Joshua William Harrison
44th President of the United States
In Office:
January 20, 2009 - Present
Vice President: John Clark (2009-Present)
Preceded by: George W. Bush
Succeeded by: Incumbent
26th Governor of Oklahoma
In office:
January 10, 2003 - November 12, 2008
Preceded by: Frank Keating
Succeeded by: Mary Fallin
Mayor of Del City
In office:
January 1, 1998 - January 1, 2002
Preceded by: Don Reynolds
Succeeded by: Brian Linley
Born: May 15th, 1962 (age 50)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Nationality: American
Political party: RepublicanlogoRepublican
Spouse: Jessica Harrison(m.July 12, 1987)
Children: Joshua William Harrison Jr.(b.Sept 21, 1989)
Carole Anna Harrison (b. Nov 2, 1994)
Residence: White House, Washington, D.C (Current)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Former)
Alma mater: University of Oklahoma
Occupation: Professor of History, Writer, Public speaker
Religion: Christian (Non-denominational) 

Joshua William Harrison Sr. (born May 15, 1962) is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first person of Native American descent to hold the office, He is 1/8th Cherokee. In January 2002, Harrison was sworn in as the 26th Governor of Oklahoma he held this office until November 2008, when he resigned following his victory in the 2008 presidential election.

Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Harrison is a graduate of The University of Oklahoma. He worked as a American History teacher at Del City High School from 1987 to 2001. He married Jessica Briggs in 1987. He ran unsuccessfully for Governor in 1994 losing to eventual winner Frank Keating. He then served one term as the Mayor of his hometown of Del City from 1998 to 2002.

In 2002 he declined to run for a second term as mayor to make another run for Governor which he won beating Bard Henry in the general election. Following his reelection in 2006 and the economic downturn of 2007 Harrison decided to run for President during the 2008 presidential election. A relatively unknown candidate at the start of his campaign he became widely popular after he spoke to a crowed of out of work individuals during which he delivered his Rising sun speech. Following this speech his popularity rose so much that he easily defeated the other republican candidates. He then defeated Senator Joe Lieberman to become the 44th President of the United States.


Born to parents Joe and Donna, Harrison is the oldest of five children. He along with his brothers (Joe Jr., John, Freddie) and two sisters (Rosie, Anna) were raised in Del City, Oklahoma. Harrison father is a retired Navy Commander who served during the Korean War. His mother is a retired Navy nurse.


Harrison like his brothers and sisters attended public school, he graduated from Del City High School in 1979.

Following graduation he attended the University of Oklahoma where he graduated in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History. He then attended two more years to earn his Masters Degree in 1985.

Marriage, family, and personal life

At a graduation party in 1983 Harrison was introduced to Jessica Briggs the daughter of a family friend. Though she refused his advances at first, she accepted an invitation to the Delta Epsilon Omega fraternity's president induction dinner. After this, the two dated for there years before Harrison asked her to marry him in 1986. The two married on July 12, 1987.

Jessica gave birth to their first child Joshua Harrison Jr. on September 21, 1988 and the second Carole Harrison on November 2, 1994. They graduated from high school in 2007 and 2012 respectively, Joshua Jr currently attends the University of Oklahoma while Carole will attend Yale University in the fall.

Early career

After graduation in 1985 Harrison forwent finding a teaching job in order to care for his mother who suffered a stroke in 1984. Following her death shortly after his wedding in 1987, Harrison applied for a teaching job at the local school district where he himself attended years before. He taught U.S. history at Del City High from 1987 until 2001 during which time he ran unsuccessfully for Governor in 1994 and successfully for Mayor in 1998. He resigned in 2002 to run for Governor for a second time.

Governor of Oklahoma

After an un successfully run in 1994 Harrison decided to seek the republican nomination again in 2002. His campaign focused on four themes: welfare reform, tort reform, crime reduction, and education improvement. Following a hotly contested primary against ex-congressmen and former NFL Wide Receiver Steve Largent, Harrison received the nomination defeating Largent by 17%, Harrison went on to defeat Democrat nominee Brad Henry and Independent Gary Richardson.

Harrison used a budget surplus to push through Oklahoma's largest tax-cut, $2 billion. He extended government funding for organizations providing education of the dangers of alcohol and drug use and abuse, and helping to reduce domestic violence.

Harrison won re-election with a record 79% of the vote. In his second term, Harrison enjoyed high approval ratings.Throughout Harrison's first term, national attention focused on him as a potential future presidential candidate. Following his re-election, speculation soared. Within a year, he decided to seek the 2008 Republican presidential nomination.

Presidential campaigns

2008 Presidential candidacy

In September of 2007 Harrison entered the race for President, because incumbent President George W. Bush could not seek reelection there were many candidates for the Republican nomination. Harrison faced tough opposition from John McCain and Mitt Romney. Harrison campaigned on more support for the United States Armed Forces, continued tax cuts, emigration reform, and health care reform. Despite being a front runner, Harrison lost the Iowa caucuses but won the New Hampshire primary. Following victory's on Super Tuesday Harrison went on to secure the nomination.

General election

On July 4, 2008 Harrison asked John Clark to become his running mate. Clark was a former state congressmen from Oklahoma. Clark was known in Oklahoma for spear heading a number of Harrison policy's during Harrison's terms as Governor.

Harrison and Clark's campaign criticized his Democratic opponent, Joe Lieberman and Barack Obama. Most of the criticism was directed towards Obama's lack of political leadership having only been a U.S. Senator for two years. Despite this polls had Lieberman and Obama leading by 8% two weeks before the election. However in the days leading up to the election controversy rose in the possibility that Obama was not born in the United States but in His fathers native Kenya thus making him ineligible to run for Vice President. Obama released his birth certificate three days before the election to confirm that he was born in the United States, However, the damage was done and Harrison won the election with 345 electoral votes over Lieberman's 193.

2012 Presidential candidacy

In July 2011 Harrison announced his intent to seek reelection in the 2012 Presidential election. He commenced his reelection campaign on October 22, 2011. Because Harrison is the incumbent president he faced little challenge from fellow republican candidates the biggest being Ron Paul. On May 30, 2012 Vice President John Clark announced that he would not seek reelection and would instead retire from politics and become the 19th President of Oklahoma State University. On July 5, 2012 Harrison announced that he choose former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to become his running mate.

General election

Following the Republican national convention, Harrison and his running mate Mitt Romney went on to the General election and faced U.S. Senators Harry Reid and Barack Obama. Harrison and Romney campaigned on continued debt reduction, emigration reform, and health care reform. Harrison and Romeny led all the polls leading to the election.

On November 6, 2012 Harrison was reelected with 332 electoral votes over Reid's 206.

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