Alternative History

"I held off Timur at Balkh. Balkh is in ruins, but I defeated Abu Sufyan."

- Amir Husayn

Central Asia

Battle of Balkh

Amir Husayn finds himself betrayed and besieged by Timur, but he is not going to give up. Husayn's army stays in the city, only leaving occasionally to burn siege towers and conduct supply raids. Also, Timur's men begin to have their grievances with him. He is showing to be a cruel leader, and his claim to be of linage of Chingghis Khan is dubious at best. The assaults are less enthusiastic as the fight goes on, with the city holding out for three months before one of Timur's men assassinates him, and the siege is abandoned.


The Chagatai Khanate then soon collapsed into many warring factions, with Amir Husayn, who happened to be Timur's brother being a possible candidate as leader.

Eastern Europe

Ottomans on the Rise

In Maritsa, a small Ottoman army of 800 slaughters thousands of Serbian imperial troops during a night raid. Thousands of Serbs were killed from drowning when they tried to flee in the Maritsa river. Serbia collapsed, and the Ottomans expanded and raided further into Serbia. The Serbian Empire collapsed. The Ottomans continued raiding Serbia and Bulgaira, and convinced the Bulgarian Tsar Shishman to become a vassal of the Ottomans. However, fortunately for Eastern Europe, Serbia won at the battle of Dubravnica in 1381, very temporarily halting Ottoman expansion. At the battle of Savra, Hayreddin Pasha defeated the Lord of Lower Zeta, Balsa II, and killed him. This was because Karl Thopia requested Ottoman help in the war. This made the local Serbian and Albanian lords vassals of the Ottomans. In the battle of Plocnik, Lala Sahin Pasha was desievly defeated by a Serbian force, led by Lazar Hrebelijnovic.