Kingdom of Quebec
Timeline: Free Quebec

OTL equivalent: Québec
Flag of Quebec Coat of arms of Québec
Flag of Quebec Coat of Arms of Quebec
Quebec (North America orthographic projection)

Motto: '"Je me souviens"
(French: I remember)'

Anthem "Gens du pays" (French: People of the land)
Capital Ville de Québec (English: Quebec City)
Largest city Montréal
  - Official:
  - Other languages English
Ethnic group Canadian 66.2%
French 30.8%
Irish 5.5%
Italian 4.0%
Type of government Monarchy
King: Henry I
Prime Minister: George Edwinson Jr
Area 1,542,056 km²
595,391 sq mi (20th)
  - Water (%) 11.5%
(176,928 km²/68,312 mi²)
  - 2019 estimate 7,782,909 (94th)
  - 2019 census 7,730,599
  - Density 5.63/km2 (225th)
14.6/sq mi
Independence from Canada
  Declared September 8th 1700
Currency Piastre Québecoise (P) (QCP)
GDP (PPP) 2009 estimate
  - Total $266.318 billion (40th)
  - Per capita $34,218 (23rd)
GDP (nominal) 2009 estimate
  - Total $258.414 billion (37th)
  - Per capita $33,202 (26th)
Gini 30.1 (2008)
HDI 0.966 (very high) (5th)
Time zone UTC−5, −4 +(UTC)
Date formats (dd-mm-yyyy)
Internet TLD .qc
Calling code +1

Kingdom of Quebec (English pronunciation: /kəˈbɛk/ or /kwɨˈbɛk/; is a country located in northern North America. It is bordered to the west by the Canada, James Bay and Hudson Bay; Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay to the north; Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick to the east; and United States of America to the south.

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