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Welcome to the Portal Page for the Americana timeline for the end year of 1976

This timeline explores the global and American history after a time travel event that occurs on April 5th 1950, and changes the world's entire history for the next 26 years and 89 days, up until July 4th, 1976, America's bicentennial.

In 1950, time travelers for the uncertain future go back in time to this date to give the American government documents about their universes history and the technological advancements they have made. This ATL covers everything from the direct aftermath.

This is a "stopped" timeline - its story is discontinued from July 4th 1976. However, edits in the possible outcomes section can be put by users.

This is also a collaborative timeline, produced by a team of contributors. If you want to join us in developing this world, we welcome your additions.


Pre-April 5th, 1950

World War II

On July 7th 1945, Franklin D. Roosevelt receives a letter from Albert Einstein’s involving the nuclear bomb, warning that possible use of the atomic bomb may lead to massive casualties which may be perceived as inhumane to the American public, especially during the last leg of the war. Roosevelt later stated that his realization of the unnecessary use of an atomic bomb on Japanese civilians was one thing he would not except.
Dewey wins

President Dewey holding a newspaper earlier reporting his victory in the election.

As such the planned bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are adverted. Einstein would later remark that he never thought that his letter would get through the red tape, and that his actions would do nothing. In his autobiography, Einstein listed his two greatest life events as discovering the theory of relativity, and adverting the planned atomic bombings. Roosevelt effectively opposed the advised bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he believed that American victory has eminent and the requested atomic bombings where not necessary.

U.S.S.R. had suffered major losses in the west from the war against Nazi Germany, yet divisions in the south-west of the country had not entered battle. Stalin warned the public of a possible Japanese invasion via Mongolia if the Americans could not successfully repel them from the Chinese mainland. The U.S.S.R., having major casualties from Germany, reluctantly agreed to join the Americans as a small operation against Japan. On August 13th, the U.S.S.R. entered the war against Japan in a small cohort operation in Hokkaido island with around 15,000 soldiers. The day later, Operation Downfall, the invasion of Japan by America, was put into effect.

Operation Downfall involved more than 145,000 soldiers in the initial phases, with over 90% of the participants being American. [1] After the first two phase of the invasion where played out, Japan started to form a blockade around the country’s capital, Tokyo, considering it as the most valued part of Japan. Eventually, American Troops managed to head towards the north of the country, while U.S.S.R. continued down south. [2]

The war against three major countries proved to be too much for Japan to withstand as their borders were breached and military losses where rising. In a desperate attempt, Japan warned America that if they do not discontinue the invasion, they would effectively execute the remain 45,100 American prisoners-of-war. However, America did not heed to these demands, considering that they where already late into the operation, and that more soldiers would die from a retreat. As such, over 40,000 POWs where immediately executed, the rest where either executed later or rescued by the advancing American troops. [3] Instead of the American public being upset over the army lack of concern over the killed POWs, the public saw the Japanese as thought less killers and approved a full-out invasion even more. [4] Japanese began suffering massive losses in the eastern front, and when word spread about a large scale atomic bombing operation, include to that of Tokyo, Japan considered surrendering.

The war finally ended at 2:01 p.m. on September 10th 1945 by Japan surrender on the ship, USS Wisconsin, in front of American and Russian representatives. The entire Operation Downfall took only 27 days. USS Wisconsin (BB-64) had been in the vicinity of Tokyo, when Japan announced its surrender on September 7th, after going through repairs.


Despite wide critical and political acclaim, most Americans felt the war against Japan took longer than it should, and some questioned why the atomic bomb wasn’t use to finish the war once and for all, instead of extended the war and causing the excess deaths of over 54,300 troops in less than four weeks. Eventually people responded to the previous Mass executions of American POWs in Japan, stating the invasion cost more lives than the planned bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This controversy increased thought the later of Roosevelt's term. On August 12th 1947, Roosevelt died in his sleep while vacation, from cardiac arrest, and Harry Truman took the oath of office two hours later.

Truman was not immediately popular among the American public, and by the end of his term had the lowest rating of any president before him. The 1948 presidential elections lead to the loss of the Democrats 16 year rule with the victory of a Republican sweep of the White House and both houses of Congress, Dewey is elected president for two terms, he later puts term limit in 1956, which is repelled in 1963.

