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Triple Alliance
Ēxcān Tlahtōlōyān
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Aztec Empire
. - Present
Flag of the Aztec Empire.svg
Map of Aztec territory in 1445
Religion Aztec polytheism
Government Hegemonic military confederation
 -  Huehuetlatoani of Tenochtitlan Person1
 -  Huetlatoani of Texcoco Person2
 -  Huetlatoani of Tlacopan Person3
 -  Foundation of the alliance Date 
Currency Quachtli
Cocoa bean

Aztec History (PM3)

1402 - Emperor Montezuma I takes the throne

1427 - Emperor Itzual takes the throne

1428 - Triple Alliance established

1439 - Emperor Montezuma II takes the throne

1443 - Atotonilco and Cihuital are established

1444 - Zacatollan is established

1446 - Templo Mayor complete

1447 - Soconusco is established

1462 - Begins to trade with the Cahokian peoples

1471 - War is declared on the Zapotec

1475 - Emperor Montezuma II invades the Zapotec

1476 - Tezcacoatl becomes the military general for the Aztec Empire

1477 - Zapotec is split into Xalapa (north) and Palenque (south)

1478 - Emperor Cuachtemoc takes the throne

1505 - Emperor Cuachtemoc invades the Yucatan

1506 - Yucatan is split into Uxmal (northwest) and Tikalatl (southeast)

Aztec Family

Montezuma I

son(s): Itzual - Aciampliatl - Mucatemoc


son(s): Nimatelati - Atcoateltz


son(s): Montezuma II - Quatzeltal


son(s): Cuachtemoc


son(s): Tezcacoatl - Quatzecoatl - Toltecatl

daughter(s): Xochitl


AE 1465 (largest extent)

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