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This isn't my ideal version of events. This is a timeline exploring the possibility of an Arabic victory in the Six-Day War. I have no bias toward Israel or Palestine.

I am not able to work on this timeline any more. When I have spare time, I shall be working on a new timeline that I will be dedicated to. If anybody is interested in exploring a world where the Arabs won the Six-Day War, feel free to alter or adopt this timeline. Whoever does edit this, make sure this timeline isn't bias, because it apparently is. Pavillion (talk) 18:50, January 27, 2013 (UTC)


After the POD, history unfolds differently in the Middle East. While Israel still becomes a major world power, it does so with different allies and uses different tactics. The Middle Eastern countries are also not as aggressive as a result of the new history of Israel.

Point of Divergence

The major point of divergence in Arab June occurs during the Six-Day War (OTL link), in which Israel's surprise bombing raid on Egypt failed. The powerful Jordanian radar facility at Ajloun detected waves of aircraft approaching Egypt and reported the code word for "war" up the Egyptian command chain - Egyptian command and communications problems in OTL never occurred, meaning that the message reached the targeted airfields and gave them time to prepare. The efforts of Israeli forces are further hampered hampered by hardened aircraft shelters and more modern surface-to-air missile batteries at Egyptian airfields.

Israel never gained air superiority during the war, and the United Arab Republic (Egypt and Syria)'s aircraft used bombing and strafing tactics to destroy Israeli outposts. Israel proceeded with its invasion of Sinai (as in OTL), but Major General Israel Tal has been killed during the Suez War and was therefore not able to provide the tank strategy of the invasion to the Israeli government that won the war.

With air forces concentrated in Sinai and land forces concentrated in Syria, the United Arab Republic managed to capture most of the Israeli Coast and together with the Jordanian Army and the newly-involved Lebanese Army, they marched to Jerusalem where they were kept at bay by Israeli forces until a huge bombing strike by Lebanon paved the way for an Arab victory in the June War - this June was an Arab June.





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