No Nuke 001

Feel free to edit yourself if the information on the map is incorrect.

The game begins at the year 1945, the German's momentum of push is already gone from the Eastern Front, the USSR continues to expand itself into eastern and northern Europe, and the world focuses not just on the result of the war, but also its aftermath.

This Map game's previous author Rebelsoldier, has given me, Enter Name, full control of the site, under the condition that I do not delete the "No Nukes" time line.

Ironically, the previous owner is now banned from this map game.

To fit the condition that somehow there are no nuclear weapon development program, there will be several historical changes:

  • German physicist Max Planck pursued a musical career rather than becoming physicist.
  • Albert Einstein pursued a career of electrical engineering, accomplishing the intent of his father.
  • Enrico Fermi's brother did not die, resulting him to take little interest in physics and pursue a career as a mechanical engineer.
  • Frédéric Joliot-Curie and his wife, Marie, died from radiation poisoning because of their experiments.
  • Leó Szilárd became a civil engineer, following the career of his father.

Note that the development of nuclear weapons is inevitable, and that these changes are necessary to delay the proposal of nuclear weapon during the end of WWII.

Changes will be made throughout the game.

Choose any nations that existed at the time.


  • Every turn is a year.
  • No development of nuclear weapons or technology (people tend to ignore this for some reason).
  • Maps can only be changed by the mods (you can post it in the "Talk" page, and the mods will review if it is fit).
  • Only mods can edit the Announcements section.
  • Any trading of technology must be under the consent of the target nation.
  • You cannot steal technologies (that's just plain cheap).
  • More shall be added soon if needed.
  • Make posts as silly and funny as you can! :D


  • I guess I'm a mod now considering I make the maps and people wait for me to start new turns. Basically, continue making silly posts until you get bored people; VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 13:20, November 4, 2011 (UTC).
  • All mods are invited to a discussion about what will become of the game. Question: should we add nukes or not? Post in the discussion page.Collie Kaltenbrunner 21:38, April 21, 2011 (UTC)
  • Also, since Rebelsoldier is now banned, there are going to be major changes to the format of the map game (including the title), please post your suggestions in the "talk" section. Enter Name 01:18, April 9, 2011 (UTC)
  • Mods can post in the "Announcement" section and kudos to CrimsonAssassin for taking initiative on the matter. Finally, the USA is left to the mods to control, but the USA has to take a defensive stance and is occupied with internal problems (until another player takes the country). Enter Name 01:15, April 9, 2011 (UTC)
  • I don't know if other mods can post here or not; if not, sorry, but Rebelsoldier has been banned from the wiki, so anyone who wants to take the wheel of the USA or CSA, feel free! Until then, mods control it. CrimsonAssassin 18:27, April 8, 2011 (UTC)
  • I noticed that there is little to none in the area of technological advancement, and since that the guns in the plains of Europe has silenced (for now anyway), now is the time to research new technology (again, no nuclear weapon, since that would just destroy the meaning of the map game). Enter Name 23:42, April 7, 2011 (UTC)
  • Just a reminder, we need a user to control Japan, please notify people who might be interested, also note that you can give up your current country to play as Japan, just make sure that your current country is not a major power in the war. Thank you. Enter Name 22:18, April 4, 2011 (UTC)
  • Very special thanks to everyone who contributed to the “No Nukes” map game, for it was the dedication and expertise of every individual that brought this project on the path of success today. Enter Name 00:12, April 3, 2011 (UTC)


The number is at four for now, closed for applying. Please post further request on my talk page.

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List of Nations:

United States of America: JSimcox 16:31, April 10, 2011 (UTC)

Confederate States of America: Defeated

France: octiman10 20:20, March 31, 2011 (UTC)

Britain: Enter Name 21:06, March 30, 2011 (UTC)

Spain:Whitesight 20:31, March 31, 2011 (UTC)

Italy: ForeverFaithful 8:40, March 31, 2011 (UTC)


USSR: CrimsonAssassin 12:06, April 4, 2011 (UTC)

Germany: Flag of South KoreaPitaKang- (Talk|Contribs) 22:07, March 29, 2011 (UTC)

Hungary: Collie Kaltenbrunner 20:53, March 31, 2011 (UTC)

Nationalist China: Matt

Japan/Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere: VonGlusenburg 21:08, April 6, 2011 (UTC)

Ireland: UnRegsterd user This user is banned for very bad spelling and grammar, along with implausible scenario.

Prior History

This area is still under heavy construction.


November 2nd: Hungary asks for a ceasefire with USSR.

December 17th: German and Hungarian troops rout the Allied troops at the Battle of the Bulge, forcing the surrender of the Allied Army under Omar N. Bradly, who was given command of the other part of the main army when the other commanders were shot dead by snipers, and 784,000 Allied troops and several hundred tanks to Axis control.

December 19th: The USA pulls 1.3 million troops from the Pacific front in another attempt to take out Germany before it can take over Japan. Spain pays back the aid of Germany in the Spanish Civil War by joining the Axis powers and declaring war on the Allies and invading both Portugal and France, forcing the Allies to withdraw from Italy and land in Portugal, Operation Roch is ended, or at least put aside until it can be put to use again.

December 25th: Responding to the recent disastrous result of Allied advancement, Prime Minister Winston Churchill directs the NZEF (New Zealand Expeditionary Force) to the European theatre. The NZEF force are scheduled to arrive in one month. Members of the British Parliament began to doubt Churchill's wartime unity government.

December 26th: Antonio Gramsci is freed from jail in a peoples revolution in Italy over throwing the Fascist dictatorship and creating the Peoples Republic of Italy, unions are banned in favour of workers rights.


The USA: Anti-war riots break out in the USA, and some hotheads call for secession from the Union. South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas have elections and peace governors, state legislators and federal congressmen are elected. US troops are pulled from France.

Britain: Winston Churchill dies of cardiac arrest, Deputy Anthony Eden succeeds as Conservative Party leader and Prime Minster. With the United States' resignation in the European Front, Prime Minster Eden propose armistice with Germany.

A question on the peace treaty; I can understand Finland's gains in the CCCP but Sweden was tacitly aligned with Finland and Germany. Why (and how, for that matter) would Finland annex Kiruna and its locales? Sweden would certainly fight back, and Finnish forces would be fighting on two fronts. Not to mention that by this time both Finland and Germany had a severely retarded capacity for offensive engagement due to Allied bombing of refineries in German-aligned Romania and Germany proper. Engagement in a large nation with a defensive policy designed specifically to combat threats such as this would not be advised.

Here's the thing. The Soviet strategy at the time of the invasion of Finland was this: Simply overwhelm them with superior numbers on all fronts, and hundreds of tanks, and also, Sweden is not the nation known for the best military. Also, the Soviet Union tried to adopt the German Blitzkrieg tactic, which ultimately failed due to two reasons. One, the Soviet command and military were not used to the “lightning war” tactics, they were still really fighting in the WW-I trench warfare, slow advancement style. While they tried to, they really failed. Also, the Soviet Union also had a strategy of basically punching through the lines by invading on all fronts, with overwhelming force, and on at least one of those points, the enemy would fall, and would therefore destroy all the other points. However, the Finland-Soviet border is basically a mountain range, with few points of entry. The Swedish-Finnish border has much flatter, and has much milder weather. A German invasion of Sweden would be much more successful, because while the Blitzkrieg is not as effective in this climate/land, the Germans are much more practiced in this. Also, Finland would not be fighting on two fronts, as the Winter War ended in 1940. Therefore, a joint Finland-German invasion of Sweden is plausible.

Karelia is about as flat as it gets; I see no mountain ranges whatsoever (though that is beside the point if you read on). Lapland is a polar desert for all intents and purposes; I'm not arguing with you there. However, by "on two fronts" I was referring to Finland fighting against Germany in the Lapland War. Also, while the Winter War ended in 1940, the Continuation War lasted until 1944. Also, again, Sweden and Germany were allies. Blitzkrieg tactics are useless at this point in time because, obviously, Germany has no reliable source of oil. Just as obviously, Blitzkrieg tactics require massive amounts of it. There would be little gains made before German forces are bogged down in a cold, wet winter with their supply train stretching across an ice-choked sea. As to your comment pertaining to Sweden's supposed lack of military prowness, you are quite wrong. They probably had the best defensive-oriented military in the world at the time in terms of equipment, training, and logistics, if not in manpower.

My mistake on two points. yes, the Karelia region is swamps and forests, that is one of the worst places to invade by Blitzkrieg. That, I will say. Also, I will admit that since there are almost no paved roads in those nations, and no communications and central command centres easy to access, Germany would be hard-pressed to attack, and that Sweden does have an accomplished military (Did some research on that). However, Germany would have learned from the Winter War that while the Soviet Union was very well adapted to using General Winter, so were the Finnish, and probably therefore the Swedish were too. However, there are motives for Germany to invade. Sweden has massive deposits of iron ore and some of uranium, giving the Germans plenty of reason to invade, seeing as they lacked both. Also, while Sweden may have had the best defense in the world, Germany had the best offence, and while the Blitzkreig tactic would not work very well, they still have numerical and technological superiority. Also, the German refineries, etc were not bombed as much as in OTL. Due to the Germans winning the Battle of the Bulge, the Germans would regain air-superiority over Europe, and maybe in Great Britain as well. Also, Italy would not have fallen due to the, once again, the Battle of the Bulge, giving the Germans a lot more manpower than Sweden. Combine that with Finland, and you've got one big offensive.

RoC: Nationalist forces complete the goals laid out in Operation Ichigo and turn their attention to the CPC. With backing from the Guanxi Clique and Uyghur warlords, troops push northward against the Communists. They isolate them in and around Anxi and begin to wait out the siege. Smaller task forces deal with pockets in Fujian in cooperation with NGC troops.

Sorry, just for clarification, what do you mean by "The Nationalist forces turn their attention to the KMT"?

My bad. I'm getting my acronyms mixed up

Germany: In Germany, sweeping new purges take place, but much more specialized and precise than the previous ones. They accept the armistice with Germany, while secretly planning a new operation, Operation Seadragon, which would launch an invasion of both Great Britain, and also begin an invasion of Sweden, where they heard that Jews have escaped from Denmark. However, right then, before the invasion, Hitler and almost the entire cabinet are killed by a bomb from a French Resistance Member. Albert Speer, who had been home sick for the meeting, takes control immediately. He begins to stop the "Final Solution", as that it is bringing much condemnation to Germany. They also offer a cease-fire with the Soviet Union.

See my comments above

I'm fairly sure this is a spelling mistake, but Germany cannot accept armistice with itself.

USSR: While most of the Germans are fighting in the West, the USSR takes advantage of a relatively distracted army and retakes parts of Russia.

By 1945, the USSR should have already acquired a large portion of Eastern Europe. Also, the events in 1944 does not suggest that the USSR had any problem advancing in the Eastern Front, even without the aid of the U.S and the British, therefore, instead of taking over imaginary portions of Russia still under foreign occupation, the USSR should have continue its push eastward.

Spain: Spain invades what is remaining of Portugal and by the end of the year most of the country is occupied including Lisbon.


The USA: Anti war riots continue in the south, and a radical new branch of the KKK runs in state elections, and 12 states inaugurate these people as there new governments. The 12 states, (Kentucky, the Carolinas Virginia, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, and Florida,) send a petition to Congress to end the war, or they will withdraw there troops from the armed forces and very possibly, make a separate peace with the Axis Powers.

Hungary should already be occupied by the Soviets, and even if the capital was not take in the Siege of Budapest, the Hungarian First and Second Army corps should be at least awfully devastated or completely destroyed, and the supposed surviving Third Army corps would be severely damaged. You are welcome to add additional information about Hungary in the "Prior History" section.

Germany: Germany encourages the anti-war riots in the US, and tell the US that they will accept peace from the US if offered, with no reparation or anything. It also offers to release all US PoWs, as well as all other allied ones for peace. However, they tell Britain that they will be taking Egypt, whether they want or not. Rommel, who had survived (unlike OTL), will lead the attack, and will take over Egypt swiftly, since they had lost reinforcements and supplies from the British.

Britain: Britain strongly encourages the two opposing factions in the United States to settle aside their differences and focus containing Germany's aggression, as demonstrated by Germany's attack on Egypt, and urges for the United States to re-enter the Western Front as soon as possible. The attack on Egypt was viewed as imminent threat to the British's relation with the Middle East, and Britain will negotiate with the Soviet Union by cancelling the armistice between Britain and Germany, along with dividing the regions of the Middle East after the war ends, provided that the Soviet Union would not agree on a ceasefire with Germany and continue to its push into German Proper.

France: France consolidates its military to defend itself and perform hit and run attacks on the Germans.

Ireland sends 2 corps to Belfast and expels British

Fix your spelling and grammar (four spelling mistakes in a sentence of nine words).

Ireland supported the Allied forces during WW-II, and declaring an illogical act of war against the British will force Britain to retaliate, and the Ireland Defense Force will most likely be defeated by the British Armed Forces since the British Armed Forces are far more superior, for example, the Irish Navy consist only of only six motor torpedo boats at the time, and its air force is far more outdated than the British Air Force.


  • Hungary keeps waiting for a response from USSR about its surrender proposal. Most troops in the western part of the country are moved to Budapest.
  • Spain builds up its air force, army and navy. Any attack on Germany and Spain will respond. Spain harshly puts down any resistance in Portugal.
  • The British 2nd Army and the NZEF begin the liberation of France, by re-entering the demolished portions of the Atlantic Wall in Normandy. The British and the New Zealand forces was able to surround the unprepared German 7th Army in Caen, without counter attacks made by the German 5th Panzer Army, since the 5th Panzer was still in North Africa (because somehow the Afrika Korps was able to take Egypt). The German 7th Army surrendered, and the British forces were able to secure much of northern France, including Paris. Britain again encourages America to participate in the Western Front.
  • KMT troops finish off the last of the Communists and begin the final drive to push the Japanese off the mainland. Much of southeastern China is taken.
  • You are pushing far too quickly, since the nationalist were in a fairly bad situation in the war, and destroying the communist within the period of one year seems implausible. If the nationalist was not able to stop the Japanese advancement in the mainland, I would doubt that Chiang Kai-shek was able to rally the nationalist to such a point where the KMT troops are able to push the Japanese away in a year. I will, however, for the sake of the map game, allow you to retake a reasonable portion of South Eastern China, as part of your counter offence.
  • Germany once again offers the USSR a cease-fire, as well as to Britain, in return for Egypt. The 7th Panzer Division, headed by Rommel, along with 35 other divisions, start a massive offensive in Western Europe and France, along with 20 divisions being sent to the USSR-German border. They now have completely stopped The Final Solution, thanks to the efforts of Albert Speer and Ervin Rommel. Many Jewish scientists are released from concentration camps, but are forced to make weapons for the Germans.
  • The weapon in development has to be approved by me, Enter Name.
  • The USA: The 12 states, saying there warnings will not be withdrawn, declare independence from the Union and resurrect the Confederate States of America, with the Capital at Montgomery, Alabama. (I will control the CSA and the USA, as long as anyone does not mind Rebelsoldier 19:06, April 2, 2011 (UTC) ) The CSA offers the Axis an alliance in return for recognition and that when the war ends, they will be allowed to keep their independence. The 1st and 2nd Confederate Armies are formed and prepare to invade the Union, which begins to rapidly withdraw troops from the Pacific theater while withdrawing 90% of its troops from Europe. CS troops in the west invade New Mexico and press westward while US troops move in and slowly begin to conquer Virginia and part of the Carolinas. The CSA asks Mexico to declare war on the Union in return for, at the wars end, Guam and the Philippines as well as Japan to send troops to invade the American Pacific coast.
  • CSA Map 1946 2

    CSA-USA borders in the end of 1946.6

  • Just a question, but is a Southern invasion of the North really feasible? Going on US Census figures, blacks made up around 20% of the South's population at the time and they are likely to be opposed to the move. It would not bode well for the CSA to have a large, hostile population within their borders while at the same time fighting a war. Also, keep in mind that the original Civil War was not a revolution but a war of independence. Looking at any part of the equation shows a disproportionate amount of America's industry, agriculture (as in food production), and population is located in the North. Independence is realistic, a revolution is not
  • Well noted, and this is going to be a war of independence.


No Nuke 002

1946.6, edit if there is error.

  • Hungary keeps its troops in Budapest and the eastern part of the country. Still is waiting response of USSR about its ceasefire proposal.
  • The timeline itself is fairly messed up (I hope to fix that soon), let's just say that Britain and Hungary are neutral to each other.
  • Britain strengths the defence of Northern France, and begins the liberation of Belgium. The British government promises the independence of France once Germany is defeated, and ask for the aid of French partisan fighters. Britain would again ask the USSR to press on its attack to German Proper, and ask the Chinese Nationalist government to aid in the British campaign against Burma, in return, Britain will supply the Chinese Nationalist with weapons and funding from India. The Indian 4th, 8th and 10th Infantry Division moves from Mosul to Damascus, in order to protect the Syrian independence from German occupation.
  • Spain expands its navy and air force. Spain launches an offensive against OTL Morocco and by the end of the year most of Morocco is occupied by Spain.
  • The CSA: CS troops begin to withdraw from the northern part of there conquests and slowly begin to push out the Yankees while desperately keeping a small stretch of land on the Pacific for Japanese forces if they ever do come to the Confederates' aide and continuing to wait for Germany to send planes, Panzers, and troops.
  • The USA: The USA slowly begin to take back land recently occupied by Confederate troops while slowly losing ground in the east to the strengthening Confederate forces who have finally forced the US out of South Carolina and parts of North Carolina. The US pulls all of its troops from Europe and puts as many as it can spare in the Pacific, which Japan has reoccupied and event taken more than it had before Pearl Harbor.


  • Hungary start to amp up its army, since the USSR didn't advanced in Hungarian territory since 1945. Once again, Hungary asks for a ceasefire to USSR.
  • The USSR wants money for damages done by the German invasions. Meanwhile, several Soviet doctors discover DNA.
  • Again, the USSR has regained all of its territories in western Russia, and has now control a majority of Eastern Europe. The “No Nuke” time line has very little to no changes to the outcome of Operation Barbarossa (with the exception of Hungarian autonomy, but the timeline itself is still under heavy construction).
  • Yo, i asked for a ceasefire to USSR two rounds ago and I'm still waiting for a response.
  • I seriously doubt CrimsonAssassin is paying much attention to the other posts, I'm considering switching him to a lesser important country, or kicking him. But I'll need the decision of the mods.
  • Dude, calm down. I was in Washington for a few days. No reason to ban me or switch me. I'll change my post, but to hand bans out left and right is ridiculous.
  • I can attest that he was, since he left a message in Axis vs Allies explaining that he would be out for some days.
  • I'm very Sorry, CirmsonAssassin, please accept my apology, but I'm sure you do understand the importance of the USSR in the war.
  • Ha, it's cool. The USSR was really important in the war, so I know you guys were getting a little anxious that the user controlling it was not there! Well anyway, I'm here and I look forward to a good map game!
  • Spain's air force and navy is rapidly expanded. Spanish troops mass on the Spanish-French border. Spain begins building up its army. Spain observes German Blitzkrieg tactics and begins to incorporate them into their invasion. Spain begin building anti-air defences throughout Spain and Spanish Morocco.
  • The British fully liberates Belgium, and strength the country's land and air defence. A portion RAF is relocated to France. The 2nd British Army secures area on the eastern side of the Rhine river, and takes a defensive position, while the NZEF pushes north in to the Netherlands. The RAF in France made bombing runs on western German defensive installations and civilian structure. The Indian 4th and 8th Infantry Division launches offenses in Egypt, Alexandria is taken, the remaining Axis forces is cut off supply from Italy, while the 10th Infantry Division is still stationed at a well defended Damascus, blocking possible escape route to the Middle East. The British government commences conscription and a large series of intra-national propaganda, and forms the British 3rd Army.
  • Germany sends ten more divisions to the Western front, making a combined total of 525,000 men. They retake Belgium, as well as parts of Vincy France. The German 7th Army is sent to Egypt, and takes control of the Nile Delta. The Luftwaffe starts a campaign over France, Egypt, and the USSR in order to gain complete air-superiority over all those regions. The Messerschmitt Me 262 is improved and mass-produced, and is one of the most efficient aircraft in the world, with a kill-death ratio of 7:1. Meanwhile, German officers are sent to Spain to help them train their troops for Blitzkrieg tactics. Also, with the help of Jewish scientists, the first nuclear weapon is planned for 1948.
  • PitaKang, without Einstein, there would not be proposal of Mass-energy equivalence, much less the possibility of a fission bomb or any type of nuclear powered crafts or reactors. Please try to understand that one of the main points of this map game is "No Nukes", as in "No nations during WW-II have nuclear capability". Also, just to make sure, which 5th Army are you referring to? The Panzer Army was destroyed, and the other 5th Army is an occupational security force in Poland (which has to somehow get through multiple Soviet occupied countries before even reaching Greece).
  • Whoops! I didn't read that Einstein didn't become a scientist. However, can you have, some day, some kind of Jewish or whatever scientist come up with that theory? Because it would be lame without nukes later on. Also, the 5th Army was a typo. I meant 7th Army. [EDIT] Also, the Panzer Army 5th Army would not have been destroyed here due to the Germans winning the Battle of the Bulge.
  • 7th army, I guess that kind of makes sense, since the U.S did not pursue any further. As for nuclear weapons, I did promise the previous owner I would keep the overall idea, but I could change it if the other mod agrees that the game should have nuclear weapon. Finally for the 5th panzer army, it was encircled in Caen, and finally surrendered (you can check the "1946" section).
  • The CSA: CS troops force the Yankees from the CSA itself while barely managing to hold a 20 mile wide strip to the Pacific coast in case of Japanese aid while waiting for Germany to send planes, tanks and other war materials to help against the USA.
  • After years of consolidation of Free France Forces into a united front, the French retake Vichy and aid Britain in retaking lost lands. They ask for much needed supplies, including food, gas, and ammunition. After the French kick out the Germans they take and use to their advantage captured German Tanks and plains, Only refitting them with the French fleur de lis insignia, The new symbol of a free France.
  • Your occupied by Spain, Germany, and Italy, it's nearly impossible to take all of Vichy when the Free French have been rounded up and imprisoned as well as how are you going to sneak in at least two million troops and land them without being obliterated?
  • The USA: us troops are forced from the CSA and mange to defeat the Japs at the Battle of Australia, and the 1st Battle of Hawaii but lose the 2nd Battle of Hawaii, causing the islands to fall into Japanese hands. All of the Aleutian Islands are retaken by American Marines.
  • A group of Free French Partisans escape from prison and hide in the country side waiting to strike. They ask for help from Britain and if possible the USA


