Francis I of France
Timeline: Tudor Line

Portrait of Francis I of France

King of France
1 January 1515 - 8 June 1539

Predecessor Louis XII
Successor Francis II

Duke of Valois
7 April 1498 - 1 January 1515

Predecessor Louis XII
Successor Henry of Valois

Duke of Angoulême
1 January 1496 - 1 January 1515

Predecessor Charles of Angoulême
Successor Henry of Angoulême
Born 12 September 1494
Château de Cognac, France
Died 8 June 1539
Louvre, Paris
Queen Claude of France

Francis I of France was born on 12 September 1494 Charles of Angoulême and Louise of Savoy. He was the heir to the French throne as the nearest male line relative of Louis XII. He was a patron of arts and building in the style of the French renaissance. He made quite a few alliances during his life (similar to Henry VIII). Bonne was married to James V of Scotland, Francis to Princess Mary of England and in 1523, when he, Henry VIII and Charles I of Spain renewed the Treaty of London signed in 1518, he married Henry to Princess Eleanora of Spain, sister of Charles I. He was on good turns with his daughters-in-law and enjoyed company of his grandson Louis and granddaughter Margaret. However, the good attitude was not to last. Tuberculosis spread through France, killing him, his wife Claude, Prince Henry and Eleanora with Francis II, Queen Mary and an infant Prince Louis barely escaping it. This caused Louis to be the only heir before Charles of Vendôme. Francis II later build a palace in his honour near Paris, which became his summer residence.


Francis married Louis XII's daughter Princess Claude of France, they had three children:

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