Autumn 1994

Nuclear Summer raises temperatures 20 Degrees Fahrenheit in Nuked Countries. Rubble Remains from War.

  • RSA: Panic occurs in Cape Province as nuclear radiation spread in from Peru and Europe. Thousands die in the Transvaal of heat expulsion and hunger as tempters rise 2.5 degrees Celsius in the province. The Nelson Mandela command bunker is completed. Durban’s and Cape Town’s new desalination plant is now being built. Guided missile research starts, with planned variants being more mobile and efficient. South Africa recognises that the 6 10kt “Operation Shampoo” bombs mentioned in its first post were, like in reality, off-topic, unused, strategically pointless, irrelevant and too titchy to be worth having in an atomic war (the only real enemy is Zimbabwe and its non-nuke state). As in reality, they are scrapped, but two years after they were in OTL. The RSA is now a non-nuke state. Stocks of manganese, platinum, vanadium and gold are sent to Peru and Granada Island. Some Iodine pills are also sent to Peru, Grenada Island and Botswana. An alliance is offered to Botswana and Zambia.
  • United States: The United States Government, who has been moved to the Doomsday Vault and NORAD, contacts several surviving state governments in Kentucky, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, South Carolina, Georgia, and Texas. It is determined that LA, Seattle, New York, Miami, Chicago, Honolulu, San Diego, and San Francisco, while the areas around were damaged. The US Government offers an ceasefire to the USSR, if they survived.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviet Government in the Doomsday Vault has sent out people to discover if it was safe to go out, and it was. From the Soviet radios in the Vault, they get the news that the US has asked for a ceasefire. We gladly accept. The Soviet Government begins receiving messages from all nuked cities. It receives the news that the nukes could have been worse, but it will take some rebuilding to fix everything. Factories across the nation are told to get the equipment in their emergency storage rooms out and begin making the needed items to repair the nation. The military in France has returned after learning that Paris was destroyed. On the way back home, they thought it was weird that they had not been getting messages from the Homelands. Some ships stopped and docked in a few small towns, but that’s when the nukes fell. They survived, but anyone who was still at sea died because of the EMP causing all refrigeration to go offline and they couldn't control the ships. The serving army decided to come home, and that is how they returned, by land using tanks and supply trucks to get home.
  • France: Agrees to the cease-fire of the Peruvians. The military continues to repair the nation while preparing for the future.
  • Peru: We need the help of all our allies all the surviving people are being taken to Chile and Bolivia the Peruvian people have declared neutrality for that factor we have now declared allies with Russia is over because we want to stay neutral , the bunkers built covered all the people but the ones that could not enter have died about 800,000 people dead, do to all the damage done to Peru from France we have asked the UN for help. We are thankful for the help from the RSA so we send oil to help them we also thank Brazil for help so we ask if we could transport people to their land for safety until we rebuild the damage. We have asked Brazil for Super tanks in case of a French attack.
  • Grenada Island: We need more food, medicine, clean water and shelters.
  • PRC: The PRC offers aid to the Soviets

1995 Winter

As of now, here is the outlook.

North America-Canada and U.S are Nuked, Small Radiation to Mexico but still operational. No expansion until 1997

South America-Peru Nuked and Western South America is radiated but still functional. Except Peru (1997), can expand.

Africa-Good off but still poor and starving more due to lack of supplies. Can Expand

Europe-Nuked Badly, Portugal and Spain Destroyed. All countries have radiation. Southeast Europe well off. No expansion until 2000

Asia-Except Soviet Union, All is irradiated. Can't Expand except Soviet Union (1997)

Oceania-Good. Can Expand.

  • Peru: We are now getting ready for the nuclear summer ahead of us This day will mark the day of Paz in Peru in other news the expansion to Africa has been stopped do to the damage of the nukes.
  • France: Continues to prepare for the nuclear summer. They continue to prepare its people to withstand any enemy in their way.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviet Government has begun giving the orders to the military to prevent any mutinies and keep anyone from declaring independence. The military is being stationed in Eastern Europe to prevent any nations from seceding. Most of the nation, however wants to stay as the Soviet Government has most of the resources that survived. A message is given to all nuclear bunkers in the nation, and all were responded except for bunkers in the Far East. It is estimated that they either were nuked harder since they were closer to the US, the radios they have aren't working properly, or they are out of range. Animals and plants in all bunkers are being brought out of the bunkers. The bunkers also came with irradiated dirt to put in the ground to grow the plants needed to feed the people and animals.
  • RSA: Durban’s and Cape Town’s new desalination plant are nearly built. Food rationing, religious fervour and harsh new laws keep the nation in check. The RSA contacts Australia and India (also not nuked or near nuking’s) to form an alliance. The people understand and trade opens on an ad-hock basis with the locals, but can't make it formal without it's player's consent. They are requested for an alliance. Bricks and coal are sent to Peru.
  • Grenada Island: We fight the heat as best as we can, but it's horrific. Our computers are driven by the “grapefruit system”, a rip off of Microsoft’s prototype variant of the Widows-95 computer system. We sell this system to Peru, South Africa, Brazil, the Yugoslavia, the Colombians, Israel and Mexico!
  • Brazil: Brazil sends aid to areas effected by nuclear summer, mass aid is sent to many citizens, soldiers are stationed all around the country, President Cruz was forced unconscious as he refused to enter the presidential home, as he was making many speeches around the country, and nearly died from heat. All the economy is based on recovery and aid for citizens, Brazil offers to send 4,000 soldiers to help keep peace in allied Peru, it also offers them some little economic aid that Brazil can give. Brazil requests South Africa for the increase of the Embassy in South Africa in amount of soldiers from 75 to 100 due to recent violence. They also offer S. Africa some aid.
  • Korea: Seeing a nuking of the U.S, Japans Ally, Korea Declares War and sea invades Japan. Due to the heat though, progression is slow. Computer are improved with a new system coming out in the spring, Aid is Sent to USSR and some to America.
  • United States: The United States, continues rebuild, and sends what it can in resources to Europe, the Soviet Union, and Peru. American soldiers in Japan are trapped, but the US Fifth Fleet from Iran comes to their aid, and rescues them, and is taken to Anchorage. Las Vegas becomes the refugee centre for refugees coming from the west, and St. Louis is for refugees coming from the west.
  • PRC: The PRC sends aid to the soviets