  • Once again, Hungary asks for a ceasefire (and the territories lost in Romania, although this is a optional clause) to USSR.
  • USSR accept the peace treaty. They capture more territory controlled by Germany,
  • Anyway, which part you accepted? ceasefire and giving Hungarian territory lost in Romania, or only the ceasefire?
  • Germany recalls some troops in the Western Front to combat the USSR. 35 extra divisions are sent to the Eastern Front, so there are now 310,000 men on the Western Front and 465,000 on the Eastern Front. The USSR is pushed out of Poland, with their superior Blitzkrieg tactics, which the Soviets have not yet mastered. Operation östlichen Sturm, or Operation Eastern Storm is launched. The German army is now much more equipped and prepared for the Soviets, as that they have suffered from General Winter before. Troops are assigned with white winter camouflage, as well as winter coats, and other things to prepare for General Winter. Meanwhile, with the SS freed from the concentration camps, more men are mobilized and sent to the front. Propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels is executed on national television for "lying to the public". This marks the end of the "Final Solution", as that Goebbels had been one of its most ardent supporters.
  • Dude, I totally understand that the Wehrmacht is much better trained and armed than the Red Army, but saying that the German army drove the Soviets out of Poland by their superior number is a bit ridiculous. And the Soviet does not need to master the Blitzkrieg tactics, since the Soviet relies mainly on numbers. I do like the public execution of Goebbels though, that was a nice touch.
  • Yeah, it really is crazy.
  • Sorry, I changed it.
  • More Free France Partisans escape prison and join the others. Together, with stolen weapons and aid from loyal French citizens perform a series of successful hit and run attacks on German Convoys and smaller bases, while running to the countryside to hide once again.
  • Spain with the help of German officers launches a Blitzkrieg against France taking French and English forces by surprise and dealing a significant blow to them. Spain sends a hundred thousand troops and begins bombing runs against key Allied targets causing enormous damage to the Allies and opening another front against France allowing Germany to send more troops to the Eastern front. Spain increases its air force and navy and building coastal batteries and AA Guns throughout Spain


  • The USSR retakes parts of Poland. They push further into German territory. However, they invade things that Germany has already captured, not the country of Germany itself. The USSR uses the winter, which is very harsh this year, to its advantage. Though Germany is prepared for a harsh winter, they had no idea how strong it will be this year!
    The USSR urges Britain and France to strike now while Germany is distracted!
  • Germany begins to go into defensive mode in Poland, temporarily stopping offensive operations. Meanwhile, heavy bombing of Ukraine commences, to destroy the Soviet Union's wheat supplies, since most of their wheat comes from Ukraine. They also begin rebuilding infrastructure, mainly oil refineries, and the coal liquefaction methods, of turning coal into oil. However, their lack of oil/fuel is noticed, and orders are given to actually not destroy enemy tanks, but to disable and take oil. This severely retards the German ability to push in, until more oil flows into Germany.
  • France, after being wrecked by Spain, asks for aid from the USSR and Britain. They perform several hit and run raids against both German and Spanish forces.
  • Japan offers the allies peace after coming to the conclusion that Germany is doomed to lose the war in Europe. Japan agrees to bring its troops back home and gives back all of the territory it has invaded in the war and to return the borders in East Asia and the Pacific back to their pre-WW2 borders. However they don't offer China peace, and the troops returning from Indonesia, Burma, etc. are sent to China to push back the Chinese. Japan agrees to pay reparations to USA, USSR, UK, Australia and Netherlands. As for the Chinese, the Japanese try to break up China into separate states split between the Nationalists and Communists, while retaining Shandong Province as a colony and Manchukuo as a puppet state. They also offer the Americans (as they are Japan's main aggressors) help to fight against the communists by allowing missile bases to be built in Japanese held land. Furthermore Japan pledges to help the allies against Germany once China is sorted out.
  • Ok, this is plausible and all but you did not offer ceasefire, you just agreed to pay reparations.

Erm, well what do you think I mean when I say: "Japan offers the allies peace after coming to the conclusion that Germany is doomed to lose the war in Europe." Of course I mean a ceasefire, stop being pedantic. You can't have reparations and still be at war; that isn't plausible because it's just common sense that peace = ceasefire

  • Sorry, man, I was confused by the later post. But anyway, the whole "peace and ceasefire" thing is pretty confusing.
  • The USSR offers peace to Germany. They will grant peace to Japan as long as Japan gives back all land that was taken from the USSR.
  • Agreed
  • The USA and CSA: Sick of seven years of war abroad and at home with the Confederacy, Peace Protestors march on Washington DC and hold the President hostage, saying to end the war on at least two fronts, and as many still hate the Japs the most, Peace is offered to Germany and the CSA is offered independence as well as control of all states that seceded and joined the CSA in return for its help in war against the hated Japs, which the CSA accepts in return for eight battleships, which the USA reduces to five Battleships and three cruisers. On the same day the Treaty of Washington is signed, the American Alliance is created with the CSA joining the Allies and sending troops to fight Japan.
  • Spain: Spain urges Germany to accept the peace offering from the USSR so they will have only one front with which to fight on. Spain continues to bomb key military installations throughout France destroying many airfields within six months the air force left in France is almost non-existent. Spain offer France an ultimatum either unconditionally surrender or Spain will begin bombing cities. Spain's navy and and air force are expanded.
  • Britain offers ceasefire with Germany, and hope that the ceasefire will eventually lead to a peace treaty. The British 14th and 12th Army was able to liberate Burma without much resistance, and Thailand, Laos and Cambodia all willingly offer to be British client state, in order to protect themselves from the communist in Vietnam and a possible retaking by the Japanese. The Indian 10th division is incorporated into the 9th Army stationed in Palestine. With the aid of the British, the Iraqi military was increased to half a million recruits, and three armour divisions, and with the aid of the 10th Army, the Iraqi military is further trained in western tactics. Ikhwan raids were being raised as a serious concern in the Middle East, and a portion of the 9th Army is occupies Saudi Arabia, deposing Abdul-Aziz, installing a pro-British regime, and established the British Middle East Protectorate, which features Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, under the rule of the crown. Britain also accept peace with the Japanese.
  • Accepted


No Nuke 004

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  • The ceasefires are accepted with both the USSR and Britain, leaving Germany free to deal with Vichy France. Elements of the army are demobilized, but most stay on the lookout for treachery by any side. Meanwhile, crackdowns start on French resistance members, and many are captured and thrown in jail. Meanwhile, the People's Court is abolished, and is revealed as a kangaroo court. Irvin Rommel is awarded the Star of the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross, saying that he was the most valuable general in the war. Meanwhile, peace is accepted from both American nations. Poland is turned into a vassal state to Germany, much like Vichy France, with strong German influence. All captured territory is then returned, with the exception of the Netherlands, Belgium, and half of Poland. East Poland is a vassal state to Germany.
  • Hungary: the currency, called pengő, which now has a alarming hyperinflation rate, is substituted by a currency called florint.
  • The CSA and USA: American and Confederate troops land in Hawaii and slowly begin to take back the islands as well as forcing the Japs from the South Pacific and parts of Oceania. By November, Okinawa and the Kuril Islands will be under Confederate/American control, and troops begin to mass for an invasion of Japan itself, and by December the troop levels in the Kuril Islands will be 478,000 troops and a fleet of 40 varied US Naval vessels, each one brand new and loaded with guns and ammo. A blockade of the home islands begins when the 25 other CS and US naval vessels begin to establish a tight blockade of the Japanese homeland.

I take this that the USA and CSA didn't take Japan's generous offer of peace then? Either way I can understand you retaking Hawaii in a year, but you wouldn't be able to beat the Japanese everywhere else in the Pacific. Use your noggin!

  • The USSR pushes Japan out of parts of Russia. The USSR declares that is is hell-bent on getting Japan out of mainland Asia.

Japan hasn't taken any land from Russia - only China - therefore you accepted Japan's terms of peace last turn.

  • Japan returns land back to Britain and Netherlands after declaring peace with the two nations.
  • The Netherlands is still under German occupation, but I guess you can give it to the Germans (since I'm not sure how you can give territory back to an destroyed government).

Wouldn't they go to the Dutch government in exile? Giving it to the Germans who are all busy with their own war effort doesn't seem right...

Fine, do whatever the heck you want, it is your client state.

  • A Dutch exile state is established in Indonesia. However, it is a Japanese ally. The Dutch agree to send troops to help the Japanese against the Americans.
  • Britain refuses Germany's request for acquiring Palestine, but the British government has allowed immigration from Germany if the German government truly wishes to help the Jewish people. The British Middle East Protectorate strengthening its internal defence and implements a five year plan of economic and social expansion that will improve civil infrastructure. Britain does not wish to enter a war with the Spanish, and urges the Spanish hostility to end, or Britain will be forced to take police action against Spain. Britain now hopes that a peace treaty can be signed between the three nations of the European Front, but to don’t wish to impose if the other two parties disagree. Britain feels that Japan has no right in further occupying China, and wishes Japan to return eastern China and Manchuria back to the Chinese Nationalists. With the works of Robert Goddard, Britain hopes to develop its own liquid fuel rocket by 1950.
  • Spain: With peace declared and hostilities ended Spain begins to upgrade their infrastructure and expand economically. Spain upgrades and expands its navy and air force. More troops are sent to Spanish Morocco in case of any local uprising. Spanish troops mass at the OTL Libyan-Algerian border.


  • Map Fixes: The Philippines is neutral.
  • Hungary's economy starts to recover.
  • Japan states to Britain that it is moving out of China with the exception of Shandong Province but it will be staying to help the Nationalist forces against the Communists. They also begin to set up an independent Filipino government to take control of the Philippines in order to free up Japanese troops to fight the Americans and to rule the country. This new independent Filipino nation sends aid to Japan to help them in their war effort. The Dutch government also sends oil and other raw materials from Indonesia to Japan to help them fight the Americans. With the loss of Hawaii the Japanese begin a defence line and strengthen defences on all of its holdings in the Pacific against American attack.
  • The CSA president dies of a heart attack. The CSA begins to collapse.
  • The CSA isn't a freaking cult, ok? The urge for independence doesn't just disappear when the leader is dead. At least have like a series of government official trying to take over before it ultimately falls into chaos, a entire group of zealous separatist just doesn't full suddenly give up when its leader's heart stops pumping.
  • USSR consolidates its power and amps up its military, especially along the German/Russian border. Meanwhile, a Soviet scientist creates a virus in a laboratory.
  • Dude, the first bacteria was genetically modified in 1973, so having second grade soviet scientists (since the good ones were either killed or imprisoned by the Great Purge) modifying something that is much more smaller than a Mycoplasma during Stalin's most moody years is borderline impossible. Tell you what, you are able to modify bacteria in 1955. how about that?
  • I agree, since without nukes (or at least delayed) the Soviets will have something else to concentrate on instead of nuke building.
  • 1955 seems fair for bacteria. I shouldn't have said virus though. Big difference...
  • VERY big difference. Just saying.
  • Spain continues to build up its military and asks Germany for help building jet engines and possibly the plans to build Messerschmitt Me 262s. Spain economy becomes more open. Spain invades Algeria and occupies half of it within six months.
  • France agrees to Spain's ultimatum and offers peace to Germany. But ask for their land back, able to be an independent nation and some help rebuilding it. In exchange we'll be peaceful with you and trade with you.
  • Germany gives plans to build Me 262s to Spain, and agrees to the French peace offer. However, they decide to keep half of the occupied land, and offer money to France to help rebuild. They also offer trade relations with the USSR, France, Spain, Britain, and Sweden.
  • Britain promotes multiculturalism and racial co operation within Britain and its client states through a series of large scale propaganda. Britain opens trade with Germany, and hope that Germany, under Albert Speer's leadership, will once more embrace democracy. Atholl Highlanders is employed by the British government to maintain security in the Middle East, allowing the British army in the Middle East to be focusing on more important matter. The Canadian economy went to a severe drop back from its recovery in the 1940s, mainly because of the second U.S Civil War, and is now seeking assistance from Great Britain. Britain offered to assume its debt, but Canada must give up its dominion status and revert to a colony, and allow a series of permanent Britain military base. A federal vote in Canada was conducted, and the decision to abandon dominion status for British colonial rule won by a landslide. Canada officially becomes a British colony until its economy is improved to a stage where Canada is economically independent (This can be backed up, Newfoundland, once a separate dominion, given up the dominion status for Britain to help its economy). With its resent advancement in liquid fuel rocketry, the British military pursues surface to air missile development.


  • Hungary's economy continues to recover.
  • France starts to recover, with the help from the German money. They accept the Germans' trade offer. They ask for the land the Germans kept.
  • Spain accepts Germany's Trade offer. Spain occupies the rest of Algeria and continues to build up its navy and air force. Two new aircraft carriers are been built and should be built by 1950. Spain continues to build naval batteries and AA guns throughout Spain and its possessions.
  • Japan senses USA-CSA unrest and launches a large campaign to re-take Hawaii and push the USA-CSA from the Pacific. The two American forces due to their infighting lose to Japan and lose Hawaii. The two American nations sue for peace as they try to sort out the CSA's problems and re-integrate it into the USA. Japan accepts their offers of peace and a ceasefire across the Pacific ensues.
  • The USSR begins trade with Germany. They demand that Japan stop its warmongering or the war will continue.
  • Britain dispatches its 3rd Army to Canada, and constructed a military base in the Niagara Escarpment. Britain also agrees with the USSR on Japan's imperialist tendency. Britain constructed the first working Saunders-Roe SR.177 jet fighter plane, and begins mass production, years before the its design in the OTL, since Britain is doing very well economically with its control over the Middle East, and is able to increase funding to the research sector.
  • The CSA collapses due to a black rebellion (that could happen right?) and pro unification protestors. The USA moves in and occupies the Confederacy.
  • Sure, Rebelsoldier made one heck of a mess, so I'll allow it.

Just make sure that some time for re-structuring and integrating the south is given


No Nuke 006

Changed, Japanese client states are part of Japan, also, Britain controls Canada as stated in 1949.

  • Hungary's economy continues to recover.
  • France continues to recover.
  • Japan now with the USA out of the war enters a time of relative peace. The Shandong colony though comes under siege from the rebelling factions in China. Japan calls for international help to protect its Chinese colony and to sort out the Chinese civil war between the nationalists and communists. Japan also gives its puppet states of Manchukuo and Korea further freedom to appease the international community on the issue of Japanese Imperialism.
  • The USA: Integration begins of the CSA into the USA, and the Integration Plan is passed by the US Congress, which plans for the CSA to be slowly integrated back into the Union by 1955. (Is that long enough?) The USA begins to demilitarize its army but keeps its air force on high alert as well as its navy.

Yep, that's long enough.

OK, did you even read the title? What part of "No Nukes" do you not understand. Or did you just completely ignore the top portion and said, "Let's build a nuclear bomb, when Einstein never sent the letter to Roosevelt, or became a physicist for that matter".

  • Spain begins focusing on R&D research. To facilitate this new demand many new courses open up in science and engineering universities. Franco begins a programme to integrate Catalonians and Basque people into the Spanish way of life. They are also given more freedom and autonomy. Spain begins building more aircraft, building a variant of the Me 262's which Spain call Me 267's as they have upgraded the handling capabilities and speed of the jet engines considerably. Mass production for the Me 267's will begin within six months. The navy is expanded by putting two more carriers under construction. A huge military base is being built on Lanzarote and the 2nd fleet will be stationed here.
  • Fix your grammar. You cannot predict what both Spain and Russia will do.
  • Sorry, I meant Spain. I was editing a civil war post at the same time and said Russia by mistake.
  • Germany also upgrades their Me 262s, and begins to more mass produce the V-2, and begins research on the V-3, with Wernher von Braun at its head, with the ability to go up to 6,400 kph. They also send more technical information to Spain.
  • Britain incorporate Newfoundland to the Dominion of Canada for easier governance. Britain develops its first liquid fuel rocket capable of entering space. Britain strengthens the security of its African client states, and continues to develop and improve the energy infrastructure in Egypt, Sudan, and Nigeria.


  • Hungary's economy continues to recover.
  • France begins researching jet planes to keep pace with the rest of the world. They also begin weapons research.
  • The USA: Virginia and Kentucky officially rejoin the Union along with Tennessee.
  • Japan founds the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere with itself, Korea, Manchuria, the Philippines and Indonesia. This group is a multinational defence organisation like OTL NATO and aims to keep Asia for Asians. Japan likens this organisation and Japan's role in it to that of the USA and their similar relationship with Latin American nations in which they regularly intervened in. The founding of this organisation, however, isn't pushed for by militarists in Japan but rather the Democratic parties in Japan. This happens mainly due to increasing international pressure by foreign powers to be less imperialistic and also because the Japanese population lack of will for a war. Militarists though in order to remain a strong military power plan to keep Japan's capacity to retaliate to be massive, to deter all forms of aggression. They offer the Chinese nationalists membership into the GEACPS and help against the Chinese communists. Otherwise the Japanese begin to strengthen the navy by constructing new modern aircraft carriers, replacing standard issue weapons with more modern weaponry like sub machine guns rather than bolt action weapons like the Arisaka. The air force is also improved too.
  • The USSR offers an alliance to China and amps up its military along the German/Russian border in case of a German invasion.

Is that Nationalist or Communist China? There's a civil war going on in China BTW


  • Spain sees that it may lack a stable source of oil soon starts looking into other ways to power its cities(NOT NUCLEAR POWER). Spain continues to upgrade its military with the new technical information Spain begins to place the new V3s on its naval vessels as it will be capable of bombarding targets from great distances without putting the ships in harm’s way. Lanzarote is continued to be fortified and Spain asks Britain for Gibraltar.
  • We never gave you the V-3.
  • The actual V-3 is 130 metres long, and the Tirpitz, the German largest ship commissioned in WW-II, is only 251 metres, so the gun simply cannot take up about 52% of the ship, unless you take out the essential services and communication. Just saying.
  • Britain pursues the development of surface-to-air missiles to counter the world's increasing development of Jet powered aircraft. Due to the success of the LEO I computer, the British government commission a large investment into J. Lyons and Co. Ltd in goal of creating a microcomputer in ten years. Britain continues to wish that Japan would return Manchuria to the Chinese government, in recognition of Chinese sovereignty.
  • Britain designs a possible prototype of a surface-to-air missiles to counter the world's increasing development of Jet powered aircraft. Due to the success of the LEO I computer, the British government commission a large investment into J. Lyons and Co. Ltd in goal of creating a microcomputer in ten years. Britain continues to wish that Japan would return Manchuria to the Chinese government, in recognition of Chinese sovereignty.


  • Hungary's economy continues to recover.
  • The USA: Arkansas rejoins the Union. The former CS states vote to hold a constitutional convention for an amendment to prohibit the military from occupying them any longer, but the northern states vote it down.
  • France creates and begins manufacturing a new type of gun called an assault rifle. It is called the FA-51 short for Fusil automatique 1951 (automatic rifle). It is similar to the OTL AK-47.
  • Britain is very interested in the French development of the automatic rifle, and wishes to purchase shipments of the newly developed weapon. The British government will not give Spain Gibraltar, and fortifies the region to prevent a possible attack by Spain.
  • Japan sends a group of scientists to Europe to see what weapons their European allies are creating. The scientists soon return to Japan and begin to create imitation weapons such as assault rifles, sub-machine guns, intercontinental missiles, radar, and bomber planes. The Zero fighter also under goes several upgrades mostly concerning jet engines. The Japanese are most impressed in the theatre ballistic missiles and radar systems and go about setting up their own defensive air system making use of ballistic missiles, radar systems and improved aeroplanes. As well as short range ballistic missiles, some longer range missiles are designed and many missile bases across the GEACPS nations are designed and construction on them start.
  • Dude, which countries are you sending them into (Thank you for bringing this up, I just made a new rule)? And I don't think anyone's created intercontinental missiles yet (V-2 is not a intercontinental missile, the range is too small, also, the A9/A10 is still just a design since Germany did not say anything about putting it in service).
  • Also, some of the stuff that your scientists are imitating isn't just stuff lying around (e.g radar system, jet engine), I know that Japan did send scholars to the west (and was indeed successful), but having the European giving up their cutting edge technology out of the goodness of their heart is very unlikely.
  • Ah sorry, I thought technology had expanded enough to create intercontinental missiles. As for the other issues, it's more like Japanese scientists had heard rumours and seen test projects in action. As for radar, Japan had been trying to develop a similar system before the war and I'm pretty sure some points on the radar system had been publicised (Britain's this is) after they did well against the Germans (Popular Science in April 1940 to be exact). Jet engines could just be rumours as this is still in development in most countries ATM. As for the countries visited, as many as they could get into, e.g. Britain, France, Spain, USSR, etc. Not Germany though since they've just cut off all ties to Japan. Think of this as mostly observing, hearing rumours and reading publicised papers. Don't worry, this is just to help Japan's R&D development, no actual weapons will be constructed and implemented for a few years yet. The missile bases are planned to have missile capabilities but for the time being will just be military bases.
  • Well, don't go into other countries without proposing a request first, I don't care how harmless the scientists are. As for technology, develop it yourself, you do not get this sudden boom in technology just because you saw someone else have it.
  • OK, remember you only just made up that rule
  • Yes, and all the players (including me), shall obey it.
  • Germany denounces Japan for abandoning them in their time of need, and cut off all ties with Japan. They also continue development on the V-3, as well as start the Reichsweltraumforschungagentur, their space agency.
  • The USSR invades Turkey.


