Principia Moderni Map 1780
Principia Moderni Map 1780 Key

A devastating earthquake shakes Persia. 200,000 are dead in and around Tabriz. Bavaria declares independence from Brandenburg, along with Prussia. Meanwhile, the Saxonian forces obtain a decisive victory over the Brandenburgian forces near Magdeburg. Inspired by the recent events on Saxony, revolts against Brandeburgian rule grow in western Brandenburg, especially on Westphalia and Rhineland. Meanwhile, in the Indian subcontinent Bharat vassalizes the two small nations that it practically surrounds, Gondwana and Bidar.

I changed the event concerning the AGC, as the process of breakup should take longer than just three years.assuming that Scandinator posted the events, you yourself said that it would be complete in 1797.and it still is 1780.

  • Industrialization continues in Hungary.The economy grows.Egypt updates its military. Meanwhile, Newfoundland continues expanding, and Magyar Dél-Amerikabán expands 2750 sq km inland.
  • Nippon continues to expand into Karafuto as the war rages on. The Shogun is also deeply offended by the Tsar's claim to Karafuto/Sakhalin island and the Chishima/Kuril Islands which are not only part of the Nipponese nation but they are populated by Nipponese citizens. Nippon ask Finland to do something about their Union partner Russia and get Russia to remove her claim to Nipponese controlled territories, and former Nipponese controlled territories. Meanwhile, Chamoru manages to conquer all of her neighbouring tribes and assumes complete control over the Mariana Islands. Kamochatoka expands too by 800 sq km. Emperor Go-Momozono dies too, and his adopted son from the Kan'in branch of the Imperial family ascends to the Chrysanthemum Throne as Emperor Kōkaku.
    • Finland will do whatever it can to convince Russia to stop claiming Nipponese Islands.
    • Russia claimed them before you entered the game... Tsar Alexi was in power from 1645-1678. but fine, We can strike some sort of deal. I will relinquish claims as long as I can be assured that Nippon does not attack Russia from those Islands...and that Russians are free to settle as they love the landscape.
    • Nippon agree not to attack Russia from Karafuto or the Chishima islands (Sakhalin and Kuril islands). Russian citizens are also allowed to emigrate to Nippon and become citizens too. Nippon also thanks Finland for their help with this issue.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Industrialisation also continues throughout Finland. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Finland tells Russia very kindly to stop claiming Karafuto and the Chishima Islands as theirs and focus on Evenkia that they can take over and also tells Russia to take the Arctic islands above them (like OTL Servernaya Zemlya and New Siberian Islands) before someone else does. Meanwhile, a few more Shinto shrines are built in the colonies, and a new small port is also built.
    • I think you need to send Lx a message on his talk page, as he appears to not be reading over Nippon's posts well enough. Also, it shouldn't take so long to take over Karafuto, you could probably reign over the whole island by next year.
  • ​Turan continues to work on its military. Turan offers a deal to Russia asking for the Caucus region and Kazakhstan (we are willing to pay the price to re-unite with our Turkic brethren). Could someone please do the war algorithm.
    • Most of the Caucasus is Armenian dominated, and the main minorities would be Georgian, Persian and Kurdish, not Turkish. Also, who are you going against in the war?
    • Well, there is an Azerbaijani population in the Caucasus... But the main reason I want the Caucasus is because it gives me access to Kazakhstan. And my war is against Bulgaria.
    • But you don't even border Armenia, not even by sea border. With the new stability and results algorithm, I want Scandinator to do the first new algorithm so I have an example to go on.
    • I didn't see anything new. Anyhow, it is the whole Caucuses in my interest, and I have access to the Black sea...
  • Naples: Industrialization continues, with Cambio di Pablo's experimental factory being a great success, and a couple more factories, scattered about the nation, are in planning (although it will take a few decades before they make a significant portion of Neapolitan products). Urbanization continues as well. Istoias grows 2000 sq km as the people there begin to move northward. Naples recognizes the independence of all the nations that have broke away from Anglo-Germany, and recognizes the Itsaygahi dominance of Wales under the condition that Itsaygahi not destroy the religion of the Welsh people.
  • Madoc's army seizes control of the West Country, and Bristol is opened up to more Itsaygahan soldiers. The 'Indians' become a frequent sight in the West Country and South Wales. Meanwhile, Owain's army of Welshmen seize Merseyside and the Border Country area of England. Charter Port Princes and Marcher Lords place their sons as governors and administrators of Welsh provinces, marrying them to Welsh noblewomen. The nation is renamed the Union of Cymbria. Itsaygahi solidifies its control over Cymbria. The Isle of Man is seized and turned into an Itsaygahan colony. Madoc's cousin Chanrak takes the place of governor of the island, and exercises a deep level of influence on the mainland. Elsewhere, the colony in West Africa is expanded.
  • Persia sends relief teams to the disaster zones and asks for Russia and China to help the people. The colony of New Tehran expands by 10x40 sq. mi. Expeditions throughout the island and the Amazon continue. THe expedition to Singapore is a success, having finding a successful pit stop. With their job done, they return home. The military and navy continues to be expanded and upgraded. They send diplomats to France-Sweden, proposing a co-op invasion of Srivijaya.
    • Naples will help Persia too, as long as they can get some of the territory as well. Remember, with the new result equation, the war should last at least five years so we can get all of the territory.
    • Sure, let Naples join (you hearing this Naples?)
    • Naples, hoping to gain a new colony, as it has been almost 50 years since their colony of Vicia was founded, sends aid to Persia to help them recover from the earthquake, and promises help against Srivijaya in a future war.
  • Russia continues its Settlement of Siberia. The Russian Government officially makes torture illegal. The enlightenment is starting to grip the people of Russia. The Rural populace start having large families, as it is now well known that many go into the cities to try to make a living. a roadwork project begins in Russia. the Great Transcontinental road finished construction. Aid is sent to Persia in the form of money and certain soldiers. Russia, Lithuania, The Iroquois, Armenia, and Kazakhstan all petition Turan to abolish Slavery and Enslavement of Christians. They ask that Turan look towards Russia, and economy without slaves as inspiration. RTOZhD starts building its first rail line in the Pacific. Meanwhile, RZhK is not doing as well, as prices soar. Research on a new Train engine starts. Afrikanskaya Zemlya expands by 9000 km.
  • The Vietnamese and Taiwanese continue to expand their militaries in preparation for the upcoming war.
  • Sweden develops its military. It expands Hodlaand by 9150 sq km.


The union between Portugal and Spain is broken, with Spain getting the Australian and Algerian colonies and Portugal getting the former Incan colony and the OTL Tangiers colony. (This means they both go gray)

Spain's player, ManofSteele, is returning in around ten days. I know him in IRL and he has not been able to access the internet during the Summer break as he has been out hiking and going to camps. Scan

  • Naples prepares its military for the coming conflict. Istoias expands 2000 sq km northward along the coast. The first gun factory is made for the preparations for the war with Srivijaya/Malaysia, but it only supplies a small amount of the guns. A small slave revolt occurs in Ricasolia, the only Neapolitan colony that still has slavery, but it is quickly quieted down.
  • Turan keeps working on its military, whilst spreading through Bulgaria. Turan offers 1000 golden lira for both Kazakhstan and Caucasia.
    • Just what will taking land you don't border, even by sea, get you? and 1000 golden Lira for the Caucasus and Kazakhstan won't work. That's only bout 500 kilos of gold. The population of the Caucasus is mostly Cossacks and Armenians and Georgians. But Kazakhstan is Turic...but too far away from your borders to make it worth buying.
  • the model of steam engine invented by Herczog continues to replace the old one, Meanwhile, the armament "industry" grows.Egypt continues updating its military, and riots against Hungarian rule start on Goa and surroundings. Magyar Dél-Amerikabán expands 2750 sq km inland.
  • Catherine dubs a Cossack fortress in the Kuban Ekaterinodar (modern day Krasnodar). Siberian Settlement continues, as it is almost complete, Russians celebrate. THe Far East Gubernia is named and its capital is Nicolaevsk, although Vladivostok is ready to compete for that title, as it is growing larger and larger by the year, faster than Nicolaevsk. It is predicted that IN 1790 the Population of Vladivostok will rise to 250 000, more than Nicolaevsk's 240 000. Russian Senate becomes very very complicated as it is not fully appointed. the Governors are appointed by the Emperor, the Senators are appointed by the Governor, and the Emperor may or may not have a say in who gets appointed as what. The Enlightenment catches up in Russia's Elite. Russia enters negotiations with Nippon about the situation of Russian Settlement of Sakhalin. Russian America (Alaska) expands by 3000 km
  • Nippon continues to expand into Karafuto as the Karafuto Reclamation war continues, but Commander Tanuma Okitsugu expects the war to be over in the next five years which the Shogun is pleased by. The Shimazu clan of Kagoshima also decide to get involved in the tropical goods trade, and the Satsuma Corporation is set up to start setting up plantations in Satotochi colony growing tropical fruits and sugar. This causes Satotochi to expand by 800 sq km as new plantations are set up by the Satsuma Corporation.
  • Cymbria is secured, and a peace signed with England. Wales, the West Country, the Borders and Merseyside are all recognised as sovereign land of the new Union. Owain pledges allegiance to his Itsaygahan patrons, not like they've got a lot of choice. Itsaygahi starts to show a decidedly unhealthy interest in the AGC's former colonies. Noovelongahi (West Africa) is expanded. The military is reformed. Madoc becomes Owain's chief minister and acts as a middleman between the Marcher Lord administrators and the central Cymbrian government. Madoc and Owain institute a program of 'Levelling' stripping land from noblemen and redistributing it amongst the common layfolk.
  • Persia continues to build up its military and navy and continues to upgrade them. New Tehran expands by 40x10 sq. mi. Expeditions on the island and the Amazon continue. They ask Russia to sell Kazakhstan for 10 billion ruble.
  • China continues to industrialize. The colony expands by 3800 sq km up the Gulf Coast.
  • The Vietnamese and Taiwanese continue to expand their military for the upcoming war.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Industrialisation also continues throughout Finland. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Meanwhile, a few Karelians travel to the Finnish colonies and teach them about, as well as helping them industrialise.
  • Sweden upgrades its military. It expands Thorlaand by 9150 sq km southward at the tip of Hudson Bay.


The Pueblo Indians form a nation about the size of Austria in their territory. Meanwhile, in OTL Colombia the Muisca Confederation manages to develop from a confederacy of tribes to a true, civilized nation the size of their OTL territory.

  • Naples continues to build up its military in preparation for the war. Istoias and Ricasolia both grow by 1500 sq km. Another weapons factory is built. Benvolio III sends a message to Hungary, asking the state of his sister Maria, who was married to prince Janos.
  • The Vietnamese and Taiwanese continue to expand their militaries in preparation for the upcoming war.
  • Persia continues to expand and upgrade its military and navy. After hearing about the news of industrialization, they decide to catch up with the industrializing nations. They establish a plan to modernize and industrialize the country: Persia should use its colony in OTL Brazil as a place to grow cash crops, encourage the building of railroads in the country, and ask for other industrialized nations for technical assistance. New Tehran expands by 10x40 sq mi. They begin settlements at the island and bases and pit stops across the Amazon. They decide to send an expedition to the westernmost part of the Amazon to discover its source.
    • Railroads are only available from Stage 2, which for Persia, will start in 1790, technically, but only as experimental technology.
  • Nippon continues to expand into Karafuto as the Karafuto Reclamation war continues, and the military is expanded to help the war effort. Satotochi colony also expands by 800 sq km as new plantations are set up by the Satsuma Corporation.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km.
  • China constructs a railroad connecting Beijing with its surrounding districts. This yields major economic and militaristic success.
  • France builds up its military. The Emperor dies and his son become August I Harold. He asks for the loyalty's confirmation from the chancellors of Sweden and Greenland. He offers the ICR and Turan the opportunity to become full members of the Franco-Swedish Parliament, with the industrial and military privileges that it involves. A new Caliph, called Suleyman, is defied by the new sultan of Argelia, Djem, who doesn't accept the new elective caliphate. The Sultan is exiled to Songhay, and his ten year old brother, Mehmet, becomes Sultan.
  • Sweden confirms its loyalty to France and develops its military. Sweden's railroad is now at the halfway point between Stockholm and Malmö. Asgard is expanded by 9150 sq km.


An earthquake decimates the city of Calabria in Naples leaving 35,000 dead. Famine hits Japan and is worsened by the eruption of Asama-Yama which kills 20,000 people and renders the agricultural Shinano and Kuzuke provinces of unproductive for many years to come.

Meanwhile, a huge explosion shakes Iceland... Laki has erupted. The sky darkens over Iceland as the lava and lahar flows kill 2,000... The ash cloud sweeps across Southern Scandinavia before turning south and blanketing continental Europe in thick ashy smog making all nautical navigation impossible from Greenland to Lithuania and Italy to Sweden. The effects are especially bad in the British Isles with 23,000 dead from sulfur dioxide poisoning and a further 8,000 die in Iceland due to fluoride poisoning. Many thousands die of similar causes across Europe. Unpredictable weather sweeps across Europe causing heatwaves, thunderstorms and hail across the continent destroying crops. This all ends with the dissipation of the ash cloud in Autumn. But many more have died in Iceland, the former Hanthawaddian colony and Greenland due to lack of supplies.

Meanwhile, Russia, Sweden, Finland and the British Isles must deal with one of the harshest winters ever, whilst the rest of Europe is subjected to a colder winter as well. The Winter of North America is also very cold as well, with places as far south as Itsaygahi suffering colder than normal weather. {C}Oh boy, here goes perhaps the first worldwide disaster...

Their complete. and BTW, I tend to update the mod posts in chunks if it is big my computer does not like big uploads.
Note to players: if your nation is affected, and your turns in this turn and next don't even mention the disasters, I will be very annoyed.
Iceland isn't the official name of the country.
It's the name of the island
  • Naples continues to build up its military in preparation of the upcoming war with the Malays for the first part of the year, with Ricasolia and Istoias both growing by about 500 sq km. The economy of the nation was improving, until the devastation in Calabria occurred. The new resources from the expanding colonies are used to help Calabria, but they are unable to send any more when smog clouds prevent travel out of the Mediterranean sea. Naples is not hit as badly as the northern Europeans, but as the winter begins many people predict that next year will be a bad one for crops.
  • Persia continues to build up and upgrade their military and navy, They continue their industrialization plan, with settlers flocking to the colonies in OTL Brazil. New Tehran expands by 10x40 sq mi. New settlements are springing up all across the Amazon. Farms for cash crops and food stuffs are being grown all over. The plants of the rain forest are being studied, and slaves are brought from Africa (in non-player controlled areas) to do the plantation work.
  • Emperor Mengistu becomes very ill and leaves the senate to live in a private estate for a while. His appointed Acting Emperor (not his son, but another important politician) continues the senate. The government manages to shut down some illegal slave trading organizations, and slowly starts to be seen as Anti-slavery.
  • Sweden continues military development. The smog cloud covers Scandinavia and the nobility send a fast ship to France to warn them of the red sun and black fog. Communication with the Swedish colonies is able to barely continue and even then intermittently as some Swedish ships brave the Northeast Passage to deliver the news. The harvest is completed barely in time for the summer crops as a vast hailstorm destroys the Swedish winter crops causing a huge drop in projected food supplies. The Saami in the north are co-ordinated by their Saami lord (the one that leads Sweden) into providing aid for the cities in the south with the fishing methods and reindeer meat to prevent starvation in southern Sweden. With the smog clearing in Autumn the ships are able to reach the colonies and obtain the surplus food and furs for the Swedish nation. The furs from the Saami reindeer and the colonies are given out to the working class as the winter grows especially harsh. Fjordlaand supplies food to the Swedish colonies cut off from Sweden during the smog period and thus expands 9150 sq km inland.
  • IN Russia, The communications with the colonies can only go through the Mediterranean, as the passages form the Baltic have been skewed. the Northeast Passage has attracted much traffic, and that benefits the economies of northern cities. Empress Catherine asks all the Russian people to withstand the winter, as "the harshest in a long age in Europe cant even compare to winters in regular Irkutsk" where normal temperatures reach -40 and sometimes -50 (this isn't a joke, Irkutsk suffered a week where the temp. was -48, -49 and -52 centigrade last year). The Russian people, already used to winter, have less of a problem dealing with this than Lithuanians. Although, deaths by freezing increase by 200%(over the not many of last year), people are just in the middle of suffering the natural cycle of things, as people prepare for an unusually hot summer that usually follows the coldest of winters and a foreign invasion. Russian colonies enjoy much more industrial activity as they have to make up with limited trade with Russia proper. So they expand settlements to build new factories. Russian Sailors also bring the first Steam engine to New Zealand, which expands by 9000 km. The Russian colonies are amping with excitement as Catherine orders construction of one rail link per colony by the end of 1810. Canada and Novorossiya are first on the line. Rate of colonial industrialization skyrockets as they must create industry to replace trade with Russia. Enlightenment continues with Russia.
  • Spain and Gibraltar got the smog the Med is closed.
  • All I need is the Straits of Gibraltar cross them, I can follow the African coast to the end of the smog and I can cross into America from there.
  • The Emperor August I Harold of France and Sweden reacts to the crisis. He sends supplies to Sweden, specially during the winter. Also some soldiers are commanded to go north and help to stop any revolt or disturbance. The Lord Commander of the Order of Saint Robert sends himself some supplies to Sweden, but also the other affected countries, specially Finland (trying to get popularity between the Finnish people) and Greenland (another country under the rule of the Parliament). Some men of the order go help Naples and Japan be cause of the local disasters. The Emperor asks for emergency powers, and the Parliament agrees. So he takes control of the colonies and their militias and judiciary power. He commands the southern colonies (Terre de Feu, Patagonië, Malouinas and Songhay, and the Swedish colonies) to send supplies to support the northern affected colonies, like Nouvelle France, and the countries of Europe, and also the trading posts in Itsaygahi and Greenland. Rousseau supports the anti-slavery party in that country. Meanwhile, many people die in Nouvelle France and the northern France, so the king of Burgundy, who was in travel in Flanders, dies, and his son Edward I becomes king. Djem, exiled in Haiti, starts to become popular in the colonies, taking advantage of the difficult communication with the motherland. He starts a sort of "conservative party" that is opposed no only to the current governments of Arabia and Algeria, but also the emperor himself, the democratization of the Parliament, the autonomy of the Swedish states and even the religious tolerance. Many Haitians become Muslims, so as Patagonians, novo-French and Malouinese. Mehmet of Algeria, under a regency council, expands Algeria 3050 sq km. In résumé, the French economy is lower than ever in the past decade, the disturbances are regular and the law and charity forces are exhausted.
  • The Vietnamese and Taiwanese continue to expand their military for the upcoming war. The Vietnamese want to send aid to the rest of Europe, but have to prioritize Vietnamese Ireland over all others. The German states get a trickle of aid, but most of it is send to the Vietnamese Ireland colony. The concern Vietnamese authorities show to their Irish subjects endears them to the protection they provide. Most are glad that the petty feuds between the Irish clans have been tamed by Vietnamese intervention.
  • Industrialization continues, and Herczog's model of engine continues to be adopted by the manufacturing workshops which have steam engines. Meanwhile, communication with all colonies is cut off due to the smog clouds.the only nautical trade possible is with Greece. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Hungary, the independence movement on India grow, and the city of Govapuri declares independence.Independence movements also grow in the Kalikut area. Meanwhile, in Kandy, Rajadhji assumes the throne after the death of King Kirti Sri the previous year. Magyár Dél-Amerikabán expands 3050 sq km.
  • Sorry that i didn't post the previous year, i had ran out of ideas.
  • Nippon thanks France for the aid, especially when France has her own problems to deal with. Satotochi colony is expanded by 800 sq km and more plantations are set up to offset the rice shortage caused by the famine in Japan. A large number of the farmers losing all of their crops thanks to the famine decide to join the army so they can actually get some food, otherwise production is stepped up in other areas to offset the shortage in the famine effected areas. Nippon continues to expand into Karafuto as the Karafuto Reclamation war continues, but there are troubles with lack of supplies thanks to the famine so expansion slows down a bit. Meanwhile, the rebuilding of the buildings destroyed by Asama-Yama starts.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. The Finnish colonies also send aid and food and supplies to Nippon. Meanwhile, mainland Finland also experience a bad winter, though most are used to it, however some 1000 something die. The Finnish artist gets an idea and draws the Suomi-neito dealing with a bad storm, waving the Finnish flag with pride and strength (aka it encourages the Finns to not give in as there is hope).
  • Shipping from Itsaygahi to Cymbria ceases for the year, while Itsaygahi deals with the inevitable crop failures that result from the poor weather. It is worse in Cymbria. Madoc and Owain however, use it to consolidate the Levelling and to enact its more extreme tenets while they are safe from Itsaygahan interference. Farms are stripped from Feudal Lords and placed under 'The Administration', run by the local community with a collective granary. Madoc's cousin, the colonial governor of Man turns a blind eye to these blatantly radical Classist policies. Meanwhile, the institution of slavery is looking increasingly tired in Itsaygahi. The harvest was poor despite such cheap labour, and little profit is being extracted from them. There are increasing calls for the slaves to be emancipated. There are calls for the colony of Noovelongahi to be utilised as a 'reverse colony'. It had originally been founded as a trade station for slaves brought in from the kings further inland, but its intention now is to be the core of a colony of freed slaves transported away from Itsaygahi back to Africa.
  • China offers help to its allies affected by the disasters. Meanwhile, they take the advantage of the Commonwealth's split to buy its colony in California. In mainland China, a railroad system connecting the major coastal cities and Beijing is proposed. Construction starts in Beijing that November and Shanghai that December.