1995 Spring

As the first number of deaths come in, over 300 Million and counting is dead with possibilities for the number to double.

  • Korea: It completely conquers Japan quickly due to the evacuation of the American Army (Of which we apologize for trapping) and the use of paratroopers. The people welcome the Koreans as the main source of exports (America and Europe) was nearly destroyed. It is admitted to Korea. Another Rocket is Sent up and the space station is improved. The government is moved out of the bunkers.
  • The Soviet Union begins to send troops into Europe to make sure the puppet states don't fall. It is glad to see that most puppet states survived, except for Poland, which is conquered and the government is restored with the aid of former Communists. Many civilians have finished rebuilding their houses. The government has control over all of the nation except for the Far East. For some odd reason, it does not respond to messages sent to them, no one has been seen coming out of there except for a few thousand truckers, but they often weren't in town and don't know what happened. The government is planning a new expedition to go out there and see what happened. The official estimate of how many died is at 35 million. The main cause is the disruption of food and supplies to the cities. The Soviet Government is committed to making sure that the USSR now outlasts the US. Hatred against the West is extremely high, and many people think the US shouldn't even exist as a nation anymore. However, the Soviet Government know that they might not be as lucky if another nuclear war happens.
  • American Diplomacy: America apologies for its act of using its arsenal, and takes full blame for it, and to offer an sorry gift: Alaska will give to the US..
  • PRC: The PRC sends aid to the Soviets. The PRC offers to produce goods for any nation that is willing to produce it. Due to lack of US forces, the PRC invades Taiwan, but is bogged down by resistance.
Soviet Diplomacy: We thank the PRC, but decline the aid, stating that the damage wasn't as bad as it could have been, and most of the nation has been repaired mainly because of the light damage that happened, though in a few areas it was divesting. We offer to help the PRC in Taiwan.
PRC: The PRC thanks the Soviets and will accept their help in Taiwan.
  • Brazil: Brazil asks for all leaders of every nation for an international meeting in Rio de Janeiro. (Which will take next turn.) President Cruz is pressured to make a temporary dictatorship due to so much damage, him having no serious political opponent for his third term of reflection, and the lack of the ability to even have an election, some crowds call for a four year dictatorship led by President Cruz, but other anti-dictator protest occur. Both sides clash many times, the local police force is put on high alert. There is a population boom as people from Europe, the U.S, Israel, the USSR, China, Korea, Japan, and other parts of the world immigrate to Brazil. It causes a major job shortages, which gives more fuel for the pro-temporary dictatorship. President Cruz begins a major job program, stopping all military research, and focusing on domestic issues. It reminds all nations to send their leader of their nation, or at least a representative, and to accept or decline it. The meeting of Rio de Janeiro will take next turn.
PRC: The PRC will attend the meeting.
United States: The US Ambassador to Brazil would attend the meeting.
France: It will attend the meeting.
S.Africa: Foreign sectary Whinnied Mandela will attend the Rio de Janeiro summit.
Grenada Island: will attend the Rio de Janeiro summit.
The USS will attend this meeting.
Peru will attend the meeting and will represent all countries captured.
Korea will attend.
  • France continues to build up and expand its military. They ask the Germans to build up weapons and supplies to counter the USSR war machine.
  • RSA: The Durban and Capetown desalination plants are now completed. Martial law is in most places. Harsh laws and hope unite the people. The other two desalination units are planned for Port Elizabeth. Nelson Mandela begs the people on national TV not to give up or fall in to chaos. A few more shelters are made and the new prototyped EMP shielded Atlas Cheetah fighter goes for a test flight. The racist bigot and former S. African PM, Hendrik Verwoerd, is formally denounced by F.W. DeKlerk and Hendrik Verwoerd’s statue in Capetown is demolished by the government, three years after in OTL. Brazil’s request for a bigger embasy plus 100 troops is granted. The food aid from Brazil is welcomed. Foreign secretary Winnie Mandela will attend the Rio de Janeiro summit next turn.
  • Grenada Island: will attend the Rio de Janeiro summit.
  • Peru: We have almost finished rebuilding Peru. The Journey has been long but is now finished.
  • RSA diplomacy:, The new frigate Vaal River and new supply ship University of Natal are launched and sent to investigate claims of a few post-atomic survivor communities in the Azores and Canary islands (iodine pills at the ready, sirs).

1995 Summer

Radioactive soot and old bomb-radiation cause cancerous some growths in France, USA, Korea, USSR (Far East) and Japan’s people.

