Egypto-Christianity is not a TL, but more of a look as to what a religion was
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, during the Jewish slavery, the religion of Judaism is merged with Egyptian Mythology to create a strange amalgam of both.

Also this article entertains the idea of: what if, by some cosmic roll of the dice, this new religion were true?


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The Alpha...

Before the Ma'at was brought forth from the Chaos of the Nothingness the only thing that existed was Yahweh. He was in an eternal struggle between order and chaos but finally Yahweh was able to create the Ma'at after the Chaos had begun to eat itself away because of its very nature. He created the Ma'at while showing his power by only having to say the words "Let there be light." and the universe cam to be.

Name - symbol - god of... / position

Yahweh - Ball of Flame - omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, the creator god who brought the Ma'at forth from the Chaos of the Nothingness, assigner of the god's positions

First Gods

The first gods where the major shapers of the Earth. Their battles weren't against monsters or other gods at this point but against the Chaos which always tried to destroy Yahweh's creation but never succeeded as Yahweh took the brunt of their attacks and the other gods only received about 1-3% but even this was extremely devastating and powerful. Even the gods had to be cautious when fighting the Chaos. But during the 300th year of their creation Yahweh brought forth life, plants and animals appeared all o'er the surface of Earth but no man yet.

Ra - Sun - god of the Sun, first King of the Gods

Geb - Snake - god of the Earth

Nut - Ladder - goddess of the Sky

Shofar - Cockrel - god of Sound, the Dawn and the Dusk, Harbringer of the Dawn and the Dusk

Khonshu - Moon - god of the Moon

Second Gods

The second gods were the children of the first and although they still occasionally fought against the Chaos, the force of it was now weakened by Yahweh's attacks and the first god's constant repelling of its attacks. The second's main enemy was themselves and the demons who came through the cracks in the Ma'at. But their biggest challenge was protecting the newly arrived Humans who had appeared in Egypt inside of a garden planted by Yahweh himself, it was at first only a man and a woman. They were named Adam and Eve and they called the garden, Eden. But Yahweh knew that they had a chance at not accepting the corrupting forces of Chaos, also he knew that the Chaos would try to violently kill them so he built a tree to be as an outlet of the Chaos that was manifested in fruit which he warned them not to eat out of.

Lilith came forth at this time out of the thoughts of Adam. She came forth as a second partner to Adam but proved to be scheming and highly sexual. Adam tried constantly to make her better until one day she spoke of Adam to Eve of something that was not true. Thus Adam expelled her from the Garden. Isis saw it as an opportunity and comforted Lilith and took her under her wing. She then tricked Ra into giving her the Amulet of Ra. She placed it around Lilith's neck and she herself became a god. Ra became furious and took back his amulet and cursed Lilith that she would never be respected by man and that she would be mocked by the Sons of Adam forever. But Yahweh had pity and told her that although her curse was binding he lightened the decree by saying that only half of her would be mocked forever. Lilith accepted the lightening of her curse from Yahweh with great excitement. Ra vowed revenge upon her.

Thoth asked Yahweh, after the Lilith Affair, to create a race of servants to the gods whom he wished to call Angels. Yahweh considered this and looked at Thoth whom he saw no ill intention in so he created 777,777,777 Angels to be servants to the gods for eternity.

Adam and Eve continued though and they obeyed Yahweh's commands for nearly 200 years before they fell to its temptation, as the Chaos disguised itself as a snake and told them that eating of the fruit would bring no harm... but it did. With the eating of the fruit the world was introduced to Chaos world-wide in the form of entropy and death. Yahweh came to Adam and Eve and told them that the result of their actions would be death (which he had to explain to them as they had never known it) and eternal separation from the gods after death, but he then said that he would send a savior and the snake would bruise his heel, but he would bruise its head.