No Nuke 007


  • Hungary's economy continues to recover
  • Japan inspired by foreign nations sets out plans for a large R&D project to create a multi-national defence system in GEACPS nations. This starts out with multiple bases being made in the GEACPS nations (land and sea bases) which start out as well-fortified barracks. Basic radar systems are put in place in the bases close to the borders of the GEACPS' zone of influence and more advanced radar systems are researched. Submarines docks are also secretly built in some of the naval bases. The navy is also expanded and at least one warship is to be stationed at each naval base. Research into vertical take-off planes which go off like rockets begins to give these bases air warfare capabilities where they might not otherwise have room for runways. However for the time being short range rockets are to be the main air defence mechanism where air fields aren't present. Japan also tries to get some technologies off some nations, however, are met with closed doors, which causes Japan to follow suit in secretive weapon and technology building. Elsewhere, Japan condemns the USSR for their invasion of Turkey and calls upon other nations to follow suit (do note this is just a telling off, Japan don't want a war with the USSR). Japan also tries to open dialogue with Germany.
  • That's better.
  • The USA: The USA offers Germany an alliance in an attempt to heal relations between it and its former enemy. The USA prepares for a war with Canada to wipe out the weak excuse of a nation to its north, and will give Germany the maritime provinces (except Quebec), if it helps in its future conquest. (If implausible, please tell me and I will remove it). The space program is begun, mostly the beginning of advanced rocketry that can safely return to Earth.
  • That's not really, but neither is the way we progressed from '45 to '51, so why the heck not. (the alliance is not really with the whole fascism vs democracy, so try to fix that, though I do like the Manifest Destiny thing). Note that if you do that, Britain will be hell-bent on destroying the United States for attacking one of its territory, and will denounce the U.S as an enemy of democracy. I have no complaints if you do.
  • Spain sees that its V3 plans will not work scraps the idea and continues upgrading its air force plans to improve its air force continue and planes and the navy is upgraded. Spain offers Britain help against the US if it invades Canada in exchange for Gibraltar and OTL Yemen Spain will not attack German forces though. Spain begins a R&D on long range missiles to be fired from ships. Spain commissions two new aircraft carriers to be built and four destroyers. Spain opens 3 new Universities throughout Spain to encourage education throughout the country and to keep up with the technology race with rival nations.
  • You can't control Germany
  • Germany, in a surprise move that defies imagination, turns into a democracy. The office of Führer is the same as President, and is elected by the people. A new constitution is written, and the people of Germany go into the future with new hope. However, the voting always goes for members of other parties… who are puppets of the Nazi Party. Every candidate is approved by the Nazis and is controlled by the Chairman of the Nazi Party. The Führer, is, in effect, a puppet. They also offer support for Britain in case of a US attack on Canada, with their new-found alliance surprisingly close. They suggest a “European Protection Alliance”, to protect the interests of the European nations against the Americans and Russians..
  • France will give several shipments of its FA-51 assault rifles to Britain in exchange for help in rocket and jet plane development and give back parts of British held France including Paris. We will let you keep Normandy and Brittany.
  • Britain applauds Germany's change to democracy, and is certain that this change will be one of many steps that will bring peace and stability throughout the world. Britain is surprised at the attitude of the United States, and urges the Americans to not attack Canada, and will retaliate if invasion occurs. Britain feels that the demands of the French for the weapon trade are too much, but will gladly return the sovereignty of Paris and northern France as a sign of good will. However, the British will keep an active security force in the region. The Sturmgewehr 44 truly fascinates the British military, and wishes to collaborate with Germany on the development of new types of assault rifles. Britain very much appreciates the support of Germany in the American issue, and hope that the economic trade between the two nations would flourish.


  • France accepts Britain's new terms, and sends them several shipments of FA-51's and in good faith sends them a scientist who helped engineer the rifle to Britain to help them develop one of their own. French scientists continue to develop a jet plane of their own and their rocket program. The Government announces that they formed a new organization called FASA (French Air and Space Association). The French have joined the space race. the President immediately gives funds to both the rocket program and FASA.
  • Germany offers economic and military alliances to France, to start a new era of prosperity and peace. Meanwhile, the Reichsweltraumforschungagentur is expanded and funding increases for it. The Führer of Germany vows to have a man in space by 1955, and also a man on the moon by 1965. They also start cooperating with the British on the assault rifle, by reverse-engineering the Soviet AK-47, and producing their own model, the A-52.
  • Japanese arms creators using weapons seized from Americans from the war and managed to upgrade the type 100 sub machine gun to the type 103 sub machine gun which much more reliable gun, fired rounds quicker, had a bigger clip size and fired 15mm bullets rather than 8mm. This new gun was quite like an assault rifle and was made standard issue to the Japanese armed forces and by 1953 every Japanese solider was to have one. GEACPS nations were also given access to Japanese weapons and they also were aiming to make the type 103 standard issue. The Japanese re-started the units used in the war to continue to research biological and chemical weapons, most notably Unit 731 who were investigating germ warfare and secretly implemented primitive germ warfare techniques, such as poisoning communist held cities' water supplies with cholera. This is kept top secret and is blamed on the lack of solid law and order in China. However, results are mixed.
  • Hungary's economy continues to recover.
  • Spain continues to build up its navy and air force 100 new bombers are commissioned. Spain continues its R&D projects some positive results on its jet research increasing the speed of its planes. Franco begins loosening his autocratic grip on Spain and promises free elections for a free Spain. This move is similar to Germany’s as all the other parties will be puppets of Franco's fascist party. Spain agrees to the European Protection Alliance, and asks Britain for the plans of the A-52 so Spain can create their own automatic gun. Some positive results on Spain’s long range missile program and plans for field testing is planned by the end of the year.
  • The USSR discovers how to modify bacteria. The practice, however, is kept secret. Meanwhile, the army is amped up along Russia's western border.
  • Modifying how? The cell's structure or the plasmid?
  • Just plasmid. The practice is very limited.
  • The USA: US troops cross the border into Canada and quickly begin to take territory until all provinces the USA west of Ontario is occupied.
  • The US begins its invasion of Canada, Vancouver and Regina are taken. (This sounds more plausible - fixed) Work on mustard gas filled missiles begins as well as deadly cyanide missiles which if completed, will only be used in dire emergencies.
  • Wait, in 1950 you said that you demilitarized the army, I have no idea why you did that, but if you did demilitarize the army, you can't really fight a land battle. I'm not lying here, people. Check "1950", it said that the U.S demilitarized the army. I'm not trying to be picky here, but if let's say "Germany demilitarizes its army, in preparation for Operation Barbarossa against the Soviets", that would not make sense at all. And that's not all, with WW-I, the Canadian military, though not fairly powerful as that of the European nations, can withstand an attack from the Americans. Plus, how in the world would you occupy British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba in just six months? These are very large area, and even if you did take the capitals of these provinces, and managed to supply your army without any resistance, there are still 1.1 million Canadians in the armed forces during the time. So fix it.


  • Germany encourages all nations in Europe to join the European Protection Alliance, or the EPA, in order to preserve and expand the interests of Europe. Meanwhile, nervous from the partial Soviet mobilization at the border, several divisions are re-activated and sent to the Polish border, with the intent of discouraging rebellion and to act as a deterrent in the case of an invasion. Meanwhile, Germany increases more funding for the space program, and expect a satellite in space by 1955 or ’56. Meanwhile, 26th Army is created, giving the Germans a total of 1,675,000 men demobilized and ready for drafting or enlisting. The new constitution is written, and is formally accepted at the Reichstag. Meanwhile, Germany begins to send aid and military supplies to the Canadians, and also encourages the Mexicans to invade America to punish them for invading Canada. German ships begin to engage American ships in the Atlantic, and begin preparing for a blockade of the entire East coast. They encourage the EPA to attack the “American imperialism” which “threatens the very foundation of freedom and liberty”.
  • France accepts Germany's offer for a military and economic alliance. France also joins the EPA. They ask for assistance in their rocket and jet programs.
  • Japanese scientists continue to secretly experiment with biological weapons on the Chinese and Japan create medium range ballistic missiles to attack far away targets, and short range Anti-Air missiles to defend against air attack and to attack short range targets. These are now installed in missile silos in defence bases across the GEACPS. Japan also offers Vietnam membership into GEACPS, to which they accept due to not having many other allies in the world. Defence bases begin constructed in Vietnam too. Japan condemns the USA for invading its allies, and shows how the USA is really just an imperial nation, rather than the land of the free. They offer EPA help against the Americans concerning blockading and/or attacking the west coast. However, until their help is officially asked for, Japan will remain neutral.
  • The USSR continues research on recombinant DNA. Meanwhile, they tell Germany that the USSR promises not to attack first. A non-aggression treaty is proposed and the troop level at the border is slightly decreased. Some are still left at the border as a precaution.
  • Spain continues to build up its navy and air force with two new aircraft carriers completed. Spain continues its R&D projects some positive results on its jet research increasing the speed of its planes. Spain asks Germany to provide its mainly aircraft carrier fleet with protection mainly from its huge U-Boat Fleet and Asks for Britain Destroyer and Battleship protection with this protection Spain will be able to Bombard NYC and other Eastern Cities. If Germany and Britain agree Spain's fleet will leave immediately.
  • Britain launched counter offense in western Canada; the U.S forces are cut off from their U.S supply due to the fast reaction of the Canadian forces and the Canadian Pacific Railway. The British 3rd Army in Niagara seizes the city of Buffalo and Niagara (U.S), and fortifies the region to prevent attacks to the province of Ontario. Portions of the Canadian Forces in Quebec are rallied to Toronto.


  • The USSR urges Spain and Germany not to attack the USA yet. They should build up their armies. Meanwhile, the USSR manages to create a deadly illness. It is named 'The Red Plague'. Immunizations are developed in case the virus gets out of hand.
  • Hungary's economy starts to grow. Meanwhile, In February, Miklós Horthy, the Regent of Hungary, dies. In May, a referendum is organized to determine the form of government of Hungary. The Constitutional monarchy is chosen with a tight margin over the parliamentary and presidential republic options.
  • France their first jet plane, the Battant Guepard or flying cheetah. It is equipped with 50 cal. machine guns, cannons and rockets. The French immediately begins producing these and training pilots. By this time all French soldiers are equipped with the FE-51's. The government begins to amp up the army, navy and air force. The navy is boosted with the incorporation of several battleships, cruisers, destroyers and aircraft carriers. The air force is being equipped with the new jets and the army is growing in numbers.
  • Modernization of the Japanese armed forces, leads to them all expanding and five years national service in the armed forces becomes law in GEACPS Nations. The defensive bases are largely finished now, however, they continue to be upgraded with the latest technology. The Japanese Navy are greatly expanded to secure Japan's control over the North Pacific. This includes the building of deep sea submarines, equipped with missile silos. Development of missiles with different warheads, like high explosive, biological warheads, chemical warheads, and disease warheads. The air force is also modernized with new fast flying planes powered by rockets and experimental jet engines. These new planes are tested out by bombing communist strongholds in China. The Manchurians also begin to create a large tank army and the ruling Dutch government are overthrown by the native Indonesians, and the Dutch East Indies is replaced with the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Germany gladly pledges to support any military action against the "Imperialistic USA", and immediately begin a blockade of the East Coast, most importantly NYC. Washington, D.C. is shelled by battleships off the shore, and landing troops start landing in NYC, Maine, and Florida. They urge the Japanese, British, French, and the USSR to join in to push back the "American Imperialism".
  • Spain bombard NYC for 50 days and is called the battle of New York after huge damage has been caused to the city and military installation America's air force finally beats off Spain’s smaller force. Spain’s carriers are sent back to gather replacement planes and pilots. Meanwhile, NYC has is unrecognisable with huge amounts of damage done and the death toll in the hundreds of thousands. Spain continues its R&D projects some positive results on its jet research increasing the speed of its planes also Spain begins researching larger and more accurate bombs for its planes. Spain asks again for plans of the a-52 as they will be needed before any Spanish troops can land on American soil. Spain increases their aircraft production and carrier fleet production with additional naval personnel and pilots been trained.
  • The British 3rd Army advances eastward, and takes Syracuse. The Canadian Forces launches their offense into the Northern U.S, Rochester is taken, and both forces are scheduled to rendezvous in Binghamton to begin the siege of New York, and is expected to be successful due to the aid of the Spanish Naval bombardment. The Fourteenth Army is increased in size and arms, and the 15th Army is created in India. The British are mass producing its assault rifle, and plans to replace a large majority of the rifle in its armed forces with it in a year.


  • Otto of Habsburg is crowned King of Hungary. Meanwhile, Hungary amps up its army.
  • Japan takes up Germany's offer and joins the fight against the USA. They blockade the west coast, and invade the Aleutian Islands. Japanese submarines also fire experimental disease warheads on L.A. but these largely fail because the diseases aren't the airborne type. The Chemical warheads fired on San Francisco are much better, though, resulting in most of the city being covered in Mustard gas. The Japanese, however, quickly stop using these dangerous new missiles, as they result in too many civilian casualties and are to be saved as a last resort. The Manchurian tank army also continues to expand, and are tested in the field, and they destroying a huge communist army assaulting Beijing. The communists are largely pushed back and the GEACPS backed Nationalist Chinese look certain to win the civil war. A Nationalist Chinese government is formed in Shanghai, and they commit China to join GEACPS after the communist insurgents are defeated.
  • Dude, you can't control what Nationalist China do, I don't care if Matt is not active, but you can't decide where their capital is or whether they join the prosperity sphere. And besides, if they choose to select a new capital, the nationalist would have done it a long time ago when you choose to give back south east China, and in Nanjing, since there's really no reason to suddenly select Shanghai when the former capital is freed.

OK then, the capital is Nanjing and the Japanese are trying to take over the Chinese nationalist government with bribes and such. Trying to make them puppets.

  • Some of the USSR's citizens are given protection against the Red Disease. Symptoms include extreme hunger, aggressiveness and extreme tolerance to pain. Some victims' immune systems shut down, making them rot. The Soviets keep this aspect secret.
  • See talk page.
  • France joins in on the fight and begins bombarding Boston with their battleships, bombers, and newly developed rockets with high explosives. After two days of bombarding troops land and start taking the city. The French offer the Spanish their FA-51 assault rifle in return for help with rocket technology.
  • Germany lands troops in New York, seizing the city. Meanwhile, landings begin in Florida, Virginia, and Maine. They also critisize Japan's use of disease warheads on LA, and warn other nations to not do so. They call upon China to attack the US, as well as the USSR. Th experimental V-3 is deployed in the US, and is used to bombard Washington, D.C.
  • Wait, are you calling China to attack the USSR or do you want the USSR to attack the USA?
  • I think that it's calling China and USSR to attack USA.
  • China is at war with itself so they are in no state to attack USA. Plus they don't have a player so you can't control what they do.
  • Spain: Spain's carriers return and give air cover to the Germans and French and accept the French offer. R&D continues in Spain on long range rockets also Spain begins examining the FA-51 and begin working on their own prototype.
  • The USA: US naval vessels set up a protective blockade of its Pacific and Atlantic coasts.
  • After a bloody siege, the city of New York is at last taken, but the 3rd Army has taken significant damage, though the Army is able to be resupplied with men and arms since there is clear supply route between Toronto and New York. A majority of the Canadian forces in Toronto are dispatched to New York to fortify the city, along with preparing an attack on Boston since the city is cut off from American supply. Britain is grateful for the help from fellow EPA nations and Japan for controlling the American imperialism.


  • Hungary amps up its army.
  • Japanese efforts to control the Nationalist Chinese government intensify, and the communist Chinese are further back. Japan also apologizes for the use of chemical warheads to the USA, and demands that the USA stop their invasion of Canada or else they will use the devastating missiles again. The invasion of Aleutian Islands finishes and the Japanese ask for the USSR to help them in an invasion of Alaska. Research into disease warheads is stepped up, however, after they largely failed. Research into airborne diseases intensifies to make the disease warheads more potent and scientists succeed in limited bacterial modification.
  • The USA: The USA refuses to make peace, but a bloody coup takes place and a new government asks for peace as well as promising reparations for all damages lot has done to other nations. If accepted the US armed forces will withdraw from all foreign soil. Alaska secedes due to its being attacked by foreign troops, the USA begins to withdraw its troops from Canada as fast as it can, and offers Mexico billions of dollars if it will help end the war on pre-war terms except for the fact of the US paying reparations. The mustard gas and cyanide missiles are completed and are capable of going 110 miles, mass production begins in case the peace offers is not accepted. The USA offers France these plans if they will declare war on Germany and the other nations of Europe at war with the USA, saying that France will regain its territory lost to Germany as well as parts of Germany itself if the peace is not accepted. The USA offers Mexico and in desperation, communist China and Dutch Indonesia, alliances as well as plans for the missiles. Brazil and Argentina are offered the same terms. I will be at gone for a few days, so please don't mess with the USA while I'm away. JSimcox 20:06, April 22, 2011 (UTC)

The Dutch have been kicked out of Indonesian government. Japan and GEACPS would have a peace/ceasefire with USA if we can keep the Aleutian Islands


  • Hungary amps up its military.
  • France now controls all of Boston and the surrounding area. On The US's offer, it will not turn on the Germans, unless provoked. On the The peace offers France will wait and see what other allied nations will do. With helped from allied scientists, French scientists develop a missile called the Bolt. It is capable of being launched from land and sea, travel 120 miles and carry payloads of heavy explosives, incendiaries, chemicals and biological weapons. These are being produce on a large scale and officers being trained in their use.
  • Japan continues through various weapon development programs and Japanese scientists create an airborne disease called "Shimigami Flu" to be used in the disease warheads. This new fearsome weapon is to be used as a Japanese doomsday weapon with small amounts of antidote to the disease locked away in secret Japanese bunkers to protect themselves against the disease. Otherwise, the defence base network across the GEACPS continues to be expanded and the Japanese build further submarines and warships to enforce Japanese dominance over the Pacific. Efforts to make China join the GEACPS continue as more Chinese officals are bribed into becoming Japanese puppets.


  • France now controls most of eastern Massachusetts and southeast New Hampshire.
  • Japan convinces China to join the GEACPS. However, the Chinese communists establish themselves in far western China in the Xinjiang province. Otherwise the China begins to strenghen itself with Japanese help. The Japanese also stop their war with the USA after offering a peacefire for the Aleutian Islands. The Aleutians are fortified and become part of the GEACPS defence base network armed with warheads.
  • Xinjiang asks to join the USSR.


  • Japan continues to fortify itself and continues to arm itself with new modern weapons. A large fleet of stealthy, deep ocean going, Japanese submarines armed with Shimigami flu disease warhead missiles go out secretly across the world oceans in response to the growing tension against the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. This is kept secret and will allow Japan to attack any where in the world if they are attacked.
  • France captures more of New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.
  • Hungary amps up its military.
  • Xinjiang joins the USSR

  • Where's everybody gone? This game was quite popular and now it's gone quiet VonGlusenburg 22:21, May 4, 2011 (UTC)
  • I am here. I forgot to post recently--Collie Kaltenbrunner 16:32, May 5, 2011 (UTC)
  • I'm Here octiman10 17:41, May 5, 2011 (UTC)
  • I'm a bit bored of this, who wants to end it with a treaty (since the world has achieved some sort of illiberal democracy already)? Enter Name 19:31, May 5, 2011 (UTC)
  • Aww, this game was quite enjoyable I thought. I would like to continue with this game if possible; if some others feel the same, I'm more than happy to play still VonGlusenburg 19:44, May 5, 2011 (UTC).