  • Korea keeps working on Computers and a new program will be out by the Fall. Japan is Solidified. An alliance is offered to Grenada for protection.
  • AT LAST SOME RAIN IS FALLING IN SWAZILAND! Polokwane city has a second food riot, which is brutally suppressed. The building of the 2 Port Elizabeth desalination plants is under way. The frigate Vaal River and supply ship University of Natal were launched and sent to investigate claims of a few post-atomic survivor communities in the Azores and Canary islands. It is true; 1,260-1,300 have clung to life in a way reminiscent of the 1983: Doomsday time line. The sailors take iodine pills to help fight the radiation, hoist the S. African flag from the local church spires and evacuate the (mostly cancerous) people back to safety in S. Africa.
Island Population
[[1]] Corvo 95-115
[[2]] Folres 60-75
[[3]] La Palma 560-570
[[4]] El_Hierro 26
[[5]] Savage_islands 3
[[6]] Vila do Porto 6
[[7]] Madeira 510-515
  • United States: The United States Government and State Governments orders everybody into an bunker or indoors to protect them from the soot, those who don't listen will die of radioactivity exposure. The United States sends small amounts of aid to the USSR and Europe, and also some to Peru.
  • Soviet Union: The Expedition from the Far East came back, and it turns out the situation there is horrible. The nuclear bombs that went off there were heavily concentrated in particular (i.e. if a city got nuked, the nukes often just fell in just one area and not anywhere else). Fighting has broken out, and starvation and gun violence has made it look a third world nation. The area is in need of large amounts of medicine, and other supplies are in high demand as well. The army is being sent to restore order and bring supplies.
    • American Diplomacy: America offers an spare aid they can find, to give to the USSR.
    • Soviet Diplomacy: The Soviet Union thanks America, but declines, stating that America got out of this nuclear war worst off than we did, but we still thank America for getting over our differences and offering aid even after what happened.
  • RIO DE JANEIRO CONFERENCE: Brazilian President presents a plan in which all nuclear weapons will be defused and thrown away, by recycle, locks, dismantling completely; President Cruz of Brazil stated to all the nations that attended; "We are some of the last remaining civilizations that have survived; billions are possibly dead from our own errors; I fear another war with these deadly weapons will be the last war humanity shall have; and thus, I ask every single nation, with the nuclear weapons, and that is destroyed, to sign the Rio de Janeiro Treaty.
The Rio de Janeiro Treaty states:
  1. All nuclear weapons are to be dismantled, and 'thrown away' by any disposable means.
  2. All nations will allow Brazilian aid (which is the nation most intact) to give construction, financial aid to nations and societies- until 1998.
  3. All nations must share information and publicize it with each other until 1997, in an attempt to learn the status of the earth.
  4. Scientific information must be shared in ways to counteract against deadly nuclear summer and other nuclear related-incident.
  5. All nations will not do any military advancement until 1996.
  6. All nations must not take claim of any territory in other nations areas which have been heavily impacted. (Example, Korea will not claim destroyed New York as their territory.)
  7. All military forces are focused on stabilization of their own countries, and if any nation can spare soldiers, to assist other nations, and to also explore destroyed areas of the world for sign of new nations, and survivors looking for help- until the year 2000.
Brazilian Diplomacy: Brazil signs the treaty of Rio de Janeiro. It urges all nations to do the same, to preserve peace and stability throughout the world. It points out the horrible consequences of the recent world war, and states the Rio de Janeiro Conference, will stop any new devastating war to take place in the future.
American Diplomacy: America agrees to the conference, and claims full responsibility for the use of weapons.
Soviet Diplomacy: The USSR agrees as well, and hopes another nuclear conflict doesn't happen.
S. African Diplomacy: The RSA agrees to the conference.
French Diplomacy: It also agrees.
Mexico: ‘Agreed.
PRC Diplomacy: The PRC agrees.
Grenada Island: Yep.

Brazil: Brazil continues to give aid to nations, construction industries booms, jobs are created with it. Aid is sent all around the world- but effort to keep civilians safe continues in Brazil; the military is spread through all the country. President Cruz wins emergency re-elections. Letting him stay in power until the year 2000. Some protests occur in Argentina due to lack of aid, to which the Brazilian government sends aid by urging farmers to give up some food, and spreading it through the population. Ingenious "ice packs" which are basically blocks of ice in a special zip-lock and the people carry it near them is made to counteract the heat- but the idea is largely unsuccessful.

France: Begins to repair the nation from the chaos. They ask Canada and the United States for any humanitarian aid.

  • American Diplomacy: America will give France the supplies they can spare, but it won't be much.
  • S. Africa: Gives coal, Iron ore and bricks to all nations that need them. The still inhabited parts of the Azores, Madeira and Canary islands will be cleansed, rebuilt and given independence in 2000.
  • Peru accepts the treaty
  • PRC: With help from the Soviets, the PRC finally conquers Taiwan. The government is imprisoned. Rebuilding is started. The people are taught the glorious ways of Communism. The People are resistant at first, but they soon embrace the new government. New satellites are launched into orbit. Work on a space station is started.
  • Grenada Island: We agree to the conference rules. A new irrigation system is started. Our computers are driven by the “grapefruit system”, a clone of Microsoft’s prototype variant of the Widows 95 computer system, which we give to the world (PD) for free.
    • S. African statistics office report: 10,000 are dead, 100km of veldt and 200 km of Karoo are desert (but not expanding now).

1995 Fall

Brazil: Brazil hopes for an era of peace; hoping at least South America can stay peaceful. Jobs are created as industries grow due to demands of supplies for the world; aid is concentrated in war-torn Europe, and nuclear devastated U.S and USSR.

