Deutsches Volksrepublik
Flag of Germany


Coat of Arms

Motto: Deutschland für immer
Anthem: Alle für Deutschland
Capital Frankfurt
Largest Cities Frankfurt, Munich
Official language German
Demonym German
Government Fascist Republic
- Führer Erich Honecker
- President Helmut Kohl
- Deutsches Tag 1918
- Total
- 2010 estimate 108,272,000
GDP (PPP) 2008 estimate
- Total $4.62 trillion
- Per capita $39,180
Currency Pfund

The German People's Republic (Deutsche Volksrepublik) is a major European Nation and World power.


Wilhelm Keitel became the leader of the State of Germany (1756 World) and created a strong nation instead. He built up a large army and navy, created an air force and fought the Second World War (1756 World), where Germany got more land. Many Germans did not like Keitel accepting a truce, since he could have won more land. Keitel was killed in a coup led by Adolf Hitler in 1951. In 1955, Hitler started the Third World War (1756 World) so he could expand his empire

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