'Alban Republic'
Timeline Independence Movement
OTL equivalent Scotland + Sea oil North Sea oil + Berwick .
Capital Holyrood
Official Languages Scottish (Gaelic), Ulster (Scots), Irish (Gaelic), English

Federal Republic, Oil-State.

President Alexander Elliot Salmond

John Swinney

Established 4TH January 2008


Inspired by the events of Ills Normandes, and the need to tap into Scotch Oil Reserves, a Growing independence Movement built up within Scotland.

2007 Scottish Election:


Alexander Salmond / John Swinney    75.0%

Labour-Lib Dem Alliance 

Jack McConnell / Nicol Stephen   18.2%

Green-Conservative Alliance 

Shiona Baird / Annabel Goldie  4.8%


Frances Curran / Robin Harper   2.0%

In the 2007 election for First Minister, The Scottish National party won by a landslide majority. The Scottish Government announced plans to hold a referendum on independence by 2nd January 2008.

2008 Scottish Independence Referendum:

Yes To Independence: 51.6%

DevoMax:                   33.4%

Unsure:                     10.4%

No To Independence:    4.6%

The country voted for Full Independence. On the 4th January 2008, Scottish Government released the results of the referendum and announced that after talks with the Westminster Government, Scotland had been given permission to cede from the United Kingdom. As part of the talks, the Scottish borders were redrew to include the Scotch Oil Reserves and disputed area of Berwick. Holyrood, as location of the Parliament, became the Capital City of the Republic of Scotland (Alban Republic).
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