• Vanuatu: A new hotel is built in the capital town, roads are upgraded and mango production is increased. A sleazy American arms dealer is bribed with a free luxury villa in the islands and $500,000 in exchange for five army surplus US Brandt 60mm Mortars, ammo, six army surplus Colt .45b Model of 1911 U.S. Army pistols and an Allis-Chalmers WD farm tractor.
  • Poland: Following the massive decreases in tax rates, the economy starts to enter a massive boom. Factories and farms are producing at pre-war rates, stores are selling at old rates, and wages are rising. The government is finally getting a decent surplus after cutting all social services, stating that the poor should take care of themselves. Poland has begun to pay all nations that gave funding to the generals or paid the new government money when it was just forming. The Polish military has been taken apart, and it is now only suitable for defence.
  • Australia: launches a new satellite, AUSAT II. The bases in Antarctica are strengthened with more scientific and military personnel being sent.
  • Britain: Continues expanding and upgrading its military and continues military research. They ask India to buy the Maldives. They continue to plan to land a man of the Moon. They ask Sweden for an alliance and trade agreements.
    • Indian Diplomacy: We will buy the Maldives from you if it is for sale.
    • British Diplomacy: It is. You can have it for five million British pounds.
  • Germany: Germany continues to plan for a man in space, and a man on the moon by 1961, and later begins reforms in Germany's government to reorganize the military into the German Self-Defense Force, and begins scrapping old planes, tanks, and ships, but keep the advanced Leopard, jet fighters and the solar powered battleships. Germany would like to purchase the remainder of Czechoslovakia from the Kingdom of the Balkans.
    • Balkan Diplomacy: The Kingdom declines, stating that that land is not ethnically German and that Germany must be satisfied with the Sudetenland given to them by former Austria.
    • German Diplomacy: We are satisfied. It was just a simple proposal.
    • Balkan Diplomacy: We apologize for the misunderstanding but we still cannot accept.
    • Germany Diplomacy: We thank the Balkans for the apology and we understand.
  • ROCJ: Sends a man into space and survives. The military is improved. Mongolia is fully integrated into ROCJ. ROCJ offers to buy French Indochina. A base is planned to be set up in Antarctica.
  • Australia: While friendship with Japan is important to the Australian Government, it would rather there was no Japanese base or troops in Australia. It also asks Japan to ask the Australian Government in future before planning Japanese bases in Australia. Australia also reminds Japan that Norfolk Island (which has been handed back to Japan) is a good base for troops if one is needed in the general Australian region.
    • Sorry, meant Antarctica
  • Balkans: The government tries increasing security in Slavic areas, however efforts are slow and not really working. More spending to the military begins.
  • Chile: The country prepares for Elections for the next year. The Minister of Energy Cruz-Coke informs that the nuclear program has developed the first nukes for the country and prepares a plan to begin to build a nuclear power plant in the next seven years. A new plan for improving the Chilean islands in the Pacific take place.
  • Belgium: Parliament agrees to allow the test to happen. Preparation begins for the test and set up in late December, allowing the test to take place next in January. GDI destroys a couple of the rebel hiding holes but believes that rebels are being funded through East Saudi Arabia military sector. This cannot be proven though at the current moment. Army Corp purchase a 30 M50 Ontos and ten M6 Tractor from Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co. and six M8 Tractor from several unconfirmed sources.
  • India: Quetta and Peshawar are completely filled up and the economy of the two cities boom as businesses are set up and housing companies build and sell more houses while many new industries are set up to provide jobs for the populace. The city laws put in place for Delhi and Mumbai are applied to Peshawar and Quetta to stop overcrowding. A consensus is taken again and it is found out that over 73% of the population of the cities are now Buddhists and have migrated from Burma for a chance at a better life, while 20% are Hindu and only 3% is Muslim.


Flag of Vanuatu

The flag of Vanuatu.

  • Vanuatu: Agriculture is improved leading to a boom in cassava and mango production, some of which is sold and the rest goes to feeding the islanders. The economy and fertilizer imports grow slightly, while both hope and mango exports rise greatly.
  • Britain calls for the Axis to block checkpoints vital for the Soviet economy. They also call for Sweden to declare economic sanctions and a blockade against the USSR. They ask Poland to cooperate into building a military barrier next to the USSR border.
  • Tibet Tibet continues as before, with effort being put into upgrading the Tibetan state of East Turkistan to the same level as the rest of Tibet. Tibet creates its first two-bladed helicopter, named the Xing (much like this )
  • Korea: Korea continues to improve the interior, with the economy picking up greatly. Meanwhile, the military is also put on medium alert due to the Soviets.
  • The Soviets upgrade their military, and make newer models of Jets and Tanks, Creating the new T-59 (T-55), and the air models are up to date with OTL. The Soviets start working on more rockets and stuff, while the first Soviet Hydrogen bomb is tested, yielding ten MT of TNT is exploded, bringing the USSR back to the world stage. The USSR decides to put more funds into space programs and an SRBM is constructed. The USSR puts more and more money into becoming self-sufficient and funds Communist groups in Iran and in Finland.
    • Britain: It responds by funding pro-democratic groups in Iran and Finland.
    • USSR: you are aware that the Communism practiced by the USSR allows for competition and elections for the positions in the CPSU and Politburo, right?
  • Sweden: Finland is finally conquered by Swedish troops and its provinces are given seats in the Swedish Parliament. Plans to invade Norway are begun. Sweden's King Alexander IV proclaims the rebirth of the Kingdom of the ancient Vikings and the nation is renamed the Kingdom of Swedo-Finland, or the KSF.
  • Poland: The military is abolished to show Poland's new commitment to peace. With the new surpluses old debts are paid off and countries that gave us aid after the civil war are being paid back. The economy is growing at higher rates thanks to the lowering of interest rates with the lowering national debt. We tell Great Britain that the Axis can build a military barrier on our border if they wish.
    • KSF Diplomacy: The KSF wishes to buy Poland's entire military.
    • Polish Diplomacy: We will sell the KSF what hasn't been already sold. With the new funds we pay off most of our debts.
    • WTFWTFWTFWTF Implausorgasm! How does a nation abolish the military? It would collapse into anarchy then...
    • Many nations in OTL have abolished their militaries and are very stable. And just because you abolish the military doesn't mean you collapse into anarchy. The police will still keep order and often are the ones who enforce the law in the nation. The military is just there to keep foreign armies from invading. But, there isn't going to be a war anytime soon so there isn't any reason to keep it around.
    • What nations? And of course you need an army. A war could be just around the corner for all you know . . . and by then, making your army again takes too long. Anyway, name some nations that have abolished their armies.
    • Costa Rica-1949, Grenada-1983, Liechetenstein-1868. These nations are extremely stable. Plus, who would want to invade Poland. If the USSR invades, then they will be fighting the Axis. Germany and we are allies, and we and the Balkans are both in the Axis Alliance. Anyone else will be farther out and will still have to fight the Axis.
    • I wouldn't call Costa Rica stable, Grenada was invaded. No MAJOR countries ever did it.
    • Costa Rica has been a democracy for 190 years only interrupted twice in 1917 and 1948. I know that no major country has tried this. I am considering it as an experiment. No one tried democracy before and see how great it has been. Imagine if the founding fathers said "nah, no one has done this before, don't risk it. We will just do something else. "Grenada was invaded, yes. But if anyone does invade us, the Axis will help until we can get a fighting force ready. Everything has its risks; this is just one of them.
    • To be fair, Grenada only gave up its military after it was invaded by the U.S. We could say that the Axis demanded that Poland disarms, but Poland can still do whatever it wants to.
    • British Diplomacy: Britain begins to build the military barrier with calls for the Axis to help.
    • Indian Diplomacy: India will give any resources available to the Axis as they have to rebuild the whole of West India.
  • Australia Congratulates Poland on abolishing its military (which is NOT implausible), however does voice its concern over the "wanton aggression" of the KSF in Scandinavia. Australia warns the KSF not to entertain ideas of aggression against Denmark. A new regiment is raised in Hainan Territory.
    • KSF Diplomacy: Denmark will not be harmed; you have the solemn pledge of the KSF.
  • Balkans: The military starts developing rocket technology in order to speed up its fledgling space program. Upon hearing of the Soviet fusion bomb test the government also starts to develop the same thing. The government announces support for Sweden but expresses concerns on its expansion.
  • Germany: Germany congratulates Poland on abolishing its military and will come to aid Poland if it's invaded by the Soviet Union. Meanwhile, a man is put into space and is expected to have a man on the moon by the early-1960's. Meanwhile, advance research continues and plans on a bomber (OTL B-52) and the first Leopard tank begins or continues and the military continues to go under a downsizing reform, scrapping or selling old 1930's and early 1940's tanks, aircraft and weapons, while some parts of the navy are put into reserve. Research on an assault rifle begins, and one of the companies in Krupp Steel, which begins to move away from steel to armaments and appliances.
  • Chile: Jorge Alessandri is elected as new President of Chile by a wide margin.
  • India:Quetta and Peshawar continue to boom, although less people arrive due to the law control of population in major cities. Research is put into the Axis Commission for Space Discovery and the Axis are offered various launching sites in their country. India finally manages to test their first nuclear bomb and begins plans to build and test a homemade H-bomb. Factories are continuously set up and the number of jobs available soars. The army is reformed and improved upon.


  • Vanuatu: The Vanuatu national helicopter fleet (two [Bell 47]) is joined by a third bought from New Zealand. Three M8 (army) Tractors bought from an unconfirmed and illicit New Zealand sources. five Allis-Chalmers WD. Tractors are bought from Australia. Shrimp, fish, copra, cocoa, coconuts, kava and beef are sent to our Australian and Japanese allies as a regular trade. Copra, cocoa, kava and beef account for more than 60% of Vanuatu's total exports by value and agriculture accounts for 20% of GDP. Tourism is Vanuatu's fastest-growing sector, having comprised 40% of GDP in 1958.6. Government services also formed 22% and fishing 3% of GDP. The second largest city, Luganville, has a new grass-runway airstrip opened, along with a new harbor for fishing and tourist ships. Poland is also offered exports of Vanuatu’s Shrimp, fish, copra, cocoa, coconuts, kava and beef in a trade deal.
  • Poland: The Polish economy is growing and the national debt has almost been completely paid off thanks to the selling of the military. The economy is growing thanks to the low interest rates because the national debt is being paid off giving banks a large amount of cash that can be used to give loans out. Many people are taking advantage of this and getting loans to buy businesses and factories. Presidential elections are held again and Hubert is voted out after the failed Polish Restoration Project ruined his campaign. A new president is elected and his name is Henryk Krol. He vows that tax rates and unemployment will both stay low.
  • USA: The first American man is launched into space this year, a lone bright spot in Nixon's presidency, which has gone downhill for the past several years.
    • About time, LOL.
  • Tibet using axis tech, Tibetans launch their first man into space and the East Turkistan restoration project continues. Though the population is still mostly Muslim, people there have been much happier since freedom of religion was declared.
  • ROCJ: Another man is sent into space. Military is expanded. Stock Market is in a bull market. A trade post is set up in West Saudi Arabia.
  • Britain continues to expand and upgrade the military and navy. New breeds and types of tanks, guns, jets, armor, warships, and submarines are made. The Poland Wall begins construction to ensure the safety of the country from the Soviets. They continue to support anti-Communist and pro-democratic movements in Iran.
    • German Diplomacy: Germany asks what it can do to help the Axis in the creation of this wall?
    • British Diplomacy: It can fund for it and provide workers. (And also military protection in case the Soviets want to barge in).
  • Germany: Germany continues to reform its military and is expected to end by 1959.5. Meanwhile, a solar-powered battleship is launched, and is able to go farther that any of the older diesel-powered warships. Technology continues to go under research with a Leopard built, and a man on the moon is expected by 1968.
    • You haven't even had a human completely orbit the earth or a close moon fly-over. I suggest you do these things first. Also, '61 was when the first human went into space. There is no way you can possibly land on the moon by then. '68 at the earliest.
    • I'll change it to 1968
    • That's fine. Now I need to make sure the Axis don't make the same mistake.
  • USSR: The Soviets continue to fund Communist groups in Iran and in Finland. The Soviet space program launches its first man into space, Yuri Gagarin, now trailing in the space race, the Soviets now want to go faster, and beat the Axis to either the moon or even to other achievements. Soviets decide to launch the first woman into space next.
  • Balkans: The first satellite is launched but loses contact with the ground shortly after entering orbit. Riots occur in Belgrade.
  • Chile: President Alessandri begin a series of reforms in education and economy, while continuing improving the Army, with a couple new designs of tanks and ships. However, military forces are moved to borders with Peru and Paraguay due to reports of new attempts to bring to Chile some guerrilla movements. The current situation of those countries allows these groups to operate freely.
  • India: Quetta and Peshawar continue to boom, although less people arrive due to the law control of population in major cities, while Bombay and Delhi begin to boom as well, economically. Factories are continuously set up and the number of jobs available soars, while new dam construction begins. The army is reformed and improved upon with India beginning development of its own tank. It also announces that we will not participate in the blockading of Russia but continues to send scientists to help the Axis Space effort.


  • Vanuatu: The Vanuatu Parliament orders massive educational reforms, the building of a new fruit cannery and a national literacy campaign takes place.
  • Australia Plans are put into place to send an Australian into space by 1963. A new fleet of submarines begins construction in Hainan Territory.
  • Poland: In an attempt to get more foreign businesses to invest in Poland's economy tax rates on businesses have been abolished. From now on all revenue will come from income taxes. The Government only spends money on the Police Force, Education, and building new infrastructure. We ask Germany, the Kingdom of the Balkans, Britain, and France if they want to form an economic bloc that would lower tariffs among member states to help promote economic growth in all member states. It would allow other nations to join if they want.
    • Indian Diplomacy: India asks Poland whether India can send its Police Cadets for training in Poland as they will get to play a more active role as there is almost no military in Poland.
    • Vanuatu Diplomacy: Vanuatu wishes to join the Polish lower tariffs zone and trading block.
    • British Diplomacy: It likes the economic bloc and asks to join when made.
    • Polish Diplomacy: We tell India that they can. We also ask them to join the economic bloc. We tell Vanuatu that they can join and that this begins the International Free Trade Organisation. The following members are: Poland, Britain and Vanuatu. It is expected that all members lower tariffs on goods coming in from fellow members.
    • German Diplomacy: Germany likes Poland's idea, and ask when it will be formed.
    • Polish Diplomacy: It will be formed now and all members are expected to lower tariffs to 5% by the end of the year.
  • The Kingdom of Swedo-Finland: The KSF, after months of building up an armed force on Norway's border, launches a massive invasion of Norway along the entire border using Blitzkrieg tactics adapted to the rugged Scandinavian terrain and weather and soon most of Norway is overrun by KSF troops, although civilians are treated as kindly as possible and given rations if they do not have enough food. Norway is then annexed by the KSF, which is renamed the Nordic Union, or NU. Integration of Norway into the new Nordic Union begins with plans for creating a truly Scandinavian nation and democratic republic. Denmark and the Axis are promised that this will Sweden's last act of aggression in Scandinavia, as the fulfillment of a truly Scandinavian Nation, Culture, and Heritage will take some time to fully take effect.
  • Britain's military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. They continue research in their space program. They continue to build the Polish Wall to keep the Soviets out. They ask the Kingdom of Swedo-Finland for an alliance and trade agreements.
    • Nordic Union (KSF) Diplomacy: The Nordic Union accepts the British offer for trade agreements and an alliance.
  • Germany:Germany continues to plan for its space projects and begins to prepare for a man to go back into orbit, and go around earth before coming down (date not given). Another satellite is launched, and begins to establish a satellite network for both the military and civilians. Research into advanced technology continues and the Leopard tank proves useful against buildings and hard targets.
  • Belgium: The Nuclear test is a successful emergency shut down test. GDI has uprooted some rebel bases in Oman leading to the capture of several black marketeers. Most of the equipment that the marketeers were selling was from East Saudi Arabia. GDI put more increase the patrols on the East Saudi Arabia-Oman border. After seeing the Xing perform back in 58, the Air Corps has been working on their own variant.
  • Chile: Antarctic base receives new implements to replace the old. Armed forces continues expanding.
  • India: Quetta and Peshawar's boom comes to an end, while Bombay and Delhi begin to boom like never before, economically and demographically. The two cities, with enough of a population to be able to have a huge manpower force, begin constructing numerous factories to help aid jobs in the cities as well as increase revenue for the area. Factories are continuously set up with the number of jobs available soaring and unemployment numbers dropping while new dam construction continues. The army is reformed and improved upon with India continuing development of its own tank. The tank will be up for sale in the Axis once completed. It continues to send scientists to help the Axis Space effort.


  • Italy: Guided missile research continues with new variants being more mobile and efficient. Research in helicopters begins and they hope to begin making them within the next few years. Meanwhile, troops land in Libya to ensure order due to turmoil with the new government. Marines arrive in Tripoli and begin to retake the surrounding countryside. Aid is also given to needy citizens and Italy hopes stabilizing the area soon.
  • USA: The USA admits Hawaii as the fiftieth state in the Union this year. The American government continues pouring massive funds into the space program. The US builds a military base in their Panama Canal territory, worried by recent proposals by some nations that such strategic waterways be taken away from individual nations.
  • Vanuatu: A new fruit cannery opens in the south of the country and tariffs on Polish low tariff zone member's trade is cut to 1%.
  • Britain's military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. They continue to research their space program. They continue to build the Polish Wall to keep the Soviets out. They ask Vanuatu for an alliance and trade agreements.
    • Vanuatu: Agrees with the alliance and trade deal.
  • Australia: Establishes another base in Antarctica: Menzies, to help protect the vast Australian Antarctic Territory. Hainan Island has new elections.
  • Poland: Research continues and the first Polish radios have been invented. A national Polish radio station has been built and it has several shows on there like Polish News Today, Novak's Comedy Show, and others. The economy grows more and it is helped by new factories opening up to make radios. Factories across the nation are helped by the increased trade with other nations. More people are getting jobs in trade related industries. Since their is no major projects going on, we ask Britain if we can help in the wall that is being built.
  • Balkans: Civil war seems ever closer as several army regiments defect and form what they call the Free Army of Serbia. Several states declare independence and the army is sent to return them back to the kingdom.
  • Korea: Korea continues to improve the interior, building up the economy. Seoul is turning into a huge metropolis and they aim to rival New York as the center of economic commerce. Meanwhile, more ships are sent to trade with other nations.
  • Tibet: Tibet supports this idea, as it would be great to have an eastern metropolis as well as a western one.
  • ROCJ: Establishes a base in Antarctica. The military is amped down. With Seoul starting to become a metropolis, Tokyo, which just been fully rebuilt, is expanded its ports and business center in order to compete. ROCJ ask to buy French Indochina for a free trade agreement and the opening of a French controlled port just outside of the borders of Macau.

