United States of America
Estados Unidos de América (Spanish) Etat-Unis Du Amerique (French) Vereinigte Staaten Von Amerika (German) единый государства Америка (Russian) Stati Uniti d'America (Italian) Verenigde Staten Van Amerika (Dutch) 미국 (Korean) アメリカ合衆国 (Japanese) 美国 (Chinese)
Timeline: America Takes All Lands From Mexico And Ottoman Empire

OTL equivalent: United States, Mexico, And Southern British Columbia, Philippines, Liberia, South Africa, Australia, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Cuba, Purto Rico, Dominica, Haiti, Namibia, Bostwana, Taiwan,
800px-Flag of the United States 110 States.svg Great Seal of the United States (obverse)
Flag of the United States Great Seal of the United States
USA America Takes.svg
Location of United States

Religion, Indepéndencia, Union
("Religion, Independence, Union")

Anthem "Star Spangled Banner
Star Spangled Banner instrumental
Capital Washington D.C.
Largest city Mexico City
Other cities New York, Laura Angeles, San Lazarga, Las Vegas, Miami, Denver, Ciudad Florida, Seattle, Chicago, Sydney, Guadalajara, Veracruz, Atlanta, Acapulco, Merida, Monterrey, Phoenix, Ciudad Arizona, Santa Fe, Detroit, Lincoln City, Manila, Cape Town, Brisbane, Pretoria, Perth, Tokyo, Seoul, Jamesway, Taipei, Osaka
Language English, Spanish (USA, Mexico, Philippines, Dominica, Panama, Nicaragua & Puerto Rico) French (Louisiana & Haiti) German (US State of New Dortmund & Minnesota) Russian (Alaska) Korean, Japanese Tagalog
Religion Christianity, Catholicism, Protestant
Ethnic Group Americans, Whites & White Hispanics Hispanics African & Asian
Demonym American
Government Representative Democracy
President Brian Williams
  Vice President: Barrack Obama
Senate President Joe Biden
Area 9,826,675,1,972 km km²
Population 194,447,000 
Established 1789
Independence from Britain
  declared 1776
  recognized 1783
Currency US Dollar
Calling Code +1
Internet TLD .com, .net, .org, .gov, .gob, .edu, .asia, .air, .cat, .cab, .careers, .usa, .mex, .col, .es, .club, .en, .eus, .voyage, .ph, .travel, .museum, .cccp, .ru, .sovietpact, .eu,
Organizations UN, NATO, SovietPact, EU, OAS, Latin Union, NAFTA,
The United States of America (also referred to as the United States, the U.S.A, the U.S., or America)  is 

a federal constitutional republic comprised of fifty states and a federal district. Forty eight states as well as the federal district of Washington, D.C. are located on the North American mainland, referred to as the "contiguous 48" or the "upper 48." Its other two states, Cuba and Puerto Rico, are on islands in the Caribbean Sea. Mainland America is bordered to the northeast by the French colony of Canada and to  the northwest by Alaska, and America shares its southern border exclusively with Mexico. The country also possesses territory in the South Pacific and Caribbean and is responsible for the national defense of Jamaica, Barbados and Hawai'i.

With over 385 million inhabitants, the United States is the fifth largest country by population behind China, France, Gangestan and Japan. It is also the third-largest country by land mass, behind Alaska and Siberia. It is one of the most multicultural countries in the world as a result of large-scale immigration from foreign countries. It is home to the world's second-largest economy behind France, and the second-largest military in the world, also behind France. Alongside France, the United States is one of the world's two superpowers and is a leading cultural, financial and political force in the world.

the federal district of Washington, D.C. are located on the North American mainland, referred to as the 119 States And Commonwealth Cuba and Puerto Rico, are on islands in the Caribbean Sea. Mainland America is bordered to the northeast by the Unified Canada and to the northwest by Russia, and America shares its southern border exclusively with Guatemala. The country also possesses territory in the South Pacific and Caribbean and is responsible for the national defense of Jamaica, Barbados and Hawai'i.                     

With over 956 Million Inhabitants USA is most first population and entertainment also popular media in world and 2nd Danubia 3rd Spain 4th United American States Of Australia 5th United American States Of South Africa


In American Revolt Spain Took Over 13 Colonies And US Map 1787 Until 1789 And It Was Attack The Spanish Language Appears In United States Was Being Love

Great Depression, World War II

The Great Crisis Happens And US Government Worried Due To Rise Of Military Dictatorship And History And Dust Bowl Of Capasonos Starts Soon...
Dust Bowl 1936

Great Desperation Dust Bowl

It Was Cause Dust Bowl In Ohio And Capasonos De Villia And Major Dust Bowls In World War 2 Japan Empire Bombed Manila And Obregon Also Guadalajara It Was Burned

People Sad At Guadalajara

It Was Bombed At Guadalajara And Failed To Won After Planes Defeat Japan Bombers

After Nuke It Was Surrendered

Atomic cloud over Hiroshima

Mushroom cloud over Hiroshima

Space Race

In Apollo 11 And 12 First Nation On Moon Followed By Numbers Nation on Moon

Buzz Aldrin salutes the U.S. Flag

This is the overview timeline for the Space Race since the point of divergence.