The gods turned and blamed each other for not keeping a watchful eye o'er the Chaos and growing lax. Set grew so angery he tricked Osiris into going into a coffin that would not fit any of the other gods. He then magically sealed the coffin and stowed it in a hut on the Nile hidden in the reeds. It was found by Isis and Set's wife Nephtys but Set then broke the coffin and scattered it through out the desert. After 50 years of search all the parts of the coffin were gathered and remade Osiris out of Anubis's mummy linens, Yahweh saw what had happened and reformed Osiris to his fullest. But he was still hurt mentally and he developed an intense dislike for the Sun so he descended into the Duat (underworld) and Yahweh offered to fully heal him but he declined as he said his mental scars would serve as a reminder of Set's treachery. Yahweh saw such grace and nobility in him he appointed Osiris the Judge of the Dead and Keeper of the Dead, and for Anubis, who re-formed him to his current position. Man spread out into Mesopotamia and eventually the entire world but was greatly dispersed.

Isis wanting ever more power went to Ra's house in his sleep and bribed his guards to let her in. She put a poisonous cobra in his room which bit Ra on the heel. When he awoke he found that was in in-tolerable pain. He looked to all the gods for help but no one could heal the poison. Isis suggested that he flee to the aether instead of walking here among man and gods, his life would be spared in the aether as no life can die or feel pain in the aether. He saw that it was the only option so he left the Earth but still shone as the sun and crossed the sky every day. Shofar was deeply troubled by Ra's leaving and wept for many years at the loss of his best friend, as a result of his only half hearted attempts to signal the coming and going of Ra in the sky the dawn and the dusk's beauties fell dramaticly until Ra's (if he ever) return.

Osiris - Pharaoh's Crook and Flail- first son of Nut and Geb - god of miracles, Keeper of the Dead, Merciful Judger of the Dead

Set - Set Animal - second son of Nut and Geb - god of the desert, fire, and sand storms, Bringer of Disaster

Isis - Kite (bird) - first daughter of Nut and Geb - goddess of witch-craft

Nephtys - River - second daughter of Nut and Geb - goddess of rivers, and darkness

Thoth - Ibis - third son of Nut and Geb - god of knowledge, philosophy, problem-solving, and wisdom

Anubis - Jackal - fourth son of Nut and Geb - god of death, funerals, and post-mortem practices, Recorder of History

Lilith - Nude Woman - brought forth from the mind of Adam - goddess of sex, seduction, and prostitution

The Third Gods

The third gods were the children of the second gods. By then man had begun to build his first cities. The gods protected man from their curse beacuse of the Chaos from the Apple as best they could. Man apreciated the gods and worshipped them. Although the true story often became diluted the basic idea of a god or gods stood in the minds of man. But the Chaos wasn't finished it unleashed even worse and more vile demons through the cracks in the Ma'at. Often man's fight with these beast were immortalized in song and poetry. One of the most famous examples was the Labours of Hercules who after slaughtering his family in a drunken rage was sentenced to do 12 impossible tasks. He succeeded at every one of them.

Man continued to advance at an extremely rapid pace the Sons of Adam were builders of great cities and temples. But the people became vile and wicked. Lilith's influences were seen all throughout creation. From the smallest of them to the largest cities. Soon man had advanced past the age of bone and arrow into the age of bronze, then iron, then steel. They seemed unstoppable. Man advanced quickly from the help of the gods who did not realise how wicked they were making man. Thoth who was nearly always writing and helping advance knowledge was perhaps the most naive. But it was also in this age that Horus claimed the empty Throne of Ra and was challenged by Set for the title of King but Set was destroyed by Horus and forced deep into the Duat, from which he didn't escape for 350 years.

Within 2000 years of man being expelled from the garden they created the first weapons that created such
New York gets nuked

The Forbidden Weapons being used on the Pre-Flood Earth

destruction it was said that it looked as though the gods themselves had destroyed the city. The true name of these weapons is forbidden to be spoken if ever learned as they drove the gods to such fear that man would kill themselves. They said that they should let man die for he has harnessed such power as never seen before on the Earth. The gods came together to discuss what to do of the issue. But in the end they didn't make the decision, Yahweh did.

When looked at the Earth during their meeting the saw that the waters had swollen and the whole Earth was flooded. Not even the tallest mountains had their peaks above the water. Only a single man's family survived on an ark. He landed after 40 days and 40 nights at Mount Carmel. The gods said that man's great life span had caused them to advance so rapidly as to have the power to kill all of man. Thus they decided to shorten man's life span. They said at first to wait until they got to that level of technology again and then flood the Earth again. But they saw Yahweh promise to Noah in the form of a rainbow that he would never flood the Earth with water again.

