Alternative History

The 1498 Imperial Election of France was a French Imperial Election that took place in 1498 following the death of Emperor Charles VIII.


Louis d'Valois was elected Emperor Louis XII.

The Electors

  • King-Elector of Normandy: Henry Tudor (also Henry VII of England).
  • King-Elector of Burgundy: Philip of Hapsburg (also King of Spain).
  • Prince-Elector of Champagne: Louis d'Valois (later Emperor Louis XII).
  • Duchess-Elector of Brittany: Anne (widow of Charles VIII and engaged to Louis XII).
  • Duke-Elector of Bourbon: Peter II.
  • Count-Elector of Angouleme: Francis I (later Emperor Francis I).


Anne of Brittany had married Emperor Charles VIII. She now became engaged to Louis d'Valois, and so he cast a vote in her name - no doubt for himself. This created controversy, with the other electors asking for Brittany to lose its status as an electorship, as it gave the House of Capet too much power. But the newly elected Emperor refused.