The Space Race, in many expert views, started with the Soviet successful launch of the first man into space in 1961. It further intensified during the Kennedy administration when he called on America to go to the moon by the end of the decade (the 1960's). It was during the Nixon administration that the most dramatic changes in American policy took place. These changes were in response to the USSR's sudden leap in space-related spending and what many see as a policy change that nearly ended the leadership of the Soviet premier Leonid Brezhnev.

The rewards of the alteration from a cold war to a (peaceful) space race have been the reduction of nuclear weapon stockpiles by nearly 50%, since the signing of the SALT I Treaty in 1971 and SALT ll in 1986. As well as a dramatic change in race relationship within the United States. An unprecedented period of growth in research and development, leading to a near tripling of R&D budgets around the world and a cutting in half of most Defence Budgets. Not only has space and engineering benefited but also health care and most other academic endeavors.

The Soviet-American Alliance And Communist Allied USA And USSR China Successful All Are Successful. But Arabs Against USA & USSR


The current president of the United States is John Stossel, since January 20, 2013. He replaced Hillary Clinton in a surprise upset making him the first independent to win the presidency. He is a registered Libertarian OTL.

Complete List of Presidents.



USA Its Map Are Composed In Its States In 115 States

Americanos Del Norte 3
These US States Are In Capital In World But It Has Allied Like USSR But Now Still Lists Are Here.

Popular Media

These Popular Media Are Good But Maps Are Just Likes These Hollywood Are Movies TV Are Stars Like Disney Stars, Nicklodean Stars And More But Its Celebrities Are Happy We Are Just Want Much So But America Is Stars And Major motion picture given & Around Hollywood California and Hollywood Celebs Mexico And Also Cosplay animated films and television like Disney and nicklodean industry was became nations
Dakota fanning push premiere
Like Laura Sergio Franco

She Was Named In Heavens But Like Happiness

Laura Marano She Is Character Of Austin And Ally But She Is Popular

Celebrities Knows But Knows

Bella Thorne Interviews

Bella Thorne

Laura Marano

Laura Marano

Samira al-Sahar

American-Mexican Actress Eiza Maria


Military And Law Enforcement

USA Is Law enforcement In World Produced By Danubia And It Was Policemen In World But Its World The Military World Is Formed But Its Commander in chief 600 Active Duty Personnel in All Foreign Countries

Flickr - Israel Defense Forces - Soldiers Raising Morale

Soldiers Want Peace

Soldiers Were Used In Military And Composed Of Men And Women Are 100,000,000 Soldiers Worldwide According To UN These Danubians Here Are Soldiers Forces

United States Has Executions And Lead Crimes Against Humanity, Also International Criminal Court Extension Office Located In Key U.S. Cities




FBI Commercial

FBI Commercial

FBI USA-MEX Commercial

American Army Commercial Spanish

American Army Commercial Spanish

American Army commercial Spanish

Sanford Airport Police FL USA - Ford Excursion

Police In USA


USA Has Government places, own places like Governors And Major Law courts In These Places United States Its Government Manger In The World Where Crimes Against Humanity And Immigration Laws Like Reports The Violation Laws US Ordinace And Bans Like Censorship For U.S. Government Major Law And International Laws

US Supreme Court

Supreme Court

Supreme Court Is Court Orders The Law THE Palace

Capitol Hall In USA

Is Composed Of Nations And Spying Countries Against Wars And Surveillance Satellite For Wars, Spying Missings And Reported To US Government Sheriffs, And Major federal courts jury trial and African-American Males Are Jailed At Timed and country most executions in the world and deportations in the world Capital Punishment Is sanctioned in United States For Military Crimes and International Criminal Court Also Crimes Against Humanity And Major Crimes And War Crimes And Deportation Crimes.


The United States has a population on 376,500,000 as of July 2012 from the 2010 census of 368,700,000. The population has been growing steadily since the first census in 1790. It is one of the most diverse and educated populations in the world. America is one of the few major economies whose population is projected to continue to grow. With a strong immigrant history people from around the world continue to move to the United States. There is a sizable illegal immigrant population, estimated at around 2,500,000 most of which are from the war-torn areas of both north and south China. Many Chinese families are known to sell off anything to raise funds to send a child to America. In recent years it has increasingly been a daughter, as so many young men have died in the wars. In addition to the illegal population there is a very large immigrant population of nearly 80,000,000 from virtually every nation on Earth. However, the future is showing sighs of a slow down of its population growth as both immigration and births have slowed down in recent years.