Horus - Flacon - son of Isis and Osiris - god of war, and falconry, King of the Gods

Bast - House Cat - son of Set and Nephtys - god of felines

Sobek - Crocodile - son of Lilith and Anubis - god of reptiles, and marshes

Sekhmet - Lioness - daughter of Lilith and Set - goddess of healing, and lions

Hathor - Cow - daughter of Isis and Osiris - goddess of cows, motherhood, and child-birth

Aken - Ram - son of Lilith and Thoth - ferryman to the underworld

Tefnut - Storm Cloud - daughter of Anubis and Isis - goddess of dew, rain, and moisture

Michael - Lion - first son of Shofar and Nut - god of vengeance, and justice, General of the Armies of the Gods

Gabriel - Owl - second son of Shofar and Nut - god of prophecy, and divine warnings, Messenger of the Gods

Shezmu - Jar of Blood - son of Lilith and Geb - god of execution, blood, perfume, and wine

The Fourth Gods

After the Great Flood the gods were once again controlled a world primitive stone age word. The gods worked to benefit man (except Set who was off doing his own thing). They knew that they couldn't help man too much but if they abandoned them they would be consumed by the Chaos of the Nothingness. The gods often tried to cover the cracks in the Ma'at with great rocks or metallurgy. Although it was discovered by Thoth that every-time one of the holes were covered another appeared and could potentially be in the mortal world. Thus the gods stopped covering the holes and instead begin guarding the cracks. Angels were assigned to the cracks in the Ma'at and were ordered to destroy the demons that came through.

Civilization had finally started on the Nile. the Naqada City-State expanded into its surrounding areas, soon Upper and Lower Egypt were spread along the Nile with other civilizations across the world starting to rise again. The Indus Valley Civilization thrived along with others from Mesopotamia to Europe.

War broke out between Upper and Lower Egypt. Eventually the Kingdom of Egypt was united by Menes. The people built temples of grandeur and beauty to the gods. Often Thoth taught the people of Egypt with much caution and came only once every 50 years. He taught them the History of the World from creation to the present, he gave them menial gifts of writing, and architecture. The gods, though, knew better then to let Thoth teach man any more and Horus forbid him to return to Earth again for the reason of teaching or the sharing of knowledge.

Set challenged Horus for the throne once more during the rise of Egypt. Horus accepted his challenge but added more to the deal, whomever won would be the King of the Gods but whomever lost would be forced into the form of a phoenix for 50,000 years. Set accepted the new deal. He and Horus fought for thirty-four years
800px-All Gizah Pyramids

Pharoh Khufu's Tomb

before Horus once again beat Set, who flew away from the battle as a phoenix.

Egypt rose out of the sands of Africa and grew along the Nile. Its Pharaohs created large temples and tombs. The gods watched over them and over the rest of humanity. The Chaos's demons were slaughtered at the cracks in the Ma'at before they could attack man. Man for now was safe(r).

Ash - Palm Tree - son of Lilith and Shezmut - god of oases

Babi - Baboon - son of Set and Nut - god of baboons

Bes - Dwarf - son of Horus and Bast - god of dwarfs, Protector of the Household

Bata - Bull - son of Horus and Tefnut - god of bulls

Unut - Cobra - daughter of Horus and Lilith - goddess of snakes, snake charmers, and poison

Tenenet - Barley - daughter of Horus and Nut - goddess of brewing, barley, beer, and drunkenness

Taweret - Hippo - daughter of Isis and Shezmu - goddess of child birth, motherhood, and hippos

Weneq - Flower - second daughter of Horus and Lilith - goddess of plants

The Fifth Gods

The fifth gods were the fifth generation of gods. They were mostly concerned with making sure man didn't advance too quickly and that to make sure that they were not destroyed by Chaos.

The fifth gods were born mostly during the rise of Egypt into a great super-power. Tefnut and Nephtys fought over control of the river Nile many times during this era as Tefnut said that the river was rightfully hers since her rains kept it flowing while Nepthys said it was part of her realm. The fight was recorded in the writings of ancient Egypt as it was as though the rain and rivers itself fought each other. After 13 years Yahweh stepped in and said that Tefnut was not in charge of rivers and Nepthys was right. He forced Tefnut to bring only gentle rains for the next 13 years to give back to the humans what she had destroyed. Her begrudging acceptance most likely allowed humanity to rebuild as often when she was angry hurricanes and typhoons would occur, and she was very angry.

