Premyslid Bohemia is alternative timeline, mainly on what is today Czech Republic and what could have had happen if Wenceslaus III of Bohemia wasn't killed on August 4, 1306. In this alternative timeline important things change Europe: Wenceslaus lives very happy life and has three sons from which Premyslids take rule over Bohemia and rule to year 1587, when last ruled called Borivoj VII died.


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Gothic was strongly effected right in its middle and partly effected Bohemia, Castle Karlštejn which was built during Charles IV, who was never born in this timeline. Gothic art was partly intact but renaissance was strongly effected, Henry's plans had many unfortunate things for art. Byzantine Empire which fall apart in our timeline was occupied by Osmans but quickly fell under Europeans. However most of Byzantine Empire smarts made secondary scourge for Renaissance, Leonardo Da Vinci became artist anyhow, but was killed in 1494 during the Big War. That took away another source of great science, about this backwards-science effect is more in Science and Technology part. Baroque and everything afterwards never existed. Instead after 1588 Renaissance was reborn and took its true place, ironically in Bohemia, where in our timeline painter Baroque Václav Vavřinec Reiner became the best Renaissance painter instead of Da Vinci. Next was era of Golting which came from England, this was era of bright painting which stretch from 1734 to 1908. To this day its mainly inspired by Aztecs called Nuevarte from Spanish.


As mentioned above three main religion are in this world important and many minor are spread over Africa.


In this timeline Roman Catholicism remained intact, this is mainly because Henry VIII is descendant of John of Luxembourg and his wife, but in this timeline the two never married and didn't had any children, then Habsburgs never caused 30 Years War when they try to make Bohemia into only Catholics land. However Jewish were still hated so they ran away to Middle East, there was only place far away, where Europeans didn't wanted to follow then and locals were very friendly. To this day 73% of all people are mainly Christians.

Jewish Religion (Extinct)

They formed New Israel in 1678 however as mentioned above the religion went extinct in 1736. The people were mostly Islams who were send into diaspora after Osmans surrendered to Europeans. People liked Jewish monotheism. However, Balkans who were Catholicism-Islam religion hated Jewish and made Islamists go into war with Jewish which ended in mass genocide of all Jewish people. To this date nobody is any more orthodox Jewish to this day.


Buddhism spread over entire East, even west and middle Russia, which never existed. Deserted Gobi separates the religions, other religion - Hinduism - remained intact in Japan to year 1897 when the last emperor was taken over by Chinese. 25% of all people are Buddhists.

Aztec Religion and African Cultures

Aztec religion is main religion of Mexico, Central America, Peru, Ecuador and Northern Brazil in our timeline. 1.08% of all people are of Aztec Religion. And the rest 0.92% are African tribes with each individual culture.

Science and Technology

Science and Technology is very backwards as mentioned above, in Science they are very backwards, astronomy and astrology exist side by side, people know that Earth orbits the Sun, but Bible is guarded as source of many things and Science is almost non-existent. In America witch trials still exist, while rest of the world is more accepting. Chinese are little bit better in Science, but neither cultures are past our year 1800. In technology not too much has change, horse is still main thing in travel. They are near steam powered means of travel, but they aren't in existence so far. Medicine is as it was in late 18th Century.


Today there are 1.56 billion people in this timeline, so as mentioned above 1.139 billion people are Christian, 390 million are Buddhist, 16.85 million are of Aztec Religion and 14.35 million are tribes in Africa. There are the following states or Empires: In 1987 China became republic instead of Empire, president 李先念 and his vice-president 华国锋 take good care of the republic and its 403 million inhabitants (390 million Buddhist and 13 million on what is in our timeline India, who partly use their culture and partly Buddhism. Aztec Empire has granted rights and turned into something between Monarchy and republic, like our Britain, they have monarch from original Aztec King but have parliament. Their people took Spanish names, so the king is named Carlos III and prime minister is Gabriel Salgado. The nation is composed of 17 million people, from this 150,000 are Christians and others are of Aztec Religion. Western empire is under revolution and may fell apart soon, so we don't go over it. Africa is not a state so it's useless to talk about it.

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