With the extra volume of snow from the winter melting, floods sweep down the Mississippi River. Large tracts of Germany and Hungary are also flooded in the autumn. This results in the bogging down of the main Brandenburgan force in Saxonia. Flemland, Westphalia, Rhineland, and Hannover all successfully declare independence, and part of Brandenburg joins Moravia. Prussian forces and foreign mercenaries seize Berlin and Brandenburg is forced to allow Prussian independence with a good section of Brandenburg coastline. Austria sustains a revolt and descends into civil disorder with the nobility fleeing to Hungary.

West Africa, Egypt and India are hit by a huge famine and drought as the monsoon system did not deposit enough rain the previous year due to the ash. Europe sustains violent weather patterns with bad heatwaves across continental Europe bringing drought in the summer. Japans famine continues though shows signs of easing.

The colony in Greenland loses 75% of its population due to the harsh winter and the ice blockading all communication and supplies for five months. This is because the Gulf Stream current cooled due to the presence of ice in the Gulf of Mexico. The remaining colonists attempt to leave the colony. A similar story occurs in Iceland with a revolt against the Hanthawaddian governor; deposing him and replacing him with a Norwegin Icelandic noble. The Mon population in Scandinavia, Kola and Iceland has declined by 40% overall with 60% of Icelandic Mons dying of the frigid temperatures. England allows Welsh independence but starts attacking Scotland hoping their defences will be weakened by the events of the last two years.

In Australia, unnoticed by the majority of the world, an Aborigine nation forms across all of Tasmania.

  • The Vietnamese and Taiwanese continue to expand their military for their upcoming war in Morocco. The Vietnamese, outraged at the English attack on Scotland, begin sending massive amounts of volunteers to Scotland via the Irish colony. Most high-ranking Vietnamese officials want to finish what they started in the War of Swedish Succession and officially make the Scottish Republic either a Vietnamese vassal or client state.
    • Scandinator, I really think Vietnam has a much better claim to Scotland than you do at this point
    • I'm not trying to claim Scotland at all.
    • I didn't want to start Great Northern War 6 or whatever over Scotland, since you were the only other person who could claim any part of Scotland, I was afraid such a thing would happen.
    • Well, since you are claiming Scotland can I have England or vica-versa?
    • Since Vietnam has gotten Scotland, I see no reason why anyone would contest Sweden's claim over England. Sort of funny how Britain, the biggest colonizer in our timeline, is being carved up as colonies of other nations in this one
    • Not really, they were incredibly weak until Napoleon wiped out the continental powers and then got slammed by Britain making Britain the greatest power in the world. Also industrialization helped them.
  • Naples will not interfere with Vietnam taking over Scotland as long as the Scots are independent in their own internal affairs. Naples continues the military buildup, and Istoias is expanded by 2000 sq km. They send food to Tamilia to help the famine.
  • Persia continues to build up its military and navy. They continue their plan, as their control over the Amazon River increases, allowing the colonies to prosper. Newer and newer settlements are being established at the Amazon river. The expedition finally finds the source of the Amazon at the Andes, but decide to turn back since their answer is officially found. Persia is horrified of the events in its Indian territories and immediately sends aid to the region. They begin to improve and expand their road system because of this. the industrialization continues. They ask Russia to buy Kazakhstan for ten billion rubles.
  • The Hungarian government sends aid to the flooded areas, which comprised most of Northern and Eastern Hungary. Meanwhile, the weather patterns of this and the previous year cause crops to fail. Greece tries to send help. Meanwhile, the lack of assistance from the Hungarian government leads to dissatisfaction with the government growing on India, and the cities around Govapuri join it. Troops continue in the Austrian borders, to avoid revolts on Hungary, as Austria has fallen into civil disarray. Namib expands 2750 sq km.
  • France builds up its military. The Emperor claims Iceland to the new governor, offering him be the Prince of such island. At the same time, he commands Turan to send back the colonists to Greenland or he will claim the colony for himself again (for Sweden, in fact). With the crisis, a lot of people from the north of France and the colonies fled to Arabia, Argelia and Songhay. Many of them are supporters of the exiled Djem, who traveled to Songhay to spread the word of Allah, reducing the popularity and influence of the Order of Saint Robert and the Parliament itself. The Emperor doesn't think that the Vietnamese attempt to obtain the control of Scotland is a violation of the treaties signed after the War of Swedish Succession. He thinks in fact that he may conquest England and Wales, and calls the Suomi-Swedish leader to discuss the possibility of invade Britain. The caliph encourages the Egyptians to emigrate to Arabia, but Djem is using his own influence to send aid independently to his relative, the sultan of Egypt, and get his support to his claim on the Algerian and Arabian thrones. The Emperor decides to move the court and the Parliament to Marseille for one year, because there are already deaths in Paris. In Haiti and Nouvelle France the rebellions become more common, the same as the northern France and the southern Burgundy (waldensians).
    • How can France claim Iceland? And Turan's Greenland colony was destroyed in the moderator event, due to the volcano everyone either died or fled back to Europe.
    • I think that they are claiming Iceland in behalf of Sweden.
    • Exactly.
  • Sweden's crop fails for the second year in a row. Denmark sends aid but there is only so much the little country can do. Sweden braces for another year of near-starvation as belts are tightened. The Swedish navy sails up the Thames and threatens to bomb London to smithereens resulting in the surrender of the English nobles residing there. the Saami lord knows that Sweden cannot control England as part of its empire yet and allows England form an uneven diplomatic union of sorts with Sweden as its leader. Sweden takes over the entire Eastern and Southern coastline of England in this way. Most areas surrender quickly especially after Sweden is forced to make an example of Hastings. The town is literally blasted off the map after the local noble refused to surrender to the far superior Swedish firepower. Sweden's military is given quite a bit of experience after all these years of inactivity and the officers develop much needed command skills. Sweden prepares to launch an English-lead campaign into the midlands and West coast next year. In other news, Fjorlaand declares independence but Swedish influence in their council of nobles results in the colony merely achieving partial independence and they have now essentially become a puppet state of Sweden. A ship from Fjordlaand is lost whilst sailing to New Sweden and lands in the OTL Galapagos archipelago. Sweden establishes a trade post naming the islands the Wonderlaand Isles due to the high number of unique species there. Meanwhile, Asgard expands 9150 sq km.
  • Nippon continues to expand into Karafuto as the Karafuto Reclamation war continues. More food supplies are brought in from aboard as the famine continues, but lots of the poor peasants unable to afford food die. Satotochi colony is expanded by 800 sq km and more plantations are set up to offset the rice shortage caused by the famine in Japan. The Shogun also allows food handouts to the poor in towns across Nippon if they become reverse troops in the army. Thanks to this, and the ongoing war in Karafuto, the Nipponese military power increases.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Finland continues to send food supplies to Nippon as well, though most of it is from the Finnish colonies. The heat wave attacks Finland by surprise, and some farms fail to grow stuff. Meanwhile, some Shinto shrines are repaired as some were damaged thanks to the bad winter the Finns had.
  • Madoc warns the Swedes that an invasion of Cymbria using English soldiers will not be tolerated. The floods of this year help Madoc and Owain destroy the last of the old aristocracy and complete the Levelling. Itsaygahi remains isolated from Cymbria and assumes that all is going well. The flooding of the Mixxixxippi causes the Natchez civilisation that it dominant along the valley to collapse. Northern horse tribes rise against the Natchez, along with the peasant farmers. The north is separated as a new province of Minsauto. However, the rebellions continue, feeding into a dissatisfaction with Marcher Lord rule and an enamour with Classist-Racialist views.
  • Charles III died and the throne passed to the Emperor of France. The Burgundian parliament need to increase their influence in France leads to elections for a new Chancellor of Burgundy (in personal union with France). The new Chancellor is shown as Johann Karl: conservative, French nationalist and Burgundian regionalist. As a first position in his office has sent several economic ships to the French and Sweden economic to increase the internal business Burgundy. Johann Karl calls the Spanish area of Algeria, before the death of Charles II belonged to Burgundy. And remember to Spain that there are still claims that finally refused to Spain due to the Castilian Empire when it conquered much of France. In the same way the Chancellor begins to move troops to the border with Lombardy (Marseille area) and are spreading in the French that are released from the confederation of Lombardy. For now just a strain.
    • To avoid any misunderstanding, yes, I allow Jaeden to re-join as Burgundy. Also he gets the colony of Guinée and now Burgundy is in personal union with France, as Sweden.
  • Siberian settlement continues and is nearly complete. The Russian army is updated with more modern equipment as the farmers are dealing with the drought. Although, Russia's Kuban and Caucasia regions are fairing better than usual, and so is the pacific coast. RZhK Merges with RZhD and RZhD officially becomes the "passenger" and RZhK the "transport" company. As Russians prepare for another year, nothing is as comparable as the drought of 1508. Russia sends some money to its co-confederate Finland to deal with the crisis. People are hopeful that this lack of crop in the Volga region can be over by next year. Canada expands 9000 km


Principia Moderni Map 1785S
Principia Moderni Map 1785 Key
{C}The famine in West Africa, Egypt and India end. The death toll in West Africa was only around 100,000 but in Egypt that number reached one-sixth of the total population and in India another 11,000,000 die. The former Indian AGC colony collapses and half goes to each Hanthawaddy and Sweden.

Meanwhile in Europe, erratic weather continues with France surprizingly producing a surplus harvest. Brandenburg cracks down on the Hannover independence movement mercilessly crushing the state but in leaving their southern border unguarded, Bavaria declares independence. England's invasion of Scotland collapses spectacularly. Meanwhile, internal movements in the Lombard Confederation result in the Western French speaking area to declare independence and petition to join France.

Evenkia's new king realizes the futility of holding out against Russia and petitions Russia to fully annex the tiny nation as long as Evenkia's leader is guaranteed a seat in the Duma. Turan's Greenland colony collapses entirely and is totally abandoned as starvation and disease kill off 99% of the remaining colonists. Ge expands in a bid to reach the mythical sea and does but in the process non-expansionist South Ge splits off from the main Ge nation. Zululand doubles in size along with Puntland which now touches the Northern Swahili kingdoms. Pedang annexes Bali.

How come every other disaster in the whole game has followed what historically occured, yet for this one you give France a huge advantage when in real life they had a huge famine right now? It seems biased that France gets to ignore history to become stronger. Every other nation that has had a historical famine has either been forced to suffer through it. Why does Galaguerra get special treatment?

From Wikipedia: "In France a sequence of extremes included a surplus harvest in 1785 that caused poverty for rural workers, accompanied by droughts and bad winters and summers, including a violent hailstorm in 1788 that destroyed crops."

Sorry if I don't get it, but my English is not so good as I would like it to be, and I'm not sure what "surplus harvest" means. In my dictionary, it seems like an excess of crops, ergo, extra food resources to trade and consume, but may be I'm wrong. Someone could give me a definition?
Yes that definition is correct.
Then that is abundance. How could it cause poverty?
Because they had an idiot for their king who was completely out of touch with the peasants. He raised taxes because he thought they had oh so much grain. Trust me I have studied the French Revolution and the events leading up to it extremely well as part of my History classes
But now there is a different king, and he haven't raised the taxes (by now, at least).
    • Bavaria already declared independence in a previous mod post.
    • Oh, sorry. I'm just confused to how a surplus could cause poverty for the farmers, wouldn't that make them richer?
    • The Vietnamese have made the Scots a client state of their Empire. That means Scotland needs to be coloured with Vietnam's client/vassal state colour and not grey.
  • Persia, deciding to take advantage of the situation in India, declares war on Bharat. They crush the armies due to the weakening by the famine. The policy of industrialization continues. The control of the Amazon increases and new settlements are popping all over the place. New Tehran expands by 40x10 sq. mi. The region is now a producer of textiles and other consumer goods due to the cash crops, communities, and factories established there. it asks Russia to but Kazakhstan for ten billion rubles. The industrialization and modernization of Persia continues, as they ask Russia for technical assistence. Gold is discovered in the northern part of OTL Brazil, flocking immigrants from Persia to the region. New modern ports are being built all over the coasts of Persia.
    • You only border one Indian state, and there is only really one independent one left, with it having two vassals.
    • Sweden sends supplies to Persia from Swedish India and asks to obtain a chunk of Bharat and its vassals.
    • Persia agrees.
  • Naples continues to prepare its military, eyeing the Malay nation in the far east. Yet they have a greater threat, developing under their own noses. Istoias expands 2000 sq km, sending more resources back to Naples, helping the Neapolitan economy and encouraging more industrialization. Naples sends word to France that they don't want France to rule over any parts of Lombardy historically Italian, but the French western parts will cause no conflict. Meanwhile, in Ricasolia, a slave named Tranio Oyolia escapes from his master, but instead of hiding out in the jungles among the tribes like normal, he begins to sneak around with sympathetic natives, freeing more slaves, a few of whom join his group, known as I Liberatori (the liberators).
    • The UAA sends military support to Italy, to help Naples. Also, if you conquer most of Italy, then I recommend Naples changed to Italy.
    • Naples isn't attacking anywhere now, they are preparing for a war in the future.
  • The Vietnamese and Taiwanese continue expanding their military to prepare for the upcoming war in Morocco. The Vietnamese volunteers, working with Scottish soldiers, manage to expel English forces from Scotland. They manage to advance to the ruins of Hadrian's Wall, which they start rebuilding to create the new defensive border between Scotland and England. The finished wall is to be a somewhat downsized replica of the Great Wall of China. The Vietnamese authorities officially found a new Scottish government, which is a semi-independant client state of Vietnam. Most Scottish citizens celebrate the old regime's end, as it had been a corrupt oligarchy run the exiled Swedish "republicans" who founded Scotland. The Emperor dies suddenly in mysterious circumstances without an heir. The Vietnamese search for a relative to take the throne of Vietnam. They discover Ba Mai Nguyễn, who was previously a minor countess in the colony of New Vietnam. She, as the closest relative to the Emperor, is the heir to the Lotus Throne. She accepts the crown and she is crowned Empress Mai II in an elaborate ceremony.
    • Spain's player, ManofSteele, was going to propose a division of Morocco between Vietnam and Spain. He returns in a week from his holidays.
    • Vietnam has a much stronger claim to Morocco than Spain is, if they can conquer it before then I don't see why they should have to wait for someone else when they are doing all the work.
    • Spain is right above Morocco and I doubt that you will get 33% on your own. If Spain led the conflict their stability value would win easily. Also I will not allow Vietnam to engage in any wars until I get a definite answer on the stability start year.
    • It's official now. 1785.
  • The United African allies, after a series of trades with the nation of Kongo, manage to add it to their sphere of influence (though it refuses to join the UAA).
  • France builds up its military. The Parliament decides to give the annexed part of Lombardy to Burgundy as a gift, now that it is a kingdom in direct union with the Emperor. The Emperor asks permission to the chancellor of Sweden to rise his title from "king of Sweden and Denmark" to "Emperor". He approves the sweidhs support to Persia in Bharat and sends some troops from France and Edessa-Antioch to get a piece of the cake. Meanwhile, the exiled Djem proclaims himself "Caliph-in-exile" or "Caliph of Songhay", where the direct confrontations between two factions are very common now. These factions are the parliamentaries and Catholics in the coast, led by the Order of Saint Robert, and the Islamic Djemist army, led by Djem and his supporters. The Caliph asks the Parliament to call Djem before justice and execute him. but the Emperor (head of the judiciary power) doesn't consider him a menace. The regency council of Algeria does send some reinforcements to the Parliament's faction in Songhay. France asks again Iceland to join it. The Emperor is glad with the new state of the French economy, and he moves the court to Paris again. But he refuses to give up the direct control of the colonial militias.
    • Since Iceland, having formerly been controlled by Detective Kenny, is under his control you'll have to wait for him to return to be able to get a response.
  • The crops continue to fail, although the phenomenon is not so widespread as in 1784 .Communication with the colonies continues closed off, and efforts to rebuild the cities affected by the floods are made. Meanwhile, Greece continues to send help, although limitedly. Neos Preveza expands 2750 sq km.
  • Contact between Cymbria and Itsaygahi is re-established. There is a combination of horror and relief at the outcome of the two-year isolation. Relief at the survival of Cymbria as a functioning unit, horror at the excesses of the Levelling and the establishment of a truly Classist radical state. News of the success of Cymbria despite floods and poor harvests reaches Itsaygahi and fans the Natchez riots into a fire. The other former tributary provinces also burst into revolution, as does the Chartered Gulf Province. The Second Itsaygahan Civil War has begun.
  • Nippon's agricultural sector begins to approach its pre-famine levels of productivity, thanks a lot to more plantations being founded in Satotochi as the colony expands by 800 sq km. Furthermore Nippon continues to expand into Karafuto as the Karafuto Reclamation war continues. Finland is thanked greatly for all the aid it sent too. (when is this blooming war gonna be over mods and mapmakers? It's former Japanese warlords so I'm sure some of them would join the Nipponese side and its been going on for eight years. Is the end in sight? VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 11:16, January 21, 2012 (UTC)).
  • You could have finished it six years ago =.=
  • Didn't you here me when I repeatedly said you could do it in only one or two years?
  • Yeah, I saw all that but the map was never updated to show the expansion taking over the island so I thought I had to wait longer. Should I just edit the map to show most of Karafuto under Nipponese control and end it next year?
  • I will add it in 1790. You can end the war in 1785, if you want.
    • I've changed the 1785 map to show most of Nippon controlling Karafuto, the war ends next year and all of Karafuto will be Nipponese on the 1790 map. Otherwise it looks weird how in one year I go and conquer all of Karafuto when it took me eight years to take that little bit.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Some farms begin working again, though its not saying much. All Shinto shrines that had been damaged are repaired. Meanwhile, Finland establishes plans to take down the Maluku Islands (the ones that are in grey, that is) but won't fight it just yet.
  • Burgundy is responsible for managing the area of ​​Marseille as more autonomy. The Chancellor of Burgundy declares war on Lombardy and popular support (from the French zone) starts moving by small French-speaking peoples, trying to take Milan. The economy begins to rise due to the "war economy" and seems to have good results, but the Chancellor is concerned about the economy after the war of Lombardy. Industrialization moves, but at a slower pace and there are many expenses to try to improve it, in vain. The Chancellor will visit the "Mother Country" (France) to discuss the future of Marseille and the possible idea of ​​following the Swedish industrial model in all parts of the Empire.