Ash after the Tefnut-Nephtys Battle created many oases in the great Sahara desert. This allowed some small cities to thrive around these oases but they rarely got bigger than 25 people. Many gods also began to watch man more carefully instead of acting as if the idea of humanity was a comical show put on for them. Although they had saved humanity in the past they looked on them as actors they had to save but after Ash married a human women named Anai and deified her by using the Amulet of Ra (with its current owner, Horus's permission) brought a new light to humanity as a hole as they now freely conversed with a human for the first time in many of their lives.

Ptah though was very often freely conversing with Humans as he often helped the Pharaohs build their pyramids. He often directly helped the architects designs and even sometimes built entire rooms or sometimes on a spontaneous desire built entirely new tunnels under the pyramids for "".

During the time after this the gods protected Egypt and many civilizations for a long time. But when a group of people called Hebrews entered Egypt due to a famine in their homeland of Canaan many things changed. The Pharaoh of Egypt let them be for a while in between Canaan and Egypt in a place that is currently called the Sinai. They stayed through that Pharaoh's life but then with the next Pharaoh after him decided they were a threat as the Egyptian military were counting on them to make sure that invaders from the North didn't sweep in. So he rounded up the Hebrews and enslaved them. They served under the Egyptians for 400 years often assisting in the building of pyramids, temples and other public works. It is during this time that some modern radical archaeologist claim there was a huge change in the Egyptian religion but that is obviously not true as everyone knows that the Egyptian religion has been around since the dawn of man, stupid archaeologist.

Anyway, after 320 years, Moses was born and sent into a river so people would know he was a Hebrew. Well, lucky enough for him the Pharaoh's first born and only child, his daughter Ana found him and adopted him as her son. Again, lucky enough for him, his mother was coincidentally been called to help raise him. When he was growing up his true mother taught him Egyptian religion, although again with the radical modern archaeologist say that she actual taught him an amalgam of Hebrew mythology and the Egyptian but we know this is not true as the pagan Hebrew religion had been outlawed in the 200th year of their bondage and it effectively died out after the majority of the pagans converted to Egyptian.

Moses quickly rose in prominence as the adopted child of Ana, the Pharaoh's daughter. He was soon one of the most widely known person in Egypt, second only to the Pharaoh himself. His most proving achievement was to put into a single scroll in both Hebrew and Egyptian of the history of the world, the story of the gods, and put all the beliefs of Egyptians into one scroll. Very few changes have been made in 3,400 years to the scroll and again many radical modern archaeologist say that this was an amalgam of Hebrew mythology and Egyptian, but do I even need to tell you how idiotic that is?

After many years of loyal service when he was nearly 80 he approached the Pharaoh and asked him to outlaw slavery throughout Egypt. He at first refused but Moses didn't give up he asked the gods to send curses upon Egypt and the ten Curses were heaped upon Egypt after he asked Pharaoh again to outlaw slavery as the gods detested it among their chosen people whom shouldn't stoop to the level of those that came after the first civilization after the Great Flood. The Ten Curses killed thousands of Egyptians but killed no slave. After the Pharaoh's brother had been killed did he agree to outlaw slavery.

The Hebrews were delighted and went away back to their homeland of Canaan but they angered Horus by not retaining their Egyptian faith and going back to the pagan ways. He caused them to be lost for 40 years in the desert before they returned home where he revealed himself to the Hebrews who all converted back to Egyptian. Moses had gone with the Hebrews and had become their leader, he died on a mountain over looking Canaan.

