Alternative History

In the huge wacky scenario a few critical changes affected the world changed in the most unpredictable and weird way:

+Vietnam under Gia Long modernized his country instead of disliking the foreign while Thailand didn't modernize and get swallow up by the French colonist. Vietnam then learned the expansionist ambition of Japan and invaded China as an act of revenge for their thousand years of invasion on Vietnamese soil.

+Sweden retake their expansionist ambition instead of giving it up and began sending their ship to suppress the Boxer Rebellion.

+The long faded Mongol tried to rebuilt their glorious past empire and Russian Empire planned a huge plan to build an ambition for an Eurasian Empire.

+The Qing dynasty was so desperate to revive their glory that they secretly made a deal with the Russian and Mongolian to create the Eurasian Empire to push back the foreigner who had been ransacking their weakened empire.

+Hitler got accepted into an art school which removed the same World War 2 scenario or the total rise of the Nazis.

+Japan failed to rise into Fascism during the Great Depression but their government managed to stop the problem from happening but their economy got damaged because of that.

The world soon know what kind of madness waiting for them in the future.

Empires 8 vs Eurasian Empire

The world descended into the first World War faster than expected. With the weapon support of the Russian Empire and the Mongolian the Qing Empire find themselves being able to leverage a higher advantage in demanding the other foreign power to reduce the amount of occupied land. Even if it won't help them freeing all of their land but it was quite an achievement after a few engagements.

But this also strained the relationship against the Russian Empire as they feared the whole idea of German Empire, Russian Empire, Qing Empire and Mongolian Empire tried to form an unstoppable force capable of thrashing the whole Eurasia.

Lucky that the German Empire switched their side after seeing the revolution in China in 1912 that potentially cause the China to gain a huge industrial traction given what they experienced with the French Revolution.

With the tension between both side the war finally break off in 1914.

War of 11 Empires.png

Empires 8 Victory and the rise of Communism

The war ended much sooner than normal as the Russian Empire collapsed in 1917 with the Communism Revolution then the Mongol Communism in 1921 and the Chinese suffered the same revolution in 1929 (which the Soviet and Mongolian played a help on it).

Meanwhile the Empires 8 collapsed but still remain with a different form: United 8.

A combination between 8 former members of the Empires 8 who had learn the massive cost of the World War 1 can damage their nation and their claim on their colonies.

This was why the United 8 focused more on mutual defense rather than offensive tactic. Meanwhile the downfall of the Eurasian Empire doesn't not mean the end of their game.

Instead they created the Communist Alliance between the Soviet, Mongolian and the CCP. This feared the Empires 8 as the spread of this alliance can reach to their colonies or even their host country.

Even when the Great Depression hit their economy they still stand united because of their fear of the Red as the Communist Alliance didn't get affected much by the economic collapse.

And everything else was purely history.

U8 vs Communist.png

Different World War 2

Instead of a war against the Fascist it was the war against the Red. Without Hitler the Nazis never came into power and Mussolini was merely an unimportant figure of the Fascism who never got an ally in Germany. Meanwhile the Great Depression in Japan didn't lead to Fascism but their economy cannot recover for a long time. Same goes with Vietnam Empire who lose their colonies one by one even if they managed to keep their economy in one spot but in a badly injured state.

The U8 clashed against their enemies in two different fronts at 1939 but they cannot defeat their enemies and was forced to sign a peace treaty in 1945.

Not only they failed the chain of anti-colonialism spread through the whole world once the war ended as both sides suffered a massive manpower damage and it ended with a huge victory for Soviet and China.

The Mongolian gained their victory but their influence was much weaker compared to the other two.

PATO vs Eurasian Pact and the downfall of Fascism

The Communism gained a big start right after the Poland Wall was being built by the Treaty of Zurich after the World War 2. With the spread of anti-colonialism Communism became the popular thing, meanwhile the Fascism never become a thing as it was never a trend to begin with and it got removed after a revolution in Italy happened to remove Mussolini out of his power in 1945 to create a republic for Italy.

Instead of the NATO an alternative version of it had been created to contain their nemesis: PATO (Pacific-Atlantic Treaty Organization). The other side wasn't the Warsaw Pact but the Eurasian Pact which consist of many nations who is inside the sphere of influence of the Soviet and China.

India, Thailand, United Korea and a long list of Eurasian nations were among the Eurasian Pact as the Soviet, Mongolia and China supported their weapon to push back the colonist during the time where colonialism was on its downfall. The Korean War ended up in the disaster as PATO army failed to stop the Eurasian Pact from overwhelming them with raw number and firepower.

The America supported a lot of weapon on the European front and Pacific front as Germany, Japan, Vietnam and Finland is on the verge of being attacked first if the Cold War turned hot.

But lucky for them the next event marked the downfall of their nemesis.

PATO vs Eurasian Pact Cold War.png

Final collapse. The end?

The economy collapse of Soviet caused the Russian Federation to be born but the Chinese survived with their strategy to open their market to save their economy.

Even by then the PATO hoped that they can have their democracy but instead the Chinese became more oppressive and nationalistic which caused the Second Cold War to begin.

The Eurasian Pact reborn into Eurasian Corporation Treaty which was just another attempt to revive the old Eurasian Empire dream but this time the Russian no longer lead the group but instead the Chinese surpassed them.

But so does the other countries. They are getting stronger after their loss of colonies.

Japan already reached the peak of their economy in 1980 before the burst of their economy but they are still going strong with the huge amount of cultural injection into the world through anime, manga, JPop and other entertainment industries after their catastrophic loss during the World War 2 and their final demise of their colonist dream.

Vietnam went through a huge change just like Japan with the rise of VPop, VDrama, 3D entertainment after their colonies network in South East Asia collapsed. Both Japan and Vietnam enjoyed a strong political relationship as their economies both rival but interlocked together. Meanwhile Korea and China still resent and jealous of both of them for their colonist behavior back in the past.

Europe underwent a strong pacifist movement as their colonies system had been lost by American decision to push them out of their old way.

The America is still a questionable superpower and the leader of the PATO but so far no one can denied their prowess and their technological advantage over the their Eurasian rival.