Álengsk Caribaejyar
Timeline: The Kalmar Union
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Álengsk, Carib
Queen Thorey VII
Governor Haukur Jónasson
Population 310,400 
Currency ALK

The Álengsk Caribaejyar is a federation of three nominally Álengsk islands in the Carib Islands. The combined population of the islands is around 310,400 and its unofficial capital is Suthránhófn on Jouanace.

Both Álengsk and Carib dialects are recognised as official languages.

The currency is the Álengsk Krona (ALK).


The more northerly Humareyja and Saltureyja were annexed by Álengiamark in the 1680s after the islands' native inhabitants, the Caribs, were almost wiped out thanks to their wars against the Danes in the Danish Taino Islands and a particularly brutal outbreak of plague. The small population of Humareyja is largely Álengsk and has been clamouring for official status within Álengiamark for many years.

The southern island of Jouanace meanwhile was the last independent Carib island but its chiefs felt threatened by the annexation of its neighbours in the late 18th century as Europe tightened its hold on the region during the Second Mexic-Leifian War. Preferring a Leifian nation's protection rather than a 'foreign' European regime it asked Álengiamark to form a protectorate over the island in 1784. The north of the island was heavily damaged by the double eruption of the Fljótlavac volcano in 1902 which killed some 30,000 people. Both it and Carib majority Saltureyja see their relationship with Álengiamark as merely one of convenience.

The islands are mostly reliant on agricultural exports and are somewhat dependent on Álengiamark to buy their produce.


All three islands largely run themselves, a situation that St Hafdiss has never tried to change though it does impose a governor from St. Hafdiss to oversee the governing. The last political battle between St. Hafdiss and Suthránhófn was over votes for women. Elections are held every four years by universal suffrage.

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