A map will be going up the next half year, sorry for the delay in maps. It will be very different :)

  • Belgium: Peacekeeping troops move from India to Oman. Car bomb goes off at check point near the Oil fields in Suhar. The bomb wounded several GDI soldiers and civilians. The Air Corps releases their new helicopter, the Raptor (similar to UH-1 Iroquois).
  • India: Quetta and Peshawar continue constructing numerous factories to help aid jobs in the cities as well as increase revenue for the area while Bombay and Delhi begin to boom like never before, economically and demographically. Factories continue to be constructed and many dams finish construction. Electrical production is at an all time high and the government begins to look into other renewable forms of energy to supply the energy demands of its people. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India continuing development of its own tank. The tank enters the design process and the tank's diameters are specified. It continues to send scientist to help the Axis Space effort.


Sec Council rotated!

  • USSR:The Soviet Union officially sends the first woman into space. More advanced military technology is worked on, and a prototype for an MRBM is worked on, to eventually come to ICBMs. More thermonuclear devices are tested. A new high in payload is reached with 20 MT of TNT, Soviets are encouraged to aim higher. Reforms are passed, much like the beginning of the "Glasnost" and "Perestroika" reforms. Soviets are now looking to ally themselves with the Germans, or LOAN, as they see that the Axis is now very much willing to attack, and the USSR needs allies. Meanwhile, progress continues with Communist groups in Iran and Finland and the News reporters are given more freedom to report, and are encouraged to have independent stances.
    • British Response: It tells LOAN not to listen to the USSR, as it is an excuse for expanding their power and destroying democracy.
    • Australia, representing LOAN: Accepts the USSR's membership of LOAN. Australia reminds Britain that LOAN is a mutual self-defense pact and the USSR will only be assisted in the event of an invasion of its sovereign territory.
  • Chile: A massive 9.5 earthquake hit Valdivia in the south of the country. A tsunami destroyed several towns in the coast of that area and spread over all the ocean. The government (more prepared than OTL) mobilize to the army and the civilian agencies for help to the people. During weeks the rescue labours continue but the President declares that soon the reconstruction will begin as like a new era for Chile,
    • Tibet: sends aid to Chile
    • Belgium: Medical supplies and Food is sent to Chile.
    • CHL Diplomacy: Delegate González von Marées thanks the aid to country.
  • Germany: Germany continues its plans for a man in orbit around 1962, and a man on the moon by 1968 (one year earlier, if that's all right). Germany suggests to the USSR to join the LOAN, as they don't get dragged into wars as much. Research continues, and the Leopard tanks begin replacing the Panzers and Tigers, while the solar-powered battleships prove sufficient on cloudy days.
  • Vanuatu: A new fruit cannery opens in capitol and a new helipad is built to the south of the capitol. Tariffs on Polish, British, Indonesian, Chilean, Japanese and Australian goods are cut to 0.5%. Food aid is sent to Chile. Vanuatu's president is concerned by the rumors of growing anti-French clashes in and around Hanoi.
  • Britain's military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. They continue research in their space program. They continue to build the Polish Wall to keep the Soviets out. They officially launch a man and woman into space after years of research. The British warn LOAN of the dangers of accepting the USSR into the union.
    • Australia representing LOAN Reminds the UK once again that the League of NEUTRAL nations is an intergovernmental organisation for nations of ALL government types. It is ONLY for the mutual defense of the member nations in the event of an invasion of their sovereign territory.
  • Tibet sends their first human into space, and the first prototype solar powered plane comes out, though it can only be flown on days without cloud cover and is slower than non-solar powered ones, but researchers continue making progress. continues to support Seoul in its bid to rival New York. Is pleased to hear the USSR has joined LOAN, and hopes this means an end to international violence.
  • Poland: Glad to see that all members are co-operating in the economic bloc, more people start to get jobs involving international trade. Manufacturers are doing all right, thanks to years of research on more productive methods of production. Also, a new more efficient factory machine has come out of the nation's labs today. Many factory owners hope to use this new method to make goods at lower costs. Research has begun on more efficient factory methods, improved solar power and color television. Unemployment went up by three percentage points, bringing the number to 7%. To help combat this, it is hoped that shipping and increased manufacturing will make up the loss jobs.
  • Korea: Korea continues to build up its infrastructure, mostly in Seoul. Seoul continues to grow as the economic center of Korea - and the East. Meanwhile, the economy picks up a lot as exports flourish.
  • Australia: Sends aide to Chile to help assist with the earthquake recovery. Work continues with the aim of sending and Australian into space by 1965.
    • CHL Diplomacy: Ambassador Neftalí Reyes thanks the aid to the country.
  • The USA: President Nixon is defeated in a landslide election by John F Kennedy, who becomes the first Democrat to win in twelve years. In his last days, Nixon attempts to get the US to join the Axis, but the Democrat controlled Senate, influenced by President-Elect Kennedy, refuses to ratify the membership, resulting in Nixon's last several months being total failures.
    Balkan Map2

    States in Blue are peaceful and have not declared independence. States in purple have not declared independence but have some degree of conflict in them, and states in red have declared independence.

  • Balkans: The civil war everyone feared has finally begun. Five states have declared independence and heavy fighting is constant. The government requests aid from other Axis nations to help end the civil war.
    • Polish Diplomacy: The military is gone so we can't offer major aid. However, there are still several weapons manufacturers in the nation that make weapons for our police force. We offer small arms and armored cars, as that is the best we have.
    • Balkan Diplomacy: We will take all that is offered and we give our thanks to Poland.
    • German Diplomacy: Germany, although not part of the Axis, offers humanitarian aid (food, water, medicine), and imports of weapons from a few German weapon makers.
    • Belgian Diplomacy: Sends Humanitarian aid as well and 1st motorized Cavalry Battalion and elements of 2nd Paracommando Battalion to help Balkan troops.
    • British Diplomacy: It sends humanitarian aid to the country and sends peacekeepers to purple zones.
    • Indian Response: Seeing that the Balkans (along with Belgium) were a great aid to India during their civil war, the government see fit for India to aid the Balkans in its civil war. Troops rush over to help re-conquer the rebellious states and send tanks to aid their troops.
  • ROCJ: Sends another person into space and improves the infrastructure and Tokyo is expanded. Aid is given to Balkans.
  • Belgium: GDI begins a massive Search and Destroy missions on rebel militia who have begun to use more car bombs and other improvised explosive devices near the Oil fields and on the East Saudi Arabia-Oman border. Several riots happen in Belgian Congo and Rwanda over wanting their Independence, thus the Belgium Parliament begins discussion on Belgian Congo's and Mandate territory independence.
  • India: The economic spotlight is taken off Quetta and Peshawar and Bombay and Delhi are focused on now. The cities initiate huge construction projects, including house building and factory construction. Factories continue to be constructed. The government continues to look into other renewable forms of energy to supply the energy demands of its people. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India continuing development of its own tank. The tank enters the construction process and the first prototype is expected to be ready by next year. It continues to send scientist to help the Axis Space effort and sends half its armoured force of a 1000 tanks (what do you think the factories have been doing, making cheesecake?). 100,000 troops are also sent to the Balkans to aid the government of the Balkans in their civil war against the breakaways.


  • Vanuatu:Farming improves greatly and some food aid is sent to the Balkans and Chile.
    • CHL Diplomacy: The government thanks the help of Vanuatu.
  • Poland: The economy continues to grow, and unemployment goes down as trade increases. A famous Polish economist has come up with a new plan to get businesses and industries everywhere with more funds to expands and provide benefits for the Elderly. People will store their payroll taxes in a bank account, and with the large amounts of money stored in these accounts, businesses will be able to get loans from these banks. The Banks will receive interest from the loans and pass most of it along to the original savers, providing great amounts of cash available for them and businesses everywhere in the nation. Many are skeptical, but the plan is barely passed in congress after a provision was included that allowed people to opt out and stick with the current plan.
    • Vanuatu's president is concerned by the rumors of growing anti-French clashes in and around Hanoi.
    • Did you mean to put that on your turn, or are you actually informing Poland about this, because I can't tell.
    • Hanoi riot recounted. It's still French held, not Non player, so I don't control its fate.
  • Britain's military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. They continue research in their space program. They finish building the Polish Wall to keep the Soviets out. They ask Swedo-Finland to build a military barrier in its border next to the USSR.
  • Australia Welcomes the Chilean Diplomat, and sends one in return. Australia also sends help to the rebelling provinces of the Balkans, as Australia believes in the self-determination of peoples.
    • CHL Diplomacy: Well, in fact, he was sent as ambassador in 1936 when both countries made a trade agreement, but we never receive the authorization je je
    • Australia Whoops! I misread your post of last year. We send another diplomat nonetheless. he he.
    • CHL Diplomacy: No problem. We receive the new Australian diplomat.
  • Balkans: The civil war continues, and Serbian, Croatian and Dalmatian Armies invade Bosnia, setting up a puppet government that declares independence. The government refuses to use Nuclear W
    Balkan Map3

    Current Situation

    eapons on the rebel republics. They do thank other nations for the aid and with their aid they manage to secure the Moravia region. The Slovakian breakaway republic wishes to join Poland and the rest of Slovakia and requests Polish support.
    • Polish Diplomacy: We inform the Balkans that we wouldn't betray them by annexing this state. However, we would be willing to buy it from you. You can name the price.
    • Balkan Diplomacy: We would prefer not to give away this state, but because of the reason of this state rebelling is to reconnect with Slovakia, perhaps we could create a demilitarized border there.
    • Polish Diplomacy: If you think it will stop it from rebelling, we will do it.
  • USSR: The Soviets continue to work on their ICBMs and their space program, launching more people into space. The Soviets end the Vostok program, a one man mission, and start the Voshod program, a two-person space mission. Technology for solar power is also being researched, and the military is updated with more modern tech. The space program aims to put a man into space by 1969.
  • Greece: The axis officially launches a man into space. He orbits the earth several times before splashdown. Greece sends military units to the Balkans. Greece assists in building the Polish wall along Poland. The Greek King, for the first time in decades, is gradually giving up responsibilities to the prime minister, though he is still commander in chief. The Greek prime minister announces in a speech "we see that an iron curtain has fallen across Soviet borders. we must no longer permit their vessels to use our waterways, or to allow them to cross their borders. They will remain in their nation, and we shall not allow any nation to assist them." Greece warns LOAN that the USSR, being a former member of CNAT is rather hostile.
  • Belgium: GDI notices a decrease in over all activity from the rebel militia. With the search and destroy missions being successful, GDI assume this is the cause of the calm. Parliament continues to discuses the Liberty of the Congo and mandate territory. Humanitarian Aid is sent the Balkans and Chile.
  • India: Bombay and Mumbai huge construction projects, including house building and factory construction. Factories continue to be constructed. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India continuing development of its own tank. The tank's first prototype is completed and testing has begun. It continues to send scientist to help the Axis Space effort and continue to aid the Balkans.


In the Middle East, conflict breaks out as West Saudi Arabia, seeking to seize the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, as well as the oil in East Saudi Arabia, invades. At first the West, with surprise on their side, as well as numbers, advances a lot very quickly. However, East Saudi Arabia, with their superior population base and money, begins to push the West Saudi Arabians out. At the end of the six months, the war is a stalemate, with neither side gaining land, as a war of attrition. Thousands die as the UAE collapses due to the conflict, and splits into seen emirates.

In China, China and Manchu request to leave Japan and become their own independent nations, with the nations of China and Manchu. They also request that Tibet give them back Chinese land.

The Manchu language is practically dead today, and only a minority of people living there are ethnic Manchu, and most of them are mixed-race. Several decades ago in 1961, it would probably have been the same (or even worse for the Manchus before China began giving minorities bonuses). The Manchurian puppet state the Japanese had in WW-II was only independent due to Japanese aid, without it it would have been absorbed into China.
  • Korea: Korea continues to build up their infrastructure. They support the Chinese and Manchurian move from Japan, and urge Japan to give them their independence. They would start a UN proposal but they are not on the Sec Council so they cannot. Also, to clarify, only Sec Council people can propose, but everyone may vote.
  • Tibet sends aid to the UAE, seeing them as innocents. Tibet also refuses point blank to give back their province, explaining that in the last twenty years it has become part of Tibet. There is even a province representative on the high council, which deals with the day-to-day running of the country. Tibet continues working on its solar research, improving the performance of the solar powered plane, and upgrading their stock of ICBM's with new, more powerful nuclear warheads. They also start a project to investigate deep within the earth, towards its core
  • Germany: Germany's concern with the two wars raging in the Balkans and Middle East, decides to take indirect and direct military action by sending aid to the Balkan government and sends military aid to East Saudi Arabia (who ever was the defender). Meanwhile, research into advanced technology continues, and begins plans for a man on the moon by 1969.
    • It is East Saudi Arabia that is fighting a defensive war.
  • The USA's new President Kennedy makes massive government efforts to restore the economy, and success is predicted. Meanwhile, he also adds more funds to the Space program, considering it to be a very high goal. The Bahamas are accepted as the fifty-first state of the USA.
  • Chile: The reconstruction in the south begin. Alessandri make a change of cabinet, and new politician and engineers are put in charge of the process. The aid received from the other countries is organized by the Emergency National Agency. Economy experimented a fall due to the earthquake effects, but the government hope begin to revert this soon.
  • ROCJ: Protests are minimal after the government finally establishes the free-elected leader of the Manchurian Region. Another man is sent up and a plan to hard hit the moon with a capsule is planned.
  • Poland: The economy grows, and more jobs are created through increased trade. Research continues, and a new project to build new infrastructre across the nation has begun. Roads, power lines, and water pipelines are all being built. Aid to the Balkans continues, and we encourage them to find a peacful way to end the war.
  • Britain's military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. They continue to research in their space program. They ask Swedo-Finland to build a military barrier in its border next to the USSR. They continue sending aid to the Balkans. They remain neutral in the Arab conflict, yet send humanitarian aid in regions who need it most.
  • Australia Begins research into an extremely large tank, possibly up to four times the size of a normal sized one. A wombat is launched into orbit by ASD, the Australian Space Department.
  • Balkan Map4

    Current Situation

    Balkans: The air force begins bombing attacks in Belgrade and the rest of Serbia. Troops and supplies from other nations help the armed forces greatly. With their aid the Balkans seized control of most of Slovakia and stabilize Hungary and parts of Austria. An amphibious attack on Dalmatia also brings the state back to the kingdom.
  • Belgium: After the decrease in attacks in past six months, the attacks begin picking up again. GDI begins tracking down the leaders of Rebel Militia.
  • Norway: The ultra-nationalist politician Stian Schleswig, encourages people to revolt against the oppressor Swedish. The riots began to have power in the north and begin to form several attacks on areas of "occupation." Stian, unifies these guerrillas under the name Først Frihet (FF) with some fascist character.
  • Vanuatu: Mango farms are booming. A small guano digging operation starts. The small manganese mine on Efate island opens and starts exports. Tichy gold deposits have recently been discovered nearby. Poland, Japan, UK and Australia are invited to start the goldmine. A [PT Boat] like the JFK used in WW-2 is purchased of a scrap yard in the USA (on Guam) for ten tonnes of manganese ore.
    • Poland would be excited to start the goldmine. We will come.
  • India: Bombay and Mumbai experience huge construction projects, including house building and factory construction. Factories continue to be constructed. The first skyscraper in India is planned and designing begins. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India continuing development of its own tank. The tank's testing continues as the flaws are looked to be ironed out. It continues to send scientist to help the Axis Space effort and continue to aid the Balkans. In the Balkans, significant gains are made, although around a 100 tanks were lost for this.


  • Vanuatu: The gold mine is opened and it appears to be a small, but usable deposit. Poland is welcomed as a co-partner.
  • Australia: Invests in the Vanuatu goldmine. The government senses the changing tide in the Balkan war and begins backing the Kingdom of the Balkans, giving them weapons and supplies, as well as a frigate being sent to Dalmatia.
  • Poland: The economy continues to grow, and more factories open up. More funds head into the gold mine in Vanuatu, and the Polish government hopes that a large amount of gold will come out of it that way the money spent will be replaced and with more. Research continues, and new advances in green power technology begins.
  • Britain's military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. They continue to research in their space program. They ask Swedo-Finland to build a military barrier in its border next to the USSR. They begin researching in green technologies like solar power and wind power.
  • Belgium: Belgium Parliament offers the Belgian Congo and mandate territory an independents if they agree to a commonwealth system that UK has with their countries or wait until 1975. Parliament give them six months to decide. GDI a captures a high profile leader in the rebel Militia. After several weeks of interrogation, the rebel leader still refuse to break, only telling GDI the following: "Our so-called leaders prostituted us to the West... destroyed our culture... our economies... our honor. Our blood has been spilled on our soil. My blood... on your hands. You are the invaders. All of the Western nations forces will leave Arabia immediately... or suffer dire consequences. You can not stop the Arabian Liberation Army (ALA). We will create a unified Arabian Nation again and expelling the western influence from Arabian peninsula..." The Leader dies sometime later of internal bleeding. With this information, GDI begins search the rest of the known Leadership of ALA Forces in Oman and identifying the other Possible leader in the other Arabian Nations.
    • Why, oh why, have you quoted CoD ...
  • Norway: Stian directs the Først Frihet to Oslo, propaganda and the large number of members make the Norwegian revolt to take effect. In an official statement of Stian as "den Store Leder" who will help states that Norway will cause strong support from the Norwegian government and its rich mines of iron.
  • The Nordic Union: The NU floods Norway with troops, and civilians are tried to be kept unharmed. Oslo is retaken, and soon Norway is back under Nordic control. Norway's rebel leaders, now in Nordic custody are taken to the negotiation table to see if the problems can be worked out.
  • Germany:Germany continues to plan for an on the moon by 1969, and launches its latest communication satellite. Solar powered is continued to be researched, and most of western Germany is powered by either solar panels or wind farms, and plans for the last fossil fuel plant to end is by 1998 to 2001. Germany continues to send aid to East Saudi Arabia and the Balkan government, and the new Leopard tanks is released to the General Republic, and research into advance technology (especially composite armor, medicine, communications, and green power continues), while color tv is becoming popular among the population of German.
  • ROCJ: Sends a women into space. Work on a space station begins. A capsule is launched and hard lands on the moon, revealing that it is not made of dust. Protest diminishes dramatically. ROCJ helps on the Australian Goold Pind.
  • Korea: Korea continues to work on Seoul, and other infrastructure within Seoul. Meanwhile, they pressure the Japanese to give the Chinese their independence.
  • Chile: While the affected cities begin to rise again, the economy recover slowly. President Alessandri order increase the patrols in the border due to reports about guerrillas groups trying to enter to the country from Peru.
  • Balkans: The civil war continues, and with Axis support the government captures Bosnia from the rebels.
  • USSR: The USSR continues its space program and work on ICBMs. The first ICBMs are predicted to be ready by next year. meanwhile, Project Big Ivan is underway, and its yield is to surpass anything ever seen. Military is updated.
  • The US economy improves a great deal. President Kennedy signs the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, ending segregation along with a Constitutional Amendment banning the Poll Tax.
  • India: Bombay and Mumbai experience huge construction projects, including house building and factory construction. Factories continue to be constructed, with more focus on economic action. The first skyscraper in India continues designing, but it starts to stagnate. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India continuing development of its own tank. The tank's testing is completed. It continues to send scientist to help the Axis Space effort and continue to aid the Balkans. In the Balkans, more gains are made as a significant amount of troops are used to capture Bosnia.