    Light Blue-French-speaking areas of Lombardy that Naples doesn't care if Burgundy takes

    • Naples demands that Burgundy cease to attack Italian-speaking areas. Burgundy can take the French-speaking areas, but moving into the Italian-speaking areas such as Milan will result in war with Naples.
    • There is no necessity of war. The French-speaking areas already joined Burgundy, so if you declare war on Lombardy you are attempting to take the Italian-speaking lands, and I just can't allow it.
  • Yemen expands on his Somalian colony by 800 sq km.
  • The rest of England is forced into submission as Sweden and England sign a treaty binding England to Sweden in an unequal diplomatic union. Sweden is barely able to produce a crop but with French supplies the Swedish people are well fed this year. The Swedish military expands. Asgard and New Sweden claim new coastal areas totaling 1550 sq km and Wunderlaand expands to the limit. Fjordlaand extends its northern border by five px along the entire border.
  • Turan forces convicts to populate in Greenland. The Turkish colony expands by 800 km2.
  • Russian Tsarina accepts the Evenkian government's proposal and annexes it, giving it the status of a "special guberia" for 20 years, it gives the evenkian council the power to nominate a person for the position of Governor, and the power to remove the governor. Russian Settlement of Siberia continues. the Famines of the Volga are better than last year.
  • China gives more aid to its affected allies. In mainland China, the trans-coastal railroad is continued, connecting many cities with each other. A Chinese scientist develops a new, more efficient locamotive. In America, China expands its colony purchased from the Commonwealth by 3800 sq km south.


Strange weather patterns continue to plague Western Europe. France descends back into famine whilst weather conditions over Scandinavia and Eastern Europe stabilize

  • Turan is willing to pay 500 kilos of gold for Caucasia and Kazakhstan, but wonders if the Crimean Peninsula could be thrown into the deal. Turkish troops begin to get weary of the war in Bulgaria. Turan improves the living conditions for the poor by starting state run factories.
    • You can finish your war with Bulgaria whenever you want, you won. However, Lx already said that he was not going to sell you the territory, and I have to rule against such an expansion. Anyway, you would be increasing your territory more than ten times the present size, with a huge segment of the population being non-Turkish in ethnicity. There is no way you could possibly control your nation.
    • I wouldn't fully integrate Kazakhstan right away. And I only recall him saying that it wasn't worth me buying, not that he wouldn't sell it to me...
    • If you read what he said, he said 500 kilos was not enough to buy it. Furthermore, the value of all of that territory is greater than ever scrap of gold in Turan, your nation would be bankrupted and fall into civil disarray due to that loss of currency. LxCaucasus (and the in-game czar) would be a fool to give away a fourth of his empire to a nation that is offering him something which provides no in-game bonus (or, in the czar's case, anything of nearly the worth of the land).
    • I say a fourth of a nation is kinda a streatch... Anyhow, I am revising my deal for Crimea and the Caucasus.
    • Actually, if he did it could be quite politically astute. Sell Turan the land, throw them into civil disarray, then invade to restore order, regaining the lost land, with little cash loss even a bit of gain and with a little extra to boot. But thats just an idea.
    • By only the Caucasus and Crimea would not throw me into civil disarray...
    • But the price needed to buy both Caucasus and Crimea would be high enough to cause the equivalent of a hyperinflation.
    • But neither of them are Turkish in ethnicity, they also would outnumber Turan and revolt against your nation. You could not control all of that territory which would be made up of people hostile you your nation, many of them people who fought for Russia against the Ottoman empire, almost all are Orthodox Christian, there's no way you could maintain control, expecially since that area is more powerful and more industrial than you. And 500 kilos of gold is only a few chests worth of gold, Russia probably collects more from the annual taxes of the Crimea alone.
    • They are not Turkish, but they are Turkic. The Azerbaijanis, then the Tatars.
    • You are forgetting the Georgians, the Ossetians, the Armenians, the Kalmyks, the Chechens, and large populations of Russians, none of whom would want to be under Turan. You cannot plausibly take over people who outnumber you and have better technology than you without them being devastated in some war. That's it.
  • The crops on Hungary start to have success again, and communication with the colonies is restored.Finally, word gets to Hungary that Govapuri declared independence, and with the northern cities joining it, this meant the loss of half the colony of action is taken against Govapuri, as the colony is seen by many as useless.Neos Preveza expands 2750 sq km. Meanwhile, Newfoundland continues expanding.
    • What is the current state of the Hungarian royal family? I need to know if Maria has had any children with Janos.
  • Naples continues to expand its military during the spring of this year. However, by the summer, I Liberatori has become too dangerous to ignore. Many oppressed natives and freed Miscugli slaves have joined up with the liberators, and they are becoming a dangerous guerrilla force. Naples sends a few troops, but doubts it's a real threat.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. A Finn musician decides to write a national anthem for the nation and creates a piece of music (some of which would have come from/be very similar to OTL March of the Volunteers; different instruments obviously and sounds very Finnish instead) and writes lyrics too. She then shares it with the Finnish government, though while a few admit it the beat sounds a bit odd, the Finnish government decides to adopt it for now as an anthem. However, this causes another Finn musician to compose something better, but will take a while. Meanwhile, the Finnish painter teaches her daughter about how to draw/paint the Suomi-neito so when she dies, her art will continue in the family.
  • Persia advances throughout the only independent Indian state it is bordering. They ask Sweden to join on its side since it wanted to. They ask Russia to buy Kazakhstan for ten billion rubles. The modernization and industrilization of the country continues, and also in its colonies in the Amazon. New Tehran expands by 10x40 sq. mi. The Amazon is officially under Persian control due to immigration by the mineral wealth and the booming economy. They begin plans to expand north and south.
    • You cannot afford a ten billion loss in your currency.
    • There is also the simple fact that the number billion was not commonly used in 1786.
  • Unfortunately for Itsaygahi, the rebels may be numerous and have great conviction, but the ruling regime controls the most economically productive areas. In Cymbria, agriculture is recovering despite difficulties with their roots in the Levelling meaning that production has not reached pre-disaster levels. Madoc prepares an army of Welshmen, other Cymbrians and a core of Jannisaries to return to Itsaygahi and open up a second front against the Union Body. Meanwhile, representatives from each of the liberated provinces assemble in Ehkanankegahu and declare the Levelled Assembly, the first step to a united Classist republic.
    • That doesn't sound very good. I don't know why anyone would willingly submit to what amounts to premature Communism.
    • The Vietnamese declare they will give plenty of financial and military aid to the Itsagahi government, as they declare that they are the true government of Itsagahi. The Vietnamese once again send large amounts of volunteers, whose battle experience would become instrumental in the future war with Morocco. The Vietnamese fund numerous assassination attempts against the traitor Madoc, who is reviled in Vietnam for his treacherous betrayal of his country.
  • Yemen expands their somalian territory 800 sq km wide.
  • Nipponese forces defeat the last of the Karafuto warlords and thus complete the Nipponese annexation of Karafuto, and ending the Karafuto Reclamation war. Kamochatoka expands by 800 sq km too.
  • The Vietnamese and Taiwanese continue to expand their military for the upcoming war in Morocco.
  • The famine again strikes in France, and the emperor was wise enough to keep some harvest of the last year, but just enough for the capital and his main cities and strongholds. August I doesn't want to spend more resources than the necessary, so he reduces the merchandises sent to the colonies, making Djem obtain more supporters in his claiming of the algerian and arabian thrones. He decides tocall the arms against Rhineland, hoping that the conquest will sustain his people by a time. He wants to keep the throne of Sweden by a bit, and to conserve it he decides to give them some more autonomy to get popularity. He sends some merchindise to Scandinavia, from the past year's harvest, and also gives Sweden a few more seats in the Parliament. He offers the suomi lord of Sweden the title of Lord Paramount of Sweden. Djem's army expands Nouvelle France 2800 sq km.
  • In China, the construction of the Trans-Continental Railroad continues, connecting even more cities with each other. In America, the Baja colony is expanded 3800 sq km north.
  • Siberian Settlement is continuing, and nearly complete. A major city is founded in Kamchatka, as the entirety of Chukotka is claimed as only Russian. Enlghtenment ideals continue to be discussed. In the past decade, the amount of "Child laborers" has gone up very much, and it is starting to worry many doctors. The Russian people start to debate whether or not to outlaw this, and instead educate them. This point of view, however, isn't very much shared by the elite. More factories are built in large cities as Moscow recuperates from its plague losses. The Church suggest everyone has large families. Industrial things in te colonies start to pich up, and a railroad is constructed by the RAZhD (RZhD in America) between Noviy Vladimir and Novomoskovsk and one is planned between Hochelaga-Mon-Rayal and Stadakona-Kvebek. Population in American colonies reaches one million. Russian America expands more on the coast 3000 km. (We really need to amp up the colonial expansions. I don't think that the 3000 pixel is doing it, at this rate, it will take 1000 years mimimum to colonize the entire world if all the nations colonized by the limit!). Meanwhile, the Polish king learns that last time he fought Russia, they were nearly bankrupted, and starts thinking that this time it will be much easier to defeat Russia's armies as he has done before. RUssia can spend some money on their military after the famines, and it improves the navy.
  • Sweden develops its military and sends voltunteers to fight Bharat. Wonderlaand expands to fill out the Galapagos Islands and obtains posts on Cocos Island to the north and Easter Island to the south. They also expand west and colonise OTL French Polynesia. Sweden's harvest are almost back to normal and Sweden thanks France for the help. All of England finally comes under Swedish control after the last rebels are defeated with the English army.


  • Nippon begins to properly integrate the newly conquered Karafuto territories into the empire by building infrastructure, setting up new towns, rebuilding damaged towns following the war, and setting up the necessary prefectural administrators and governance. While this is going on Nippon agree to respect Russia's claim to Chukotka and agree not to expand Kamochatoka that far north; but Kamochatoka does expand by 600 sq km this year. Satotochi colony expands by 200 sq km too, as Satsuma Corp. set up more plantations. An alliance with Prussia is formed as well, as Nippon want to remain friends with their former colony and to protect Prussian sovereignty.
  • The Neapolitan military build-up continues. However, even as they build up the military, a great crisis occurs. I Liberatori lead a massive slave revolt in Ricasolia, and this time almost all of the slaves on the island revolt against the Neapolitan government. Naples' sens a small fleet to deal with what they feel will be a short, swift victory, but a hurricane destroys their fleet. By the end of the year, the Liberatori, led by Tranio Oyolia, have driven the Neapolitan slave masters out of all of Ricasolia except for Porto di Morti.
  • The King of Poland Taunts Russia by rejecting the part of the treaty that stated that Poland had to never claim the throne of Lithuania. This is interpreted as a declaration of War by the Russian Senate and The Russian Military along with the Cossack military is quickly mobilized. Troops from all over the Russian dominions, including some Iroquois Warriors who have been trained with rifles go to Russia to fight. This edit was simply for the Chance. More will come.-Lx (leave me a message) 01:25, January 23, 2012 (UTC)
    • I do see that we are allies, do you wish me to help?
    • You are not allowed to control the actions of NPC nations to this extent.
    • Check the War section in the Rules, I am fully allowed. "You may have any NPC declare war on you as long as it is plausible"
    • The keyword there is plausible. Poland is a tiny nation a hundredth the size of Russia. This is like El Salvador declaring war on the US, it's stupid and Poland would only do it if they were insane.
    • Considering that they just discovered that Russia nearly lost the first time and nearly got bankrupted, and that they would want retribution, the Conditions make it not that implausible.
    • The only reason they almost won last time was because Sweden helped. Unless they had absolute assurance they would receive massive aid, it would be suicide.
    • Woops...forgot that Sweden helped...then Russia just has to declare war because of them threatening to join Lithuania again or something.
  • Turan expands its Greenland colony another 800 km2.
  • Persia begins to take over a part of Bharat territory. New Tehran expands by 40x10 sq. mi. The Amazon is now a trading center. Expeditions to the north and south begin. The Gold and other mineral wealth discovered in the north and south in OTL Northeastern Brazil is used to pay for the modernization and industrialization of the country. They ask Russia to buy Kazakhstan for 100 million ruble.
  • France starts to advance to Rhineland, and the Emperor asks for Swedish support. Now that England in in union with Sweden (and therefore, with France and Burgundy) he allow the English to send representatives to the Parliament and proclaims himself King of England, giving the Suomi lord of Sweden (Does he have even a name?) the title of Lord Protector of England. France builds up its military. Djem travels to France to visit the emperor himself, assuring that he will not claim the throne any more if the Emperor allows him to be the Lord Administrator of the French Colonies in America. Due the popularity and empathy of Djem, and his talent to persuade people, the Emperor decides to give him the title. Djem stays for a few months in the capital, and seems to be very popular, and the nobles seem to like him. Again, the Emperor asks Turan to join the Parliament as a full member, which would guarantee the support of the French states in any war (if the Parliament approves it) and would represent a huge economical and diplomatic advantage. France sends some supplies to support Persia. The Parliament votes for no intervene in the Second Russo-polish War.
    • Turan cannot join due to the popular disapproval, and its current situation. But it can for a loose confederacy that would consist of Turan, Franco-Sweden, and Russia-Finland. The structure would be:
      1. French get 2 seats
      2. Swedes get 2 seats
      3. Turks get 2 seats
      4. Russians get 2 seats
      5. Finns get 2 seats
      6. An additional seat would rotate between
        1. Arabs
        2. Alternating (gets a seat every 14 years) Africans and Bulgarians
        3. Greenlandish Turks
        4. Estonians
        5. English
        6. Alternating Kazakhs & Indians
        7. Lithuanian
  • Sweden's Saami noble refuses to send support to Poland and dismisses them as a lost cause The Polish ambassador insults the Swedish people and Sweden declares support for Russia. Volunteer troops from Sweden take a small section of the front and drive into Poland. Sweden upgrades its military and sends volunteer units to France with Swedish officers allowing them to gain experience. Sweden upgrades all of England, Flanders and Denmark's main port facilities to encourage foreign trade also halving the tax on goods. The gamble pays off boosting the Swedish economy. Meanwhile, Carl Michael Bellman writes and composes a new Swedish anthem using his poetic and musical skills. The Saami lord adopts it and it grows extremely popular. Wonderlaand expands across OTL French Polynesia to encompass all the islands. The remaining expansion quota is used on Southern Asgard.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Finland draws up final plans for a war with a nation that's on the Maluku Islands, though they do not do anything yet, and probably won't fight it until around 1790s. A few more Shinto shrines are built in the colonies. Also thanks to the Karelians (from the Karelia province in Finland) help, most Finns get the industrialisation process after years of teaching and helping; industrialisation continues.
  • The crops start to have success again. Meanwhile, Herczog's model of steam engine start to replace the older engines in a faster pace than before.The independentist movements on Kalikut intensify, and spread to the neighboring cities. Meanwhile, the plannings for the founding o a new colony start, although the place for the settlement still is undefined. Neos Preveza expands 1500 sq km and Eszák-Afrika expands 1250 sq km.
  • The Chancellor Johann Karl gave the order not to intervene in northern Italy, so Burgundian soldiers are at the Burgundy borders. The Chancellor published a book entitled "First of all the nation," in which he defends the idea of ​​nation-state is more notary by the language and culture. This idea that your book is over borders (such as profit and the opposite) and begins to persuade the Chancellor to direct their gaze to the French-speaking area of Switzerland. Burgundy will not support the Polish-Russian War, as the Chancellor is not concerned. Johann Karl has publicly against the idea of Turan to confederate the "Motherland" to other countries. Burgundy Parliament more widely popular support are great against this idea (promoted by nationalism). Burgundy's economy continues to stagnate. One reason that the economy begins to stagnate is the development and purchase of weapons, which is to formalize the army consists of the low economy.
    • The French speaking area of Switzerland is already part of Burgundy
  • Madoc's army sets sail in February and arrives in August. Madoc has managed to survive most of his assassination attempts, which merely make him more of a living legend in the eyes of the Classists (18th century Cherokee Castro anyone?). However, the Vietnamese aid and troops have made the fight against the Itsaygahan government even harder. But the war is now on two fronts, one in the west around the Mixxixxippi River and the Gulf Coast, and one in the west around the Carolinian swamps and bayous. The Union Body is forced to split its forces. The Cymbrian Leveller Lords construct roads across the nation, and rebuild most of the building lost in the war. Noovelongahi's expansion ceases.
  • The Vietnamese and Taiwanese continue to expand their military for the upcoming war in Morocco.
  • The UAA illegalizes slavery, causing a huge revolt to start in Sudan. The State of Sudan revolts and attempts to secede. UAA troops move in, but fighting there gets very rough. Also, the senate (which thinks that the war in Sudan will end quickly) sends troops to take Puntland. The Senate tells Yemen that if they join in the war, the UAA will add Puntland to the Joint UAA-Yemani colony of Somalia.
  • The construction of the Trans-Coastal Railroad continues, connecting more cities with each other. In America, the Baja colony is expanded another 3800 sq km north.