United States: The eastern United States and western parts of the United States begin to fall apart, and the President of the United States is evacuated to St. Louis. Meanwhile, the military continues to support the amount of refugees coming in from the west and east, and a dead zone is declared along the western and eastern seaboard. The US government also shuts the border with Mexico and the Canada down, to help quell the refugees fleeing into the US, as well as the ones fleeing out. The remaining bases in Europe and Asia are shut down in order to save money, and the US offers the PRC Guam, Wake Island, Midway, and Hawaii in order to help pay off its debt to China.

PRC Diplomacy: The PRC agrees to buy Guam, Wake Island, Midway, and Hawaii. They give the US the money for the islands. They also offer to send them medical supplies for free as humanitarian aid.
American Diplomacy: America accepts the PRC's medical supplies, and thanks them.
PRC: The PRC moves forces and civilians to Guam, Wake Island, Midway, and Hawaii. The US transfer control to the PRC and US forces moved out. Any Americans or natives who don't want to be under PRC control are allowed to leave, otherwise are taught the ways of Communism and put to work. Farms are immediately built and the fishing industry flourishes. The PRC asks Grenada Island if the PRC can buy the code for grapefruit system and the rights to produce it and put it on computer systems in the PRC.
  • RSA:More rain falls in Lesotho and Swaziland provinces. 1,260 Japanese and 1,500 French refugees are welcomed in. A major bus strike over food rationing causes chaos in Rustenburg. The S. African navy finds about 6,850-7,350 more alive on other parts of the Azores, Madeira and Canary Islands. All the other islands are still uninhabited.
Island Population
[[8]] Lanzarote 1,500-1,750
[[9]] Graciosa 6
[[10]] Fuerteventura 1,500-1,550
[[11]] Gran Canaria 2,300-2,400
[Santa] Maria Island 600-650
[[12]] Miguel Island 500-525
[[13]] Terceira 150
Madera (second trip) 250
Las Palmas (second trip) 60

The Tswana refugees around Mafikeng and Gaborone are given hope as they hear that a new water pipeline will begin its construction from Durban to Kanue and Gaborone later next year. A motorized S. African expedition drives north of Gaborone and head for Jwaneng, Ghanzi, Tshane, Tutume, Oropa and Serowe. It is all deserted desert (plus the odd skeleton here and there) except in Oropa and the Magkgadikgahi Salt Plains, which is now an independent territory run by its rogue mayor and nearby Tutume is a de facto client state of Zimbabwe. The declining pro-S. African (for several turns) government held Gaborone-Palapy zone has becoming a part of the sphere of S. African interest. All is quiet in Namibia south of Walves Bay and Windhoek… more skeletons in the sand?… A diplomat is sent to the Oropa Republic to form an alliance.

  • Canada Resigns from this map game
  • Grenada Island: Agrees to Korean protection, and a Korean and PRC alliance with the island. It sells the codes for the "Grapefruit computer operating system" to China, Korea, Peru and S. Africa.
    • PRC Diplomacy: The PRC thanks Grenada for their Computer OS, and accepts their alliance offer.
  • France thanks America for its humanitarian aid. They continue to help recover the country from the horrors of war, yet remain wary of possible enemy strikes.
  • Soviet Union: In the Far East, 30,000 soldiers died by the violence happening there. A new country there ahs been made, called the Far Eastern Republic, which is just a dictatorship. New independence movements have formed in other places in the nation, and in other places in the world. The military is being sent to put down Eastern European uprisings, but uprisings elsewhere is preventing the military from stopping all revolutions.
  • RSA: S. Africa Diplomacy: Now the USA has pulled out of the Diego Garcia base in the British Indian Islands (when it closed it’s bases and quit), we ask if it could become Anglo-South African next year? Talks continue with the rebels in northern Botswana.
  • Okay.
  • Because U.S is so major, it will be under mod control until someone takes it.
  • Korea: Solidifies Japan and releases Pyongyang Computer System. It is controlled by squares with different Icons like Metro but 1995ed. It is for sale to anyone.

Winter 1995

HCW 1996.Botswana map2

Botswana is now mostly explored.

In the Eastern USSR, the Far East Republic is declared as a dictatorship.

Poland secedes from USSR as a dictatorship.

In the US, Alaska secedes and creates the Alaskan Republic as a democracy. New England becomes the New England Republic as a Democracy.

  • RSA: Rain at last the heat and drought leave the RSA. The government of the RSA ends food rationing and turns the Botswana loyalist zone in to a S. African client state, full of troops ready to kick Zimbabwe out of the east of the nation, if talks fail. Talks start with Zimbabwe over pulling out of Botswana. Talks also continue with the rogue Oropa Republic. RSA off-road car explorers (none called Dora by the way) find the Ovanga and Caprivi states north of the Oropa Republic, who have become Oropa allies to. The aircraft that fly’s over the ‘Quiet zone’ in south east Namibia, all they find is sand, a closed diamond mine and the odd skeleton between Windhoek, Walvis Bay and the RSA’s border.
  • Korea: Pyongyang Computer System is a hit with twice as many hits as Grenada's Grapefruit System. The military is solidified.
  • USA (Mod Controlled Until Someone takes it, you can have two countries you know): Attempts to regain New England. The country is rebuilt from the Great Plains out. Approval is at a all time low. By Spring, The Midwest and East Coast except New England is under good control.
  • Mexico: It emerges from isolation and offers help to the varicose regimes in the ex-USA. The previous president did not prepare the nation so thousands died in the atomic summer and hundreds got radiation sickness on the border with the USA. The coup leader Monsieur Miguel Raúl Lopez addresses the nation on all TV and radio stations saying the army/Catholic Church regime plans to make up for the deficiencies of the past, end the drugs trade and CRUSH THE ACCURSED REBELS IN THE CHIAPAS REGION ONCE AND FOR ALL! An alliance is offered to the various regimes in the USA, Colombia, Brazil and Peru.
  • France: France continues to recover the country. They continue to rebuild the military for defensive purposes.
  • Grenada island: The high level heat has gone away! An alliance and trade deal is offered to Mexico, the USA and New England.
  • PRC: The PRC adopts the Grapefruit OS and puts it in some computers to test it out and compares it to the Pyongyang OS to which one is better. All of the PRC's new possessions are solidified under control, some military presence is leave for the mainland, except for Taiwan, a little military guard is left on the other possessions.
  • Soviet Union: The military is ordered to crush the new republics. Soviet troops head for the Far East, but when they get there, are crushed because of long supply lines, and being so far away from home. Soviet troops can't deal with Poland because of the ongoing conflict in the Far East, so it is spared, creating new independence movements in the other puppet states.
  • RSA Diplomacy: Offers an alliance with Mexico and tries out the Grapefruit OS. The The rump Botswanan, Ovanga, Caprivi and Oropa Republics case for United Nations (Hot Cold War) membership is taken up by the RSA.

