number of members of the British military, and the resources controlled by the United Kingdom, the army is upgraded.

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  • London player, don't try to cross out other players' posts again, especially after a moderator deeming it not implausible. Mscoree (talk) 20:11, March 30, 2013 (UTC)

United States: The scorched earth tactics continue throughout the United States Midwest, loosely clearing a deserted area directly west of the Mississippi River. US ground forces begin patrolling the area around St. Louis and down the river side. Basic earthworks are also dug along the river fortifying the US position. The army establishes a screening station in St. Louis and small communities in the infected zone are screened and let into the safe zone. Word spreads of survivors managing to be rescued creating hope among survivors barricaded in the Midwest. Hundreds of hopeful survivalists are now motivated to escape east creating a mass exodus through Zombie territory. People from the west begin trickling into US controlled cities, much to the disdain of the existing settlers. Eventually many westerners are forced into leaving the cities, pushing many to become farmers in the Delta. In the north with cooperation from the Canadian government, a northern defense is organized. Canadian forces would push the Zombies back past Winnipeg Lake to allow US forces time to reorganize and prepare for a renewed offensive into the heart of the Midwest. Upon hearing of the violence on the British Isles Chief of Staff of the United States Army, William Childs Westmoreland begins organizing a plan with several high ranking commanders of NATO. A small fleet of three dozen ships, containing the USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) aircraft carrier, and the battleships the USS Missouri (BB-63) and the USS New Jersey, and a few submarines, is launched from the Atlantic Fleet to the English Channel with the mission of intercepting all hostile ships launched from London. Planes are launched over London to protect English bombers. NATO ground forces are organized in case of a ground invasion being deemed necessary. We also urge all NATO nations to be vigilant and ready for an attack. The Annapolis conference begins to end, with all nations coming to an agreement.


The siege of London continues. The leader of the London rebels makes a plea to the London people to fight against the English. Many Londoners and local gangs, outraged by the bombing take up arms against the English. The Londoners fortify within the ruins and use their knowledge of the tunnels to secure a good position against ground forces.
London’s military score raises to 2, while the English military score raises to 1.5. The Free Republic of Alaska is victorious at the Battle of Denali and a forward operating base is established at Healy to begin organizing a renewed offensive.
American and Canadian forces begin approaching Winnipeg.
The French government calls for cooperation from all of west Europe in combating the Zombie Horde. Spanish and French forces manage to secure most of southern France and continue to fortify the French coast.
A roadblock is established at Naples to protect southern Italy.
All primary nations (USA, USSR, England, France, China, and the Commonwealth) advance to a military score of 1.5 (if they have not already).
Zombies reach the East German border and northern Denmark. Zombies also continue to infect Austria, Northern Italy, Hungary, and the US west coast. Some Zombies are also seen near the Colombian border.

Turkey: Recruitment for the TBRU goes successful, with over 7,000 new recruits in the first three months since its establishment. They have been placed in major cities, and along the border, alongside Greece, and the USSR. The wall surrounding Turkey facing Europe is completed with over 40,000 troops on watch, 3,000 of which include the new Turkish Biological Response Unit. Turkey’s experimental project known as LAMS was a complete success, and the latest prototype shot down three consecutive dummy missiles heading toward it. It will soon be mass produced, and stationed on naval vessels, the border wall, and on radar towers. Joint military exercises have been taken under way with Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, to prepare for the upcoming Zombie threat. Turkey has started building prototypes of the new V/J-TOL helicopter. These were manufactured by Turkish Aerospace Industries, and are soon ready to be tested. The TBRU have subdued a live Zombie walking alone, near the border wall. By bringing it back in, Turkish scientists have started doing tests on the live creature, and found out it gives off a 50% lower heat signature than humans on the Celsius Scale. Instead of 36.4 degrees Celsius (97.5 degrees Fahrenheit) the average body temperature of a Zombie is around 16.7 degrees Celsius (62.06 degrees Fahrenheit). Knowing this means we can create sentry turrets that track, and shoot at targets ranging at 16.7 degrees Celsius. Each turret will consist of Quad .50 Caliber Machine Guns, on a stationary platform. Each sentry is planned to be placed every 400 feet on top of the wall. However, they can be re-tuned to fire upon different targets. Land mines have been placed along the border as well. Furthermore, the test subject died four days later, our scientists made up the conclusion that it died of starvation. Only one highway extends into the nation leading to a heavily armed steel gated checkpoint, known as Checkpoint Ingreditur. A new special operations unit knows as the GTFO (Guerrilla Tactical Fighting Operators) has been established. They are highly trained in CQC, (Close Quarters Combat) and are excellent in building clearing, demolition, smoking infantry out of buildings, and guerrilla warfare tactics. Armed with MP10s, they can shred through body armored infantry in a heartbeat. As Zombies progress closer, special quarantine camps are being established, and built in undisclosed locations. Citizens require weekly check-ups at local clinics. A new alternative of fuel has been discovered as well. Cheaper than oil this bio-fuel runs just as efficient as regular petroleum. 15 acre Algae Farms foundations have been created, and in the next few months this new alternative fuel will be used to power combustion engines, when there is a shortage of oil, and gasoline; and it can also sell at a much cheaper rate. After months of negotiation to sign a government-business contract, Bell Helicopter, and Mercedes Benz have built factories in Turkey, and started producing the new Leopard 2 A5 Main Battle Tank, and Boeing has started to build AH-1 Super Cobras and UH-1N Twin Hueys, within the nation; reducing shipping cost. Another contract has been created to have factories by Sikorsky within the nation’s borders as well. Two new battleships have also left dry docks, one is known as the TCG Ankara, and the second is known as the TCG Ararat, and they are armed with nine 16-inch cannons, 20 5-inch guns, four upcoming LAMS platforms, eight SAM platforms, four Guided Missile Launchers, with 20 Camera Guided Missiles. Naval Shipyards, and Dry Docks have also been issued to start producing more upgraded Gearing-Class Destroyers. Ten more have been scheduled to be in the line of duty within the next three months, and are supposed to be armed with SAM platforms, and the LAMS. Turkey is also interested in having a satellite program. Citizens are still having their normal lives with nothing out of the usual. However, high concentrations of Zombies have been expected to hit the border wall within six to nine months (two to three turns). Turkey is prepping a medium sized task force to help the United Kingdom take out London, and its ruthless guerrilla fighters. About 5,000 troops, 500 of which are TBRU are being prepped to be sent to the United Kingdom, to help take out London. Five Gearing-Class Destroyers and the TCG Ararat are also being sent to help. Bomber routes have been mapped, and within the next couple months the TAF (Turkish Air Force) will send F-4A Phantom Fighters to Napalm Strike, and bomb the area where the London Guerrilla Fighters are taking shelter. This task force will be sent when the GTFO Special Operations Unit is ready, and NATO gives the word to invade London with joint-military operations. Turkish scientists discovered that there is a material stronger than Kevlar. It is derived out of Nano-Crystals, found in Wood Pulp Extract. Wood Pulp Extract is stronger, cheaper, and lighter than Kevlar, after tests have been taken place with standard AK-47 Assault Rifles. One problem with this though, is that it softens as a reaction to water. FNSS Defense Systems is currently finding out how to make this material waterproof. In the long run, using Wood Pulp Extract, in body armor will save the Turkish economy and estimate of 9,055,001,892.50 Turkish Liras (5,000,000,000 United States Dollars). We also ask Cyprus to have a military alliance, and have the permission to build, military installations on the island for its protection. Turkey also asks Morocco and Spain if we can place naval fortifications in the Strait of Gibraltar, for the protection of Southern European, and Northern African Countries. Turkey still urges Israel for a military alliance.

  • British Diplomacy: We thank the Turkish for their aid in our struggle against the rebel faction, but we request that any bombing runs are designed to cause as little damage as possible whilst striking the rebels, and that any land invasion is led by a British commander.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self-Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Japan again offers China a non-aggression pact. Japan also asks Indonesia and the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand for an alliance. Meanwhile, Kazutomi Takayama begins making another manga that will be the sequel to Imperishable Night and will again feature Seiga Rokkaku as the main character. A new Shinto Shrine is built in Karafuto Prefecture.

Northwest Federation: The military marches on Kennewick. The city, home to various survivors, is taken in mid-October. Some former residents of the city move back in as the damaged portions of the city are excavated. Interstate 84 is deemed 'safe' as the safe zones move farther east. Zombie sweeps continue. Drawing hordes into open areas before a large number of armed soldiers and tanks open fire becomes a popular method. Meanwhile, in Oregon, the military reaches Bend. The city, like Kennewick, is retaken. Scouts are sent into infested territory. The first scouts to return report Spokane as a completely dead city; a lost cause. Idaho is home to several survivor enclaves, though the former US state is said to be infested.

  • Bay Diplomacy: When things die down a bit would you aid us in a war with Northern California to unify the region?
  • Federation Diplomacy: We should avoid fighting former US territory unless absolutely needed.
  • Bay Diplomacy: It would aid in unifying the former states, and unity is what we need most after the apocalypse.
  • Federation Diplomacy: And unity can be achieved through diplomacy. War with former US territory is not the only way to regain unity.
  • Bay D: Very well, we will try to unify diplomatically.

Bay Republic: Plans are made for a colony to be made in southern California, with the Gorge and two other ships: Maelstrom and Vanguard, with these three ships carrying whoever volunteers to leave the Republic mainland, as well as soldiers from the Sentinel, to claim Parsons Landing, which will be used as an outpost and a staging area for the takeover of Los Angeles. Guerrilla fighters are encountered, calling themselves the "New Crusaders," which are a bunch of fundamentalist Christians ignorant of Satanism believing that the Republic is theological Satanist. A new calendar is to be drafted due to the recent apocalypse, with Year One starting around the apocalyptic times, but there are debates on it. A new currency is drafted to eliminate the barter system, using iron coins as the largest unit, followed by bronze then copper, with the US dollar still accepted, with chinks in the system to be worked out in the future. The Sentinels begin training Militia forces who volunteer for full time military service to promote them to sentinel, while the Militia are now used to guard local areas and are ordered by local officers which are ordered by the state. An expeditionary force is to be sent to the Galapagos Islands to try to contact South America, but this is to be in the future, after the colony on Parsons Landing. An actual bear farm springs, with the owners somehow actually getting grizzly bears, which have been extinct in California for almost half a century; due to the fact that grizzly bears were the California state animal it is ordered that these bears can not be used as food, so the farmers begin selling the bears to the militias. Professors at the USF, despite the apocalypse, continue technological developments in the computer. A small ammo factory is opened, though it is not enough to replenish ammo used at this rate, making most dependent of scavenging and reserves for ammo. Much of what was behind by the national guard, whether bomber or tank, are now being utilized by the republic, and amateurs begin making their own troop carriers (basically armored vans) for the militias. Expands east and south.

Saudi Arabia: The Saudis are distributing emergency supply kits to its major cities; Al-Madina, Mecca, Riyadh, and Jeddah. The Arabian armed forces are stationed at borders and major cities. Ports are re-opened, but for a limited time, only accepting trades from allies and exporting oil to allies. We have started building aircraft in the Arabian Desert, the Northrop F-5A/B Freedom Fighter and we recommend Iraq and Iran to help build Naval Vessels in the Persian Gulf. We also recommend Oman to build naval vessels. Yemen, Dubai, Kuwait, and Qatar to help build Aircraft as well. Future plans are scheduled to make a National Pact known as the; EHU (Eastern Hemisphere Unity). Saudi Arabia requests Israel to ally with us. We invite Pakistan, Afghanistan, Israel, and Cyprus to the Arab League, soon to be the EHU. We look to see positive future relations and a fair alliance our allies.

Israel: Israel's government has taken their scientists and put them to work on trying to find ways to prevent the Zombies from coming into the country. Israel has closed all major ports to the outside world and will only allow people to enter the nation by a screening process. Israel is setting up a relationship with Colt to create new weapons to have bullets that will explode on impact for their lE901-16S. Israel has accepted joining the EHU as it will help with future diplomatic relation, and trade by its neighboring countries. The Israeli government is for now, setting up a wall around their borders. For their civilians, they have fled to Jerusalem.

Cuba: A radical Catholic cult forms, saying that the Zombies are Satan's wrath, and that worship at a church every day and combat of the Zombies is necessary, and that the only cure is to kill them all. The new cult/religion is named Desperito, or "the Awakened". The Desperito religion/cult spreads fast in rural Cuba, and spreads closer to Havana. Castro sends the Havana especially into combat with them, even though they showed no violence. Many begin to convert when they see this happening, but many of the more dedicated Catholics support this action. In return, the Desperito, lead by Juan Condez attempts a coup to put in place a theocracy. The Cuban Civil War has begun. Because of this, supplies stop trade with the outside, and focuses on the war.

Commonwealth: Borders are sealed tightly shut. Continues militarization.

​Australia: Continues militarization, borders are kept sealed. Continues development of a nuclear weapon from plans left behind from the cold war.

New Zealand:

​Colombia: The Military is put on a high alert as fears of Zombies within the nation, the Barrier is almost finished when the Zombie battle of Darien starts a conflict between Zombies and Colombian troops yielding a narrow Colombian victory over the undead forces. The capitals continue to be fortified especially the capital of the Republic Antioquia and Cartagena, a secondary wall is begun to be built in central Choco and Antioquia to stop any Zombie from advancing farther toward the center of the nation. All ports are shut down and the presidents now operate in a heavily important ship nearby San Andres Archipelago.

Cyprus: Cyprus gladly accepts the offer to join the EHU, and also allows Turkey to build military installations on our island. Each citizen is given a breathing apparatus. The government is also giving out MREs, and bottled water for its citizens to stockpile. Riot police patrol the streets in case of a sudden Zombie outbreak. All trade to foreign countries are halted, except for those that are allied nations that aren't infected. Screening processes are also taken place in airports and commercial docks. The Cypriot National Guard reserve is also called out to action, resulting in over 80,000 Cypriot National Guardsmen defending the nation.

Philippines: We upgrade the navy into overtime war production.

China: Accepts the non-aggression pact and asks Japan to apologize for its atrocities in WW-II, which can then allow Japan and China establish a proper alliance. Thousands of ships were sent to attack Taiwan and 500 thousand troops were depatched. Taiwan was taken over after serious fighting and high casualities after three months. Border quarantines have been established and all people with high fever, number of pain extremities, dementia and numbness were killed on the spot. Major economic areas were stabilized, with large amounts of food, water and weapon reserves were kept in major cities to continue the Communist rule in major cities even after a Zombie outbreak. Recruitment begins and the army expands to fight against the new Zombie threat. Sniper rifles were mass-produced while the Cultural Revolution ends. Tanks were beginning to be built. A wall surrounding China is beginning to be built and is assumed to be finished in 1972, with 30% of the labour population being sent to build the wall, while 65% were sent to farm and 5% engaging in industrial activities. Tractors were bought from USSR to speed up farming. Joint military exercises have been asked with Japan and USSR, to prepare for the upcoming Zombie threat. Asks all nations to build a committee, named IZTCC, or the International Zombie Threat Control Committee, where all nations will share their research to build a Zombie vaccine. Machine guns are being sent to border patrols in order to mow down Zombies quickly and efficiently.

  • Japan Diplomacy: Japan officially apologises to China for the Second World War atrocities, and also hands over Taiwan to China. Japan also accepts the joint military exercises offer.
  1. Do algorithm.
  2. No nation has EVER had thousands of ships.
  3. Japan does not own Taiwan.
  • But in the map, it shows that Taiwan is part of Japan? Or was it a mistake? -Kogasa
  • I believe it became independant after WW-II, I guess the map is a bit flawed unless anyone thinks otherwise Daxus Inferno (talk) 16:21, March 31, 2013 (UTC)
  • That is a mistake on the map. Japan does not own Taiwan. 
  • If that's the case, then Japan having Karafuto Prefecture and the Chishima Islands are also a mistake? -Kogasa
  • Yes, although Japan does claim parts of the Kuril Islands.

Free Alaska: After Heavy snows begin to blanket the ground, the rebels take the offensive in their daring Valdez Campign. The Denali Regiment led by General William Cote (the leader of the defenders of Healy) starts a major offensive south, with most troops protecting Anchorage. The ports of Valdez and Cordova are taken within two weeks of the beginning of the campiagn. Reinforcements soon come from Anchorage, and attempt to retake the city of Valdez. The Free Alaskans, though shaken, manage to retain a loose hold on the city (for now). Reinforcements come in (mostly from the Yukon regiment, stationed along the Canadian border), as well as elements from the Alaskan Engineering Corps who quickly begin construction on defenses for both cities, which can hopefully be completed before the US-backed troops can regroup for another assault. With the ports securely in their hands, they ask the Bay Republic and the Northwest Federation for a trade deal. The Alaskans are mainly in wheat, and other foods that cannot be produced in large quantities in Alaska. In return, minerals and timber can be shipped, and eventually, oil, once Alaska is united.

  • Bay Diplomacy: Trade accepted.

Chicago: Military training, food stocking and Zombie virus research continues. Military training is heavily focused on offensive strategy, as we prepare for the First Chicagoan Offensive. Our mission is to push the Zombies out of Chicago and the surrounding area. This is the first stage in Operation: Surround and Destroy.