  • Korea: Korea continues to improve their infrastructure, and Seoul becomes one of the largest cities in East Asia. Meanwhile, Korea gives some aid to Chile for help on reconstruction, but not too much, as they cannot spare too much. The economy improves greatly, and the poverty rate drops to 12% from 15%. The goal is to lower it to 9% by two years, although many see that as impossible.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: Government thanks to Korea for his aid.
  • Nordic Union: The Nordic army, navy and air force remain on high alert should any more rebellions occur while Norway and and Finland still have a heavy military presence, although both former nations have representatives in the Nordic Congress which have the rights to vote.
    • Stian offers you next year, a federal constitution (similar to Bosnia-Herzegovina) for Norway in the Nordic Union. It is his only offer.
  • Germany: Germany continues to plan for a man on the moon by 1969 at the least, while another satellite is launched. Research into advance technology continues, especially in communications, warfare, and transportation. Medicine is also important, and the Leopard II is released to the public, and begins to outdated the old Tiger and Panzer tanks.
    • Greek diplomacy: Wonders if Germany would consider a Joint moon mission. I would have to ask the Axis, but since we are both considering to land on the moon before the end of the decade, why not?
  • Britain's military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. They plan to launch a man of the moon on 1965. They ask Swedo-Finland to build a military barrier in its border next to the USSR. They begin building wind and wave turbines in the North Sea.
  • Poland: Research continues, and the economy continues to grow. New gains in factory efficient methods are made, and Polish factories now use less labor than anyone else in the world, giving them a competitive edge over its competitors. However, a large amount of people are now unemployed, and it doesn't look like there is going to be any jobs available for them in the near future. To provide jobs for them, new infrastructure is going to be built,
  • ROCJ: Sends another hard crash capsule to

the moon. A plan to send a soft lander is in plans. Tokyo expands and a new Autoboat is released, the Freedom which highly popular. Solar power info is requested from Germany.

    • German Diplomacy: The plans will be delivered next turn.
  • Greece: The Axis launches another man into orbit. he circles the earth for 36 hours before splashdown. The Axis is challenged to send a man to the moon "Before the decade is out"
  • Vanuatu: The a second gold mine is made and Vanuatu expands the manganese mine.
  • Balkans: A temporary truce is declared in the civil war as both sides try to come to an agreement. Nothing has been agreed on however.
  • Australia Sends a koala into space, with the rocket being launched from the Space Center in Hainan Islands.The Koala's opposable thumbs make it ideal for space travel. The first massive tank, the Diprotodon I is completed and takes part in exercises in the Australian outback.
  • Chile: The entire country show good signs of recuperation. The President Alessandri hope that very soon the national economy reach to the levels before the earthquake. Army begin exercises training in zones similar to Peruvian regions.
  • The USA continues to fight against the segregation in the south. More space missions are undertaken, with the goal being to have a moon landing by 1970. Kennedy passes many economic regulations, which improve the economy which was somewhat unstable.
  • Tibet: Tibet continues as before, other than asking Australia if they can buy one of the super tanks, and increasing police ratios in the province of new Tibet, which was formerly part of china.
  • India: Bombay and Mumbai experience huge construction projects. Factories continue to be constructed, with more focus on economic action. The first skyscraper in India finally finishes the designing process and plans for construction are begun. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India continuing development of its own tank with the tank's testing completed. It continues to send scientist to help the Axis Space effort and continue to aid the Balkans. In the Balkans, troops continue their efforts to continue the temporary truce.


  • Britain's military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. They continue to ask Swedo-Finland to build a military barrier in its border next to the USSR. They begin building solar panels across its African territories.
  • Australia: Sends the blueprints for the Diprotodon-class super-tank to Tibet. Australia also asks Britain when Newfoundland and the remaining African colonies will gain dominion status, like Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa have.
  • Germany: Germany continues to plan for an man on the moon by 1969 at the least, '68 would be nice. Meanwhile, research into advance technology continues, and the last non-renewable powered ship is decommissioned. The Leopard II continues to replace the Panzers,
  • Korea: Korea continues to build up their economy, and Seoul is built up even more. Meanwhile, the Gimpo International Airport is built, to service most of the air traffic going in and out of Korea. However, quality is very poor, rated an average 2.3 stars out of five.
  • Nordic Union: The Nordic Union continues to suppress the rebels in Norway, and expands and modernizes its military.
    • British Diplomacy: It asks the country to see if it can build a barrier on the Nordic-Soviet border.
  • Poland: Research continues, and the economy keeps growing. More jobs are created from new infrastructure that is being built. More Green Power Plants are built and two coal power plants have been closed.
  • The USA continues working on its economy and space program. President Kennedy has record-high approval ratings. The fight against racism continues.
  • Tibet: Tibet builds their own super tank, the abominable, from Australian plans.
  • Chile: The base in Antarctica receives more supplies and resources for expanding. The economy increasing thank to new works for the reconstruction process in affected areas. In the municipal elections, the official coalition maintains the supremacy over the left-wing groups. The other principal parties, Radicals and Christian Democrats make a pact with the government.
  • India: Bombay and Delhi experience huge construction projects, with the airports already existent allowed to extend and the addition of three new terminals for each airport is accepted. Factories continue to be constructed, with more focus on economic action. The first skyscraper in India begins construction and help from the USA is requested as they have experience building skyscrapers. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India continuing development of its own tank with the tank undergoing final reviews. It continues to send scientist to help the Axis Space effort and continue to aid the Balkans.
  • Balkans: The truce with Serbia breaks down, although it holds with other Slavic nations. The army makes rapid advances into Serbia once the truce breaks down thanks to support from nations.
    • Indian Response: India sends 20 of its new tanks (these tanks are the heavy ones!) to aid its significantly destroyed fleet of tanks as well as aid the Balkans to re-establish control.


  • Korea: Korea continues to industrialize, and Gimpo International Airport is improved greatly. They hope to become the center of commerce in Asia, with many imports and exports to and from many nations. Meanwhile, the economy also picks up significantly, due to the economic improvements happening.
  • Poland: The economy continues to grow, and research continues. More factories open up, and more Green Power Plants are made.
  • Britain's military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. They continue to ask Swedo-Finland to build a military barrier in its border next to the USSR. Britain's economy enters a period of rapid expansion.
  • Australia: An entire division of the new Diprotodon class super-tanks is finally completed. A second and final koala is sent into space, making Australia's dream of manned space flight by '65 well within its sights. A new airship service is opened up between mainland Australia and Hainan Island, making the former Chinese territory feel even more an integral part of the federation.
  • Balkans: The armed forces overwhelm the Serbian forces and they occupy Belgrade. The government offers thanks to the other nations that aided them and they promise that the Serbs will not be persecuted for their actions.
  • Greece: Space launches become more common. The Duality program is initiated, which will attempt to dock two spacecraft in orbit. if his program is successful, it is planned to initiate the Luna program, and send a man to the moon.
  • India: Bombay and Delhi's airports undergo extension work and the construction of three new terminals for each airport begins. The project is expected to take five years. Factories continue to be constructed, with more focus on economic action. The first skyscraper in India continues construction and help from the USA is requested as they have experience building skyscrapers. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India's tank ready for mass production. The tank is close to being called a super-tank but has the advantage of being able to be produced at a rapid pace. It continues to send scientist to help the Axis Space effort and continue to aid the Balkans.


A New Terrorist organisation makes its presence known in the world in a public shooting in northern India which leaves 15 people dead. by the time police get there the gunmen are gone, leaving only a note pronouncing the people were "heretics" and the sign of a dharma wheel drawn in their blood

  • Tibet: offers to sell their Abominable class tanks to people, otherwise the country continues as normal.
    • Indian Diplomacy: India asks if whether the Dalai Lama can visit India to discuss international topics and matters of trade and military.
    • Tibet: He is not currently willing to leave the safety of his country,what with the recent terrorist attacks, but is happy to communicate over radio or video.
    • Indian Diplomacy: India understands, and will wait until next year to attempt to call the Dalai Lama again.
  • Vanuatu: Opens a new aerodrome in the capital and wishes to buy three Abominable class tanks.
  • Tibet: Tibet agrees sends the tanks over.
  • Australia Preparations are steadily being completed for the manned space flight next year. Another unit of the Diprotodon class super tanks are completed. Australia asks India if any extra security is needed. The bases in the Australian Antarctic Territory are upgraded, and the Airship squadron replaced with newer, more polar-friendly airships. Hainan Island begins a campaign to be raised to a state, (rather than a territory) of Australia.
    • Indian Response: India will gladly accept international help for bringing the terrorists to justice.
  • India: Crackdowns are ordered on the terrorist group responsible for the murder of 15 people. In light of this, new crack teams will be assembled and trained and the CBI's funds are tripled overnight. Bombay and Delhi's airports continue construction of three new terminals. Many factories finish construction, and security is increased in light of recent events. The first skyscraper in India continues construction. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India's tank beginning mass production. It continues to send scientist to help the Axis Space effort and continue to aid the Balkans in their civil-war, which is almost over with most of the Balkan Kingdom in control by the government.
  • Japan: (taking over until Monday) Japan continues to plan for an manned mission to the moon by the end of the decade. Japan continues to research into advance technology.
  • Chile: Now, the national economy has be fully recovered. With this good news, the President increasing the military budget, allowing to the Chilean engineers to develop a new series of ships, like the Condell-class destroyer (similar to County class). Works for improve the air force also are made.
  • Poland: Poland denounces the terrorist group in India, stating that they are cowards for killing civilians. Research continues, however the economy enters a recession as people began to worry over their safety, and because of that shipping and handling industries, and airports all laid off workers seeing less business happening. Some economists warn that similar recessions might happen in other countries as well. To deal with the rising unemployment, more green power plants are being opened. Factories are beginning to make more wind turbines and solar panels. To increase demand for these items, and hence jobs, Krol has announced the Polish Power Plan. He said that he hopes to have one million homes install solar panels, and another one million install windmills. Environmentalists and "Hippies" everywhere celebrate this new bill, however many conservatives question if the nation can actually afford this bill.
    • Are you part of the Axis?
    • I believe I am.
  • Balkans: The Balkan civil war ends completely, and rebuilding now begins. The government sends aid to India following the terrorist attacks.
    • Indian Response: India accepts the aid and will in turn help to reconstruct the Balkans.
    • British Diplomacy: It joins as well.
  • Germany: Germany condemns the terrorist organization, and develops an agency called the T.E.S (Terrorist Elimination Service), and begins to hunt down terrorist within Germany. Meanwhile, plans for an man on the moon begin, and construction on the rocket begins, and is expected to be finished by 1968 at the least.
  • Britain's military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. They continue to ask Swedo-Finland to build a military barrier in its border next to the USSR. Concerned about the rise of terrorism, they establish the Department of Homeland Safety, whose goal is to crackdown all terrorist movements in the empire. They support India in its mission to eliminate terrorism.
  • Greece: Continues working towards the moon shot. Two spacecraft successfully dock in orbit this year, and astronauts are able to take space walks. Concerned about this group, they create a separate branch of the shared arms between the Axis, known as the Axis Anti-Terror Organisation. India and Britain are offered first membership.
    • ​Indian Response: India accepts membership.
  • The US continues to advance in the space programs, sending up more missions into space. The US briefly fears the Hindu nationalist terrorists, and restricts immigration from India until they can determine whether or not they are a threat. Kennedy narrowly survives an assassination attempt this year, which boosters his popularity a great deal.
  • Korea: Korea continues to industrialize, and condemn the shootings in India. They offer their condolences and services in tracking down those villains. Meanwhile, they request to join the Axis Anti Terror Organisation.
  • Spain: A new president is elected in Spain, who declares himself Dictator, promises to rebuild Spain's once-glorious empire, and finish what Adolf Hitler started. Almost immediately, a massive military, naval, and air-force build-up begins, heavy industrial build-up begins, modernization and diesel-ization of the railway system begins, and a space program is started up, with the goal of landing a man on the Moon before either the USA and the USSR., as well as creating space-based weaponry.


Anti terrorist forces in India discover a cell of the terrorist organisation, which was planning to destroy India's new skyscraper. From them, this information was extracted: the organisation is called the Buddha's purification army, or B.P.A. Their aim is to kill all non-Buddhists so that there are only Buddhists left in the world as only Buddhists live the right way. In other part of the world the organisation has committed more crimes, notably the destruction of a Christian church in Seoul and the killing of a priest in what was once China.

  • Britain's military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. They continue to ask Swedo-Finland to build a military barrier in its border next to the USSR. They are horrified about the events in Korea and China, and begin to dispatch a small military force to help the countries eradicate the terrorists. They also send Christian missionaries to both countries ironically though, heavily protected by the British military. They are concerned about the events in Spain.
  • Tibet: As Tibet is one of the largest centres of Buddhists in the world it immediately begins an internal investigation into possibly terrorists in the country
  • South Africa:A new sewerage works opens in Cape-town and opens a new diamond mine in Kimberly.
  • ROCJ: Continues Space Program. A soft land capsule is landed on the moon. One with a rover will come within a year. ROCJ criticizes the terrorist and set up a investigation to find them. Tokyo International Airport is under construction.
  • Chile: Eduardo Cruz-Coke won the presidential election, supported by the Coalición Democratica Nacional, the new alliance between conservative, liberals, radicals, christian democrats and independents. He order begin the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Atacama.
  • Korea: The Korean government, enraged at the killings, begins a series of crackdowns on the BPA, ruthlessly hunting down and killing its members. A new branch of the KIA is created, called "the Ghost program" to those who know. Those in the Ghost program is allowed by the government to hunt down and kill terrorists and other threats to the Korean state.
  • Greece: AATO forces are mobilized and sent to terrorist spots all over the globe. Their forces are most concentrated in Tibet, as the mountainous regions there could easily conceal BPA members. Meanwhile, the space program continues, with scientists currently designing the rocket system that will take man to the moon. another rocket is launched, which goes far out of orbit from earth, but nowhere near the moon. it docks with a secondary rocket, and the two crews enjoy a brief spacewalk. The mission lasts several days before the astronauts return to earth.
  • Tibet: thanks the international community for its concern but Tibet will handle its own internal affairs and does not wish for AATO members to disrupt this delicate situation.
    • Greek diplomacy: AATO forces will be pulled back to India.
  • Balkans: The government offers sympathies to other nations affected by the terrorist attacks, but are unable to provide solid military assistance right now. The internal intelligence network investigates the possibility of terrorists in the nation, mainly in the areas affected by the civil war. Negotiations with the rebels are a success, and the breakaway states are now peacefully re-admitted to the nation.
  • The United States continues working on its space program and its economy. They restrict immigration from Asia, fearing that the Asian nations are too unstable now.
  • Poland: Research continues, and new gains in efficient factory machines are made, but thousands of Polish workers have been laid off. To deal with the rising unemployment, more money is put in the PPP and thousands of laid off workers start installing solar panels and windmills on private property.
  • Germany: Germany begins cracking down on all terrorist organizations within Germany, as well as gangs (both adult and minor), as well as drug dealers. All types of illegal drugs (cocaine, marijuana, heroin, etc.) is banned in Germany and its territories. Prisons, which are now full of drug dealers and other terrorists, are ordered the death penalty to all inmates, who were charged with major crimes, while minor crimes (stealing, shoplifting) are released on parole until further notice. Construction continues on the rocket to the moon, and the astronauts who were selected begin training. Another satellite is launched, and concerns about the Spanish government arises within the German government.
  • Spain: Heavy industrial and military build-up continues. Nuclear weapons testing begins, and development of newer, better fighters, bombers, and tanks begins. Spanish forces begin to amass on the Spanish-Portuguese border.
    • Wait, Germany and ROCJ had YEARS of research and you send one up in a half year?
    • Well, we used a surplus rocket, and the satellite was a quick build due to our vast resources as a result of our heavy industry.
    • There. Happy?
    • You can research it, just not in six months...
  • India: New crack teams assembled have yielded success as five more terrorist cells are captured, and more information is received from the captured prisoners. Bombay and Delhi's airports continue construction of three new terminals. The first skyscraper in India finishes construction and is majestic, arriving in the top 20 tallest building of the 60s. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India's tank continuing mass production. It continues to send scientist to help the Axis Space effort and recalls most of its troops from the Balkans, leaving only female regiments for peacekeeping missions.


  • Australia The final preparations are made for the manned space flight this year. Military scientists unveil the new Diprotodon II class of super-tanks. Hainan Island is officially raised to the status of a state, as opposed to a territory.
  • South Africa PM Hendrik Verwoerd dies of an unforeseen ATL heart attack and is replaced by acting PM Balthazar Johannes Vorster. A violent crackdown on the Azanian People's Liberation Army starts after attacks on rural power supply pylons. The ANC's constant protests in Chiawelo, Senaoane and Kliptown near Johannesburg are also put down. Finally a nasty fight breaks out with between the cops and an Afrikaner visual-anti mob in Rustenburg shortly afterwards. Seven Water purification and six sewerage treatment works are built across the realm, including 1 surprisingly in Kliptown. A national literacy and numeracy campaign are held (for whites and coloured only as yet). 12 civil and five military DC-3 copies are rolled out in Johannesburg and a coal fired power station opens in Pretoria.

The B.P.A continues its expansion, with reports of cells within communities as far as Arabia becoming more common. In India, the number of attacks seems to be going down, but there are still the roots in Buddhist communities, which have not disappeared. In Australia a freight zeppelin is hijacked and sent crashing into downtown Melbourne, and while there were only two casualties, there are worries about the what would happen if terrorists were to hijack an airplane. The British government receive a package addressed from one of the missionaries they recently sent to China, containing the missionary's head, and a recording. This recording shows a man wearing a white Buddha mask, and from his speech and skin which can be seen, he is of oriental descent. he warns the British government not to meddle in the purification, and states that soon it will reach everywhere, even Europe.