Petbe - Scythe - son of Babi and Unut - god of revenge

Ptah - Hammer - son of Osiris and Isis - god of architecture, Builder of the Gods

Mafdet - Scorpion - daughter of Ash and Anai - goddess of insects

Meret - Dancing Women - daughter of Horus and Lilith - goddess of rejoicing, singing, and dancing

Tzippor - Raven - daughter of Horus and Nut - goddess of birds

Serapis - Trident - son of Set and Lilith - god of the ocean, seas, and earthquakes

Qebui - Ice - son of Horus and Tefnut - god of ice, snow, and glaciers

Shu - Wind - son of Osiris and Isis - god of wind

The Sixth Gods

The sixth generation of gods were significantly fewer then the fifth. This is because of Taweret's curse upon the gods after Set raped and beat her, she became pregnant and was so angered she cursed the gods with making it nearly impossible for a god to get another god pregnant.

This made it so that a god could only have a child with a human creating a sort of half-god, half-human.

The first person to be born of a god and a human was the child of the Pharaoh's sister. This child was named Adom. Adom was the child of Horus and the Pharaoh's sister. Adom became one of the greatest warriors ever in Egypt. He led an army of Egyptians down into Nubia and entirely conquered the nation and led an expedition down the Nile river after the conquering of Nubia. His army went down and conquered all of the banks of the Nile and a few miles around the river.

When the Pharaoh died and Pharaoh Akhenaten took the throne. Akhenaten changed the Egyptian religion so that only that the Aten was worshiped. The Aten was the Sun Crown worn by Ra. Akhenaten said that Aten was a god and that he was the only god and the sun itself. He closed down all of the other temples. Horus, during Akhenaten's reign, impregnated his wife who gave birth to Tutankhamen.

After his death Pharaoh Tutankhamen took the throne as a child, only 17. He re-opened all of the closed temples and re-put all of the old gods back in their place and the Aten back as a very nice looking and shiny crown. Tutankhamen was the first true God-Pharaoh although others have claimed to be children of gods.

Tutankhamen died at the age of 19 unexpectedly. His tomb was filled with gold and the burial was hastily done. His tomb was well hidden and the exact location was lost until 1922.

Pharaoh Ay reigned for only four years before dying. After Ay was Horemheb was his Vizier, Ramses served for a few years before dying and then his son Seti took the throne.

Pharaoh Seti's armies were led by the half-god, son of Horus, Sebi. Sebi and Seti led led troops and captured
Ancient Egypt

map of Egypt, circa 1260BC

some of northern and central Africa but mostly went into east Africa and captured land along the coast and expanded Egypt down the African coast. Seti destroyed all remnants of Pharaoh Akhenaten after becoming disgusted with the remnants of the Aten Cult.

After Seti died Ramses II ascended to the throne. He conquered the land of Ethiopia which had been eluding Egyptian armies for many years with guerrilla tactics. He then conquered Sheba and pacified the Arabian tribes of the peninsula. He then returned home to the Pi-Ramses. After his many campaigns he built some of the largest and best temples in Egypt mostly to Horus and Osiris.

After his death Egypt was at peace for the first time in a very long time. Merneptah did not follow the path of his fathers as the god Horus spoke to him and convinced him not to go to war and to instead build up Egypt. He built large temples and often many great works.

After Merneptah the Pharaohs began to build up Egypt. They often built great temples and buildings to the gods. For nearly 900 years the Pharaohs built up Egypt's power in the area and getting into several areas with the Hebrews before having to unite their powers against the Neo Assyrian Empire in Mesopotamia.

In the 500BCs the Persian Empire launched several campaigns into Egypt but were unable to conquer it. The Persians the launched a campaign into Greece but was again unable to conquer the area. They held onto Asia Minor and the Middle East.

In the 330s Alexander the Great, son of Michael, launched his famous campaigns into Persia. He quickly conquered all of Persia and then swept down into Israel and captured Jerusalem. He then led a massive campaign into Arabia and pushed the Egyptians from the peninsula. Pharaoh Seti IV, son of Horus, launched a massive military assault on the Greeks. The two personally fought each other at the Second Battle of Jerusalem. The two were in a very confusing and very large military campaign that culminated in the Greek invasion of the Nile Delta. They captured Pi-Ramses and most of the Nile Delta. Being threatened to be cut off Seti IV retreated back into Egypt and attempted to push the Greeks out of the delta. But then Alexander swept down and trapped him between the two armies. They were barely able to escape by sailing down the Nile on thousands of crudely fashioned reed boats. He landed in modern day Cairo where he established his temporary capital.

