The Treaty of Ghent of 1390 was a treaty made to end the Burgundian-Lotharingian war. Also known as the Treaty of the Schelde, the treaty ended a conflict that was fought over a dispute surrounding the new centralisation under the Senatus Regus Lotharri from [1380 to 1390].  Although Tensions between the Lotharingians and the Burgundians existed for years before, this war was the great struggle between Burgundy and Lotharingian rebels, and Lotharingia and the Pro-senate forces.


  • The kingdom of Lotharingia, The duchy and county of Burgundy and the County of Flanders will all agree on a 11-year-long non-aggression agreement.
  • The County of Flanders will give up a strip of land between Aalst and Zeeland (Map for more details has been made).
  • The Kingdom of Lotharingia will end the Blockade of Flemish ports, and allow free trade once more.
  • The Reisers will accept the status of Ghent and Frans Ackerman will join the Senatus Regus Lotharri as one of its founding members.


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