April 5th, 1950

On April 5th, 1950, at around 4:53 AM, five time travelers for an unspecified date, traveled back in time. First events occur with a telephone call to the police station about a car accident, then is changed to a story about five men with suitcases and army suits demanding to get in touch with the military. About five minutes later, at 5:09 AM, the military shows up at the Washington DC Police Department at 801 Shepherd St North-west, having already recorded a large burst of energy and radio waves coming from that vicinity. At first, the men are questioned and checked for id, having only dog tags with unverified names. At 5:25, they are interviewed privately within the building, and by 6:45 AM they are called to the pentagon to meet with the officials there to arrange a meeting with the joint chief of staff, top military generals, leading scientists, and most notably the president.

File:Miltary scientists analyzing the time travel documents.png

By noon tomorrow, their interviewed by several agents and doctors before being placed under constant supervision. They remain calm throughout the whole ordeal.

Possible outcomes

Chinese-American Conflict

1949 - China finishes its civil war, and becomes Communist.

1954 - America denounces China, and is put on most powerful enemy list.

1955 - Japan allies with America just ten years after losing the war.

1958 - Tensions between Japan and China increase as WMDs shipments are secretly sent to Japan.

1960 - North Korea is annexed by China. (June 13th)

1961 - America lands on the moon, after just a two-year space race. Communist Russia finds it hard to operate with a lack of technology and workers of the union complain of the countries standards.

1963 - America forcefully orders supplying countries to impose a trade embargo against Russia, China, Cuba and other Communist countries. A series of chemical attacks are sent to Russia, destroying the crop belt around Eastern Europe. The U.S.S.R. eventually falls on August 3rd, 1963, with the exception of a small surviving territory called the New Republic Union of Soviet Socialist, or N.R.U.S.S, which has surviving farmland. They begin to stock pile on weapons and preparing for an invasion.

1965 - China conducts it’s first nuclear test, first in any other foreign country other than America. America starts a Cold War against china, called the “Dragon Wars”.

1966 - China begins stockpiling on large amounts of nuclear weapons, over 2,000 in less than one year, and on November 3rd, the N.R.U.S.S conducts its first nuclear test. The doomsday clock is set to 3 minutes to midnight. 1967 - Vietnam and Laos are annexed with China, a country with 5000 active nuclear warheads. April 10th.

1968 - America begins it’s campaign for world domination and, by Sept. 18th, invades Afghanistan and starts a war with the N.R.U.S.S, which ends up lasting five years and over millions of casualties. As a result, China adds the N.R.U.S.S, and at the same time, begins a war with Japan (an ally of America) on October 6th, launching attacks on the western side of the island.

1969 - China annexes Mongolia and Nepal, and continues to stockpile on WMDs, at over 10,000. The leader of China, Mao Zedong, is assassinated in Beijing by a supposed rogue man, America is blamed for this, and tension strengthen. America is cautious, while they may have the technological advantage, China’s sheer numbers are enough to repel any attempted invasion. Doomsday clock at two minutes.

1970 - America tries setting up nuclear launch pads in Iran and Pakistan, for a strategic attack against China and N.R.U.S.S. In retaliation, both countries invade Iran and Pakistan, and China begins setting up launch pads in Mongolia. Clock at one minute.

1971 - Iran and Pakistan eventually repel the N.R.U.S.S. and Chinese troops, and America reclaims the territory. India is invaded by America on August 6th, with little problem. Clock is now set to thirty seconds.

1972 - China wins the war against Japan, annexing it and producing 10,000 extra warheads. America itself has 9,000, however, it says it has more than 50,000. India is made a American territory on June 3rd, and continues to wage a border-war against both China and N.R.U.S.S, with small progress. China lands on the Moon. Clock is set now at 20 seconds.

1973 - N.R.U.S.S. stops manufacturing warheads and focus on its border, the country start getting desperate as America moves into the area east of the Caspian Sea. China threatens nuclear attack against America and American troops on the battlefields if further advancements are made. America focuses on bringing down N.R.U.S.S. China starts to head north to former Russia, now small rogue states, and set up nuclear bases next to Alaska.

1974 - Finally, on May 29th, after reparative bombings, crop destruction and famine, and losses, N.R.U.S.S. falls apart and surrenders. America occupies the entire country within three days. Over a hundred warheads are missing. China continues it’s retaliation, while Americans ease off. China is now alone and being attacked entirely on the West Border. Clock still at 20 seconds.

1975 - American troops work their way up to the north border and Mongolia. China continues making warheads and weapons, and finally makes a bold move by invading Hawaii.


President: George H. W. Bush (2nd Term) Vice President: Donald Rumsfeld (1st Term)

System: Totalitarian


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