Suleiman I of Ottomam Empire
Timeline: Tudor line

Portrait of Suleiman I of Ottomam Empire

Sultan of Ottoman Empire
30 September 1520 - 29 November 1568

Predecessor Selim I
Successor Mustafa I
Born 6 November 1494
Died 29 November 1568
Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Haseki sultan Annastasia Lisowska
 Suleiman I was born on 6 November 1494 to Selim I and his wife Ayşe Hafsa Sultan. At age seven, he was sent to Istanbul to study natural sciences, history, literature, theology, and military tactics. The first political experience was as a manager of several Ottoman provinces in Asia Minor and the Crimea. From Mansa where he worked as a governor he brought his primary wife Annastasia Lisowska, besides her he also had four lesser wives: Mahidevran, Haseki Gulsah, Fulane and Gul. In the first year of his reign he conquered Belgrade in 1521. On 29 August 1526 he defeated the King Louis II at the Battle of Mohacs and conquered most of the southern Kingdom of Hungary. They met again during a Battle of Dunaújváros where Louis stopped his advance. By 1532 they have advanced to the City of Pest on the other side of the river, the Battle of Pest ended in a tie, Louis crashed the Turks but they stayed in Pest. The siege took a month and in the end the Turks escaped by a secret tunnel under the city, the army which seemed to run away made Louis think he was winning and went after them to make sure of it, only to have his leg cut, this made him maimed for the rest of his life. The Turks were finally stopped by Szeged (near the border with Serbia). Suleiman then decided to sign a piece which made Louis think he won and he started to do what the pope Leo X asked him to do with half the money he was given to attack the Turks, he now had to battle the spreading Lutheranism in the Hungarian version of the Protestant Wars which lasted until 1541. In 1543 Suleiman attacked the weakened kingdom and Louis called Sigismund I, but this time Louis didn't escape the death in the battlefield, but this time it was the Second Battle of Pest which spread to both sides of the river. Casimir and his mother escaped to Bohemia where Casimir was made king. By 1547 he made piece with Louis. so he could remake his army after he was pushed out of Hungary. Finally recognizing Casimir I as the king of Hungary. In 1556 Ivan IV of Russia conquered most of the western Khanates, making trade with the eastern ones impossible for all Muslim traders. In 1558 Suleiman noticed a problem with trade and asked for a passage throw Astrakhan, Ivan agrees under a very high tariff for a crossing, so most traders decide to take it across the sea instead. In 1560 he went on a Hajj to Mecca, where he took most of his court, the Muslims on his way (in Palestine and on the western shore of the Arabian Peninsula). After his return he found Istanbul under siege as Casimir crushed throw the weak army and took the whole of the western Balkans for himself. Under his leadership the border was soon re-recognized as being at Mohacz. In 1568 he died after a period of illness, which he caught during the brief Ottoman Conquest of Persia.
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