État français
French State
Etat France
Official language French
Capital Paris
Leader Jean Marie Le Pen
State Ideology Fascism
Territories Western France, French Belgium
Population 80,000,000
Establishment 1940
Currency Franc

After several severe cessions of territory in the occupied part of France, French full sovereignty and territorial integrity was officially restored in 1944. The Laval-Pétain regime could finally regain its colonial possessions with ease, becoming a world power again. France itself is firmly controlled by the SS/Gestapo now, and there are few nations were racial laws are so rigorously conducted like in France. The results are devastating, as Gypsies, Black Africans, Homosexuals, surviving Jews and peoples from the colonies are persecuted in the most gruesome way. Due to rumors about the Résistance, the French regime becomes more and more oppressive and totalitarian.

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