At the beginning of time, evil ceased to exist, forming a perfect (or utopian) world. Many things had not occurred. Empires were not created. Republics were not established. Utopian anarchy was the only establishment. People all over got along. Racism was not an issue, and still the world advanced. Instead of countries, the world consisted of different communes. There were still many different races. Currency had ceased to exist, and thus everything was free. There was no government controlling anything. Religion was established in different communities and varied by the different type of people. Everyone treated each other as if they were family. Nobody was rich, and nobody was poor.


The Beginning

God created the heavens and the Earth. Evil ceased to exist.

200,000 years ago

Early humans learned to develop communes, and fend for themselves.

1st century

Civilization was able to advance even by the first century, without government stronghold.

16th century

The world was formed of 116 communes.

21st century

The world continues to be advanced.

Notable communes

  • The Saint Louis Silence, of this commune it is wise to be silent, though there is no enforced laws. Saint Louis is a silent commune. An educated commune.
  • Commune de Paris, one of the most diverse communes in the world. It is also the party commune of the world. Der Rang, an independent paper in the München Gemeinde, ranked Commune de Paris, one of the most largest party destinations.

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