CSH: As winter approaches, food is being stockpiled. The alliance offer from Canada is accepted. An alliance offer to New England is sent. Guns are bought from Canada for defense. The military is continued to be built up. The fishing industry leads our country. A wall begins to be built along the small western border.

United States: Routine patrolling of the English Channel continues. NATO forces try to establish order in London, engaging rebels along most major roads leading into the city. After numerous bombing runs and reconnaissance missions, strategists conclude that a landing at Brighton would be ideal, as it leads directly to London. Several small regiments of veteran army personnel begin scouting Brighton. Several hundred hand picked soldiers begin drilling in a military base near Washington. Trained in guerrilla warfare using upgraded weapons this experimental task force hopes to become the most experienced anti-Zombie force possible. They practice walking in formation to increase head shots, as well as patrolling through urban areas. The first Zombie Response Unit, or ZRU should be ready for active combat by early next year. West of the Appalachians small communities begin opening trade between each other and the US government, working together to form a militia that watches over the Mississippi territory. As local forces take over the main police efforts, the US army focuses more on highways and fortifying the Mississippi River. Farms continue to develop in the Delta and large areas are renovated to facilitate farmland. Cities like Memphis and Vicksburg continue to prosper. Poor, unemployed workers from the west begin providing cheap labor for large plantations, boosting food production. In the north US and Canadian forces establish a forward operations base in Winnipeg after weeks of securing the region. Bombing runs are established between Regina and Reindeer Lake in an effort to surround the Zombie Horde from the north and prevent them from continuing to Alaska and the rest of Canada. A plan is drafted by generals Maxwell D. Taylor, Abrams, veteran of the Blockade Campaign, and many of the Canadian high command to push farther into Zombie territory. Preparations are made for a massive push into the infected zone, using tanks to roll across Saskatchewan (similar to Operation: Desert Storm in OTL) while ground forces take Regina, backed by planes above. The plan is approved and ready to go into effect within five months. Forces from Chicago backed by the US take and hold their position at Peoria and begin waiting for further orders.

  • British Diplomacy: We thank NATO and the United States for their aid in this period. However, we would like to request that the British government are put in charge of the NATO task force as we wish to reclaim our capital with a British led attack, rather than that of a foreign state.
  • United States Diplomacy: We agree to allow the English ground forces lead the assault. We will provide support from the English Channel to ensure a swift victory.

Florida:The Floridian government re-established itself and works on setting up a heavily fortified border in the north as a way of slowing the flow of any infection coming in from the north. Cuba is asked if they could leave the south of Florida. All major air force and naval bases are improved and Florida military might is strengthened. 

Cuba does not control any of Florida. Currently the Conch Republic controls Key West. 

United Kingdom: The Royal Navy bolsters the NATO patrols in the English Channel so to prevent any chance of a retalliation strike by the London rebel faction. Now that the United Kingdom has got the rebel situation in London under control, they look to other areas of the nation. Since the United Kingdom has now been reformed, supplies are airdropped into major Welsh and Northern Irish cities, where numerous enclaves of survivors are holding out. This is followed by British paratroopers being dropped into these enclaves, where they aid the survivors in combating the Zombie Hordes that surround them. With this successful action within the union, the British government puts forward an offer to the area of Brittany to join the United Kingdom, as with nearly all of France ravaged by the Zombie Horde, and the French government being scattered, the British wish to provide defence for Britanny's citizens, and resurrect the ancestral bond between the two areas.  The survivors of the Major English cities begin to expand their borders, reinforcing their defences as they go, until nearly all cities in England have successfully reclaimed their inner city area, with the Zombies being pushed to the outlying areas. Due to this show of successful survivor action, the British military begins to recruit troops from major metropolitan areas. With a few hundred troops being taken from each surviving major metropolitan area, over 12,000 troops are recruited. This leads to the British Army being upgraded once again. These 12,000 troops are airlifted over the course of the season by the now substantial number of recovered RAF helicopters to what is now being described as the 'Siege Of London'. They reinforce the perimeter, and due to their numbers, the perimeter has a population greater than the rebel faction of London. Contact is made with the Herefordshire base of the SAS, they report that they have successfully eliminated an estimated 75% of the undead in the county over the course of the year, and saved a huge number of civilians as a result, with many being housed at the base, where grassed areas have been farmed by the large number of farmers in the base population. A number of squadrons are airlifted to RAF Valley in Anglesey, to begin the training of British Army personal there in advanced Zombie combat tactics. With support from US fighters, the British bombing campign on London continues, with suspected rebel hideouts being destroyed by Avro Vulcans carrying bunker-buster missiles. Care is taken, however, to cause minimum damage to the city itself. The plan for the retaking of London continues to be developed, and is improved with the forces of US, NATO and Turkey.

  • Brittanny Diplomacy: We accept this offer, and are happy we now stand side by side with our ancestral brothers against this unholy horror.


Londoners hold their position along the M23 and M25 highways which surround the city. They manage to hold the NATO forces back long enough for the city’s defenders to create basic defenses in the rubble and arm the militia for battle.

Turkish and American ground forces arrive in the English Channel and are put on standby along the English coast, waiting for the order to attack.

Free Alaskans hold their position in the south and begin shipping supplies to the front in preparation for the Alaskan counter offensive. After heavy fighting Valdez is temporarily retaken by the Alaskans, but overstretched they are unable to rebuild a defense. The second half of the Alaskan army marhces along the Alaskan border through the cover of the state forest. The rough terrain causes them to not make it in time to surround the Free Alaskans re-sieging Valdez. The eastern flank makes camp along Highway A1. 

A coalition of western European forces secure southern France. Refugees escape into Spain where a screening station is established within the fortress city of Andorra la Vella. The Principality of Andorra is converted into a forward operations base for the coalition. A similar base begins to take shape in Toulon, France, a favorite outpost for ground forces and refueling.

All primary nations (USA, USSR, England, France, China, and the Commonwealth) advance to a military score of 2 (if they have not already).

The Italians manage to hold the Zombies back at Naples, taking heavy casualties, as do the East Germans at their western border.

Northern Yugoslavia is overrun and the Zombies continue to pour into eastern Europe.

The Colombian border is secured, although each day remains a struggle to hold the line.

A trade ship lands in Caracas, Venezuela, as is routine for the small merchant company. Unknown to them several sailors onboard begin feeling dehydrated and sick. Later that week several hundred in the city of pronounced sick or dying from the tainted supplies onboard. Caracas is considered Zombie-ridden later that month. Many speculate that the intense heat of the equator has mutated the virus to be more lethal, yet less detectable in its early stages. This is considered to be the opposite of cooler climates, where the Zombies appear to be weakened.

The Annapolis Conference officially concludes, reaching the following terms:

  • All nations will make the best efforts to facilitate and support non-infected, civilian refugees.
  • The use of nuclear weapons is banned.
  • Striking or invading a nation’s former territory in the name of combating the Zombie Horde may be deemed an act of war unless given permission from that nation, or in a joint effort alongside that said nation.
  • In North America the United States, Canada, and their respective remainder states will trap the Zombie Horde within the Midwest and begin using selective Scorched Earth tactics to clear the infected zone.
  • Scientists will continue to research the Zombie infection.
  • The North Yemen Civil War concludes:
    • The gradual withdrawal of the Egyptian force within a ten-month period.
    • Cessation of all Saudi help to the royalists.
    • The formation of a Yemen Congress of fifty, representing all factions, which would be charged with forming a transitional regime and establishing procedures for a national plebiscite to determine Yemen's future government.
NotLAH 1971

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self-Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Meanwhile, Kazutomi Takayama continues working on the Imperishable Dawn manga, and will have it released later in the year. Few new Shinto Shrines are built. Japan also asks Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand for trade agreements and alliance.

Saudi Arabia: Saudis have already completed two Northrop F-5A/B Freedom Fighter. Ports have closed for the time being and border watch has been put on high alert and trespassers without passports or identification will be shot. We also scheduled a meeting for the EHU to meet in the future, we want to discuss some topics. It is urgent that all the countries we invited to the EHU and allied with to attend this meeting. Meanwhile, we recommend Iraq and Iran to start producing several more naval vessels in the Persian Gulf.

Free Alaska: The Siege of Valdez continues, as the Rebels manage to surround the city. Most inhabitants leave the city before it is surrounded, and the town generally falls into anarchy. Fierce house-to house fighting reminiscent of Stalingrad ensues. the US-backed troops fare slightly better, but neither side had the clear advantage. The US-backed troops are unable to dislodge the rebels, and the Free Alaskans do not have the manpower to take the city. Engineers are ordered in, so that any land gained will be secured. General William Cote is wounded in the chest by a sniper during the fighting, and will not be able to return to the front until 1971.5. Cordova, on the other hand, has been fortified, and has a strong garrison of troops stationed there. The strategic port allows much-needed supplies to come in. Diplomats sail to the Commonwealth, the Philippines, Hawaii, and Japan, to set up formal diplomatic channels. Another ship sets sail for the Atlantic, via the Panama Canal, to contact survivor nations on the Atlantic coast. A few ships, formerly oil tankers and fishing boats, are outfitted to be warships, and fitted with artillery guns, and mortars; some of the guns are from former US military bases in the Free Republic, some were bought from the Bay Republic, and some homemade.

  • Bay Republic: Manages to get an FM radio station working, which brings more immigrants, and more members for the New Crusaders. Militias are hard pressed by these guerrillas, but due to the bear farm the N.C. becomes hard pressed by 220 lb of muscles, fur and claws which can shrug off .50 cal rounds, and even more so when a few blacksmiths thought bear-armor would be a good idea (though it is in short supply). The Bay Republic creates a state owned bear farm,'' but due to the small number in the state inbreeding is an issue and the Republic offers to buy 60 unrelated grizzly bears from Free Alaska, with 0.1 lb of food per pound of bear (1320 lb if they all weigh 220). A colony is set up in Parsons Landing with minimal Zombie resistance, and second started on Santa Barbara Island. Food is not uncommon anymore, with the average citizen getting about two meals a day, which is estimated to get to three by the end of summer. The first Bay Republic made ship is sent out, called the B.R.S. Good Omen, and it is planned that it and the Gorge go on a long-range expedition across the Pacific to make contact with Hawaii, Japan, South Korea, South Vietnam, the Philippines and Australia, but it is planned for the future when there is a steady fuel supply. Anton LaVey opens the Satanic Arms and Armory Emporium, which has hundreds of blacksmiths and working to make weapons and armor, with a discounted price to the government. Expands south and east. The military is organized into this:

Militia: Locally controlled and operated which will send two-fifths of their soldiers in wartime. Acts as local police, about 100,000.

Civil: Dissolved, with soldiers moved to the Militia.

Seabears: Navy, comprising of about 20 pre-apocalypse battleships, and 60 armored miscellaneous boats.

Rollingfog: Air force, about 200 place total, not all in working order.

Sentinels: Federal military, about 60,000.

Raiders: Dissolved, members moved to either Seabears, Sentinels or Militia depending on preference.

  • Free Alaska Diplomacy: We're willing to take the offer, but ask if 0.1 pound of food, if we could receive 0.05 pounds of food, and 0.05 pounds of guns/ammunition per pound of bear (preferably heavy weaponry, like artillery, mortars, RPGs if you have them). 
  • Bay Diplomacy: We accept,
  • Colombia: The Fears said by the many of the Colombian leadership have become true, the arrival of the infection to Colombia, the construction of the fence between the nations continues and the Venezuelan fence is almost at the half near Puerto Carreño, while the Brazilian side is near Puerto Inirida. The fence continues its construction and heavy weaponry begins to be mass produced in case of conflict. While this, Ecuadorian and Peruvian fence is begun to be built in fear of the expansion of Zombies through it. More fortifications of Panama and the main cities continue.

Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand:  Continues nuclear development and military development.

Australia: Martial law is lifted and normal life resumes. Lays down an aircraft carrier, two battleships and three destroyers.

.New Zealand:

  • Chicago: Backed by the US, The First Chicagoan Offensive begins on the Eastern Border. The mission is to push the Zombies out of the city and the surrounding area. So far we are doing well in our objective, but at a great price, lives. Thousands die during the first part of the Offensive and they will forever be remembered as heroes. In order to keep up moral, the city adopts and spreads a new philosophy, Anti-Zombieism (A-Zism) The cores of A-Zism are Defence, Preparation and Offense (DPO). Another philosophy emerges, Renewalism. Renewalists believe that Zombies and humans alike must be destroyed and the Earth must be renewed with a fresh start and spread to the Delta region, setting fire on many farms and are targeting major cities such as Memphis and Vicksburg. The military training camp is completed and a rationing system is established, making more food and supplies for the soldiers. Zombie virus research continues. Does the First Chicagoan Offensive need an algorithm?

No, but don't expand too fast.

Scotland: A new government takes power in Scotland, led by Prime minister Angus McGregor. Scotland opens itself to diplomatic relations and requests an alliance with the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The Scottish Government militarizes the nation and orders all infected people to be shot on sight, on pain of death. The Scottish government moves to the Outer Hebrides, which are quarantined from the mainland after they have been found to be free of infection. Scotland occupies the Faroe Islands.

  • Scotland is currently being invaded by the UK and as a result is at war with the UK.

Northern Federation: Planes scout out Spokane, looking for survivors. It is determined that the city has been completely overrun. In January, the Triumvirate issues the bombing of Spokane. Several helicopters fly over the city not touching down. Men on megaphones warn any survivors in the area to leave. In February, the act is carried out. The city, along with its Zombie inhabitants, is bombed to the ground. Meanwhile, sweeps into Zombie-infested territory continue to push the safe zone back east.

China: Asks for an alliance with Japan. Recruitment begins and the army expands to fight against the new Zombie threat. Farming and industrial reforms begin to increase food and iron supply. More weapons is being made and plans of sending the PLA as a mercenary army is considered. An aircraft carrier is in research. Capitalism is slowly increasing influence in the government.  More border quarantines are established and the war begins to be made, with the first section be from Sinuiju to Manjouli. Food is not uncommon anymore, with the average citizen getting about three meals a day. The first Chinese self-built fleet is sent out and it is planned that it will go on a long-range expedition across the Pacific to make contact with Hawaii, Bay Republic, Free Alaska and the various new American states. The air force is built up.

  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Eisaku Satō of Japan accepts China's offer of alliance.

Manhattan: AN atheist takes power, and tries to increase the number of Atheists, and a lot of churches are destroyed, but many are kept standing to keep happiness in the mood of men. Cure research and military development continues.

Cuba:  The Desperiato Catholic cult takes over the government after the Siege of Havana and makes it a theocracy. ALL other religions are banned but Desperiato Catholicism. The Catholic bible is kept, though. Cure research continues, and every refugee is checked, and if wounded killed. If safe, then they are forced to baptize to convert to Desperiato or leave the country. Some who leave are secretly"disposed" of.