  • The Vietnamese and Taiwanese continue to expand their military for the upcoming war, but it is now it is in doubt whether the Vietnamese will attack Morocco or the Classist Cymbrian rebels. The Vietnamese re-establish the semi-legendary Sathu order, and form the first sathu cells created since the order was willingly destroyed centuries ago. These first few cells are dedicated to the destruction of the Classist regime in general, and the assaination of the reviled Madoc the Indian in particular. The newly-reborn order succeeds in several major acts of sabotage against the Classist regime, and assassinates quite a few low-ranking Cymbrian government officials. This succeeds in giving the Itsagahi government more time to defeat the disgusting Cymbrian traitors.
  • I Liberatori in Ricasolia, led by Tranio Oyolia, have gained many victories against the Neapolitans. Fearing that a defeat would make Naples look bad in the international community's eyes, Benvolio III announces that Ricasolia is not worth reconquering and that he will focus on more important colonies, such as Tamilia, and on the potential gaining of territoris. I Liberatori takes control of the newly founded Republic of Ricasolia, with Tranio Oyolia as the new president, and abolishes slavery in the new nation founded by ex-slaves. Many Neapolitans on the island are killed, with the survivors fleeing back to Naples. Naples regroups the military forces from the island and rebuilds that sector of the military.
  • The construction of the Trans-Continental Railroad continues in China. Due to an accident, the railroad is not expected to be completed until 1790. In America, the San Francisco colony is expanded 3800 sq km south.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Some other few Finns convert to Finnish paganism. Soon the Finnish government promotes Finnish paganism and Finnish mythology along with Nipponese culture/language and Shinto. A few Finn musicians compose some music that mixes Finn and Nipponese, and it is enjoyed by many Finns.
  • Nippon expands Kamochatoka by 1550 sq km as more exile villages are set up, and logging intensifies. Shogun Tokugawa Ieharu dies as well, and Tokugawa Ienari becomes the new shogun. There are also riots in rice shops in Edo and Osaka because the price of rice hasn't returned to pre-famine levels; the riots are dealt with by the Shinsengumi but the Shogun forces the rice shops to lower prices some more, so prices are just above pre-famine prices. This pleases the rioters and the matter is resolved.
  • To protect the Classist regime in Cymbria, the nation is divided into Generalities, each governed locally to prevent damage in one area effecting the rest. And each generality is to be governed by a council who convene in secret. In Itsaygahi, Madoc's forces promise liberation to the slaves of Itsaygahi in return for their support and promising land in Noovelongahi for all who choose to go. The beginnings of a slave revolt similar to that in Ricasolia begin to emerge, much to slaveowners horror, forcing this minority into the Unionite (reactionary) camp. Madoc himself is under heavy personal guard to try to avoid assassination.
    • Don't worry. I've replaced the Classists with the Russians as the target of Vietnamese ire.
  • Industrialization continues. Meanwhile, the use of Herczog's engine continues to popularize, as it does not speand so much fuel as the formerly-used engine. Magyar Dél-Amerikabán expands 2750 sq km. Meanwhile, debate to where the new colony should be still goes on. Expeditions to map both places are launched.
  • Turan expands its colony in Greenland by another 800 km2.
  • From 1784 to 1788 have completed the four-year mandate of Chancellor, which was presented to Parliament of Burgundy... again. Johann Karl is still the conservative and nationalist thick as Chancellor of Burgundy. Johann Karl's victory is due to industrial upgrading, the army improved and revolutionary nationalist ideal that allowed the peaceful annexation of Marseille and the French speaking part of Switzerland. But his political career was marred by the economy, which still falls. The news in Burgundy on the annexation of the French speaking part of Switzerland seems to have brought riots and vandalism by Switzerland, which the Chancellor has taken to launch an ultimatum to the Swiss government and then declare war. The Burgundy Army begins to lead his troops into the whole of Switzerland, trying to prove and improve the Burgundian arms industry and thus reactivate the economy. Meanwhile, some foreign French-speaking border areas begin to be full of nationalist propaganda. Build up its military.
    • The French speaking part of the Helvetic Confederation was already part of Burgundy.
  • The UAA makes a deal with Soudan. Soudan will become independent but, it cannot trade with any nation other than the UAA, and it must support the UAA in all wars. Soudan is lowered to the status of vassal state. All the slave traders move to Soudan (where slavery remains legal). This forces the government to look for new ways to produce goods. They import few dozen steam engines from Hungary and begin testing them.
  • The Saami Lord of Sweden feels the time is right. He orders a full Swedish invasion of the Kola Peninsula and Livonia. The surprise attack catches the Russian navy off guard with ten suicide submarines sinking over half the Russian Baltic Fleet with their separate attacks on Riga and St Petersburg. Troops attack St Petersburg and engage in fierce hand to hand, building to building combat resulting in many casulties. Meanwhile, another group of soldiers attacks Riga. Sweden asks all its allies to help and reminds them of past Swedish deeds for them.
    • His Royal Majesty Benvolio Entori-Sicilia III, King of Naples, Protector of Siena and Florence and Israel, Defender of the Faith, and Emperor of the Neapolitan Empire, declares war upon the Empire of Russia in conjunction with the Swedish invasion.
    • Persia declines, saying they cannot abandon their Russian and Chinese allies.
    • Are you serious? no really, ARE YOU F*#&$#*@ SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a deal. No wars against Russia until Siberia is fully mine, and ten years after that. you just went and disregarded that. Why in the WORLD would you now wnat a War with Russia. It's either Siberia is rollbacked, or this war never happened. your choice. you went to war with me for no reason. NO REASON!!!!!!!!!! AND AFTER THE FRENCH PRINCESS BECAME THE TSESAREVNA (WIFE OF THE HEIR TO THE THRONE OF RUSSIA)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN 1796 SHE WOULD BE EMPRESS OF ALL THE RUSSIAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • There was no official deal, and there will be no roleback. And you'd better watch your tone, or else I will tear Russia apart by moderator revolts as punishment for your unreasonable behavior
    • I'm not the person that stabs somebody in the back after they just had a royal wedding with your sovereign's own daughter. And I did mention many times that the only reason I did not have Siberia already, is that every time I tried...Insta-Nearly-Killed-By-Sweden and everybody like why you expand in Asia, we no like that. So then, duting the 1750 war against Poland, People started complaining again that I wasn't expanding in Siberia, so I told everyone that stop complaining where I expand because my point was just proven now. Whenever Siberia was being settled, Everyone just took advantage of my -10 for expanding and said hey, let's hyperexpand in a territory with ten times my population!
    • That's it. Your temper tantrum has made me decide to join the war on Sweden's side.
    • I didn't know about the royal marry. You just gave me a casus belli. I'll accelerate the successsion process. I'm sorry but I go to war or probably Sweden tries to become independent again.
  • His Imperial Majesty, August Harold, the first of his name, Emperor of France and Sweden and King of Burgundy commands his troops to withdraw from Rhineland, taking the land already conquered (the algorithm must be completed) to come back later. The Parliament votes that the whole empire and its vassals must support the war against Russia. The French army, led by the Crown Prince Alphonse and the Order of Saint Robert, led by the Lord Commander Joachim Murat, invade Livonia and Finland respectively. The Lord Commander demand the pääministeri of Finland to swear loyalty to the Corwn of France and Sweden and the French troops will not sack the cities. The Crown Prince and his armies composed of both French and Edessans land on Livonia and start to marching through the Russian ground. Some of them are led by the King Peter II of Edessa and Antioch to set free the subjugated Poland, where he proclaims August as King of Poland. In the colonies. Djem has traveled to stop some disturbances caused by the activities of I Liberatori and the independent Ricasolia's infuence in people. After this, he takes control of the militias and command to block the Russian colonial ports and send troops to the battlefield. He expands Nouvelle France 2800 sq km. The Caliph and the algerians start to move their troops to the southern coast of Russia, and again they ask Turan to join the Parliament.
    • We just had a wedding with your princess. We had an Alliance. why in the world would you go to war with Russia you went to war with me for no reason. NO REASON!!!!!!!!!! AND AFTER THE FRENCH PRINCESS BECAME THE TSAREVNA (WIFE OF THE HEIR TO THE THRONE OF RUSSIA)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN 1796 SHE WOULD BECOME EMPRESS OF ALL THE RUSSIAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Persia continues to take land away from Bharat. The industrialization and modernization all continue. The Amazon continues to be settled. It is becoming a populous region due to the immigration there. New Tehran expands by 40x10 sq. mi. It declares neutrality in the war between Sweden and Russia. but ass them for a compromise between the two.
  • Russian And Polish stop fighting as the swedish menace threatens both, and poland start to fight Sweden instead in the Warsaw agreeement to stop hostilities until the Swedes are dealt with, and fight sweden. the Russians ask the Ortodox of the world, also Turan and all of Finland's allies as FInland is under attack by the ambitious swedish forces.The Russian Navy reboudns by bombing the French coastal cities and Jerusalem. An elite force of Spetsnaz is sent to stockholm in submarine ships and blow up the Swedish parliament. Russia calls upon Nippon's aid and Turan's aid and reminds almost the entire world that this war is about getting Finland, a well honored nation.


  • Naples divides its military forces into three sections. One defends Neapolitan territories from Russian attacks, the other attempts to blockade Russian territories to prevent them from sending aid to the mother nation, and the other aids the Swedish forces up north. Naples sends many gifts to the Vietnamese for their help in the war. Benvolio III asks his brother in law Janos to at least remain neutral in the war, if they don't wish to aid Naples. He reminds Janos that the Neapolitan parliament is worried about allowing half-Hungarian Sándor (or, as he is called in Italian, Alessandro) to be the heir to the throne of Naples, but he is sure he can convince them to accept the prince as the heir to the Neapolitan throne... Meanwhile, the Pope declares Russia excommunicate for the act of bombing Jerusalem, and excommunicates any Catholic who would aid Russia.
    • Russia isn't catholic, there orthodox, and don't care what the pope says. and we bombed Stockholm and just fired canons on Jerusalem and "coastal cities" like Nice, Marseilles, etc...
    • The Pope's main goal is to make sure no Catholic nations come to help Russia.
  • Ricasolia is too poor to help either side in the war, and President Oyolia doesn't see any purpose to do so. He asks Itsaygahi for an alliance.
  • France is still fighting Russia there up north. Joachim Murat re-offers the Finns to change their side. In the French Parliament the Finns would be represented in a super-national democracy, not vassalaized by a empire. Their religions would be respected and their leaders would be allowed to keep the most of their lands, and may be get some more. The king Peter start to march to Warsaw, where he plans to take the throne for his overlord. Djem marchs in Siberia with his legions. He joins his brother the young sultan of Algeria Mehmet, the Caliph in Mecca, to ask their relative Muhammad II, sultan of Egypt, to, at least, remain neutral, if not join the war against Russia. The Caliph in Mecca, Suleyman, asks Turan to join the war against Russia, to prove the superiority of the united Umaa against the empire. The Emperor asks, in name of the Church, in name of the democracy, of the conctitutional monarchies of the world, and his own name, the help of the UAA against Russia. He also wants Japan to join his coalition and help him to convince Finland to do so, then he should not command the sack of that country. He builds up the French military.
    • Finland, after many hours of deciding, decides to agree to France's deals..
  • The Vietnamese and Taiwanese join the Swedo-Russian War. The Vietnamese mount an amphibious assault against the main Lithuanian port of Klaipėda. The Vietnamese mount an invasion of the Russian Canadian colony from their New Vietnam colony.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Angered by war, the people of Finland heavily convince the Finnish government decides to secede from the confederation after over 90% had voted, and Finland declares independence as the Shogunate of Finland. Finland at first decides to stay extremely neutral and doesn't fight on anyone's side, but a few hours of decision, and to save not fighting in a war, the pääministeri, after much pressure decides to join France, becoming the Semi-Shogunate of Finland if they promise very much to not cause harm to Finland. All (except pääministeri) of the Finnish government, and some Finns who were very loyal to Russia flee back to Russia forming the Finland Confederation in Exile. New Finns are elected to the Finnish government, mostly Shinto and Finnish paganism. The planned war with a nation that's on the Maluku Islands is again postponed until 1800.
    • The Emperor August I Harold proclaims himself as new Shogun of Finland (at least you already have one, in which case I'll be the Gran Prince and Protector).
  • Persia continues its military expansion, navy expansion, modernization, industrialization, and its invasion of Bharat. New Tehran expands by 40x10 sq. mi. Influence around the Amazon region in the north increases, while in the south, it is at its infancy. They continue to take territory away from Bharat. They ask Russia and Sweden to negotiate.
  • Hungary tries to remain neutral on the war, as Russia, Sweden and Naples are their allies.Egypt does the same, as well as Greece, although Greece is tending to support Russia, unofficially.The place on where the new colony will be is finally defined.A expedition is sent to the place.Industrialization continues, while the "factories" start to get bigger. Meanwhile, in Greece, the ind ustries start to spread to other places than Trebizond and Constantinople.In Egypt, some steam engines are imported from Hungary, and a "factory" is built in somewhere around the littoral.In Hungary, the Rovás alphabet falls into disuse completely, after starting to being only used in Ultraylvania, and after industrialization start and the people started to move into the cities, the number of people using the Rovás diminished greatly.Hungary updates its military, and Namib expands 2750 sq km.
    • Due to Hungary not aiding Russia, Benvolio III pronounces Hungarian Prince Sándor to be the heir to the Neapolitan throne, as Benvolio is childless and Sándor is his nephew.
  • With the Vietnamese distracted, the Classists launch a new offensive against the Unionite Itsaygahans. A massive slave revolt bursts out in support of the Classists. Madoc seizes control of the Itsaygahan Atlantic coast, while the slaves take control of Florida and other southern areas. The European minorities of the north however join the Unionite cause. The whole of southern Itsaygahi is now under Classist governance. The Marcher Lords have also joined the Unionites, to try to protect their aristocratic privileges.
  • Nippon pledges to support Finish independence, and if that means joining the war against Russia so be it. This and being annoyed about Russia's treatment of Nippon concerning Karafuto and the Chishima Islands: Nippon joins the war against Russia. The Imperial Nipponese Navy is sent to bombard Vladivostok and the Shogun wants to gain full rights to controlling the whole Kamchatka peninsula in exchange for Nippon's efforts in the war.
    • The Nippon's right in the peninsula will be part of the peace treaty.
    • Did you realize that Russia decided to remove their claims to The Kurils and Sakhalin, and you just stab me in the back? Even after we signed an alliance and Russia wanted to promote Finnish independence.
    • Finland was siding with France against Russia, so Finland must of seen Russia as a threat to Finnish independence so we sided with our good friends Finland. As for our 1780 agreement, I am still complying with it: Russian citizens are free to come and settle in Sakhalin and the Kuril islands and I didn't attack Russia from Karafuto or the Chishima islands (Sakhalin & Kuril islands), I simply bombarded Vladivostok and my closet naval base to Vladivostok where the attack came from would be from Honshu island. You never asked for an alliance, just not to attack you from Sakhalin or the Kurils and to let Russians settle in Nipponese territory. Perhaps if you had paid attention to the game and accepted my 1775 offer, we wouldn't be having this conversation as I would of happily stayed neutral but I have still obeyed the terms of the 1780 deal.
  • The Chancellor Johann Karl abandoned his plan to conquer the force throughout Switzerland. The Burgundian Parliament decides to support France, Sweden and Naples (obviously for its dependency of the French crown). The military plan is easy, dividing the armed forces in 3 different fronts. Burgundian Navy support the initiative for the sea and in case of attack protecting the Italian peninsula. The Army of Burgundy has divided into a part for the defense and one for attack. The army offensive will be shipped to Crimea (attempt). The Officers of Burgundy travel to Naples, they understand that in the past had tension but now they could defend each other. The war economy starts working again and the industry begins to grow.
    • King Benvolio tells the Burgundians that if they give him but 7 years, he can make sure that they will never have to deal with any Italian threat again unless they turn against Naples
  • China declares full support for Russia. Ships are donated to Russia as the war continues. Meanwhile, the Trans-Coastal railroad continues its construction. In America, the San Francisco colony is expanded by 3800 sq km south.
  • Turan works on its economy.
  • Sweden and her allies trump the Russians in a huge battle in Villinus. The defeat forces a Russian withdrawal out of Northern Lithuania. St Petersburg is seized but with many casulties as French and Swedish troops direct two campaigns into Russia. One to Moscow and one to Kiev. Sweden starts drafting a treaty and division of the outer areas of Russia. The Kola is abandoned to the Swedish armies. Sweden would like Finland to form a union between our two nations. The bombing of Stockholm failed as the nobles have been co-ordinating the attacks from an undisclosed location. Wonderlaand expands 3050 sq km across the South Pacific.
    • Very funny about st petersburg.
    • What's so funny about St. Petersburg? It is right next to Swedish territory, it makes sense they would seize it due to the fact they are winning the war by a huge margin.
    • Finland agrees to form a union, only if Sweden doesn't harm or damage Finland in any way...
    • Sweden only requests to annex the Saami lands into Sweden proper. Only a tiny slice of Northern Finland.
    • Finland agrees, and gives Sweden the Saami lands.


Principia Moderni Map 1790
Principia Moderni Map 1790 Key

Manoa doubles its size expanding away from Onguayal, it is upgraded from vassal to dynastic union state. The Muisca Confederation doubles its size expanding outward. The Pueblos expand 10 px north along their whole northern border.

  • Naples continues to fight in the war against Russia. They urge Russia to accept any treaty with Sweden as soon as they can. Meanwhile, Istoias grows 1000 sq km as Schmittists in Poland flee to it. Neapolitan spies are seen moving northward in the Italian peninsula. The leaders of Siena and Florence have begun to wonder if serving as vassals is best for them, and if joining Naples itself might not be a better idea.
  • Ricasolia is now organized by President Oyolia, who seeks recognition from all nations of the world.
  • The Vietnamese continue to fight in the war against the Russians. Vietnamese soldiers occupy the mainland portion of Russia's Canada colony, which is the Vietnamese sole claim in the Treaty of Berlin. The Vietnamese military council officially in control of occupied Canada allows the former Russian colonists to practice their language and culture without any form of opression, which reduces resistance to the occupation to a minimum. These actions will end up lead to the colony (and later Republic) of New Vietnam to recognize Russian as an official regional language of the Kanada province of New Vietnam.
  • Persia continues to take territory from Bharat. Now that the war is over, it asks Sweden to join its side. Yet they do condemn Sweden for attacking Russia since it is its ally. New Tehran is expanded by 40x10 sq. mi. The Amazon region continues flood with Persian immigrants. The northern area of the Amazon River Basin is officially under control of the Persians. They continue to explore southward, looking for valuable natural resources, but are wary of the indegious tribes, so they bring troops with them. The military and navy continue expanding and modernizing. Industrialization and modernization continues.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Finland, with the new government, attacks Russia's New Zealand colony, while a few Finnish ships from the colonies aids Nippon. Meanwhile, the Finland Confederation (government) in Exile (who are very loyal to Russia) sets up their Exile government in Kazan, and still angered by the sudden threat/attack from Scandinavia and Western Europe, however they stay as far away as possible and doesn't do anything. The planned war with a nation that's on the Maluku Islands is again postponed until 1815 at the earliest. Meanwhile, some more Finns covert to Shinto while more other Finns convert to Finnish paganism.
  • Industrialization continues, and by this point, he old engine model has fallen into disuse, while Herczog's engine model is the most used. Meanwhile, the expedition sent arrives in the place set, and lands on OTL Rangiora.a settlement of 50 sq km is founded there. Meanwhile, Kalikut and the surrounding cities declare independence, following the example of Govapuri.Neros Preveza expands 2700 sq km.Greece updates its military, as well as Egypt and Hungary.
  • The Classist Revolutionaries recognise Ricasolia. The Grand Army of the Republic is founded as the three great armies of Classists join up to push north. Madoc and his army of Welshman and Jannissaries, the freed slaves, and the army of Natchez, Lakotans, Charter Porters and other regional groups. Madoc is made Supreme General, and prepares his offensive, due for next year. In the north, the Unionites hurriedly prepare an army of European mountain-men, the remnants of the Marcher Lord armies and a reserve of poorly armed militias. In Cymbria, things are pootling along nicely. However, a certain measure of corruption of the system is emerging as the administrators and their subordinates tend to have much more pleasant lifestyles than their subjects.
    • Ricasolia is pleased that they are recognized, and hey send what little help they can provide (mostly just words, maybe a couple volunteers and a crate of supplies) to the Classist Revolutionaries.
  • Nippon's naval bombardment of Vladidistok renders the port unusable. With Nippon expecting to gain full rights to Kamchatka peninsula, the Shogun declares Kamochatoka is part of the Empire of Nippon proper, as Kamochatoka prefecture; Kamochatoka prefecture expands northwards too.
  • France continues is efforts to support the war against Russia, bombarding some ports in Crimea and hte OTL Prince Edward Island. The army led by Murat is still marching in the Russian heartland, attacking the msot importand cities. Meanwhile, Peter II dies and his son, Jean, becomes John I of Edessa and Antioch. He changes the name of the kingdom to the United Crusader Principalities, adopting an elective monarchy ruled by a Council of Princes (20 from the nobility and five from the Church). Though he's childless, is still young, so the conservative nobility and clergy don't understand his decision, but are forced to accept it while they're fighting Russia. John besieges Warsaw and sends his troops to look for polish nobles to join the French cause. Meanwhile, Djem has left his troops at command of the Nipponese generals while he goes to Haiti to work in the local militias (France builds up its military). In Haiti a new party has appeared. This party secretly sends supplies to the Classist regime. Djem doesn't worry about the new group, and he just let them go while he leads the bombardings in colonial Russian ports. The Prince Alphonse comes back to Paris be cause he was wounded during the Siege of Saint Petersburg, in which he lead the French army that supported the swedish one.
    • During the siege, Tsesarevna Jean(Ioanna) rode on a horse and faced her brother. She, dressed in armor and a general's uniform, set out to make a speech to the people: "You COWARDS. You UNWORTHY, FILTHY DOGS!!!!!!!!!! How DARE you! How dare the people of a nation of so high esteem as the French could be capable of Such Treachery and such disgusting acts. TRAITORS!!!!!!!! You have betrayed your own blood! How could you, How could blood turn against blood, and the pope which I once held in high honor promote the concept of Familicide? You turn against your royalty. You should all be ASHAMED of yourselves, French ROYAL BLOOD runs through the veins of The seed of Russian nobility, HOW can the French King be A TOOL for the SELFISH, DISHONORABLE man known As the SAAMI LORD. I can't believe now that blood is being spilt because MY FATHER BECAME THE PUPPET OF HIS SUBJUGATED SWEDISH FILTH KNOWN AS SAMMI LORD *insert name here. What I will do I will do because I must. YOU MEN HAVE NO LOYALTY. How can this world exist, where Father will kill the daughter for nothing more than a scrap of gold, and the church CONDEMNS the ACT of retaliation against SIN, and instead PROMOTES IT!!!!!! What would your fathers think. Going to war, with the Seed of your empire because YOU CAN'T WAIT A FEW MORE BLASTED YEARS!!!!!!!!!! I am doing what needs to be done, and YOU WILL ALL SEE HOW YOUR HONOR IS NO MORE!!!!!!! I was once proud to call myself the princess of France, now I would treat it as the greatest insult to be called FRENCH and be associated with the NATION OF THIEVES AND TRAITORS!!!!" As she finished this speech, she took out a pistol, and fired one shot, streight into her forhead, and fell off the horse, to the horror of the French and Swedish, who had just realized that her princess had just died. This was not...I repeat NOT MEANT TO INSULT ANYONE AT ALL (sorry I had to use caps, but otherwise nobody would notice)
  • Swedish armies reach the Crimea and have liberated all of Lithuania. The Kola is seized and landings are made on the Russian North Coast. Troops push to Novgorod. Wonderlaand expands 3150 sq km. Sweden formally annexes the Saami lands in Finland and Russia. Meanwhile, the remnants of the Lithuanian governing body agree to form the Baltic Confederation with Estonia having Riga as their capital. They swear alligance to Sweden as a vassal state.
    • very seriously, extremely hilarious!!!!Nice joke about Lithuania, a nation with more population than Sweden, and you, "liberate" it ine one year....fine...whatever, do what you want i haave no power in pointing out plausibility ayways.
    • Nice job insulting other users and defying the algorithm. If you continue this sort of behavior, I will punish you.
    • nice job abusing mod powers to threaten me from speaking the truth, and scan is taking control of my cities after I h
      • Stating the truth is no excuse for mocking users and calling their posts jokes
    • No, but for real, Lithuania is as large as Sweden, you would need a very large army to manage to conquer it in one year.two, or three years would be the best case example given that your population only has 11 million.
  • The battle of Kiev was an enormous success for Suvorov, earning him the rank of generalissimo of Russia. This general now liberated the southern Ukraine. IN northern Lithuania, Nearly every farmer is taking to arms against the Swedes with anything he can find, from an old flintlock to a frying pan. More realistic wars may follow, but will be skewed by three moderators.