  • So no one else wants to continue playing? VonGlusenburg 20:10, May 7, 2011 (UTC)
  • Maybe I'll restart it or something Enter Name 14:34, May 8, 2011 (UTC)
  • I Want to keep playing. Anyway, we should re-define the game if it is to be restarted. Well, if the game keeps allowing no nukes, biological warfare will be the most over-used kind of warfare and we should pick a new starting point, in my opinion..--Collie Kaltenbrunner 18:06, May 8, 2011 (UTC)
  • How about we at least settle the American situation first? Enter Name 18:16, May 8, 2011 (UTC)
  • Well, if we're going to re-start the game then sorting out the current American situation is pretty pointless. VonGlusenburg 22:21, May 8, 2011 (UTC).
  • If you guys restart, I'll play as the Azad Hind...but obviously Europe will be changed to the point after Germany's surrender, since Nukes had nothing to do with that. Batmanary
  • We could just make a new map game instead of re-starting this one. Beause people might just repeat themselves if we restart the game. Just a thought :P VonGlusenburg 18:28, May 9, 2011 (UTC).
  • Couple of things:
  • First of all, I would like to thank VonGlusenburg for having put in the effort of trying to revive this map game, his dedication should be praised.
  • Second of all, there will be a major revision of the map game, it will possibly be in the Cold War era (I'm still working out the fundamentals).
  • Thirdly, I appreciate Batmanary's effort in making a new map, but please just try to give me suggestions instead of posting possible maps. Also, please use your signature, it's just easier.
  • Finally, I would like to thank everyone for making this map game an enjoyable experience. Enter Name 19:25, May 9, 2011 (UTC)


  • Hungary amps up its military.
  • Let's just post random and completely ridiculous stuff (though not Alien Space Bats ridiculous) here until I have finally come up with the rules for the new map game. Enter Name 16:42, May 11, 2011 (UTC)
  • The British forces conquer Florida, and plans to construct an amusement park primarily featuring a cartoon mouse with overpriced attractions and lodging and will be built with the captured P.O.Ws to entertain other captured P.O.Ws.
  • Japan amps up in general and the Japanese government begin a campaign of economic warfare against its European foes by creating the Snuggie and vowing to revolutionize the global blanket market and cause a recession in Europe with the Snuggie's warm embrace and comforting feel. The design for the Snuggie is copyrighted by the Emperor of Japan and he vows to launch billion dollar lawsuits against any companies which start to create knock-off Snuggies. This keeps the manufacturing of Snuggies purely Japanese, and the Japanese economy explodes to unprecedented levels of growth, and Japan becomes the world's leading economy as a result.
  • That's awesome, and also, you can control the action of other nations to do ridiculous stuff.
Ethiopian rocket

Official Release of Manned Rocket Design

  • Pressured by the world's increasing interest in rocketry, the Ethiopian government decides to design and create its own rocket capable of manned flight. Though the new research department was low on funding, they were able to successfully design and create a prototype capable of manned flight, with the aid of Soviet ingenuity.
  • The Soviet Union creates a breed of intelligent cats and dogs. Some are trained in warfare, so they must resist the temptation of eating. The conditioning is difficult and breaks the will of dogs, but it works. The following video is translated to meet your needs.
    Russian Dog Conditioning

    Russian Dog Conditioning

  • A German company develops the condom due to the high German "need" for pleasure. The condom is an instant hit, comparable to the Snuggie. The German economy surpasses the Japanese one, mostly due to the invention of the condom.
  • The previously thought to be extinct Dodo is rediscovered in Swansea, Wales.
  • The Dodo's form the Welsh Dodo Party and manage to get the Britain's first Dodo MP in the House of Commons.
  • Tibet gains independence from China


  • The Welsh Dodo Party quickly spreads all over Wales to become the main Welsh political party, and the party begins to expand into England after the success of Dodo's in Wales due to their delicious omelet dishes.
  • A Japanese sumo wrestler by the name of Ronu Makudono comes up with the idea to create a chain of restaurants which serve cheap, quick to make, and easy to eat food. His "Speed Food Restaurants" (SFR) are an instant hit in Japan and he spreads his unique idea aboard. He also does a deal with companies in the growing animation / comic book market to give out manga/anime related toys with kids meals. The invention of this "Super Happy Kid's Meal" is the cornerstone of Makudono's success. The Japanese fast food, Snuggies and manga begin to take over modern popular culture, especially with the children's markets.
    ハッピーセット CM スポンジ・ボブ 「ハチャメチャびっくり」篇

    ハッピーセット CM スポンジ・ボブ 「ハチャメチャびっくり」篇

    However while most parents are lving this new influx of child-friendly goods, some are terrified with the crazy kids who go hyper over poorly made toys; but the Japanese government see this as a good method of "Cultural Warfare" and they pay SFR lots of money to expand globally and to focus especially on the Communeristic toys and morphing the international community's children into a big pile of Weeaboos. Then once those Japan-loving children had grown-up, and they form the future foreign governments, the Weeaboo governments would be easily convinced to join the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. With this plan, the Japanese aim to take over the world within the next 40 years.
  • Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere China becomes the main market for the expanding Japanese fast food businesses thanks to its large population. The poor population of China also embraces the Snuggie because of it being cheap and the perfect warm clothing needed for staying warm in the winter. However, the Chinese are less impressed with the Japanese anime influx, as the majority of the Chinese population are unable to read the subtitles in Japanese anime and the translated manga comics are far too expensive. Instead the Chinese stay at home and play Scrabble.
  • The Shangdong colony is re-integrated as part of China after China joins the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. This bring member nations of the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere to:
  • Japan and her colonies in the Pacific
  • China
  • Manchukuo
  • Korea
  • The Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Vietnam wins their campaign to hold the 1956 Foxy boxing Championship however the championship is riddled with controversy as an alleged penis is seen on the Russian representative as she knocks out her German rival in the final.
  • Hungary invades Slovakia.
  • I'm On A Boat (ft

    I'm On A Boat (ft. T-Pain) - Album Version

    "Я на лодке", Ministry of Culture of the USSR Archive, Circa 1956

    The British military secretly launches an aggressive propaganda campaign in the Soviet Union, specifically targeting the working population, with promises of the riches of capitalism, spearheaded with the propaganda video "Я на лодке", a video emphasizing the benefits of a free market economy, the joys of personal ownership, individualism against the ridged collectivism, and uncensored media network.
  • I made the new map for the new map game, though there is a lot area that need to be edited, therefore, I hope everyone can help edit it. It should be in the talk page.
  • The Republic of Ireland experienced a potato shortage, leaving thousands dead of starvation, again.


  • The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere creates the Nyan Cat fighterplane. This plane is not only really fast but it sprays rainbows behind it.
  • The British army fully controls the Eastern United States, the Florida amusement park "British World" was widely well received by the former American citizens, but was annoyed at the government for using P.O.Ws as forced park employees, since they do not smile and have a tendency to starve to death during working hours. The British government sponsors a revolutionary businessman named Ray Kroc to further develop his restaurant franchise "McDonald's", which provides quality meals of fast speed and low price. The British government aims to plague the remaining portions of the United States with rampant obesity.
  • The Mexican economy faces total collapse, the government abandons the Peso and uses McDonald coupons instead as the national currency.
  • The Germans create a sausage shaped skyscraper building to take away the Empire State Building's title of tallest building in the world. On either size of the sausage-scraper are two large dome buildings, one of which is the world's largest concert hall (mostly Nazi rallies and concerts are held here) and the other dome is the world's largest restaurant boasting over 9000 different types of sauerkraut dishes on sale.
  • The country of France surrenders to a visiting German tourist in Paris, the French Third Republic falls. The French fourth Republic is started the next week after the French rise up against the tourists and grow some balls. The French try to pretend that this episode never happened.
  • Wow, how long has it been?
Too long, this game is over now...
Or is it?
  • The Welsh Dodo party is narrowly defeated by the Conservative party in the 1957 UK general elections, amid accusations of vote rigging and use of Chelsea rent boys by the Conservatives to get more votes.


  • Someone flushes their failed casserole down the toilet in Cyprus which causes their sewage system to fail and the country is flooded with sewage water and waste.
  • A Tsar Imperial guerrilla group manage to overthrow the Communist regime of the Soviet Union and a Tsar is re-installed. The Tsar guerrilla group celebrates by playing the Боже, Царя храни! all over Moscow as well as drinking lots of Vodka. Everyone is given free Vodka to forget what just happened.
  • The Welsh Dodo Party launches a coup against the British crown and government, which starts the Welsh Dodo Civil War.
  • Finland legalises street racing. The streets are said to have been improved to safe mode. And the road ways along the Gulf of Finland have been transformed into a high speed circuit with lots of twists and turns. The new race event is hosted in the Middle City Sector of Helsinki.
  • A piece of Bacon is elected president of the USA due to its awesome campaign of deliciousness.
  • Brazil disowns the Brazil nut, and Brazil nuts are renamed Big Boy Nuts.
  • Chile decides to plant more Chili Peppers to attempt to spice up its surroundings and it becomes the national food of Chile.
  • Norway and Denmark declare independence. Both Denmark and Norway then start another Viking Age for themselves. Viking Ships leave their harbours and travels to Ireland for their planned invasion.


  • The Viking Kingdoms of Norway and Denmark join crowns in the Bluetooth Union. The Bluetooth Union invades Ireland.
  • Hitler grows his moustache out to get a handlebar mustache and joins a motorbike gang with some rowdy youths and hands over control of the Reich over to Himmler.
  • The Welsh Dodo civil war sees the Welsh National Shepherds founding their own state in Pwllheli and the Welsh Dodo Civil war enters the 3 kingdoms period (Dodo, Shepherds, English).
  • Macau declares independence and attempts to buy the Guangdong province for only 19.99£. After a while, China decides to accept the deal and gets a free Kerosene lamp from them.
  • The Portuguese begin to riot against over Spanish rule, saying that Spain is a pain. The Spanish, then established another Spanish Inquisition but failed. Portugal re-gained its independence and got its territories back (except Macau).
  • Italy builds a wall around San Marino after San Marino refuse to join Italy. San Marino musicians, though, invent rock and roll and the electric guitar which when combined with some nice riffs manages to topple the Italian wall.


  • Italians build another stronger wall around San Marino just as the San Marino rock and roll sensation takes over the world popular music scene. The San Marino musicians in turn invent rock music with even more hard hitting tunes in order to topple this latest Italian wall.
  • Rock and Roll music from San Marino takes root in the USA and helps jazz and blues singers progress to singing rock and roll. Rock and Roll music subsequently takes over the world music scene.
  • The English are defeated by the Welsh at the Battle of Wrexham and the English gives Wales its independence and the colony of Gambia. The Dodos are pushed back to Cardiff.
  • With Macau now having the former Guangdong province and annexing it, Macau renames itself to Empire City of Macau (Portuguese: Império Cidade de Macau) and joins the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.
  • Thailand invades and takes over most of Burma, until Burma looks like a broken leaf when looked on a map. Thailand also absorbs Malaysia like a magnet after they agreed to join with Thailand. Afterwards, Thailand joins the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere as well.
  • Sweden goes into civil war, between the Monarchists, and pro-IKEA movement.


  • Rock music replaces Rock and Roll as the dominant music force after San Marino Rock music is unleashed on the world, however it is short lived as the Italians build an even stronger wall.
  • Japan sends specialists to construct military bases in Thailand after Thailand joins the GEACPS.
  • The Dodos of Wales are defeated and the last of the Dodos are sent to Mauritius where they form the Democratic Dodo Party. Dodos to this day continue to live in peace with humans on Mauritius in peace and harmony.
  • Italy takes back Northern Italy from the German backed northern Italian state, reunifying Italy (with the exception of San Marino and the Vatican city).
  • Russia finally recovers from its hangover after the No more Soviet party in 1958. The Tsar begins to rule is now stable and recovered people in a fairer manner than past Tsars by using a parliament and freebies for good citizens as cornerstones for his regime.
  • The Empire City of Macau constructs more tall buildings in any rural areas it might find, so that all the other cities will eventually be absorbed by Macau.
  • Alaska declared independence and a second later, they join with Canada and Canada accepts. Alaska also makes Russian an official language again and makes learning Russian an encouraged language to learn.


  • The Monarchists in Sweden actually visit IKEA and are blown away by its choice, prices and overall awesomeness. The civil war ends.
  • The Empire City of Macau continues to build more tall buildings. Macau also encourages less cars on the road, and to drive much faster; as well as hosting street racing too.
  • Finland passes a law to allow any car to drive on the roads, even the cars used in Formula 1 are allowed to drive on Finnish roads. This ensures that people can drive any car they want with no restrictions, and Finland passes a law for police to not arrest speeders, unless they are drinking and driving or if they are a suspected criminal.
  • The Manchus in Mongolia over throw the Communist government with success, and the Manchu gains control of the country. Mongolia becomes a democratic monarchy, and is still a strong ally of Russia, but is also allied with Japan and the GEACPS.
No Nuke 008

The year ending 1962.

  • The Cuban Military Crisis happens, but unfortunately, nobody cares. Except for Venezuela and Colombia, which they donate a lot of weapons and wine to the Cubans. Cuba soon has their military stabilised again.
  • The British and French trade a lot of their island colonies so that Britain controls all the Caribbean, France controls around Madagascar and the British control the South Pacific. Japan gets the North Pacific too. France also gains some territory in the USA and Canada as a result.
  • The occupied USA is split up between Britain, Canada, Spain, France, Germany and Japan; as the American war ends.
  • Laos and Cambodia both join GEACPS
  • Wales rejoins Britain after realising it couldn't support its own economy as well as with Britain's help.
  • Norway takes over Iceland
  • France also do a deal with Germany to get back former south east France.
  • Ireland also rejoin Britain in return for heavy investment into Non-failing Potato plantations.
  • Brunei gains independence and joins GEACPS in order to get more of old Brunei from Thailand. Thailand accepts this, in order for Japan to help modernize Thailand further.


  • French speakers across Canada flock to the New French colony of French North America
  • The Tsar of Russia invents the Chinese take-away
  • Brazil joins the GEACPS after Diogo Nomura becomes President of Brazil.
  • Portugal continues to fight off the Spanish from their land with full force, and soon secures Portuguese independence, including the Azores and Madeira. Spain keeps the Portuguese colonies, though. Italy joins in and helps the Portuguese; and some Italians begin to steal footballs from the Spaniards.
  • Kim Il Sung escapes to Peru to hide out from the Japanese.
  • The Empire City of Macau begin to build a few casinos due to recent travellers coming there for Gambling. They still continues to build the buildings too, however.
  • Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Costa Rica gets together and merge into one nation, called, Costa El Mexico or something. Salsa becomes more popular then ever before in Mexico, and challenges Chile's Chili Peppers.
No Nuke 009

The year ending 1963.

  • With the Italians getting lots of footballs, they trade some for the French colony in Tunisia.
  • The Americans in German controlled start rebelling, and Germany sells the land to Costa El Mexico for a life-time supply of Salsa.
  • The Dutch colony of the Dutch Antilles invades part of Venezuela and forms the Southern Netherlands.
  • Britain integrates Canada and the British occupied USA into the Dominion of British North America.
  • The Russian Tsar centralises power in his empire.
  • East Timor rebels and joins Indonesia.
  • The Nazi Party Chairman, sick of being a puppeteer re-instates the office of Führer and merges some of the German controlled nations into the Großdeutschland.


  • A tree fell over and no was around to hear it. But of course it made a sound.
  • Kim Il Sung tries to launch a coup with the Peruvian Socialist Party, but they are stopped by a llama.
  • The Colombian Cartel invades Venezuela to establish a secret loan shark company.
  • Bolivia and Paraguay join Brazil due to the people complaining that the leaders of both Bolivia and Paraguay were beginning to slack off, as well as most of the politicians. Afterwards, Brazil begins building gyms in the newly annexed land to make the politicians there get some exercise.
  • The Empire City of Macau builds the buildings and the number of street accidents decrease as people are becoming better fast drivers.
  • The Danish Vikings begins an invasion of Suriname.

What are we actually doing with this game?

It seems me and some others are just messing around with it. That is what I conclude since no one else replied. Well, let the tomfoolery continue!


  • Japanese inventors come up with the industrialised hole punching machine, causing prices of paper notebooks to fall dramatically.
  • Persia takes British-controlled Persia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait to form the New Persian Empire, and builds one way arrows that will reflect against a car light.
  • The Kaisers United Group successfully overthrows the German government with the help of British and Mini Coopers alike (and after about 3 tries). Afterwards, the new Kaiser establishes a democratic monarchy gives free salsa, beer, schnitzels, bratwursts, and a free ticket to October feast to all. The Kaiser also signs a friendship treaty with the Russian Tsar, and gives Greenland back to Denmark due to it being too cold.
  • The Finns plant another tree, as well as lots and lots of flowers in the forest of Finland. Meanwhile, more buildings are Built in the Empire City of Macau and soon it will look like one huge city.
  • The Colombian Cartel opens up more secret loan sharks in Venezuela, and one of them also contains a real, but dead, shark.


  • Brazilian president Diogo Nomura is assassinated and a new election begins in which the Brazilian bureaucratic party is elected into power with Terry Kaka coming into power. He reforms Brazil by leaving the GEACPS and establishes a regime and country similar to that in the 1984 film, Brazil.
  • British farming giant "Bacon and Beyond" is founded and begins to monopolize the world bacon trade with sizzling results.
  • Hungarians establish a food called Hot Pockets and becomes a huge hit in Hungary.
  • The Peruvian Socialist Party and Kim Il Sung achieve victory and at least take the Loreto Region in Peru. With that, Peru is divided into Sung Peru or, Land of the Opera (the Loreto Region only) and Republic of Peru (the rest of Peru). Hospitals are also being built in Sung Peru.
  • The Finns plant another tree, but then some-one cut it down to be used for making a cabin. So the Finns plant a tree next to the built cabin, and put some flower seeds on the cabin itself. 3 Months later, the cabin is filled with flowers. Urho Kekkonen hears about this, and decides to plant some flowers in front of his office. Soon, the Finnish government and the Finns becomes fascinated with flowers. However, the racing and speeding remains very popular.
  • The Empire City of Macau decides to build houses along with buildings as houses can be made faster then large buildings.
  • Chile puts most of their citizens in a trance and joins the GEACPS. However, soon the citizens realise this but do not mind, as they are too busy making Chili Peppers anyway.
  • With superior baby chicken sex detection techniques, Japan manages to speed up the chicken meat and chicken egg production with new egg production rates eggsremely high. With this eggcelent progress, Japan begins to dominate the global chicken meat and egg markets, and forces many other egg producers to eggxit the trade and focus on cock fighting tournaments instead. However, the Japanese Fighting Roosters still manage to come out as the winners of the 1966 World Cock fighting free-for-all tournament. This annoys France greatly, as they were quite proud of their global big-chicken title. However, France doesn't do anything because they're true chickens.


  • Hitler and a lot of his motorcycle gang are killed in a motorway accident in Germany. This causes the German government to implement speed limits on the motorways. The petrol-head citizens of Germany are greatly annoyed by this and move to Finland.
  • Finland begins imports and builds a lot of Lamborghini Miuras and other fast sports/race cars; and allows people to buy/rent one for around 90 Finnmarks. Soon, a lot of people buy sports cars and drive freely and fast down twisty, challenging roadways at +200 km/h.
  • The Empire City of Macau continues to fill separated areas with houses and buildings, and invest and builds fast electric cars.
    No Nuke 010

    The year ending 1967.

  • Hot Pockets becomes the national food of Hungary, as many Hungarians are hungry for it, even the Hungarian government eats it.
  • Chilean Citizens build a Blimp in a shape of a Chilli Pepper, causing a Spicy Food War between Chile, Costa El Mexico, and Hungary.
  • The Persian Empire builds more arrows and tests some of them to see if it can block out the car light and lamppost; and it is proven un-successful.
  • The Danish Vikings, with the power of Costa El Mexico's salsa, conquered Suriname after defeating Henri Lucien de Vries; and Denmark annex Suriname. Denmark also buys more of of Costa El Mexico's salsa as it is proven by Danes to give more strength and power.
  • Communist rebels in Colombia manage to seize control of part of south Colombia and establish the Socialist Republic of Colombia.
  • Sung Peru offers to join up with the SRC in order to form the Union of South American Socialist Republics. The SRC accept and the USASR is formed.
  • Socialists in Brazil are granted a secession from Brazil, form the North Brazilian Socialist Republic and then join the USASR.


  • Tibet joins GEACPS due to the need for Japanese Snuggies in the cold Tibetan winters. By joining the GEACPS, Tibet gains access to cheaper Snuggies.
  • Italians invent yet another pasta shape to eat mince meat, pasta, and tomato sauce with. This new shape is a Pasta sausage (pasta outside, mince meat and tomato sauce filling).
  • Finland builds more sports cars and faster ones; and some Finns begin to tune up their vans and trucks for more speed and better performance overall. Soon, the roadways are dominated by faster cars of all kinds; even the long trucks get tuned for fast speeds and all. Meanwhile the Empire City of Macau continues to build buildings and houses; and of course to keep up with Finland they build fast cars too.
  • For no reason the citizens of Argentina, Ecuador, Peru convince there governments to join the GEACPS. Ecuador, Argentina, and Peru agree and they join the GEACPS.
  • The Colombian Cartels overthrow both Venezuelan and Colombian governments and merge the 2 nations, forming the Loan Shark Republic. More loan sharks are built as a result as well.
  • Hot Pockets are advertised literally everywhere in Hungary, it's on TVs, billboards, store windows, restaurants, business buildings, even on government buildings, houses, posters of it are everywhere. Hot Pockets is sold at restaurants now and now the Hungarian government is even selling them!
  • Chile tries to invent the Chilli Pepper phone, but are un-successful. Fidel Castro in Cuba tries to merge a telephone and a banana, and is successful.
  • The Persian Empire builds another arrow and catapult, and fires it at an office building; it collapses.