Turkey: Turkey is glad to be part of the EHU. LAMS research has been completed, and they will soon be sent out to the Turkish Military. The border wall facing the USSR, Syria, Iraq, and Iran is near completion, and Quad .50 Cal Auto Sentry Turrets, are being applied across the wall; specialized in shooting at Zombies only. Four new Gearing-Class Destroyers have also left the dry docks, along with the two new Ankara-Class Battleships the TCG Ararat, and the TCG Ankara. Seven of the destroyers are in the Mediterranean; the other three are in the Black Sea. Each one of these is armed with up to date SAM Platforms, and LAMS. The Turkish Navy now has 15 Gearing-Class Destroyers, five Allen M. Summers-Class Destroyers, 20 Fletcher-Class Destroyers given from the U.S after World War 2, and the new TCG Ankara, and TCG Ararat. Two new military dry docks have also been built. One of which is building the new Knox-Class Ballistic Missile Frigates. While the other dry dock is building Allen M. Summer-Class Destroyers. Turkish ship builders have also found out that we can produce ships at a 50% faster rate by a new method. Segments of the ship will be built in factories, and then shipped to dry docks, where they will be placed together like building blocks. In the next nine months there will approximately be: 15 new upgraded Gearing-Class destroyers, seven new Knox-Class Ballistic Missile Frigates, seven new Allen M. Summer-Class Destroyers, and one new battleship that to be named the TCG Eskisehir. They will be issued with the orders of protecting the Mediterranean Sea from any threat. FNSS Defense Systems found out a way for the new body armor to be water-proof. They will surround the wood pulp extract in a somewhat thick layer of rubber, and ceramic plates. Once these updates are implemented into the new body armor, it will be issued to every soldier serving in the Turkish Military. Special observation towers are being built behind the border wall to check over the horizon to see if crowds of Zombies are slowly approaching. This way, artillery units behind the border wall can accurately and efficiently hit large mobs of the undead horde. The new V/S-TOL helicopter variant has been a huge success, with exceeding speeds of up to 400 kmh, and an operational range of 1,000 km before refueling. It is known as the TK-66 SkyHawk, and can hold up to 25 troops, and has two side 7.62 M60 Machine Guns. It is a marvel, and a technological advance in the helicopter arms race. It is currently being built in three different factories by the Turkish Aerospace Industries. Turkey has been planning on having its first satellite Turk Sat 1, launch by next year. It will be used to track Zombie movement, listen to radio signals, jam radio signals, and track ICBM launches. Turkey has also placed an order for 100 F-15A Eagles for the Turkish Air Force, and has also asked the helicopter manufacturer Mil to buy 40 Mi-24D Hind Gunships, 20 Mi-17 Transports, and 25 Mi-8 Armed Transports. We also ask Mil if they want to have factories in our nation in case Ukraine gets destroyed by the upcoming Zombies. Military drafts over the last couple months have recruited a total 200.000 new troops, now the Turkish Armed Forces contain more than 600,000 troops. Turkish Air Force napalm bombing campaigns have been asked to be taken place in infected nations. Please type below if you allow this when/if you have Zombies in your nation. You must be in Europe or in the Middle East for us to be able to launch napalm strikes. All troops in the Turkish Army are now being issued M40 gas masks that must be wore at all times, when on duty. Citizens are given face masks in case of an airborne pathogen that transmits the virus. Nuclear power plant construction has still been going smoothly with two reactors generating enough electricity to power the nation on an incredible scale. A second wall is being built around Ankara, and Istanbul to ensure the protection of the nation’s most major city, and its capital. APCs and IFVs roam the cities of Istanbul, and Ankara, along with hundreds of troops, and riot police. These are actions to prepare for the upcoming Zombie apocalypse that is slowly moving towards the nation. Upcoming plans for aircraft carriers are also underway. Military installations have started to be built on the island of Cyprus. The Turkish Military are planning on building: one military airstrip, two dry docks, one harbor, and one military fort, compacted together. Turkey is also planning on sending 150 TBRU soldiers there to help out Cyprus, in case of infection, along with 7000 Turkish troops to occupy the military installations. The GTFO Special Operations Unit is prepped, and is on stand-by to be sent to London where they will be fighting London Guerrilla Fighters; fighting along 6000 Turkish Troops. 300 of these troops are GTFO, and 600 are TBRU. The plans are to use the TBRU flamethrower squadrons to gas the guerrilla fighters into submission, while Turkish troops occupy the area, and the GTFO clear buildings. These troops are going to be sent with these upcoming or already built naval vessels three Knox-Class Ballistic Missile Frigates, two Allen M. Summer-Class Destroyers, seven upgraded Gearing-Class Destroyers, and the new TCG Ankara that recently came off the slip-way. While naval vessels bombard London from the English Channel, F-4A Phantoms will launch napalm strikes. While this is all occurring, AH-1 SuperCobras will patrol skies to take out any London Guerrilla Fighters, and Twin Hueys, along with the brand new TK-66 will drop troops into London. This joint military invasion of London along with the U.S, United Kingdom, and other NATO countries, should be somewhat difficult due to the fact there are Zombies everywhere. The TCG Ankara, and two other Gearing-Class Destroyers, is given the mission of hunting down, and finishing off the crippled HMS Belfast. This order has been issued by the Turkish High Command. Leopard 2A5 tanks and ACV-AIFVs are being upgraded for urban combat. Both of these vehicles will have reactive armor, and mainly have High-Explosive ammunition in their ammo chambers to demolish buildings, and take out large amounts of enemy infantry. However, the Leopard 2A5 tanks still have DM33 APFSDS-T anti-tank rounds, and the ACV-AIFVs are equipped with anti-tank guided TOW missiles, in case the enemy has stolen Challenger Tanks. These special tank rounds can penetrate up to 22 inches of composite armor, from two km away, and the TOW missiles can track a target from 1.5 km away, and can penetrate up to 15 in of composite armor.

That many ships is a bit too much. Turkish satellites were not built until the 1990s, and even then their first attempt was a failure. 

I'm actually purposely planning to cancel it just to add to the story, and with the naval vessels, those are scheduled to be built, and sent out into service within a certain amount of time. And I also researched a faster way of building naval vessels.

HMS Belfast has already been sunk.

I thought you crossed the part out when it go sunk in England's post.

Never mind. I remember that part of it sinking was crossed out at a certain point.

London crossed it out, but it was later deemed acceptable. Unless some one else illawfully crossed it out again, it should be sunk. You could say of course that the Turkish don't know this and patrol for it anyway.

United States: American and Turkish ships continue to patrol the English Channel. As the sun rises on 1 March 1970 the US forces are briefed and prepared for landing. After much deliberation the US high command gives the command. Bombers and artillery light the shore ablaze, turning the Brighton harbor to ruin. Zombie task force units and special forces are airlifted to a strategic location above the town and begin clearing Highway A25. Approximately one hour later several thousand soldiers began the short voyage to the shore as planes and helicopters patrol the skies. By nightfall several thousand soldiers have reached the shore have secured the coastline. The first division of the Turkish ground forces advanced west, taking Arundel Road and hold their ground at Worthing town square. The second and third Turkish divisions entered the South Downs into West Sussex, covering the main army’s flank. By the next day a large convoy of armored cars and tanks have successfully landed in Brighton and are tasked with leading the main assault down Highway A23. The second US division meets up with the Zombie task force brigade, fortified on Ditchling Beacon. A reconnaissance team is stationed upon the hill, along with some basic defenses. Patrols are also established on the outskirts of the eastern South Downs, west of Lewes to watch for Zombies from the east. That night the convoy secures the crossroads at Bolney, and that night several hundred soldiers are moved down the highway. Another patrol is established along the road to protect further advancing companies. The next objective is established at Manor Royal Industrial Estate, where from there the main convoy can travel down the relatively safe M23 highway straight into London territory. On 4 March the convoy renewed its advance, rolling down the highway at an impressive rate. Horsham and other locations along the convoy’s flank are repeatedly bombed to keep the Zombie Horde manageable, and routes are also established to begin bombing the London defense network along the highway around London. About three km up the road the convoy encounters a London advance scouting party, who have anticipated the invaders. The convoy is pinned down along the road and several dozen soldiers are tasked with entering the infected zone to clear the path. The Londoners fortify themselves in a small building nearby and begin attempting to contact any other rebel gangs or scouting parties in the south for assistance. In the fighting the community near Mill Pond is leveled. In a last ditch effort the Londoners establish a roadblock at Handcross and lay in wait for the convoy. Later that day the convoy enters the outskirts of Handcross where they plan to camp for the night and wait for valuable supplies to travel down the road. Unknown to them the Londoners surround the road and open fire. A single rpg explodes, damaging a transport. Several more deaths are reported. That night two squads of American soldiers cross Horsham Road to chase the guerrilla fighters. The Americans report nineteen more confirmed kills that night before falling back to the camp. The next day reinforcements and a dozen supply trucks arrive in the town. The NATO forces enter Horsham and fortify the remaining buildings to use the town as a temporary outpost. On 5 March the battle-ready convoy finishes the journey to Pease Pottage. Over the next four days the American forces branch off and secure the Industrial Estate and London Gatwick Airport. As the convoy continues down Highway M23 they manage to fight back against the many London snipers and scouts in the surrounding area. An attempt is made by the Londoners to destroy the highway at South Nutfield to slow down the invaders. While fighting through waves of Zombies the engineers loyal to the London defense manage to detonate about twenty pounds of explosives along the road. Two transports are also totaled by IED’s planted along the road. On 8 March the convoy gets within range of the primary defense line around London. By that night the Londoners’ position is successfully beaten into submission. The bombers renew their campaign within Greater London, destroying almost all the defenses in southern London. With the English coming from the north west the defenders are stretched thin and the Americans and Turkish spearhead manages to enter the city. For several days the battle descends into bloody hand-to-hand, house-to-house fighting as the desperate Londoners begin sabotaging their own buildings, and shooting anyone on sight. Skirmishes continue for days as the main London army falls back to the subways. After taking heavy casualties US and Turkish forces finally manage to penetrate the Londoners' underground defenses. For two hours the NATO forces storm the subway system, experiencing constant power outages and flooding. Despite a commentable defense, the Londoners are surrounded and annihilated. The Americans, in cooperation with the other NATO nations on site organize occupation zones and begin stationing soldiers around the subway to clean up the city. The siege of London has ended (see algorithm). Final preparations are made for the invasion of Saskatchewan, now commonly referred to as ‘Operation: Arctic Storm’ to push into the Canadian infected zone. American and Canadian forces fortify within Winnipeg in preparation. Americans and forces from Chicago continue securing Illinois. The bombing of Minnesota begins to slow down the Zombie Horde reaching the north east border. Work on the ZRU (Zombie Response Unit) continues. The Renewalist movement is banned, declaring its members terrorists and criminals. Soldiers are moved into major cities in the Delta to begin assisting in reconstruction efforts. Several dozen people are rounded up for suspected Renewalism and are executed. Soldiers are also sent into the country to hunt down those loyal to the Renewalism movement. The United States’ recent military research boosts their military score to 2.5.

  • British Diplomacy: We thank the US, NATO and Turkey for their aid in resecuring our capital. We request that we hold the handover ceremony next turn, when any remnants of fighting are finished, where ambassadors from the nations involved in the fighting are invited to see the leader of the London rebel faction sign a document dissolving his state, and as a result return control of the city back to the United Kingdom.
  • Turkey: We will attend the Handover Ceremony, and will also assist you in the upcoming war with Scotland.
  • British Diplomacy: We thank Turkey for this aid.
  • United States Diplomacy: We agree to attend the Handover Ceremony.

United Kingdom: With the grand victory over London, the capital falls back under British control. A message is sent to the City of London, that they shall be welcomed back into England with open arms if they wish. If they turn down the offer, however, there will be deathly consequences. After the show of force that toppled the London rebel faction, they quickly agree to rejoin England, and disband their government. Plans are drawn up to unite London and the City of London as a city-state within the United Kingdom, acting as the capital state for the kingdom. The United Kingdom now covers the now reunited England, Wales, Brittanny and Northern Ireland. Aid and troops are airdropped into Welsh and Northern Irish cities, which are now expanding their zones of safety at a rate similar to England. Due to the aid provided, Wales falls back under complete British control, with former signs of anarchy being relegated to memory and small raider groups in the countryside. Large numbers of troops are airdropped into Northern Ireland in an attempt to temper the anarchy that still rules large areas of the state. The major cities of England are now completely free from the undead, with great walls encircling them from the danger outside. Another 12,000 men are recruited into the military, and these are prepared to launch a mission into Brittanny, to help clear the state of Zombies. Bombing runs are made from RAF Valley to target large hordes of Zombies in Brittanny with napalm, these are extremely successful in rural areas, but their effects in urban areas are minimal.


The government’ of Iraq and Iran begin producing ships in the Persian Gulf as commanded by the high command of the Middle East alliance.

NATO forces fortify within London. The flag of the United Kingdom is hoisted above the ruins of the Parliament building and the remains of Buckingham Palace. American forces begin traveling back down the M23 to begin withdrawing.

The Siege of Valdez continues between the Free Alaskans and the Alaskan forces with neither side getting a clear advantage. Scouts report that Alaskan reinforcements are on their way from Juneau, and it soon becomes clear that if the Free Alaskans are going to be successful they’re going to have to think of a new strategy before the reinforcements force them back out of Valdez. The second Alaskan army advances down the A1 highway, south of Evan’s Lake, but it is unclear if they will attack Valdez or the other Free Alaskan ports first. Either attack could be disastrous. The Brooks Regiment under the command of General Daniel Efimov(Stats: Wins/Loses: 7/9, Exp: 4) is ordered south to relieve the garrison in Anchorage. Alaskan general Archibald Anderson, Korean War veteran, is put in charge of the Valdez counter attack (Stats: Wins/Loses: 0/0, Exp: 5). Although he is inexperienced, the Alaskans hope he can dislodge the rebel forces in the south.

The base at Toulon, France is established, and European forces begin running operations from southern France and Andorra into northern France.

The virus spreads into East Germany, probably from an infected guard. Berlin becomes heavily infected and the German government looks to stop the infection before it spreads east.

The Danish government demolishes the portion of the Fynske Motorvej (Funish Motorway) that runs between Jutland and Odense, following several months of successful refugee relocations over the bridge.

The Danish forces at the bridge abandon the screening station and fall back to Zeeland and Odense. 

Brittanny officially joins the United Kingdom, and calls for the United Kingdom to start organizing a legislative branch that encompasses all lawmakers of each kingdom.

The Zombies spread to Venezuela, Northern Denmark, Northern Africa, Morocco, and farther into Eastern Europe.

Wait, how can they get into Morocco if there is no connection of land between the two continents?

Someone in Europe was infected and didn't realize, then traveled to Morocco and infected others.

Oh ok.

The Free Alaskans have not taken over Anchorage. 

Sorry, that last post about the Valdez Campaign was confusing. It has been fixed.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self-Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Meanwhile, Kazutomi Takayama continues working on the Imperishable Dawn manga. Japan asks Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Australia for trade agreements and alliance. Tatsunori Katsumata in Hyōgo Prefecture, establishes a new religion, called Zen Taoism, which is based mainly from Taoism, but adds some Shintoist characteristics, along with much focus on Shikaisen and Jiang Shi.

Commonwealth: Continues work on nuclear and military buildup.

  • New Zealand: Work begins on setting up watchtowers along the coastline. A floating dock is now in production. It will be designed to house dock workers permanently and its purpose will be to check all passing Australian ships to ensure they are in fact, Australian. Its worker will never return to the mainland to minimise chance of spreading. Food and resources will be sent their via unmanned boats.
  • Australia: Continues to build up military and work on its vessels. Food is no longer scarce and non-perishible product research begins.

Turkey: As the USSR's inactivity is increasing, signs of civil-war are increasing, the nation is on the brink of falling apart. To prevent nuclear weapons being lost, and falling into the wrong hands, Turkey is sending an emissary to the USSR, to take temporary or permanent power over the collapsing nation. Even though the USSR is NATO’s mean next door neighbor, it is the best solution to take control of the situation before the nation falls apart, and its superior military splits up into opposing factions. Hopefully we can reach a compromise when our emissary arrives at the Kremlin. The Mil helicopter manufacturer declines our offer for now, and is trying to decide whether they should move or not. However, they still kept their part of the deal, and shipped over our new helicopters. TBRU is currently “cleaning up” the remaining Zombies in London. Turkey is also preparing to take out Scotland because of their aggression against the UK. We are waiting for the UK to give us attack plans. FOBs are currently being setup with, special radio jammers to prevent the Scottish from communicating to each other. Turkish Naval vessels, including the TCG Ankara have setup along the coast preparing to bombard. Scotland. Turkey’s giant military installation in Cyprus is nearly complete, with the new naval Dry Docks in working condition. The plan for constructing an aircraft carrier is completed, and is sent to the new military dry docks in Cyprus to be constructed. It’s currently called the TCG Evren-Carrier Class, and is equipped with 63 aircraft, ten of which are helicopters, and the others are jet fighters. Its on board weapon armament includes six SAM platforms, and four LAMS. Two more are scheduled to be built: The TCG Demiral, and the TCG Sezer. These three carriers are all scheduled to finish construction in a year, and six months from now (six turns). The TCG Eskisehir is completed, and its current assignment is to defend the Mediterranean Sea from any threats. The next battleship which is going to be built is the TCG Istanbul. Plans for a new helicopter to replace the UH-1N Twin Huey have taken place. The new model is called the TS-43 Albatross, and it’s going to be manufactured by the Turkish Aerospace Industries; it can hold up to 16 troops, not including the pilot, and the co-pilot, with two M134 mini-guns on its sides. It can also reach speeds up to 300 kmh, and has an operational range of 800 km. Plans for a new attack-helicopter have been made as well. The new TA-90 Vulture has an armament of 128 Hydra Rockets, 16 Hellfire Anti-Tank Missiles, and a 40mm machine gun mounted on the bottom. It can achieve speeds of 320 kmh, and has an operational range of 850 km, and above its rotor is an advanced radar system that can detect objects from three km away, with ten flares as counter defenses against lock on missiles. The Vulture attack chopper is meant to replace the AH-1 SuperCobra. These new vehicles are going to be mass produced in the next couple months. The Border Wall facing East is completed, and is being outfitted with Quad .50 Cal Sentry turrets. Another wall is being built that’s in front of the first wall that faces toward Greece, and Bulgaria. Research on the infection is still happening. More Zombies are being brought into research centers to find more efficient ways of killing them. One live test subject died in six minutes after being placed in a vacuumed chamber with no air. Another died after being placed in an air-lock chamber that slowly filled up with Sarin gas, one of the most deadly gases on the planet. Another died by drowning after getting thrown into a pool of seawater, 20 meters deep. Our conclusions state that, Zombies cannot swim and end up drowning. Also, Zombies have to breath oxygen like us humans. However, they breath less of it, and it take six minutes for a Zombie to die by suffocation. Zombies still react just like humans, when released to Sarin gas. However, we cannot use gas attacks to annihilate Zombies, since Sarin gas travels to large distances, and chemical warfare is also considered using WMDs. Ankara’s and Istanbul’s metros are nearly completed, with sections for proper housing that are currently locked off, and large storage rooms. A military installation, and bunker is also being built inside, and around Mt. Ararat to house the president, and other important leaders, in case Ankara is about to get over run by Zombies. The NCBV (Nano Crystal Body Vest) is being sent to all Turkish troops. Since it’s mainly made out of wood pulp extract (Nano Crystals in the extract are the main source of its durability and strength), it is a lot cheaper and stronger than Kevlar, and is currently being mass produced by FNSS Defense. Turkey is also sending the plans for this special body armor to the U.S, we are thinking of sending it to the UK. But because of the war with Scotland, espionage between these nations is really high, and we cannot risk the plans getting stolen by an enemy nation. Once Scottish forces get pushed back into their nation, we will give England the NCBV designs. Upgrades to the TK-66 SkyHawk are being applied for more speed, and operational range. More Algae Bio-Fuel is also being produced, in giant 20 acre algae farms. A new material known as Boron Nitride is discovered by Turkish Scientists working for FNSS. It’s more durable than diamond, and is a lot cheaper (about 30 USDper metric ton or 54.17 Turkish Liras). FNSS Defense is currently finding out how to implement this into armor for tanks, instead of using Depleted-Uranium Strike Plates. Military drafting for the past three months has slowed down a bit, but still managed to recruit 75,000 extra troops for the Turkish Armed Forces. UAVs are starting to be built to observe Zombie movements. These UAVs might be armed in the future to fire laser guided missiles. The main assault rifle of the Turkish Armed Forces have been replaced form the HK G3A3 to the Steyr AUG bull-pup rifle. A miniature version of LAMS is being produced to protect armored vehicles (ex: Tanks, APCs, IFVs) from RPGs. An EMP system is also being researched to protect ground vehicles from electric powered mines, and IEDS. The EMP system works by sending magnetic pulses into the device, thus depowering the device. Which means IEDS cannot detonate electronically from a wireless detonator or wired detonator, and mines with radar sensors cannot detonate when a vehicle is driving on top of them.