Historical populations
Census Pop.
1790 3,929,214
1800 5,236,631 33.3%
1810 7,239,881 38.3%
1820 9,638,453 33.1%
1830 12,866,020 33.5%
1840 17,069,453 32.7%
1850 23,191,876 35.9%
1860 31,443,321 35.6%
1870 38,558,371 22.6%
1880 49,371,340 28.0%
1890 62,979,766 27.6%
1900 76,212,168 21.0%
1910 92,228,496 21.0%
1920 106,021,537 15.0%
1930 123,202,624 16.2%
1940 132,164,569 7.3%
1950 151,325,798 14.5%
1960 179,323,175 18.5%
1970 203,211,926 13.3%
1980 233,704,202 14.9%
1990 275,771,033 18.1%
2000 325,409,819 17.9%
2010 368,689,324 13.3%

While migration within the United States is nothing new it, in fact, has been going since before the birth of the nation. From historically moving west into Ohio to wagon trains on the Oregon trail or going to the "Golden State" of California for new opportunity, America has always been on the move. What is new, however, is migrating "off planet" to America's prosperous and rapidly growing off world system of space stations and Luna cities and towns. The total population of these new areas is over 1,200,000 and is expected to triple by 2020.

Culture and lifestyle


Popular culture in the early 21st century

The United States is the most diverse country in the world and nearly everyone has an immigrant past (except some Native American people or Pacific Islanders). America has developed a multicultural society based on opportunity and education. While America's past is full of many negatives in regards to race relations and gender equality, America has made great strives in recent decades.

The multicultural population has greatly contributed to America. With a growing Asian population the arts and literature have once again started to change with their growing influences.

Sports has been changing in recent decades as new sports have developed on America's off world communities. The most popular of these is off-road lunar buggy race. Other new activities included human flight in low or zero gravity conditions.

Mass media has not missed the rapid introductory of space culture into the general population. Many television shows include space references or travel to or from. Music also has been influenced,


Cities Are Happens:

1 Washington Washington D.C 1. 97,231,829 11 Chicago Wisconsin 3,918,100
2 New York New York 57,095,853 12 St.Louis Misouri 2,968,700
3 Laura Angeles California 95,664,331 13 Veracruz Veracruz 2,717,197
4 Mexico City Mexico D.F 2. 10,456,789 14 Guadalajara Jalisco 2,011,809
5 San Lazarga Utah 9,567,243 15 Acapulco Oaxaca 2,005,809
6 Denver Colorado 7,483,992 16 Boston Massachussets 1,919,778
7 Detroit Michigan 7,008,981 17 Augusta Maine 1,218,607
8 Miami Florida 4,656,098 18 Atlanta Gregoria 1,034,510
9 Ciudad Florida Florida 4,176,906 19 Manila Philippines 988,400
10 Dallas Texas 3,980,567 20 Seattle Spanish Columbia 943,003

Medicine & Health


American Hospitals

The United States Has Health In World. And United States Major Health Nation Including 221 Nations On Earth The United States Has Expectancy of 78.4 Years Of Birth USA Is A Global Leader of Medical Innovation In 2010, Strikes Like coronary artery disease Alzheimer disease risk factors are poor diet, tobacco, cigarettes, obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, depression United States are among highest in the world and major healthcare increase and U.S. Teenage Pregnancy and abortion rates are lower and in other nations. The United States health care system is single user system and most Americans have excellent health. Due to

CAT scan

the rapid expansion into space and onto the moon many new problems have arisen. Several pathogens have mutated due to exposure to space radiation because of inadequate shielding. This forced America to set up very strict policy of monitoring and prevention. Other advances have come due to Luna regolith causes both eye and lung problems. Regolith, which are nearly microscopic pieces of rock with sharp edges, is a severe problem throughout the lunar communities. This problems have lead to many advances in eye and lung care and treatment which otherwise may not have been made.

Orbital habitats have in recent years have established Zero G medical facilities. The Shriners L5 Center is a floating hospital that allows children with severe burns or spinal problems to be treated without having to lay down which is a great cause of pain.


The United States is largely energy independent and is a major exporter of nuclear technologies and other forms of green energies. Solar and wind technologies for the production of electricity have seen dramatic improvements over the last few decades. The United States remains a fossil fuel dependent nation and is a moderate sized exporter of oil and refined fuels.