  • The Japanese while pleased more countries are joining the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, they wonder if South America can be considered part of Greater East Asia. The GEACPS leaders agree it doesn't, and a sister organisation is spawned to solve this problem: Greater Hispanic America Co-Prosperity Sphere! GHACPS is formed by Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, and Chile. GHACPS is to be in a permanent alliance with the GEACPS too, and this forms part of the constitution of the GHACPS, with the rest of the constitution of GHACPS coming from current GEACPS law.
  • Mexico still holds onto its territory it has from the US/CS; and giving them tasty food to prevent them from leaving, it works.
    No Nuke 011

    The year ending 1969

  • Panama joins the GHACPS out of fear from invasion from the Loan Shark Republic. Soon, the Colombian Cartel attempts to invade Panama but retreat quickly after a car gets thrown at them.
  • India declares independence from Britain and takes and annexes Pakistan, Bangladesh and the remains of Burma with them. They also join the GEACPS.
  • Denmark and Norway merge together to form Denmark-Norway and wants to join the Japanese alliance but a problem arises due to them being in Europe. Sweden is shocked but are soon quickly distracted by a flock of seagulls and begins to forget what they where shocked about, and go on with their lives.
  • The same flock of seagulls invades Australia and launch an attack.
  • Finland and the Empire City of Macau form an alliance. Finland continues to build fast cars and the Empire City of Macau continues to builds buildings and houses. The progress in Macau is going good and soon, Macau will also be the only city in the Empire City of Macau by 1975. Soon, Finland and Macau trade materials and cars between them.
  • The Hungarian elections happen and as a result, the CEO of Hot Pockets is elected president. New Hot Pockets are made, and some have vegetables and fruits and other needed proteins and etc.; so soon, the Hot Pockets will be the only food in Hungary (other than Hungarian cuisine) by 1973.
  • Japan sees Denmark-Norway wanting to join GEACPS so they form the European Co-Prosperity Sphere. The ECPS is another sister organisation to GEACPS like the GHACPS.
  • The Banana Phone myth soon arises in Cuba after Fidel Castro merged a phone and a banana just last year.
  • Meanwhile, the arrows manage to block out a street light in Persia with success and without breaking it.


  • The CSA is beaten in several battles, but remains defiant. The British promise to remove all taxes on the fried chicken in order to appeal to the moderate CSA fighters. This however has a much greater effect than the British plan and the whole CSA surrenders on the promise of cheap fried chicken.
  • The Japanese give their American colony independence as the Republic of California. The republic joins the GHACPS as part of the terms of their independence.
  • Portugal joins the ECPS for protection while Haiti and the Dominican Republic joins the GHACPS for the same reason.
  • Finland also joins the ECPS and continues building fast cars. Some are are made with flower designs, and are a hit. 7/11 is re-founded and recreated in Finland after a long disappearance from the world. The store becomes a huge hit again and very popular and are seen on the side of most roadways. Also in Finland, Heavy Metal is revived and soon, its power is heard throughout Finland and 'slams' into Sweden. Sweden, now hearing about this, soon create their own Heavy Metal as well, and soon becomes spread-out through Scandinavia.
  • The Heavy Metal music reaches and 'slams' through Germany, Hungary, and soon enters Italy. Due to its sheer power and superior strength, the Italian Wall that surrounded San Marino is crushed and completely destroyed. Remains of the wall fly all over Italy. San Marino is freed and thanks Finland and Scandinavia for the help. The Kaiser and Germany is shocked by its power but liked the music; and in Hungary, the Hungarians continue to pay attention to Hot Pockets so they didn't know what happened.
  • The Empire City of Macau continues to build building and houses. They also start to build more lamp posts and have them on 24/7.
  • The Loan Shark Republic and the Colombian Cartel invades and builds loan sharks in Southern Netherlands.
  • The Persian Empire shoots more arrows to block out some car lights and is successful, but an arrow also strikes down a door.
  • A bull escapes from a Spanish stadium and runs into the Spanish government building, and attacks a few politicians.
  • San Marino invades Italy with the power of metal. Italy like always runs away and surrenders half of Italy to San Marino. The Italian war of Heavy Metal ends.
  • The seagulls move from Australia to attack China.
  • The Italians build a new wall to separate the peninsula between Italy and San Marino. This wall is so strong, even the heaviest of metal cannot penetrate its mighty defences.
  • China repel the seagulls attack by using kung fu moves and other martial arts; and the Chinese are successful in doing so.


  • The Seagulls go attack Mexico.
  • With the losing situation for the South Netherlands, they become an observer state of the GHACPS. With this the neighbouring GHACPS nations attack the Loan Shark Republic. This helps to turn the tide of the war in the Netherland's favour.
  • Costa El Mexico feeds the seagulls very spicy salsa. The burning heat of the tasty salsa make the seagulls head explodes like a volcano and soon, the remains of the seagulls fly up into the sky and then fall down while on fire and soon slams somewhere in the desert of Australia and an explosion it made. Soon, a random typhoon hits the Australian desert and the fire is gone. As a result, the salsa is making more money then ever before.
  • The Loan Shark Republic, the Colombian Cartel, and the Union of South American Socialist Republics merge together and form the Socialist Cartel Shark Union. They then invade the South Netherlands and its allies.
  • Brazil declares war against the Socialist Cartel Shark Union to regain former Brazilian territory. Soon, the Socialist Cartel Shark Union is defeated and dissolves and the original lost land is returned to its original nations. Colombia and Venezuela are annexed fully into the Southern Netherlands.
  • Finland invents and plants Metallic Sun Flowers. These new sunflowers are tough and can't be stepped on.
  • The Empire City of Macau continues to build buildings and houses.
  • Britain, France, and Spain releases their colonies in Africa and the former colonies in Africa form the United States of Africa. The new United States of Africa then makes the initials USA copyrighted by the United States of Africa and anyone caught stealing the initials will be sent to serious punishments.
  • Spain is renamed to Pain after a bull is elected president of Spain. The bull then invades other stadiums and attacks the Spanish.
  • The Persian Empire begins building larger arrows to be able to blot out a car light. They test one and it works. Also Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates join the Persian Empire.
  • The Hungarians continue to eat mostly Hot Pockets. The Healthy rate in Hungary has gone up to good conditions and the Hungarians are fully healthy.


  • The Queen of the Netherlands marries the Emperor of Japan. This creates a political union between the South Netherlands and Japan. As a result the Empire of the Union is founded, and this new empire also annexes the Greater East Asian Prosperity sphere, Greater Hispanic America Co-Prosperity Sphere and the European Co-Prosperity Sphere.
  • Rather than face war with the Empire of the Union (EU), Germany gives the Netherlands its independence, and the Netherlands consequentially joins the EU.
  • Finland continues to build more fast cars and also begins to build Music Houses, filled with Heavy Metal fun!
  • The Empire City of Macau continues to build houses and buildings and is almost finally done with it.
  • 1000 people, from the Persian Empire, descends upon Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. A Persian says that their arrows will blot out the sun. However night time rolls around and soon the Persian Empire achieves victory and annexes the nations it was fighting against.
  • Nepal becomes shrouded in mystery, though begins to build roads around mountains and such.
  • The Hot Pockets is beginning to wear down Hungary, but the Hungarians don't seem to notice this and continues to eat Hot Pockets. A Hot Pocket Power Plant is also being built.
  • The Painish government, which is in control by bulls, begins to put marshal combat on the snakes. The Spanish Inquisition forms and surprises Italy by saying "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition" and this angers Italy. Soon, the Italians defeat the bulls and annex all of Spain and then builds a wall along the new Italian-French border to keep the chickens out.
  • Fidel Castro attempts to invent a Banana Phone, but messes up in a result and causes a street light outage. The Cubans challenge themselves to drive in the dark with no lights on and no crashes happen. At all.
No Nuke 012

The Year Ending 1972

  • The Persian Empire finishes its invasion of the British and German Middle East and the Persian Empire begins to invent the rapid-firing cross bow to better cover the sky in arrows and block out the Sun even easier.
  • Italy invades Southern France and Vatican City, with this the Italian Prime Minister declares himself the new Roman Emperor and Italy is reborn as the Roman Empire.
  • The Roman Empire attacks the USA and quickly signs a peace treaty with them and 3 new provinces in North Africa are added to the Roman Empire.
  • Fearful of losing the Sun, the Russian Empire gifts some of its land to Persia in turn for a peace treaty. Persia accepts and the alliance of a million arrows is signed.
  • San Marino continues to rock out and mosh away. This includes a 25 mile wide mosh pit.


  • Cyprus is finally cleaned up after the sewers burst in 1958. Part of this clean up opperation included giving Cyprus proper sewers capable of handling toilet paper in them.
  • With Macau City finally built, the EU transfers its capital to Macau City because it's the largest city on Earth and quite an awesome futuristic one at that.
  • Hungary purchases Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, and the Czech from Germany, and Germany accepts. Austria-Hungary is re-established. Soon, the Hot Pockets are quickly spreading into new areas and the new people begin to enjoy the Hot Pockets.
  • France decides to go all Napoleon again and invades Britain. The British Navy begin to dance and sail around the British Isles and fire cannons at the French. Meanwhile the Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Koryaksky and Avachinsky erupt all at once and the smoke/ashes from the Volcano begin to travel in a straight line from Kamchatka , going through Northern Canada, and then finally arriving and floating above the British Isles. Darkness arises and the weather becomes similar to Mordor. Molten Rocks then slams into the English Channel and the fight becomes tough. This lasts for two weeks, and then the sky clears. The cities remain intact though, and soon, France conquers England. Wales, Scotland, and Ireland take a hold of the British Empire and is renamed to the Celtic Empire. Kamchatka's volcanoes become calmed down again, and France is calmed down again.
  • Finland plants more Metallic Sun Flowers, and other Metallic Flowers.
  • Sri Lanka and the Maldives leaves the Celtic Empire and joins the Empire of the Union.
  • Nepal continues to build roads around the Mountains and also begin to look for material that will also let the mountains hold the roads next to them so basically cliff-side driving of some sort.
  • The Persian Empire invades Eritrea.


  • Germany invades and annexes Austria-Hungary for all the trouble they caused Germany in World war I.
  • The Celtic Empire is overthrown in England as King Arthur burns the Great Potato of Leicester Square and the Irish run off. This is partly due to the British colonies helping out their colonial masters, and King Arthur declares the new hundreds year war against France and the Celtic Empire. English knights invade Wales and Scotland and begins to remove all French influences from the British isles.
  • British North America invades French North America/Quebec.
  • Hungary re-declares independence, and soon, the Hungarians begin to destroy Austrians and Germans with everything they have. They throw a lot of hammers at them as well, among other things.
  • Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina declare independence to form Yugoslavia, but soon joins the Empire of the Union. Czech Republic and Slovakia later declare independence and joins the EU as well.
  • Finland builds more roads and begins attempting to create a Metallic tree, and it's going good.
  • Madagascar and surrounding islands leaves France and joins the United States of Africa. French Guinea also leaves France and joins the Empire of the Union.
  • The Empire City of Macau continues to build electric fast cars and make them better.
  • The Persian Empire finishes invasion of Eritrea.


  • While Germany and Hungary are fighting, the EU invade and force the marriage of the Kaiser's daughter to the Son heir apparent of the Empire of the Union. Germany and Hungary are incorporated into the EU. Whereas Belgium and Luxembourg gain independence.
  • The former German colonies are seized by the USA.
  • Liberia joins the United States of Africa.
  • Finland develops more Metallic Flowers and builds more faster vehicles.
  • The Empire City of Macau has now less traffic which gives more room to speed and drift and other things. Speed Limits are non-existent in Empire City of Macau and Finland.
  • The Persian Empire builds an arrow statue in Kuwait City.
  • Fidel Castro continues to attempt to invent the Banana Phone. Meanwhile, another Cuban compares Apples to Oranges, and its head explodes because it goes to an invalid answer.
  • Nepal continues to build roads attached to mountains.
  • Another bad storm slams into England, and soon many tornadoes attack all over. The English knights are badly confused and don't know what to do, and they just run around. Meanwhile, while they are distracted, the Irish fire RPG-7s and watch the Knights explode into bits and pieces. France begins a heavy invasion of England again and are winning. Wales and Scotland also fight against the English.


  • Bhutan against the rules of the game develops a Nuclear missile after a Buddhist achieves enlightenment and learns all of the world's secrets.
  • The Game Itself, making sure nations are applying/following to the rules someone has put, the Nuclear Missile that Bhutan had developed disappears immediately, and everyone in Bhutan is hypnotised heavily and they all forgot what just happened and forgets everything.
  • Finland continues to build Metallic Flowers and the latest Finnish cars can now reach speeds of 300 km/h, however....
  • The Empire City of Macau builds an electric car that can reach speeds of 310 km/h.
  • Nepal, while still shrouded in mystery, begins building mysterious roadways.
  • Costa El Mexico invents the Salsa Bomb. While tasty, it can burn/explode the crisp out of a large city, efficiently of course.
  • Fidel Castro finally invents a working Banana Phone.
  • The Persian Empire attempts to build a building made entirely out of arrows, and is successful, but then later abandoned because it hurts to go in.
  • England finally crumbles under France. However Australia takes role in the empire and kicks Ireland, Scotland, and Wales out of it. Soon, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales merge together to form the Celtic Alliance.
  • With the French pre-occupied with fighting in England and invading the place, the Bretons raise up against the French and declare Brittany independent. Brittany joins the Celtic alliance. The Hundreds year war changes to a 3 way death match between France, England and the Celtic Alliance.


  • Disco fever sweeps the globe, millions die and it is hailed as the deadliest disease since the Spanish Flu of the 1920s.
  • Finland counters the Disco fever with Heavy Metal antibiotics, and it tears apart and successfully destroys the disease. Finland also sells Heavy Metal antibiotics to other nations to help protect their people, and it is very successful in other places as well.
  • The Empire City of Macau begins building a special machine that will make the sky in Macau either dawn, dusk, or night, and it is accepted by the people who live in the city. Plants are still able to grow in the city even after it's built so it doesn't matter.
  • France builds lots of Red Flaming Chilli Pepper Bombs. Soon, France drops some Red Flaming Chilli Pepper Bombs on England least populated cities and towns and it burns them all down to the ground. England finally accepts defeat and surrenders to the French. With England now a whining nation, France and the Celtic Alliance faces off in the Hundred Years War.
  • The Persian Empire builds a Pointy Tower, also made out of sharp arrows. Unfortunately, a Sand Storm happens and tears it down, killing 300 Persians.
  • Fidel Castro opens up a new factory that builds Banana Phones. 100s are made and becomes popular in Cuba. The Mañana company does a deal with them and some Cubans also buy a cheap, new Mañana car with their Banana Phone. Soon, some Cubans show up earlier to work each day with their new car. Also, the Mañana car is similar to/based on the SEAT 1200 Sport, and the SEAT company didn't mind at all.
  • Nepal continues to build mysterious motorways along mountains, even on the highest points of mountains they build it there too.
  • Sparta rebels from Russia, and the city is declared independent. The Russian's send an army of thousands, but it is beaten by 301 Spartans at the battle of the not so hot gates. Russia agrees to Sparta's independence and leaves them be after being humiliatingly defeated by the 301 Spartans and their spears.
  • The French occupiers try some of the English dishes in order to save on food costs, but then the French give England its independence back after trying Tripe and jellied eels. The Celts are thrown out of Brittany and a peace treaty is written ending the Hundred's Years War, which is subsequently renamed "The four years which seemed like a hundred years, war". The British empire is renamed the English Empire too, with Queen Elizabeth being upgraded to Empress Elizabeth.
  • The EU trade California with the English Empire for the Falkland Islands, St.Helena, Guyana, Ascension island, and the other British small islands across the Indian Ocean.
  • The EU annexes Yugoslavia.
    No Nuke 013

    The Year ending 1977

  • Brazil annexes Uruguay.
  • Ethiopia joins the USA.
  • The USA kick the Persians out of Africa in Eritrea. Persia accepts defeat and signs a peace treaty including points about never expanding into Africa.


  • Castro sellotapes several cigars together on the end of each other to create the Cigar Centipede, to the delight of smokers across the world, and to the horror of lung doctors across the world.
  • Finland continues to build more large motorways and faster cars.
  • The Empire City of Macau continues to build the special machine, and it is estimated that it will be completed in 1985.
  • The Persian Empire invades Cyprus and it is crushed under their mighty arrow. Soon, the Persians annex Cyprus.
  • Singapore declares independence and adopts "I am very glad, because I'm finally returning back home" by Eduard Anatolyevich Khil as the National Anthem of Singapore. Opera houses begin construction in Singapore.
  • Nepal continues to build more mysterious roads.
  • A reported F7 Tornado was seen in the Great Lakes. It was notable because it froze the lakes and some lizards. Later another source dropped it from F7 to F5 because there is no such F7. Later another report edited again that it was an F5 Tornado with a powerful Blizzard storm hitting the area. Millions of people in British North America become confused at what the news is trying to say.
  • Another Tornado, with F4 status, slams into the East Coast of British North America and throws Billiards around before tripping over a forest and disappears.
  • Japanese Snuggie sales finally start to fall as now that everyone has a Snuggie and no one else needs one


  • The Twinkie is invented in British North America
  • The English start a potato embargo against Ireland, who eventually buckles under the pressure and has Ireland leave the Celtic Union and rejoin with the British. Wales and Scotland gain independence, rahter than join England because they can handle not having potatoes.
  • The English introduces cocaine and deep fried Mars bars to the Scottish. Scotland rejoin England, and the British Empire is redeclared.
Иван Логгинович Горемыкин (1895-1903)

The Man Responsible for side burns being outlawed in the EU

  • This Russian business man (pictured opposite) goes to the Empire of the Union's capital Macau in order to become a Russian food and goods salesman at his own shop in Maccau's Russian Village. This guy ensures that sideburns are banned in the EU, and the damnation of sideburns and mustaches are the primary reasons for the EU invading Russia. The EU declares war on Russia after seeing these bad-boy sideburns and are outraged that the Russian Tsar would allow such big sideburns to be grown in his nation. The EU attack the Balkans, the Baltic, Russia proper, China, Asia, Siberia, etc. Basically, the EU attack from everywhere they can against Russia.
  • Persia who invades OTL Turkey while Russia is busy with the EU. Persia and the Empire of the Union sign an alliance against Russia.
  • Macedon rebels from Russia, and Macedon gains independence. Alexander is declare the first king of Macedon.
  • Tatarstan declares independence from Russia and joins the EU.
  • Mongolia joins the EU and invades Russia.
  • Karelia and the Murmansk Oblast, and the Leningrad Oblast (the narrow way that includes the city of Viipuri merges with Finland, and at the same time joins the EU.
  • Nepal continues to build mysterious motorways.
  • Costa El Mexico tests their newer powerful weapons, the Tabasco Bomb, in the desert areas of Texas. This new bomb can explode with in a 50 km radius and burn anything it hits down to the ground (efficiently), more powerful then the Salsa Bomb. Of course, it's still very tasty. Ironically, it can freeze at 9 degrees Celsius, but can self-destruct if temperatures reach 80 degrees Celsius.
  • Fidel Castro's Banana Phones are selling very successfully in Cuba, more so than the Cuban Cigar.
  • Typhoon Tip, a Category 5 Typhoon, forms and builds up and soon, it measures (in diametre) an amazing 2,377 km and maintains winds of up to 405 km/h! It slams into the West Coast of British North America and the mountains were almost no match for the huge tidal waves of this Typhoon. It also hit Death Valley and soon, Death Valley experienced thunderstorms and floods ever since. Afterwards, the Typhoon crosses up into British Canada and soon dissolves near the Kamchatka Peninsula. 9 out of 10 meteorologists agree that this was the most awesome storm ever, while the remaining 1 agreed to seeing birds.


  • The Empire of the Union's invasion of Russia continues, other countries are warned to keep out of the war or face their country being bombarded with Shimigami flu warheads. This stops other countries from doing anything, and other major world powers race to create their own doomsday weapons to stop the Empire of the Union invading them after Russia falls.
Helsinki vartioharju

The name Summit is fitting, for its towering challenge.

  • A new race track is build in Finland. It is called, "The Summit" and is always snowy and slippery.
  • Sweden creates Death Metal and Deathgrind music. They play this music and soon, 50s of F6 Tornadoes carrying the Death Metal and Deathgrind music with them, destroys the Italian Wall once again; and soon 100,000 of Italians are dead. San Marino thanks Sweden for the help again. The King of Sweden builds his very own large palace and calls it "Palace of Death" in honour for the Death Metal music.
  • Costa El Mexico creates another new weapon, the Salsa Tabasco Bomb. They test it in the deserts of Texas again and is successful. This new bomb is a bit stronger then the Salsa and Tabasco Bombs it tested earlier. The Salsa Tabasco Bomb can destroy and burn down anything with-in a 75km radius. For some reason, it can freeze at 9 degrees Celsius however.
  • Brazil's government is overthrown and replaced by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. He begins by building Weapons and Combat Fighting Gyms all over Brazil, and begins building Cannon-combat cars.
  • Nepal continues to build mysterious motorways, and soon heavy fog roams over Nepal...
  • Fidel Castro and many Cubans begin to build underground shelters for protection.
  • More F5 Tornadoes strike in British North America (mainly around the Mid-Western areas), as well as New Zealand.
  • The French declare war against the Roman Empire, in revenge for taking there lands.
  • San Marino invades the Roman Empire joining in with the French.
  • The USA attack the Roman Empire, joining in with the French and San Marino.


  • In Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva soon establishes a Mortal Kombat Gym for better training and other things. More cars are fitted with Cannons and heavy weapons, like the Aston Martin seen from James Bond films.
  • Costa El Mexico builds a better bomb, called the Salsa Tabasco Chilli Pepper Bomb, and is tested again in the deserts of Texas. It has a 85 km radius of burning destruction fun. Mexican scientists begin to study on why it would still freeze at 9 degrees Celsius.
  • The Tornadoes begin to strike in Australia now. A tornado tries to land in Singapore but is blown away by the very loud singing from an Opera House.
  • Three Typhoons in succession invades British North America.
  • The Welsh begin to hunt for Whales.
  • Finland continues to improve roads, and builds more faster cars.
  • The heavy fog remains in Nepal, but the construction of mysterious roads continue safely.
  • Fidel Castro begins to sell Banana Phones underground in Cuba. Some Cubans try to tune up their cars and bring them underground, but there is really no room to race underground.
  • The British invade Wales while they were all trying to find whales. Whales are introduced into the Irish Sea and Bristol channel in order to try to smooth over the Welsh after the British had invaded again.
  • The EU-Russian war continues.