CSH: The western wall has been finished. Small towns and refugee camps begin to pop up around the nation. Oil and Food are being stockpiled. Full sea trade has opened with guards still at the gate. A building is built for a new organization called the United Cure Organization of the World. England, USA, Russia, China, and several other countries are invited. We state that the World must come together against all differences in order to overcome this disease. An underground lab is built on a small island to study the virus.

  • United States Diplomacy: We accept the offer and begin moving our disease research to Halifax.
  • Turkey: We would like to join the UCO since Zombies have gotten into one of the countries of the EHU.

Saudi Arabia: The Saudis built another Formation (group of aircraft) of Northrop F-5A/B Freedom Fighter. Saudis begin training troops for biological warfare. Saudi doctors and scientists came together to begin studying the infection, how to stop it,and how it started. Oil prices stayed the same, but we are looking into whether or not to raise or lower the price per barrel. The Saudis send the biological troops to Morocco in case the infection grows out of hand. The Saudis advise other countries that they send over troops in case of the infection gets out hand for Saudi troops. We begin building a mandatory wall to block future outbreaks. We plan to finish the wall in six months. Turkey will also apply their automatic sentry system on the wall. We invite Pakistan and Afghanistan to the EHU. The conference for the EHU will begin under this post on the talk page. Only countries invited or already part of the EHU can post. This is a priority message to all nations in the EHU. The discussion is at the bottom of the talk page. Please don't skim through it, and read it thoroughly.

Chicago: The first wave of Zombies are cleared and the First Chicagoan Offensive continues. In order to fill up the gaps, the troops adopt a new strategy of camping, killing and advancing. Northern and Southern troops advance toward the western border of Forgottonia and hundreds die. A new philosophy emerges, Defenceism. Defenceists believe that a nation should not attack but only defend and urge Chicago to stop Operation:Surround and Destroy. Chicago states this is necessary for the betterment of society and spread A-Zism. We send aid to the US.

Free Alaska: The Siege of Valdez continues. With Cote wounded, David Effimov arrives to take over the operation, along with Elements of the Brooks Regiment. He begins overseeing a renewed offensive, and under his command, the Free Alaskans begin taking strategic locations around the city. though the battle is far from over, things are clearly going in favor of the Free alaskans, and no small amount is due to the heavy weaponry purchased from the Bay Republic, and the new navy vessels. While Effimov commands the Free alaskans around Valdez, the newly-promoted General Archibald Anderson begins moving his forces into position for an assault on the rear of the forces seiging Valdez. Using well timed feints against the approaching troops, the Free Alaskan forces draw Anderson's men into fighting around Cordova. Though outnumbered four to one, the troops around Cordova face only light casualties. The maneuver, while not tactically significant, buys enough time for Troops of the Denali and western regiments to prepare a defense in case of an attack against the troops seiging Valdez. Tchiaq Ukpibun gains more followers, after General William Cote converts. Cote was healed by a Tchiaqite shaman while recovering from his battle wounds, and became an adherent to the religion. Meanwhile, Military development begins to increase, as Cote is asked to stay for a few months and formulate new strategies for the use of the new heavy weaponry. The diplomatic ships continue sailing, Hawaii is contacted. One ship is soon to enter the Panama Canal, another is en route to Australia. The ship that had previously docked in Hawaii was lost just east of the East China sea. Apparently, a crew-member had caught a rare airborne form of the Zombie virus in Hawaii, and spread the contagion through contact with other crew members. By the time it had incubated, and the full results were seen, most of the crew had been infected. Scientists predict that the ship will make landfall in the Northern Philippines, East China or Southern Japan. They hope the ship doesn't land near a major metropolitan area, due to the virulent nature of the virus, but the Alaskans may never know. the Asian nation it infects will know all too well. 

Scotland: Militarization continues, and the army expands to include 20,000 troops. Work begins on constructing a small fleet of ships, with the aim of retaking abandoned oil and gas platforms in the North Sea, to secure a source of fuel. Occupation of the Faroe Islands continues. Scotland also adopts a scorched earth policy around the Zombie-infected city of Edinburgh in an attempt to free the country of infection.

Colombia: The construction of the fence along the Venezuelan and Brazilian borders is almost finished with only the last km being what remains between both ends of the fence. While this, El Muro de Quibdo, o El Muro Segundo (Wall of Quibdo, or the Second wall) is finished and covered with concrete and some metal plates to keep Zombies outside the easily controllable lands of the Colombian Darien, the ports continue to be closed to outside ships but the mercancies of the country continue travelling through the ports the country and the roads through land between the oceans as previously was done before the Panamanian Channel was made. Malpelo becomes the defence station of the Pacific in case of any sort of infected ship continuing its course towards Colombian land, and both Lopez Michelsen as well as his predecessor officially declared the Triumvirate allowing another man into the government of Colombia, but being a military it doesn't gain as importance as the other leaders as many Colombians still see that the government can well handle the Zombie threat as they have done such a great work already. Tthe pursuit of several heavy weapons continues in case of need to defend the country, and an offer is made to Cube to make  the alliance or otherwise they will be considered an enemy of the Republic. Construction of secret bases in the Amazonia begin such as Palo Rojo (Red Stick), La Escopeta de Bolivar (Bolivar's Shotgun) and la Lanza de Cristo (The Spear of Christ) in between Vaupes and Amazonia. The navy expands widely to defend the Colombian Sea from stranded infected ships.

Bay Republic: Converts several AM radio stations to local broadcasting stations, using the FM to contact surivivors. The New Crusaders have a spurt in growth and are now a searious threat, with a large hideout believed to be somewhere around Lake Tahoe. A spy is sent into the New Crusaders, and uncovers it. It is now just a group of militarist Christians, but also almost a small nation, with several small cities throughout the valley, and that the New Crusaders believe that Z-Day was another way for God to clean the Earth of sin (like the Flood), and that they must rebuild the world in the image of god. The currency system is revampted, it now goes (from worth most to led) the gold bear -> US dollar -> silver eagle -> bronze salmon, while the old currency is still accepted it is no longer made. A new ammunition factory is made, as well as a government arms factory, as the Republic does not wish to be dependant on others for weapons. Several other colonies spring up on San Clemente Island, San Nicolas Island, Santa Rosa Island, Santa Cruz Island, and San Miguel Island; due to Anton LaVeys works in aiding the Republic, he is named governor of the achipelago, which are renamed the Szandor Islands. Expands south and east.

Florida: Florida's borders are closed off. The National Guard is intructed to shoot any Zombies sighted near the border.

Northwest Federation: The Northwest Federation clears more of the undead out of their land, expanding the safe zone closer to the Idaho border. By now, most major highways in western Oregon and Washington have been cleared. The newly launched CDC of the Northwest Federation creates an anti-Zombie team. This team is broken into three sects: Pushers, White Coats, and Rangers. Pushers are the average citizen not intending to join the military. They are essentially what the militia becomes. They assist the military in pushing the undead out of a district. White coats remain at the CDC fort (an old military fort that has been handed over to the CDC). They are top-of-the-line scientists meaning to cure the Zombie plague or manipulate it to the Federation's advantage. The White Coats may not disclose the location of the CDC fort or anything they discover there. The last ones, Rangers, are trained to seek out and destroy undead holdouts. Highly respected and deadly, the Rangers are considered some of the best Zombie hunters the Federation has to offer. While paid by the CDC, they can take private contracts. In the meantime, the ruins of Spokane are discovered. The remaining undead are cleared out. By the end of the quarter, the district has been secured. Spokane Memorial is drafted by a number of sculptors in Seattle.

United States: Large scale withdraw from the British Isles begins. Soldiers are transported back south down the M23 and A23 highways. Military forts are established in the American quarter of London, Crawley, and Brighton to help combat Zombies and gangs in southern England, and to assist in the withdraw. Several more ships arrive off the coast and naval forces continue patrolling the English Channel. The outpost in London begins distributing supplies to locals and facilitating citizens displaced by the fighting. A large camp takes shape in Ruskin Park and Kings College Hospital across the street begins aiding injured and sick. Operation: Arctic Storm begins in North America. ‘District One’, is established as the area from Reindeer Lake to the Canadian border, while ‘District Two’ is established from St. Louis to the Canadian border in the north. In the first stages of the operation a large land offensive is organized to cover the southern region of District One. Several squads of US and Canadian armored cars, tanks, and transports leave Winnipeg and begin heading west. At Lake Manitoba heavy resistance is encountered, slowing down the caravan of tanks. After fierce winter fighting US special forces take ‘The Pas’, near Cedar Lake. A second convoy moves from Winnipeg north down the highway east of Lake Manitoba. Canadian forces also manage to secure the eastern coast of Lake Winnipeg. Ships rally at the twelfth Bloodvein Indian Reserve along Lake Winnipeg and make landing at Matheson Island. Supplies from Winnipeg are shipped to Matheson where a forward operations base is established. Artillery is planted and a basic airfield begins to take shape to support operations in the north of the lake. After two weeks the convoy had reached the Manitoba border. Routine bombing begins north of The Pas, and as far west as Saskatoon to contain the Zombie Horde within the District. Special forces stationed at The Pas manage to collect two Zombies still alive that appear to be weakened by the cold. The slower, weaker Zombies are send by helicopter to Matheson, where they are transported by boat to Winnipeg. From there they are shipped by armored car to the research center in Halifax to begin testing. In District Two US and Chicago-based infantry wrap around Lake Michigan, advancing through the streets of Greater Chicago toward Milwaukee. Ground forces also enter Springfield, Illinois and begin planning to push into Iowa. Delta-based soldiers continue patrolling the farmlands for Renewalists. Farms are regularly searched and soldiers are also stationed in high-traffic areas in towns. The people of Vicksburg, especially the upper class aristocrats who own the trade companies and casinos, lobby for stricter control of the Mississippi people. Most workers are split; listen to the elite who command them to fight against Renewalism, and those that are angered by the poor working conditions. A small protest breaks out in Mobile resulting in several arrests. A general store is also damaged. When word reaches the high command of the Mississippi territory they vow to hunt down all conspirators, but this leads to further anger among workers who now must put up with government searches. The first ZRU squads begin to be deployed in Canada.

United Kingdom: The handover ceremony for the city of London takes place, with the Prime Minister, Her Majesty and ambassadors of the nations of the US and Turkey in attendance. The city is formally reintergrated into the United Kingdom, and a timetable is set for all foreign troops to withdraw by the end of the year. With the diplomatic reintegration of the City of London as well, plans for the unification of the two London states continue to be developed. Plans begin to be drawn up for the invasion of Scotland. A mass group of British troops shall invade across the southern border, whilst Turkish ships bombard the eastern coast, and British paratroopers are dropped into major Scottish cities to take control. This is planned to take place in the next season. The military is expanded with another 12,000 troops, and as a result the military is upgraded. The troops who formed the perimeter around London, now begin to march outward, to try to clear the surrounding areas.


After much internal fighting and Zombie attacks, Juarez falls to the Zombie Horde. Its remaining citizens are killed or seen fleeing into Texas.

Ministers of the USSR begin to express doubt about the practices of the nation. Citizens worried about the Zombie apocalypse begin rioting in major cities for better rights and privileges. Protests are silenced by soldiers causing hundreds of deaths and more wounded. Hundreds more are rounded up and executed. Thousands rise up and take arms against the government in Moscow. On 11 July 1971 a bomb detonates killing many members of the central committee. Several military factions claim to be the successor to the Soviet government, which tries to retain order. A civil war begins. (USSR player has been kicked for idling.)

Following massive upgrades to the military, Turkey’s military score advances to 1.5

Forces in North Vietnam continue to advance into the south. Southern forces fall back to Saigon where a massive siege commenses.

Diplomatic fighting over the fate of the New England contested zone continue, with none of the actions giving in.

English rule is declared in Northern Ireland, beginning a power struggle with the many local factions.

The abandoned Alaskan ship crashes at Kagoshima, Japan, causing several initial outbreaks.

The City of London makes an agreement with England similar to the old treaties that state the city is to be treated as an independent member of the kingdom, known as Londinium.

The New Crusaders, a radical Christian group, settles in Salt Lake City. The group is welcomed by the fairly large community of primarily Mormons who have greatly prepared for the apocalypse, as dictated by Mormon teachings. The city is found to be heavily fortified and well armed. The New Crusaders blend nicely with the natives and begin sharing Anti-Bay Republic stories.

Civil disorder in West Germany and Italy leads to the creation of several small nations.

Hawaii, Venezuela, North Africa, Yugoslavia, Norway, Albania, Greece, and Bulgaria are infected or further infected.

New nations: Bavaria, Venice, Frankfurt, and Oldenburg (I will update the map soon)

NotLAH 1971.5

Wasn't sure how to do Venice

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self-Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Meanwhile, Kazutomi Takayama releases the Imperishable Dawn manga; Seiga Rokkaku manages to run into a powerful Jiang Shi named Yoshika Miyako during her hunt and has a long challenging battle; eventually Yoshika is defeated and becomes a subordinate of Seiga, and an ofuda is put on Yoshika's forehead. Hearing about the incident, Prime Minister Eisaku Satō has Japan shut down everything. Airports, Harbours, and such are closed and borders are closed completely, while Kagoshima Prefecture is quarantined and closed. Some of the Self-Defence forces are sent to Kagoshima Prefecture and begin fighting against the infection, and anyone who is infected is killed immediately. Zen Taoism begins to spread quickly in Hyōgo Prefecture and soon spreads to other Prefectures.

