List of nations in the Age of Kings timeline.


Flag Coat of Arms Nation Capital Government OTL equivalent
Flag of the Kingdom of Kongo Congo TBA Semi-constitutional monarchy TBA
Flag of Katanga Coat of arms of Katanga Katanga TBA Constitutional Republic TBA
Flag of the Congo (Russian America) Coat of Arms of the People's Republic of Congo Kivu TBA Socialist one-party state TBA


Flag Coat of Arms Nation Capital Government OTL equivalent
Assyrian Flag, Aug 2017 Coa assyrian state by tiltschmaster-daw2zz2 Assyria Nineveh Theocratic semi-constitutional monarchy TBD
Flag of the State of Burma (1943-45) Coat of arms of the Konbaung dynasty Burma Mandalay Parliamentary constitutional monarchy Myanmar
Flag of the Republic of China Twelve Symbols national emblem of China China Nanjing Parliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy TBD
Flag of Japan Imperial Seal of Japan Japan Tokyo Parliamentary constitutional monarchy Japan and the Kuril Islands
Flag of South Korea Imperial Seal of the Korean Empire Korea Seoul Parliamentary constitutional monarchy Korea
Flag of Manchuria (Russian America) Chinese Dragon Banner Manchuria Harbin Parliamentary constitutional monarchy TBD
Flag of Mongolia Coat of Arms of Mongolia Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Theocratic semi-constitutional monarchy Mongolia and Inner Mongolia
Flag of Sikkim (1967-1975) Sikkim Gangtok Absolute monarchy Sikkim
Flag of Tibet Emblem of Tibet Tibet Lhasa Theocratic semi-constitutional monarchy Tibet


Flag Coat of Arms Nation Capital Government OTL equivalent
Flag of Albania (1934–1939) Coat of arms of the Albanian Kingdom (1928–1939) Albania Tirana Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Albania
Flag of Belarus (1991, 3-2) Grand Ducal Coat of Arms of Belarus (Age of Kings) Belarus Minsk Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Belarus
Flag of Belgium Middle coat of arms of Belgium Belgium Brussels Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Belgium without Eupen-Malmedy
Flag of the Czech Republic Coa kingdom of bohemia and moravia by tiltschmaster Czechia Prague Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Czech Republic
Flag of Denmark Royal coat of arms of Denmark Denmark Copenhagen Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Denmark
Flag of Finland Kingdom of finland by fenn o manic-d8n64b3 Finland Helsinki Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Pre-Winter War Finland including East Karelia and the Kola Peninsula but without the Åland Islands
Flag of France Coat of Arms of the July Monarchy (1830-31) France Paris Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Pre-WWI France without Corsica, Savoy, and Nice
Flag of the German Empire Wappen Deutsches Reich - Reichsadler 1889 Germany Berlin Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy German Empire with Austria, Luxembourg, and South Tyrol but without Polish Poznań and Northern Schleswig
Flag of Greece Coat of Arms of Greece (blue cross) Greece Constantinople Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Greece, Cyprus, and European Turkey
Second Flag of Iberia (Age of Kings) First Coat of Arms of Iberia (Age of Kings) Iberia Madrid Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Spain and Portugal
Flag of Iceland Kingdom of Iceland Coat of Arms Iceland Reykjavík Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Iceland
Flag of Italy (1861-1946) crowned Lesser coat of arms of the king of Italy (1890) Italy Rome Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Italy with Corsica, Savoy, and Nice but without South Tyrol
Flag of Lithuania Grand Ducal Coat of Arms of Lithuania Lithuania Vilnius Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Lithuania without the Klaipėda Region
Flag of the Netherlands Royal Coat of Arms of the Netherlands Netherlands Amsterdam Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Netherlands
Flag of Norway Royal CoA of Norway Norway Oslo Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Norway
Flag of the Papal States (1825-1870) Coat of arms Holy See Papal State Rome Theocratic absolute monarchy Leonine City
Flag of Poland Grand Coat of Arms of Duchy of Warsaw Poland Warsaw Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Kingdom of Poland (1917–1918) with Polish Poznań
Flag of Sweden Greater coat of arms of Sweden Sweden Stockholm Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Sweden with the Åland Islands
Flag of the United Kingdom Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (1837-1952) United Kingdom London Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Flag of Ukraine Coat of Arms of Ukraine by Tiltschmaster Ukraine Kiev Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Ukraine

North America

Flag Coat of Arms Nation Capital Government OTL equivalent
Flag of Canada Coat of arms of Canada Canada Ottawa Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Canada
Flag of the Greater Republic of Central America (1898) Coat of arms of the Greater Republic of Central America (1898) Central America Amapala Federal Constitutional Republic Central America
Flag of Haiti (civil) Coa second empire of haiti Haiti Port-Au-Prince Parliamentary semi-Constitutional Monarchy Haiti
Flag of the United States Great Seal of the United States (obverse) United States Washington, D.C. Federal Constitutional Republic United States without Hawaii


Flag Coat of Arms Nation Capital Government OTL equivalent
Flag of Australia Coat of Arms of Australia Australia Canberra Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Australia
Melanesia flag Central World Emblem of Papua New Guinea East Papua Port Moresby Constitutional Republic Papua New Guinea
Flag of Hawaii Royal Coat of Arms of Hawaii (Kalakaua) Hawaii Honolulu Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Hawaii
Flag of French Polynesia Coat of arms of French Polynesia Polynesia Papeete Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, and Easter Island
Flag of Tonga Coat of arms of Tonga Tonga Nukuʻalofa Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Tonga
Morning Star flag Netherlands New Guinea coa 1961 West Papua Port Numbay Authoritarian Republic Provinces of Papua and West Papua

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