Austria-Bohemia - Maximilian III dies. Frederick III succeeds.


North Atlantic - The Katla volcano erupts in Iceland. It causes widespread famine across Leifia. Meanwhile, many Icelandic families move to Vinland, Álengiamark, Keewatin or Rolegurfolkland.

Portugal - The destruction of Lisbon by an earthquake on 1st November triggers a descent into a long anarchy which severely hampers Portuguese power around the world.


Eyfinna II (The Kalmar Union)

Eyfinna II, Queen of Vinland (1756-1790)

Vinland - Queen Greta II dies. She is succeeded by Eyfinna II.


Wessex - Edmund VII dies. He is succeeded by Henry VII.

Poland-Lithuania - Jan IV dies. His son Sigismund III is elected king.

Louise Svea

Louise, Queen of Svealand (1759-1762, 1771-1795)

Svealand - Gustav V Olaf dies. His daughter Louise succeeds. She is 12.

France - Charles IX dies. He is succeeded by Louis XIV.

Christopher VII Denmark (The Kalmar Union)

Christopher VII, King of Denmark (1759-1798)

Denmark - Christopher VI dies. He is succeeded by Christopher VII.

Arles - Charles III dies. He is succeeded by Charles IV.



East Scandinavia - The Great Baltic War begins when Novgorod invades Svealandic Ingria.

Naples - Francis II dies. He is succeeded by his eldest daughter Maria Amalia.


Olaf IV Svea (The Kalmar Union)

Olaf IV, King of Svealand (1762-1771)

Svealand - Olaf IV usurps the Svealandic throne. Louise goes into exile in Hordaland. Olaf orders the Baltic to be cleared of non-friendly ships.


Svealand - The Novgorodians are defeated at the Battle of Neva allowing Olaf vital time to reorganise the army. He orders the occupation of Saaremaa after they refuse to hand over their navy.

Charles V Anglia (The Kalmar Union)

Charles V, King of Anglia (1763-1784)

Anglia - Henry VII dies. Charles V succeeds.


Poland-Lithuania - Sigismund III dies. His son-in-law Alexander II is elected.


Hordaland - Queen Christina dies. Haakon VIII succeeds.

Eastern Europe - Pummelled by the Svealandic army, the Novgorodian government goes into exile in Poland-Lithuania. Poland petitions the Holy Roman Empire to intervene. Emperor Frederick VII confiscates Gustrow and raises an Imperial army to march on Livonia.

Scotland - Henry II dies. He is succeeded by James XII.


Eastern Europe - Falling back into Danish Estonia, Svealand regroups and defeats Novgorod at Kirishi and the Imperial army at Hrodna.

Poland-Lithuania - After barely 18 months on the throne Alexander II dies. Sigismund III's daughter Konstancja is elected.


Baltic - Anglian ships are boarded and confiscated at Riga. Complaining to Denmark that Svealand has gone far enough the KU is finally persuaded to enter the war. Svealand declares war first however, invading Viken. The Svealandic navy crushes its Kalmar equivalent.


Eastern Europe - Unable to bring any of its enemies main armies to a set battle Olaf declares war against Poland, hoping to secure Svealand's southern flank.

Austria-Bohemia - Frederick III dies. Leopold III succeeds.



Svealand - Olaf IV is killed at the Siege of Minsk. Louise comes back from exile as Denmark breaks Svealand's Scandinavian army and occupies Stockholm. Denmark assumes this will end the war however Novgorod continues to advance into Estonia and Finland. Denmark and Anglia have no choice but to declare war against it.

Margrjet Álengia (The Kalmar Union)

Margrjet, Queen of Álengiamark (1771-1783)

Álengiamark - Herridr I dies. She is succeeded by Margrjet.


East Scandinavia - Treaty of Lubeck.

Ingria taken from Svealand and given to Novgorod. In return Novgorod pays reparations to Danish Estonia which has been devastated by the war. A few days later Queen Louise authorises her ministers to begin the negotiations to rejoin the Kalmar Union.

Mexica - The Vinlandic navy shells the port city of Tochpan in an attempt to force Mexica to reopen its ports to Vinlandic ships. The reaction is swift - Mexica declares war on Vinland and by Autumn has overrun many of the weak central Leifian states.


Leifia - With money and the promise of troops from various European the Leifian alliance secures the all-important wheat fields of the centre. Unable to land a decisive blow both armies begin 'the long march', a drawn out game of maneuvering, criss-crossing the continent, testing defenses and avoiding an potentially devastating battle. This causes untold misery to the lands the armies cross as crops are ruined and populations flee.


Scandinavia - The 4th Kalmar Union Declaration is signed on 4th July between Denmark, Svealand, Gothenland, Hordaland, Lade, Anglia, Man, Vinland and Álengiamark. Iceland and Saaremaa sign in the autumn after negotiating various opt-out clauses.


William IV Luxem (The Kalmar Union)

William IV, King of United Netherlands (1778-1801)

Luxembourg - William III dies. He is succeeded by William IV.



Aragon - John XI dies. He is succeeded by Peter V.

Leon - Philip IV dies. Alfonso XII succeeds.


Hordaland - King Haakon VIII dies. Frederick I succeeds. Exhausted by revolt and debt, Hordaland signs the Treaty of Ayr or 'The Accommodation' granting Orkney and Man independence. Earl Harald becomes King Harald of Man, whilst Magnus, Earl of Shetland, is elected Earl of Orkney.

North Atlantic - The Laki volcano in Iceland erupts, lasting eight months. Almost a third of Icelanders die or move due to gases released. The volcanic winter causes famine in various places worldwide.

Thorey V Álengia (The Kalmar Union)

Thorey V, Queen of Álengiamark (1783-1817)

Álengiamark - Margrjet dies. Succeeded by Thorey V


Alexandria Anglia (The Kalmar Union)

Alexandria, Queen of Anglia (1784-1825)

Anglia - Charles V dies. Alexandria succeeds.

Hungary - Start of the Third Hungarian War.


Prussia - Prussia is ceded to Gothenland in return for non-cooperation with the KU during the 3rd Hungarian War.


Poland-Lithuania - Konstancja dies. She is succeeded by Sigismund IV.



Western Leifia - China opens up a new front to the 2nd Mexic-Leifian War allowing the Eastern states to regroup and secure their gains. Famine is beginning to bite both sides.

Queen Mary II

Lára, Queen of Vinland (1790-1819)

Vinland - Eyfinna II dies. Lára succeeds.

Hungary - Nikolaus I dies. He is succeeded by Josef III.

Arles - Charles IV dies. His son Frederick XV succeeds.


Leifia - The Eastern Leifian powers conclude a ceasefire with Mexica.


Wessex - Henry VII dies. Succeeded by William V.

Leifia - China arranges the final peace treaty, ending the 2nd Mexic-Leifian War. Rocked by famine and the long drawn out failure of the 2nd Mexic-Leifian War Mexica falls into civil war.


Eric XII Svea (The Kalmar Union)

Eric XII, King of Svealand (1795-1817)

Svealand - Queen Louise dies. She is succeeded by Eric XII.


Christian I Denmark (The Kalmar Union)

Christian I, King of Denmark (1798-1817)

Denmark - Christopher VII dies. Christian I succeeds.

Scotland - James XII dies. He is succeeded by Alexander V.


King Rudolph Islands & Malacca - Short of funds and overstretched, Portugal sells its overseas possessions in the Carib and the Malay Peninsula to Austria-Bohemia.

Poland - Sigismund IV dies. He is succeeded by his son Stephen III.

Naples - Maria Amalia dies. Her son Louis II succeeds.

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