Spring 1996

Canada government collapses in the mist of the war. New England Claims all land South of the Saint Lawrence, Alaska Claims Yukon and Northwest Territories. A Canadian Republic is Formed in Quebec, Maritimes and Ontario.

Seeing that New England has left the Union and the old world order is about to collapse, the American states of Alabama, South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Missouri, Arkansas, North Carolina, Florida, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kentucky declare their independence from the United States of America to form the Federated Republic of America, or FRA, which immediately seizes all Federal territories including Washington DC, which is made into the FRA capitol, and all military and naval as well as nuclear and air bases and war industries are seized and put under control of the FRA, which mobilizes an army of over 2.3 million former American now FRA troops.

Bostawana, Ovanga, Caprivi, New England, the Alaskan Republic and Oropa is attempted to the U.N.

  • U.S-Concerned with the situation in Canada, the borders are closed with their providence. Troops are sent up to capture land that is not radiated to farm and Southern British Columbia and Alberta are captured by Summer. The infrastructure is improved. Congress passes a law moving the Capital to a territory in Kansas and plans a 15 by 15 mile city to be completed in 2000. Windows 95 is released and the US criticizes Grenada for stealing it. New England is asked to rejoin the Union. U.S Accepts the Mexican Alliance.
  • Korea-Pyongyang OS is a hit! 50% of the country has it and growing. Pyongyang's population jumps and tries to become a metropolis.
  • PRC:The PRC decides and officially adopts the Grapefruit OS. All cities that were destroyed in the Korean war are fully rebuilt and people are able to move back. The Government dedicates a massive memorial to the lost soldiers and civilians in Beijing.
HCW 1997.Botswana map3

Botswana is now fully explored and sorted out. The borders will be fixed in 1997.

  • RSA: S. Africa gives aid in the form of gold, bricks, stainless-steel, iron ore and manganese to France, New England and Botswana. Talks continue with the bellicose Zimbabwean dictator, Robert Mugabe, over the fate of eastern Botswana. Agriculture recovers and the Limpoppo is back to normal.
  • Mexico: Mexico’s turmoil ends as harsh laws are enacted at gunpoint. The regime makes it clear that the narco-lords of the Gulf Cost (and any other drug lords), counter revolutionaries, the 10,000 desperate refugees from California’s ruins (housed in a camp in Sonora state) and the left wing thugs in Chiapas state are told to repent and toe the line or else!.... Only the American refugees heed the warning!... Alliances with the RSA and Grenada are accepted and one is offered to France. The Comisión Nacional de la Energía (National Energy Commission) also orders the building of a civil nuclear reactor on the east coast and a geo-thermal power station in central Mexico. They will take a year to build.
  • Soviet Union: Troops from the Far East return home, defeated. As a punishment for these troops, one tenth of them will be forced to guard the camps in Siberia. These camps often became places of violence and death because of a lack of troops to guard prisoners. Several independence movements in the Eastern European states have begun, and the army is unable to prevent the revolutions.
  • France: France begins to ally with South Africa as their only beacon of hope. Concerned of the events in the USSR and Asia, they begin to fund resistance groups there.
    • Mexican Diplomacy: An alliance is offered to both France and Poland's rebel government
    • French Diplomacy: France praises Mexico for its aid.
  • Grenada- Politically recognises all the rebel states in the USA and Canada.
  • Congo-Brazzaville: Communists are dumped as in OTL.

Summer 1996

The New Canadian Republic Reclaims Manitoba and Nuevuant.

The FRA occupies New Mexico, Arizona, and southern California as well as southern Illinois and Pennsylvania

(What does 'FRA' stand for as a full name?)

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Grenada: Grenada improves its defence forces training and starts making its own helmets. 20 pistols are bought from Venezuela.

The FRA: The FRA declares that if the USA attacks all nuclear missiles will be launched at the USA.{C

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France: France continues to get closer to South Africa and Mexico for help. They invent new breeds of weapons, armor, tanks, fighting planes, and warships and are now put into production.

FRA Diplomacy: Can France help the FRA please?
HCW 1997.Botswana map4

Botswana's final borders, pending the ratification of 1997.

