The official timeline for Indeed a different world.

September 1950 (POD)- information regarding Chinese intention to secretly cross the Yalu River on 19 October is brought  to high levels in the US military by a CIA officer. Washington prepares for the Chinese and hide tanks and heavy weapons near the Yalu river.

19 October 1950- Just as thought, the Chinese try to cross the river and are ambushed by massive bombardment and American forces, causing the Chinese to fall back to China.

22 October 1950- China declares war on America after secret personal meeting between Stalin and Mao.

23 October 1950- NATO and UN forces on North Korea forces declare war on China.

24 October 1950- Chinese and NATO forces first engage in the Chinese mainland, causing heavy casualties on both sides.

1950- February 1952 the war drags on with no end. There's high motivation for both sides, but especially the Chinese. The war also causes some sides to officially join the west or the east (notable example is Israel who begins to highly support the west).

 3 March 1952- With a high number of casualties, the Soviets being neutral and after pressure from MacArthur, Truman decides to launch three nuclear strikes on the enemy, two of them in Chinese cities and the third on a North Korean base in the Chinese border on the Seventh of March.

7 March 1952- The three bombs detonate and causing the Communist bloc to be extremely angry on the west as the Chinese and Koreans declared ceasefire and agreed to end the war on the westren terms.

8 March 1952- Treaty of Bonn is signed. It ended the state of war between North Korea Peoples Republic of China and the UN forces. Two of the most important provisions were to reunite Korea to a democracy monitored by the UN and China's acceptance of a US martial law.

9 March 1952 and forward- The US begins preaching the Chinese to accept and believing the West instead of the east. The Soviets begin to warm up the Cold War as they try to build up their Sphere of influence more aggressively than before and increase funding in both military and science.

 1953- The Soviet Union breaks diplomatic relations with Israel after an explosion occurs in the Soviet embassy building in Tel Aviv which was planted by the Tzrifin Underground.

1953- Stalin dies, causing all the Communist bloc to grieve.

1955- The Warsaw Pact  was established under the initiative of the Soviet Union .
Warsaw Pact Logo

The Warsaw pact's symbol

 1956- President of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser's decided to nationalize the Suez Canal due to the withdrawal of an offer by Britain and the United States to fund the building of the Aswan Dam, which was in response to Egypt's new ties with the Soviet Union because of the Soviets' aggressive build up their Sphere of influence.

 1956- The Israeli Air Force launches an invasion in Sinai. Two days after they France and Britain initiated Operation Musketeer on 31 October, with a bombing campaign on Nasser's forces. While the military operation itself had been completely successful, political pressure from the United States obliged the British and French governments to accept the ceasefire terms drawn up by the United Nations. Anglo-French forces were withdrawn by 22 December and the Israelis left the Sinai in March 1957.

 1957- The Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1 into an elliptical low Earth orbit on 4 October 1957. It was visible all around the Earth and its radio pulses were detectable. The surprise success began the Space Age and triggered the Space Race, a part of the larger Cold War. The launch ushered in new political, military, technological, and scientific developments as both the Soviets and the Americans invested even more in space technology.

 1959- Cuba establishes of a socialist state and Communist government, led by Fidel Castro after a successful revolt.

1959- Due to the revolution in Cuba, the US starts secretly monitoring friendly states because of fearing them to become Communists.

1959- US martial law of China ends with the Chinese people unsure which path to take Communist or capitalist way.

 October 14 – 28 1961-U-2 aircraft with scanning the suspected areas in Cuba, securing clear photographic evidence of medium-range and intermediate-range ballistic nuclear missiles, causing the Cuban missile crisis. As a result, the Moscow–Washington hotline is established. The crisis is generally regarded as the moment in which the Cold War came closest to turning into a nuclear conflict.

 1961- The USSR launched Yuri Gagarin into orbit around the Earth causing even more panic and Americans invested in Space technology.

1961- The Berlin Wall was built by the U.S.S.R.

 1961- Almost a month after Alan Shepard became the first American to orbit the Earth the Americans manage to catch up to the Soviets.

 1962- Kennedy gives the "We choose to go to the moon" speech. Near the end of the speech he says that he'll try to pass a bill to move even more funds to NASA.

 1962- the bill manage to pass and NASA budget increases tenfold.

1962- As the Chinese Communist Party wins for the first time election ever since the martial law ended the Chinese civil war begins.

1963- Lee Harvey Oswald fails to kill JFK as his bodyguard takes the hit in the shoulder. While he is in his cell he kills himself before more could be discovered.