  • Athens declares independence from Russia.
  • Minoan Crete declares independence as Minoa.
  • Russia surrenders to the Empire of the Union and Russia is integrated into the EU.
  • Athens, Sparta, Minoa and Macedon form the Helenic league between themselves.
  • Rome falls again
  • A kitten walks inside the British Government. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is distracted by the kitten and pets it.
  • Mortal Kombat Gym becomes the most popular gym in Brazil. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, satisfied, begins going on a Diet.
  • Spain is free but is quickly drawn into civil war between the Spanish Inquisition, and the bulls.
  • Costa El Mexico builds a better bomb, called the Bhut Jolokia Chilli Pepper Bomb. It is tested in the Texas deserts, and the test is success. This new bomb is much more power then the last one, as it burns anything to a crisp with in a 101km radius. However, like the last bombs, it can freeze at 9 Degrees Celsius, and Mexican scientists continue to wonder why.
  • The heavy fog dominates over Nepal, and Nepal continues to build mysterious motorways.
  • Finland continues to improve infrastructure and build more roads.
    No Nuke 014

    The Year ending 1982

  • An F5 Tornado with a Category 5 Typhoon invade Australia, and is not successful.
  • With Spain distracted by civil war, the French invade and conquer Spain.
  • Mexico decides to put their range of WMDs (Weapons of Mass Deliciousness) into practice and attack British North America. Washington, New York and Vancouver are destroyed. Mexico wins this short war and annexes a large part of the British Empire, including California, Jamaica, Cayman islands, and Belize.
  • Britain sells their collection of South Caribbean islands for Greenland, Iceland and the Faeroe islands.


  • Bhutan joins the Empire of the Union as an autonomous region.
  • Luxembourg is annexed by France after a four-hour war.
  • Belgium, not wanting to suffer the same fate as Luxembourg, decides to join France 45 minutes after Luxembourg is defeated by France.
  • Castro finishes his dream of a Cuban missile defence system which means that anywhere within a 10 mile radius of Cuba is able to be destroyed by missiles. Long range Global Missiles are developed and Cuba is possible to levelling any target in the world with the Cuban High pay load Global missiles.
  • A San Marino heavy metal group known as Ironheade decide to enhance their music with the latest in computer technology from the Empire of the Union. With this, they invent drum and bass. This becomes a world wide phenomenon earning the San Marion band billions after they copyrighted the drum and bass technology and scene. The new DnB scene replaces the old emo scene championed by the band Drowning Sorrow.
  • Jealous of Ironheade's recent success and subsequent world domination, the band Tainted Coil decide to move from Demonic metal into DnB in order to make more money; their previous fans are enraged that the Tainted Coil sold out, but the band don't care because they find many more new fans. Tainted Coil's first album brings them success, but the band are annoyed about how they were compared too much to Ironheade. So the band decide to try some new stuff in DnB by moving away to focus more on the Bass rather than the Drums (which Ironheade do). After messing about with the bass for a while in the studio, the sound mixer guy slips and pulls down on the bass lever as he tries to get up. This, however, causes the bass to drop and Tainted Coil invent the Dubstep scene, and they follow in Ironheade's steps to world domination as the Dubstep scene takes over the world.
  • The San Marino government are scared of the growing power of the Empire of the Union so they decide to look into WMDs, fortunately the son of the government official in charge of the WMD programme is in a Dubstep band known as The Alien Space Bats, and takes his son to use the super large speakers used to bring down the Italian wall many years ago. His son and his band use the speakers to test out their newest Dubstep song. This, however, causes a small earthquake in San Marino. The WMD programme then moves into perfecting the destructive qualities of the speakers and the Dubstep to create a WMD known as "Absolutely Disgustingly Filthy Bass" or ADFB for short. Alien Space Bats become a WMD to be used in San Marino's future conflicts.
  • Persian arrow makers create a really big arrow, and crossbow manufacturers create a Crossbow satellite. The Space Bow as it is then and forever known as. This puts Persia into the WMD group of countries.
  • The USA, Britain, France, Nepal, Brazil, Uruguay, Mauritius, Sweden, Singapore, Athens, Sparta, Minoa and Macedon fearing war and annexation by the WMD armed nations continue to try to develop WMDs to compete with the nations who have WMDs.

A list of current nations with Weapons of Mass Destruction:

    • The Empire of the Union (Shimigami flu warheads)
    • Cuba (Globally reaching ballistic missiles)
    • Mexico (Various Weapons of Mass Deliciousness, including the Bhut Jolokia Chilli Pepper Bomb)
    • San Marino (Absolutely disgustingly Flithy Bass)
    • Persia (The Space Bow)
    • Sweden (Three deadly robots)
    • Brazil (Sub-Zero)
  • IKEA opens its 100,000th store in the world
  • The three volcanoes (Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Koryaksky and Avachinsky ) in Kamchatka erupt again.
  • An F6 Tornado with winds up to 535 kph strikes Chicago, devastating the city.
  • The King of Sweden creates and invents three special robots, capable of destroying anything with in a 150 km radius and each have a different power. The three special robots look like/have a design similar to OTL Rin Kaenbyou, Koishi Komeiji, and Utsuho Reiuji. These robots are immune to almost anything and can only be destroyed by temperatures below -58 degrees Celsius.
  • A rare, heavy blizzard strikes Wellington, New Zealand, freezing the city.
  • 5 Typhoons (all ranked Category 6) in Succession slam into British North America.
  • In Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva invents Sub-Zero. This new weapon is able to freeze anything to Absolute Zero temperatures. He also builds more weapons into a lot more cars gaining ideas from James Bond films.
  • Finland begins research into a new car that can travel in time. Meanwhile, The Summit race track becomes more challenging.


  • The USA invent deadly nerve gas filled warhead missiles but keep it super-mega-ultra-top-secret while still announcing to the world that they had WMDs.
  • Minotaurs are genetically engineered in Minoa. They are used to kill death-row convicts in arena style combat taking part in a maze with arena seating all around so the blood thirsty Minoan public could watch their country's justice system in action.
  • Nepal harness the mysterious fog surrounding their nation's mountains into a complete defence system by masking the country in a dense fog so that even missile guidance systems would get lost. Nepal itself is lost as a consquence of this fog defence system mind you...
  • The Britain, France, Uruguay, Mauritius, Singapore, Athens, Sparta, Minoa and Macedon fearing war and annexation by the WMD armed nations continue to try to develop WMDs to compete with the nations who have WMDs.
  • Singapore invents a monster, after building it in secret. It is called: Trolzillalolol. The monster looks like Edward Khil, and while destroying stuff, it sings Singapore's National Anthem (I am very glad, because Im finally back home) and it's just as tall as Godzilla, if not taller.
  • In Costa El Mexico, they invent the most powerful bomb: Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Pepper Bomb. This new bomb can burn anything to a crisp with in a 250 km radius. However, a major downside; it freezes at -9 degrees Celsius. Mexican scientists still doesn't get the 9.
  • In the UK, they begin to turn Police Public Call Box into dangerous flying boxes, that can shoot Toxic Water and melt down stuff.
  • Meanwhile, in deep secret in Ireland, they build a deadly Potato Missile, and it can crush anything to death due to its heavy weight (4500 kilos). With this, they plan to use it only against the English, while liberating Scotland and Wales.
  • France, invents the RPG 9. The RPG 9 can shoot deadly sharp icicles at speeds more than 540 kph. The weapon also has variants, the Fire RPG 9, which shoots deadly fire projectiles. The Electric RPG 9, which can strike deadly and tear down buildings, as well as major power outages.
  • Seven Typhoons (five of them rated Category 6, and two of them rated Category 7) slam into British North America.
    No Nuke 015

    The Year ending 1984

  • Some more strong blizzards still strike New Zealand.
  • A few Tornadoes with winds between 539-557 kph strike Australia.
  • The three volcanoes (Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Koryaksky and Avachinsky) in Kamchatka stop for a while, and then erupt again.
  • Finland continues research into a new car that can travel in time. Finland builds and chooses a normal Volvo XC90 as the car choice.
  • The Empire of the Union invades and annexes Uruguay.
  • Macedon engineers create a 20 foot tall killer robot army. King Alexander uses his army to convince the rest of the Hellenic league to join up as the Hellenic Empire under his rule. The other Hellenic league countries accept, and King Alexander is declared "Emperor Alexander the Unifier".


  • France builds a satellite with a huge RPG 10 on it. This firmly puts France into the WMD nations.
  • Britain announces it has another WMD as well as the flying police boxes, this new WMD is codenamed: "Lelouch".
  • Mauritius announces it has built a huge catapult capable of hitting anywhere on earth with rotten dodo eggs. All the worlds nations sign non-aggression pacts with Mauritius following this announcement.
  • United States: The United States declares its independence from the British with the borders as below:
    No nukes2

    Reformed USA Borders

  • The British are angry at the American colonies and declares war on them, the British also unveil their "Lelouch" WMD: The Knightmare Frame. These giant robots quickly turn the tide for the British as the Americans are easily pushed back.
  • American assassins kill Queen Elizabeth I. Charles becomes King of England, but he consequentially goes a bit power crazy, and declares himself Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire. He forms the British Isles, colonies and dominions to make up the Holy Britannian Empire. The Imperial Capital is declared to be Pendragon. The National Anthem of the nation is "All Hail Britannia!!!".
  • The USA asks the nations of the world for help and promise the divsion of Britain and its Empire. War with the UK is not wanted, however, and te USA asks for independance and peace. And since the USA was part of Britain, it knows all of the UK's secrets and technology. Mass production of the mechs soon stops the British in their tracks while the American Liberation Army beceomes the official US Army, and totaling over 2.7 million men thanks to recruiting before independence was declared, trenches are dug on the fron while US Planes and missiles continue to bombard the British lines. President Ronald Reagan is elected as President of the reborn United States by the people of the USA, proving that America is a true democratic republic.
  • The Holy Britannian Empire defeats the USA and annexes it into the Empire, the Knightmare frames continue onwards and Mexico is invaded.
  • you couldn't defeat the USA that fast.
    • It's a WMD weapon, you've obviously not watched Code Geass have you? LOL VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 22:23, November 24, 2011 (UTC)
  • Costa El Mexico launches a counter attack, kicking out the British and using the Weapons of Mass Deliciousness against them, including 100 Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Pepper Bombs.
  • The King of Sweden builds four more robots (who look like/similar to Watatsuki no Yorihime, Hina Kagiyama, Youmu Konpaku, Nue Houjuu; respectively, of course) and like the three deadly robots he built before, they each have a power and are almost immortal, and can only be destroyed by temperatures below -58 degrees Celsius.
  • Finland creates another race track, called 'Rocky Pass' and it is similar to 'The Summit' but with no snow and a different route. Finland also continues research into a new car that can travel in time.
  • The Empire City of Macau is finally finished building the special machine that will make the sky in Macau either dawn, dusk, or night, and activates it. Now it will never get too bright in Macau again and is more dark; but plants still grow of course.
  • Seven Typhoons (all ranked Category 7) slam into British North America, and one of them also passes right next to Cuba.
  • A tornado, with winds up to 619 kph slams into Madrid and destroying the city.
  • The Knightmare frame army continues to drive into Mexico, the Mexican attempts to beat the Knights with their Weapons of Mass Deliciousness largely fail due to the robots not having taste buds


  • Fearing the mighty Knightmare frames, the Empire of the Union invades the Holy Britannian Empire by launching an aquatic invasion of the British Isles, Australia, and Papa New Guinea.
  • The USA revolts once more but this time taking all of Brittania's North American possessions and Greenland, and asks for the Empire of the Unions and Mexico's help. Several WMD are dropped on the Holy Brittania Empire, especialy on London while Ronald Reagan institutes a mass draft of over 18 million men into the US Army. Several captured Knightmare frames have there plans copied and there production by the USA begin almost instantly. The plans are for these Knightmare framesare given to Mexico and the Empire of the Union.
  • Costa El Mexico continues using their WMDs against the British, and build more bombs. Mexico looks at the plans, and begins making duplicates and begins building some.
  • Finland begins building the time machine, using the Volvo XC90 as their chosen car.
  • The United States of Africa sues the United States of America for stealing their copyrighted initials ('USA'). Africans are completely angered at the United States of America and ask them to change their name or else.
  • Brazil creates another WMD,'Zorbeez' and this new weapon can destroy stuff with 1000 lightning bolts and can soak up anything, even red wine.
  • 15 Typhoons (ranked either Category 6, 7 or 8) and 25 Tornadoes (winds up to 611 to 811 kph) all slam into the United States of America, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • What the heck?!
  • The King of Sweden invents yet another robot (that looks similar to Nitori Kawashiro) and unlike other robots, this robot can repair/revive the other deadly robots-that was built by the King of Sweden-fully. Also unlike the other deadly robots the King of Sweden invented, this robot can only be destroyed at -101 degrees Celsius.
  • Fidel Castro launches the Banana Phone Plus, and with that, works like a normal telephone but can talk to more than one person at once. Fidel Castro also launches a pre-emptive strike against the Holy Britannian Empire.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte 2.0 is built in France. He is more powerful then the real Napoleon Bonaparte and can shoot electric icicles.
  • The USA will change there name if the US of Africa join the war against Brittania.
    • The Africans agree, and the United States of Africa declares war and attacks the Holy Britannian Empire.
    • The United States of America changes its name to the Imperialist States of America, or ISA.


  • Emperor Charles of the Holy Britannian Empire advocates a large R&D project on the Knightmare frames. This results in Britannian Engineers building a more advanced type of Knightmare frame: the Mark II. The Mark II has land spinners, rockets and is powered by Sakuradite. Sakuradite mines are opened across Canada, Australia, and Britain but the nature of the mines is kept secret from the rest of the world so that they do not discover the value of Sakuradite. The New Mark II Knightmare frames bring so much destruction so quickly that other nations are simply unable to make record of these deadly machines. They are also programmed to self destruct if by a 1 in a million chance a Mark II Knightmare Frame is rendered immobile.
  • Pushed forward by the new Mark II, the Holy Britannian Empire destroy the ISA completely with all of its leaders being executed, and any ISA sympathisers also being killed. Mexico falls to the Mark II as well, as the Mark II could simply outmanoeuvre the Mexican bombs. The Britainnian onslaut continues as the rest of the rest of Central America falls to Britannia. The rest of the Caribbean is also annexed by Britannia after Mark II Knightmare Frames are airdropped onto each Caribbean island, and all resistance is crushed.
  • The Empire of the Union manages to kick the Britannians out of Papa New Guinea, and the British Isles.
  • Brazil spurred by the Empire of the Union being more focused on Britannia, they invade and annex the rest of EU South America. A non aggression pact is also formed between Brazil and Britannia.
  • The Empire of the Union offers a peace treaty to the Holy Britannian Empire. The USA also declares peace with Britannia. These treaties are accepted and peace prevails in the world.
  • The King of Sweden soon builds an underground large palace that will protect him fully, and calls it 'Palace of the Underground' and he also builds a huge underground city to protect the Swedes as well.
  • Fidel Castro manages to survive by staying underground and soon he escapes to the unclaimed/neutral island off the coast of Africa. His sale of Banana Phones continues.
  • Finland continues building the time machine into the Volvo XC90.
  • Singapore changes their flag, replacing the crescent moon with the Semiquaver.
  • 29 Typhoons (ranked either Category 7 or 8) and 59 Tornadoes (winds up to 812 to 932 kph) all slam into Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Rick Astley (currently living in the French islands overseas, the islands off the coast of/closest to Antarctica). and releases his new song, "Never Gonna Give You Up" and decides to play it extremely extremely loud so that the whole world can listen to it.
  • The government of San Martino is disgusted by the music, and says that it's the worst thing they ever listened to.
  • The French are annoyed by his song and all the French leave the overseas islands and soon France gives said islands independence forming the "Cold Islands which belong to Rick Astley Kingdom."
    No Nuke 016

    The Year ending 1987

  • Brazil declares war on the Holy Britannian Empire after a computing error. They attack via Panama but the Mark II Knightmare Frames easily break past and Brazil quickly falls to Britannia.


  • More and more Bacon strips are put into the game because its "f*ckin' Smart"
  • The Persian Empire attempts to invade Hellenic Empire but soon, the leader of the Persian Army gets thrown down a pit after the leader of the Hellenic Empire exclaimed, "This is HELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS"! (Greek:ΑΥΤΟ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΕΛΛΆΔΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑ!). The Persian Empire is then crushed and destroyed by the Hellenic Empire.
  • Finland continues building the time machine, into the Volvo XC90.
  • 39 Typhoons (ranked either Category 7, 8 and 9) and 75 Tornadoes (winds up to 933 to 1048 kph) all slam into Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Singapore bans and forbids any Rick Astley songs from playing in Singapore, as it is horrible and angered people.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte 2.0 is elected Emperor of the French. Soon, Miniature Eiffel Towers are build as another WMD.
  • Most of the Swedes go and lives in the huge underground city the King of Sweden built and are satisfied. The King of Sweden builds another robot (who looks similar to OTL Tenshi Hinanawi) as a gaurdian for the underground city.
  • A huge blizzard slams into Iceland and the Færøerne (Faroe Islands).
  • Fidel Castro builds a newer Banana Phone which can, by calling the number 314159265358979, will get instant banana pie.
  • Singapore is invaded and annexed in a surprise attack/war by the Empire of the Union.


  • The Empire of Union invades what they believe should be Nepal, but they are surprised not to find anything. Nepal is declared to have been lost from the face of the Earth, and its former territory on the maps is given to the Empire of the Union.
  • The Empire of the Union fires there Shimigami flu warheads at the "Cold Islands which belong to Rick Astley Kingdom" and also the strongest explosive missiles they have. This kills everyone in the "Cold Islands which belong to Rick Astley Kingdom" and causes the islands to sink as well. They are removed from the face of the Earth much to everybody's applause.
  • The 1989 Earthquake happens in San Francisco, although this earthquake had a magnitude of 9.9.
  • The King of Sweden builds another deadly robot, that looks similar to OTL Mystia Lorelei, and same rules apply (has a special power, only can be destroyed at -58 degrees Celsius..).
  • 45 Typhoons (ranked either Category 7, 8 and 9) and 120 Tornadoes (winds up to 1049 to 1176 kph ) all slam into Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Finland continues building the time machine, into the Volvo XC90.
  • Vince Offer (living in France) attempts to sell the Slap Chop, with some success.
  • Fidel Castro invents a new Banana Phone with a built in camera, for security reason, and to absorb more banana pie.
  • A plumber from San Marino goes on an adventure and begins stomping on mushrooms and turtles, as well as hitting boxes to see if he can get anything. This leaves many of San Marino people confused.
  • The Empire of the Union defeats the Singapore counter-attack by using ear plugs. The EU then goes and bans Russians from ever becoming pop stars.



  • The Swedish King Lars marries the daughter (Naomi) of the EU King (Kyon), and Sweden and the Empire of the Union join together. The EU is then renamed the "Empire of Unions" in recognition of the two major acts of monarchical union which have expanded the Empire.
  • All musics and fashion from the 1980s is destroyed in an "Cultural Cleansing" operation in the Holy Britannian Empire.
  • The Emperor of the Unions is killed after a stray Nyan Cat taken in by the Imperial Family of the EU, goes berserk and eats the Emperor. The Nyan Cat quickly runs off into space spreading a rainbow over the earth as the Nyan Cat flies away. The Swedish King becomes King, and the previous EU Emperor's daughter becomes Empress. The Empress names her new born son after her recently dead farther (Kyon).
  • The Hellenic Empire's people revolts against the Emperor, and the Empire lose control of a lot of their land to lawlessness.
    No Nuke 017

    The World at the end of January 1990

    The Empire of the Unions then invades and forces the marriage of the Alexander's eldest daughter Alexia to the EU Empress's first born son, Kyon. The Hellenic Empire therefore becomes part of the EU following the marriage.
  • Finland continues building the time machine, into the Volvo XC90. Meanwhile, The Summit race track holds its first Formula 1 race hosted there.


  • The EU tabloids show pictures of baby Prince Kyon being fed plasticine pasta by his four year old wife Alexia. Alexia is consequentially sent to the naughty step.
  • A scientist creates a device to turn water into booze. No body else seems to remember what happened in the rest of February, but the device was no where to be found, and the scientist had died of alcohol poisoning.
  • The King of the EU builds another robot, that looks similar to OTL Aya Shameimaru. Said robot controls itself and opens up her own newspaper shop.


  • Bacon grease becomes more valuable than oil.
  • Russia has a revolution and breaks away from the EU. It is renamed the USSR again. A Russian becomes a pop star in celebration of this event. He is shot by Soviet forces for attempting to unleash mass terror on the motherland.
  • The Soviet Union, a second later breaks into civil war. Muscovy (all of European Russia) and the Empire of Tatarstan (OTL Republic of Tatarstan and surrounding oblasts/republics) declare independence. The Soviets are then left with Siberia, but soon they are defeated by snakes on a plane.