  • South Africa: Talks continue with Zimbabwe, but Mugabe is just as bellicose as OTL, if not a touch worse. More aid goes to France. The RSA condemns the dictatorial Far Easter Republic for being a dictatorship full of “hard line Stalinists and Bolsheviks”.
  • Mexico: Mexico agrees to a mutual defence pact with the FRA and Grenada. A new Western Christian military order [[14]] based on the Knights Templar is formed out of Mexico’s elite forces and clergy. It’s a bit like a Christian version of [[15]] Hamas and act like a real world version of Father Octavian and his militarized "clerics" in the Dr Who episode [[16]] 'The Time of Angels', but hunt Mexican rebels, not stone angels. They crush the counterrevolutionary rebels, but struggle against the drug lords. Chiapas’ rebels are hit hard and are shaken badly
  • Congo-Brazzaville: It Sends observers to the crisis in Botswana and the Far Eastern Republic. the Congo drills for oils of it's coast.
  • New mod sign up as I am the only one left.
  • Brazil: After President Cruz stepped down as president, saying he was disgusted with the rest of the world, elections took place in Brazil but with very low turnouts, many crying for Cruz to run for re-election, some saying the candidates were insecure, regardless, Antonio Merkle took office in 1996, with a mixture of a liberal-conservative movement. Aid continues around the world, Brazil refuses recognizes the FRA, and Far Easter Republic as legitimate nations. The military is spread through large Brazil, securing the Amazons which native groups and other rebel groups had taken refuge there. The economy somewhat prospers, being the fastest growing economy in the period. (even with that, it wasn't much growth.)
  • PRC: The PRC produces thousands of computers with the Grapefruit OS installed on them and place them in government run retailers for the public to purchase. The PRC offers to sell Grenada weapons packages for their defense force. The military expands.
  • Korea:Agrees to Chinese Licensing. Economy Improves and ask USSR if they would like help recapturing Far East Republic.
  • Soviet Union: We thank Korea, but decline, stating that even if the Far East Republic was captured, it would simply go into guerrilla warfare. All of the puppet states have revolted, but the exhausted Soviet military is unable to stop them. Many think this is the decline of the Soviet Union, but others think this would be normal after a nuclear war.

Fall 1996

  • RSA: A new goldmine opens near Kimberly and a new coal mine opens near Pretoria. Talks over Botswana fail and non-nuclear war is near, but talks continue. The RSA recruits more troops just in case. The RSA assailants the Far Eastern Republic’s Stalinist dictator Comrade Viktor Vladimir Orloff and the green light is given for a Soviet takeover of the FER. The RSA also produces hundreds of it's own computers with the Grapefruit OS installed on them and place them in various retailers for the public to purchase. A new water pipeline is to be built linking the Durban desalination plant with the capitol of Botswana and Caprivi.
  • Mexico: Chiapas is finally subdued under martial law, but the narco-barons still cause much mischief on the gulf coast. Mexico offers to mediate between the USA, FRA(cannon?) and New England. The Mexican flag now flies over the politically isolated US Virgin islands and Navasa Island in the Caribbean (assuming the FRA is cannon, if not, then they stay USA held). Mexico denounces the Far Eastern Republic as "a den of thieves". The Christian Military order has nearly done it's job and will disband some time next year.
  • France experiences a population and economic boom from the ashes of the war. They begin expanding businesses into African countries and Latin America. The military is still on a full look out for the Soviets.
  • Grenada:A new pineapple cannery and jetty are opened on the north of the island. The pineapples are sold to Peru, Mexico, France, S. Africa, Korea and China. Chinese protection is welcomed.
  • Congo-Brazzaville: The Congo makes a trade deal and Alliance with France. They can upgrade our oil industry and put up their own oil rigs by [Pointe Noire].
    • France: It agrees to the request.
    • Korea: Strengthen possessions and sends another man to space station.
  • PRC: The computers with Grapefruit OS sell like hotcakes, they sell as fast as factories can produce them. New agricultural programs start, they are placed to increase the output of Chinese farms and feed the growing population.
  • Korea offers to sell Pyongyang OS to China from 1% above factory prices. The space station is expanded.
  • U.S-Solidifies Holdings and grabs more farming land in Canada. Washington D.C begins to be rebuilt. (Someone can take the U.S. There are some players with one out of two countries.) I will. The River Nile-2 07:04, March 19, 2012 (UTC)

Winter 1996

After a 3 year civil war, Somalia's war torn coast enters the piracy business and cease a Saudi oil tanker, British yacht and Yemeni fishing boat of the coast of Puntland region.