  • Naples continues to push back on Russia, stating that it would be preferable for Russia to surrender now to make it easier on everyone. Meanwhile, Siena and Florence merge together to form the single vassal state of Tuscany. Naples begins playing to fears in Lombardy of further Burgundian expansion, promising the remains of the North Italian Confederacy that they will be allowed to keep their Waldensian religion and Lombard language if they give Naples control over their foreign affairs, and they will gain great protection. Naples sends secret word to Burgundy that they have no plans to take any Burgundian land. Naples sends secret messages to all colonial powers, announcing that they have claimed the area of Malaysia to be a future part of the Neapolitan empire, even though it is still independent.
  • Ricasolia now is on its feet, and sends more aid to the Classist revolutionaries in Itsaygahi.
  • Industrialization continues, and the armament industry grows. Meanwhile, Prince Karóly reaches 21 years old, and is crowned King in August.Hungary, Egypt and Greece update their militaries, and the new settlement, named Rangyóra, expands 500 sq km, while Neos Preveza expands 2250 sq km.
    • I thought the oldest son of Janos and Maria was Sandor. Unless Karoly is king of Greece?
    • Two words: Just watch.
  • The Classists push the Unionites ever further north, routing armies and destroying noble dwellings. Desertions increase in the Unionite government, but do not surrender because both sides know that what they believe are diametrically different, and they cannot co-exist. Cymbria continues to pootle along nicely. Coal excavation becomes increasingly important to the economy.
  • Nippon continues to expand northwards up the Kamchatka peninsula. A few Nipponese troops land in Vladivostok and seize the city. They pillage the city and find industrial machines and like, some of said machines are brought back to Nippon. The majority of the machines are put in the recently opened Rangaku museum in Edo. Nipponese Rangaku scientists begin to analyse and observe these machines but they lack the appropriate power sources and understanding of the machines needed to do anything worth while with the machines, and so they shall remain museum curiosity pieces for many years to come.
  • Yemen expands 800 sq. km wide in Somalia. They also fund better canalization system.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Finland also recognises Ricasolia and asks it for a trade agreement. Meanwhile, Finland begins invasion of the Russian New Zealand colony, but faces some obstacles, however; though the Finns manage to fight through some of it.
  • The Vietnamese officially annex the former Russian Kanada colony. It is officially reorganized into several provinces, the largest of which is the Kanada province, centered around the former Russian colonial capital of Petrograd. The colonial government will appease the local Russians by officially recognizing Russian as an official regional language, and by having the local provincial governments consist mostly of Russian officials. Their only territory goal achieved, the Vietnamese officially withdraw from the fighting, as they know that their involvement in Europe would be minimal at best.
  • France is still fighting Russia. John I of the United Principalities conquers Warsaw and proclaims August Harold as king, some of the local lords escape to Lithuania to support the Russians, but several of them accept that, if they don't vassalize to France, then they will eventually do so to Russia, and the polish people prefer to be represented in the democratic French government. A new chancellor is elected between the Polish, and he's named Stanisław Małachowski. The forces of Murat also help in the siege of St Petersburg. In the colonies, Djem again builds up the military and the militias to finally land in OTL Prince Edward Island and start the conquest of it. The calissist party of Haiti now is major, and more anti-djemist join it every day. Djem recognises Ricasolia to improve his reputation. Meanwhile in Algeria, the young sultan dies during a visit to Malouinas, murdered by a djemist politician of the zone. The Regency Council decides to proclaim the Provisional Algerian Government under the direct rule of both the Regency Council and the Caliph Suleyman until the election of a new sultan. Insulted, Djem decides to do nothing until the end of the war.
  • The French immigration in Akon has been seen as a Cassus Belli to Burgundy. With military leave from the "Motherland" Burgundian troops try to pacify and civilize the country of Akon. This imperialist strategy aims to continue testing the industrial potential of Burgundy. Burgundy builds up military. The south of Akon begins to be taken.
  • Sweden expands Wonderlaand by 3150 sq km. Swedish troops march towards Moscow but take Novgorod. The implore the Russian Tsar to surrender and accept the terms of surrender.
    • Naples states that they are afraid for Sweden, as they think that the vast area of land they want to get will be too much, and they don't want their ally to plunge into civil war. They state that Hungary has proposed a treaty which will still give Sweden vast gains, but not to the extent they could collapse.
    • "Rule 1, on page 1 of the book of war, is: "Do not march on Moscow". Various people have tried it, Napoleon and Hitler, and it is no good. That is the first rule. I do not know whether your Lordships will know Rule 2 of war. It is: "Do not go fighting with your land armies in China". It is a vast country, with no clearly defined objectives." - Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomeryor this version: "The US has broken the second rule of war. That is, don't go fighting with your land army on the mainland of Asia. Rule One is don't march on Moscow. I developed these two rules myself." It is good to notice that rusia also has china on their side. once again, i'm just stating this as well, um, not trying to insult anyone...but there are coincidences. -Lx
    • Don't forget that one: "don't invade Russia in the winter."but since Scandinavia has temperatures as low, I suppose that we should make a exception.
  • Persia's navy and military continue to expand and upgrade. Persian control of the Amazon expands west. New Tehran grows by 40x10 sq mi on the island it is next to. They send expeditions to the Amazon to establish new colonies. it continues to take Bharat territory. Finally, Persia has enough, and decides to join Russia's side for the sake of its safety.
  • After the suicide of Tsesarevna Ioanna (Princess Jean), the Russian military and people go into a maniacal rage, blaming Sweden for the loss of their beloved future empress. Generalissimo Suvorov, one of Russia's most famous military geniuses, once again leads the Russians to victory at Minsk, greatly boosting their morale a whole lot. More people enlist in the military, and Russian men are swift at the posts. Suvorov is charged now with liberating the capital city, which has now resorted to crude guerrilla warfare, now, in the cities, Russian people appoint themselves judge, jury and executioners of the Swedish army, slaughtering every Swede in sight, culminating in the great riot of St Petersburg and Novgorod. Swedes face uncertainty while heading towards Moscow.
    • You aren't going to win the war, whatever you do. However, I do agree that Sweden will have to cut down on their gains some. If they gain all they want, they will be torn apart by moderator revolts in the next decade or so.
    • I know, I'm just fixing the war to be what it is actually going to be because according to scan all of Lithuania is his. The army will surrender because they will see no point in fighting for land with little to no population and/or near bankruptcy of Russia. either or.


ATTENTION: All users should regularly check the talk page for polls, recent changes or updates in the rules, and other important information.

  • Naples continues sending aid to the war against Russia, but their aid has vastly reduced (although it is still military in nature). They now know they just have to keep troops there to help Sweden occupy the territories they already own, and they can't take any more. The troops returning home are given a heroes welcome, and propaganda is sent back up north to Lombardy, making Naples look even stronger in the eyes of the Lombards. Industrialization continues as Naples begins building the an Arsenal of their own, modelled after the old Venetian one, to increase the power of their military. Istoias expands north 1000 sq km.
  • The Natives in the westernmost peninsula of Ricasolia, already friendly with the new former-slave government (as many Natives helped the slaves, and many slaves escaped to the natives) joins up with Ricasolia.
  • Persia declares all support to Russia in militaric terms. The military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. New Tehran expands by 40x10 sq. mi. Colonization of the Amazon River increases. It expresses its disapproval of Sweden by attacking its colony.
  • Without Yemen's support, Puntland is able to defeat the few UAA troops sent there (most were still dealing with border scirmishes in Soudan). The UAA settles for and peace deal. Also, the UAA wishes to increase its international status as that of a major power. The senate plans to make investigations onto both sides of the current war in Russia, to see which side it should join. The Neopolitians in Ethiopia organize a sort of Pro-Neopolition lobby. Also, the UAA starts putting a few steam-driven machines in museams, for people to see.
    • Naples sends word the Ethiopia that they are winning the war against Russia, so the UAA should probably concentrate upon their own affairs for the moment. They ask for more trade with the UAA.
    • The UAA passes several laws that make trade with Naples easier.
  • In the start of the year, King Karóly falls severely ill, and dies in February.the throne is offered to Károly's brother, Ferenc, but he refuses.After searching on the family tree, is discovered that one of the nearest relatives is Karóly's great-uncle Sándor.He is crowned Sándor II in November. However, the Council Of Nobles already is pointing out his successor, as Sándor II is 66 years old and already was ill when assumed the throne.the nearest relatives are his daughter, Mária Anna and his brother, János.However, János refuses the offer of assuming the throne in case that Sándor dies and Mária Anna refuses to assume he throne.Soon, János's son, also called Sándor is the second in the succession line. Meanwhile, Rangyóra expands 1000 sq km, and Magyár Dél-Amerikabán expands 1750 sq km. Meanwhile, near the colony, the Charrua near the province of Uruguay start to urbanize to a nodal level.
  • After months of negotiation, the Beothuk natives in the centro-northern part of the island of Újfundlandi join the country. Meanwhile, in Labrador, more expansion inland is made.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Finland also invades a bit further into the Russian New Zealand (NZ) colony, but not by much and soon the Finnish ships begin to destroy the NZ ports; Finland also decides to claim the rest of the top island as theirs.
    • Hungary is already claiming all of the OTL New Zealand South Island, except for the Hannoverian colony.
    • Sorry about that, I changed it to only the north island if its okay.
  • Nippon sends a detachment of the Imperial Nipponese Navy to help in the Finnish invasion of New Zealand. Nippon continues to expand northwards up the Kamchatka peninsula too. It is expected to be under Nipponese control in the next three years, thanks to the peninsula having hardly any natives to resist Nipponese expansion.
  • Prussia establishes a military presence on the border of Brandenburg and leaks the information to the Brandenburgian military, in hopes that the further pressure will help any rebellion against Brandenburg. All mercantile laws are repealed, and Prussia freely trades with all nations, Brandenburg excluded.
  • The Unionite cause collapses, as the Union Body is slain by assassins hired by Madoc. The northern remnants collapse due to no central control, and by November the last of it has been mopped up. The Provincial structure is simplified and new provinces enter the newly inaugurated Itsaygahan Levelled Republic. Cymbria also becomes known as a Levelled Republic. Policies of farms owned by the community are enforced, and nobles are tried for crimes against the people. If found guilty they must either join the people on the farms or be put to death. Madoc and his inner circle become the new rulers of the Republic. A trade agreement is suggested to Ricasolia. Former slaves start moving out in their droves to Noovelongahi.
  • The Emperor August I Harold of France and Sweden feels free to say that he already won te war against Russia. He travels to the coronation of Sándor in Hungary, congratulating him. The Lord Commander Murat is marching on Kiev, and he offers the generalissimo Suvorov a treaty. The death of Joan was terrible for both, the French and the Russian people, and he thinks that is time to end the war. He offers Russia a pact (the one in the talk page) including an article that forbids the Lord Paramount of Sweden from take any land in the Russian heartland. Meanwhile, Djem celebrates the conquest of the OTL Prince Edward Island, ignorant that his absence gave the Classist Haitian Party an opportunity to grow up. The classist leader is a François-Dominique Toussaint Louverture became the most popular figure in the colonies. France builds up its military. Louverture is taking advetadge from the absence of Djem. The Emperor finally recognises Ricasolia as an independent state, after many arguments in the Parliament.
  • The Vietnamese declare that Vietnamese involvement in the war, other than various forms of supplies, is over. The Vietnamese offer to negotiate with the Russians over the price to "sell" the mainland part of the Russian colony of Kanada. This is merely a formality, as the colony had allready been officially annexed by Vietnam the year before. The Vietnamese hope that the move will help to re-establish diplomatic relations between Russia and Vietnam. The Vietnamese are allready planning a return to colonial expansion following the war.
  • Suvorov's army is surrounded outside Minsk and the city and Suvorov are burnt to the ground. Swedish troops reach Moscow and also burn the city to the ground. These men quickly then turn back towards Lithuania. Similar stories occur across Russia with all the major cities inside Russia proper being razed to the ground after France announced that no territory in the heartland may be taken. Minsk, Novgorod, St Petersburg, Moscow, Arkhangel'sk, Tyer, Bryansk and Smolensk are all left in ashes. In the countryside, huge fires rage out of control across the land as Swedish troops raze thousands of farms and small towns in retaliation to the attempted mass killings of Swedish troops and civilians. Sweden contacts its former vassal Prussia and requests that they enter a long period of mutual cooperation. Wonderlaand is expanded by 3150 sq km across the South Pacific.
    • You can't do that. I control most of the cities you listed except for St Petersburg...and Suvorov is moving north to confront the Awedish troops headed for Moscow. You can't raze cities if you don't control them.
    • I will agree, that seems like an unnecessary and vicious detail added in at the last moment to attempt to punish Lx for not accepting the initial massive land proposal.
  • Suvorov's forces manage to pull out an offensive and push the Swedes back to their only remaining large city, St Petersburg. Although the Russians are angry about not having their capital, Moscow is doing fine as a temporary replacement. Suvorov's forces also liberate novgorod, and totally decimate the Swedish forces headed to Moscow, and are forced to retreat by the same road by which they came, being the victims of their own razing, they find no place to hide and many of them die of starvation (the Russians not doing much better due to money being low). Although many parts of the city are burnt, but amazingly, the detinets (Kremlin) of Novgorod is left unharmed. More riots break out in Swedish controlled areas, killing 10 000 Swedish soldiers and some civilians. Being Swedish is now basically a death sentence if you are in a city, and are targeted by mobs of angry citizens. These actions are, however condemned by the Church and the Empress, but continue anyway. The Russian Treasury is quickly running dry. and the court does not know how much the Russians can take. Suvorov enters some discussions with French, but Swedes, completely unsympathetic to Joan's loss, are non co-operative.
  • Turan works on its economy.


Kongo expands inland north. Meanwhile, in Gao, a powerful warlord manages to unite a part of the country bordering Jennes.

  • Naples continues to bring back its military, now keeping only a tiny token force in Russia, due to the fact that the war is pretty much over. Naples is now almost done with an arsenal of their own, and the building of the arsenal has greatly improved the Neapolitan economy. Naples begins preparing to take control of Swedish India, promised to them at the end of the war. Istoias expands 1000 sq km to the north.
  • New Vietnam 1793

    New Vietnam in 1793

    The Vietnamese officially end their involvement in the Swedo-Russian War. The Vietnamese keep the former Russian Kanada colony, as it has been officially annexed into their New Vietnam colony. The Vietnamese, in the first colonial expansion since their beginning preparations for the aborted war in Morocco, expand their New Vietnam colony southward by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese once again forward the offer to purchase the former Kanada colony from Russia, but will keep the territory regardless of what Russia wants.
    • I'm not certain exactly why everybody has been ignoring my posts about the area of the Iroquois confederation. according to my posts, the Mohawk area is close to its OTL extent (well, more or less) the south of the St Lawrence river. So, well, new Vietnam isn't really that territory, Iroquois won't be happy. I'm not happy that it has gone unviewed for so long. Iroquois have sovereign territory just south of Kanada and have had it for quite a while. Although the nation's territory is a bit smaller due to it becoming more compressed due to becoming more centralized, it remains the fact that south of the St Lawrence the Iroquois had territory. and also, why are they not Russia-blue on the map, since they are actually Russian vassals. what I am criticizing is the map, not anybody beating anyone, which in fact, did happen and Kanada will most probably be lost. but the Mohawk lands there are actually still there and controlled by that part of the Iroquois confederation. Oh yes, and coming back to the "sale" absolute guarantee of a special autonomy guaranteed by a Kanadian Senate and protection of the Russian language and Customs and 100 000 rubles will do (although I don't really have a choice in whether or not you will accept any of that, really).
Iroquois 5 Nation Map c1650
Iroquois 6 Nations map c1720
    • Sorry, I didn't see it, but I didn't color that way, because you already had two vassals, and adding the color to the Iroquois would make it look like you had three vassals.
    • I'm pretty sure I got rid of Changitistan before I got the Iroquois. Armenia is a puppet state not a Vassal, if that is what you were confused about, Kazakhstan is my one and only colored vassal, my second are the Iroquois and they are not colored. but if you were misguided and/or confused... it happens.
  • Persia's military and navy continues to expand and upgrade. New Tehran expands by 40x10 sq. mi. Colonization of the Amazon increases. It continues to attack the Swedish colony of India, yet it says that if it will stop its war with Russia, it will stop attacking.
  • Industrialization continues. Meanwhile, as expected, Sándor II dies in the start of the year, and technically is to be succeeded by his daughter Mária Anna. However, she refuses the offer. The throne is then, offered to Sándor, son of János, which accepts and is crowned Sándor III in June. Meanwhile, Rangyóra expands 1350 sq km, and Ezsák-Afrika expands 1400 sq km. Meanwhile, a tribal chief unites the Charrua near Magyár Dél-Amerikabán.
  • More expansion inland is made in Labrador.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. With Nippon's help, the invasion of Russian New Zealand starts to go well, and the Finns now take 1/2 the colony, but continues to invade it as the Finns want it all. Meanwhile, the Finland Confederation in Exile (located in Kazan) is deeply angered as Finland is 'now being ruined' and scold it heavily for 'giving its lands away' making it (Finland) look like an oval shape on maps, as well as scolding it for other reasons; again though, the Finland Confederation in Exile does nothing otherwise.

    Green is Swedish final demands. St Petersburg is left alone.