  • Mod actions on ASB! I love it!
Mod action on Mod action! Its now illegal in Nigeria!
Mod action on Mod action on Mod action! Highly debated in Zimbabwe!
  • Donald Trump (who lives in France) fires and fries all the Spanish Governors and replace their offices with Hotel Suites.
  • Fidel Castro invents the Banana TV. Soon, Fidel Castro opens up a Banana Company.
  • A Tornado with winds up to 1179 kph strikes somewhere in New Zealand.
  • Muscovy adopts 'Dschinghis Khan - Moskau' as their official anthem.
  • The King of the EU develops a new technique/weapon/ammo, Danmaku. This new technique will fire millions of bullets/projectiles at stuff. This new technique is installed within all the robots (except for the robot who looks like Nitori Kawashiro and Aya Shameimaru) that the King of the EU built. Soon, most guns are also using this ammo as well.
  • Meanwhile, the plumber of San Marino begins escaping to France in a frog suit after the San Marino Police begun chasing him because he killed lots of turtles and mushrooms, as well as destroying boxes. Once the plumber reaches to France, he eats a sunflower and gets rid of frog suit. He tries to breathe fire, but can't, so he builds a flamethrower.


  • The EU use their new robots to retake Tatarstan and Muscovy.
  • Switzerland decide to build a large secret defence base under the Matterhorn where the important members of Swiss society go to live and they also invite the Illuminati to come and join them. The Illuminati accept and they also decide to go partially public, by announcing the formation of the Swiss Illuminati Party. However the party use the Latin meaning of the word "Illuminati" (plural of Latin illuminatus, "enlightened") and they make the party out to be a party for technological advances such as the creation of a Swiss Robot Army. This agenda of large fighting robots captures the youthful minded Swiss voters, and the Swiss Illuminati Party comes into power in Switzerland.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte 2.0 has a malfunction and falls apart. Donald Trump then becomes Emperor of the French. He then begins projects to build casinos, hotel suites, and other fancy buildings and stuff to make France more beautiful.
  • Fidel Castro builds a Banana Oven. It is special made so that the Banana doesn't melt, and other stuff.
  • Cuba has evolved into a Rubiks Cube after a strange earthquake with a magnitude of 4.4 had hit. Now when seen from space, Cuba now looks like a Rubiks Cube.
  • The same plumber re-enters San Marino and begins burning people with his flamethrower. He also tries and stomps on people's heads, which kills them instantly, and also collects money. Soon, the plumber begins riding and stealing many cars. Soon, the San Marino police coin the term 'Grand Theft Auto' meaning a person who does violent stuff, go on rampages, and of course stealing cars.


  • World bacon grease prices fall after it is discovered there is actually not a lot to do with bacon grease.
  • Fidel Castro invents a Banana Freezer.
  • A tornado with up to 1198 kph winds strikes New Zealand.
  • The plumber with the flamethrower burns down San Marino's government and takes control of the country, and renames it Città d'Aria.
  • A plane that was flying from Toronto to Santiago crash landed due to snakes and mice being on a plane.


  • Tired of those motherf*cking snakes on those motherf*cking planes, the Holy Britannian Empire bans snakes from being transported on planes.
  • The brother of the plumber who recently took office in Città d'Aria, wins Gold in the Olympics in the High Jump and sets a new world record.
  • Fidel Castro invents a Banana TV.
  • The Kangaroo Liberation Force, who rather nickname themselves as KGB, overthrows the governments in Australia and establish the Australian Empire.
  • The Singapore government-in-exile is established in Switzerland, after finding out that the Swiss makes good chocolates.
  • A prankster plays Rick Astley's Song, Never Gonna Give You Up, in San Francisco and plays it even louder so the whole Britannia Empire can hear it. The phrase 'Rick Roll' is coined by Marta Sahagún, and the phrase explains for itself.


  • Sick of being Rick-Roll'd, lobbyists convince Emperor Charles to outlaw Rick-Rolling, with the death penalty for anyone caught Rick-Rolling.
  • Weather reporters report that July of 1990 is a "long hot summer, and it's 95 degrees in the shade."
  • Lots of obese people die after they sweat to death, and run out of water in their bodies and dehydrate into prune like creatures.
  • The Empire City of Macau experience colder temperatures, which is enjoyed by all thanks to the special machine that makes the sky dusk, dawn, or night in the city (of course weather still exists like rain and snow)..
  • Fidel Castro invents the Banana Stereo, though it melted. He build another one, which frozen capabilities and survived and works.
  • 15 typhoons, rated Category 10, slam into the Holy Britannian Empire and completely floods out the tiny Caribbean islands (except for Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Jamaica) and floods half of Florida.
  • The same prankster builds a giant domino and knocks down a few forests with it in Canada.


  • RickRolling is is declared illegal under an update of the Geneva Convention.
  • Big Brother (TV series) is created by Hollywood and with that, the TV Series paralyses Emperor Charles and kills him, as well as killing his lobbyists. Soon, Hollywood directors invade and take over the Holy Britannian Empire and renaming it to Oceania with Newspeak as the official language. Meanwhile, the Dark Brazilian Empire (which owns lands from Mexico to all the way down to the tips of Chile and Argentina) declares independence from Oceania but maintains friendly relations with them and are close allies.
  • The King of the EU, invents another two deadly robots (who look similar to OTL Kaguya Houraisan and Fujiwara no Mokou) and are used as guardians for the capital of the EU.
  • In Città d'Aria, the plumber declares stomping on turtles, mushrooms, and people legal.
  • A Second Vietnam forms off the coast of Oceania (near Vancouver Island). Soon, the Second Vietnam is in civil war between Nationalists (North) and Mathematicians (South). Oceania sends in military to South Second Vietnam, but fails and retreats. Soon, the Second Vietnam is united under Nationalist Rule, and the Second Vietnam invades Oceania. The Vietnam War fear becomes fact.


  • The Empire of the Unions finance minister puts the economy into total war mode for reason after trying Purple pills for the first time. The EU is confused why this is the case, and concludes that war must of been declared against the world. The EU invades Oceania, Vietnam, Australasia, France, Switzerland, San Marino, USA, and Dark Brazil. Not Mauritius though, because their population is mostly Dodos and Dodos are endangered.
  • The USA pleads for peace with the EU in return for Madagascar. Peace is declared, as the EU loves lemurs.
  • Cuba rebels from Oceania and forms the Rubik Empire.
  • San Marino, France and Switzerland ban together against the EU to form the Federation of Europa.
    No Nuke 018

    The World at the end of September 1990

  • Europa manages to form a peace with the EU, after Europa uses their WMD's against the EU capital of Macau, and destroying it.
  • Macau is destroyed and reconstruction begins, to make it even taller than before.
  • The USA, Mauritius, Europa, Rubik Empire, and EU sign a peace treaty on how to split up the world between them. This is basically the other countries agreeing to how much land the EU gets.
  • The vast technological superiority of the EU-USA-Europa-Mauritius-Rubik Alliance ensures that these nations win the World War, and the other nations fall, and are split up between the victors.
  • Finland invents a new car, the El Niño.
  • Fidel Castro invents a Banana Gun.
  • The plumber causes havoc in Europa, after recently losing power. He goes on a rampage burning everything in his path with his flame-thrower. He also eats a star cookie, and runs faster then ever before, topping over 100 kph!
  • Kim Jong Il takes over Antarctica as well as becoming Emperor of Antarctica. The Empire of Sung is declared by Emperor Kim Jong Il. It is a Banana Republic with some Orange Juche ideology mixed in.
  • A race track is build around and near the Swiss Alps.
  • Donald Trump decides to move to Nice (French City) and becomes governor there, as well as continuing maintaining his luxury hotels and casinos in the French part of Europa.


  • Castro seizes control of the Rubik Empire, and declares himself Shogun to the Rubik Emperor, who loses a lot of his powers to the Shogun.
  • With the help of the robot (the one that looks similar to Nitori Kawashiro) the Empire City of Macau is rebuilt exactly like it was, but with even taller buildings and skyscrapers, and taller houses too.
  • The plumber, after eating another star cookie, takes over and kills the Europa government and renames it to Città d'Aria. All who oppose his action are stomped on the head and killed. The plumber also obtains a hammer suit.
  • HeadOn is invented in the United States of Africa hat can releave headaches.
  • With Castro gone from the neutral island, the neutral island feels lonely. This is quickly sub-verted and Fidel Castro annexes the lonely island to the Rubik Empire.
You on about that neutral island in the Indian Ocean? If so that's Mauritius and I've not given it a colour yet is all :P VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 20:46, December 9, 2011 (UTC)
Oh, I didn't know that. Also I thought Mauritius was the islands off the coast of Madagascar, (seen here)? This island seems a bit further away then that. Though if it is really the one, then I'll mark it out. -Kogasa Symbol of Natori, Miyagi宮城県Flag of Japan 20:50, December 9, 2011 (UTC)
Opps my mistake that isn't Mauritius but the Seychelles. I think the Seychelles would be EU control anyway considering they beat France. But I'll amend the map. Geography fail on my behalf :P VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 22:29, December 9, 2011 (UTC)
  • The prankster (now in Somalia) messes with the speakers and soon, the provinces of Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti in the United States of Africa are Rick Rolled.


  • More and more bacon strips are added to the game because it's freaking smart.
  • The Colombian Cartels strike back! After years of hiding from the opposer, they restart on building their loan sharks again.
  • Fidel Castro builds a building made entirely out of Bananas.
  • The prankster goes to Australia and messes with some speakers in small towns, and soon, parts of Australia is Rick Rolled.
  • The Kangaroo Liberation Force (KGB) decide to hunt down the prankster after getting annoyed by the Rick Roll.
  • The Rubik Empire releases their new satellite, the Rubik Block, into space. It brings every tv channel in the world avaiable to watch on the Rubik Empire's tvs.


  • The EU invades Mauritius and causes the Dodo to go extinct again. The EU wins the war though, and Mauritius is incorporated into the Empire.
  • The Kangaroo Liberation Force give up looking for the prankster, and instead try a coup in Australia. The EU stops the coup, and Kangaroos become an endangered species.
  • Finland begins building a new race track, called Aquatica. Finland
  • Colombian Cartels continue the operation of Loan Sharks.
  • The Rubik Empire builds the Rubik Car, which is a car in a shape of a Cube.
  • The prankster messes with even more speakers and Rick Rolls all of Australia.
  • In Kiselyovsk, a problem with the brick factory emerges, and soon bricks are thrown out and soon, 'Tetris thunderstorm' begins in Kiselyovsk. This goes on for three days and the brick factory collapses. The town is rebuilt with-in the next 9 days.
  • Emperor Kim Jong Il bans refrigerators in Antarctica as it's not cold enough. The ban is later lifted after the refrigerators are made to be 10 degrees Celsius cooler.


  • The prankster Rick Rolls Europa, and the EU use this opportunity to move into Europa to seize the prankster. The EU claims this is a police action, but even once they find and execute the prankster, the EU remains in Europa. The government of Europa is eventually overthrown, and Europa is annexed by the EU.
  • Donald Trump moves to South Africa and continues his business there as well as making new hotels and casinos in the United States of Africa.
  • The plumber is even more angry, and begins to stomp on peoples heads more and using the flame-thrower. However this comes to an end when a tornado with outstanding winds of up to 1229 kph tears it apart and thus killing the angry plumber. Of course, the tornado did major huge damage along too, but the area is rebuilt.
  • Finland continues building the time machine, into the Volvo XC90.
  • The Rubik Empire builds artificial cubes.
  • Fidel Castro invents a Banana PC.
    No Nuke 019

    World at the end of 1991

  • Emperor Kim Jong Il of Antarctica builds a tall building in the shape of an Hat.
  • Emperor Kim Jong Il of Antarctica starts farming penguins, and promoting them as a staple source of meat over beef and chicken in his empire.


  • The 1992 Football world cup lasts only a week as there are only three nations to compete in it. The hosting EU wins the competition (now a group competition due to their being only three teams) with 12 points. USA is runners up with four points, and the Rubik Empire has one point.
  • Finland continues building the time machine, into the Volvo XC90.
  • Fidel Castro invents a Banana Rifle, a Banana Gun, a Banana Knife.
  • Emperor Kim Jong Il of Antarctica builds a royal palace right in the middle of Antarctica (South Pole).
  • Donald Trump invests and builds some hotel that have casinos in them.
  • The Rubik Empire builds a tall building that is 451.9 metres high and is entirely stacked by cubes.
  • A tornado with winds up to 1337 kph strikes in Panama.


  • Protests begin in the Rubik Empire against Castro and his banana obsession and how un-square he is. Castro however tells them to shove a banana up themselves and this enrages the squares into denouncing Castro's shogun post, and demand the post of Shogun be gotten rid of, and let the pro-square emperor assume full control. This starts a civil war in the Rubik Empire, with the Square lovers going against the Banana lovers. The Squares relocate the Emperor to a new Rubik cube place, in the Square stronghold of Cuba; whereas the Shogun builds a giant banana skyscraper place in the Banana stronghold of Panama. The empire is divided in two between the opposing square and banana factions.
  • Donald Trump builds more hotels and luxurious casinos.
  • A very heavy thunderstorm strikes the Aral Sea and soon the water there rises by 500 metres.
  • Meanwhile, another very heavy thunderstorm strikes Lake Urmia, raising the waters by 250 metres.
  • A storm storm hits the Alps, which causes a few Avalanches heading to Italy regions.
  • A bank robber robs a Vietnamese bank, taking about 500.000.000 Yen with him and driving away in his Moped.
  • A typhoon slams into a bunch of islands somewhere in the Pacific.


  • More thunderstorm strike more places.
  • Meanwhile, a car drives off the cliff at 314 kmh and fly for 31.4 seconds before being taken down by a tornado with winds up to 1420 kmh!
  • Finland continues building the time machine, into the Volvo XC90.
  • The same bank robber robs a Laos bank, taking about 300.000.000 yen and drives off again in his moped.
  • The Squares and Bananas continue to fight each other, but the EU sees this civil war as the perfect time to invade. The EU invade the Rubik empire, and kill all of the leaders from both the Square and Banana factions respectively.
  • Rubik is annexed into the Empire of the Unions.


  • The USA leadership look scared at the EU being the only country in the world, and also being much stronger than the USA. The USA's Pro-EU parties begin to gain more voters, and the supporters of these parties demand a referendum to join the EU.
  • The president of the USA gives in to the pressure and declares a referendum concerning joining the EU will be held October 3rd 1994.
  • An Earthquake with a magnitude of 9.9 shakes the Pacific area of North America, causing major damage.
  • A Category 17 Typhoon slams into the Sahara Desert, flooding some parts of the desert.
  • Italy declares independence, and conquers all of Europe (except Scandinavia and Finland). Italy then sails and conquers all of North and South America. Italy also boots some satellites out of commission.
  • Kazakhstan declares independence and takes a lot of central Asia. Kazakhstan's first president is Sacha Baron Cohen.
  • The 3rd Vietnam War begins.
  • Kazakhstan is invaded by the EU, and is reforced into the EU.
  • The EU rush to retake Europe, and the new Mark IV Knightmare frames make this as easy as pie. Speaking of pies a huge pie takes over Italian America. The pie however eventually goes off and mouldy, allowing the EU to easily retake the Americas.


  • The Empire of the Unions creates hundreds of autonomous regions to give the EU's people more say in how their local area is run.
  • Finland continues building the time machine, into the Volvo XC90.
  • The same bank robber decides to rob more banks in Burma, and India, taking about yen and drives away in moped.
  • Donald Trump builds more hotels and luxurious casinos. Meanwhile, Donald Trump decides to build a machine that can hopefully create more land.


  • No Nuke 020

    The Planet united under the United States of the Earth Imperium at the end of October 1994

    The referendum in the USA declares that the people of the USA wish to join the EU and create a one world nation.
  • The EU agrees to the joining of the EU and USA. The two nations join together to form the United States of the Earth Imperium (USEI). Hundreds of states are formed and each state can set its own laws to go with the world wide laws (like OTL USA but for the whole world, and like nearly a thousand states).
  • The bank robber is caught and executed
  • Kim Jong Il reminds the world that his isolated, poor, angry nation still exists in Antarctica, and that therefore the world isn't united. USEI are upset by this, but are too scared to invade Antarctica because Kim Jong Il's powerful allies: the Film Actors' Guild. Using F.A.G and various terrorist cells, Kim Jong Il wages a cold war against the USEI.
  • To combat the terrorists, the USEI states in the Americas form Team America, a force to stop the terrorist attacks. This force however gets a bit too big for its own shoes, and consequentially becomes a World Police Force.
  • A random stranded Danish who was in a space ship since 1988 builds a deadly robot (who looks like/similar to Satori Komeiji). However, the robot, once built, starts to controls itself and decides to leave. The Danish was a very old suspect who copied the building robot plan from the former King of Sweden before going on space exploration. The Danish grins and hijacks the space ship, driving off.
  • Deadly Robot Satori invades and takes over Saturn and establishes the Grand Palace Republic. She also builds several destructive WMDs, all around the planet and is capable of destroying any trespassers within 50000 km range. She is also hostile over all other deadly robots and vows to remain independent.
  • The King, has a strange feeling, so he builds a secret underground place somewhere in underground Hokkaidō and sets up a Secret place, nicknamed Area 7. This area is where the King's deadly robot inventions are placed and kept.


  • Deadly Robot Satori invades and takes over Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus, and they are all annexed to the Grand Palace Republic. Planet Uranus is renamed to Hokkai. More destructive WMD's are built and work like the ones on Saturn. She still vows to be independent.
  • Meanwhile, the Danish thief moves to Mars and establish Danmǫrk.
  • The Vietnam War comes to an end with the victory of Dr. Pepper.
  • New Orleans is renamed to New Venice, due to the fact that the city gets flooded every year by Typhoons.
  • Speaking of Venice, Venice bans the use of cars and anyone caught driving in Venice will be fined and sunk.
  • Team America foil a Derkaderkastani terrorist plot in Egypt to blow up the pyramids, however the majority of Cairo city is destroyed while trying to stop the terrorists.
  • The UN send weapon inspectors to Antarctica to check for WMDs, however Hans Bilk never returns from his inspection, and Antarctic propaganda states that Hans Bilk didn't find any WMDs, and that he loved Antarctica so much that he decided to move and live there, but he later went crazy and thought he was a penguin and now lives with a penguin colony. The UN believes this and goes about with their lives.
  • The USEI puts more money into space exploration and sets out a plan for Earth to become a galactic empire with colonies across the stars....


  • Danmǫrk is built into defence mode, and the Danish thief is put on high alert. Old Norse becomes an official language as well.
  • Deadly Robot Satori invades a bunch of stars nearby and turn them into puppet states. Realising that she can't work alone, she builds two deadly robots (who look similar/like Hatate Himekaidou and Yuyuko Saigyouji) and once activated, the two robots work along, securing more stars and build defences.
  • The King updates his own deadly robots and makes them more stronger and more powerful.
  • A thunderstorm slams into Vietnam, with winds blowing at around 200 kmh.
  • The Serbian Mafia, decide to build their own space ship. The space ship, code-named Република Србија (Republika Srbija), is then launched. However, the Serbian Mafia noticed a security camera not far from Saturn, and they turn a different direction away from the Solar System.
  • The World Wide web is invented by the USEI in order to allow better communications between the people of Earth.
  • The Universal Encyclopaedia website is founded in which all known human knowledge is to be collected and compiled into, so everybody has free access to an unbiased, detailed, and factual history of everything that has ever happened. "The collection and ordering of all knowledge" is the mission statement of the Universal Encyclopaedia.
  • Racism is almost completely wiped off the face of the planet, and almost unheard of, thanks to the USEI's global government, and the rule of multinational empires for the past few decades.
  • A merry Christmas is wished to one and all, with the exception of Kim Jong Il


  • A robot is invented which can perform any surgical operation with a 0.01% chance of making a mistake, the health of the world population sky-rockets as a result, and the Global Health Service (GHS) is set up to provide free health care to all the world's peoples, with one hospital being built to serve every 10,000 people.
  • The war is over if you want it, and the people willed it, so it was, and forever will be.
  • 90377 Sedna is invaded by the Serbian Mafia and the Republic of Greater Serbia is proclaimed with the capital being Novi Belgrade.
  • Danmǫrk, with much horror, builds more defences and prepares to strike any suspected travellers.
  • Singapore, still bit angered, most decide to leave on their own space ship and head out. They take a different route, out of the Solar System.
  • Deadly Robot Satori builds another three robots (who look like/similar to Sunny Milk, Star Sapphire, Luna Child). However, the three robot fairies keep acting up so Satori decides to kick them to Alpha Centauri. Meanwhile, Deadly Robots Yuyuko and Hatate continue to turn a few more stars and dwarfs into puppet states.
  • In Mexico, the Sombrero UFO is built. Some Mexicans hop on board and begin to fly into space.
  • In Finland, the Benz Patent-Motorwagen is rebuilt but with a faster engine and its top speed is 403 kmh, much to the horror of Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz, horrified, decides to do nothing and lets the Finns have fun.


  • USEI start mining operations on the moon, and set up a few lunar colonies as well.
  • Hearing even worse news, Danmǫrk begins building a huge missile base set up in the area. The Danish thief has complete control of Mars.
  • ZUN releases 東方靈異伝 ~ Highly Responsive to Prayers and 東方封魔録 ~ The Story of Eastern Wonderland for PC-98. The King is the first to buy the games, and he gets more ideas from the characters of the games. The King asks ZUN if they both could work together building and improving the deadly robots and ZUN agrees.
  • Singapore space ship lands somewhere near Sirius and builds a sky city. The Republic of Singapura is founded, and the song 'I Am Glad, Cause I'm Finally Returning Back Home' by Eduard Khil is adopted as the official anthem.
  • The Republic of Greater Serbia offers an alliance to Grand Palace Republic. After much thinking, Satori accepts their alliance, only if the Serbian Mafia helps her setting up puppet states and conquering other areas, which the Serbian Mafia agrees too.
  • The Netherlands has a all time high of stones, due to the 'Coffee Shops' that the Dutch are operating.


