John of Luxemburg

John the Blind depicted as King of Bohemia in our timeline.

John I of Luxemborug
Timeline: [[Premyslid Bohemia]]

17th Count of Luxembourg
August 26, 1313 - October 22, 1359

Predecessor Henry VII of Luxembourg
Successor Andronikos I of Luxembourg
Born August 10, 1296
Died October 22, 1359
Religion Catholic
John I of Luxembourg, John the Blind and in our timeline John of Bohemia was count of Luxemborug born on August 10, 1296 in Luxembourg to Henry VII of Luxembourg and his wife Margaret of Brabant, when he was on travels in Bohemia, he decided to spread his powers using the political inbalance. Making Premysl Otakar III his puppet he gaint high wealth. He was the real power controling Bohemia, when his father died on August 26, 1313 he gained the title of Count of Luxembourg. His power was on safe ground as his sister Marie was wife of Andronikos III Palaiologos (Premyslid Bohemia) and since his father was Holy Roman Emperor, position which went empty after his father's death (ending in 1328 when it was taken by Louis IV of Bavaria in our timeline), he tried to fill the position. He was rejected and ended as count on Premysl's court yard and soveirng ruler of Luxembourg. In 1329 Frederick the Fair was made Holy Roman Emperor, John tried to get title of kings for Luxembourg by giving him self to him, but rather ended as burden of the Emperor and was murdered in Pardubice without heir and County of Luxembourg became part of Byzantine Empire as Andonikos IV was first in line.
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