 1965- Gus Grissom becomes the first man to land on the moon, giving the speech it's a very small step for mankind, there's still much to do up here. The Naxalites, during a Communist revolution in India, receive help in secret from Mao Zedong.

1967- The Naxalites, during a Communist revolution in India, receive help in secret from Mao Zedong.

1967 until 1971- Israel's pre-emptive attack the Egyptian Air Force and surprise attack all the forces in its border who does not have a peace agreement with her. The 3rd Israeli war ends with a Pyrrhic victory for Israel with even more casualties than the 1948 war who controls the whole of Jordan, Gaza strip, Sinai Peninsula, and the Golan Heights. Most of the families in these lands saw themselves as  Israelis and they have better life in a democratic country such as Israel instead of the one which they had before the war. Some of the them even begins to see themselves as Jewish. One of the ways to prove that they are Israelis was to join the army so they asked the government draft was signed to recruit every 18 from this land, this causes a huge increase of soldiers in the army and overall population which is estimated to be 23 million. In order to maintain these lands the IDF builds several bases and towns.

1968- Operation Rolling Thunder starts as US forces attack in North Vietnam.

1969- The Chinese civil war ends. China is divided with East China is capitalist and West China being Communist. These two nations start a cold war when East China joins NATO in 1971 and West China joins the Warsaw Pact in 1974.

1970- The US land Troops at North Vietnam. The Vietnamese who learned from The US in Yalo river,ambushed them with high number of casultes in the American side.

1971- The War drags on, just like the Korean War. The American Public favors pulling out. The American President deside to pull out of Vietnam and Focus on The Space Race.

Late 1971- US leaves the Vietnam conflict as they invest their money in space rather in the conflict and a massive protest across the country.

1973- A terrorist Attack shocks The American Public as a North Vietnamese Suicide bomber kils almost everyone in the first hand-held cell phone was demonstrated by John F. Mitchell and Dr Martin Cooper of Motorola. Although extremely angry, The President decide to not Invade North Vietnam.

1975- In the ten years anniversary of Gus's landing the Americans start to build their first base on the moon which would be completed in 1979.

1974- Unknown terrorists attack the Soviet city of Grozny in Chechnya. After a few were captured it was discovered that they were working under funding of Afghanistan.

1975- Yom Kippur starts as Egypt and Syria attack Israel. The war ends with an Israeli military victory that caused a high number of casualties but still not as high as the third Israeli war. Due to the West close relationship with Israel many Arab countries cut supply of oil, thus causing an economic depression and makes the west to slowly but steady to move to green energy

1974 to 1983- The USSR invades Afghanistan in what they call War on terror and open combat on Sunni Mujahideen and Afghan soldiers, after a bloody combat of eleven years they annex the entire state. This move is protested in the west. While the Soviet finally succeed in their plan it causes them to lose a lot of military infrastructure and they spend the time until 1987 to recover their losses.

1976- Israel successfully rescues a hijacked plane in Entebbe.

1977- The State of Israel starts Political reforms in which it wrote a Constitution that moved itself from a parliamentary republic to a Constitutional Federal Presidential Republic in order to properly govern its big territorial gains.

1978- One of the secret US monitoring bases in Iran successfully warns the Shah of incoming Islamic revolution. The Shah starts to reform his country and Islam loses its voice in Iran.

1979- The Grissom's base on the moon is completed, its launch delayed due to the economic depression going on. It has a civil complex and an American sole military base rumored to include a lab to test nuclear weapons deep down underground the moon.
270px-Lunar base

The American base on the Moon (photo taken in 1985)

1980- Iraq invades Iran, starting the Iran-Iraq war.

1982- Spain joins NATO.

1983- The Green revolution goes with full speed because in addition to the Arabs who cut supply, and the Iran-Iraq war, as well as  the Soviet annexation of Afghanistan which makes many Arabs to hate the west even more and not supply it with oil as many oil power plants shut down as new green power plants take their places. Same with cars with green ones rapidly replacing old ones.

1985 to 1991- With the Soviets losing much of their military equipment in the Afghan war, they began a rapid recovery, put their soldiers into rigorous training and bully the Afghans into joining the Red Army. The west believes they're just showing muscles.

1988- The UN pass the United Nations Security Council Resolution 598, ending the Iran-Iraq war.

1989- The US expands The Grissom's Base and sends massive personnel and heavy equipment after a breakthrough in creating fusion energy and capturing Helium 3 on the moon. 

1990- Iraq does not invade Kuwait. Due to their friendly relations continues even after the Iran-Iraq War.