  • Spain: Aggressive military build-up continues. Heavy industrial build-up almost complete. Diesel-ization of railways 95% complete. An anti-missile system is built to defend against incoming missiles, and Spain's own nuclear arsenal, comprised of six ICBM squadrons, nine Tactical Nuke squadrons, 20 submarine-launched missiles, and 15 nuclear bombs, is deployed, ready to launch at a moments notice. Spain declares itself a super-power. After a research period, Spain's first satellite is launched, and a few weeks afterwards, a manned mission. The satellite is a spy satellite in geo-synchronous orbit over Europe to spy on NATO and Warsaw Pact missile sites, while the manned mission is simply a test flight of the spacecraft that will take Conquistonauts to the Moon. Research on better fighters, bombers and tanks continues. Scrap prices reach all-time highs as old steam locomotives are scrapped. Scrap metal is then sold to other countries, or melted down to be made into tanks or aircraft.
    • Note there is no NATO or Warsaw Pact. There is the Axis in which you are in and the Soviet Union CNAT, which is just the Soviet Union.
    • Also, no manned mission only a few months after your first satellite launch.
    • That entire post was a huge Spain-wank. There is no way Spain could become a superpower like that.
  • Korea: Korea continues to industrialize. The Ghost Program is also buffed up, taking in five more members, bringing the total operatives to seven. However, there are about 100 support staff and coordinators as well. Ghosts begin infiltrating the BPA, and assassinating key members. Three senior leaders are taken down in the first three months. However, the BPA becomes much more secretive, and it gets harder to track them down. However, many lower class commanders are taken down as well.
  • ROCJ: Improves economy and grows Tokyo. Tokyo International Airport is finished. A manned mission to the moon is ready in 1968. Missionaries are carefully watched to find the killer. A special ops unit is made. Another capsule soft lands on the moon with a rover and it observes rocks on the moon. Large Tanks are researched.
  • India: New crack teams assembled have continued yielding success and this shows with the reduce of attacks. Bombay and Delhi's airports continue construction of three new terminals. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India's tank continuing mass production. It then offers intel on whatever they know about the BPA to any nation which wants or needs it.


  • Poland: Research continues, and new advances in recycling technologies are made. Recycling centers across the nation are being set up, and thousands of jobs are made in the related industries are made (i.e chemical manufacturing). Even with all the progress being made in the nation, new hatreds are being made. Buddhists and former ex-Communists are all being separated from the general population. Segregation becomes common among the ordinary lives of Polish citizens, and anyone seen talking to Buddhists or ex-Commies are often shunned from society. To provide an explanation for these actions, politicians have often just said that this is in the name of National Security.
  • Britain'smilitary and navy continue expanding and upgrading. They continue to ask Swedo-Finland to build a military barrier on its border next to the USSR. The British begin eradicating possible terrorists in the country and continue to send troops to the ROCJ to fight off the terrorists. They begin to search for who ever killed the missionary. Also, they begin heavier protection to missionaries in China.
  • Australia Reeling from the shock Airship hijacking, immediately begins tightening security measures.
  • Tibet: Makes sure its non-Buddhist citizens are looked after and condemns the organisation. a minor politician is jailed for stating that "maybe they're not so bad after all. I mean, we're all Buddhists here"
  • S. Africa: National telecommunications, water supplies, sewage and electricity distribution, are to be updated and upgraded over the next six months. They begin to build up infrastructure, industrialize and expand the economy, increase education and health, and bring more (white, coloured and perhaps occasionally Asian) people to the technological world. Rural water supplies are markedly improved and the power supplies cut by the Azanians are restored. The (ATL) BPA is outlawed along with the (ATL/OTL) Azanian Liberation Army. South Africa considers joining the LOAN. It also moots an alliance and trade deal with Australia, and thus sends the an diplomatic envoy to the Aussies.
    • Australian Diplomacy The South African envoy is well accepted, as are the recent reforms in S. Africa. S. Africa is very welcome to add itself to the list of nations in the LOAN.
  • Vanuatu: Wishes to make Vanuatu wood product trade for oil deals, become protectorate of and for political alliances with Poland, Bulgaria, USSR, S. Africa, Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Japan. Telephones and ferry boats are upgraded to top designs. Recycling centers are being set up across the nation.
    • Australia Offers Vanuatu a Protectorate deal to Vanuatu, whereby Vanuatu remains in control of its internal affairs, while Australia deals with defense and foreign affairs.
    • Vanuatu: We agree to Australian protection and join the LOAN.
    • USSR: That also means that you are the USSR's ally.
    • Polish Diplomacy: We agree to an alliance between our two fine nations.
  • Greece: The Axis launches a manned spacecraft which successfully orbits the moon before it returns to earth. They are also beginning to launch probes to find a suitable landing site. A design is accepted for the space module which will take a man to the moon. Meanwhile, AATO members begin to be posted in every axis nation (besides Tibet), there amount depending on their threat level. They are put under the command of their respective governments. Security is tightened near the AMSA test site in Tibet.
  • USSR: The Soviets continue research. a 50 MT ICBM is tested as it is flown from a silo in Vladivostok to Novaya Zemlya. It is a success. The "Tsar Bomb" as it is called, makes headlines. Communist party continues slow democratization, as more and more media becomes critical of the government. Space program continues, as moon probes are sent up to test lander prototypes. The Soviets propose a nuclear non-proliferation agreement in the LOAN, as many people don't like ICBMs being blown up in Kamchatka, especially since there are radiation threat levels, and that it was half as much to cause a nuclear winter (the Soviets decided to cut it back from 100 MT because the fallout would reach inhabited areas)

The B.P.A has somehow found their way to South America, and continue their campaign there, in particular targeting Rio de Janeiro and doing much damage there. There have been no attacks in India and only two in Korea, over the past six months, with the agency retreating underground, among gangs and other criminals. In Japan, they take over Tokyo power station, and to prove that the people of the city are "unenlightened" they destroy the generator, bringing darkness to the city. In Poland, several statues showing saints or other prominent religious figures are vandalized.

  • British Response: It calls for an emergency meeting for the Axis Alliance. They begin to sign agreements to South America to eliminate the BPA. They ask Poland to let troops in to eliminate terrorists. Buddhists in the country are subjected to governmental scrutiny to prove their loyalties to the country. They declare a War on Terror to eliminate terrorism in Asia.
  • Polish Response: A new military force is made, called the Polish Anti-Terrorism Force. Intelligence networks are given more funds, and we tell the British we will help as soon as our new force is ready. Krol goes before the nation and gives a speech, stating that the nation is going to fight Religious Terrorism everywhere. All Buddhists in the nation are deported to a few private islands that the government owns, and there they are tortured into giving answers.
  • Tibetan diplomacy: The Dalai lama, as leader of the Buddhist world, protests at the treatment of Buddhists in Poland. he states that, while the polish government has the right to exile Buddhists from their country, he does not have the right to unfairly torture them and if it continues Tibet will respond harshly. also wouldn't torturing Buddhists lead to more attacks?
    • Really only the Tibetans (and maybe Mongolians?) would follow the Dalai Lama, so calling him the leader of the Buddhist world would be a stretch. Like calling the Coptic Pope the head of all Christianity. But he would probably protest treatment of his religion like that, anyway.
    • The USA joins the Tibetans in condemning the actions of the Polish, and severs all relations with the Polish
  • Nordic Union: The former nations of Sweden, Finland, and Norway are dismantled to their provincial boundaries and all of those provinces elect congressmen and senators to the Nordic Congress, helping to get rid of old national boundaries. Nordic troops land in Iceland and occupy the country using blitzkrieg tactics adapted to the rugged terrain and climate of Iceland. Iceland is then turned into four new provinces for the Nordic Union, and it begins to be integrated into the Union.
  • If Iceland is another player's land, I revoke my post.
  • LOAN A proposal for a LOAN nuclear non-proliferation treaty is under vote on the LOAN page.
  • Germany: Germany continues to crackdown on terrorist groups in Germany, and declare its own personal War on Terror. German Parliament passes an law requiring all of people entering the country of Germany to have an show of ID (driver's license, school id's, other types of paperwork), and those that don't are taken in for questionings. Germany agrees to the nuclear-proliferation treaty of the LOAN, as they don't support nuclear weapons. Construction continues on the rocket, and training for the astronauts continue. Advance technology is researched.
  • Spain: Spain begins an invasion of Portugal without declaring war. Portuguese forces are overwhelmed, as Spanish forces overrun positions. Spain's vastly modernized military easily defeats Portugal's under-sized and outdated forces. Within days of the invasion, Lisbon falls and Portugal is annexed.
    • If anyone is Portugal, I will change it, but seeing as this "Tim" person is MIA, I'll just
    • It would probably take more than days to take over Portugal. Change it to months. Still this turn, but more realistic.
  • Chile: President Cruz-Coke order stop, by the moment, the construction od the nuclear plant after the intelligence services and carabineros (Chilean police) capture three people, who were treating to put some explosives in the place. The men claim be part of Movimiento Revolucionario Popular, formed by the last Chilean guerrillas. Due this, Chile officially decides join to the Anti-terrorist Org. of the Axis Alliance. New delegate, Jorge Prat Echaurren, inform to the Axis that Chile begin immediately to collaborate with our resources.
  • The United States government condemns the Polish acts against religious freedom. The US states that all Buddhists who are not terrorists are welcome in America. The American space program has great success, and a rocket is sent to fly right by the moon, proving that the US can reach such distances and return safely. Now, only if they can figure out how to land...
  • India: Crack teams assembled has yielded success and with no attacks, the teams are allowed rest. Bombay and Delhi's airports continue construction of three new terminals. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India's tank continuing mass production. It then offers intel on whatever they know about the BPA to any nation which wants or needs it.


  • RSA: Joins LOAN. Farms being upgraded in rural parts. Infrastructure continues to expand as well as health and education. Energy taxes are lowered. 20 civil and 18 military DC-3 copies are made. Five military copies of C-54 Sky master, two civil copies of the DC-6, DC-7, DC-8 and Vicker's VC10 are rolled out at Pretoria airport. S. Africa makes its own genuine variant of the McDonnell Douglas DC-9, but it won’t be completed for a year. S. Africa makes many S.A.M. missiles and creates many radomes and radars across the nation. A new class of reconnaissance aircraft. Several APCs and a mine layer, supply ship and mine sweeper and parole boat are made. Several ships are upgraded including-
    • SAS President Steyn
    • PT boat P1553 and P1552
    • Ford class seaward defence boats
    • Destroyers SAS Jan van Riebeeck and SAS Simon van der Stel
    • Type 15 Anti-Submarine frigate SAS Vrystaat
    • mine sweeper SAS Pietermaritzburg
    • corvettes SAS Good Hope and SAS Transvaal
    • Harbour defence motor launches HDML 1331
    • Air-sea rescue launches P1552
    • SAS President Kruger
  • Britain's military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. They continue to ask Swedo-Finland to build a military barrier in its border next to the USSR. The British ask the RSA to buy all of its African possessions up to Tanzania as long as the country is a commonwealth of Britain. The British bomb terrorist cells in China and India, and manage to eradicate numerous terrorists, including the one responsible for the beheading of a monk. Increase security of Brits in Asia occur.
    • RSA Diplomacy: Agrees providing it does not interfere with membership of LOAN, payment will be made in the form of several tonnes of gold bullion, three DC-8 civil copy aircraft and three McDonnell Douglas DC-9 civil variant aircraft a year for five years. Apartheid will only extend to Namibia and S. Rhodesia which have a white sizable minority. Lesotho, Swaziland, Nyasaland, Bachuchland and N. Rhodesia will remain culturaly free countries and will have no change in ethnic status.
    • The RSA quits.
    • Nordic Union Diplomacy: Tons of gold bullion, 55 years of free iron ore, free shipping through the Baltic Ocean, allowance of British civilians to travel throughout the NU freely while the apartheid systems will gradualy be lifted as whites and blacks are slowly integrated into one society. All British naval and military vessels can travel throughout the NU unheaded and use its airports, seaports, harbors, etc, for Britain's colonies in Africa. More troops and tanks will be given to the British to help on their war against terror as well.
    • Britain cancels the deal since the RSA quits for no known reason.
  • Tibet: Thanks the U.S for its assistance. Recycling centres start being set up, and a new tank model, Abominable II, is released. Several monastaries are shut down after they were found to be secertly giving funds to the B.P.A
  • Nordic Union: The NU continues to upgrade its military. It offers Denmark five billion dollars for Greenland. Britain is asked if the NU can purchase Britain's African colonies please.
  • Poland: Research continues, and new gains in productive factory methods are made, helping Polish workers become the most productive workers in the world. More recycling centers are set up, and hundreds of factories are being helped by this. In response to international pressure, torture of some Buddhists is stopped. However, people of suspicion will be tortured unless they have proof of their innocence or give up answers. The PATF continues to be built up, and it is estimated they will be ready for combat within a year. The extensive training is helping make them an amazing, small group of soldiers who can be deployed anywhere using anything. Also, our network of spies is improved, as it will be needed in the War on Religious Extremism. To prove to the people that he is not purposely targeting any group, Krol named the War as a War on Religious Extremism.
  • Greece: The space capsule that will take man to the moon is tested in January. The design works very efficiently unmanned, and a manned mission in April is also successful. AATO begins more crackdowns in all nations involved. Greece asks Britain if, during their decolonization process, they can cede to Greece their Mediterranean possessions.
  • Australia: Sends its first man into space, six months behind schedule. The capsule, the Federation I orbits the earth for 20 hours before re-entering the atmosphere and making a successful landing in the Tasman Sea. Australia asks Britain why Newfoundland still has not achieved Dominion status.
  • Chile: The investigations made by the Agencia Nacional de Inteligencia show that MRP receive support from the far-left movements in Peru, with the intention to damage to the democratic government. The armed forces are moved to the Peruvian border.
  • India: Bombay and Delhi's airports continue construction of three new terminals, with completion not far off. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India's tank continuing mass production. It then offer intel on whatever they know about the BPA to any nation which wants or needs it, but their efforts seems to have payed off as the BPA commit no attacks against the Indians. This does not mean their successes are hampered, as 6 terrorist cells are discovered in the east and destroyed.


The B.P.A continue to operate in Asia, Oceania, and eastern Europe. A cell is discovered making its way into Greece from Turkey, and in the fight that ensues ten B.P.A members and four Greek AATO members are killed and ten B.P.A operatives are captured. In India, the B.P.A uses suicide bombers for the first time, with a suicide bomber managing to detonate himself in a crowded airport terminal.

  • WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT. I just realized something: why would the BPA attack countries "innocent" in the Buddhism-Western rivalry?! South America never had to do with this!
    • Well, for one thing, the aim of the B.P.A is not to destroy westerners, it's to kill all non-Buddhists.and terrorist organisations are not known really very logical to begin with.
    • The BPA doing that is stupid. The only reason the Muslim terrorists attacked the US was because they thought the US was opposing them. They didn't do anything against South America because South America is pretty much entirely Catholic and does not interfere with other nations. No terrorist organization would attck countries like that. The organization couldn't flourish in Mexico because there are almost no Buddhists there. Attacking Greece makes sense as a way to strike against the Axis, who they find as enemies. Striking against South America and Mexico is totally illogical and highly implausible, so I deleted that.
    • ASB alert?!?
  • The USA recognizes all newly independent colonies. The US, wishing to match the Axis, begins to test their own landing technologies, though they are still several years away from landing on the moon.
  • Korea: Ghost operatives infiltrate a BPA cell in India, where he manages to eliminate key leaders of the BPA. The Ghost Program is expanded once again, and it now includes assassination, sabotage, and intelligence. Korea requests to othernations that Ghost operatives be allowed access in their nations.
  • Balkans: The Balkan military captures a smuggler they believe to be connected to the B.P.A. While he denies any connection, it is clear that he was smuggling weapons and they appear to be similar to the ones used by the B.P.A.
  • Nueva Granada: following over a decade of isolation and industrialization the New Granadan republic has returned to the public stage while extremely industrialized over a decade under developed requests have been made for resent blueprints and all military operations in Panama have been temporarily ceased.
  • Nordic Union: The NU continues to upgrade its military. It offers Denmark 5 billion dollars for Greenland. Britain is asked if the NU can purchase Britain's African colonies please.
  • ROCJ: Works on Moon Landing which is planned in a Year and a half. A new rocket, the Tokyo Rocket, is made to do moon missions. Tokyo 1, to go around the moon, is to be launched next winter.
  • Poland: Research continues, and the economy continues to grow. The PATF continues to be improved, and will be ready for combat soon. Along with this, intelligence services are now ready to gather up information about the BPA.
  • India: Construction of 3 new terminals nears completion and is expected to be complete by next year. The airports are also given hectares of land so in the future the airport can expand without any problems or encroachment. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India's tank continuing mass production. It then uses all its specialized troops to capture all remaining operatives and it seems that the forces were given time to relax at the wrong time frame. This ensures that dozens of cells are destroyed and the captured terrorists are tortured to get the necessary info about their leaders which is then handed to the Korean Ghost Program as well as the Indian CBI Special Forces Strike Teams.


The BPA is exposed as having political links with the PLO, UNITA, ETA, Hammas, FLN and the IRA. The other extreme organizations start planning their own attacks against their respective enemy countries. The leader of the B.P.A is finally uncovered by AATO spies in Tibet. The Tibetan minister of defence has been funding the organisation and after he is discovered, he flees the country. In Arabia, a huge fire is started in Mecca, destroying several important mosques and inflicting large casualties. Without the funding provided by the minister, however, B.P.A activities start to ebb.