  • Sweden withdraws from most of Lithuania. Swedish troops promise to leave the remains of St Petersburg if Russia agrees to hand over Livonia (Courland), the Estonian Islands, the Kola, Alaska and Lithuania up to the Hungarian border. Russia is assured the continued use of the Baltic Sea. Wonderlaand is expanded by 3050 sq km westwards across the Pacific Ocean. More to come...
    • the Kola coast is reserved to Toeh Ngoa Nyoing so I cant give the coast away, you would have to war with them to do that, and that means war with Hanthawaddy. but the other terms are more feasible.w
  • Nippon continue to aid Finland in their invasion of New Zealand's north island. Nipponese expansion up the Kamchatka peninsula continues as well. Karafuto's Daimyo Tanuma Okitsugu dies too, and his son Tanuma Okitomo succeeds him as Daimyo of Karafuto. The Nipponese military is improved too, as artillery guns with longer range of fire are added to the army and the coastguard. Satotochi expands by 500 sq km too.
  • Levelling continues in Itsaygahi and the road to Ehkankhnegahu is decorated on either side by gibbets from which hang the bodies of former nobles and other traitors against Levelling. Some begin to question Madoc's political skill and begin calling for a decentralised system as practised in Cymbria. Also the Racialists begin calling for a halt to good relations with the Ricasolians and a re-institution of slavery as 'it is the natural order of things'. Meanwhile, the Body of the Levelled Republic begins drawing up a Constitution for the new state.
  • Turan expands its colony in Greenland by another 800 km2. The war in Bulgaria is finished with the treaty of Sophia. Both Turan and Bulgaria lose their autonomy to form the GTA (Grand Turkish Alliance). Every member continues the their independent right, but some rights are reserved for the federal government. (e.g. collecting taxes.)
  • Now that Prussia has become stable, the local lords who have been ruling Prussia as a council come together and elect the elderly Luis Niklas I as Count of Prussia. They decide on the term count, as most lords still view the Anglo-German Commonwealth as one state, and haven't quite grasped that they are all independent, and many lords desire to reunite the AGC. Luis Niklas I establishes a Judiciary independent of himself, declares that there shall be no slavery in Prussia although non-Germans are still not considered citizens, and declares that while Schmittism is the official state religion, no other religions will be persecuted against. Luis Niklas continues the policy of having troops on the Brandenburgian border in hopes of collapsing it even further. After roughly 10 months of negotiations, Prussia offers Sweden a free-trade pact, a full military alliance, and asks for help in developing a larger port in the capital of Königsberg.
    • I wish to recreate a Turko-German alliance. Wish to form a loose confederate state?
  • The ICR: The ICR, having watched the growth of France, takes a vote among its people on joining France as a member of the Franco lead Franco-Swedish Union. The ICR asks if it can join France as an equal province named Colombia.
    • Where are you on the map?
    • I am the purplish strip of land on the South American coast near OTL Brazil and Guyana
    • he is actually the tiny very dark red nation on OTL Pará. the nation that he is talking about is the Vietnamese colony of Guyana/Puerto Rico.
    • Do you wish to join the new GTA?
    • Yes the ICR will join the GTA if it becomes province of equal status with the others in the GTA and the ICR's people are granted citizenship.
    • I have to make GTA constitution... And yes, ICR's citizens will be granted nationality. However, citizenship is limited for those who cannot speak Turkish (not necessarily as a mother tongue
    • So which group is the ICR joining? The French faction or the Turkish one? And I thought the ICR was an ally of Russia, and France is Russia's enemy.
    • The ICR is joining the GTA, not France. DeanSims 15:41, February 4, 2012 (UTC)
  • France builds up its military. The Emperor allows the ICR to join the Parliament, and asks them to send representatives to it. Meanwhile, Djem has returned to Haiti to discover that the Classist Party has taken control of the most population in the island, even former djemist who now are nationalists. They are laymen and nationalists who want their country to be free, recognised as a sovereign state. France agrees to let Russia sign a treaty in exchange for OTL Prince Edward Island and the right to locate trading outposts in the Russian coasts (only Crimea and Manchuria) and the recognition of the Finnish independence. The Caliph starts to have strong argument against the Emperor be cause of the operations of the Order of Saint Robert in the Muslim lands. Murat says that the operations are only to help the people in need, not to convert them, but Suleyman doesn't listen. Djem then travels to Songhay and gather his armies and followers. The djemist fleet lands in Algeria by the end of the year.
  • Spain upgrades its military and economy, and starts investigating industrialisation. King Phillip dies and is succeeded by his son, King George I. Spain offers assistance to the Vietnamese in their war against the Moroccans. (Sorry that I haven't been on lately, but I've been on holidays.)
    • King Benvolio III of Naples welcomes the Spanish back to new involvement in world affairs.
  • Generalissimus Suvorov Pushes the Swedes closer to the Baltic. HE lays siege to St Petersburg, and charges his most trusted advisor with liberating Vilnius. The Russians manage to run out the Swedes, now fleeing to Finland, Te Russian Armies are advancing with haste and push the Swedes clear out of the Russian Heartland. the Battle for the north as it was called is pronounced a victory. The Russian Capital is quickly reconstructed brick for brick as it was, except for the Senate, that was made larger "in case of random increases in senators". Alexander soon becomes Favorite to be Catherine's Successor, and Paul is very angry about it. Constantine is also readied to become emperor, as the second son of Joan and Paul. The Ioanna Feodorovna memorial is constructed as well, in commemoration of the Tsesarevn and Grand duchess. After the liberation of cities, Suvorov leaves his generals to take care of pushing up into Finland. THE Russian Treasury is running lower on cash. Vilnius is besieged and another army group, headed by Polish King Stanislaw II August moves towards Warsaw, composed in a large amount by Polish refugees (unless everybody agrees that Poland is just so hopelessly lost in its cause to resist French domination that it is pointless to make an algorithm, it will be independent/joint I Poland-Lithuania, but that's another story to tell. If French really want Poland, then...well, I don't really think that the Poles could resist the French (because they have Sweden+like millions of puppets/vassals) but until an algorithm is made or a consensus is reached Poland will not be dominated by the French, and if it is reached, then the siege of Warsaw will end in the death of the old Polish king in honorable combat or by public execution (whatever the French chose) and a humiliating loss to the Russian forces). Vilnius is put under siege and after 3 months the Swedes give in and retreat, the Russians having retaken the city. The Russian accountants of the court state that Russia will only maybe be able to survive one or two more years of war without becoming bankrupt.
  • China expands its San Francisco colony by 3800 sq km to the south. Meanwhile, the Trans-coastal railroad enters its final year of construction. Funds are offered to Russia in relief for the recent war. The colonies become more industrialized, as does mainland China.


Isolaque, the former Venetian colony in the Bahamas, takes control of the two uncolonized Bahamas islands. Meanwhile, Calora, the former South American Venetian colony, has expanded northward where it now borders the former AGC colony. Meanwhile, Kongo vassalizes Ngoyo.

In this year, the war between Russia and Sweden must end.

  • Naples, with the war in Russia now over, brings its troops home. This display of success causes the Lombards to the north to decide to join Naples as a vassal state, removing their conflict with Burgundy. Naples splits Verona away from Lombardy, due to the fact that Hungary, Naples' good ally, has interest in that city. Naples builds up its military for the coming war against Malaysia, and takes control of the Indian territory Sweden gave to them in the treaty to end the war.
  • Ricasolia sends aid to the Classist rebels in Haiti, hoping to gain an ally.
  • The Imperial Nipponese Navy continues to aid Finland in its invasion of Russian New Zealand. Elsewhere Nippon continues to expand up Kamchatka, and Satotochi expands by 500 sq km too.
  • Persia continues to expand and upgrade its military and navy. New Tehran expands by 10x40 sq. mi. Control of the eastern Amazon increases, as colonization continues. Realizing the Swedish-Russian has ended, they decide to end their raids and attacks on the Swedish Indian Colony.
  • Emperor Mengistu the Great (as he is now known) dies. His son, Prince Mulu Alem takes charge. A massive statue of Mengistu is built in Ganananora. Until now, the official title of the Emperor of the United African Allies was called the 'King of Kings'. Emperor Mulu Alem changes the title to 'King of Ethiopia, Prince of Bale, Lord of Nubia, Viceroy of Makuria, and Grand Vizer of Adal'. He takes much less of a role in government, and the senate starts to have real power. From now on, the senate votes on and ratifies treaties.
  • The Vietnamese continue to expand their New Vietnam colony southwards by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese agree to the Russian conditions for the "sale" of the former Kanada colony. The Vietnamese government had already officially preserved the Kanadians right to practice Russian culture and speak the Russian language. However, the exposure to Vietnamese language has made Vietnamese words and grammar start leaching into the local Russian. It is the start of a local creole language known as "Kanadian", which will become an official language of the independent Tsardom of Kanada. The Kanadian Duma is officially formed in Petrograd, but the construction of the official Duma building will not be finished until the dawn of the 19th Century. The Kanadian Duma is subservient to the local colonial government (and thus, by extension, to the Vietnamese national government), but has an unprecedented amount of autonomy when it comes to the province's local business. The Vietnamese Emperor personally presents the 200,000 gold rubles the Vietnamese will "purchase" the Kanada colony with to the Russian Tsar in Moscow. The offering is double what the Russians wanted, as the Vietnamese wish to show the Russians that they wish to "bury the hatchet". The Vietnamese grant a similar autonomy deal to the Iroquois, who found a parliament in the village of Onondaga. The Iroquois parliament building is in the shape of a massive longhouse, but built of stone rather than the traditional wood.
  • Newfoundland expands deeper into the Labrador peninsula.
  • Industrialization continues on Hungary. Meanwhile, Rangyóra expands 1750 sq km, and Magyár Dél-Amerikabán expands 3000 sq km. Meanwhile, the Charrua expand, convincing another tribes to join the nation.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. The invasion of New Zealand was almost complete until hearing that the war ended. The Finns have no choice but to pull out of New Zealand. Finland also thanks Nippon for helping and pays them 110,000 Finnish markka. The planned war against a nation that's on the Maluku Islands is under debate once again, whether to postpone it to 1820 or declare war against them soon.
  • Suvorov Rushes to Vilnius, only to find victory. He then speeds to aid Stanislaw in the retaking of Warsaw. HE besieges the city, and Suvorov, using his great understanding of the soldier's psyche, he manages to win the city in a week. In a message to Catherine, he simply puts three words(in translation, of course) "Hurrah! Warzawa's Ours!" In response, she replies "Hurrah Generalissimus!" the Russian forces are in triumph, but Suvorov knows that he is unable to fight any longer, and predicts that any attempts to retake the Kola and Riga would end in failure, due to strong Finnish and Swedish presence there. Poland is all but free of the French by the end of the year. After writing his report to Catherine at the end of the Polish campaign, he gains permission from Catherine to sign the proposed armistice agreement. Upon his return form Berlin, He is granted the Order of St Andrew, Russia's highest military honor, by Catherine III herself. Stanislaw resumes his place on the polish throne, although he does not know how much longer Poland will remain Poland, and neither do the Poles, jumping between dominators does not seem very avoidable. Russia was just nearly saved from bankruptcy by Chinese Funds, but this is kept away from the people to make it not seem that Russia is weak. Rebuilding of the rail system starts. A Russian philosopher, Leonid Varlamov Writes a book after returning to Russia From Novorossiya entitled: "What the Europeans should borrow from the Iroquois", detailing a less radical version of Classism, Socialism. His thoughts spread through the nobility of Russia, and certain people take a liking in it.
  • Many Private banks are beginning to take root in Prussia, after the fall of the AGC, which is beginning to spur on commercial efforts. Prussia waits to hear from Sweden on it's offer of peace, as well as commercial development, and sends a delegation to Turkey to discuss a potential Confederation. (send me a a message on my page and we'll talk about a Confederation. I'm not sure my people who just became free would want to be entangled in such a thing, but if the terms are right, then it isn't out of the question. A military and trade alliance are certainly welcome, and anything you can do to spur on a port in Königsberg would be awesome! :D )
  • France builds up its military. The Emperor accepts the peace and, in retribution for the losses in war and seeing the love of the Russian people and Royal Family for the princess Joan, he sends some monetary help to the Russian government. He also agrees to pay for the losses just in the Russian heartland. For last, he sends a gift to Alexander: A crown made of golden fleurs-de-lis and, in the front, the eagle shown in the Russian coat of arms, made of gold with bronze eyes and silver feathers under the golden extended wings. A letter enclosed, from the handwriting of the Emperor himself says: "Wear it until your coronation, be cause I'm sure that you're gonna Emperor of Russia someday". He invites Alexander to spend some time in France, learn the French language and knows his mother's family. In Paris, is built a statue similar to the Tsarevna Ioanna in Russia. At the end of the year, Toussaint is stronger than ever and, with the war over, the Classist Party starts to spread across the whole empire, specially Nouvelle France. Meanwhile, the Caliph Suleyman and the Regency Council think that Egypt was wrong in not help them against Russia, though the family and the Head of the Islam himself asked him to. The Arabian army starts to march to the Egypt but, before they arrive the Sinai, they turn back to Mecca and capture the Caliph, making him prisoner in his own palace. Djem, now in Argel, takes control of the army and executes the members of the Regency Council. The Emperor himself crowns Djem as both Caliph and Sultan. But Djem wants more, so he executes Suleyman and proclaims the Caliphate of Mecca (this includes the French Arabia, while Algeria and Songhay are its colonies, so Algeria is no more a vassals state, just a colony). Also John of the United Principalities becomes direct vassal of the Emperor. He travels to Prussia asking for an alliance to the new government.
    • Prussia accepts the alliance, and also sends a delegation to France and Turkey, and offers both Trade Treaties if either will assist in building up the Königsberg port.
    • France accepts.
    • I changed Paul with Alexander, Since Alexander is Joan's son and Paul is the heir apparent, Catherine's son, and Alexander's father. oh yes, and Alexander(Joan's firstborn son) accepts the offer and asks if his brother Constantine can go as well?
  • Spain continues upgrading its military, with a special focus on navy, and starts to investigate the strange contraptions merchants are bringing from the north east. Spain again offers to assist Vietnam in the war, offering to lead due to close proximity. Spain vassalises the colony of Gibraltar más allá del mar (Tangiers). New Spain (Adelaide) expands by 1550 sq km.
  • Swedish diplomats agree to the end of the war. Sweden offers to "purchase" the territories of Latvia, Kola, Alaska and the Estonian Islands for three-quarters of a million rubles. The remaining military units across Russia are recalled to Estonia where ships take them back to Sweden. Sweden thanks Naples, Nippon, Vietnam and France for their help in the war and gives Swedish India to Naples. Sweden accepts the Prussian offer of a military alliance as well as the free trade pact. Sweden sends many craftsmen to help construct a large port in Königsberg. Sweden allows the Prussians full access through the Baltic Straits. In an official ceremony in Finland after the conclusion of the war against Russia; Finland is officially proclaimed to be in union with Sweden. Northern Finland and the Kola are added to the Saami Autonomous Provinces of Sweden, which is merely a large collection of states all ruled by the Saami. Sweden recruits more men into the military and expands Wonderlaand westwards across the South Pacific by 3050 sq km.
  • Itsaygahi sends aid to Classist revolutionaries on Haiti, but it is relatively limited. More aid goes to Isolaque, who is less aligned to anyone and it is hoped that they can bring more of the American continent into the Itsaygahan sphere. Noovelongahi continues to expand.


Principia Moderni Map 1795
Principia Moderni Map 1795 Key

Finish colonies of Kōshi & Hyvinkää are still in Russian blue, rather than French blue

  • I forgot to put them like that.

Also the Russian colony of the Canadaian West Coast is meant to be Swedish.

  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony southwards by 76*50 sq km. The autonomous provicnes of Kanada and Iroquois design flags as part of the autonomy deal. These flags end up the flags of the idependant nations the autonomous will form in time. The Kanadians create a flag with three horizontal stripes of black, yellow, and white (in order from top to bottom) with a white maple leaf in the center of the flag. The Iroquois created a flag based off of the legendary Belt of Hiawatha.
    • Thanks for making the Iroquois flag, but the Iroquois are a special case, because the confederation has power over its people in all territories and are vassals of Russia. thanks anyway. And Canadians wouldn't rush in to adopt Vietnamese coulors that quickly I don't think. But that's just my opinion, and it's your territory now, so I will respect your decisions.
    • The Kanadian flag design was based off a real life Russian flag, and is meant to both showcase their Russian heritage and Kanadian identity.
    • I saw black and yellow, those are Vietnamese colours, but I suppose the flag works. It's your colony now, so, do what you wish.
    • The flag used by Vietnam in this map game is mainly yellow and red. There's no black on it.
  • Enraged by Sweden's actions against Russia, they decide to break all ties with the country, and declare complete loyalty to Russia. They force the eviction of Swedish diplomats in the country. The military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. Persia continues deep down into Bharat territroy. Colonization of the Eastern Amazon River increases. New Tehran expands by

40x10 sq mi. Industrialization and modernization continues. Explorers land at the coast of OTL Namibia and propose colonization of the area.

    • What did Sweden do? (this is coming from Russia) I saw no harm in Scan's post.
    • The Vietnamese respond to Persia's irrational statements by severing all diplomatic and trade relations with Persia. Before they leave for Vietnam the former diplomats all issue statements condemning Persia. The former Vietnamese ambassador to Persia lambasts the Persian Shah as "a corrupt Russophilic madman destined to bring Persia to ruin". The Vietnamese Emperor himself makes statements affirming this scornful view of the Shah. The Vietnamese Embassy is demolished, and it is proclaimed that they "will never return as long as the Mad Shah is in power."
  • Naples takes total control of Swedish India now. Swedish citizens can either return to Sweden or continue living in Neapolitan India. The native Indians are happy to join Tamilia, as Neapolitan pan-Dravidan propaganda has made it seem like Tamilia is a place for all Dravidans. Naples builds many military bases in Tamilia, to prepare for the conquest of Malaysia/Sri Vijaya, which is slated to occur soon. Industrialization continues as the arsenal is completed, now mightier than the Venetian one, due to preparations for the war. Old King Benvolio III, at 69 years of age, asks his nephew, King Sandor of Hungary, to visit Naples to prepare to be king, as Benvolio fears he has few years left to live. Istoias is expanded by 1000 sq km along the southern coast of the island.
    • The independant nation you are talking about is known as the Sultanate of Johor, not Malaysia or Sri Vijaya.
    • Actually, now that I looked it up, it was Pahang. I'd called it Malaysia not knowing what it was called, RWG had called it Sri Vijaya.
  • France builds up its military. The Emperor allows his two nephews (You did well changing the name, thank you) to come to the court, know the Parliament Palace and to start their instruction in French language. He also asks their father to visit their children at least one time by year to see their progress. When they arrive to Paris, he organizes a huge celebration, inviting the main noblemen and peers of the Empire to know the Russian princes. Djem is there, also John I of the United Principalities, Joachim Murat, the Prime Minister Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord (just asumed this year after his succesful negotiation in the northern peace), and also some other important self-invited people, like Maximilien Robespierre (a well known politician who is expected to be the next Prime Minister) and François-Dominique Toussaint Louverture, the founder of the Classist Party in Haiti. Now in his throne in Mecca, Djem abdicated his responsabilities as Lord Administrator of the Colonies in a council. The council is fighting a cold secret war against the classists. While Djem and Louverture are celebrating, dangerously close in Paris, the council and the classist Jean-Jacques Dessalines are competing with their campaigns of propaganda, getting more followers in both Haiti and Nouvelle France. Almost the entire population of Nouvelle Bretagne (OTL Prince Edward Island) wants already the emancipatios from the mediocre administration of the council, so they decide to get, among the most Haitians, Malouinese and New-French, in the Classist Party, asking for a more adequate government, that Djem denies. Meanwhile, the princes in the United Principalities realize that the king is secretly homosexual. John I doeasn't deny this. The Parliament decides to not do anything to him, be cause he's a monarch under the direct protection of the Crown, and a close friend of the Crown Prince Alphonse. John goes forward and asks the Parliament to consider a new law that may tolerate the homosexual relationships, like in its time they must tolerate other religions or ethnic classes, or the former slaves set free. The Parliaments ignore this and sends the king back to home. The Emperors advise the Sha to not provoke his anger.
    • Be careful Galaguerra, you are dangerously close to be implausibly socially progressive ...
    • Who said that the king's petition would be accepted? I have no plans to be implausible about the progress.
    • I just got worried that you might get 200 years ahead of the times.
    • Naples sends secret word to France, asking them if their new military improvements have them ready for the war against the Malay nation of Pahang by 1801...
  • Industrialization continues.Sándor accepts Benvolio's offer. Meanwhile, a man called Zsigimond Juhász invents and is issued a patent on a machine press that uses a hydraulic cylinder to generate a compressive force. The Charrua continue expanding. Meanwhile, trade with the nation increases. Meanwhile, Magyar Dél-Amerikabán expands 3600 sq km inland, while Rangyóra expands 500 sq km through the littoral, and 3100 sq km inland.
  • Newfoundland continues expandng inland, this time directing some efforts to the westernmost part of the country.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. A tiny bit of Finnish cities also undergo urbanisation, but not by much. Finland also hires a bunch of raiders/pirates to destroy some of the ships that come from a nation that's located on the Maluku Islands as a 'pre-emptive strike'; though Finland won't actually attack the nation on the Maluku Islands itself until 1810-1817 (sometime in that range).
  • Prussia thanks France for its aid and begins to work on the port in Königsberg as well. It is hoped that by next year, the port will be large enough to take on more trade, and by at least five to maintain a navy. Restrictions on Guild creation is lowered, in hopes of improving the economy further. The Count also issues a statement that colonization of Sudafrika (the Prussian colony in Africa) will continue the following year.
  • The peace treaty is signed thus ending the war against Russia. The Imperial Nipponese Navy return from New Zealand, bringing with them the Finnish gift of 110,000 Finnish markka, for which the Nipponese Shogun personally thanks the Finnish; and the Imperial Nipponese Navy also bring back reports of lots of uncolonised islands on the route to New Zealand. The Shogun begins to organise a Nipponese exploration of these islands to see if anywhere is suitable for Nippon to establish a new colony. Meanwhile, Nippon continues to expand up Kamchatka, and Satotochi expands by 500 sq km too.
  • Turan works on its economy. Also, WHY ISN'T MY GREENLANDIC COLONY ON THE MAP?
  • The 1783 mod event originally said that your colony had been wiped out.
    • Your colony was destroyed by a giant volcanic eruption.
  • China expands its Northern Baja colony by 3800 sq km to the east to connect it with the colony in the Gulf of California. More funds are sent to Russia and mediators are sent to Russia and Sweden to prevent any more wars between the two nations. The trans-coastal railroad is tested for safety before it opens. Meanwhile, in the Seas of China, a new, more reliable version of a steam-powered ship is built.
  • Spain expands its military and AGAIN offers to help Vietnam against the Moroccans, offering to lead due to close proximity. New Spain expands by 1050 sq km. The King sends out a fleet of colony ships to Africa.
  • Vietnamese involvement in the last Northern War between Russia and Sweden effectively postponed the Moroccan War. I'm going to reschedule the war to 1830.
  • Ricasolia expands its military and economy.
  • Sweden upgrades its military. The Saami Lord retires from his position of power in Sweden having accomplished his main goal of freeing the Saami from the Russian Empire. He enters Iceland and Toeh Ngoa Nyoing to convince the Saami and Norwegians in the two territories to join Sweden. Sweden upgrades port facilities across Southern Norway, Flanders and England. Wonderlaand expands 3050 sq km across the Pacific Ocean. It now encompasses all of OTL French Polynesia and the Cook Islands.
    • Iceland is not a Sami nation, it is majority Icelandic, with the largest minority probably being Mon.
    • Actually the majority of the Icelandic are Norwegian as Norway colonized the island in both OTL and ATL. True there would also be many Mons but the events of 1783 wiped out many of them.