1991- After a Soviet spy plane discovered a US nuclear weapon in Turkey, an act which had been forbidden since the Cuban missile crisis, the Warsaw Pact declares War on NATO. WWIII starts.

1991- Despite not suffering heavy in the war as the majority of the war happens in Europe, the Middle East and West/East China, Japan's economy crumbles because of its pre-war asset price bubble.

1993- NATO's Victory in the Battle of London marks a turning point as the Warsaw Pact's upper hand in the war ends. Now both sides struggle to survive when new weapons of war are launched into the battlefield from both sides. A peak oil is achieved on NATO's oil.

1996- NATO secures its territory and launches an invasion force to the Warsaw pact's territory. A peak oil is achieved on the pact's oil.
6378128 600x338

US soldiers, near The Border with East Germany

November 7 1997- Moscow is captured and NATO's soldiers hold the Soviet goverrment hostages until they surrender in the name of all Warsaw pact's forces.

November 8 1997- A secret Soviet base in the Ural Mountains tries to launch nuclear weapons at NATO's capital cities and in response NATO bombs the base with a top secret plasmid nuclear bomb that was made in case NATO would have lost the war. The war finally ends when the Soviet government surrenders with no conditions upon hearing the bombing of the Soviet base.

1998- The Kargil War ends with Status quo ante bellum.

1997-25 December 1999: Pax NATO: A brief time of period of relative peace in Europe and the world under the watchful eye of NATO.

9 March 1998- The Modern Republic of China was formed after the reunification of East and West China.

25 December 1999- Al Qaeda bombs three major cities in North America: Mexico City, Toronto and Washington because of the loss of Afghanistan in the war.

29 December 1999- NATO invades Afghanistan and the Western War on Terror starts.

2000- The 21 century starts and many hopes it will be better the 20th century.

2000- Hong Kong is given to China by the UK, after it was delayed because of the Third World War.

2002- A Norwegian scientist discovers that the plasmid nuclear bomb that was launched at the Ural mountains in '97 caused a hole in ozone layer in the Ural Mountains and made global temperatures to go warmer by 3 degrees Celsius.

2003- The US almost invades Iraq due to fear of Iraq having WMD but after rechecking of its sources, the invasion is canceled.

2003- The Republic of China starts major economic reforms and the already wanted Chinese goods in the western public is tripled.

2004- The EU completes its first base on the Moon.


2005- Hurricane Katrina struck at New Orleans and caused heavy damage to the area. It takes the US a while to rebuild.

2007- The Republic Of China becomes the world's fastest growing major economy.

2007- A major breakthrough in Nanotechnology.

2008- Stock markets report they are at all time high. It is explained due to many Investments made to the US and the fact the American public does not buy too many things because it used to settle for less in the Third World War. Because of that no credit card bubble in the US ever takes place.

2009- After a CIA agent is killed in China holding a bio-weapon, the already bad relations between the two countries detour to a level that both the Chinese and the American people believe a Second Cold War is happening between the Republic of China and the United States. Both countries do not allow their citizens to visit the opposite country because of what happened.

2011- NASA engineers come up with the idea of linking several bases in space together into a single complex that can be totally self-sufficient and hold a large number of people and military personnel.

2012- NATO withdraws from Afghanistan.

2013- China completes its first Moon Base.

2014- The Luna showdown occurs.

2015- By now the world feels the three degree warm-up, as many glaciers at the North Pole have been melted in half.

2016- The first Proxy War of the Second Cold War starts - The Syrian Rebellion.

2018- The US completes its first complex in Mars, called M-1.

2024- China completes its first complex on the moon. The US completes its fifth Complex in space and the first one in Saturn.

7th of January 2025- After pirates attack a civilian Space Ship on route to Mars. Both China and the US reform their military to include a fourth service branch (in addition to the Land Forces, Naval Forces and Air Forces): A Space Force. They do it in order to Patrol and protect their colonies and the space between. The US Space Force is the larger than the Chinese by three times after moving most of the naval personnel to space. Other nations only now start to grasp the concept of needing Space Forces of their own. Having a Space Force is having a lot of prestige in the Second Cold War.

5th of March until 8th of March 2025 - A part of the US Pacific Navy is at a Mexican standoff with the Chinese fleet. Both fleets eventually withdraw from the area as both sides do not want a war - at least not for now.

9 of March until 16 March 2025- A week in the Western world called Peace in the Solar system. The Western public asks the government of both China and the United States to try to improve relations between each other in order to make sure that the Second Cold war will not end like the First.

2035- The US unveils its Second Generation Capital Space Ship, the first one (The USS

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