Edward III of England
Timeline: [[Premyslid Bohemia]]

23th King of England, Wales and Ireland
February 22,1327 - March 27, 1389

Predecessor Edward II of England
Successor Edward IV of England
Born November 13, 1312
Windsor Castle
Died March 27, 1389
Queen Philippa of Hainault
Religion Catholic
Edward I of Northern France
Timeline: [[Premyslid Bohemia]]

1st King of Northern France
November 23,1350 - March 27, 1389

Predecessor Joined with Kings of Southern France
Successor Edward IV of France
Edward III of England was born on November 13, 1312 to Edward II of England and Isabella of France.
Edward III of England

Edward III of England depicted in his old age.

Changes in timeline created chain reaction causing Edward II to make his son crowned 21 more days than in our timeline. When he received the krown on February 22, 1327 he became Young King and later that year when Edward died he became ruler of state heading into war. June 26 (1 month and 2 days earlier than in our timeline), 1337 army sails from London. The Breton War of Succesion breaks out and starts 13 Years' War. Thanks to Black Death 13 Years' War causes north of France to fall to England. On November 23, 1350 it is sained that Edward will rule north or English France and John II of France will rule South France. Later he gives Paris as land to his son Edward, born October 11, 1338 to his wife Phillipa. Meanwhile he also got Luxembourg from John the Blind by marriage of Edward to John's daughter Joan. On May 28, 1341 his second child and daughter was born called Margaret. He died in London on March 27, 1389. On day of his death he made both king titles joined and so his son had two titles and not three (duke and 2 king titles). He was one of Plantagenets.
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