The economy of the United States is the largest in the world with a gross domestic product (GDP) of $22.1 trillion dollars and a per capita (GNP) of $60,000 ranking seventh. Its economy is mixed industrial with a strong agricultural sector which produces over half the world's exportable surplus grains. It has an ample mining sector and is the largest producer of steel on earth (300 million long tons) and in LEO (75 million long tons).

The United States is renowned around the world for its continued "can-do" attitude, an innovative workforce and large middle class. The driving force in the USA is its rapidly growing space assets and continued efforts to maintain a technological advantage over its chief rival the Soviet Union, both of which receive very large research and development budgets.

Foreign relations and military

America maintains embassies in most countries around the world and maintains close ties with her NATO allies and largest trading partners. The United States is currently involved in a period of détente with the Soviet Union in its ongoing space race. While its unannounced space race has been a focus point in its national policy for over four decades; the space race is in fact an off-shoot of the cold war, also unannounced.

The United States' ongoing rivalry in space with the Soviet Union can be traced back to the Nixon administration when both the United States and the Soviet Union starting placing greater efforts on space exploration and technologies. These efforts caused a great amount of concern among the "hawks" of both nations. However, Nixon was able to get a working majority from both parties to prevent a slowdown in spending for NASA and other space related programs.

The cold war also require a substantial amount of national resources. The assets that America pours into the military does not necessarily pay off dividends in the civilian sector the same way a space and other sciences do.
220px-Fleet 5 nations-1-

The military of the United States is by far the most powerful. The United States has a draft system to ensure an adequate troop level. It has an active force of 2,150,000 with 3,000,000 reservists and guardsmen. Its navy is backed by over 350 combat vessels, with ten carrier battle groups, five Ithacus strike force groups and 150 submarines. The army has 11,500 tanks and 18,000 other armored vehicles as well as nearly 2500 helicopters. The air force maintains 4500 combat craft with 200 long range sub-orbital bombers, while its space command force (its newest branch) has 100 rockets capable of moving 1200 troops or marines per ship. It also has a space force of 215 defense satellites and 24 orbital gunboats and eight ships with interplanetary reach.

Science and technology

Main page Science and Technology

Space travel

The United States has a very active space program which has changed greatly over the last few decades. From launching small rockets into orbit in the late 1950's to sending probes deep into space the United States has been very engaged in a Space Race with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The primary space agency is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) which was founded in 1958. NASA's mission has been to "pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research." Other agencies include Space Command founded in 1979 to utilize outer space for the United States Armed Services and to protect American assets from unlawfulness. Federal Space Administration (FSA) founded in 1981 whose mission is to control and guide spacecraft throughout the solar system.

Telecom and technology

The United States maintains very advanced communication and computer networks. Its computer industry has been on the cutting edge for many decades. American and Europeans have in a joint project recently passed the exa scale computer level. The supercomputer nicknamed "Superman" is located in Houston, Texas and will be used for researching advanced nuclear-pulse rocket for NASA and the ESA.


1st January New Year's Day Día Nueva Año Christian (Georgian Calendar)
29th January Francisco Day Dia Francsico Francisco Day
6th February Day Of Join Mexico, Spanish Columbia To United States, 1820 And 1849 Dia De Unirse De Mexico, Colombia Espanol a Estados Unidos, 1820 y 1849 The Mexico And Spanish Columbia Joins United States 1820 And 1849
1st May Labor Day Día de trabajo Labor Day
8th May Day Of Defeat Of Confederates, 1865 Dia De Derrota Confederados, 1865 The Defeat Of Confederates in End Of American Civil War
27th May Military Day Dia Militaria Military Day Of Jose
4th July Independence Day Dia Independencia Something like an Independence   Day From Spain
6th August  Victory Day And First Nuclear Weapons 1945 Dia Victoria y Primero Nuclear armas First Nuclear Weapons And Victory Of Nuke Of Japan Empire, 1945
8th October Armed Forces Day Dia De Fuerzas Armadas Victory in Manila 1944 Lost Of Mourning Soldiers
25th December Christmas Day Dia Navidad Christmas Holidays And Birth Of Jesus
31st December Day Of Defeat Of British At Yorktown Siege Derrota Británico


The US Sports Are Happy US Sports Formed Starts In 1877 United States Became Most Sports Popular Entertainment Nation And Became Major Superpower And US Produced And Introduced Many Sports Like Basketball, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Rugby And All. USA Became Most Major Powers And Has Superstates And Supersports In World Many Major Sports Introduced to World And Became Sports And Games Entertainment Nation on Earth

Michael Jordan, Slamdunk Contest, Chicago, IL - 1988

Michael Jordan

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