  • Nordic Union: The NU continues to upgrade its military. It offers Denmark 5 billion dollars for Greenland. Britain is asked if the NU can purchase Britain's African colonies please.
  • Spain: Heavy military and industrial build-up continues. Research of better planes, tanks, and weapons continues. The Spanish Imperial Air Force begins flying recon missions along the Spanish-French border to monitor troop movements. Forts left over from the old Spanish dictatorship from 1901-1905 are recommissioned, and military patrols along the French border intensify. Spain rescinds its declaration of being a superpower, but still says it will beat the USA and USSR to the moon. The first manned mission is launched, which lasts five days orbiting the Earth. Development on a rocket that can send Conquistonauts to the moon and a lunar lander intensify. Spain grants independence to whatever colonies it has left, focusing on its affairs in Europe for now. It asks Germany and Italy for support in the event of war with France and Britain.
  • Britain's Military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. They continue to ask Swedo-Finland to build a military barrier in its border next to the USSR. They fear a Cold War with LOAN due to its growing influence especially when the USSR is backing them. Britain is shocked about Spain and asks it why is it doing this. They begin sending troops to Tibet to eradicate the terrorist organization's leader.
    • Spanish Response: Revenge! Revenge for all those years of you, France, and Holland weakening us! This is a taste of your own medicine!
    • British Response: Then in that case, Britain calls for the Netherlands and France to form a pact against Spain and evicts it from the Axis Alliance.
    • WAIT! You guys are the Allies, and I'm on the Axis!
    • Nope. Spain, Britain, Italy, they're all in the axis. look here
    • Greece agrees with the decision to formally expel Spain from the Axis.
    • Balkan Diplomacy: The Balkan government agrees to expel Spain from the Axis if it does not change its current direction. The Balkans still want to purchase the Italian Balkans.
  • Poland: Research continues, and the economy continues to grow. Poland announces it will make it's own space program, and gives a large amount of funds to it. The PATF is sent to countries that are being affected by the BPA. We ask to join the Axis's anti terrorism organization. We also ask Germany if we can buy some space technology.
    • German Diplomacy: Germany offers to sale some of its designs.
    • Polish Diplomacy: We thank Germany, and ask what the price is.
  • Germany: Germany continues to construct the vessel that would take the astronauts to the moon and will be completed in 1968, and the training for astronauts continues. Meanwhile, Germany withdraws from the LOAN, and decides to stay neutral. The German military prepares for possible war with Spain, and declares support for France in the event of war.
  • Balkans: The military is put on alert over possible Spanish attacks, but the government says that they have no opinion on who is the victim here. The government offers to purchase the Italian Balkans to please Serbian irredentists.
  • Australia Plans another manned spaceflight for 1968. It implores Britain not to worry about LOAN, reminding it that it is a purely defensive organisation. Australia also reminds Britain of its closeness due to Australia's former position as a colony, and current position as a member of the British Commonwealth of nations. Keeping that in mind, the Australian-led LOAN would never show any aggression towards Britain unless the Axis attacked a LOAN member state.
  • The USA works on improving its economy and space program. The space program is ahead of schedule.
  • ROCJ: A manned capsule is sent around the moon and back to earth. As a sign of Earth Unity, ROCJ ask for a joint-launch to the moon with two ROCJ Astronauts and two German. The Space Program is advances and part of the navy is sent to Europe to defend peace.
    • German Diplomacy: Germany agrees.
    • British Diplomacy: Me, too.
  • Tibet: Immediately denies all association with their minister of defence, and offers a reward for his capture. Meanwhile, the government takes an interest in recycling and start building recycling plants around the county it also offers for the tibetan facility to be the launch site for this unified moon mission
  • Korea: Ghost operatives track down the former Minister of Defense of Tibet, who had fled to Russia, and after interrogating him, quickly eliminate him and dump his body in the water. Also, using information from the Minister of Defense, they track down the leader of the BPA, and after interrogating him also, they also eliminate him and get away cleanly.
  • Greece: Spain is charged with aggressive and violent actions which do not benefit the Axis, or Europe as a whole. They officially call a meeting to decide what to do with the status of Spain's membership on the Axis page. Poland is allowed into AATO, and the anti-terror operations continue. AATO members have found evidence to suggest that the leader of the BPA fled via the Russian border. However, it is unsure whether he is currently in Russia, Afghanistan, India, Persia, or doubled back into Tibet. India is offered Full Membership in the Axis, due to their high level of participation and merit.
    • Read above post.
  • Nueva Granada:Aa request to Australia is made for recent technological innovations to help put the nation on track in the very shifted world order, a new army modernization program is installed to shift the emphasis of the nations military structure. The nuclear program which was abandoned ten years ago is continued with new vigor to secure the nations security and sovereignty.
  • India: Construction of three new terminals is finally completed and the following celebration is huge, although security is very very tight. The three new terminals are equipped with the best Airport technologies and is now capable of rivaling the West in their airport standards. Now all they need is more customers, and a huge tourist campaign is started up, which will include the funding of hotel construction, cleaning and refurbishing of old palaces and the construction of many more skyscrapers, to free up space in the cities. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India's tank continuing mass production. Its efforts in capturing and destroying B.P.A cells have proven successful, and these cells have mostly originated from the majority Buddhist provinces of the East. Many high profile Eastern Indians are interrogated and it is found out that many were funding them, and Special Forces Strike Teams now focus completely in the East, where an astonishing number of cells, 19, are found. The Special Forces Strike teams are given a new name, the Death-Eaters Strike Teams, or D.E.S.T for short.


After noticing a buildup of Syrian and Egyptian forces on its borders, the Israelis launch an pre-emtive strike against the two enemy powers, and decisively win the war which will come to be known as the 6-Day War. The Israelis now occupy the Sinai, the Golan heights and the Gaza Strip. Due to this, Hamas launches a rebellion in Israel, and although weak, it is still going on.

Inspired by the Hamas, many Chinese pro-independence groups launch their own rebellion, although this rebellion is mainly centred in the contempt by rural areas as the people living in Chinese cities are more than content with the way of life they live.

Under the command of Ho Chi Minh, the whole of Indochina erupts into uprising for their want of an independent Indochinese state, taking examples from the Chinese and Palestinians. It seems that 1967 will be known as the "Year of Rebellions" in times to come, and the B.P.A can only watch as they become irrelavent in world affairs.

  • Nordic Union: The NU advaises Israel to keep all fo its conquered territories as payment for the bloodshead the two aggressive nations have done to Israel, and offers troops to help support the annexations. Denmark is offered $30,000,000 for Greenland. The Army and Navy are expanded while the NU sides with Spain in the Axis issue, stating let Spain do what it wants, we are an INTERNATONAL organization, not one country, you can't control what they do. The NU also asks Canada if it can purchase the Arctic Islands for $15,000,000,000.
    • Greenland purchase
      I will do an RNG for both purchases. Here are the screenshots, and both are purchase offers are accepted and both Greenland and the Arctic Isladns are purchased by the Norid union and ceded to the Noridc Union:
    • Arctic isladns purchase
      Please note, Greenland is fine (you are stretching it) but the Arctic Islands are solely Canadian and will not be given to the Nordic Union.
  • Germany: Germany launches another round of attacks on terrorist in Germany, with Special Operations and the use of fighter jets. Construction continues on the rocket, and will end next turn, and launch the turn after that. The astronauts continue training and preparing for the lift.
  • Balkans: The Balkan Government recognizes Indochina as an independent nation, and the Balkans urge France to grant them independence. We still wish to purchase the Italian Balkans. (Can someone do a random # generator for this, it seems like Italy's player has been MIA for a while).
  • Poland: Research continues, and the economy continues to grow. Poland continues to work on it's space program. It is hoped that we will be able to send a man up into space in a year thanks to the German designs.
  • The USA launches another trip which circles the moon this year. Preparations begin for the moon landing launch, as the US has been pooring a ton of money into the program and has not been hit by terrorism or war. They have the same schedule as the German launch.
    • You are still meant to be allies with Israel, so you will need to post about how things are going and how you are supporting them.
  • Korea: Ghost operatives finally clean up the last of the BPA by wiping out their entire senior leadership with an airstrike. Infrastructure continues to be built, and Seoul is also built up.
  • Greece: a mission is sent with a lunar module to the moon, however, the module orbits the moon, and does not land. it lands safely back on earth, and it is planned to send a man to the moon in 1968.
    • Wait, how are you doing that with a country like Greece? I been planning for ten years for a landing in 68 and I am ten times bigger than you are!
    • It's not Just Greece, it's the entire Axis Space agency. maybe i should have clarified.
  • ROCJ: Sends a capsule around the moon and a famous photograph, called the Blue Marble. Plans are made for the Joint-Sino-German Launch this winter.
  • Australia Agrees to give Nueva Grenada our latest technology, in return for stronger economic and political ties.
  • Tibet: the recycling plants are completed, and a statue is built in the tibetan capital to commemerate the people lost to the B.P.A. riot police are sent to watch over the province of new china, to make sure the rebellion does not spread there.
  • Chile: Last reports of the reformed inteligence service: ASNI (Agencia de Seguridad Nacional e Informaciones) indicated that the peruvian armed organizations which support to terrorist guerrilla groups in Chile had important influences over the weakened Peruvian government. Also, info reveal the existence of guerrilla camp in Peruvian ground near to the Peruvian-Chilean border, where the guerrillas plan attacks against targets in Chile.
  • India: The tourist campaign continues successfully with adverts being sent in foreign countries, although tourism has somewhat been dented with the terrorist attacks. More hotels are funded by the government for construction. As well as this, cleaning and refurbishing of old palaces and the construction of many more skyscrapers, to free up space in the cities also continues. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India's tank continuing mass production. The D.E.S.T have mostly focused their campaign in East India where the jungles are good enough for cells to be trained. They have yielded success and another 12 are destroyed this year, making it seems like the B.P.A might be wiped out as a threat once and for all. They also support Israel, sending troops to aid the Israelis and help them retain their territories as well as recognise Indochina and fund their rebellion.


  • Vanuatu: Roads and housing are improved against hurricanes. Vanuatu's user quits and annexes the country to Australia.
    • Australia accepts and annexes Vanuatu outright.
  • Greece: three men in AMSA are sent to the moon this year. Their landing is successful, and they plant an Axis flag near the lunar module, along with the flags of India, the UK, and Greece, their nations. They collect several samples of lunar rocks, and photographs, which are transported back. They splash down in the North Sea, and return home safely.
    • Indian Diplomacy: India celebrates the launch and safe return, and with Axis technology, launches its first satellite into space.
  • Nueva Granada: A revitalization campaign is launched to restore the former Colombian place on the global market and to trigger a new industrialization program throughout the nation, with a strong government hand in the program we are looking at a new mixed economy coming out strong, new weapon designs are drawn up to make up for lost time while the T52 is still in mass production.
    • Nueva Granada Response to Australia: agrees to increased political ties and economic ties offering a free trade agreement with the pacific nation and reduced prices on oil and minerals.
    • Australia thanks Nueva Grenada and sends its first shipment of coal in a fleet of cargo airships.
  • Britain's Military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. They continue to ask Swedo-Finland to build a military barrier in its border next to the USSR. Britain asks Israel and the Arab Coalition for a peace agreement, though it does support Israel.
  • The USA has now completed their moon space program, and they launch right after the midpoint of this year with no problems. It is a great propaganda boost for the Americans that they have accomplished the same feat that many nations in the Axis did all working together all by themselves merely months later.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: A request for aid is sent to help the staggering nation get back up on its feet and revitalize the economy.
    • The USA, considering that the nations of the rest of the Americas should be somewhat protected by the US, does send a small amount of money to help the Granadan economy, as well as several economic advisors, some new technologies, and new trade agreements. They propose the creation of a Pan-American Economic Alliance, which any nation in the Americas could join (but also be a member of any other alliances). This would be an economic, not military, alliance.
    • Nueva Granada accepts to the idea of an economic zone but we do not need protection since we are militarily compitent and while the tech and trade agreements the economic advisors and money are not necessary as we have well established internal market and once we establish a stronger industry like we once had with the technology we will begin entering our products into the world market once more, a proposal cheap tourism is also offered to the states to increase the ties between the two American nations
    • Poland asks the US and Nueva Granada if they would like to join a free trade that Poland and several other nations have formed. It would lower tariffs on all products you export and all the products you import from the other members,
  • Germany: The mission to the moon by Germany and Japan is successful, as the Japanese and German flag is planted side by side. (The rest of the mission I'll leave up to the Japanese player). Meanwhile, the German Leopard 6A is released, and now competes with the modern tanks of that time period.
    • Greek diplomacy: The Greeks suggest a combined mission to the moon between the Axis, the ROCJ,the USA and Germany. They also suggest the four nations build an International Lunar Station (ILS) for lunar research.
    • German Diplomacy: Germany agrees.
  • Korea: Korea continues to improve its economy, as well as the military. The Ghost Program is expanded more, with 20 active duty agents hunting down criminals and bringing them to justice.
  • Australia: A direct airship link is established between Australia and Nueva Grenada. The Australian Security Intelligence Agency (ASIO) is established. A small group of hardy fishermen settle in the Mawson base in Antarctica.
  • ROCJ: Before any other country, Tokyo 3 lands on the moon with two Japanese and one German Astronaut (One German Orbiting). The flags are posted side by side. Plans for moon missions are for every six months. Chinese Rebels calm down as the capital is moved to Beijing for Economic Capital (The rest stays in Tokyo).
  • Poland: Research continues, and the economy continues to grow. More funds are put in the Polish Space program, and a Satilite is sent up thanks to designs sold by Germany earlier and to large amounts of funds for the Space Program. The Space Program is given unlimited funds, and it is hoped that Poland could one day catch up with the other space-faring nations.
  • Balkans: The Balkans continues with its space program as fast as it can, but it celebrates the Axis landing on the moon. The government still wishes to purchase Italian Albania and Italian Serbia. Can someone please do a random number generator on this? Italy appears to have been away for some time.
  • Ok. I did the random number generator so ...
    • Albania- 1-7 Yes 8-10 No- 9 No
    • Serbia- 1-7 Yes 8-10 No- 1 Yes

Flag of South Korea PitaKang- (Talk|Contribs) 19:35, April 5, 2012 (UTC)

  • Chile: The President order continues with the construction of the new nuclear power plant, as the security measures were increased by the ASNI. The agency continues his investigations coordinated with the Carabineros and the Armed Forces for search and capture the terrorist guerrillas in the country. The last attacks reported took place in government building in Santiago, Concepción and Puerto Montt.
  • India: The tourist campaign continues successfully with adverts being sent in foreign countries, and with the country more stable with no terrorist attacks in over a year, tourism grows. More hotels are funded by the government for construction. Cleaning of old palaces have been completed and only refurbishing is left. Construction of many more skyscrapers, to free up space in the cities also continues and a quarter of skyscrapers planned have been completed and flats are now up for sale. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India's tank continuing mass production. India also celebrates the Axis and Japanese-German landing on the moon are are proud that their flag is on the moon along with other Axis nations.


Avaro '68.5

The world in 1968.5.

  • Korea: Korea continues to build up its infrastructure, and mining starts in the northern parts of Korea. The minimum wage is introduced in Korea, starting at 4,300 wons ($4.30) an hour.
  • Poland: Research continues, and the economy keeps growing. More money is put into the Polish Space Program, and it is estimated that the first Polanaut will be sent up in 1.5 years. Meanwhile, a proposal to make a minuim wage was put into Congress today, but failed after many Conservative Senators and Representatives voted no.
  • Iran: The unstable Iranian government begins selling more oil to countries to which Iran has not been selling before, the army is to concentrate on crushing pro-Communist, pro-democratic movements. (By this time, the Islamic Groups had taken power in Iran.) They begin lowering the air force's military budget.
  • Britain's Military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. They establish the Commonwealth of Nations, made out of every country formerly under British rule. It finally launches its man on the moon. While they remain neutral over the situation in Iran, they have to condemn the country for poor human rights.
  • The USA launches its first two men to the moon right as the sixth month period turns. A few months later, the election is held. Centrist Republican Nelson Rockefeller beats far-left Democrat Eugene McCarthy and the far-right American Independent George Wallace in the presidential election.
  • Balkans: The Balkans begin to integrate former Italian Serbia with the state. The economy shows signs of improving, and another satellite is planned to be launched in 1969.
  • Greece: The Greeks, interested in lunar research, file a pending resolution with the UN that would create an International Lunar Station
  • A little ASB maybe.
  • ROCJ: Sends two more missions to the moon solely. Plans are made for a space station in 1971. A supersonic plane is researched.
  • Nueva Granada: At 10 AM in the morning off the coast of the Galapagos Islands a bomb went off. This nuclear bomb of Nueva Granada was tested and it has been declared a success, Following the success the of the bomb the government has issued a proclamation to start a civil nuclear program to begin the production and usage of nuclear energy to eventually shift from the gas based energy production. A new series of weapon designs have entered testing to see they're worth in reality, a full scale sponsorship of industry has bugan to build up industries in newly urbanized areas. Food is sent to overlooked areas of northern Brazil to help out the backward societies.A policy of peaceful aid backward areas is taking and the military presence in Indonesia is decreased so that training of the Indonesian national army can begin. Technicians are sent to Indonesia to help build up Indonesian infrastructure.


Come on guys, let's finish this game! Sadly, peace is taking a toll on our enjoyement, so...

With enough support, the Israelis crush Hamas' rebellion in Israel, and and begin a program to convert all Muslims in their terrirtory into Jews but they do this secretly and no one knows about this. They also send around 100,000 settlers into the West Bank, significantly expanding Jarusalem.

Ho Chi Minh leads Indochina to a full blown rebellion, and France loses battle after battle. In the battle for Dien Bien Phu, the French are decisively defeated and only hold onto a small enclave of land in the north.

Meanwhile, Britain's Malay colony (on the island of Borneo) rebels and joins Indonesia, thereby becoming part of LOAN. The other half is still in British hands, nut for how long, no one knows.