The nation between Hanthawaddy and Vietnam splits in two, the part north of the Vietnamese spur being called Burma, and the part south being called Pegu. Meanwhile, due to the fact that they almost equal the Persians in population, the Indians in Persian territory begin to ask for either equal rights or more autonomy. It is peaceful, as of yet...

Shahrzur conquers both Kurdistan and Assyria.

  • Naples continues to expand its industry, producing more and more weapons for the upcoming war due to the vast military increase that is going on. Istoias is expanded by 1000 sq km along the southern coast. That October, King Benvolio III dies at the age of 70, his 45 year reign (not counting his short four year reign before Carlo overthrew him) being the longest in Neapolitan history. For many, he is the only king they ever knew Before his reign, Naples had been an absolute monarchy. Now, they are constitutional. Vast territories in the Indian peninsula have been added to Naples' reign. Naples has become semi-industrialized during his reign as well. The throne is passed to Sándor, King of Hungary, who is crowned King Allesandro of Naples. The government structure remains intact, and few changes to the Neapolitan lifestyle are made.
  • Ricasolia improves its economy.
  • Persia agrees to the demands of the Indian people. They decide to rename Persia Persia-India, which is a union between two countries. Both sides can manage their own domestic affairs, but the government controls everything else. They encourage more children from Persian families. The military and navy continue to expand and upgrade. The Persians continue to take over much of Bharat. New Tehran expands by 40x10 sq mi. They begin to take control of the eastern Amazon River through colonization.
  • Sweden proposes to the leaders of Europe a Spanish lead "crusade" against the last bastidon on Sunni Islam - Morocco. The Saami Lord continues to travel between Iceland and Toeh Ngoa Nyoing to convince the Norweigns, Icelandians and Saami to join Sweden. Success is achieved when the eastern part of Toeh Ngoa Nyoing agrees to join Sweden due to intense pressure from the native Saami and Norwegians. Sweden upgrades its military and in a formal ceremony in London, England is fully annexed into Sweden. Sweden's nobility elect a new leader for Sweden but fail to do so after the council breaks into five factions. Three of the factions support different Swedish nobles but the other two want a Norwegian and a Dutch respectively. Asgard expands by 3050 sq km all along the coast.
    • Morocco is nowhere near the last bastion of Sunni Islam, you are forgetting most of north Africa except for the coast, most of west Africa, large minorities in Ethiopia, Turan, Shahrzur and minorities across the entire world.
    • Also, Toeh Ngoa Nyoing and Iceland are a player nations. You cannot control them to the extent that they are giving territory away to you or being vassalized. You can either conquer them using the algorithm, or wait for Detective Kenny to return.
    • Persia accuses Sweden of harming its ally Russia during the war years ago. Fortunately, they do know the cause of their tensions and knows about the first war they had. Persia also says it already got its revenge on Russia be winning the second war after loosing the first one. There should have been no point on declaring a third war. They said they will restore relationships if Sweden apoligizes for its actions.
    • The Neapolitan government send word that they are using their military to prepare for the war against Pahang. They will send supplies to aid any Vietnamese military expansion efforts in Morocco, but they will not help unless Vietnam is guaranteed to get the largest amount of Morocco, as Vietnam has the best claim to the area due to their large colony there.
    • Persia asks to participate
  • Hungary's industry expands. Meanwhile, given the Swedish offer of war against Morocco, it stays indecisive, as Greece will press Hungary to refuse, but a opportunity to expand Ezsák-Afrika is seen. Rangyóra expands 200 sq km by the coast and 1050 inland.Uruguay expands 8850 sq km inland.
  • Madoc upgrades the Army, and improves the economy. More former slaves emigrate to Noovelongahi. While it appears that the Levellers have established a stable state, the Racialists and Classists have differing opinions on which direction to go in once the Republic has been Levelled.
  • Nippon finishes expanding into Kamchatka, and Nippon decides not to go any further north in order to respect Russia's 1787 claim to Chukotka, thus fixing the Nipponese Northern Kamchatka border roughly where the northern orange border on this map is. Satotochi expands by 500 sq km as more plantations are set up, and Nippon helps her vassal Chamoru to set up their navy too.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese begin to import industrial machinery, as well as build their own. The first thing they mechanize are the small workshops producing firearms, and they implement a system of uniform parts that can be easily removed and replaced. The speed of the mechanized workshops, while sluggish by future standards, is much faster than what was previously done manually.
  • Prussia sees the rise of Mechanized Mining, and begins to extract what ores it can from the ground. As Brandenburg seems to have stabilized, Prussia removes its troops from the border. The construction of the port is continuing at a steady pace, and the Count visits it in the Fall. Prussia declines to "crusade" against Morocco, as its military is still steadily being reformed. Colonial resettlement finally begins, as SudAfrika expands by 50 sq km along the coast, and is expected to be greater next year when the expansion of the port is finally completed.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. The Helsinki Ship Port is repaired after a small accident occurred there.
  • After many deliberations, the Parliament votes for not go to the "crusade", and the Emperor demand to know what faction (one of the three swedish, the norwegian or the dutch) in Sweden suggested such idea. Djem says that Vietnam is free to go to war if it's only a expansionist effort, but he will no tolerate any kind of anti-sunni act of war. He asks all the member of the Umma to not go in war against Morocco. France builds up its military and starts a industrialization process bringing to France and the colonies some technologies form the conquested lands. Dessalines, who is now the second in charge in the Classist Party also travels to Nouvelle France to get more followers, specially in Nouvelle Bretagne, where he gets the Russian technologies necessary for an more efficiant war effort. The Emperor says that he is ready for go to war against Pahang whenever the neapolitans ask for it. Djem realizes that the Umma is divided, and he decides that his first action as Caliph will be the following: "His Caliphal Majesty, Djem, the first of his name, Caliph of Mecca and Medinah asks call all leaders of the different muslim nations of the world to celebrate a congress in the year 1213 (1789) to fix the broken relationships between them, and finally create a new bow to unite the Umma". In the United Principalities the princes insist to their King to select a wife and breed a son, though the Parliament already decided to allow the king's strange sexual preferences for his efforts in the past war. Before the king's negative, the prince Edward of Cyprus starts a rebellion against him. The Emperor commands the States of the Parliament to not intervene.
  • Spain upgrades its military, and prepares to invade Morocco despite lack of support, and offers to give Vietnam some of the captured land if it joins. New Spain expands by 1550 Sq Km, and a new colony is formed in OTL Namibia. The colony is named New Madrid.
  • New Poland-Lithuania

    New Poland-Lithuania, all else is annexed and will become the Cossack Hetmanate(maybe)

    Russia rebuilds their military after the war. Thanks to the aid of nations, Russian economy is recovern=ing quicker than expected from the fourth Northern War. A Russian Diplomat is going to Warsawm asn seeing the weakened Polish Nation, Decides to offer a joining of the Kingdom of Poland and the Tsardom of Lithuania. The Polish King reluctantly Accepts, as there is no use trying to hold out against Russia, as he knows that the only reason Russian forces aren't in Warsaw, and the king not in Siberia, is that the Swedes Just decided to invade. A Constitution is drafted for Poland-Lithuania and its borders are redrawn. the Old King is able to keep a high ranking, heredetary position in the Government- Duke of Warszawa, While the Title, Grand Prince of Warszawa goes to the Russian Empress, who also gets the title Tsarina (Tsar) of Lithuania, Grand Prince(ss) of Warszawa, and High King (Queen) of the Polish-Lithuanin Comonwealth.
    • Persia asks it to purchase Kazakhstan. Also, it asks it to build defenses around the country's western border, a weakness it suspects it may have led to Russia's defeat.
  • China expands its northern Baja colony eastwards another 3800 sq km. In China, safety testing for the railroad is completed. The final phase of preparations for the first trip on it begins. Meanwhile, the military is improved.


  • Naples, in order to continue preparing the military, begins construction of a new arsenal, this time in the colony of Tamilia by the city of Kakinada. The new Chancellor of Naples, Giorgio Tasserelli, sets 1801 as the date for the invasion of Pahang. The southern portion of Istoias expands 1000 sq km.
    • Persia asks to join
    • Persia can help in the war if they wish, and they will get some of the money taken from the government of Pahang as well as free use of the port of Singapore which they expressed interest in.
    • Sure, but how will Pahang be divided up (other than the fact Singapore goes to Persia)
      • As part of the treaty with France and Sweden, they won't get any territory from Pahang. I'll see when we get there- I doubt we'll take out the government in one war. Maybe Naples could get Sumutra and Persia and Vietnam divide the mainland part? Or something else? I'll see.
      • I may not get officially involved in Pahang, but i will at least give vital supplies as well as volunteers. I would love a slice of Pahang, but it would need to be the northernmost parts of the country. I need to be able to connect it with mainland Vietnam.
      • You could get the parts that are part of OTL Thailand, and maybe a little more. The mainland is up to discussion.
      • The Veitnamese would not like the cooeprate with me. When I broke relationships with Sweden, Vietnam was angered by this and did the same thing to me. o doubt they would agree about this.
  • Ricasolia improves its economy.
  • Persia continues to build up and upgrade its military and navy. They continue to colonize and take control of the Eastern Amazon. New Tehran expands by 40x10 sq. mi. They continue to annex territory from Bharat. They encourage Russia to build up its defenses in its western border and asks to purchase Kazkahstan. They continue to modernize and industrialize the country, making a steam engine of their own.
    • why do you want to purchase Kazakhstan?
    • I just want to provide the Russians money to rebuild
  • The Trans-Coastal Railway is completed in China. The first trip is scheduled for June. Several important Chinese figures will ride the train including the emperor himself. The leaders of Vietnam, Russia, Nippon, and Hanthawaddy are invited to this first trip. Meanwhile, the Northern Baja colony expands to the east another 3800 sq km.
    • Shogun Tokugawa Ienari of Nippon takes up the Chinese offer, and will make a state visit to China.
  • After realizing that the Moroccan invasion will have no support, the plans are scrapped. Meanwhile, the industry grows.After knowing of the Napolitan plans to invade Pahang, Hungary promises to send supplies, and see if Kandy can give military support.Rangyóra expands 350 sq km along the coast and 4800 inland.Ezsák-Afrika expands 2400 sq km inland.
  • Nippon's Shogun Tokugawa Ienari goes to China for the maiden journey of the Chinese Trans-Coastal Railway. After touring China, Shogun Tokugawa Ienari returns home and announces to the Daimyo council, that Nippon is on the brink of being left behind by the rest of the world if Nippon start industrializing soon, so the Shogun sets up a plan to start industrializing Nippon in a decade or two. Otherwise Satotochi expands by 1250 sq km, and Chamoru's navy continues to be developed.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. The Helsinki Ship Port collapses due to yet another problem, and the Ship Port in Uusikaupunki becomes a main stop for ships. The Helsinki Ship Port is being rebuilt, and it will be somewhat easy to rebuild.
  • An election in the Levelled Body removes Madoc from power, along with his military clique. Instead, Bowen a half-German Itsaygahan ascends to power. His Classists enact a number of reforms, abolishing the regional provinces and establishing a unitary republic. Racialists, who have absorbed much of the conservatives formerlly bound up with the Unionites protest, and a Nominated Council forms in the north of the country. At the same time, the ethnic minority groups also protest the abolition of their natural rights.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km.
  • Bulgaria and Turan both vote to integrate the WMG(West Moroccan Government, a rebel group sympathetic to the Turkish government) in anattempt to create a secure place for Muslims. Also, my colony in Greenland should be shown, I understand that it was destroyed in a mod event, but it has since been re-created an expanded. There have been many instances in history were a colony has been wiped out, but usually it builds back up, and eventually form nation (e.g. the USA).
    • Morocco is not in civil disarray for rebels, has no reason to be sympathetic to Turkish causes, and has no involvement with Turan. Any territory gained will be either through conquest or colonization, with the resulting territory being either a puppet state or a colony, as it is by far too distant to be part of the main nation.
  • France builds up its military. The rebellion of the prince Edward got the most of the people supporting him. The king asks help to the prince Alphonse of France who gladly goes war to protect his friend. The Emperor starts to think that may be his son is homosexual too, and sends his spies to verify this. Djem, meanwhile, sends his own son, Ahmet, to fight against the forces of the king John. The Emperor attempts to stop his vassals from fight against the faction that his son supports, but he fails. The second son of the Emperor, Henri, who asures that his brother is homosexual and must be removed form the line of succession (letting him as first) travels to Mecca and calls an army to fight side by side with Djem and Edoardo (italian name of Edward of Cyprus). While this sort of "succession war" happens, Toussaint Louverture and Dessalines decide that their moment has come: The classists advance against Port-au-Prince from Cap-Fraçais (OTL Cap-Haïtien). Toussaint himself leads the rebel militia that gesieges the capital, while Jean-Jacques Dessalines travels to Nouvelle Bretagne to start an invasion in Nouvelle France. At last, other calssist general called Henri Cristophe overthrows the last anti-classists militias.
  • Prussia continues to industrialize, and waterwheels can be spotted in every river and waterway in the nation. The Count decides to create a colony for Hussites in South America, and a explorers are sent out. They eventually establish a colony in South America, in OTL Brazil. ((on the coast, to the right of the maroon territory, right beside the tribe that is jutting out the farthest towards Africa. I want my colony to be right beside that tribe. I hope that makes sense.))
  • The Government of the United African Allies gets (possibly false) reports that the Vietnamese are abusing native Africans in their East African colony. There is a huge public outcry. The military is given an increased budget, and sent to attack the East Africa colony (though a war has yet to be officially declared). The UAA asks its allies, Naples, France, Sweden, and Hanthawaddy to join the conflict. They also tell China and Japan, that they would both benefit greatly from joining in. (*Note: Yank, I have no problem with you as a player, I'm just trying to expand my nation, and doing what I think the UAA would do in this situation.)
    • Persia asks if this is really ture.
    • Naples states that any war against Vietnam will result in Naples declaring war upon the UAA. They state that any nation that aids the UAA in this conflict will become an enemy of Naples. They condemn the government of the UAA and demand that they cease to make false accusations against the Vietnamese Empire.
    • You, my friend, have not made a very wise choice.
      • Were you talking to Naples or the UAA?
    • Although Vietnam and Persia are now enemies, Persia will have to be on Naples' side.
  • Russian Military is improved, The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth also gets an upgrade of the military,. Russian Railroads comtinue to be constructed. The Rail system is planned form Villna to Warsaw to Krakow, to Brest, a Rail system is finished construcition, linking Nizhny novgorod and Penza, and another begins construction attempting to Link Moscow and St Petersburg. The People are happy. However, this happiness is short lived, as Catherine III, one of the most wondrous Empresses of Russia dies and, without leaving a properly written (possibly doctored) will leaving Paul as her successor. Many believe that this will was doctored by Paul to consolidate power. The First manner of Paul's business is removing the Senate's right to make new laws, and by removing women's rights of becoming sovereign (Note: he will get assassinated because of his very totalitarian-type governing, nobody declare war because of this)), His sons, Alexander and Constantine, suspect Paul and Catherine's non-friendly relationship as the cause of all this tightning, and the fear of loosing power. Alexander Continues to wear the Gifted Crown, as Now heir Apparent, THis crown is now decreed to be worn by the heir to the Russian Throne By Paul. Paul is crowned as thus: 'By the Grace of God, We, Paul I Romanov, Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias, of Moscow, Yaroslavl, Novgorod, Kiev, Minsk. Tsar of Kazan, Tsar of Crimea, Tsar of Lithuania, Duke of Brest, Grand Price of Warszawa, High King of the Polsh-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Exiled Grand Prince of Finland, Grand Duke of Evenkia, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, Exiled Duke of Riga, Sovereign of The Russian State and All her posetions.'
    • Anyone who declares war on you for reducing women's rights would be totally implausible.
    • True on that, but I was just saying, because Paul will do some crazy things that might offencd certain people, but Alexander will come in about five years to the throne and fix them.
  • Spain continues upgrading its military in preparation for invading Morocco, in 1780. New Spain expands by 1550 sq km.
    • 1780 has already come and gone. Don't you notice that it's 1797?
    • Lol, he probably means 1800.
  • ​Sweden expands its military and finally completes the Stockholm-Malmö-Oslo railway. This significantly improves economic growth in the Baltic region of Scandinavia. Sweden significantly upgrades port facilities in Flanders and Denmark to encourage more trade and facilitate the growth of the Swedish navy. The noblity elections eliminate one of the Swedish entrants whilst the Flemish one is assassinated by an Englishman. The assassination is linked to one of the other Swedish entrants who is promptly executed. With only two left, the nobles vote and the new leader of Sweden is the Norwegian noble. The Saami lord continus to convince the rest of Tpeh Ngoa Nyoing to join Sweden with Mons either allowed to return to Hanthawaddy free of charge or allowed Swedish citizenship. Asgard expands by 8000 sq km with 550 sq km of coastal expansion.
    • You are not allowed to control other player nations!


A descendant of the Habsburg family manages to unite Austria under one rule, ending the period of Austrian disarray. Meanwhile, Gao expands.