Alexander sailed down the Nile and the two fought again in Cairo. The result was a Pyrrhic victory for Alexander while the Egyptians were able to escape once more. The two nations signed the Treaty of Athens shortly after which gave the Greeks Arabia and Egypt back the Nile delta and the Sinai.

After Alexander's death Ptolemy claimed Israel. Ptolemaic Israel quickly re-established its dominance by rebuilding Jerusalem and the temples. The Israeli Army expanded due to the large amount of Hebrew unemployed being hired into the army.

The ruler of Ptolemaic Israel, Ptolemy I, son of Ptah, built massive fortifications around the City of Jerusalem. He built great wonders throughout the land. One of the best known was the Statue of Ptah in the city of Jericho which he also rebuilt their great walls. The great statue towered above the city at almost 100 meters tall the statue stood as a defense against invaders from the east showing them of their great patron god.

When Seti IV died in 200BC his pyramid was the first in a long time and his burial was one of the largest and most ornate out of many of the Pharaohs.
Rome vs Egypt

Map of the Mediterranean. circa 1 AD

By the time of Set IV's death a new power in the Mediterranean, a new and warlike people, yet civilized and strange. They called themselves Romans...

The Punic War pitted the Romans against Egypt's neighbors the Carthaginians. The Romans destroyed them in the Second Punic War where they captured the Phoenician state. This brought the Roman border up to the Egyptian border.

The Romans expanded into Greece next then the Balkans, then they captured Asia Minor, they then swept north and hit the Celts and pushed them over the Danube. The Romans conquered the Franks then the Iberians. They then gathered into boats and swarmed across the English Channel and captured the Celtic tribes in the British Isles and with the help of Horus (whom they called Mars) threw the Celts out of the isles and pushed into Eyre.

Imentet - West - daughter of Tzippor and Ptah - goddess of tombs, and the West

Iabet - East - second daughter of Tzippor and Ptah - goddess of cleansing, and of the East

Hapi - South - son of Tzippor and Ptah - god of flooding, agriculture, irrigation, and the South

Kuzey - North - second son of Tzippor and Ptah - god of metal, metallurgy, and the North

A Promise Fulfilled

In 1 AD in the city of Bethlehem the ancient prophecy was fulfilled. The hope of the world had arrived and the saviour was born as predicted of a virgin mother in the City of David.

Shortly after his birth a heavenly host of angels told a group of shepherds of the saviour's birth. He told them to look in a manger and a baby wrapped in cloth. The shepherds raced into town and told the good new that the saviour had been born and soon the whole city was following them and they soon found him. They gave thanks to God for the baby and nearly the entire town was able to look upon the baby.

Jesus and his family were forced to flee to Egypt when the governor of Israel tried to kill him as he saw him as a threat to his power. After Herod's gruesome death, via worms spewing from his mouth and eating him alive, Jesus and his family were able to come back.

He grew up in Israel until he was 30 years of age. When he was 30 he was baptised in the river Jordan and began to preach to the people of Israel. He taught them to love their neighbors as themselves, to honor the gods no matter the persecution, to do good with no expectation of any return. He also preached that he would heal them of their sins and that he was the Messiah. Three years after he began preaching the Hebrew Rabbis said that he was a heretic and a liar. After three years of teaching the Rabbis took him in the night to the courts of Pontius Pilate. Pontius Pilate said he could find no fault in him, but the Rabbis persisted and they hired people to shout in the streets to crucify him.

Pilate, thinking that an all out riot was going to occur, washed his hands of Jesus and gave him to the Rabbis. They crucified him on Golgatha Rock outside of Jerusalem. His twelve most devoted followers watched him as he died. When minute he died the sky turned dark, the ground shook, men in Jerusalem's graves rose from the dead, and in all of the temples to the gods where there were veils separating the inter sanctum where the god's power lied were torn from top to bottom.

Three days later Jesus rose from the grave and appeared to the twelve, he then appeared to Pilate and the Rabbis who were suddenly overcome with fear as they had killed the promised one. After 30 days of continued preaching he rose into the clouds and told everyone regardless of who they were to preach the good word that the promised one had come and "from Judea, to Samaria, and to the ends of the Earth." Afterwards, his disciples obeyed his commands and began to preach the Good News to every place they could reach.

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