Soviet Union (14 points) POD: Woodrow Wilson's 14 points are approved by the Versailles conference.

1917-1919: After much heated debate, the 14 Points are chosen over the Treaty of Versailles. Smaller nations resist this plan, but are eventually convinced into accepting into the 14 Points.

1921: Much of the western world has completely disarmed, with only a few soldiers left for self defence. The Soviet Union quietly watches, planning a war of conquest in the future.

1924: Stalin takes over leadership of the Soviet Union, and begins building up troops and tanks. To prevent Europe from noticing this, Stalin moves all war factories to the Urals, and bars all diplomats.

1929: The stock markets crash, but Stalin decides to bide his time. He closes his borders and removes the Soviet Union from the global economy. The U.S.S.R. is one of the countries in the world with a stable economy.

1931: Conscription becomes compulsory in all of the Soviet Union. The Red Army swells to 2 million strong, and its industrial base is huge. There is very little unemployment in the Soviet Union.

1939: Russia decides to plan an annexation of Finland, Poland and all of the Baltic States in a "Lightning strike". The third global disarmament conference agrees to outlaw war completely and disband all armies. Stalin does not send representatives to the conference, raising eyebrows across the West.

1941: The USSR annexes many Asian countries, as well as Manchuria and Korea. Now the world begins to see the full power of the Soviet Union. The league of Nations fails to impose sanctions. Subsequently, with little done about the global depression, many nations ally themselves with the Soviet Union.

1943: It begins. The Soviets begin a massive attack on the Baltic states and reclaims much territory it lost in 1917. By the end of the year, much of Eastern Europe has fallen to the Soviets, with Turkey sure to fall soon. Neville Chamberlain tries to bring about a peace conference, which gives Russia the whole of Eastern Europe and Finland. Meanwhile, all of the west has disarmed completely.

1944: By July, Russia is at the Alsace-Lorraine. Chamberlain realises that Stalin cannot be negotiated with.

1945: Things are extremely grim. Russia now has the atomic bomb, and uses it on Paris and Rome (which still held out under an equally totalitarian Mussolini) to break Continental Europe's back. Stalin also annexes China and India. By now, most of Eurasia is under the Soviet Union.

1946: Stalin now orders "Operation Leopard", the invasion of Britain, to go into effect. Their token self-defence force is no match as the Red Army storms their way through to Scotland. Eire is also annexed. In reprisal for Zhukov being killed in Zurich by Swiss partisans, an atomic bomb is used over Zurich and Geneva. By the end of the year, the Soviet Union, now covers all of Eurasia and Australasia with Africa under the boot of Communism now imposed on over 1 billion people. Churches begin to be looted and destroyed. Communism also begins to seep through Latin America, with Brazil and Argentina becoming Communist as well as Canada and Mexico in North America.

1947: The Soviet Union launches an invasion of the United States. New York, Washington, LA, San Francisco, Dallas, Austin, Omaha, Atlanta, Miami, San Antonio, Denver, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Boston, Charleston, Arlington are all simultaneously nuked, with over 100 million dead Americans. Now the Soviet Union dominates the entire world, and it was all the fault of President Thomas Woodrow Wilson for encouraging the world to disarm, because the 14 points were useless against an expansionist Russia. Stalin becomes God-like in propaganda as "the liberator of the world". In fact, the global nightmare had begun.

1953: Stalin dies of a stroke. Before he dies, Vyacheslav Molotov is appointed his successor. Beria and the others in the former inner circle are executed, and Molotov begins a reign of terror far worse than his predecessor.

1968: Soviet Astronaut Yuri Gagarin takes the first steps on the moon. After planting a Hammer and Sickle on the moon, his immortal words "This proves that the revolution can be spread across the galaxy. I hope to live long enough to see that happen. Workers of the Galaxy, Unite!" reverberate across the world. After he died burning up in the atmosphere, Molotov decided to posthumously award him the Hero of Socialist Labour award.

1970s: Many Americans begin to steal weapons and ammunition from their conquerors. Many of these freedom fighters live in the wilderness of the American West. Using guerrilla tactics and their superior knowledge of the land to their advantage. They call themselves The Wolverines.

January 1,1981:Every communist in the world dies at midnight GMT. The world population is now only 429,000,000,but they are all capitalists.

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