Arles - Thomas II dies. He is succeeded by Frederick XIV.


Aragon - James V dies. His daughter Catherine succeeds. She is however unstable and government is largely taken over by the chief ministers of the Cort.

Britannia - The Peace of Lancaster ends the Wessex-Kalmar War. Anglia is given Trentmark and New Devon.

Venice - A crushing defeat at Kythera loses Venice much of its Mediterranean galley fleet, opening the way for the Caliphate to safely land on Crete.


Elin VII (The Kalmar Union)

Elin VII, Queen of Álengiamark (1702-1712)

Álengiamark - Queen Gundis dies. Elin VII succeeds.

France - Charles VIII dies. He is succeeded by Catherine II.

Poland - A split in the Sejm over Stephen II's attempts to reign in their powers leads to Michael, Elector of Saxony, being promoted as anti-king.


Venice - The final fortress on Crete falls to Caliphate forces. Venice sues for peace, relinquishing the island.


Scotland - Henry I dies. He is succeeded by his brother James XI.


Aragon - Queen Catherine, increasingly insane, is side-lined and her son James IV crowned as Prince-Regent.


Aragon - Catherine dies and James IV takes full reins of power.


Byzantine Empire - With the Caliphate falling into civil war Byzantine forces swoop on Crete rapidly capturing its understaffed fortresses. Pleas from Venice to return its property are summarily dismissed.



Regensburg - Regensburg secularises itself after the Lutheran bishop throws his Catholic counterpart out of the bishopric with Austria's complicit approval. The brief Regensburg War pits Catholic Bavaria against Lutheran Austria.


Regensburg - Regensburg's continued existence as a secular entity is recognised after Bavaria is defeated. The Prince-Bishop renounces his claims to the Imperial City.

Wessex - Henry V dies. Henry VI succeeds.

Poland - The challenger for the crown Michael I and his loyal nobles are decisively beaten at the Battle of Szadek. Stephen II is now free to push through reforms to the Sejm.


Portrait of a Lady, said to be Louise Julie de Nesle, Comtesse de Mailly by Alexis Grimou

Eyfinna I, Queen of Vinland (1712-1733)

Vinland - Thorey VII dies. She is succeeded by Eyfinna I.

Michael Dahl - Portrait of Mrs. Salisbury GL GM PC 48

Herridr I, Queen of Álengiamark (1712-1771)

Álengiamark - Queen Elin VII dies. Herridr I succeeds.


Gothenland - Christian I dies. He is succeeded by Karl X.

Hordaland - Christopher I dies. He is succeeded by Christopher II.


Henry VI Anglia (The Kalmar Union)

Henry VI, King of Anglia (1715-1718)

Anglia - Henry V dies. Henry VI succeeds.

Aragon - James IV dies. His brother John IX succeeds.


Hungary - Josef II dies. Louis IV succeeds.


Austria - Charles V breaks with the Vatican after he fails to receive a Papal annulment of his marriage to Maria of Aragon. He embraces the Lutheran majority in Austria and declares himself head of the new Church of Austria.


Henry VII Anglia (The Kalmar Union)

Henry VII, King of Anglia (1718-1763)

Anglia - Henry VI dies. Henry VII succeeds.



Ohlonemark - The First Patwin-Ohlone War begins a century of warfare on the Eastern coast of Leifia usually known collectively as the Wars of Patwin Partition.

Austria - Charles V dies. He is succeeded by his brother Rupert who is immediately set upon by a broad alliance of Catholic states. However the Bohemian nobles rally to his cause and relieve Vienna under threat from Bavaria.

Aragon - John IX dies. His cousin John, Count of Gévaudan is crowned as John X.


Luxembourg - Henry XI dies. He is succeeded by William II.

Holy Roman Empire - The death of Emperor George-William leaves a vacuum which the electors are unable to fill. Rupert of Austria is elected by a protestant minority (but will not be crowned until 1742).

Ohlonemark - The First Patwin-Ohlone War ends in Patwin defeat. With no yearly raids to contend with the Ohlone can concentrate on modernizing their army and naval forces.


File:Christopher V Denmark (The Kalmar Union).png

Denmark - Harald V dies. He is succeeded by Christopher V.


Denmark - The Great Fire of Copenhagen devastates the city and leads to a comprehensive rebuilding of the centre.


Gustav V Svea (The Kalmar Union)

Gustav V Olaf, King of Svealand (1726-1759)

Svealand - Gustav IV dies. Gustav V Olaf succeeds.


Tamoioland - Civil war overthrows the unpopular royal family of Tamoioland and installs a more progressive, but hardly more stable, republican government.


Denmark - Christopher V's power grabbing policies have alienated much of his nobility. By the Summer the country is in civil war.

Salzburg - Salzburg is conquered and the city accidentally burnt by Austrian troops loyal to Charles V. The action however marks the turning point of the Austrian Civil War and the Duchy of Tyrol falls the following year.



File:Eric XIII Denmark (The Kalmar Union).png

Denmark - Christopher V dies suddenly. He is succeeded by his less charismatic brother Eric XIII.

Wessex - Henry VI dies. Succeeded by Edmund VII.


Christopher VI Denmark (The Kalmar Union)

Christopher VI, King of Denmark (1732-1759)

Denmark - Eric XIII is overthrown and goes into exile in Poland. His cousin, Christopher VI is crowned.

Poland - Stephen II dies. The Sejm elects his son Jan IV as king.

Arles - Frederick XIV dies. He is succeeded by Charles III.


Greta II (The Kalmar Union)

Greta II, Queen of Vinland (1733-1756)

Vinland - Queen Eyfinna I dies. Greta II succeeds.

Leon - Ferdinand VIII dies. Philip III succeeds.


Ohlonemark - Ohlonemark declares war on the various microstates to its south starting the Second Patwin-Ohlone War.

Naples - Charles VI dies. His son Francis I succeeds.


France - Catherine II dies. Charles IX succeeds.

Gothenland - Karl X dies. He is succeeded by Christian II.

Austria - The death of the Catholic pretender ends the Austrian Civil War.


Scotland - James XI dies. His son Henry II succeeds.


Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel - A diplomatic slight starts the Wolfenbuttel War between Denmark and Austria. Denmark cannot rely on its Kalmar partners thanks to years of decline in the Union and is instead reliant on a shaky coalition of North German states. Austria is eager to regain prominence in Germany after the civil war.


Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel - The Danish army is defeated and Wolfenbuttel occupied. Denmark finally renounces its claim on the Bohemian throne as part of the peace.



Hordaland - Christopher II dies. His daughter Christina succeeds.


Naples - Francis I dies. He is succeeded by Francis II.


Luxembourg - William II dies. He is succeeded by William III.


Ohlonemark - With all of its combatants exhausted, the Second Patwin-Ohlone War ends. Ohlonemark has consumed the renegade Ohlone states, Esselenmark and parts of Patwinland and Southern Yokutland. To the north, Natinixwa has doubled its territory.

Aragon - John X dies. John XI succeeds.

Quedlinburg - Princess Caroline Frederica of Hordaland is elected Head Abbess of Quedlinburg. She begins moves to secularise the principality.


Leon - Philip III dies. Philip IV succeeds.


Hungary - Louis IV dies. Nikolaus I succeeds.

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