Vladislaus of Warsaw
Timeline: [[Premyslid Bohemia]]

1th Duke of Warsaw
July 5, 1335 - November 17, 1382

Successor Vladislaus III
Born March 13, 1315
Died November 17, 1382
Duchess Margaret of Tyrol
Religion Catholic
Vladislaus of Warsaw was third and last son of Wenceslaus III of Bohemia and Viola of Cieszyn, although his father-in-law ramsacked Bohemia, he married Margaret of Tyrol, anyway. In 1348 he battled on French side with John the Blind in Thirteen Years War, but was called back to stop First Polish Revolution. When he finally took over again the war was over. On June 7, 1356, his son Vladislaus III with his wife. His second son John was born on August 18, 1361 and his daugter Margaret was born on September 13, 1362. He etended his brother's burial in 1379 and himself died on November 17, 1382 from cholera.
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