Turkey: As signs of infection are showing inside of Morocco, Turkey has urgently asked Israel and Saudi Arabia to wall off the border from Egypt leading in to the Middle-East. Turkey is sending about 1,000 TBRU troops, along with 10,000 other troops to go into Morocco, and destroy all signs of the infection within the nation, to ensure that it won’t end up like Europe, Central America, and Canada. Manufacturing of the new transport, and attack chopper is going pretty linear, with the old choppers being sent to allied nations for support. After hearing reports of Zombies breaching the Berlin Wall, and travelling into East Germany, and the Russian government is about to fall into complete chaos; the Russian-Ukrainian helicopter manufacturer known as Mil has moved into Turkey, producing Mi-24Ds, Mi-17s, and Mi-8s, bolstering up the Turkish helicopter fleet. The Turkish Armed Forces have asked Mercedes Benz to manufacture a new tank for their military. The result came out with the new “Atlas X-45” tank prototype, which is soon going to be called the Atlas Z-45. The tank’s plans show that is has a 125mm smoothbore cannon, with a 7.62 coaxial machine gun, two .50 Caliber Machine Gun turrets on the top, 16in of composite armor, and with the cooperation of FNSS Defense, we have found out a way to apply Boron Nitride into our tanks. The new composite armor system is called “ACAS”, (Arcam Composite Armor System) and it’s capable of withstanding 150mm anti-tank rounds. The Atlas X-45 prototype can currently hold up 4 people, a driver, gunner, loader, and commander. It is currently being outfitted to fit on an MLAPS (Mobile Laser Anti Projectile System), a newer edited version of the LAMS except designed to destroy anti-tank rockets, it fits on smaller vehicles, and it also has a 37% chance of destroying anti-tank rounds in mid-flight. To add on, Reactive Armor Plating is also placed on the side, to protect against anti-tank projectiles, and can also travel at 88 kmh (55 mph), and has an operational range of up to 482 km (300 Miles). Turkey has set up artillery units, and the fleet in the Atlantic Ocean to bombard Scotland, within a couple hours the cities of Dundee, and Aberdeen are being evacuated, as artillery tears through the urban areas; knocking down buildings, and other important structures. Radar jammers placed in FOBs are preventing Scotland from organizing a proper response. The TCG Istanbul goes off the slipway, and enters the Black-Sea to defend the nation, along with a handful of extra destroyers, and ballistic missile frigates. We also ask the Turkish Aerospace Industries to help us manufacture a new multirole fighter to replace the outdated F-4 Phantom. The prototype is called the X-87 Sparrow, that’s going to be called the R-67 Sparrow. Designs show that is can travel up to 2.5 Mach (1653.68 knots), it can be armed with 4x650lb bombs or 8x AIM-9L/M Sidewinder Missiles, and is also armed with a 25mm machine gun. With its shuttered thrusters, it has a smaller heat signature then most planes, and a it’s lot quieter than most aircraft. This means that it is capable of stealth bombing missions, and cannot be locked on as easily; and has a large operational range of up to 4000 km due to its efficient classified engine design. More Zombies are brought into research centers; we found out that a Zombie bite is 150 psi. New tear proof, and pressure resistant clothing is being researched now to make Zombie-proof clothing. Inspection of the mine-field outside the border wall is being inspected, and some of the mines have been detonated by wandering Zombies. This indicates that the border guard should be placed on extreme alert, and make sure no Zombie passes through Checkpoint Ingreditur. Additional reinforcements are sent to the highly guarded checkpoint to make sure no Zombie makes it through. Over 100,000 troops are watching the border facing Europe, and the wall is being closely inspected, making sure that there are no holes in the steel supported concrete walls. The second wall is being quickly produced as helicopters rope down and apply the new portions piece by piece, resulting in a faster building process. Turkey starts to quarantine Morocco, with the assistance of other nations in the EHU. In order for Moroccan citizens to escape the infected nation they must pass a screening process. The Atlas Mountain Range also helps contain the infection. After getting word from NATO Satellites that a Free Alaskan vessel containing the infection is heading towards Asia. We have asked the Iranian, and Iraqi navy to hunt the vessel down, and we also sent F-4A Phantoms with upgraded fuel storages to destroy the vessel, and contain the infected threat. However, Zombies die within a certain amount of time without a source of food, and since this ship is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, thoughts are being made to leave this vessel alone. After two weeks, we will send a military TK-66 SkyHawk tilt-rotor chopper, with upgraded an upgraded fuel storage to send a GTFO unit along with a demolition crew to destroy the vessel. This helicopter will be sent from an oil tanker heading to the Philippines. The TCG Evren Aircraft Carrier has recently came off the slipway; significantly bolstering the strength of the Turkish Navy. Soon it’s going to house over 63 aircraft. It is currently stationed at a Turkish Military Harbor in Cyprus, where it is waiting to be equipped with the new R-67 Sparrow Jet Fighters. Diplomatic talks in USSR end up in success. With the nation nearly under civil war, the current president Leonid Brezhnev, has been seen unfit for leader of the nation, and is currently being replaced. With no leader the meeting has gone out of control, arguments about the next IMMEDIATE leader have started. It’s been days since our emissary has arrived in the Kremlin. He is currently being treated, and housed properly in the Kremlin. After more arguments in the conference room, the nation is now at an unstable state; with one little action sparking up conflicts. After long talks with the Soviet government, we have asked them to join the EHU, and we will help try to stabilize the crumbling nation. With no choice, other than the path to civil war, the USSR was forced to join the EHU, under Turkey’s, and Saudi Arabia’s guidance. A list of agreements has also been created to ensure that there will be future peace between the USSR, NATO, and the EHU. The list includes: The right for free speech for all citizens, all citizens must be allowed to open their own businesses, oil must be shipped out to all nations allied to the EHU, including NATO, the navy of the USSR must protect allied nations that don’t have adequate navies, the military must assist allied nations that are under attack, and the USSR has to deploy troops, Turkey must be allowed to access Russian spy satellites, to send a small portion of its navy to help the UK take out Scotland, build a wall sectioning off Europe, and to help the U.S , and Alaska fight against the Alaskan Free States. Turkey is now sending troops, and the TBRU to help take out the Zombie threats, in Soviet States, including Ukraine, and East Germany; a plan of action to take out the Zombies in Europe between Turkey, the USSR, and other countries that are infected to launch organized attacks against the undead horde. With the Soviet Union assisting us, we can ensure that the Zombies will be annihilated in the European area, in total the EHU has about 7,880,670 soldiers (this is an estimate of all troops, including reserves, and paramilitaries, this information was taken after 20 minutes of calculating troop numbers from various sources). With the Caucasus Region unguarded, along with several naval vessels because of troops abandoning their posts, EHU forces swooped into the heavily unguarded region, and managed to steal millions of barrels of oil, and hijack six Soviet Naval Vessels, and two Kilo-Class Submarines that were completely unguarded. After bringing these ships back to a dry dock, we have taken important pieces off, and started researching a new destroyer to replace the Gearing, and Allen M.Summer-Class destroyers.

The USSR is fighting to stay intact and wouldn't simply become capitalist. They would also not be annexed by the Middle East nations. Extremely implausible. Make sure the troop estimate doesn't include the USSR. Also, the Alaskan ship has already hit Japan, and even if it didn't you wouldn't make it in time to the Pacific. 

Sorry, I didn't think a civil war would begin this fast. I thought it would've taken at least an extra turn for the civil war to actually begin.

It's fine. Civil disorder has been increasing rapidly since the fifth turn (when Dean hit the five turns in a row) and is now at the breaking point. Next turn (or sooner) I will publish the information for each rebel faction. Right now the civil war is very small and unorganized...the only problem is it's everywhere. The USSR is a big country! Mscoree (talk) 20:45, April 2, 2013 (UTC)

Commonwealth: Continues nuke and military buildup.

Australia: Continues isolation. A ship is readied for the fall to sail to OTL Vancouver, San Francisco and Prince Rupert to investigate the situation in North America further. More naval ships are laid down.
New Zealand: After learning of the ship crash in Japan, patrol ships are regularly sent out. They circle The Commonwealth one mile out. 
Chicago: The First Chicagoan Offensive comes to a close as Chicagoan and American forces have neared the western Forgotonia border. There is one thing in our waym though: a massive Zombie Horde. We establish a permanent base camp and prepare for our final attack of The First Chicagoan Offensive. Defencism continues to grow and Defencists start rioting. We punish them by making it mandatory for all Defencists to join the Chicagoan Armed Forces aka CAF, (Defensists took civilian jobs) and set them as guards in the base camps, respecting their beliefs. We warn that if they ever cause trouble again, we will send them to the front lines. A counter-religion emerges, the Offensivism. Offensivists believe that all Zombies should be exterminated, and can't wait for the final attack of THCO. FM and AM radio stations begin construction and medical research on the Zombie virus continues. 
Saudi Arabia: We produced around 50 Northrop F-5A/B Freedom Fighters and are scheduled to build 80-100 more in the next several months. We would like to buy 100 R-67 Sparrow Jet Fighters from Turkey. Production was slow at first but the engineers begin to pick up their pace and speed up production. Oil prices went down because of the oil theft in the Caucasus Region somewhat bolstering the economy of the EHU. Research for the cure is still in full effect. Funding for the wall that separates Egypt from the Middle East has commenced. We have started building a seawall that blocks off the Persian Gulf from the outside wall.
  1. That would be illegal.
  2. Arabia has no coast with the Strait of Hormuz.

We are the EHU, and all pieces of land surrounding the Persian Gulf are nations in the EHU.

You got Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran, UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Iraq to join? I'll do RNG and if one declines you have no ability to do so.

Iran: Accepts.

Iraq: Accepts.

United Arab Emirates: Accepts.

Kuwait: Declines.

Oman: Declines.

Qatar: Declines.

Bahrain: Accepts.

Tough luck.


BTW, the EHU is all of the Arab League (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Somalia, Western Sahara, Egypt, Kuwait, Syria, Oman, Yemen, U.A.E, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, and Mauritania) Turkey, Israel, Iraq and Iran.

Free Alaska: When the political situation in Moscow begins to affect Soviet-occupied western Alaska, the Free Alaskans moved in to liberate the region whose freedom caused them to secede in the first place. Sending in three army groups, (north, south and central) the Alaskans cut a wide swath into the occupied territories. Army Group Central makes it the farthest, capturing a wide area of territory along the coast. The other two groups do not reach their objectives, but with the bulk of the enemy forces occupied in fighting the central group, the northern and southern groups manage to penetrate a few miles through attrition. They send an ultimatum to the "government" Bethel stating that there is no way that they can hold out against the Free Alaskan forces. If they surrender now, further bloodshed can be prevented, their citizens will not be conscripted and they may leave the country to the place of their choice, if they choose to do so. Development continues, and should reach level 2 by next turn.  The Siege of Valdez continues as it has, with no new advantages present to either side. Australia, the Philippines, and China are contacted. 
  • Yo, wat message yoo sendin to us. -Commonwealth
  • Peace, Love and Oil, man. -Alaska

Read my revisions to your algorithm. Overall the central attack is successful while the other two attacks are not. Mscoree (talk) 01:27, April 3, 2013 (UTC)

Bay Republic: Los Angeles is assaulted on the coast from the Szandor Islands, lead by Savior LaVey with the blessings of Virgil Baal. An Admiralty is created, being led by five Admirals, which command the navy in a Roman Legion-style manner. The Captain of the Gorge, Horatio Zen, and the Captain of the Good Omen,  Fredrick Gras, are both given Saviorship, and with the Saviorship comes seats on the Admiralty, along with Anton Szandor LaVey, and Virgil Baal (until another influencial figure steps up) and everyone on their crew given the Guide title. An assault is launched on the LAKE TAHOE outpost, causing the Crusaders to disperse on this side of the Sierra Nevada, and the general, Derick McGuinel, is given Saviorship, as well as fief, around Sacamento and a duke title. The battle is now being referred to as the Battle of Faith A ship is sent to Hawaii to make contact, but is not to go farther. The nation begins moving into what seems like a monarchy, as no voting on the next leader is planned. A Satanic cathederal is built near the old crusader base as a monument to the victory and to the defeat of the self-rightous Crusaders, though it is still under construction.The average meals per person raises to 2.15, and several more orchards are opened. The Church of Satan, now being tied more with the government due to Anton Szandor LaVey being a duke, begins training what is being called the Order of the Trapezoid, training from long-range sniping to ninja-like assassinations to full-on medieval combat. The use of medieval armor is mostly useless against bullets and even sharp arrows, so many soldiers who used to wear this armor begin wearing kevlar, and Trapezoid Knights begin looking like this (but far less bad ass until more resources are gained). Expands to the south east, and will continue to do so until the Sierra Nevadas are reached, and to the south. An offer is sent to North California that the two nations merge, for the sake mostly of the North (RNG, Please).

Northern California declines.

Slow down a bit with the invasion. You'll probably need a turn at least just to plan, organize, and get there. Currently the Salt Lake region is heavily populated by armed Mormons and radical Christians so the battle will be a rough one, and also requires an algorithm. I'll post more information about the new Salt Lake nation so that you can do the algorithm next turn.

Read my post

It appears you just removed the moderator's decision. Don't do that again. As I said, you need an algorithm and another turn to prepare. Invade next turn if you want. 

Are you kidding me? Also, what do you mean I "removed the moderator decision?" No military needs three months to go 200 miles to attack some rag-tag guerrillas.

The New Crusaders currently live in Salt Lake City. It is assumed that the Tahoe region has long since been abandoned. The area between Salt Lake City and San Francisco is heavily infested and if you're going to eliminate the New Crusaders you're going to have to fight your way there. I apologize for misreading your post, but I thought you meant Salt Lake City. 

Which is understandable as Lake Tahoe and Salt Lake City are spelled VERY similarly.

You also can't build a cathedral in three months, in hostile territory, with no clear supply route established. I will allow the assault on Lake Tahoe to be carried out, but just know that Lake Tahoe no longer is where the New Crusaders reside. 


So are you telling me that in three months they marched from the Bay Area to Salt Lake City through a Zombie Horde, the Sierra Nevadas, and a desert, all so they can run away from the enemies they were launching a crusade against and starting to get the upper hand on? WTF?! That's like the real crusaders running around Jerusalem to flee to India in the First Crusade.

Again, sorry for the misunderstanding. Make off with the loot from Tahoe, but the mass exodus to Salt Lake City has already begun. If you're going to make a cathedral, at least do it in San Francisco where the requirements for an archdiosese are actually met (that's how it works in Catholicism, anyway).

That's ridiculous. It's one thing for the Crusaders to go east and leave a garrison behind to return with a stronger force. It's another thing for something analogous with the Romans charging into the Second Punic War and then heading to Persia.
It's not ridiculous. Plenty of people have migrated. At its creation the New Crusaders were basically a gang and didn't have a homeland. Now they have joined a local community that accepts them.

Considering that the war is ongoing, I'm going to refer to the entire war as the 'War of Faith', while the Battle of Tahoe can be commonly refered to as the 'Battle of Faith' among Bay Republic inhabitants. 

Colombia: The wall is ended between Brazil and Venezuela, Political diplomats are sent to North California and the Bay Republic to set new trading partners in the Northern Pacific, as many see this as a chance to become a local trading power due to our situation of bi-oceanic nation and our production of several raw materials. The cities continue to be fortified and military is built up. The wall in Ecuador and Peru continues to be built hoping to at least delay the expansion of the Infection towards Colombia. The Triumvirate continues and the military bases continue to grow, mainly Palo Rojo as the Weaponry Testing facility in the Amazonas. The navy is widely expanded, and the Protocol Samper, is made as a protocol of anti-Zombie forces and procedures to avoid infection of the Republic. Production continues growing.

CSH: Scientists from around the world are traveling to our island facilities. Turkey is allowed into the UCO. Unskilled People are not allowed into the country. A new initiative comes out allowing people to give themselves up for testing of the virus. Factories begin to be built to promote independence. Military bases are built around the nation. Unskilled and unemployed people are either enlisted or deported to the USA.

Sweden: Prime Minister Olof Palme declares a state of emergency for Sweden, and bars the immigration of people from other nations into Sweden, with the exception of the nations Norway, Denmark and Finland, but attempts are made to thoroughly check all people moving into Sweden for any signs of infection. Using the apocalypse to his advantage, he uses the secret organization IB to monitor towns and large cities in Sweden for any signs of infected people, and to a lesser extent, Communists and other people with leftist-views. PM Palme asks the recent parliament for a vote to increase military spending to allow for the defense of Sweden.

Florida: Governor Reubin Askew commences the construction of a massive border wall. Laws are changed so as to allow some immigration into the state. The Floridian government pledges to continue America's space program as soon as possible in order to allow mankind to escape the Zombie-ridden Earth. The military is built up, and local armed militia-like forces, known as Civil Defense Units (CDUs), are formed. The Florida Naval National Guard is formed, and construction on several destroyers and one cruiser is commenced. Almost all trade is cut off, and the trade that is allowed into the country is limited to essential items (such as oil and food), and even these are closely inspected. 

Franklin: Franklin militarizes the eastern western section of the country and supplies militias. Franklin sets up a special military group called the Grave Corps which deals with Zombies. Talk begins about economic recovery.

United States: Military outposts in London, Crawley, and Brighton are fortified as the remaining US soldiers in England are withdrawn. Ditchling Beacon is also fortified, and US engineers begin building a basic barracks there using supplies from Brighton. By next year the hill is expected to become a fully functioning US fort known as Fort Kennedy, named after the late president. The military presence in the south leads to Brighton being resettled by refugees of London. The city becomes one of the largest settlements in southern England, in contrast to Portsmouth, Bristol and Exeter, which are still heavily infested. In London the ruins cause many to be forced to relocate south. Supplies continue to be handed out in Ruskin Camp, which continues to grow. Medical personnel worry the high concentration of people may harbor disease, forcing many to new camps at Myatts Field and Brunswick Park. Many shacks are demolished or quarantined in Ruskin Park so that US engineers can begin constructing proper fortifications and housing. Higgs Industrial Estate becomes a popular slum, housing hundreds of people and harboring disease and crime. Eventually the streets near the US controlled hospital become so congested with refugees that the US drafts a plan to clear the housing to the east of Ruskin Park, upto Warwick Gardens to make room for a large housing complex. The new field is cleared by army personnel with controlled explosives, then walled off with wood fences so that construction can begin. A wall is also commissioned north of Myatts Garden, along Peckham Road in the north, and Brixton Hill Road in the west to mark the boundaries of the perceived ‘US Occupied Zone’. The large park at Brockwell Park is also settled, leading to a second US garrison in Herne Hill Stadium. Matheson Island continues to be fortified, as it becomes the main refueling station for forces in the north of Canada. Heavy bombing of the area continues, and preparations are made for the next phase in Operation: Arctic Storm. The plan is to send a convoy along Route One from Winnipeg toward Regina, another along Route 16, toward Saskatoon, and another from The Pas. Frequent Zombie attacks are still common in Manitoba and US special forces are tasked with marking targets in the north for bombers. Canadian and American forces also launch an offensive from Thunder Bay and Winnipeg, into the south, with the objective of taking Minneapolis. The Winnipeg division manages to take some ground traveling along Route 29, and take Grafton. The Canadian advance from Thunder Bay follows Lake Superior’s coastline, trekking through the Superior Upland wilderness. Near Chicago the advance is staled by heavy Zombie resistance near Milwaukee. The southern offensive is more successful, meeting up with forces from St. Louis south of Springfield. The United States asks Halifax for an alliance.

  • CSH: The CSH Accepts.


