Dauphin Louis Napoleon Frederick (Born 10 December 1967) is the current heir-apparent to the throne of France and is titled as Louis, Dauphin of France. 

Dauphin Louis
Louis Frederick
Louis, 2010
Dauphin of France
since 23 December 1986
Spouse Charlotte-Marie


Duke Louis Joseph Frederick Princip 

Duke Henry Philippe Louis 

Countess Fleur Marie Élise 

Full name
Louis Napoleon Frederick 
House House of Bourbon
Father Louis XXII
Mother Maria Anna of Portugal 
Born 10 December 1967

Tullieries Palace, Paris, France

Signature [1]
Religion Catholicism

Life as Dauphin

In December 1986, his grandfather King Louis XXI died and his father became the new king. Since he was the eldest son of the King he was given the title of Dauphin (or heir-apparent) to the crown of France. In 1987 he met his future wife, Charlotte-Marie. They announced their engagement in November of 1988. When they were married in 1989 they had the first publicly broadcast wedding for the French royal family. The second publicly broadcast wedding was his brother's wedding in 2001. 

He lives in the Tulleries Palace with his father and the rest of the royal family. 

Personal Life & Issues

Louis married when he was 21 years old to Charlotte-Marie, age 22 at marriage, the daughter of the Count of Paris, and is part of the House of Bourbon-Parma. They had a semi-public wedding ceremony in Paris, on 1 October 1989. They had three children together, two sons and a daughter. His eldest son, Louis Joseph Frederick Princip announced his engagement to Mary Jane a woman that is distantly related to the royal family of Luxemborg, on 24 June 2012. The date of marriage is fixed to 2 November 2013. 

Louis and his wife Charlotte-Marie had the following Issues: 

1. Louis Joseph Frederick Princip (24 August 1991- present)

2. Henry Philippe Louis (13 May 1994-present

3. Fleur Marie Élise (March 8th 1996-present

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