Hello, and welcome to the '96: a worst case scenario official page. The Scenario pictures an alternate post-nuclear war 1996 where the cold war goes nuclear in the 1950s.

A map of the world in the scenario (1996)


1935 - Nvemba Okafor, an extremely wealthy Nigerian aristocrat, buys the colonial territory of French West Africa from France and forms "Okafor's Estate" as an independent nation.

1952 - The US goes through with MacArthur's plan to nuke China in an attempt to win the Korean War, the USSR retaliates, starting WW3 1953 - Most of the major cities in the world have been destroyed, 60 percent of humanity's population is destroyed. 1956 - Antarctica has mostly melted, causing the coastlines in many areas to shift and islands to go underwater.

1957 - The remnants of the US and Canadian governments form into the nation of "Americanada."

1963 - Mongolia, largely unaffected by the nuclear war due to its mountains which kept it isolated, is taken over by a ultranationalist group which proclaims a "New Mongol Empire."

1966 - A cultist group known as the "Sons of Montezuma" take over much of Mexico and the American West Coast and proclaim a New Aztec Empire. 1968 - The Hudson Bay Company breaks off from Americanada and forms the "Hudson Bay Republic" a confederate restoration movement also break away from Americanada later that year. 1971 - A young South African revolutionary known as Nelson Mandela takes over most of sub-Saharan Africa, proclaiming the "State of Mandela". Egypt attempts to stop the state of Mandela from taking over the entire continent by asserting control over Sudan and Ethiopia. 1975 - Jean-Bédel Bokassa takes over Central Africa and proclaims the "Bokassa Dynasty" 1978 - Anarcho-Syndicalists take over Colombia and Venezuela and proclaim the "Diaz Syndicate" 1980 - Brazil. After being in anarchy for nearly 30 years, reorganizes and forms "New Brazil" 1985 - A Japanese nationalist movement takes over Japan and invades Mongolian held Korea.

1990 - Wilhelm Gerstein, a Neo-Nazi who is clinically insane, takes over Germany and Northern Europe, he declares himself "Adolf Hitler II" and announces the 4th Reich.

An image of Wilhelm Gerstein

1992 - Both the European Union and the Indo-European federation form to compete with their bigger neighbors 1993 - Indonesia invades Indochina and the nuclear wasteland of Australia, declaring the Majapahit People's Republic.

1994 - The Arab world unites under a new Islamic movement, declaring the "Caliphate of Saladin."

1996 - the current year in the scenario.

List of Nations within the scenario

Name of Nation Flag of nation history leader
Reich of Prosperity
Flag of German post (East Germany).svg
Formed in 1990 by Wilhelm Gerstein, the leader of a Neo-Nazi Pagan cult, the 4th Reich or the "Reich of Prosperity" remains a threat to the neighboring EU. Wilhelm Gerstein
Okafor's Estate

An image of Asagai Okafor, the current head of Okafor's Estate

Americanada Flag in 1996.jpg
Flag of Okafor's Estate.jpg

in 1990 by Wilhelm Gerstein, the leader of a Neo-Nazi Pagan cult, the 4th Reich or the "Reich of Prosperity" remains a threat to the neighboring EU. |Wilhelm Gerstein |- |Okafor's Estate |

|A country which was formed by the rich and is run by the rich, Okafor's Estate has one of the biggest wealth gaps in the entire world. |Asagai Okafor

|- |Japanese Federation |

Japan Tricolor Flag.jpg

|Japan, now revived with the same nationalism as seen during the Meji Restoration, seeks to fight Mongolia for Dominance over East Asia. |

Takako Doi.jpg

Takako Doi |- |Republic of Americanada |

|Formed after the nuclear war when the American and Canadian governments merged to form one country. |

Jean Doré.jpg

{| class="infobox vcard" ! colspan="2" |Jean Dore |- |} |- |Mongol Empire |

Mongolia Flag 1996.jpg

|With all of their neighbors reduced to ashes, a newly formed fascist Mongolia under Uranjargal began an invasion into neighboring nations. |


Uranjargal |}

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