After much internal fighting the USSR descends into civil war. The government manages to secure Moscow after the death of hundreds of civilians. The military in Belarus and Ukraine creates a primitive government in their respective countries. Ex-Soviet armed forces in the area begin entering the countryside to round up Soviet sympathizers. Conflicting political parties causing violence in cities is common. The garrison in Kaliningrad prepares for the Zombie Horde and separates itself from the Soviet regime. In Crimea the current leading faction is the Crimean Socialist Union, which currently is headquartered in Yalta. The Soviet garrison in Odessa is sent into Crimea to try to maintain order. In the Caucasus region the government as generally managed to maintain order. A revolt is currently taking shape in Georgia, and protesters currently line the streets in Tbilisi. Military factions have managed to take Volgograd, Orenburg, and Novgorod, leading to further violence. Rebels have also risen up in the east.

In Austria the Zombie infestation rips apart the Austrian government, forcing President Heinz Fischer and other members of the government to flee to a remote estate in the Alps. Seizing the opportunity the House of Habsburg-Lorraine gathers a small following and attempts to establish order in Vienna. Karl Thomas Robert Maria Franziskus Georg Bahnam, more commonly known as Karl Habsburg-Lothringen, or in English, Karl von Habsburg, leader of the House organizes relief efforts in the city, leading to an increase in popularity. Habsburg’s followers merge with the newly created ‘Nationalists Party’, a group dedicated to restoring order in the one great country of Austria. The Austrian government upon hearing of the faction banishes Karl von Habsburg from the country, unsuccessfully.

The New Crusaders are assimilated into the community at Salt Lake City. Together they become known as the nation of Deseret. A local military leader, Wyatt Clayton (Stats: Wins/Loses: 3/3 Exp: 7) is tasked with defending the city from the Bay Republic. The fortifications around the city are increased. Armed caravan parties are also led between the dangerous stretch of land between Salt Lake and Lake Tahoe down Interstate 80. They find that the former outpost at Lake Tahoe has been heavily raided by the enemy, and much of the local people have been slaughtered. Gathering whatever supplies they can, the merchants flee back east. The nation of Forgottonia emerges from isolation, sending alliance requests to the United States, Chicago, and Franklin. The Republic of Venice, a small trading community, appears in the ruins of Venice. After several months of fighting costing hundreds of lives the inhabitants, manage to loosely secure the city. Giorgio Orsoni, former governor, who died almost ten months ago is replaced by Francisco Aldegani, a local warlord. To keep the nation alive they begin sabotaging bridges out of Venice, only contacting the mainland through trusted outposts. Screening stations are also established and trade is opened between Malta.

French forces manage to take the city of Lyon after much fighting. The city becomes the northernmost outpost for the French.

The North Vietnamese take Saigon. Skirmishes continue as the last of the south is taken. The Cộng hòa Xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam (Socialist Republic of Vietnam) is declared.

Fearing that the government in Greece is powerless to protect them, Crete declares its independence.

Sonja Haraldsen, wife of Harald V, son of the current king of Norway dies unexpectedly at age 34 from sickness.

The Danish government continues its isolation of Zeeland, cutting off all connection to Jutland. King Frederick IX asks that his daughter, Margrethe Alexandrine Þórhildur Ingrid (Margrethe II) marry the Norwegian king’s son to bring the two kingdoms closer together.

The Zombie outbreak continues in Japan with the city of Kagoshima being heavily overrun. The entire island is deemed partially infected.

The Zombie infection hits Shanghai, causing thousands of deaths almost overnight. Infection begins to appear along the Chinese coast.

The Zombie infection spreads to the northern Philippines, China, southern Spain, west Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Poland, East Germany, Norway, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, southern Venezuela, Brazil, Suriname, Guyana, French Guyana, and Portugal.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self-Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Prime Minister Eisaku Satō has all of Kyūshū shut down seeing as the outbreak is continuing. The Self-Defence Forces begin to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and establish a blockade to attempt to prevent the outbreak from continuing. Some of the Maritime Self-Defence Force are sent to guard around the Japanese islands to look out for any more ships, and if any are infected then they are to be destroyed immediately. Part of the Maritime Self-Defence Force is also sent to Shikoku to fight against the outbreak and attempt to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku. Any bridges linking Kyūshū to Honshū and Kyūshū to Shikoku are destroyed. Zen Taoism continues to rise in popularity as it spreads to other Prefectures, and goes as far as Niigata and Fukushima Prefectures. A conspiracy begins to go around saying that the Mongol Empire rose back from the dead just to launch a successful invasion of Japan this time around. In other news, the Tōhōkai is re-established in Niigata Prefecture as a political party and becomes popular, and Tōshoku Karahashi becomes the first leader of the revived group.

Turkey: After the hijacking of six Soviet Naval Vessels, ship builders have come up with the blueprints for a new vessel. The Caspian-Class Cruiser is a new type of ship that is cheaper than a battle ship, but is specialized more for anti-ship warfare. Armed with 16x7.5in guns, four LAMS platforms, six SAM platforms, advanced sonar that can listen to and detect submarines from 100 km away, four Tomahawk Camera Guided Missile Launchers, 10x.50 Cal Machine guns, 16x20mm anti-air cannons, 12x40mm anti-air cannons, advanced radar that can detect enemy vessels from 25 km away, radio interceptors along with jammers, and advanced targeting computers. The Yiğit-Class Destroyer is the new advancement for the Turkish Navy, armed with 10x7.5in guns, 8x.50 Cal Machine guns, two LAMS platforms, four SAM platforms, 18 Anti-Ship Anti-Submarine Torpedo Tubes, two Tomahawk Guided Missile Launchers, 12x20mm anti-air cannons, and 8x40mm anti-air cannon, advanced sonar that can listen to and detect submarines from 100 km away, advanced radar that can detect enemy vessels from 25 km away, radio interceptors along with jammers, and advanced targeting computers that work along with the radar to ensure that every round a gun fires will be a direct hit. With these stolen vessels we have codes to access Russian Spy Satellites, which are mainly used for navigation for their navy. Blueprints for submarines were created as well; the new upcoming Konya-Class submarine has an armament of six Torpedo Tubes, with 24 Torpedoes, 36 mines, ten Surface to Air camera guided missiles, that are capable of being nuclear missiles and because of its access to Soviet satellites, it can track, and hunt down Soviet submarines. These blueprints are given to all naval dry docks in the EHU. An order of 15 Caspian-Class Cruisers, 40 Yiğit-Class Destroyers and 20 Konya-Class Submarines has been placed; by the start of next year (three turns) they will be completed. With access to Soviet satellites we can track their every move, listen to encrypted radio signals and track submarine movements. Forces from all over the EHU in the Middle-Eastern area, are watching the Caucasus region, in case rogue Soviet Military Personnel come back into the area, and prepare to attack the EHU. The Soviet Helicopter Fleet is significantly crippled due to the Mil Helicopter Corporation moving into Turkey. However, Soviet tank forces are still a major threat, but because of the oil theft, military vehicular movement will soon come to a sudden halt. The infection spreading into Morocco is well contained by the Atlas Mountain Range, and helicopters patrol the sky, eliminating any Zombie threat. In urban areas the TBRU are “cleaning up” any Zombie threat inside Morocco. Reports of Zombies closing in on the border of Turkey are increasing. Targeting computers from sentries have reported over 1000 kills along the western wall. The second western wall is completed with sentries on that side being applied. Observation towers along the western wall are being built every two km, each tower is 40 meters high, and has a LAMS, along with Quad .50 Cal sentries on the bottom observing the ground below, and an observation team to report Zombie positions to artillery teams that are on standby. Checkpoint Ingreditur has been closed down, with the gates closed, nobody is getting into the nation. All trade must be inspected on these new “Sea Forts”. Before a trade ship heads into a port, it must be inspected from TBRU teams on these “Oil Rig Like” structures in the water. The new TCG Evren has been fully loaded, and is currently leaving the harbor, with the mission of joining up with the main Mediterranean Sea fleet, and launch airstrike campaigns against Zombie forces on mainland Europe. If you want us to assist you against the infection, and your nation faces the Mediterranean Sea, we will launch napalm and airstrikes, under your terms in your nation. The first new Atlas tank has finally been produced, and an order for another 1500 has been put down. A new “Zombie bite proof” clothing has been researched by FNSS Defense. This special fabric has small traces of wood pulp extract, and carbon fiber. It is still flexible, but it is considered Zombie proof because it can’t bend to an extent where the exterior part of the clothing touches your skin and can hold up to a pressure of 250 psi, and it doesn’t tear. It is double layered, so the user that is wearing it can still stay warm, while the chances of getting bitten are extensively lower. This new fabric is called Tectus, and it’s being distributed to all military personnel, and to all citizens of the EHU. Major shipments are being prepared to be sent to Asia, the U.S, and to every country of Europe that still has an operating government. Because of the upcoming Zombie threat to the EHU, every political leader, and military leader of the EHU are secretly sent to a military base in Cyprus. Over there they will secretly operate their country away from the infection. All trade that moves into Cyprus is cancelled, and construction of a massive bunker underneath the Turkish Military Installations has started. We are also trying to make contact with the remaining remnants still loyal to the USSR if they want help against any rebel faction. Rogue rebel states that have access to a nuclear arsenal are not what we’re looking forward to. In Ankara, and Istanbul people are getting assigned room numbers for the Subway shelters. Government controlled sections of the subways are also being dug out as well, to control the soon to be underground population. Because of the Zombie threat in Morocco, and the upcoming Zombie threat in Turkey, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have called out a state of emergency, and has taken remote access of all EHU militaries, and united the whole alliance under one flag, which is soon going to be known as the States of the Eastern Unity (SEU). With Turkey in charge of all military forces, and Saudi Arabia in charge of trade, oil importation, and oil exportation. Plans are being made to occupy the deserted Caucasus region of the Soviet Union. 100,000 troops are planned on being sent to occupy the barely guarded military bases, harbors, oil refineries, and hijack the other 30 abandoned war vessels that are part of the Black Sea Fleet. With little to no resistance and with access to Russian satellites we can jam radio signals, and make sure Soviet rebel groups don’t organize a proper response, or not even attack at all. With access to the main source of Soviet petrol, military vehicles won’t be a threat if they decide to attack. If the Soviets or one of the rebel groups manage to take back any of these facilities, they will be remotely destroyed by strategically placed explosives. Images from hacked Soviet satellites indicate that there is another deserted naval harbor, housing the Soviet-Caspian fleet. Plans are made to take those ships as well, and build a wall stationed with auto sentry turrets; separating the Caucasus Region from the Middle East in case Zombies reach the area. Turkish ground forces are waiting by the border of Scotland, and waiting for the word to invade. Artillery and naval units bombard the enemy capital of Edinburgh; if Scotland doesn’t surrender, strategic air strikes will be commenced to take out military fortifications, and we will be forced to invade the nation, along with the UK. This is our only and final warning to Scotland, if they don’t surrender now to the next three months (now to a turn) we will be forced to invade, and help the UK. TBRU troops are still helping the English government clean up the infection. Since London has been nearly cleared of the infection, parts of London are opened up again to house English citizens, under the watch of Turkish and English troops. A new special ops unit to fight Zombies in close quarters, and specialized in quarantining areas are being trained. The new BlackLight unit consists of troops from the TBRU, and the GTFO that seem to be fit for these types of tasks. The new BlackLight unit will basically be the new first responders to signs of the infection, and are also trained heavily in Search and Destroy tactics, and infiltration. Since the Soviet Civil War, the Georgian Rebels have attacked our trade routes, destroying ten trucks delivering oil into Turkey, and killing about 25 people. The Turkish Navy Black Sea Fleet is getting ready to bombard strategic military positions, such as: Airfields, Forts, and Naval Harbors. Rocket Artillery units are also setup across border as well, and is currently bombarding the capital of Tbilisi. Georgian MiG-24s have been spotted heading towards a military airfield, and ended up with some of the fighters getting shot down successfully by LAMS. While their remaining jet fighters were retreating back into friendly airspace, they were getting followed by recently deployed R-67 Sparrows. The MiG-24s, and the R-67 Sparrows, were in a 20 minute air conflict, ending with the MiG-24s getting shot down, with no losses on the Turkish side. Stolen Soviet Kilo-Class Submarines are currently hunting down the small Georgian Navy. Until the Georgian Rebels surrender, and lay down their arms or we will continue attacking them, with no mercy. The war with Georgia has just begun. Can a moderator please make the decision if Georgia surrenders? The EHU also plans to send 3500 armed troops, and 500 TBRU troops to CSH where they will protect the UCO, and the CSH. They should arrive in three months (one turn). To contain signs of infection within the EHU, all trade MUST BE inspected on one of the sea forts. If a trade ship doesn’t get inspected and heads directly to a port. We urge the governments of Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia to quarantine the infection in Tunisia, and rising infection in Egypt. Drafting over the last months recruited over 63,000 troops.

Caucasus Region Negotiations have been moved to the talk page.

Cuba: Cuba's Military is renamed the HSGW (Holy Servants of God's Word) The desperianto Catholics (Let's call them "The Awakened") is the only allowed religion in the new Cuba. Isolation continues. Military service is required for two out of five men aged 15 to 40, and draft is held every month, along with volunteers, and military tech is created and developed. Ships begin to be transported to Mexico to destroy the horde and force religion on the survivors, and everyone with a wound in battle is shot and burned, with prayers for them to go to heaven.

Chicago: We launch the final attack on the Zombies of the Forgottonia border and lose thousands in  the south. However, this sacrifice proves to be successful and the Zombies are starting to be pushed out and should be completely be pushed out by 1972. As a result of the final attack, Offensivism spreads to the American Midwest and many wandering parties emerge. Chicago seeks to connect to these wandering parties via radio and make them search parties. We accept Forgottonia alliance offer and suggests to vassalize Forgottonia once the First Chicagoan Offensive is complete. Medical research on the Zombie virus continues.  

Commonwealth: Continues Nuclear and military buildup, a cure for various spider venoms is created, kept secret until a person needs it. Development of the device noted last turn continues.

Australia: Continues development on all fields.
New Zealand:

New Zealand Secret Plans: Research has started into the development of the 'Telemobiloscope'. We see great opportunity for using it to detect incoming ships that may be attempting to immigrate to The Commonwealth. We ask for funding or scientists from Australia and China to stop any unwanted visitors from boats/ships.

As a commonweath member, we send you funding and scientific support. -Australia

Saudi Arabia: We, in total, produced 300 Northrop F-5A/B Freedom Fighters and we received the blueprints of the Caspian-Class Cruiser, Yiğit-Class Destroyer, and Konya-Class Submarine and Dry Docks have told to start constructing these ships right away. “Zombie Proof Clothing” has arrived from FNSS Defense from Turkey. Citizens have been instructed to move into towns in the South Eastern towns in the Nations, this is not mandatory but this is critical for their survival.

Israel: Israel’s military walls are now being patrolled. All military personal are clothed in the Tectus uniforms to protect soldiers from being bitten is some areas, also all government officials have received their own Tectus uniforms. Israel thanks Turkey for their shipments of Tectus. Israel’s contract with colt has become a success and we have received ammo that explodes on impact for their lE901-16S. We have sent ambassadors to both turkey and Saudi Arabia to help with working with their leaders. All civilians are to stay in indoors after 9:00pm civilian time.  All government officials have been moved to undisclosed locations and all conferences with other nations will be held over secure land line phones. We ask turkey for the ability for joint exercises in case of the Zombie outbreaks. Military posts are on high alert due to the infection coming closer every day.

Sweden: The parliament votes to not increase military spending, but PM Olof accuses those who don't vote in favor of his plans to be Communists, and wanting Sweden to fail so they can take power. A draft for men between 20 to 30 is passed, but not truly enacted due to lack of alarming infection rates. Swedish ships begin to blockade Swedish ports and not allow any ships in without inspection. So far, the IB organization is successful in eliminating Zombies before they become a threat to towns and cities, and PM Olof tries to sneak in an attachment, on a small law that would set aside land in Far-North Sweden for uninfected refugees, that would increase funding for his section of the government, and in turn would allow for better funding for the IB Organization. PM Olof asks for an arms trade with Denmark, hoping that a heavily armed Danish populace would help keep infection from Sweden.

Colombia: Trading is Open within the nation and several New companies begin increasing work inside, while this Japan is asked for a trade agreement and military alliance as well as trade with the Western North American Republics in what was American soil. The fence in Peru and Ecuador are almost finished and the Quidoan wall is finished, to protect internal regions of Colombia from the isthmus infection, the cities continue to be fortified and the triumvirate continues.

  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Eisaku Satō of Japan accepts Colombia's offer of trade agreement and military alliance.