  • Poland: Research continues, and the economy keeps growing. More funds go into the space program. It is estimated that the first Polinaut will go up in 1 year.
  • Britain's Military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. They declare war on Iran to protect the pro-democratic movements in the country. They attack the malay colony to ensure it does not gain independence.
  • Korea: Korea continues to grow their economy, while also starting a space program. They hope to get satellites up into orbit to spy on other nations and for telecomms.
  • Australia: Decides to send another man into space. The PM visits London to discuss the new Commonwealth.
  • ROCJ: Two More Moon Missions are launched and now a rover is sent. Supersonic plains are improved.
  • Chile: The ANSI reports to the government that in the last months had success to capture to several terrorist elements and to dismantle dozens of guerrilla camps.
  • Tibet: Tibet lays claim to a bit of Antarctica to start a research station and a resolution is planned to cut back Japanese whaling.
  • India: The tourist campaign continues successfully with adverts being sent in foreign countries, and tourism grows. More hotels are funded by the government for construction. Refurbishing of old palaces continues and is expected to finish later in the year. Construction of many more skyscrapers, to free up space in the cities also continues and half of all skyscrapers planned have been completed and flats are now up for sale. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India's tank continuing mass production. They then decide to aid the British and invade Iran to preserve democratic movements. Subash Bose (he has been re-elected many times 'cause he's popular) calls Iran a country in the "Alliance of Evil".
  • Greece: Joins the task force that is invading Iran. they ask other axis members to join the task force
  • Nueva Granada: N.G. Forces fully withdraw from Indonesia and all influence over the pacific nation is withdrawn to the new granada military base on the Galapagos indonesia is fully independent of N.G. handling at this point, more supplies are flown into northern Brazil to help provide for locals in the area, an attempt to create an Americas free trade zone is started with invitations sent to the USA, Chile and Australia due to its close ties. a program for the creation of computers in N.G. territories is started to increase productivity, new plan designs are issued based on the jet designs received from other nations, a remodeling of the navy is began fully increasing the nations efforts for military modernization, two more nuclear bombs are produced and a statement of defensive purposes only is declared, plans to begin Granadan aid to africa to build up the nations are put into place starting with nigeria.
  • Balkans: The Balkan government also lays claim to a section of Antarctica, more specifically, the Antarctic Peninsula, assuming that no one claims it already. The government also announces plans to expand the military and scientific capablilities so that the Balkans are truly an equal with the other head Axis members. This includes Fission-Boosted Fusion Nuclear Weapons, larger tranks, aircraft carriers, flying wing aircraft, and better space exploration. To accomplish the latter, the space agency plans a maned mission to the moon by 1974, and probes to Venus and Mercury both by 1973. The submarine fleet is expanded to about forty subs, and two are deployed to the Persian Gulf in preparation for any Axis action there. The government also declares a new flag which they hope will better represent all the ethnicities in the kingdom.
  • Iran: Outdated forces begin to mobilize, they announce a national draft, numbering around 1.3 million people, the army is equipped, but holds old World War II weapons, the air force though, fails to mobilize, and the Supreme Leader of Iran decides to merge the air force to the army, to make it a special anti-air force. The outdated navy, also fails to mobilize efficently, but stays on guard, hoping luck could help them. Armored Corps, which is almost on the modern stage, proves to mobilize fairly well, no offensives against Iran give time for the nation to build bunkers around important cities, and the border with India is also fortified. The leader of Iran calls Britain and its allies hypocrites, as Britain before has funded democratic movements illegaly, he calls for an intervention with other nations in the world, and promises to not surrender. They also point out how Britain has oppressed it's colony, even when the people speak for independence. The army is put on a full defensive scale, and hopes for an intervention with other nations. It would like to point out if Iran is gone, and the war is long, it would destabalize the oil market, causing a financal crisis!
  • Germany: Germany offers modern designs of green power, jet technology, assault rifles, modern tanks, medical equipment, and other technologies and equipment to Iran, as we believe that each country's sovereign must be respected, and have at least some chance to survive. Germany mobilizes its 3rd Fleet from Hamburg and is sent to the Persian Gulf due to the recent tensions between the Axis and Iran. Meanwhile, another manned mission to the moon begins, and after an parliamentary election, the houses of parliament is divided between Nationalist and Socialist powers.
    • Iranian Diplomacy: Iran thanks Germany's kindest offer, scientist and factories begin producing and modernizing the army.


The Israelis continue their secret plan of converting Muslims, and although they is an outcry by the Muslims, no one pays any attention to it as they are all focused in the war between the Axis and Iran, except Lebanon. Lebanon invades Israel to support the Muslims, but they are repelled and the Israeli army launch a counterattack, taking control of the complete country by the end of the year.

Ho Chi Minh manages to lead his army to victory in Indochina and the French are expelled from the area altogether. The new country becomes a democracy, and Ho Chi Minh is first president, under the Socialist Party. The other parties are the Nationalist Party, the Republican Party and the Fascist Party.

The B.P.A launches attacks in Tibet, mainly in the former area of Uyghuristan and Muslims are targeted. Their attacks continue for a whole year and a whopping 10,000 people are killed. It seems like the B.P.A are resurfacing stronger and more focused than ever.

Meanwhile in Iran, pro-democratic movements begin to rise with the Axis invasion and with Axis funding, begin to grow into a sizeable number.

  • Nueva Granada: In a public announcement the president of N.G. denounces German intervention in the conflict on the grounds that it goes against the neutrality of the nation and could create a greater conflict. Supplies to northern brazill are sent in greater numbers and more often. a new tank rolls off the production line, the mtr 69 is put up for testing. and the first plans for a nuclear plant near Bogata are made and construction will begin in 1971.
  • Iran: The Iranian forces begin to distribute advanced weapons and other things to the army, with help and aid from Germany, it calls for more nations to intervene in the conflic, calling the invasion unjust, pathetic, and needless cause of deaths, the nation begins a program to intervene aid being sent to pro-democratic movements by the Axis, more fortifications are built, the Iranian Generals advise to the Supreme Leader to launch a counter-attack into India, but denies doing so, staying on the defensive.
  • Korea: Ghost operatives sneak into Iran, and take out one of the key generals of Iran. They begin to rile up the people, and begin creating rebellion movements within the population. However, they officially stay out of the conflict in Iran.
  • Is the conflict in Arabia over by now?
  • Balkans: The government continues its various research projects, however none are complete yet. The military introdices a new assault rifle to its general forces. A nuclear labratory is currently in the process of making a fission boosted weapon.
  • Britain: It continues attacking Iran to ensure that the pro-democratic movements are not crushed. With the force of the Axis, they begin attacking the coastline. They accuse Germany as an enemy of peace and calls for it to end war involvement.
    • German Diplomacy: We will pullout are third fleet, but will continue to seend food, water, medicine, and gasoline.
  • Germany: Germany pulls its third fleet, but will continue to send humanitarian aid (food, water, medicine, and gasoline). Meanwhile, the military is alerted due to the war. Plans to launch another man to the moon continue.
  • Tibet: The Dalai Lama declares a purge of this organisation from tibet and the heaven's shadow ( the tibetan intelligence organisation) immediately go to work hunting down killers. So great is the countries hatred of these befoulers of their religion, that it is declared that all members of the B.P.A will be burned, to clense their soul for their next reincarnation. The AATO is called in to help hunt them down. The remaining 500,000 non-Buddhists in the country (1% of the population) are put under surveillance and in some cases guard, both to suppress riots and to protect them. Tibet calls for a diplomatic solution to the iran problem and starts construction of a research base in Antarctica.
    • Greece: AATO operatives will be sent.
  • Poland: The President, Antoni Nowiki has declared himself the dictator of Poland, ending the Polish Democracy. He has the support of the Police, the Inteligence Agency, and many of the nation's Conservatives. Many Liberals object to his rule, but are brought down. Soon, the miltary is made again, and weapons begin to be imported from the world.
    • Balkan Diplomacy: The Balkans cease weapon shipping to Poland, and they request that Poland allow free election again or face intervention.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: A cease of all arms and material exports is issued by the senate until Poland allows free elections once again.
    • Polish Diplomacy: Nowiki refuses. However, a strong resistance movemant has begun.
    • Indian Response: India secretly funds the resistance movement.
  • ROCJ: Comes out with a supersonic commercial plane, the Concorde (Exactly as OTL Concorde. More mission are sent to the moon. A message is sent to Poland to turn the country back to where it was as a democracy.
  • Greece: The Greeks put paratroopers on standby, as they are unsure Nowiki's intentions. poland is still a member of the axis, but the current regime is considered illegitiamate. Greece begins several bombing campaigns in Iran. one fo theese ended up severely destroying Tehran, due to the use of napalm and high explosives. Greece also officialy resigns membership from the UN, and will not participate in anything having to do with the UN.
    • Iranian Diplomacy: You do realize you just killed hundred of thousands of innocent civilians, right?
    • British Diplomacy: It tells Greece not to target civilians, as it may be an act of a crime against humanity.
    • Iranian Diplomacy: Iran starts stopping pro-democracy movements previously funded by the British, crime against humanity. Greece destroying Tehran, killing hundred of thousands innocent people, may be a crime against humanity?
    • Balkans: The Balkans criticize the Greek government for the extreme damage caused to Tehran, stating that attacking the people is not the Axis's purpose.
    • Indian Diplomacy: We condemn the attack of civilians in Iran, but see why the Greeks did it.
  • Australia: Creates a new breed of solar powered Airships, capable of around-the-world travel. The Antarctic village bases are re-inforced with troops of the newly created Antarctic Brigade.
  • India: The tourist campaign continues successfully with adverts being sent in foreign countries, and tourism grows. More hotels are funded by the government for construction. Refurbishing of old palaces finishes and the palaces are ready to attract thousands of tourists every year. Construction of many more skyscrapers, to free up space in the cities also continues and more skyscrapers are completed and flats are put up for sale. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India's tank continuing mass production. India's offensive earlier in the year was only a support one and only a few km of land were gained. This time, however, divisions upon divisions are put at the border and the largest army in the history of India is mustered up to fight, around three million trained men. They launch their offensive with great success and are successful in destroying the Irani fortifications and continue on their great march. The army is, however, bogged down after crossing the fortifications and decide to stop and let logistical lines catch up. They then fund the pro-democratic movements more to counter-act the Irani operations against them.
  • Chile: The construction of the power plant march good. In politics, the Congress pass a reform for reduce the presidential term to four years. The government also prepares the construction of a new base on Antarctic. A special unit from the Army fis sent to middle east for support the Alliance operations.


  • ROCJ: Plans a space station in orbit and on the moon. More missions are sent to the moon. They warn Poland to recind the dictatorship or face losing membership from the Axis.
  • Britain: It continues bombing campaigns in Iran, which focus on military targets only. They persuade France to leave LOAN and join the Axis.
    • I think you should probable that.
  • Iran: A major offensive takes place, splitting the large Indian Force in two effectively, newly developed tanks and aircrafts with decent technology due to German aid proves effective, as areas from bunkers pound Indian forces with artillery, foot soldiers pressure the front forces, and tanks take out frontal anti-air equipment, while aircraft bomb Indian forces, the other half of the Indian force also takes heavy fire from artillery and assaults from the south, inflicting heavy casualties in that area which was especially unprepared. Anti-air forces begin a campaign to repeal British Air Forces, 20,000 men are raised to fight small uprisings, due to many men joining the army after the horrible bombing of Tehran, which discouraged many pro-democracy movements. Iran finally has a slight hope of pulling a victory, but finds itself uncertain. They point out how greedy the Axis has been, attacking Iran for stopping movements that were funded by the British before, yet they give a blank eye to recent killings of thousand of people in Tibet. The Supreme Leader of Iran (Who's arm was made unusable due to barely surviving the boming of Tehran) pleads for help, and mocks the Axis "justice", he also begins reorganizing the army which though, was not based entirely on Tehran, was partly based there, he also declares Martial Law until the end of the war- plans are drawn up and more bunkers are built around defensive positions for the armies facing the tougher-armed Indian army.
    • Tibetan diplomacy: Supports iran with food and other non military aid, and once again calls for a diplomatic solution to the problem.
    • German Diplomacy: German will continue to provide food, medicine, gasoline, and other non-military aid.
  • Germany: Germany sends another man to the moon, and collects samples for laboratory. Germany begins to research into nuclear weapons, as every nation around it practically owns one. The government is overthrown by an coup and is established by an military dictatorship, and begins to put funds into both the military, R & D, and the economy. The military goes under expansion.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: N.G. leaders public denounce the coup and a demand the military power to the democraticly elected government, the embasy in Berlin is temporaily closed until a true government is re-established.
  • Balkans: With other nations falling under military dictatorships, background checks are made of all military officers. The submarines in the Persian Gulf make few missile strikes against military bases in Southern Iran. The military almost completes the heavy tank, although it runs into its own problems. The aircraft carrier is also under construction, and plans for a new class of battleship are also drawn up. The Satellite to Venus is completed, although it will be launched later this year.
  • Nueva Granada: A small military detactment is sent into North Western Brazil to start preparing a base of operations to distribute goods and aid more effectively so that these isn't a large possibility of goods falling into unwanted hands or getting squandered or wasted. The first tanks of the new line and the latest assault riffle designed by Jose industries.the AT 69 (look up AMD-65 ) is produced for mass production and prototypes are distributed throughout the military to replace the aging firearms. an offer to sell the weapons to pro-democratic movements in poland and iran is sent, but the embargo against the governments are still in place. The industry within the country has been modernized once again and exports return to full strength along with the rest of the economy. Plans to start a space program are brought before the grand assembly but it is unknown if the will be taking into consideration.
  • Australia: Sends a fleet of airships to iran with exclusively humanitarian aid. Australia denounces the German coup, but hopes that Germany and Australia can maintain good relations.
  • Korea: Korea continues to build up their infrastructure, as well as their military.
  • India: The tourist campaign continues successfully with adverts being sent in foreign countries, and tourism grows. More hotels are funded by the government for construction. 1000s of tourists are attracted every year due to new tourist attraction and this is helping the economy greatly. Construction of many more skyscrapers continues and more skyscrapers are completed and flats are put up for sale. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India's tank continuing mass production. With the Irani offensive splitting the Indian troops in half, the Indians are shocked and go on the defensive. They regroup and let their supply lines catch up with them, from where they use their split army and 2 individual armies and go back on the offensive, cutting off the Irani bulge and destroying retreating troops (from the bulge). They then launch their own air offensive and help destroy anti-tank equipment on the front lines, allowing for the renewed offensive to field its tank armies effectively. By the end of June, they are 150 miles from Tehran. The government continuously fund the pro-democratic movements more to counter-act the Irani operations against them.
  • Greece: The Greeks conduct more bombing raids in Iran. While no ground troops have been committed yet, their bombers have conducted substantial damage. They use napalm, incindiary bombs, and other explosives against the iranians and cause massive destruction in Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Ahvaz, and Qom. They sucsessfully destroy roads, bridges, and other major transportation routes. They also manage to strike a blow to Iran's Industry.
  • Iranian Diplomacy: You do know you just killed tens of thousands of people, if not hundred of thousands, weakening pro-democracy movements due to damage you are causing, encouraging people due to deaths of their loved ones to join the army, and causing major contervasory around you, right?
  • British Response: It condemns Greece's carelessness. It warns that such actions would not allow us to gain the support or respect of he Iranian people.
  • Chile: Eduardo Frei Montalva, from Christian Democrat Party won the presidential elections and inaugurated a new government of the CDN. He begin a series of important social reforms.


  • Korea: Korea continues to build up their infrastructure, as well as their military. They condemn the Greek bombing of Iran, as it makes the task for their Ghost operatives all the more difficult. Ghost operative continue to pass out propaganda for democracy, as well as set up insurgency movements.
  • Greece: The Greeks continue bombing, except their focus now is on bombing military targets. They release a public ststement saying that they take full responsibility of theese actions, and will not be so reckless in the future.
  • Iran: New anti-air made in north-west Iran prove effective, destroying some Indian and Greek planes but low in number. The economy is in a schreeching halt, yet, the nation continues to hold barely. 20,000 men surge in the army, due to so many reckless bombings in the past by the Axis that have killed thousands, steering patriotisim and weakening pro-democracy revolts. This allows troops in deep-western Iran which was a 40,000 man force and was previously put to stop pro-democracy rebellions, now joins the weakened Iranian Army that now totals 424,000 men roughly. Reserves are brought up, bringing the force to 600,000 men. Men who were split from the main army in the south of the Indian forces begin raiding vital supply lines, and begin sabatoging bases, destroying hundred of vehicles. The forces of 600,000 splits in two three, the first one equipped with heavy equipments begins artillery attacks on Indian front-lines, while a tank-offensive around the rear-guard, and a large foot+tank force in the other rear, and the men defending the remains of Tehran in the defendable trenches, they have a sense of luck, as the two rear-forces causes much confusion, splitting Indian air power, then, although outdated Iranian air force with little modernizationm begin an air offensive into Indian lines; but fails massively. The two rear forces begin a series of attacks, fleeing, attacks, fleeing. Politically, the Supreme Leader appoints more generals and people to political positions as many die in air-attacks. The government pleads India for a peace treaty - and if that is not possible, they ask Germany and other nations to intervene in the conflict. Recently, Communist movements in the north have grown, funded previously by the Soviets years back.
  • Nueva Granada: Increased efforts to supply northern Brazil with food and medicine and begin sending the old T 54 rifles to rebel groups in the region, though no official intervention has began. The first jet plane designs are made and testing begins. Plans for the nuclear plant are put into action as resources are collected to start the project. The AT 69 becomes the standard rifle of the N.G. Forces.
  • Britain: It continues air raids in Iranian military bases. They greatly condemn Iran's crackdown on pro-democracy groups and send air strikes to military bases to weaken their power over them. Using Arabia as a springboard, they begin a land invasion on Iran's southern coast.
  • Australia: The military is built up. Australia condemns the invasions of Iran and sends more humanitarian aid. Hainan Island wins the cricket Sheffield cup.
  • Tibet: Tibet starts sending stocks of annumition and weapons to help iran, (though no actual troops and no nuclear weapons). Tibet starts its own commercial airline, and the base in Antarctica is expanded.
  • Balkans: The Balkan Navy withdraws from the Iranian conflict following Greece's reckless actions. The money instead will be sent towards various research projects. The Venus Satellite is launched and should arrive at Venus within six months or so. Communist Josef Tito wins the national election, becoming the first Serbian Prime Minister, and he promises that the same conflict in Iran will not travel back to the Balkans. The Prototype tank is first run, and the first aircraft carrier is well under construction. A small military base is establish in Antarctica to enforce the Balkan's claims.
  • ROCJ: Continues Missions to the Moon. Plans are started for Mars. ROCJ ask the Axis to make one desision in Iran. It is currently nutural in the affair.
  • India: The tourist campaign is halted as all industry is diverted to focus on the war with Iran. Construction of many more skyscrapers is completed and flats are put up for sale. The new skyline of Bombay now begins to rival that of New York or Tokyo. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India's tank continuing mass production. The Irani offensive successfully forces the much larger Indian army back as the army generals are not able to bear their superior numbers on the front. India begins to consider the peace treaty, but put the condition that the new government must be democratic and must help crush the Communist movements in the north. More aircraft are manufactured while a small movement begins in the population to end the war (OTL Hippies).
    • Tibetan Diplomacy: supports the idea of the treaty.


Israel has now managed to unify Lebanon with their own country, although insurgency movements begin to oppose the Israelis. A record number of immigration is recorded as more Jews enter the country to live their life in the holyland and as a result, Jerusalem expands. The Israelis continue their conversion program, but it is starting to destablize the country.

In Iran, Communist movements rise in the north, while in the east democratic movements flourish under the Indians and their funding and support. The Iranis do their best in trying to stop both movements but only receive minimum success.

In India and Britain, a movement known as the Hippie movement begins. They are against the war in Iran and protest in large numbers. This movement also spreads to Germany, where people wonder why their government is involved in Iran and protests break out there as well.

In Poland, the dictator is overthrown in a coup and the country is on the verge of civil-war ...

