Ottoman Empire
Osmanlı İmparatorluğu
Timeline: Tudor Line
Flag of the Ottoman Empire (1517-1844)
Flag of the Ottoman Empire
Ottoman Empire 1590
Whole of the Ottoman Empire in 1590.
(and largest city)
Other cities Söğüt, Bursa, Adrianople, Alexandria, Mecca, Medina, Cairo, Baghdad, Damascus, Athens, Sofie, Belgrade, Buchurest, Tripoli
Language Ottoman Turkish, but also all conquered lands' languages.
Religion Sunni Islam
Ethnic Group Turkish, Arabic, Berber, Balkan, Crimean
Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, Mustafa I, Mehmed III, Osman II, Murad IV
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 Ottoman Empire is a succesor state to the Byzantine Empire and second biggest only to the Spanish Empire (if we count America and the Holy Roman Empire). And also the de facto represantative of the Sunni Islam claiming the position Caliphate since 1517.

Territory gained during the 16th Century

Already a large empire including OTL Turkey, Greece, all the Balkan States south of Serbia and Bulgaria, Palestine, Egypt, Algeria, Ukraine and the holy cities of Jerusalem, Medina and Mecca, it expanded even further and by the end of the century you could walk from Algier to Baghdad without leaving the empire. Suleiman spend over half a century battling Louis II over Hungary and both states suffered. When Mustafa I came to the throne it was not very favored. However the stability of the empire didn't allow it to fall apart and the expansion continued by conquering places along the Balkan Coast from the Republic of Venice, which they took during the break up of the Byzantines.

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