CSH: All attention is given to the UCO. Facilities are expanded to support more research and security. The official council is assembled to protect the people of the world from this plague. People begin to leave the nation in efforts of making something of themselves on the frontier. Prince Edward Island becomes the hub of Virus Research and the UCO Headquarters is moved there. Trade with all nations with reported infections is ceased. Sweden, Japan and the United Kingdom are invited to the UCO. (UCO Page)

  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Eisaku Satō is interested in joining, and is also interested in sending some scientists as well. Even though Japan is hit already, Prime Minister Eisaku Satō asks if Japan could still join the organisation.
  • British Diplomacy: We intend to join, but not before we have united the British Isles under one banner and cleansed it of the infection.
  • Floridian Diplomacy: We would like to join. We also would like to invite all nations, recognized and unrecognized to the North Atlantic Conference, an anti-Zombie conference conducted at sea in the North Atlantic Ocean. We ask the USA for an alliance.
  • Turkish Diplomacy: We will restation our troops and scientists at Prince Edward Island to help the UCO conduct its research.
  • Chicagoan Diplomacy: We request to join the UCO. Full scale research will begin by 1972.  
  • Swedish Diplomacy: Prime Minister Olof Palme expresses his interest in joining, especially due to the fact that Sweden remains uninfected.
  • CSH Diplomacy: Chicago is accepted as a member. The CSH requests to join the North Atlantic Conference and asks where it will be held? Japan is accepted but all of your selected scientists will be quarantined before active duty or interaction (For safety). The British is accepted but cannot send Scientists until you have contained the infection.
  • Florida: The border wall is upgraded and the military buildup continues. The government begins constructing defense towers every half mile. (see (this for more info.) Rationing and price control regulations are put into effect. The General Assembly unanimously passes the Emergency Powers Act, which enables the Governor to issue emergency declarations without government approval for the duration of the crisis. All civilians are required to report to government offices once every week for virus testing. Troops and jets are sent to assist the U.S. in fighting the Zombies. A cruiser, the FSS Dade, is completed. The Floridian government also begins digging a tunnel from mainland Florida to Key West, and rigs the Seven Mile Bridge (which connects Key West and mainland Florida) with explosives. (The plan is that, if the border wall is breached in the north, the government will flee south through the tunnel to Key West and blow up the Seven Mile Bridge and the tunnel, permanently isolating them from the rest of the world.)
  • Northwest Federation: The military is expanded as pushers clear out more infested territory. More districts are declared safe. By now, they are pushing on the Washington/Idahoan line.
  • Free Alaska: The three-pronged assault on the Soviet territory finally yields success, as the northern group is able to break through the Soviet lines. they make it to the outskirts of Nome, where the Soviets have regrouped, and prepared a defense. The southern group is unable to move forward, but central group with its mobility, is able to move south, and attack Bethel, the provincial capital. with most of the troops concentrated around the fighting with army Group South, Bethel is easily captured, though not without a fight. In the intense shelling that came before the attack, Premier Felix Volkov was wounded. Due to his wounds, he was not able to flee the city, and has been captured by the Free Alaskans. The military forces in Bethel did manage to retreat and regroup.  The Valdez campaign officially ends. General David Effimov surrounded the city, and had begun to shell the city with heavy artillery. The shellings proved effective, and after a few weeks of shellfire, the Free Alaskans went on an all-out offensive into Valdez. Many soldiers on both sides were killed, and the entire garrison in Valdez was captured. Because the Free Alaskans have nowhere to place prisoners of war, the garrison was paroled, and the men forced to take an oath that they would not take up arms against the Free Alaskan Republic. Military development finishes, and Free Alaska is now at level 2. With the opening of the ports on the western coast of Alaska, the small navy of seven makeshift vessels begins to be modernized, and proper ship-building procedures for modern warships begin to be used. Free Alaska once again calls for the unconditional surrender of the Soviet occupied territories, though this time they have a bit more leverage with the Soviet capital in their hands. All nations in western South America are contacted, as well as most of Southeast Asia. China, Japan, and the Koreas are also contacted. 

United Kingdom: In line with the battle plans for the invasion of Scotland, multiple brigades of the British Army begin to mass on the Scottish border in preparation for the invasion. Their ranks no longer include just surviving infantry and a few fighting vehicles, but now large numbers of tanks, IFVs and APCs, recovered from the military bases around the United Kingdom. The anti-undead fighting techniques taught by the SAS squads at RAF Valley have now been passed through large swathes of the military via word of mouth and demonstrations. As a result the undead are decimated in the north of England, and by the end of the season, the area is practically clear of infection, with only the occasional walker being spotted. Avro Vulcans from RAF Valley start making bombing runs on the military camps of the Scottish Army, which have devastating effects on both morale and defence capabilities. High altitude recon is performed on the cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. This successfully identifies safe landing zones for British paratroopers for the upcoming invasion. The perimeter forces of the siege of London continue to spread out across southern England, successfully combating the undead and liberating a number of besieged cities. An offer is put forward to the French local governments of Lower Normandy, Pay-de-la-Loire, Poitou-Charentes and Centre to join the United Kingdom by combining with Brittanny and forming Royal France. Lower Normandy and Pay-de-la-Loire accept the offer as soon as it is presented, but Poitou-Charentes and Centre require some persuasion before they finally accept (RNG scores of 77, 87, 59 and 60). The Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, records a radio message, which is broadcast across Royal France, stating that the United Kingdom's first goal after the successful unification of the British Isles, is to recapture the city of Paris from the undead and make it the capital of this new state. He also pledges to restore the Palace of Westminster as the legislative branch of the United Kingdom before the end of next year when its repair is complete. The 12,000 troops land at Brittanny and begin to spread out across Royal France, eliminating the undead and escorting uninfected survivors to safe zones. Bombing campaigns continue to wipe out hordes of the undead in rural areas of Royal France.

  • Turkish Diplomacy: We will still assist you in the effort to take down Scotland. Our Troops, Navy, and Air force are on standby.
  • Floridian Diplomacy: We laud Free Alaska's efforts to free all Soviet-controlled territories.


After managing to hold the main Zombie Horde back, Zombie infection begins to be spotted in southern Italy. The fortifications in Naples are surrounded, cutting them off from the main Italian government. The remnants of the Italian government fall back to Sicily.

The civil war continues in the USSR with no clear faction achieving a clear lead over the Soviet government. The Georgian rebels enter Tsilia and are heavily defeated. The rebellion in Georgia collapses soon after. Soviet forces also manage to crush the rebellion in Belarus and Ukraine after much fighting. The socialist military representatives of the Crimea, Novgorod and Volgograd agree to remain loyal to the USSR and begin reforming the Union in Moscow. Overall, the civil war is primarily over. However, civil unrest still remains in the far west, and in Kamchatka. With no administration in Kaliningrad remaining, the former oblast becomes independent, but aligns itself with the USSR. A damaged pipeline weakens the Saudi oil supply, and temporarily raises gas prices.

The Austrian Nationalist Party increases its presence in Vienna and begins securing sections of the city from Zombies.

The new state of Deseret continues to fortify Salt Lake City. A small army is organized and begins to be trained.

The Zombie infection spreads farther: into China, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Poland, East Germany, Norway, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Venezuela, Brazil, Suriname, Guyana, French Guyana, and Portugal.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self-Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self-Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue the blockade, and people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. Some of the Maritime Self-Defence Force continues to guard around the Japanese islands to look out for any more ships, and if any are infected then they are to be destroyed immediately. Part of the Maritime Self-Defence Force also continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku. Prime Minister Eisaku Satō gives the okay to use the Scorched Earth tactic if necessary. Zen Taoism continues to rise in popularity as it spreads to other Prefectures, and manages to gain some followers as far as Hokkaidō. The Tōhōkai continues to rise higher in popularity and manages to win a few elections.

Turkey: The Caucasus Region Conflict has ended with a peace treaty ending further conflicts with Georgia and the USSR. However, we still ask the USSR if they want assistance in their civil war. Turkish ship builders have created, and deployed, six Caspian-Class Cruisers, 15 Yiğit-Class Destroyers and eight Konya-Class Submarines. The next aircraft carrier, the TCG Demiral has left the dry docks, and is currently being equipped with fighters and helicopters. The TCG Istanbul has also left the dry docks. Another Battleship, the TCG Samsun has been placed on order, and will be completed within the next three months. The Turkish Navy now has five Ankara-Class Battleships, six Caspian-Class Cruisers, 15 Yiğit-Class Destroyers, eight Konya-Class Submarines, 24 Upgraded Gearing-Class Destroyers (currently getting scrapped for parts), 12 Knox-Class Ballistic Missile Frigates, 17 Allen M. Summer-Class Destroyers, and two Evren-Class Aircraft Carriers. All of the Fletcher-Class Destroyers have been scrapped or sunk for target practice. Turkey has agreed to have joint military exercises with the IDF in case of Zombie outbreaks. Mi-24Ds are still being manufactured, and are sent to the borders to watch for Zombies. The bunker underneath the military base in Cyprus is nearly complete. Tectus uniforms have been issued to all troops, and civilians. We ask the Ratmil Regie Autonoma Company in Romania to manufacture 3,000 BTR-60s and 1,500 BTR-70s as Urban Fighting Vehicles for us to purchase. More citizens are being drafted into the military at a huge rate; over 145,000 troops have been drafted. Any family with somebody in it that has been drafted will be given free rations, water and gas masks. The Turkish Armed Forces has in total an estimate of 1,674,900 troops (This includes what I began with: reserves, paramilitaries, active personnel, and troops that I’ve drafted over that last turns). FNSS Defense has been assigned the task of constructing a new assault rifle for the Turkish Armed Forces. The result ended up with the K-22 assault rifle. Its bullpup design increases the maneuverability and effectiveness in close quarters combat. A new round has been made to be fired by this rifle, and that is the 6.8mm round. With the kinetic force of an AK-47, and the accuracy of an M16 it is an assault rifle to fear, and is perfect for Zombie situations. It’s also reliable and can still function after the internals are filled with sand and water. The rifle is being distributed to all military personnel. Turkish and TBRU troops have landed Prince Edward Island to protect the UCO. The Confederation Bridge leading onto Prince Edward Island is currently guarded and has three heavily armed checkpoints on it. Three Yiğit-Class Destroyers have been sent to protect the island. Since Scotland didn’t reply to our surrender we have started bombing strategic military fortifications and encampments. The invasion of Scotland has begun with troops starting to invade the nation. Naval and artillery bombardment of Edinburgh is still ongoing and the option for Scotland to surrender is still available. The retaking of the Faroe Islands will also take place, and will be given back to Denmark once they have been recaptured from Scottish forces. This whole operation will be called Operation Storm Watch. A recent state of emergency has forced the Gendarmerie Law Enforcement Agency to take charge of the civil population. Turkey is now a police state, with the government maintaining a keen eye on every movement. People are still treated properly, and any officer seen or reported abusing somebody for an unlawful reason will be punished. APCs and IFVs guard sections of the city that contain government or important structures. The capital building of Turkey is closed off to the public and is currently housing about 1000 troops. We would also like to buy one Forrestal-Class Aircraft Carrier from the United States for 190 million USD (Nearly the same amount of money to build one), or for the United States to build one for us at full price (217 million USD) and also buy the blueprints for the never built USS Montana-Class Battleship for 90 million USD. These are pretty good prices for some pretty old ships. Walls around the cities of: Ankara, Istanbul, and Izmir are completed and the subways are finished, but are still being expanded to house more people. To fix the pipeline problems we are sending engineers to Saudi Arabia to fix the problem and also distributing Algae Bio-Fuel to stabilize gas prices. Signs of more infection are showing in northern Africa, the wall in Israel and Saudi Arabia is set on full alert. Nobody is allowed to go inside Israel. 50,000 troops are being prepared to be sent to deal with the Zombie threat, and quarantine the infection, the use of Scorched Earth tactics and Sarin gas within “dead cities” (No live populace and only Zombies) has been allowed. Signs of some Zombies are also showing up on the eastern border wall of Turkey. Sarin gas missiles are going to be fired to suffocate Zombies walking towards the border, and R-67 Sparrow Fighters are going to be sent out to kill any Zombie heading toward the border wall to slow down the Zombie progression. Since all troops at the border and all citizens are wearing gas masks they will not be affected by the Sarin gas. All civilian are now required to wear Tectus. Since most of Egypt is desert we expect the Zombies will starve to death before reaching Cairo. We ask for all nations in Africa to send all their militaries to help take out this infection. The Turkish president is still living in a giant underground bunker, underneath the Turkish Military Base. 50,000 troops have been stationed at the military base and aren’t letting anybody in. We ask Cyprus to shut down all trade with infected nations. An offer has been sent to Cyprus if they want to be annexed. Giant walls are currently being built around the base to increase security. All cargo ships still must be inspected at a “Sea Fort” by TBRU before heading into any harbor/port.

The Faroe Islands belong to Denmark.

Oh, sorry. Let me fix that.

OK, I fixed my error. Can you uncross that one part about the Faroe Islands?

  • United States Diplomacy: We will sell one Forrestal-Class Aircraft Carrier, and the blueprints for the USS Montana-Class battleship in exchange for 300 million USD.
  • Turkish Diplomacy: OK. A deal is a deal. Thank you for your cooperation.

Saudi Arabia: Citizens equip themselves with Zombie Proof Clothing we received from Turkey. We send over Mechanics to fix the pipeline that is defected. We produced to three Caspian Class Cruiser, nine Yiğit-Class Destroyer, and four Konya-Class Submarine. We plan to build several more in the next several months. King Saud is leaving the nation for several months to visit Jerusalem’s Mosque (Religious reasons). The Formation of Aircraft in the Arabian is very large and growing. We produced another 100 Northrop F-5A/B Freedom Fighters. Having around 400 Northrop F-5A/B Freedom Fighters in the Arabian Airfield.

Chicago: The Zombies have been pushed out and the First Chicagoan Offensive has officially ended. We clear all the bodies, both Zombie and human, and put them in medical labs. Full  scale medical research begins as we are part of the UCO.  We have expanded to the north and south Forgottonia border and secure it. Our forces focus on defensive strategy and tactics and we rebuild our industry and infrastructure (factories, roads, schools, hospitals, radio stations, etc.)  We manage to make contact with the Midwestern wandering parties and some become search parties. Chicago proposes to establish a trade port on the eastern border of Chicago, far northern border of the Delta regiion, and the far western border of the United States. We offer to increase relations with Canada. There is much heated debate on what our role in the Midwestern Campaign will be and whether we should launch it or not. 

Free Alaska: The Soviet-occupied regions of Alaska officially surrender to the Free Alaskans. (RNG 1-100. over 50=they surrender. I got 52.) Soldiers are sent to the west, to officially integrate it, which includes building up infrastructure, communications, etc. Any soldiers in the occupied territories are paroled. Citizens are given the rest of the year to emigrate to the region of their choice. If they stay, then they will be considered citizens of Free Alaska, and the men may be conscripted. Some begin to leave (mainly Russians).  Many of the former Americans living in the region are happy with the new regime change, and immediately apply for citizenship. Others decide to not openly resist regime change. Miroslav Zhdanov (the same general who unsuccessfully defended Bethel) begins what he refers to as a "brutal guerrilla war," but it mainly involves terrorist attacks on major civilian areas. The navy begins to be built up more (due to the large coastline the Free Alaskans now have). Nome, Bethel and Cordova are designated as naval bases, and so far, two modern warships have been constructed. The seven makeshift vessels have been either scrapped, sold or repurposed. Brazil and Argentina are contacted - all countries on the Indian subcontinent are contacted. 

Colombia: The military is built up. The fence is finished. The nation continues to thrive in the midst of the crisis.

Scotland: The Scottish government reports that large sections of Edinburgh have been scoured of Zombies. In the north, Scotland successfully declares the Faroe Islands a shire of Scotland, and many Scots immigrate there after being checked to make sure they are uninfected. Scottish Prime Minister Angus McGregor asks for peace with the UK, and once again asks for an alliance with Ireland. At this time, the Scottish fleet that was being built previously is now completed, and it begins to retake abandoned oil and gas rigs in the North Sea, reactivating them for fuel. The Scottish army expands to 40,000 personnel and military upgrades begin.

  • Scottish Diplomacy: PM McGregor pleads for the UK to withdraw her troops from the Scottish border. PM McGregor assures the UK PM and royal family that he and his government are completely willing to reach a compromise with the UK in return for peace. After all, let's face it, it's best for us all if we keep peace in the British Isles, so that we can better face the Zombie threat without the distraction of war with our neighbours. Come on UK, play fair and give the Scots a fighting chance. P.S: The Scottish government has withdrawn to the Shetlands due to safety concerns related to staying on the mainland.
  • United States Diplomacy: We agree to help negotiate a peace treaty, if England is willing.
  • Turkish Diplomacy: We will pull back our troops and halt further artillery bombardments if we can negotiate a treaty, if England is willing to do it.
  • British Diplomacy: We have a deal prepared, but it includes some major concessions on the part of the Scottish. We would like to add that this deal is non-negotiable and shall only be offered once. If this deal is refused we shall launch the invasion.

Should we start the negotiations on the Talk Page?

I've started the topic on the talk page.

China: The Chinese government begins destroying coastal cities to stop the Zombie threat. The army begins mobilizing and the army is sent to Shanghai killing many Zombies on the way. A group of one hundred Zombies was captured in a complex in Southern China, and they are sent to the Beijing University to study them, which came to the conclusion that the best way to kill a Zombie is not to blow up its brains, as was common belief, but to drown them in alcohol, which can drown and kill the Zombie virus. However, an injection of alcohol into Zombie veins can not kill them and thus will be used for cleaning up a city. Asks Japan to help China now in fighting the Zombies. A swarm of 100,000 Zombies, the largest ever assembled in the Chinese Zombie threat and possibly the largest in the world, attacked Shaosin, which faced 20,000 determined defenders. After two months of hard fighting, the army defeated the Zombie Horde. The wall is finished and now guards China's northern border. The ship reaches the new American nations, and asks Bay Republic and Free Alaska for an alliance.

