Oirati is the most common language of Oirat and a Chinese dialect. It can be clearly shown to have a link with Chinese, as it uses the same script


Oirati has the following consonants, divided into seven groups:

Group 1: b, p, m (ㄅ,ㄆ,ㄇ)

Group 2: f,d,t (ㄈ,ㄉ,ㄊ)

Group 3: n, l, g (ㄋ,ㄌ,ㄍ,)

Group 4: k, h (ㄎ,ㄏ)

Group 5: q, x, r  (ㄑ,ㄒ,ㄖ)

Group 6: zh, ch ,sh (ㄓ,ㄔ,ㄕ)

Group 7: z, c ,s (ㄗ,ㄘ,ㄙ)

Oirati has two groups of vowels:

Group 1: a, e, i, o, u (,ㄆ,ㄇ,,)

Group 2: ai, ei, ao, ou (ㄅ,ㄆ,ㄇ)

Group 3: an, on, in, un (ㄅ,ㄆ,ㄇ)

Rhymes & Medials
Zhuyin Origin IPA Pinyin WG Example
From the obsolete character 𠀀hē,inhalation, the reverse of 丂kǎo, which is preserved as a phonetic in the compound 可kě.[6] o o 多 (ㄉㄨㄛ, duō)
From 也yě. Compare the Warring States bamboo form [1] ɛ ê eh 爹 (ㄉㄧㄝ, diē)
From 𠀅hài, bronze form of 亥. ai ai 晒 (ㄕㄞˋ, shài)
From 乁yí, an obsolete character meaning 移 "to move". ei ei 誰 (ㄕㄟˊ, shéi)
From 幺yāo ɑʊ ao ao 少 (ㄕㄠˇ, shǎo)
From 又yòu ou ou 收 (ㄕㄡ, shōu)
From the obsolete character ㄢhàn "to bloom", preserved as a phonetic in the compound 犯fàn an an an 山 (ㄕㄢ, shān)
From 乚yǐn ən en ên 申 (ㄕㄣ, shēn)
From 尢wāng ɑŋ ang ang 上 (ㄕㄤˋ, shàng)
From 厶, an obsolete form of 厷gōng əŋ eng êng 生 (ㄕㄥ, shēng)
From 儿, the bottom portion of 兒érused as a cursive form ɑɻ er êrh 而 (ㄦˊ, ér)
From 一 i i/y i 逆 (ㄋㄧˋ, nì)
From 㐅, ancient form of 五wǔ. u u/w u/w 努 (ㄋㄨˇ, nǔ)
From the ancient character 凵qū, which remains as a radical y ü/yu ü/yü 女 (ㄋㄩˇ, 


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Word order

In, normal indicative constructions, Oirati has a SVO (Subject Verb Object) word order, the same as English. Adjectives and adverbs can come before or after what they describe.
I see it ---> I see it.
I will ride the white horse. ---> I will ride the horse white./ I will ride the white horse.


The passive voice is a much used feature in Oirat and can be used both when there's a subject and when there's no subject.


Roughly equivalent to the active. The object of the sentence is deleted. E.g. "I ride".


A/ E/ㄜ/ I/ O/ U/W/
B/ N/A
P/ N/A
F/ N/A N/A
N/ N/A
G/ N/A
K/ N/A
H/ N/A
J/ N/A N/A N/A
Q/ N/A N/A N/A
X/ N/A N/A 西 N/A
R/ N/A N/A
Z/ N/A
C/ N/A
S/ N/A

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