  • The People's star cruiser enters production, giving people their own space craft for them to go and fly around the heavens themselves
  • The spirit of the map game begins to slowly die, and it will be dead in 13 years once the game reaches 2011.
  • 東方夢時空 ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream is released on the first month of this year due to technical issues. Also, 東方幻想郷 ~ Lotus Land Story is released. The games have also new exciting campaigns when the main story-line is done.
  • Need For Speed III is also released. Seeing the game, Finland gets an idea to build more similar tracks from the game. Finland is also honoured that two of its race tracks are also featured in the game.
  • Danmǫrk launches a missile at the Asteroid Belt, and a random rock then breaks off and passes, but doesn't hit, Earth.
  • Deadly Robot Satori along with the Serbian Mafia (as well as Deadly Robots Yuyuko and Hatate) decide to conquer and invade the outer layers of the Milky Way.
  • The Sombrero UFO reaches the Sombrero Galaxy via portals.
  • Taco Bell gets a new mascot, the chihuahua. Later they also create a new taco, filled with various chili peppers.
  • A tornado with winds up to 1999 kmh strikes in Canada, causing huge damage.


  • Conspiracy theorists begin to preach that the world will end in 2000 because of a computer bug (named the Millennium Bug by the Conspiracy theorists) which will cause all of the computers to fail and fire all of the world's WMDs.
  • Computer programmers go around checking all of the world's computers to check that they won't fail after the new year. They are successful and they announce the Millennium Bug is no more!
  • 東方怪綺談 ~ Mystic Square is released, with more exciting campaigns.
  • Danmǫrk attempts to create the Great Wall of Mars, with unusual results.
  • The Grand Palace Republic and the Republic of Greater Serbia merge together, establishing the Greater Palace-Serbian Republic. Meanwhile, Deadly Robots Satori, Yuyuko, Hatatae and the Serbian Mafia manage to annex half of the Milky Way Galaxy into the Greater Palace-Serbian Republic.
  • The Sombrero UFO annexes the Sombrero Galaxy and the new nation is named 'New Mexican Empire' and the Mexicans (who were on the Sombrero UFO) celebrate with dancing and fiestas.
  • Driver is released and features 4 cities: Helsinki, Stockholm, New Delhi, and Kiev. The game becomes popular with-in Scandinavian Areas.
  • A Tetris event happens in Moscow, and anyone with a name that starts with a L, S, Z, or I, all pass out for a day.
  • A tornado with winds up to 2009 kph strikes and exterminates Oklahoma City.


  • The new millennium is ushered in without any hiccups and a new era of unrivalled peace and technology looks set to begin, now that the world has been united.
  • The song Tunak Tunak Tun becomes more popular, and also helps an Indian space ship be launched.
  • Danmǫrk finishes the Great Wall of Mars, which actually just surrounds and puts a barrier between Earth and Mars. Huge weapons are place around the wall.
  • Deadly Robots Satori, Yuyuko, Hatatae and the Serbian Mafia decide to leave the rest of the Milky Way alone and begins invading the Andromeda Galaxy.
  • The New Mexican Empire decides to invade nearby stars and annex them.
  • Driver 2 is released and features four new cities: Oslo, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, and Seoul. The game is once again popular in the Scandinavian areas. The game also features a fun mission in where the player has to save the city of Moscow by driving a bomb-fitted car into the Tetris machine before Moscow disappears after Tetris pieces fill the city.
  • Moscow suffers another tetris event, only this time some buildings become short by 19mm.
  • A tornado with winds up to 3000 kph hits somewhere in Uzbekistan.
  • The moon becomes a full pledged colony of Earth, with thousands of moon bases spanning the moon; making the moon in the night sky look awfully different to what it was a mere 20 years ago.


  • Pigs fly
  • Huge missiles are launched after some of the huge weapons on the Great Wall of Mars are corrupted. Some land on Earth, hitting the following cities/buildings: Twin Towers (New York City), Detroit, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago, and Canberra.
  • Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, happy by this, moves to Danmǫrk and operates terrorist operations from there, and also asks Danmǫrk for an alliance, and Danmǫrk accepts.
  • A Category 35 Typhoon wipes out Florida.
  • Due to the huge missiles that hit some cities on Earth, something goes wrong, and the rest of the Earth gets Rick Rolled and also the song 'I Am Glad, Cause I'm Finally Returning Back Home' plays along with the Rick Roll.
  • The New Mexican Empire expands, capturing more stars and absorbing them into the Sombrero Galaxy.
  • A tornado with winds up to 4444 kph hits somewhere in Yemen and Oman, millions die.
  • The Serbian Mafia builds a new deadly robot (who looks like OTL Iku Nagae). With more support, 2/5th of the Andromeda Galaxy is annexed into the Greater Palace-Serbian Republic. Deadly Robot Satori is pleased at how well the expansion is going.
  • The Muscovites, tired of the Tetris event, decides to secretly move it to Paris. Paris now suffers the Tetris event and the French blame it on the Spaniards.
  • The Earth Government start a war on terror and declare war on terrorists. Earth fires all the WMD weapons she has at Mars. This destroys Mars and everything around or near Mars. Al-Qaeda are defeated and extreme Islam losses all popular support.


  • The remaining parts of Mars and the debris is mined and processed by Earth in the ever increasing search for resources.
  • Plans for a huge solar panel "Space Wall" are begun. This solar panel will be bigger than Earth and orbit the Sun always facing it. This would create more than enough electricity for the entire Earth and stop economic scarcity of Electricity.
  • Earth claims sovereignty over the entire solar system, and various space/moon/planet bases are set up across the solar system.
  • Deadly Robot Satori becomes angered at Earth for taking Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Hokkai (Uranus), which was Satori's to start with, but then decides to abandon them, as she is not much of a fighter anyway and rather leaves them alone. Soon Satori, Hatate and Yuyuko, along with the Serbian Mafia continues to invade and annex more of the Andromeda Galaxy.
  • The King becomes happy after hearing that the old Danish suspect is finally killed and is now glad.
  • A tornado with winds up to 6438 kph slams into Saudi Arabia, millions more die.


  • The Internet goes into the mainstream, much to the annoyance of the hipsters
  • The Great Supermarket Price War begins, with bargains being offered across the globe in the 50 big supermarkets competing across the world.
  • 東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom is released, and all the stage mid-boss is replaced with a train simulator challenge, driving a train from point a to point b in the fasted speed to beat the time.
  • Power Plants become popular and awesome again for the Russians, and most are built and opened up all over the former Russian Empire, except in Moscow, due to Tetris messing stuff up.
  • Paris loses some buildings due to the Tetris event. France, who is very very angry, decides to write a letter to Spain telling them how angry they are.
  • Spain replies that they don't know anything and it's just a storm from some small islands in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Deadly Robots Satori, Hatate and Yuyuko, and the Serbian Mafia finishes conquering the Andromeda Galaxy and annexes it to the Greater Palace-Serbian Republic. Meanwhile, Satori decides to sell their conquered Milky Way areas to the Italian Mafia (who just got into space far away), and the Italian Mafia agree.
  • A Category 54 Typhoon floods Florida completely again, Miami is completely drowned. Myths for a new Atlantis emerge, though this doesn't go far.


  • Nuclear power finally enters the mainstream after decades of Nuclear ignorance.
  • The PS5 is released
  • 東方萃夢想 ~ Immaterial and Missing Power and 東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night is released, and also includes a new obstacle: police chases!
  • The King updates Deadly Robot Utsuho Reiuji with Nuclear Powers. This makes 'CAUTION!' becomes a popular message, surpassing 'Warning!' and 'Danger!' and a piece of wood.
  • Nuclear Power Plants are built now and becomes a new instant hit and become the #1 source of energy of all time by the BBC.
  • France gets scared and secretly moves the Tetris event to Spain.
  • Spain gets the Tetris event, and the game becomes a huge hit in Spain. Russia and France are shocked by this.
  • Deadly Robot Satori is shocked and horrified by the introduction of Nuclear power. Meanwhile She, and Deadly Robots Yuyuko and Hatate, and the Serbian Mafia continue conquering more of the other Galaxies.
  • A heavy blizzard freezes Australia and New Zealand.


  • 東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View and 東方文花帖 ~ Shoot the Bullet are released, with the latter introducing some race tracks with a lot of switchbacks and twists and turns that Aya has to control at fast speeds (read: no cars, lorrys, etc.).
  • Mexican scientists FINALLY find out why their Chilli Pepper bombs were rendered frozen solid at -9 degrees Celsius; by looking at the 東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View's screen layout it provides, there is something that is labelled ⑨ (9, in case no one computer can read the unicode circle 9) and just so happens it's an ice fairy (Cirno). And looking at the listing for ⑨ (9), it says バカ (idiot). The Mexican scientists are raging because of it.
  • Former Mexico becomes listed as a ⑨ (9) as well, millions are angered.
  • The New Mexican Empire, however, are gladly moved away and don't build chili pepper bombs anymore; and are not listed as such. They still get called a ⑨ (9) sometimes, but they can take it and laugh.
  • Madrid becomes destroyed by the Tetris event, millions die. At the same time, Tetris event becomes defeated too.
  • Deadly Robot Satori gets an idea and invents/builds 4 Deadly Robots (who look like Cirno, Rumia, Daiyousei, and Wriggle Nightbug). The Newly created robots are sent in secret to the New Mexican Empire. Meanwhile she, along with Deadly Robots Yuyuko and Hatate, and the Serbian Mafia invade and conquer Triangulum Galaxy, Pinwheel Galaxy, and the Black Eye Galaxy.
  • Finland continues building the time machine into the Volvo XC90. However, Finland decides to rename the Volvo XC90 to the Volvo XC80 for an unknown reason why.
  • Donald Trump arrives in and purchases the Whirlpool Galaxy, and turns it into a Hotel and Casino area and also establishes the Republic of Trumpet.
  • In Scandinavia, the ⑨ (9) in the Eight-ball game is replaced with a picture of Cirno.
  • ⑨ (9) becomes just as popular as the word 'CAUTION!'
  • Someone who was duck hunting accidentally shot down a flying pig, and a dog laughs. As the dog laughing reminded said person of the game Duck Hunt, said person quits hunting.
  • A nuclear power plant in Ukraine fails and an incident similar to OTL Chernobyl. A large clean up operation begins in Ukraine to deal with the disaster.
  • Mutants are discovered in the ruins of the nuclear power plant and the mutants decide to try to take over the world. They eventually die, though, from excessive radiation and cancer.


  • Seeing the destruction in Ukraine, scientists begin to develop a nuclear weapon.
  • A few turtles around near the incident nuclear power plant in Ukraine become mutants and grow to human size. Those few turtles decide to become ninjas as well. However, they don't last long and die by the 11th month of this year.
  • Bush dies after chocking on another pretzel.
  • Jack Thompson tries to sue Nintendo after an incident when a lady was kidnapped by a plumber. The attempt fails as there was no connection.
  • Deadly Robots Satori, Yuyuko, Hatatae and the Serbian Mafia approaches the Ring Nebula but doesn't invade it. To a surprise, they find Nepal, which had disappeared from the face of the Earth from around 1984-1989. However, as they approaches it, Nepal goes through the blue area in the Ring Nebula, and disappears once again, elsewhere in the Observable Universe. Seeing that the Ring Nebula is also some kind of portal, Satori decides to leave the Ring Nebula be but claims it as hers. Meanwhile Satori, Yuyuko, Hatate and the Serbian Mafia invade Little Dumbbell Nebula and renames that Galaxy the Palace Galaxy; and it is also annexed to the Greater Palace-Serbian Republic.
  • The police chase a Big Rig however said Big Rig drives through a town and manages to go through the Alps without losing any speed.
  • A tornado with winds up to 8999 kph slams into Arabia, millions die.
  • Dragostea din tei by O-Zone becomes the Anthem of Romania after much debate.
  • The Italian Mafia by now dominates 3/4 of the Milky Way after conquering more areas. The Empire of Sicily is established.


  • 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith is released, and also features other mountains, like the Alps.
  • HW Bush dies after choking on a pretzel.
  • Deadly Robots Satori, Yuyuko, Hatatae and the Serbian Mafia conquers Galaxys Messier 71, 73, 75, 79, and 81. Satori decides to stop expanding for a while as it is very exhausting, Yuyuko, Hatate, Serbian Mafia agrees.
  • Jack Thompson tries to sue Nintendo once again after hearing about someone hunting for ducks and a dog laughed after shooting down a flying pig. This fails yet again, probably because that duck hunting was normal anyway.
  • Donald Trump builds 5000 new Slot Machines in the Whirlpool Galaxy.
  • Deadly Robots Cirno, Rumia, Daiyousei, and Wriggle arrive in the New Mexican Empire. However, they don't last long and the New Mexican Empire sends them back to the Greater Palace-Serbian Republic, as the Mexicans in the Sombrero Galaxy don't want to be called a ⑨ (9).
  • Deadly Robot Satori seeing their return, decides to send them to help the Italian Mafia back in the Milky Way, and Deadly Robots Cirno, Rumia, Daiyousei, and Wriggle agree to it.
  • France and the Muscovites celebrate after they just heard about Madrid being destroyed by the Tetris event.
  • A frog tries to cross the street but gets ran over by a car.


  • The first nuclear weapon is detonated
  • 東方緋想天 ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody is released with more fighting and chasing storms.
  • 東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism is also released, with more palaces and subway terminals.
  • Jack Thompson attempts to sue EA Games for Police MADness. However, this fails yet again, because of no connection.
  • Deadly Robots Satori, Yuyuko, Hatatae and the Serbian Mafia decide to merge their conquered galaxies and pull them close to each other, to save the distance and time.
  • Donald Trump builds tollbooths around the Whirlpool Galaxy, to make more money.
  • Research begins into Nuclear Warhead fuelled super-size spaceship cruisers with ion thrusters as back up.


  • A huge space monster is discovered by the Serbian mafia, and war begins against the huge space monster but the deadly robots are quite deadly so they manage to kill the monster.
  • News of alien life eventually reaches Earth and many religious folk abandon their respective religions.
  • 東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object and 東方非想天則 ~ 超弩級ギニョルの謎を追え are released, now with more aeroplanes in the former and more violence in the latter.
  • The King decides to, with the help of ZUN, build all the deadly robots of the characters from 東方Project he doesn't have yet, except for Chen, Ran Yakumo, that Extra Stage boss at the end of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (who shall be unnamed), and other ones that already exist that wasn't built by him (Satori, Yuyuko, Hatate, Rumia, Cirno, Daiyousei, Wriggle Nightbug).
  • Jack Thompson sues HeadOn and Scotland's bagpipes for causing headaches and annoyance. The court declares his argument invalid.
  • The Greater Mexican Empire is worried about the news and asks Deadly Robot Satori to merge the nation into Greater Palace-Serbian Republic; Satori agrees.
  • Finland continues building the time machine, into the Volvo XC80.
  • Tetris event is back! Barcelona, Spain suffers from the Tetris event. France and Muscovites frown upon hearing of its return.


  • Earth begins to explore the other galaxies of space after taking over the Milky way through conquest, colonization and alliances. Earth also has the Greater Palace-Serbian Republic merge with Earth to form the Galactic Republic, or simply known as the Republic.
  • ダブルスポイラー ~ 東方文花帖 and 妖精大戦争 ~ 東方三月精 are released, with more challenges, and features a weather system.
  • Jack Thompson sues the court for last time. The court sues Jack Thompson for arguing, and they disbarred him for a few months.
  • Donald Trump closes down the borders for Republic of Trumpet.
  • Barcelona, Spain is destroyed by the Tetris event, and soon the Tetris event his other Spain's cities.
  • Deadly Robots Satori, Yuyuko, Hatatae, and the Serbian Mafia, continue to invade other galaxies not yet taken.
  • Finland continues building the time machine, into the Volvo XC80.


  • A crazy Indian man, in a rage after having his land stolen again, destroys most of the world's history. Therefore, the entire world is pushed back exactly 65 years. He then realises people still took land from Indians.
  • The crazy Indian is saved by Doctor Who and taken to the Year 3000, where while not much has changed, but they live underwater. Doctor Who also had a crush on the crazy Indian man's great great great granddaughter, as she is pretty fine. History goes back to normal to 2010.


  • The Tetris event continues damaging Spain's cities.
  • Finland builds a Nuclear-powered car.
  • Robot Aya Shameimaru creates a Nuclear-powered camera.
  • Subway (underground trains) now offer Subway sandwiches for long distance rides.
  • IKEA stores begin to open in a lot of places around the Milky Way.
  • The Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV is invented and reaches a top speed of 538 kph and is very fuel efficient, 4350 km per litre!
  • A tornado with winds up to 10,252 kph slam into Bolivia. Meanwhile, a Category 120 Typhoon slams into Florida.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Mexico City is created and released.
  • Tony Blair is rated ⑨ (9) by the English due to his strange policies and his limits on hats.


  • Granddads across the Republic get angry with their grandchildren playing video-games like CoD and Halo, and try to get them to sign up to the army for real warfare.
  • A new law is brought into the Galactic Republic parliamentary protocol, forcing MPs to have an exam on the subject they are about to vote on, to make sure that they actually understand the issue.
  • On a colony in the Milky Way, a city resembling the city from the Jetsons is built and it becomes very popular and Jetson City grows massively.
  • Some people who have moved to Jetson City realize they are too poor to live in Jetson since they spent all their money on the space flight to go there. These poor folk are forced out of Jetson City and made to live on the planet's surface.
  • The Poor Jetson City folk become ascustomed to life on the planet surface below Jetson City. Mostly thanks to the presence of millions of rocks with caves, making them like little rock houses. The Poor Jetson City folk become known as the Flintstones to the Jetson city folk because of their cave dwealing tendencies.
  • The Flintstones begin to make use of the friendly animal species on the planet to help them with their day to day lives.
  • The Jetson-Flintstone sewage problem is fixed, and both societies begin dumping their waste on the other side of the planet in what is to be known as the Capital Wasteland, mostly because it for some resembles a post-nuclear war version of Washington DC and the surrounding area.
  • Jack Thompson sues the Granddads for even letting them play CoD and Halo; Jack Thompson also sues CoD and Halo for convincing people to join the military. The court rules, that Jack Thompson, is officially, a ⑨ (9).
  • A Sock Puppet overthrows Amsterdam governor, and begins taking office.
  • 東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires is released, now featuring Dutch cities and fiestas.
  • Donald Trump builds a new hotel, called the Blue-Eyes-White-Dragon Suites.
  • Deadly Robots Satori, Yuyuko, Hatatae, and the Serbian Mafia conquers Galaxy M105-110 and some other galaxies that are named M'insert number here' as well.
  • Deadly Robot Utsuho Reiuji becomes quite bored and begins to use nuclear powers and kills criminals and drug dealers. Seeing as she can replace the police force, the police become somewhat defunct (they are still used for car chases, as it is still exiting to see), and Deadly Robot Utsuho Reiuji becomes the police of the world.


  • Jack Thompson is walking the streets at 3 am after a night of drunken debaurity and he has a heart attack after seeing this grafiti on the wall as it scared him silly. Good old Jack survives however, but vows to give up the bottle and starts to campaign against Alcoholism as well as video games, violence, sex, Islam, rap music, and fun.
  • The Pißwasser Brewery puts a hit out on Jack Thompson after hearing the big spoilsport was campaigning against Alcohol now too.
  • Borders Book stores are forced into administration after facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit after a parent claims the poorly ordered book arrangements/displays at one of Borders' stores warped her child's fragile little mind.
  • The Netherlands and Jamaica establish a colony together in the Whirlpool Galaxy, called the 'Coffee Shop' with cheap prices.
  • The Norwegian Vikings invade the Republic of Trumpet, but some are distracted by gambling machines. However, soon Deadly Robot Minamitsu Murasa comes to help the Norwegian Vikings and begins destroying a few Slot Machines.
  • Donald Trump is angered and yells "You're FIRED!!!" but instead of saying fired, however, he says fried. This causes Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits Employees to help Donald Trump fight them off.
  • The Loan Shark problems is still not dealt with in Colombia.
  • Messier 9 is invaded by some random ex-Al Qaeda and proclaim the Islamic Republic of Iran, with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as President. However they are not taken seriously, as Messier 9 has the number ⑨ (9), and the occupiers are called ⑨'s (9)'s as well. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says that he is not a バカ (idiot), but nobody listens.
  • The Tetris event messes up four more of Spain's cities. The French and Muscovites unite and decide to stop the Tetris event.
  • Deadly Robot Satori decides to take another break, and rests at home (located in the Pinwheel Galaxy) for a week. Deadly Robots Yuyuko, Hatatae, as well as the Serbian Mafia, however, decide to conquer a bit more of some unclaimed galaxies before resting in their homes back in the Pinwheel Galaxy.
  • Some Scottish play the bagpipes too loud and some of the people down in England have their ears 'explode' or bleed.
  • Finland challenges Scotland by playing Heavy Metal music loudly, Sweden and Norway follow suit.

To be honest I think we should just end this game now; it's reached 2012 after all, VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 12:15, January 28, 2012 (UTC).

Okay. I was thinking that it could now become daily news-like events (a day for news). But if not, then I'm fine of ending the game. -Kogasa Symbol of Natori, Miyagi宮城県Flag of Japan 12:18, January 28, 2012 (UTC)
Be proud though, not many map games reach the present day and finish! VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 12:39, January 28, 2012 (UTC).
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