  • Nueva Granada: plans to make the nations first helicopter are set into motion to increases mobility of the armed forces, construction of the first nuclear reactor in Bogota begins. a propaganda campaign for tourism is initiated to try to bring in a new revenue. In Brazil training of amazonian and Venezuelan insurgents begins and arming them with more modern arms is placed as a top priority as the new Toro 70 the recent tanks off the production line are sold to rebel groups and more N.G. troops cross into Northern Brazil to aid the training and distribution of goods and supplies to rebel groups. elections begin with the current Industrial party attempting to keep their hold of the grand assembly and the presidency and the united workers party and Colombia First party competing to try and secure the spot of power.
  • Poland: The economy continues to grow, and research continues. A major break through in recycling technology is made, and most products can now be recycled. Imports decline, and a major recycling campaign begins. More windmills and solar panels are installed on private property to decline the use of Fossil Fuels. However, the Second Polish Civil War begins as a General of the Miltary Government is killed in a car "accident", sparking the war. Pro-Democracy forces quickly take Warsaw, and the battle for other cities begins.
  • Germany: The Hippie Movement is peacefully suppressed by withdrawing all aid from Iran. Manafacturing on aircraft, tanks, and naval vessels continue, and another man is sent to the moon. Plans to launch the first portion of an space station to 1980s at the least.
  • Britain: It declares war on the Iranian Communist groups because they do not want the Reds to take over another country as the USSR is enough. Another man is sent to the moon. They condemn the situation in Israel and persuade the country to reverse its conversion program and to try to find a more reasonable solution. They try to suppress the Hippie movement through peaceful means through propaganda and campaigns to gain support.
  • Korea: The Hippie Movement is almost non-existent in Korea, due to their neutrality over the past few years. They continue to build up their economy and military, while they condemn the rebellion in Poland, secretly they are hoping it will be successful.
  • Chile: President Frei Montalva continues with the social reforms, which allow to diminish the poverty in the country. Also, he put more resources in education and health.
  • ROCJ: Continues planning space stations and launches more missions to the moon. The infrastructure in improved.
  • Tibetan Diplomacy: Talks to ROCJ about planning a probe to mars sometime in the next decade.
  • Balkans: The Balkan's space probe to Venus is successful and performs a flyby. A new atomic test is planned for next year, and the new tank enters production at a war plant. The Balkans stand ready to intervene in Poland if the Balkans are put at risk.
  • Iran: Eastern democratic groups are easily stopped by diplomacy, as the Supreme Leader of Iran promises free elections- once all the nations attacking Iran make peace, and due to harsh feelings for nations that promised them liberty yet bombed them, killing hundred of thousands in a bunch of areas killing innocents and many family members of pro-democracy movemtns and such. Though, Communist groups in the north, are harder to manage, a 50,000 man reserve is dispatched to stop it. Special op groups are made to protect high-ranking officials and generals, also important supply lines. They are surprised by the stop of supplies by Germany which puts Iran in a harder positions, but other supplies like those of Tibet do keep morale all right. Iranian forces launch a lightly armored offensive deep in Indian lines in Esfhan, destroying artillery there, while a four-way offensive with the best technology Iran has developed with information previously given by Germany, pushes Indian forces back massively. Iran pleas for India to make a peace treaty.
    • British Diplomacy: The massive killings are the works of Greece, which we even condemn. We promise peace as well if a degree of democracy is developed in Iran.
  • India: Skyscrapers have all been completed and the skylines of Bombay and Delhi look magnificent. As well as this, much space has been freed up and new road construction begins to help ease traffic problems. The army is reformed and improved upon, with India's tank continuing mass production. New, heavier and better tank models are now manufactored and these are immediately transported to the Irani front. Hippies roam the streets, and to combat this, propaganda is released saying that the war is almost won. As well as this, hippies who don't back down are secretly sent to Iran, bolstering the beseiged front. India is outraged at the oofensive against its troops and the government was just drafting the peace treaty. Subash Bose in a speech says, "The Iranis have been talking peace to us, but behind our backs they have launched offensive after offensive. Only one way is left: Total Victory". A huge counter-offensive is launched and this time the army manages to get to Tehran, destroying many enemy divisions. They encircle the city and now ask for total surrender.
    • I just noticed, nobody has created an algorithm for the war.
    • I think I and other players planned it to be more of a "posting" war, in which we would see what the posts were like. Plus with the algorithm, we would have won the war by now and that would be no fun.
    • All right then, never mind.
  • Nordic Union: The NU prepares to invade northern Poland and occupy the Baltic States should a Polish Civil War begin again. 35,000 troops are sent to fight in Iran in support of the Axis.


Israel manages to stabilize its country with the help of Mossad, and its conversion program has been a success, with over 80% of the population now Jewish. The country then begins construction of more houses in East Jerusalem and the city expands by over two sq km by the end of the year. Insurgency movements also dies down.

In Russia, major riots happen due to independence calls for certain areas in the country. The army is used to suppress them, but more riots still happen.

In Brazil, the area which was formerly South Venezuela declares independence and immediately asks for Granadian protection. Brazil does not recognise the breakaway but has no control over it.

The Hippie movement starts to die down as propaganda and effective measures in countries take hold. Some protests are still held, however.

  • Iran: All reserves are brought up - Iran is at its largest point with a 1.4 million man army, most equipped. The army abandons Tehran, seeing as it is destroyed from more previous bombings by Greece, and has no important value. The army retreats westwards, absorbing smaller forces there there which are in-charge of stopping pro-Communism and pro-axis movements. The army has a new line of defensive bunkers, and a new surge of artillery piece is deployed. The Supreme Leader is advised to allow the usage of 'suicide' tactics, but refuses. With no forces in the north, Communist groups have a fledgling force of 32,000 in the north, with strong and advanced Soviet Equipment. The main Iranian Army lies in a strategic mountainous location, with strategic bunkers and artillery placements.
  • Nordic Union: The NU continues to prepare for an invasion of Poland should another Civil War occur.
  • Nueva Granada: The government officially offers its military force to protect the break away region, an offer to the break away region is also made inviting them to join the Nueva Granada Republic. The creation of a national secret services agency is put forward as well as a special army within the armed forces known as "La Fuerza Independiente" (the independent force) as a special counter-insurgency paramilitary organization which is in charge of quelling any possible insurgencies or uprisings before the happen, aid rebels in Brazil against the dictatorship in Rio, serve as a national police force in times of national crisis were the regular civilian police are unable to sustain the situation, and protect the national borders the new military wing is only subservient to the Security Council and not the civilian government but it may not violate the constitution or become a political tool, the F.L. is immediately dispatched along with regulars to help set up the new regime in the amazon other separatist groups are urged to follow the example of south Venezuela. The first national computer is designed and it is currently only for military use due to it being a prototype but a large possibility of of becoming available to the public with in eight years time. The National elections end with a coalition of the industrial part and national workers party securing 97 of the 105 seats and the previous president leader of the industrial party retaining the presidency and the Colombia First Party losing the 26 seats the previously held further breaking the old conservatives former hold on the country as the liberals, pan-Granadans and socialists dominate the nation politically and economically.
  • Poland: The Civil War continues. Rebels fighting for Democracy soon take the Coast of Poland, and ask for aid from the outside world. The Rebels and the Dictator's military forces soon clash again in Warsaw, however the Rebels are overpowered. Instead, they decide to go around Warsaw and take the rest of the nation. The Siege of Warsaw soon begins. Meanwhile, Rebels in the South rise up and take that part of the nation.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: an offer to sell Polish rebels new firearms from Jose industries is sent along with fuel.
    • Rebel Diplomacy: We accept, but ask if we can put it on credit, as we have low amounts of cash.
    • N.G. Diplomacy : New AT 69's right off the production line are shipped off to the polish rebel regions and the government accepts the possibility of an arms lease with payment within seven years and if passed a 10% interest increase in payment with a freezing of the gun's price at the moment. Three of the Toro 70 tanks are sent as well as a gift and a hand of friendship as well.
    • Rebel Diplomacy: We accept, and thank N.G for their kindness.
  • Britain: It supports the Polish democratic rebels against the dictatorship. They take most of southern Iran and continue to bomb military areas across the country. Troops search for Iranian government leaders and bring some to justice.
  • Tibet: asks that all sides be brought to the table for a diplomatic solution to the problem, and if they refuse Tibet will have to enter the war on the side of Iranians, who are desperately trying to get peace.
    • British Diplomacy: It agrees.
    • Iranian Diplomacy: It agrees to enter Diplomacy, but will only accept a status quo ante bellum.
    • British Response: It cannot be accepted. Some degree of democracy must be established in the country.
    • Iranian Diplomacy: Iran has merely protected its sovereignty from funded foreign groups. The government holds democratic elections yet the Islamic groups have won the elections. Letting another Axis member hold the elections here will be unacceptable.
  • Australia: Also calls for All sides to come to the negotiating table, and sends a small naval group to the gulf to monitor the situation.
  • Balkans: The Balkans invade and occupy the Slovakian region of Poland, claiming that the fighting was spilling over the border. While aid is given to the Democracy side in the civil war, the Balkan government declines to comment on the fate of the occupied territory.
  • Korea: The Korean government calls for peace in Iran, for a war that has been causing thousands of deaths each day, and billions of dollars of damages.
  • Chile: A new education reform is implement by the government, which is hoping that reduce the illiteracy in the low sectors, but also increase the current quality of the education. In health, new and modern hospitals are built in different cities. In Antarctica, begin the construction of a new base, while the current base is improved.


  • Poland: The Civil War ends with the capture of Warsaw from the Dictator's control, removing his last city in control. Reconstruction begins, and aid is asked from other nations. Meanwhile, we ask the Balkans about the future of Slovkia, as an entirely new generation of Polish citizens live there.
  • Korea: Korea formally recognizes the "new" Poland, and supplies aid as well to rebuild their destroyed nation. Also, the Ghost program is scaled up a little, with 23 active duty agents. Also, Korea begins another crackdown on the BPA, sending 3 more leaders of the BPA to their graves.
  • Britain: It continues to support the Polish democratic rebels against the dictatorship. They demand that the democratic Iranian groups take part of the election.
  • Nueva Granada: Formal recognision to the new new Polish government is giving along with warrant on any possible fugitives from the dictatorship that might enter N.G. as an act of good faith. The first national helicopters are put for testing the Aguila 7W2 (look at Mil Mi-24) for assault operations and support fire in tactical operations and the Aguila 43 (look at mil mi-8)for infantry transport (both are Soviet choppers that were designed before 1970 so I'm making them a bit late) it is unknown whether either will secede in providing their jobs but if successful the new Industrias de Auronaticas company will be granted a permit for its their mass production. submachine gun and machine gun designs are being put forth to increase the versatility of the Granadan armed forces. The bill for a national space program and the development of rocket technology has been accepted by the grand assembly and the Security council and scientists from all over the country are encoureged to aid the project as major salories and family plans are offered to those who aid the program.
  • Balkans: The Balkans announce that, with the civil war in Poland over, Slovakia will be returned to Polish rule if the inhabitants wish to do so. The navy's first battleship, the KBS Attila, is introduced and becomes the Flagship of the Balkan Navy. In a royal wedding, Princess Margarita Hohenzollern marries Alexander Karadjordjevic, merging the Romanian and Serbian royal families together. The space probe to Mercury is completed but will launch later this year.
  • ROCJ: Builds up military and makes Concorde service to all of ROCJ and to Greece, India, and the U.S if wanted.
  • Iran: It gives these terms: it will hold elections with all political groups - Communist, Islamics, conservatives, liberals, it will be held by the sovereign nation of Iran, the "Axis" must pay 200 U.S Million dollars to rebuild the destroyed city of Tehran - especially those who were responsible. No other changes are made. The war front quiets down. Communist armies in the north also quiet down as negotiations begin ...
    • ​British Diplomacy: It agrees, though it notes Greece is responsible for most of the damage.
    • Tibetan Diplomacy: Agrees and urges the other nations to do so.
    • Greece: Will pay 50 mil for Tehran. The other axis will pay the rest.


  • Poland: Reconstruction efforts begin, and money is poured into industry to let them rebuild and expand. Research on Green Power and Factory Efficient Methods continues.
  • Balkans: The Balkan government detonates its first fusion nuclear weapon in the Carpathian Mountains. Teh military withdraws from Slovakia and returns the region to the Polish. The military builds another base in Antarctica, securing its grip on part of the continent. The government sends two ships to the Persian Gulf, but they do not partake in any fighting in the area.
  • ROCJ: The country continues to build up infrastructure in the country. The economy increases.
  • Britain: Begins building two bases at West Antarctica. They begin helping the Poles recover from their civil war. They thank Iran for allowing democracy but keep a careful eye over the country.
  • Korea: Korea continues to improve their industry, and because of rising gas prices from the Middle Eastern crisis, alternate energy methods are looked into.
  • Chile: A new census show that the population reach to 9,900,000, thanks to health efforts and others measures to promote the population in the last decade. Education levels improving. The construction of the new Antarctic base, named Presidente Gabriel González Videla is completed, and soon also will begin investigations. The government now prepares plans for built a third base in the Antarctic Peninsula (territory claimed by the country).
  • Australia: The Antarctic bases (which have been around for quite a while) are expened and regarrisoned. Australia sends a message to other countries warning them not to interfere with Australia's part of the Antarctican continent.
  • Tibet: Tibet continues as before and now has one of the top ten most environmentally friendly countries in the world. The Antarctic bases are garrisoned and fortified, and a port is built there to support ships.
    • Tibet, you are landlocked. How are you getting to Antarctica?
    • planes for personnel, plus payments to a shipping company to ferry the supplies there.
  • Nueva Granada: Several new firearms are made and distribution throughout the armed forces begins along with the mass implementation the new choppers for combat situations. Nueva Granada forces begin expanding their zone of operations in the northern amazon and propaganda is distributed to the population promoting democratic valies along with food and arms to aid any rebels who might be against the regime in Rio. The national aeronautics and rocketry program is created and scientist begin immediately the start of planning for the nations first rockets and missiles.


Avaro '73.0


{C}Cmon guys, let's finish this game! :D

We need ways of getting land!

I've added the South Pole!The River Nile-2 01:07, May 1, 2012 (UTC)

May I suggest what I'm doing as a way to get land establishing puppet regimes or dependencies. They aren't colonies and they are loyal and you can use them for resources through economic and military ties.

OK. 08:48, May 1, 2012 (UTC)

  • Nueva Granada: The first commercial computers are released but at the moment are limited to major corporations and schools and due to the recent introduction to the nation are seen as special and for elite usage only. With the backing of the Nueva Granadan Government and the N.G. military Granadan Collaborators in the amazon are pushed into declaring the Amazonian Republic (If this isn't allowed let me know and I'll get rid of it)and immediately a large expedition force and the F.I. division are sent in protect and secure the N.G. client state, with suppression tactics being used against dissedents while collaborators are giving places in the new nations government. The reasoning giving by New Granada for the military intervention in the amazon and the recognision of the new state is the mistreatment and abuse that coastal Brazilians and the Rio regime have towards the Mestizos (mixed bloods) and natives living in the interior of the country and the lack of Democracy in the region. A national propaganda campaign is started in Nueva Granada to rally support for the movement and the actions taking by the government. N.G. strong arms Amazonia into joining the newly formed South American Democracy and Free Trade Treaty, which contains Nueva Granada, South Venezuela (also strong armed into joining, and the Amazonian Republic. A new industrialization program is initiated to industrialize all members. Chile is invited to join. '(I'm also doing this to stir up the rp a bit with the Iran war over things are becoming to peaceful again).'
    • Chilean Diplomacy: Chile accepts.
  • Korea: Korea continues to build up their industry, and the military budget is slightly reduced. More money begins to go to health care, and a health care plan goes up to give all citizens free health care.
  • Poland: Reconstruction efforts continue, and more buildings are rebuilt. Meanwhile, more industry is built up, and many corporations are interested in the new "computers", and some extremely successful companies buy a few computers. However, many are still re-building their factories and farms to buy any computers.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: Offers to aid with materials the Polish nation in their reconstruction and offers them three computers for military usage along with cutting the debt they owe Jose industries in half in exchange for polish recognision of the new Amazonian Republic.
    • Polish Diplomacy: We thank Nueva Granada, and gladly accept. A Polish Embassy is established in the new Amazonian Republic.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: as gratitude for their accepting of the treaty and the current good relations between poland and N.G. Poland is offered the a free trade agreement with the S.A.D.F.T.T.
    • Polish Diplomacy: We agree.
  • Balkans: The Balkans build up their nuclear stockpile, reaching 23 weapons in total. The first aircraft carrier is almost completed. The government sends Italy a request to buy the Dalmatian islands for a fair price. The government considers intervening in Iraq to put a stop to the instability there. The navy is sent to Antarctica, ready to defend its claims to part of the region.
  • Britain: It experiences a technological boom, as computers, lasers and new technologies become widespread across the country. Research continues during this boom. With the situation in Iran over, they pull all military forces out of the Middle East.
  • Chile: The government prepares negotiations with Argentina for purchase territories in the Patagonia. While, economic reforms are implemented. Chilean troops prepare for a possible war with Peru. Begin the construction of the third base in Antarctica, and the others received more supplies.
  • Egypt: The OTL/ATL president Anwar Sadat dies in a ‘convenient accident’ as his mil mi-8 helicopter blows up near Aswan and crashes. ATL General Ali Abdul Hussain takes over. Various and not always successful trade talks begin with Greece, Iraq, Libya, Turkey, Israel, USSR, Italy, Sudan, Iran and Jordan. A Jordan-Syria-Libya-Sudan-Turkey-Iraq-East/West Arabia trade block is proposed, but Turkey and Sirya are not top prioraty (anyhow the Turkish president opposes the Egyptain coup).
Avaro 1973-Egypt's plan.

Egypt plans a new trade block for 1975, if the natons are willing.

Early relations cool badly with Israel, but emergency talks in Port Saied help restore a less hostile relationship. Education is improved for the urban poor and women. Hamas is put under heavy surveillance for the time being. Egypt makes a few light and medium tanks. The military stands at 225,000 and calls up 10,000 of the part-time 200,000 reserve forces.


