Conservative Party
Chairperson LordGanon (in absence, Fed)
Leader Fed
Chancellor open
Youth Chairman open
Founded 2012
Preceded by TSPTF supremacy
Headquarters you're there!
Student wing Students of Tradition
Youth wing Heirs to the World
Ideology Conservatism
Reactionary politics
Official colors Prussian Blue (003153)
Red (FF0000) (unrecognised by the Party)
Members in the TSPTF
2 / 40
Members of the Senate
1 / 73


  • To prevent the fall of the wiki to ochlocracy and ASB
  • Order and progress over the rule of the mob
  • Bases of a friendly non-partisan cooperation between all members of the wiki
  • Maintain the order of the wiki in the face of growing threats. Support the correct categorisation of ASB tags (it is not an insult - it is a tag!) and retain order and fairness.
  • Fair re-evaluation of TSPTF powers so that they can as efficiently as possible represent users and maintain order.

Known Members

  • Fed
  • Katholico
  • other purist TSPTF members

You are free to join this party. Just put your name in the list under known members, and in the main page! Help will always be welcome in this page!

Joining a Party

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