This is the world's state before the War for Rome

Welcome to Terra Nostrum by Sirfranco4. In this timeline the Great Schism never happened, which sparked multiple events that changed the World into a completely different place that OTL. The timeline goes on to year 2010, on the start of the War for Rome.

Points of Divergences

This althistory has multiple POD's, the principal being that the Great Schism never happened, this sparked a series of events. The most important event caused the Byzantine Empire to flourish since they weren't attacked by the crusader kingdoms, they even received help from kingdoms like France. The Powerful Byzantine Empire ended defying the Holy Roman Empire's  claims, this sparked a war ended on a union between the Holy Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire, forging the "true" Roman Empire, even though it was just a shadow of the former Empire by the year 1453.

History of Rome and World Today

The World today is a totally different place, the restoration of the Roman Empire brought a new era. This era was characterized by Union, and so it was called the Era of Unification. And its name lived up to the events. The "rebirth" of the Roman Empire made the thinking of people different. One of the most acclaimed decisions of the empire was the unification of Abrahamic religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism were all united on a single, unique religion. This religion was called "the Faith " by people of Rome, and Abrahamic Religion by outsiders and non-believers. Europe was also united into a single state, the ones who did not comply where united by fire. This however also stopped, for some time at least. For some time the Decalogue became Roman law. However, after an imperial coup of expansionist rebels, the law was abolished and so was the theocracy that was formed after the unification of religions.

After the coup the Empire was re-established and the State Religion became secular. This led to the Imperial Civil War the war lasted for 200 years, the most intense, large, and bloody war the world had seen. The Roman Empire finally succumbed after years of rebellions and lost all of its colonies on America and the Antarctica. The Empire collapsed after the war, turning into a democratic empire. 100 years after the war the People's Party won the election, becoming the first communist state on the world.


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