  • Nueva Granada: Massive social welfare programs are initiated due to the recent entrance of the workers party into the ruling coalition to keep the support of the party and its followers, including establishing a minimal wage, and making public both education and health programs, along with this secondary school has been declared compulsory throughout the N.G. and its affiliated states. industrialization continuous in Amazonia and south Venezuela mainly in the primary material extraction as industrial centres are made in some areas but most raw material goes towards the N.G. industrial parks, teaching of human rights and social equality is began throughout the S.A.D.F.T.T. and a national border for Amazonia is established with an open border policy to those trying to escape the Rio regime. N.G. Military operations in the Brazilian north expand to Mato Grosso and Central Brazil as it slowly begins supplying food and and arms to any opposition groups and N.G. military units begin engaging openly against the Brazilian armed forces stationed in the region instead of indirect confrontation through rebels on the grounds of helping the local population, though it is called an intervention and not a state of war by the N.G. Officials, Chile is invited to participate in the intervention. The nuclear plant in Bogota nears the completion of its first stages but at least five more will be necessary until the plant is completed. New emphasis is placed on restoring Latin Morals and values into society. While a very controversial law is passed legalizing the cultivation of Coca for exports and local usage, but the chemical meddling with coca to make Cocaine is strictly prohibited with government officials are sent monthly to check the sale and usage of the new cash crop.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: Chile accept take part of the intervention.
  • Poland: Poland proposes to all Axis members that we should invade the USSR (Come on guys, let's start WW3 and bring back interest to this game). Meanwhile, the army is built up, and more industries are built up. We ask Egypt for trade agreements and to help the Axis should we go to war with the USSR.
  • Egypt: Egypt agrees to a trade deal with Poland. Egypt is non-committal on a military pact, since Poland would be expected to help Egypt if Israel got out of hand. A Jordan-Syria-Libya-Sudan-Turkey-Iraq-East/West Arabia trade block was mooted, but only Jordan and Sudan agree to it. Syria and Arabia agree to trade deals, but Iraq, Libya and Turkey are not interested. A response from Player held Iran, Greece and Italy to my free trade deal is still awaited. The Libyan terrorist chief-cum-comander in chief Colonel Gadhafi is denounced in the Egyptian Junta for supporting IRA and Hamas operations in Libya. Egypt builds two new sewerage works and an oil fired power station in Cairo and one Sewerage works at Alexandria, Suez city, Giza and Aswan. Suez city also gets several hardened bunkers and air raid shelters made. 10,000 reservist troops are recruited and 10,000 resevist are made full time. A women's literacy campaign is launched. Egypt continues to build up their military and continues to build trains and two northern Alexsandria-Cairo-Giza motorways.
  • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: A request for a trade agreement is made to Egypt.
  • Greek Diplomacy: Greeks accept trade deal.
  • Balkans: The Balkan government is not willing to engage a war with the Soviet Union at this time, thanks to Communist Prime Minister Josef Tito. Modernization begins, and new technologies emerge in the nation. Another base in Antarctica is planned. A small peacekeeping effort in the United Islamic Republic is suggested to the prime minister, citing regional violence and human rights violations.
  • Egypt Diplomacy: Egypt accepts N.G.'s trade deal and offers it's las free trade deal to the Balkans.
  • Balkan Diplomacy: The Balkans accept.
  • Let’s conquer some nearby grey nations.
  • Korea: Korea, in response to the Egyptian move, suggest an Asian Free Trade Organization, between the ROCJ, Korea, India, and other Asian nations, for the growth of their nations.
  • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: the N.G. representative suggests a free trade organization that encompasses the Pacific as a whole.
  • Australia: Sends a naval squadron to Antarctica to complement the airship corps already stationed there. Some hardy settlers establish a new base, named New Lismore. A delegation is sent to New Zealand, asking them to become a state of Australia, as that would be beneficial for both nations.
  • Chile: After an emergency reunion with the cabinet and political parties leaders, the President Frei Montalva decides unite to Nueva Granada intervention in Brazil. Special units of the Army are sent to the Brazilian territory in former Bolivia. In other matters, the construction of the third base in Antarctica continues and plans for a fourth base more the south are prepared. Also, begins the negotiations with Argentina government for purchase the east Tierra del Fuego.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: The delegate in Santiago is ordered to present the following plan to the government, the democratization of Brazil along with breaking up of the state into smaller nations to ensure better management of the region avoid major abuses of power or negligence of the population. The division can be decided upon later. and Chile would be granted the rest of former Bolivia for their aid in the intervention to unite the Spanish-speaking cultures in the area.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: Ambassador expresses that the Chilean government agree with the proposed plan, included that the division be decided later, when the intervention ends.


Avaro '74.0


  • Egypt: The pro-Hamas/BLA/IRA terrorist army Chiefs of Staff of Libya Col Gadhafi will no longer annoy either Egypt, Israel, Italy, the USA or the Chad, because an Egyptian special forces limpet mine has blown him and his two school age sons up on their yacht in the Bay of Shrite! Egypt reassures its neighbours, makes a lot of peaceful love talk to Israel, Jordan and Sudan,. Egypt arms its borders and (with a population advantage of about nine to one.) invades Libya in the support of pro-democracy elements (the literal and metaphoric furtherance of today’s OTL NTC). Egyptian troops hold the coastline up to Tobruk. Pro-democracy Benghazi rebels and factions of the Cyrenica based Royalist government against the Libyan coup plotters. Egyptian aircraft shoot the Libyans out of the skies due to the numbers game, but lose to Pro-Gaddafi SAM missiles over military facilities and the cities around Shrite and Tripoli, forcing a ground/sea war. Both Egyptian, Libyan military, Royalist and Proto-NTC troops dig and prepare for a long war of attrition. An extra military and civil anti-nuclear and chemical and nuke proofed air-raid shelter are built in Gaza, Port Saed, Alexandria, Cairo, Giza and Aswan. A new telephone exchange opens in Cairo. 10,000 reservists are activated and 12,000 new reserves troops are recruited as the military maximises. 18 heavy tanks, 20 fighter jets, ten conventional type Scud-B missiles, a minesweeper and one coastal attack-sub are built. Spending on both the military, roads, power supply, telecoms and irrigation increases fast. Industrialization continuous and irrigation is improved in the Nile valley and delta. Visit the nation page at Egypt (Avaro).
  • Libya is still a monarchy.
  • Fix note if Gadaffii is not in office, then it's to be restyled as a pre-emptive blow, not a decapitation job.
  • Tibet: the port in Antarctica is finished, and Tibet begins producing ships there. it hopes to have its own navy in a few years. another base is built, bringing the total to three. Tibet claims the part of Antarctica beneath the eastern Indian Ocean as its own, calling it the Tibetan Antarctic territory. also asks for a trade agreement with Egypt.
  • Egyptian diplomacy: We agree to a trade deal with Tibet.
  • How can Tibet do this when they have no port in Asia?
  • Multiple ways, airship transportation is a large business, and private shipping corporations take others, plus land trade routes are still possible, especially in Arabia
  • Poland: More Industry is built up, and research continues. Recycling Centers across the nation are expanded in hope of becoming less dependent on foreign imports.
  • Egyptian diplomacy: We agree to a trade deal that Poland offered us in 1973.0.
  • Nueva Granada: Military units in Brazil increase the fighting with the Brazilian army as the air forces begins bombing operations and supplying, movement of troops throughout the area. a staggering 340,000 soldiers are currently active in the area with plans to send more with in the next few months about a more then half of the whole Granadan armed forces are currently fighting (the size of the N.G. armed forces is about 650,000 active) civvies are evacuated when possible and n.g. units are told to be aware of civilians to keep casualties to a minimum. A propaganda campaign is launched throughout N.G. controlled Brazil to gain their support along with fresh supplies for the populace. The nations first rocket is designed and plans for a test launch are made for mid 1975. The Jose Industries begins producing computers and buys several acres of land for an unknown project in part of its diversification plan. a minimum age for working, voting and having "consensual" sexual relations is established at 18 and attempts by the government to clamp down on possible violation of human rights (such as war rape and forced labor) in the conflict in Brazil and within its own territories is increased, ten N.G. soldiers are arrested, and court martialed (punishment pending approval) and 16 civilians are tried for the organization of a forced prostitution ring amongst other charges within Amazonia.
  • Balkans: The Balkans establish themselves as the protectors of Lichenstein, replacing Switzerland in that role. The economy suffers a small downturn because of all the recent weapons testing. A small bombing in Vienna occurs near the Royal palace, starting fears that ethnic violence could strike the country again. Experimentation with body armor for soldiers begins. The government recognizes Amazonia as a country.
  • Libya is still a monarchy.
  • Fix noted. If Gadaffii is not in office, then it's to be restyled as a pre-emptive blow, not a decapitation job.
  • Egypt counter-terrorism: The terrorist bombing in Vienna that occurred near the Royal palace might be connected to a similar pipe bomb that was found in a machinery access hatch in the Aswan Dam’s control room. The initial forensic reports say the explosives used at Aswan were of a type similar to those used by the Libyan army; especially the rebels that were led by the now recently assassinated Colonel Gadhafi!
  • Conduit busduct

    The bomb in the Aswan Dam was put right here!

  • Britain: It asks Egypt to try to destroy terrorist movements after the events in Aswan and Vienna. They are concerned with Communists now ruling the Balkans, and try to keep a wary eye on them.

Egypt is try to destroy the terrorist movements operating from Libya.

  • Korea: Korea continues to improve their economy, and plant several Ghost operatives in Egypt, to monitor for suspicious terrorist activity.
  • Chile: Under the command of the General Rene Schneider, the Armed Forces begin a major incursion inside the Brazilian territory. 100,000 soldiers are deployed in the former Bolivia and seizing control of the towns after that the special units sent before neutralize to the Brazilian communications and commanders in the area. The territory is secured and aid begin to arrive. The General Schneider inform to the government about the next steps in the intervention, which include bombing to military target in the southwest Brazilian territory, and establishment of the refugee camps for receive to the evacuated civilians.


Avaro '74.5.0


  • Egypt: Libya finally falls to superior weight of numbers. The King rules in Cyrenaica and the Fezzan, Benghazi is a independent city started under a proto-NTC control. Both states are Egyptian protectorates. The still partly rebellious (around Bani Whalid town) Gadhafi-loving Tripolitania largly becomes a colony of Egypt, under martial law. Two Car bombs in tripoli kill seven Egyptian troopers and 16 locals one night and snipers are a common problem. Hamas, B.P.A., Hezbollah and I.R.A. operative are interrogated and a Hamas guy says they did the Aswan bombing, but indicate that the Libyan coup plotters had help from the coup plotters in Syria. He brags “You will never stop Hafez al-Assad, he’s agents are more covert than Gadhafi’s ever were! Allah Akbar!” and then dies in the Luxor ‘pacification, security and policing facility’. Troops dig in to their trenches and man their new forts on Libya’s borders defensively and do not attack unless provoked. 25 medium tanks, 20 light bombers, 20 fighters, a patrol ship, a corvette and a Cairo-Luxor-Port Sudan-Khartoum railway are built. Military recruiting is complwat and tanks are OK, but a couple of ships are still needed. Egypt builds two new sewerage works and an oil fired power station in Cairo and one Sewerage works at Alexandria, Suez city, Giza, Shrite, Tripoli and Benghazi. The 1974 Egyptian constitution guarantees women and Christians "equal status in society". A minimum age for working, voting and having "consensual" sexual relations is established at 18. Egypt tries to further its political ties with allied Sudan and Jordan, but Jordan is not impressed unlike Sudan. Egypt bans the troublesome Egyptian Ba'ath Party. Several Egyptian and Libyan Hamas operatives are shot or jailed in Luxor.
  • ROCJ: Due to lack of farming room and population space, the military invades Indochina as it had traditionally been Chinese. Troops fly in but there is no draft. The country is expected to be conquered in a year. More missions are sent to the moon and a new space station called Beijing I is created. A commercial computer by two young adults is made called Xian I.
  • Nueva Granada: The military continues its drive into Brazil as the forces superior arms and tactics begin to bear down on the almost unlimited Brazilian resistence coming from the Brazilian army and pro Rio forces, fighting has however began to bog down into a stalemate throughout the eastern parts of the provinces of Mato Grosso, Para around the city of Maraba, and central Amapa, due this increased resistence the high command has reluctantly authorized the usage of heavy bombardment through aerial strikes and artillery bombardment but they call it counter productive to the missions true objective but many speculate ulterior reasons for the reluctance to divert more fire power to the conflict. The president of Nueva Granada Visits Tefe the capital of the new amazonian republic to speak with its provisional government to start getting their aid in the conflict in the rest of the amazon. with death tolls reaching 20,000 dead on both sides, both civilian and military a public statement was issued apologizing to the families of the dead but declaring them a part of something bigger and greater and that their sacrifices were ensuring the safety of the greater Latin community. The Aguila line of choppers are put to use in active combat for the first time and the results are considered beyond expectations. They offer to provide military equipment to Chile to better their performance in the war due to the slightly outdated Chilean forces. Social reforms in N.G. continue and the nuclear plant reaches the end of the second stages while cocoa production starts to explode as large amounts are ending up being bought buy african states and latin businessmen outside of Nueva Granada though no one is looking to why they are buying the crop, local usage remains for merely chewing the plant to improve digestion and alertness. The nations first laser is designed and its uses are still being figured out.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: Thanks for the offer, but what do you mean with slightly outdated Chilean forces? jeje XD
    • Nueva Granada diplomacy: our government means most equipment used by many nations in the world still dates back to the 1950's and are based on prototype designs. We are offering more recent fire arms and military hardware for better performance.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: Well, Chile constantly is updating his armed forces and other things. But, yet, we might need replace some old technologies, so we accept the offer. :)
  • Australia: The Australian Antarctic Territory is given representation in the Australian Parliament, since the population is burgeoning. Airship production is ramped up. Australia recognises Egypt's gains in Africa.
  • Iran: Election results: Islamic Parties win with a 43 percent, Democratic Parties come in a second with 32 percent, Communist parties with a surprisingly large 24 percent, and independent parties with a one percent. Rebuilding continues.
  • Poland: The nation has been rebuilt, thanks to the aid provided. The debt to Jose Industries is paid back. Meanwhile, more industry and infrastructure is built.
  • Britain: It decides to help Egypt rid of itself of all terrorists. They send military forces as supporters from the Egyptian military. They are concerned of what is going on in South America, but remained neutral for now.
  • Chile: New elections took place in the country and the new President is Edmundo Perez Zujovic, from the PDC. He continues his support to the intervention in Brazil, where currently the Chilean forces begin to first bombing over military bases in the southwest of Brazil. This allow to the ground troops to advance inside the territory. First Brazilian civilian are evacuated with success. The President order continues with the modernization of the Chilean equipments. Also, the construction of the Antarctic base continues to a good pace.
  • Korea: Korea continues to improve its military and economy.


Avaro '75.0

The year 1975.0.

  • Egypt: Egypt finally defeats Bani Walid's rebels and crushes Libya. The Egyptian security forces crush the last remaining terrorists in Egypt and Libya, with British and Korean help. Egypt thanks the British and Korean help. Telecommunications, electricity supplies, irrigation systems and sewers are improved nation-wide. Free schooling is given to poor kids. A rural nomad literacy campaign starts up. 25,000 of the 150,000 remaining reservists are activated. Ties become closer with Jordan, Royalist Libya, Benghazi and Sudan. 16 MiG 17 and 22 MiG 19 type fighters, ten McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II type fighter bombers, ten medium tanks, 16 jeeps and a corvette role of the Egyptian production line. Disturbing news from Syria, the Assad family has have staged a coup in Syria’s Allowaite and Damascus provinces. Egyptian agents penetrate Homs, but most are forced to leave due to the Assad's superior security forces.
  • Nueva Granada: The government releases several documents to the public which were secured in a recent raid on coastal brazil by N.G. intelligence operatives detailing human rights violations and war crimes commited over the past 20 years to submit the population and purge it of "anti-patriots and pro-Communists" within the documents several files are discovered talking about forced labour camps, military brothels, massacres, detention centres and mass graves throughout the brazilian state, Several of the mass graves were previously discovered but the information was not disclosed to the public until a reason behind them was found but with these files being discovered all information has been giving to the public were a major outburst of anger towards the treatment of its own citizens is expressed further aiding public opinion for the intervention for the time being and the military has began distributing via planes propaganda throughout all of reachable Brazil, several arrest warrants have been issued throughout Nueva Granada and its affiliated states for high ranking officials and civilian collaborators to be put before trial. The N.G. armed forces begin pushing again having seized control of Matto Grosso and Mato Grosso del Sur thanks to Chilean aid and military officials with the go ahead of the civilian government have gone about beginning to set up a provisional government for the region but the region is still part of Btazil at the moment but within the next few months many speculate a state similar to Amazonia will be established. Fighting is reaching the province border in Para facing massive casualties on both sides as fighting slow breaks down into urban warfare in major urban centres along the Brazilian coast the Nueva Granada Navy begins operation off the coast of Brazil to aid army efforts to break Brazilian resistence civilians are evecuated when possible. and food distribution becomes easier now that much of the area is under full Coalition (Nueva Granada, Amazonia, South Venezuela, Chile) occupation. A formal request to nations outside Latin America is made to not get involved in the conflict as it is a Latin American issue and for Latinos to deal with, but foreign aid in the form of food and medical supplies for the people of Brazil is accepted and requested by the S.A.D.F.F.T. in a public statement.
  • Britain: Establishes the European Union, an organization in which all European nations can begin to work together as a country, though it is just an organization. Britain allows South Africa to have Lesotho and Swaziland.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: N.G. officials request that the U.K. put out warrants for wanted war criminals from the Brazilian high command that may attempt to escape to Europe.
    • British Diplomacy: This is not our issue. So we should not do this whatsoever.
    • Egyptian Diplomacy: A protectorate is offered to friendly Jordan and Sudan, but only Sudan accepts it.
  • Tibet: Asks to host the Olympic games in 1976, and starts planning a probe to Mars to be launched in the 1980's the first Tibetan gunship is built to help defend the Tibetan Antarctic territory (also could the Antarctic territories which have been claimed, which are Chile, Tibet and Australia, be put on the map).

It has bee added.

  • Balkan Diplomacy: What about our territory in Antarctica? We have bases there too!
    • Egyptian Diplomacy: We support Tibet's bid to host the Olympic games in 1976.
    • Australian Diplomacy: We also support Tibet's bid.
  • Poland: Poland asks to join the EU, hoping that the potential trade could help jump start the economy through trade related jobs and new manufacturing ones. Meanwhile, new advances in labour saving technigues are made.
  • Nordic Union: The NU asks Britain if it can but the British Guyana from the UK while Canada is offered 50 years of free iron and 75 billion dollars for Nunavut and the remaining Arctic Islands, which, using an RNG with 1-6 No and 7-10 yes, Canada agrees to sell Nunavut and the Arctic Islands to the NU. Iron shipments begin. Denmark is asked to unite with the NU to form the Kalmar Union. SOMEONE PLEASE DO AN RNG FOR THIS ONE!!
  • Belgium: Begins military updates and reconstrustion in city. Request entrants to EU. plan are made to re-enter the world stage again.
  • Australia: Pleased that the Australian claim has been recognised by the international community, feelings are running high in the Australian Antarctic Territory. The PM offers Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and Niue to become protectorates of Australia. A new light armoured division is created in the Army, while the Air Force completes its latest class of Airships, the Sugarglider.
  • Balkans: Prime Minister Josef Tito wins re-election, and he plans to tour the middle east with the king to assess the situation. They are to go to Syria first, then Israel, then to Egypt, and finally to the United Islamic Republic. Security will be very high on all of these trips. The Nuclear stockpile is now built up to forty nuclear weapons in total, and research on an ICBM begins in earnest.

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