  • RSA: The RSA assailants the bizzar Zimbabwean dictator, Robert Mugabe and in the hope that moderate Morgan Tswagervie will rise to power. The ratification of the Botswana’s borders is done. Desalination plants is built in Walvis Bay. Contact is made with the port of Lüderitz, which is still there. The RSA lets Namibia know and pulls out.
  • Mexico: The public put up with the antics of the self-styled- "Knights of God", due to both the crushing of Chiapas’ hated rebels, the resent pledge about a new geothermal power station and the promised elections of the autumn of 1997. The drug lords and there thugs are in military decline under the martial law of the armed clerics. Drug dealers are arrested across the Gulf Cost, Chiapas and Mexico city and given a simple choice-
  1. Repent, grass on non-penitents and become Catholic priests.
  2. Be shot for being non-penitent dealer.
  • Grenada:A new trade deal is offered to France to replace mago trade lost by the trade sanctions Grenada puts on the FER.
  • Congo- Brazzaville: Road and rail links are improved in Brazzaville and along the coast. A new ferry runs from Brazzaville to Kinshasa. Congo would like to raise a bill at the UN imposing sanctions on the FER and Somalia.
  • USA: A peace monument is built in Tucson dedicated to the entire world's war dead! The president wants to start a new era of Glasnost with Canada, Peru, Brazil, France, Cuba and the Soviets. All unclaimed land in Saskatchewan becomes Canadian, the rest of BC goes to Alaska and the remnants of Alberta are joined the USA under the Winnipeg treaty between the nations involved. The involvement revolved responsibility’s a lot, so thing’s got confused at first. The highways are largely repaired on the East coast north and east of Blacksburg, Virginia. A new Iron mine opens in Colorado. Agriculture and industry is rebuilt in Iowa. Cancer rates are falling. Trade talks start with Mexico, Korea, the Congo and Peru.The River Nile-2 07:51, March 19, 2012 (UTC)
  • PRC: The PRC will try the Pyongyang OS out. The PRC starts their own space agency called The Peoples Republic Aeronautics and Space Agency or PRASA. Their first major task is to get a space station into orbit. Research starts immediately and research already started before the formation of PRASA are sent to the scientists and engineers to be examined and applied. The military expands and tries to develop new technology. The PRC denounces the actions of the Somali Pirates and tells the Somalians to get their people under control.
  • Korea would like to have a joint-project with China as we already have a space station and such.
  • Peru: We have began to expand again to the other part of South America like the north. We have began to go to Panama towards the Panama Canal to go to the Panama Canal to go to the Pacific, also We don't accept peace with the United States and also we have began to attack the African Plains . The re-election of the President went wrong and a new president has been elected President Paniagua
  • Grenada: Grenada's user retires and gives control of the Island to the PRC. 20:18, March 19, 2012 (UTC)
    AA Soviet Control.
  • Soviet Union: Revolts in the nation have begun, and Caucasus declares its independence from the USSR, spreading Independence movements across the World. Millions of unhappy citizens are rising in the streets, and most of the USSR has collapsed into anarchy. Only the following areas are under Soviet control:
  • France: It begins to support the revolts in the USSR as long as they are loyal to the non-Communist world. The economy continues to recover thanks to businesses in Africa. After a while, they decide to form the EU, with most of non-Communist NPC Europe.

Spring 1997

Izmir is hit by a 2.2 magnitude earthquake, in which slight damage and 1 death happen.

  • Korea:Works on next computer system. Ask USSR if they want help getting land controlled.
  • RSA: Talk continue with Zimbabwe and a trade deal is cut with Namibia over diamonds and coal.
  • Mexico: The roads are improved south of Mexico City.
  • USA: Opens a new coal mine in Wyoming.
  • Congo: Asks S. Africa for a trade deal.

Summer 1997

Havana is hit by a 2.1 magnitude earthquake, in which slight damage and 1 death happen.

HCW Map '97

The world in 1997.

  • RSA: Morgan Tswagervie is taking to the streets; ZANUPF has collapsed and elections are nigh after Mugabe’s liquidation, so they can keep their bit of! The RSA continues to dig it in Sakhalin island in the FER and starts to promote democracy their via the underground ‘Tobias movement’. At last, the anti-ICBM missiles, doomsday vault and several new tanks are built Humanitarian aid is sent to the Soviet Government zone in the hope of stabilising the country to. S. Africa offers aid and an alliance with the USSR and USA.
  • Mexico: The ‘Knights of God’ have crushed all but a few die-hard narco-lords. An alliance and trade deal is cut with the USA. Some tanks are made. Humanitarian aid is sent to the USA, Peru, France and (Catholic) Lithuania's rebel zone. The Mexicans agree to the USA's trade deal and alliance. The border with Guatemala is fortified.
  • USA: The USA begins to rebuild the roads in the East South. TV is restored to the Great Pains and Mid-West. The states of Canada, New England and Alaska are formally recognised, as are the nations of the former Botswana. A series of food riots are crushed in Montana and local food rationing becomes more severe. Convoluted thinking is invoked by the army at this point, as they promote many black Americans to the higher ranks of the force. Gays are allowed to join the military as of acting President Dr P. Q. Donaldson’s presidential decree. Oil is pumped from Alberta and offered to Peru and S. Africa. The S. African’s aid and alliance is welcomed.
  • Congo-The trade and alliance deals with the USA and the French are accepted with the fullest of acceptance. Aid is sent to the Soviet government zone, America and France. Logging begins in the central region. The French oil industry is welcomed in according to the oil drilling deal of last year. 500 soldiers are recruited. Congo recognises the new states in North America and Botswana.
  • PRC: PRASA keeps on working on creating a space station they get closer and closer. The PRC sends humanitarian aid to war-torn Somalia, but the ships are captured and crews slaughter by pirates and a Somalian military vessel and troops are among the attacking group. The PRC is furious and tells Somalia to get a handle on their military and their pirates and they demand an apology and reparations or face reprisals. The PRC ask if the Soviets want help regaining their country back.
  • Brazil: President Angel causes massive protests, by publicly ordering the building of 7 air-craft carriers, 10 battleships, 21 smaller military naval vessels, 100 bombers and jets, 40 more of the Brazilian 'Mega-Tanks' and 200 regular tanks. Senate repeals president Angel's decision, stating it will break the Treaty of Rio de Janeiro, and divides the amount of things being built by 3, and set-back to the year 2000. The economy focuses on bettering roads, making schools, and such, popular government-funded programs make it easy.
  • France: Continues its economic boom. They officially send troops to rebel areas of the USSR to weaken the nation's power. They call for NATO and America for help.
  • Peru has began expansion to Colombia, Venezuela, Suriname and other parts.