  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Eisaku Satō sends a few Self Defence Forces to help China fight against Zombies.

Commonwealth: Continues all development, either scientific or military. 

  • Australia: Invades Fiji (algorithm please) in the cause of starting to create a buffer zone between what large rumors around the nation, Zombies spreading into Eastern Asia. Continues all development.
  • New Zealand:

United States: The United States withdraws the majority of their ground forces from England, securing checkpoints along the US occupied zone. Fort Kennedy continues to be renovated and becomes the center of American, English and NATO special forces in all of southern England. Renovations in Warwick Gardens and Ruskin park continue, and US engineers begin laying the groundwork for the refugee camps. The wall along the north and west of US London is completed. The wall, consisting of scrap and concrete slabs, stands about eleven feet tall, utilizing the existing buildings along the border as segments of the wall. Bordering windows are boarded up and barb wire is laid along the length of the wall, and along other major US fortifications. The second sector in the south around Herne Hill Stadium becomes another refugee camp. Supplies from the ‘South Downs’ highway, a term used to describe the route from London to Brighton, trickle into London. In Canada the next phase of Operation: Arctic Storm is already underway. The city of Regina is surrounded and a siege begins, as reinforcements pour down Route One from Winnipeg. In the north Melfort is taken and the city of Saskatoon is raided by US ground forces. Alberta, Montana, North Dakota, and southern Minnesota are heavily bombed in preparation for further invasion. Forces from Thunder Bay and Chicago manage to take Milwaukee after a few months of fighting in the streets. The city of Madison, Wisconsin is also taken. We begin transporting one Forrestal-Class Aircraft Carrier from the east coast to Turkey, and ship the blueprints for the USS Montana-Class battleship by plane, as part of the deal with Turkey. We also ask to begin purchasing and importing Turkish armor and upgraded rifles.

  • Turkish Diplomacy: We will gladly sell you 300 Atlas tanks for the price of 300 million USD. These are top of the line tanks, and they aren't very cheap. We will also sell you our blueprints for the new K-22 Assault Rifle for another 20 million USD and to top it all off we are researching a new combat uniform, it should be completed in the next three months (next turn). The schematics for the new combat uniform will be 50 million USD (its description will be in my next turn).

United Kingdom: England and Wales are now all but cleared of the undead. All that remains of the infected are small enclaves in rural areas, or those trapped by natural or manmade features. A special army brigade is formed to root out these remaining uninfected, and it is hoped by the end of next year that all the undead will have been wiped out. A proposal is put forward to Scotland in the hope that a diplomatic solution can be reached before an invasion is required, but in preparation for if it fails the British Army brigades on the Scottish border are reinforced with extra military vehicles and personal. A number of SAS squadrons are parachuted into rural Scotland with the objective of identifying and reaching the location of the Scottish government, after capturing and interrogating a number of Scottish government officials then eliminating them, the location of the Scottish Prime Minister and his cabinet is ascertained. The SAS squadrons travel covertly to the Shetland Islands over the course of the season, and begin planning an attack to wipe out the Scottish Prime Minister and his cabinet if the invasion takes place. London continues to be repaired, and Buckhingham Palace and the Palace of Westminster are expected to be completely repaired by the end of the year. A grand wall surrounding the city begins to be built, this shall rival any defence the world has seen before.


Following an increase in the Turkish navy, Turkey’s naval score increases to 1.5.

King Saud of Saudi Arabia, while traveling to Jerusalem, is killed 

in an accidental explosion (

The state of East Germany dissolves into several minor communities.

In Alaska the Free Alaskans begin to occupy the Alaskan coast. Small pockets of Soviet resistance rise up in protest, destroying a building in Bethel, Alaska. In Scotland the bombings have claimed several lives, 

United Kingdom 1971

Map of United Kingdom
Blue shows American towns and occupied territory
Orange shows Turkish occupied territory
Not including Zombie infestation and the kingdom of Brittanny

angering the local population. Peace talks have begun to hopefully prevent further violence (on talk page).

The nations of Central Italy, Sardinia and Sicily rise up from the ruins of Italy. Central Italy, centered in Naples become the last main settlement on the mainland of Italy.

The civil war in the USSR is coming to a close. Western Russia is secured by government forces and thousands of rebels are rounded up and killed. Soldiers are deployed in the east in an effort to crush the Kamchatka rebellion.

The damaged Saudi pipeline begins to be repaired.

The Austrian Nationalist Party secures Vienna. Hundreds of men are drafted by the party to begin defending the city.

The Zombie infection spreads farther: into China, central Spain, west Africa, west Norway, southern Sweden, eastern Bulgaria, northern Poland, and southern Brazil.

  • Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self-Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue the blockade, and people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force continues to guard around the Japanese islands to look out for any more ships, and if any are infected then they are to be destroyed immediately. Part of the Maritime Self Defence Force also continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku. Zen Taoism continues to rise in popularity throughout Japan, while Shintō sees a revival. The Tōhōkai continues to rise higher in popularity. Kazutomi Takayama decides to begin writing a third manga, called Imperishable Dusk, which will be a sequel to Imperishable Dawn.

Turkey: Our new aircraft carrier has arrived and is currently getting upgraded with LAMS platforms and SAMs. R-67 Sparrow jet fighters are also being equipped. We are renaming this vessel the TCG Turgut. Shipbuilders have started constructing our upgraded model of the USS Montana which will be called the Yozgat-Class Battleship. Its upgraded armament consists of 12 16in guns, 24 5in guns, 12 8in side-frontal guns, ten LAMS Platforms, 12 SAM Platforms, 12 AK-630 CIWS, 32in of composite Boron Nitride armor, 20 40mm Anti-Air Guns, 40 20mm Anti-Air Guns, 20 .50 Cal Machine Guns,six Tomahawk Camera Guided Missile Launchers, with 60 Missiles, 18 533mm Anti-Submarine Anti-Ship Torpedo Tubes, eight MLRS Rocket Artillery Platforms, one Helicopter Pad with three helicopters, and 20 mines/depth charges. Its electronic armament consists of advanced radar, capable of detecting ships from 50 km. Underneath it has deep sea sonar capable of listening and detecting submarines from 100 km away. Advanced radio equipment allows the TCG Yozgat to intercept and jam enemy transmissions. It can also send out undetected encrypted radio signals. The engines, and the whole ship, is powered by a nuclear reactor, and it’s predicted that it can reach speeds of up to 34+ knots. The TCG Yozgat will be the flagship of the Turkish Navy and will be completed in the next three months. An order to construct two more of these ships has been placed. Dry docks have built 14 Yiğit-Class Destroyers, seven Konya-Class Submarines, and seven Caspian-Class Cruisers. The order of 15 Caspian-Class Cruisers, 40 Yiğit-Class Destroyers and 20 Konya-Class Submarines has now increased. The order is 25 Caspian-Class Cruisers, 70 Yiğit-Class Destroyers, and 35 Konya-Class submarines. To finish this order faster, more dry docks have been opened. Research for a Heavy Cruiser class has come with the TCG Samsun-Class Heavy Cruiser. It is armed with eight 12in guns, 12 5in guns, eight 40mm Anti-Air guns, 14 20mm Anti-Air guns, six LAMS Platforms, eight SAM Platforms, and one helicopter pad, with two helicopters. An order to construct 15 of these has been placed. All of these ships should be completed by the end of this year. Negotiations with Scotland are still underway. However, if these negotiations fail, Operation Storm Watch is to be commenced. Zombie forces are getting pushed back to the African-Mediterranean Coast. Towns are being rid of the infection by the TBRU, and BlackLight Special Forces unit. Trade inspections are still being operated by the Sea Forts, with only two cargo ships having to be “Disposed Of”. TBRU troops have been stationed at airports and commercial harbors to ensure the infection won’t get into Turkey. Zombies have been spotted in front of the border wall and have been fought off by the auto sentries and artillery. Some Zombies have even died because of hunger. Because of this victory at the border wall, the Turkish Armed Forces can start to bring troops into Europe where they will fight the infection. Women are now allowed into the Turkish Armed Forces. With this allowed, drafting has recruited about 150,000 troops into the Turkish Armed Forces. Ratmil Regie Autonama has delivered its BTR-60s and BTR-70s via transport on the Black Sea. These cheap APCs will prove effective against riots and Zombie attacks in urban areas. All Zombie research from Turkish research centers has been given to all nations in the UCO. A whole new combat uniform is being assembled. FNSS Defense has been assigned to do this. The new combat rig consists of an urban camouflaged Tectus hazmat uniform to protect against Zombie bites and chemical/radiated areas. Armor plates on the shins, upper leg, shoulders, arms, forearms, torso, and upper legs protect the user in almost all areas. All of the armor plates are made with wood pulp extract, small traces of Boron Nitride, and waterproof materials, it is also relatively light. Each combat uniform also has a custom made gas mask by FNSS Defense. This new gas mask is very useful, and it automatically takes in and filters the air. Two filters are placed on either side of the gas mask for maximum air intake. It also includes a wide orange auto tint visor so the user can stay in the sun without squinting their eyes, and also have a very wide field of view. The helmet consists of its own built in radio unit and can survive AK-47 rounds. The new MBPAWCU (Multi-use Biological Protection Advanced Warfare Combat Uniform), or simply the Mohawk Combat Uniform (MCU) is being distributed to all personnel of the Turkish Armed Forces. Casualty rates among our troops should decrease because of this combat uniform. We plan to sell the schematics to any nation wanting this for 50 million USD. In order to at least purchase it you must be in NATO or must be an ally of Turkey, can’t be enemies with any country in NATO (including Turkey), and you can’t be allied to any nation enemies with NATO, Turkey and the EHU. Another contract has been signed with the Turkish Aerospace Industries to create a new bomber. Turkish Aerospace Industries came up with the C-96 Carpetrunner. It has an operational range of 15,000 km, has a payload of 75,000 lbs, and can travel at a max speed of Mach 1. A LAMS is also equipped on the front of the bomber to protect it from SAMs and enemy fighters. An order for 150 of these has been placed. Titanium and diamond deposits have been located around Mt Ararat, and mines are currently being constructed to dig out these precious materials. Trade for these Rare Earth Metals is available to any country that isn’t an enemy of Turkey. Construction of two nuclear power plants is finally completed after two years. Lots of clean energy is being transmitted into the Turkish Power Grid, lowering prices for electricity. Nobody is allowed to work at these nuclear power plants unless they have a Master’s Degree in Nuclear Engineering. We ask the UK and US if we are allowed to build a naval base on the English mainland in Brighton to protect the UK and ensure the protection of Northern Europe from any naval threat.

British Diplomacy: We shall allow any aid in the construction of a large naval base at Brighton which shall house naval forces of Turkey and the UK.

And just a question from me - what is my current military (Army) score?

Army: 2, Navy: 1.5, Industry: 1. Also, I would recommend building a naval base in or around the US occupied city of Brighton, see map above.

Wait - shouldn't I have an Industry of Level 5? I have just about all of the requirements.

You can upgrade one area once per turn. Two turns later you can repeat. Write in your post when/what you're upgrading next turn.

OK. I see what you mean.

Can the UK and US please reply to my sentence about constructing a naval base on Brighton?

I have accepted the request for the naval base. By the way, I don't mind having Fort Kennedy and Nelson Base (naval base) owned by foreign states, as the US and Turkey have given significant aid in helping reunite the United Kingdom but I won't have any territory being occupied by a foreign state in the British Isles, that's why I requested the removal of all troops. So, could the US hand  over control of the areas it is occupying to the UK, and the same with Turkey, please. When you do this I will help build up the two military bases and allow travel between the two for US and Turkish forces.

  • Turkish Diplomacy: We will hand you back your territory, but we will withdraw all of our troops in the regions that border Scotland, and all other regions after we invade Scotland since they haven't replied to our peace treaty.
  • British Diplomacy: That is fine. The UK apologises as we forgot to mention that troops involved in the Scottish stand off are allowed an extension of stay.

Saudi Arabia: Panic was intense for several days but Prince Saud takes the responsibility of running the Nation. The Funeral for King Saud will be held in the Capital of the Nation, Riyadh. “We understand this was an accident” Prince Saud said. “We don’t wish to fight with any of the Neighboring countries where my father Died.” We built four more of the Caspian Class Cruisers, seven more Yiğit-Class Destroyers, and three Konya-Class Submarines. The oil pipeline finally got fixed, and prices start to decrease. We would like to buy the schematics for Mohawk Combat Uniforms. We produced another 100 Northrop F-5A/B Freedom Fighters. In total having 500 Northrop F-5A/B Freedom Fighters in the Arabian Air Force along with a hundred R-67 Sparrow Jet Fighters bought from Turkey a while ago.

  • Turkish Diplomacy: If you want to purchase our MCU schematics it would cost 50 million USD.
  • Saudi Arabia Diplomacy: We will pay 50 million USD.
  • Turkish Diplomacy: OK. We will start shipping you the schematics.

Commonwealth: Continues all development, either scientific or military. 

  • Australia: Invades Fiji (algorithm, please) in the cause of starting to create a buffer zone between what large rumors around the nation. Zombies spreading into Eastern Asia. Continues all development. Sends men who are willing to sacrifice their lives across the globe to figure out "what the hell is going on". They will return to Cocos (Keeling) Island within three years.
  • New Zealand: We have a scientific breahthrough. The combined efforts of the Commonwealth have allowed us to detect any ships and any organic material on board. Any approaching ships will be located with this device and scanned for any unusual behavior. The floating docks are completed. One is sent off the coast of Christchurch and the other off Auckland. We introduce small arms training into the education system for students in their last two years of education and production is aimed at scout aircraft fitted with the RADAR MkII and submarines.

The invasion of Fiji is successful. Algorithm is on talk page. 

China: Asks Bay Republic and Free Alaska for an alliance again. More Zombies were round up, captured or killed. The first aircraft carrier was developed with designs similar to Soviet ones. Rural areas were cleaned up by the army and another major Zombie battle happens in Hefei with 20000 Zombies vs 2000 army and armoured civilians, and the Zombies were successfully ambushed and blown into bits by artillery. Asks Japan to send China supplies and due to limited USSR influence and a Den Xiao Ping's influence, China asks for a collaborative industrial plan with Japan. The aircraft carrier is built with launch-pads for at most ten H-6's, 15 J-2's and stores 20 H-6 and 30 J-12 at most. We are naming this vessel the CNS Tze Dong, named after China's beloved first Chairman. A destroyer is christened as CNS Cheng He, named after China's famous admiral, with 16 anti-ship missiles, 20 surface to air missiles, five twin-barrel 130 mm dual purpose guns, eight Type 76A dual-37mm anti-aircraft guns, four Type 75 anti-submarine rocket systems, 12 torpedo tubes, two depth charges and 72 naval mines. Begins rare earth mining. Due to the civil war in USSR, China is thinking of reclaiming Mongolia.

  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Eisaku Satō sends some supplies to China and also accepts China's collaborative industrial plan.

But Mongolia was never part of the USSR.

Chicago: With the eastern border secured, we begin to renew and expand the training camps. The training camps are divided into seven departments, including the Defensive force, Preparation force, Offensive force, Work force, Secruity Force, Scientific force, Education force. Defensive forces secure borders, Offensive forces either are on the front lines in Chicagoan campaigns or are backup in American campaigns. Preparation forces are used to perform reconnaissance, move supplies around, patrol the Great lakes, and plan out strategy and taticts. The work force does normal civilian jobs, but are the backbone of Chicago. The Scientific force includes elite workers such as Doctors, Researchers, and Engineers. Secruity Forces patrol Chicago and make sure it is safe, and quell riots. The Education force are the instructors of all the seven depertments. As a result of the training camps, the education system is reformed. During Elementry (1st grade through 5th grade) children learn basic skills. In Middle School (6th through 8th grade) students learn more advance skills and begin deciding what department they want to do. High School is replaced with a four year training program. After the four year training program, joining the Offensive Force, Defensive force and Work Force. An extra two years is required for Preparation and Education force (unless one wants to teach Science). An extra four years is required for the Scientific and Security force. We have made an official connection with a Midwestern wandering party in St Louis in return for a year's worth of supplies. The leader's name is Ed. Ed's exploration party already bought a year's worth of supplies. The goal is to go from St. Louis to Oklahoma City in two years. Ed's exploration party goes 100 km south along the delta region. Medical research on the Zombie virus continues. We request to discuss the Midwestern Campaign of Operation: Surround and Destroy with the United States on the talk page.

United States: Fortifications in Fort Kennedy are almost complete. The fort and the garrison at Brighton continue the guard the area as English citizens begin rebuilding. Patrols continue along the South Downs highway through the temporary American occupied zone. In London the fortifications are complete. The camp in the Warwick Gardens is almost complete, and select families are relocated to the new houses. The cities of Saskatoon and Regina are taken by the American-Canadian invasion, but the area is still heavily populated with Zombies. Strategists meet with the high command of Chicago to discuss the plans for the invasion into the Midwest. The American forces in Wisconsin fortify their position and await further orders.


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