The Yalta Conference, sometimes called the Crimea Conference, held February 4–11, 1945, was 

Yalta summit 1945 with Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin

The Yalta Conference. Here, several key decisions relating to Poland's future were made.

the meeting of the heads of government of the United States, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union, represented by President Franklin D. Roosevelt Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Premier Joseph Stalin, respectively, for the purpose of discussing Europe's post-war reorganization. The conference convened in the Livadia Palace near Yalta in Crimea

Key Points

Key points of the meeting are as follows:

  • Agreement to the priority of the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany. After the war, Germany and Berlin would be split into four occupied zones.
  • Stalin agreed that France would have a fourth occupation zone in Germany, but it would have to be formed out of the American and British zones.
  • Germany would undergo demilitarization and denazification.
  • German reparations were partly to be in the form of forced labour. The forced labour was to be used to repair damage that Germany inflicted on its victims.
  • Creation of a reparation council which would be located in the Republic of Poland
  • The status of Poland was discussed. It was agreed, with heavy opposition, to allow the Polish state, due to its ability to organize and execute a plan of total liberation, to exist free of establishment influence of the Soviet Union and the Allies. 
  • The Polish eastern border would follow the Curzon Line, and Poland would receive territorial compensation in the West from Germany.
  • Stalin pledged to not interfere with Poland, on the condition that it would not be allowed to join any Allied military organizations on the basis of protecting the security of the Soviet Union.
  • Citizens of the Soviet Union and of Yugoslavia were to be handed over to their respective countries, regardless of their consent.
  • Roosevelt obtained a commitment by Stalin to participate in the U.N.
  • Stalin requested that all of the 16 Soviet Socialist Republics would be granted U.N. membership. This was taken into consideration, but 14 republics were denied.
  • Stalin denied to enter the fight against the Empire of Japan, citing discourse with the Allied plans that ran contrary to his own.
  • Nazi war criminals were to be hunted down and brought to justice.
  • A "Committee on Dismemberment of Germany" was to be set up. The final decision is below:


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