Guys, MAKE ALGORITHMS!!! No war is done until there is an algorithm. 10:02, March 21, 2012 (UTC)

Autumn 1997

Many earthquakes occurred that season. Many had died, more are wounded or homeless and riots occur in some places.

Venezuela is hit by a once in a lifetime 6.8 magnitude earthquake in the Amazonas region. A tsunami alerts is given and a 2cm wave hits Panamá, Colombia, Haiti, The Dominican Republic, Netherlands Antilles and Barbados. The next day earthquake of 6.4 magnitude earthquake hits Caracas, which is badly damaged, causing widespread panic. A 5.6 magnitude aftershock hits Amazonas region two days later. All in all ten are dead and hundreds are wounded and homeless.
Altumn 1997 earthquakes.
Place Magnitude Dead Damage level Tsunami height Tsunami reached
Ometepec, Guerrero region of Mexico. 7.6 36 low - -
170km (105 miles) S.E. of, Quito in Ecuador. 6.9 12 low - -
New Delhi, India 4.9 2 none - -
Dadri, India 4.9 2 none - -
Many of the islands in the central Philippines. 6.7 15 low 0 -
Sakhalin island. 7.6 2,000 Servear 0 -
Central Kamchatka. 8.2 6 Moderate - -

6.8, 6.4, 5.6

10 Moderate 2cm Panamá, Colombia, Haiti, Dominican Rep', Netherlands Antilles and Barbados.
210km N. E. of Hokkaido island, Japan. 6.8 6 Heavy 20cm N. E. Hokkaido island, Kurils and S. Sakhalin island.
Pretoria, S. Africa 1.1 0 None - -
Anchorage, Alaska 1.5 0 Minor 0 -

The confused UN calls a scientific and political summit to discuss these resent geo-events.
HCW earth quakes of 1997

The earthquakes of late 1997?

Guys, MAKE ALGORITHMS!!! No war is done until there is an algorithm. 10:02, March 21, 2012 (UTC)
  • RSA: Sends aid to the world's earthquake victims. South Africa agrees to trade its gold and manganese in exchange for American oil. A RSA patrol boat is sent to help the PRC in their battle with the Somali pirates. Roads are improved in rural parts and southern Botswana. A hearts and minds campaign is started in Sakhalin island to undermine the FER's rule in the island. S. Africa has nearly built its water pipeline and has agreed to attend the summit. The economy grows noticeably due to trade with the recovering USA.
  • Mexico: Emergency services tend to the sick and homeless. A lot of attention and resources are sent to Ometepec. Many question the government’s policies and claimed God wants an early election and the end of the militarised clergy’s rule. A doomsday vault is started and S.A.M. missiles made in small quantities. Mexico agrees to attend the UN summit.
  • France continues its economic boom. They send aid to Mexico and South Africa to help the earthquake victims. They continue to support rebellions in the USSR. They call for NATO and America and its allies to support the rebels.
  • S.African diplomacy: A hearts and minds campaign is started in earthquake hit Sakhalin Island to undermine the FER's rule in the island.
  • Mexican diplomacy: Political recognition is given to the emergent Lithuanian rebel regime in and about the town of Vilnius.
  • Honduras: Honduras wishes to have a USA or Mexico alliance. Banana production is on the rise and many pistolas and carbines are made locally. Food sent to Mexico quake victims.
  • USA: Sends some food aid to the earthquake victims. Makes many S.A.M. missiles and competes the decontamination and rebuilding of Washington. Humanitarian aid is sent to the to the Lithuanian rebels, the Soviet government zone and Sakhalin Island to aid them in personal survival.
  • Congo: Asks S. Africa for an alliance. Sends much food aid to the earthquake victims. Aid is sent to the Soviet government zone and 100 peace keepers are sent to the chaotic Crimea. 200 new troops are trained up and Congo makes more helmets. Congo goes to the UN earthquake meeting to.

    PRC: The PRC sends aid to the countries effected by the earthquakes. After continual requests and no responses by the Somali Government, the PRC declares war on Somalia and bombing of the country commences. (Can a Mod help with an algorithm). PRASA continues working on a space station.

  • Congolan Diplomacy: We will send two MiG 17s and 50 men to help China fight the Somali Pirates. (P.S., I think the RSA has sent a patrol boat and Peru said something about troops in earlier posts about Somalia, so china has 4 allies, now Congo has joined in).

    • PRC Diplomacy: The PRC thanks the Congo for their support. They also thank the RSA and Peru.

  • Soviet Union: The Soviet Government recovers, and begins to rebuild the lands it still has under control. Contact with most of the world has been lost, and that is the same in most of the former Soviet lands and puppet states. A wall is being built around the lands the Soviet Government still has to keep out foreign invaders and criminals who escaped prison.
  • Brazil: Brazil sends aid to Latin American countries affected by the earthquakes. A new military protocol is put, the navy is now put onto full effect, and now patrol North Atlantic Waters and South Atlantic Waters. A massive amount of supplies are sent to the isolated areas of the Soviet Government, in those supplies, there is mainly food, equipment for agriculture, winter, and advanced communication systems to be able to form contact with the rest of the world again. The heavily based recovery of the world Brazilian economy prospers, reaching the largest economy of the world- due to being one of the few major nations to not be hit by nuclear weapons, and being one of the major nations least effected by nuclear after effects, and having one of the most stable economies at the time. The economy is being slowly shifted to regular work, auto industries are encouraged, and Brazil has even re-established major economic organizations.
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