Alternative History

The Treaty of Ghent was a treaty made to end the Anglo-Lotharingian war, which is know as The Anglo-Lotharingian treaty of 1338 - which was a war due to the dispute surrounding the Legitimacy John and lasted from 1337 until 1338.  Although Tensions between the Lotharingians and the English existed for decades before, this war being a short burst of Aggression and bloodshed afterwards. Both Heads of states John III of Lotharingia and Edward III of England, agreeing to stop this bloodshed in face of bigger issues.


  • Lotharingia will respect the current Flemish Borders and her Sovereignty - England will respect Lotharingian Sovereignty.
  • County of Namur and Tournaisis will Join the Parliament of Mechelen and accept John III archduke of Lotharingia as their Ruler
  • Lotharingia will end the Support to Edmond Mortimer and his movement.
  • There will be a Truce for 3 Years between both The kingdom of England and the Archduchy of Lotharingia.


  • County of Flanders- Count Louis I of Flanders.
  • Kingdom of England- Signed King Edward III of the Kingdom of England.
  • Archduchy of Lotharingia- Archduke John III of Lotharingia.