  • Naples continues building up the Kakinadan arsenal, in preparation for the war against Pahang. The large amount of military buildup in recent years has given Naples the ability to carry out their war while helping Vietnam at the same time, and they declare that the UAA must stop hostilities against Vietnam or be destroyed. They send messages to all of their allies not yet involved (Sweden, Finland, France, Burgundy, Spain, and vassals) telling them that they cannot help the rogue nation of the United African Allies, which is a warlike and savage barbaric nation for their attacks upon the Vietnamese.
  • The Great Korean Empire amps up their military, and condemns the attack of the Vietnamese. They pledge to stand by the Vietnamese against the UAA attacks. The navy is especially upgraded, with modern vessels bought wherever they can find. Meanwhile, the interior is also stabilized, with roads being built, hospitals and schools built, as well as universities. The University of Seoul builds a new library, supposed to be the largest in the world. It contains many Korean books, as well as Western ones.
    • Naples asks for an alliance with Korea. They also ask if Korea can help them in three years in a war against Pahang (the nation where Malaysia is). Korea may gain colonial territory from the war, and at the very least they will gain some money that would be taken. But Naples will understand a Korean refusal. Out of curiosity, they ask what the religious beliefs of the Koreans are.
    • Korea agrees to the alliance. They will support the war against Pahang. Also, they request trade deals with Naples. They also say that the majority of beliefs are Buddhist, with 50% Buddhist, although 25% are Christian due to a strong missionary presence in Korea. The Emperor is also Christian.
    • Naples will trade with Korea (most likely via Tamilia or Vicia as they are closer, at least until Pahang falls)
  • Persia continues to expand, build up, and upgrade its military and navy. They officially take over third of Baharat, now trying to get a third more. They continue to take over East Amazon through colonization. New Tehran expands by 50x20 sq. mi. They ask Vietnam to resolve their differences over the issues with Sweden. They continue to build up and prepare for the invasion of Pahang. They ask Russia to buy Kazakhstan.
    • Naples proposes that if Persia backs Vietnam and helps get the UAA to back down they can restore differences that way.
    • The Vietnamese respond by stating that they will restore relations with Persia if they do the same with Sweden, as they believe they were unreasonably hostile with them following the Third Northern War.
    • Persia will only do that if Sweden apoligizes for its war against Russia. Sweden lost the first won, but won revenge by winning the second one. There should have been no point on a third war. Also, it has switched sides only for the safety and security of Russia.
  • China condemns the UAA and stands by its old ally, Vienam. Meanwhile, a newfound interest in the spice trade starts in China. Last but not least, the Northern Baja colony is expanded another 3800 sq km to the east.
  • In Neue Brandenburg, the disarray originally caused by the breakup of the Anglo-German Commonwealth begins again. In Brandenburg, a dynastic crisis among the Hohenzollerns begins when the current King of Brandenburg (who still styled himself King-Emperor of the Anglo-German Commonwealth), Freiderich Wilhelm II, dies, leaving as heir his reserved son, Freidrich Wilhelm III. The new ruler's brother-in-law, the powerhungry William of Orange (I believe he still would have been a major German prince,even without ruling Holland), sees his chance, and challenges for the throne, on the terms of officially switching his house name to Hohenzollern and renouncing his heirship to the fiefdom of Orange (the Brandenburgian nobles saw him as being too French). William declares himself King of Brandenburg, pledging to unite the rest of Germany, as the year ends. By the way, uniting Germany is not my intention. William will lose the civil war relatively quickly, so please do not intervene...Zagoria
  • the Industry continues growing. Meanwhile, King Rajadhi of Kandy dies and is succeeded by Vikrama. Meanwhile, Uruguay expands 300 sq km along the coast, south, and 9600 sq km inland.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. The Helsinki Ship Port is finally rebuilt and fixed. A few new ship ports/harbours are also built.
  • Nippon questions the UAA claims of Vietnamese abuse of native Africans in their East African colony. Popular opinion in Nippon is that the UAA are lying, and wanted a creditable Casus belli to invade Vietnam's East Africa colony. Since Nippon have an alliance with Vietnam & doesn't have one with the UAA, Nippon shall stand by her ally Vietnam. Nippon sends troops and aid to help Vietnam fight against the UAA. Nippon also helps their Vassal Chamoru, to finish building their navy. With all this military aid being given by Nippon, Shogun Tokugawa Ienari decides to build up Nippon's war machine and commit more funding to the military, and its operations. Satotochi expands by 500 sq km too.
  • Several senators (being backed by the increasingly large Pro-Neopolitian lobby) demand to stop the hostilities immediately. After several intensive votes, the Senate will offer peace in exchange for Vietnam illegalizing slavery (at least of Native Africans). A written apology is asked from the King of Naples, for calling the UAA a barbaric and savage nation. Until very recently Naples (whose immigrants to the UAA make up 3 percent of the population and far richer than the average citizen) was regarded as the UAA's closest friend. An investigation into the treatment of Native Africans begins. The Troops in Vietnam's East Africa colony are told to return home, and they comply with the orders.
    • The Chancellor, not the king, who gave the statement does not apoligize, for they declare that the UAA's actions against Vietnam were barbaric and savage. However, since the UAA has seen wisely and ended the hostilities against Vietnam, Naples is no longer the UAA's enemy.
    • The Vietnamese are confused by the UAA's statement, as the institution of slavery has not been established in the Vietnamese East African colony. The closest thing to slavery in the East African colony is an intensive form of community servuce used for the punishment of many light-to-moderate crimes. The criminals thus sentanced are put to hard labor for a period of time, and are freed the moment their sentance is over.
  • Sweden expands its military. Iceland is persuaded to join Sweden and many Icelandics support the idea. Sweden prepares to annex Svalbard the following year. Sweden had sent support to Vietnam unaware the war was over but had refused to send soldiers as the corrupt and moronic Persians had sent theirs. Asgard expands 8000 sq km with 550 of that along the coast.
    • Persia will only restore relations if Sweden apoligizes for its war against Russia. Sweden lost the first won, but won revenge by winning the second one. There should have been no point on a third war. Also, it has switched sides only for the safety and security of Russia. It calls for negotiations between the two sides.
    • The Emperor of France states that Sweden has nothing to apologize for, is Persia who has destroyed the good relations between the two countries for no reason, and Persia should restore the relations. The war is ending and Sweden won, Persia msut accept that and avoid this kind of diplomatic tantrum. The Emperor also asks Sweden to integrate Iceland, or at least a half of it into France proper, because the Emperor was the first in claiming the island as a possesion of the Crown.
    • Persia still refuses.
    • Also no one won the second war... Finland declared independence... where have you been the past century?
    • No, FInland is part of Sweden according to the map.
    • You cannot control Iceland, it is a player nation controlled by Detectivekenny.
    • How many times do we have to tell you that you can't do that without DK's blessing?
  • France builds up its military. The United Principalities are now without a king: John I died at the middle of the year and now the most of the Council of Elector Princes wants to elect Edoardo as king, but two princes, Edoardo of Edessa (brother of John) and Aleandro of Aleppo (a close friend of the prince Alphonse) are also candidates.The prince Alphonse tried to fleed back to France and avoid the endless argument, but Djem managed to bring him back through corsairs. The prince Henri executes him and blames the prince of Edessa. Edoardo is execued by imperial command, leaving Aleandro as the only candidate to the thone besides the prince of Cyprus. In Haiti and Nouvelle France, with new weapons brought from Nouvelle Bretagne, Toussaint, Dessalines and Cristophe take the city of Port-au-Prince and manage to form in there a Congress of the leaders of the Party. They consider that is better for Haiti to emancipate themselves from France, proclaiming then the independent Empire of Haiti, an elective monarchy ruled by now by the provisionaly elected François-Dominique Toussaint L'Ouverture, now known as Francis I of Haiti. The French troops are still in the south of Nouvelle France and the east of Haiti, but they are almost expulsed, because the Haitians have more weapons (thanks to the Russians of Nouvelle Bretagne) and men (since the assassination of the beloved prince Alphonse without imperial reprisals), and the French are too busy rebuilding their military for the upcoming war against Pahang, that they can't even send re-enforcements. In Paris, the Russian princes are taught in the French military arts by Murat himself.
    • ​Hey, did you forget about Napoleon Bonaparte! these are his years of Glory! I'm pretty sure that he would very much want to become king! Especialy since changing to an electoral monarchy!
    • Napoleon is my biggest idol in the history, I would never forget him. Who has forgotten him is LurkerLordB. Napoleon is from Corsica, and I have not bought Corsica, ergo, his father has no reason or power to join the French court, so Napoleon has not moved to France for his military studies. In fact I thought in ask Lurker if I can have the character of Napoleon for my history (he's the owner of Corsica, is his decission). Also, France is still a hereditary monarchy, just the United Principalities are elective. Lurker, would you have a problem with me "controling" Napoleon?
    • In my mind, after the POD (for Naples, when their first player invaded the Papal states and Sardinia), the resulting changes would have made it so that no one in real life would be born due to slight, tiny differences in events that would be occuring. Now, I know that other people like Russia like having everyone be exactly like they were in real life, but in my mind no one who lived in current Neapolitan territory in history exists in this timeline.
    • No, things are going to happen differently than in real life after Alexander due to Paul not remarrying and not Having his third son Nicolas, who would become Nicolas I in OTL, resulting in one of his daughters or Constantine Taking the Crown. IT would still be interesting though to have Napoleon be a military genius leading Naples to victory.
    • I seriously doubt about Napoleon being conform about be a simple soldier, even the general. He was an ambitious man, who wanted to impose his own way of government. Abviously at first he would be a simple official in the army, but he wants power. May be he could become a powerful general who eventually turns in rebellion, or the new monarch after thee nd of the union with Hungary.
    • For my nation, or any nation, to create a Napoleon/Genghis Khan/Hitler style expansionist, it would be necessary to only attack player nations, and make sure they agree to be briefly conquered, for it to work with the algorithm. Anyway, I'm not planning for Naples to break away with Hungary soon, so no Napoleon-style person in Naples. However, if any other nation feels like creating such a person in 1870s or 1880s or so, it would make my plan for Naples much easier.
    • I would like to do so (I'm Galaguerra). May be Jean de Dieu Soult or Louis Jules Trochu, or even François Achille Bazaine. The rest of the countries are more able to get some famous conquerors like Bismarck, Stalin...anyway, I would like to be that person who will destroy the European political map.
    • Still, with the rules of the algorithm, you would have to have a very large stability to win against all of those nations.
    • Unless both players agree to the conquest. If the result is pre-determined beforehand, no algorithm is needed.
  • ALL OF SIBERIA IS NOW RUSSIAN!!!!!!! (unclaimed Kamchatka and Chukotka now Russian!) Russian Emperor Paul installs the Yellow Box in the Russian palace, where though commonfolk may complain, and propose changes. He also introduces a very uncomforatble "Pavelan" Military Uniform, which becomes very unpopular with Polish and Russian Soldiers Alike. Military is upgraded and navy is improved. The Rail links of Russia continue construction. The "Trans-Polo-Lithuanian (Trans-Polspolitovskaya liniya)" or Polspo-Litovskaya liniya(polish-Lithuanian Line) line is constructed, and the "line of Tsars" (Moscow-St Petersburg) (Tsarskaya Linya) Also continues construction, both of which are overseen by RZhD. The Pacific coast line (Tiho-berezhskaya linya) also resumes construction by TOZhD. Generalissimo Suvorov, hated by Paul because of his connections with Catherine, his mother, is honorably discharged from service. Russian America Expands by 1000 km, Afrikanskaya Zemlya Expands by 6000 km.
    • Can you please make more of an effort to keep your spelling correct? What's so difficult about running your posts through spellcheck? And please stop shouting.
    • You gave up the right to expand at all in Kamchatka in the treaty that ended the Northern War! All territory there is claimed by the Nipponese. Are you really violating the treaty this early? Do you want us to attack you again?
    • from Nippon's 1796 post: to respect Russia's 1787 claim to Chukotka, thus fixing the Nipponese Northern Kamchatka border roughly where the northern orange border on this map is.
    • Sorry, Never mind then, I'll edit my next post later.
    • Yeah Russia gets the northern bit of OTL Kamchatka Krai, but the whole of the actual peninsula is Nippon's. I've added Kamochatoka (Kamchatka) prefecture to my administrative regions map on the Nippon profile page, for the exact northern border of Nipponese Kamchatka, so have a look at that for definite proof, as I can see a bit of an argument in 1800 when the map is published otherwise ... VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 12:32, February 4, 2012 (UTC)
  • ​Turan expands it colony in Greenland by 800 km2. Also, I know Morcco is not in civil disarray, however, they are being conquered by non-Muslims. They have no sympathy for the Turks, they just want to to save their butts. Seeing that Turan is a Muslim nation, Muslim citizens would like to stay under a Muslim government ... Also, my father is from Morocco, so I'd rather not have Christian conquerors of Morocco...
    • The Moroccan government is not going to allow Turan to carve out puppet states from its territory. They will fight Turan if Turan does that. Furthermore, they might not know that the threat now has increased, they might even think the threat has gone down as Vietnam and Spain were distracted in the war. You can help the if they are invaded, but you cannot carve puppets out of them
  • As a seeming civil war erupts in Brandenburg, Prussia expands it's military, looking for an opportunity to intervene. Meanwhile, the Publishing Industry expands in Russia, as information is being disseminated throughout the land at a much faster rate. Before any expansion of the new Prussian Colony in OTL Brazil begins, the Count sends a team of Schmitist missionaries and negotiaters amongst the tribes to the southeast of the colony, in hopes of negotiating a trade deal with them.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony southwards by 76*50 sq km.


  • Naples continues to build up their military in preparation for the war with Pahang. They complete the arsenal in Tamilia. As more attention is turned to Tamilia, a Jain man manages to show the Neapolitan authorities that Jainism is not simply a subset of Hinduism, as they had previously assumed, but a unique religion. This makes the Neapolitans suspect that Sikhism may be a whole new religion instead of just a Hindu sect as well, so they send a message to Persia, asking them to ask the Sikhs in their Indian territory. Istoias is expanded by 1000 sq km.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese promise to supply vital military supplies and volunteers to the Neapolitans in exchange for a slice of the nation of Pahang.
  • The industry continues growing. Meanwhile, Uruguay expands 7750 sq km inland. Greece update it's military.the Charrua expand.
  • Newfoundland continues expanding inland.
  • Nippon finishes building Chamoru's navy, and a fleet of Nipponese warships are sent to aid Chamoru in her expansion into Micronesia. The joint Chamoru-Nippon fleet set sail to annex the rest of Micronesia into Chamoru and begin the expansion. This expansion is expected only to take a few years mind you, due to the overwhelmingly greater power of the Chamoru-Nippon fleet against the Micronesian natives, and the small size of these to-be-conquered islands. Satotochi expands by 500 sq km too.
  • Persia continues to build up, expand, and upgrade their military and navy. They continue to prepare for the Pahang War. They receive Naples' message, and tells them that it is a whole new religion, a combination of Islam and Hinduism. New Tehran expands west by 50x20 sq. mi. They continue to take control of the Eastern Amazon region. They ask Sweden and Vietnam to cooperate with each other once again, telling them to forget the war that occured and move on together. They seize more territory from Bharat.
  • The ICR is joining the GTA, not France. DeanSims 15:41, February 4, 2012 (UTC)
  • With the emergence of the Racialists as a powerful political group, the former slaves re-emerge, declaring themselves to be Itsygahans in spirit and soul not in skin or race. The Racialists condemn them and the Classists laws which allowed them to be politicised. Noovelongahi forms a Colonial Body in direct opposition to the growing power of the Racialists in the north. The two sides clash, in a line from west to east across the nation.
  • In Brandenburg, the Civil War rages on for most of the year. The rebels, led by Wilhelm (his name has been Germanized), attempt to defeat King Frederick Wilhelm by attacking Potsdam itself, but are forced back by mercenaries from the other German states. At this time the rebels adopt distinctive black uniforms to distinguish themselves from the green of the king's troops. Wilhelm attempts to rally the peasantry by declaring that he would end serfdom and institute a type of semi-republic (with an estates-general). By the end of the year, however, Wilhelm's largely peasant army is destroyed and massacred, and Wilhelm is forced to escape with his officers by sea. In the end, he succeeds in making it to Neue Brandenburg, and once there succeeds in convincing the governor that he has been sent there by the king. Meanwhile, in Brandenburg the king begins a new reign of despotism. By the way, I am no longer in control of Brandenburg, so I will stick to Neue Brandenburg.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Finland also asks Neue Brandenburg for an alliance.
  • Prussia backs down from Brandenburg, upset at a missed opportunity. Prussia continues to Industrialize, and sees the rise of Modern Chemistry, as many begin to take on the profession. Their ideas further improve Prussian Industrialization. Prussian colonization has temporarily stopped, as an agreement with the natives in Brazil has not been reached, and Prussia is in no position to enforce any treaty. However, they name their colony New Königsberg and it operates as a trading post until further expansion can begin. Even in SudAfrika, colonization has stopped as the rising standard of living in Prussia has seen many staying, rather than looking for opportunities elsewhere.
    • Wait, does the 'agreement with the natives in Brazil' represent the AGC's former colony in Brazil before it broke up? I was under the impression that that colony had gone under the control of Brandenburg... ie, that colony is what I referenced as Neue Brandenburg in my post. I wasn't there during the negotiations at the AGC's division so I may have gotten it wrong, but please explain...Zagoria.
    • Yes, the colony in Brazil that was already there is Neue Brandenburg that was owned by Brandenburg after the AGC split, however I am establishing a new colony, and that is the one that I am refering to here.
  • Sweden's Norwegian Overlord has a complete adgenda of his own. Dissatisfied by the French rule, he sends an emissary to ask the French king for Sweden's independence. Should Sweden become independant the nobles plan to elect one of themselves as emperor, but with major power restrictions imposed by the rest of the nobles. The Swedish military is upgraded and Asgard expands by 8000 sq km with 550 sq km of the expansion right along the coast. Sweden's navy starts to teach all its sailors how to swim and constructs a series of swimming pools, this is expected to reduce the number of drownings after a ship sinks.
    • Naples sends word that they will support whatever the result of the potential Swedish Independence may be, but they still hold the Swedish military debt to help Naples in Malaysia.
  • France builds up its military. While the Haitians have conquered the entire island of Haiti and the most of Nouvelle France (this two territories must be shown as independent colonies in the next map), the prince Robert is organizing a private army to attack the domains of Aleandro. The Emperor (for 1000th time, is emperor, not king ¬¬), knowing that his son Robert would rule tyranically over his domains if he ever get the throne, approves the Swedish independence under the following clauses: 1-Sweden will respect every treaty formed durgin the union with France. 2-France will keep its trading outposts in the Swedish territories and domains. 3-Sweden and France will be always connected for a commercial and military alliance and 4-Sweden will keep a parliamentary government in the French style, and the religious tolerance will be still on. In other matters, Djem dies and his son Ahmet becomes Caliph of Mecca. Ahmet goes to Haiti to negotiate peace between both Emperors. The Emperor starts to show the parliamentary and tolerant government system to Alexander and Constantine, trying that they learn of France to implement the system in Russia. He states that any state who menaces the Swedish independence will be enemy of France.
    • Sweden agrees to all but number 4. The Swedish claim that they have a right to choose their own governing style.
    • The Emperor agrees, but he is still asking Sweden to keep at least the religious tolerance and basic citizen rights.
    • What's going to happen to shared territory? Like Flanders, part was French, part Swedish before, but now it is whole, will it be split up or will it be all given to one side?
    • Flanders is Swedish. Holland changed its name to North Flanders and unified with the then-independant Flanders and changed its name to Flanders. And Sweden keeps its basic citizen's rights but not full religious tolerance. Tolerance is given to only the Christians, Muslims and Saami shamanism.
  • China expands its southern Baja colony to the north 3800 sq km. Meanwhile, the military is expanded.
  • Officials from the Turkish Province of GTA (Turan) meets with the officials from the Bulgarian Province of GTA (Bulgaria) to make a new constitution the American provinces (ICR) are invited to have a say.
  • Russian Officials are weary of the French civil war, and support the old French royal family. Paul removes the Yellow box after having many a incriminating carricature put in it. Many people this year are exiled to Siberia for their comments. Russian nobles are really starting to get scared of Paul. Many controls are tightened, to the disaproval of Alexander and Constantine, who try to get their father to remary so he is not so angry and has another thing to do in his life than conrol his population. This angers him even more, and he lashes in anger on a petty thief of things in the royal palace, who he condemns to death, but his sons help escape because their father's actions are unjust. Rail links all over Russia continue construction. The military naval technology is put up for review. Paul orders celebrations for the turn of the century. St Petersbug is now fully constructed, and a new St Petersburg-Tsarskoe Selo rail line is completed as an extention of the Petersburg-Novgorod line.


Principia Moderni Map 1800
Principia Moderni Map 1800 Key

Riots and signs of revolt coming begin in Flanders due to the fact that it is majority Schmittist on account of the Japanese colonization, yet the nation controlling it, Sweden, refuses to tolerate this religion. Revolts occur in the part of Denmark that Japan used to rule as well.

{C}Damn... That's what happens when I don't phrase properly. Sweden allows all branches and forms of Christianity, Islam and Saami Shamanism. But nothing else. Schmittist is classified as Catholic/Christian so it is accepted.

Who deleted the map?

Schmittism really isn't Christian and they don't consider themselves so (read the page I made). I deleted the first map because someone just put the 1795 map up so that's why I deleted.

The Scmittists are not Christians, you just can't change your actions to avoid confrontations.

Schmittism is actually a combination of various Asian religions with a smattering of Christianity. It isn't Christian enough to be considered a Christian denomination. It is a completely distinct religion from Christianity, related but not directly affiliated. Therefore the mod event stands. And you should have researched it properly.

  • The industry continues growing. Meanwhile, Uruguay expands 8250 sq km inland.
  • Newfoundland continues expanding inland. It asks for an alliance with Haiti and Nouvelle France.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony to the northeast by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese recognize the newly independent Haitian government, and they sell their territory on the island to the new nation. The Vietnamese, while not officially supporting the Flemish Republicans, are highly sympathetic of the rebels. Vietnamese arms dealers, while not supplying weapons to the Flemish rebels for frees, place discounts on the price of rifles and ammunition so high that they might as well be. The Vietnamese do issue a statement saying that "under no circumstances will we tolerate any kind of religious persecution".
    • The Flemish are not fighting for a republic or independence, their goal is religious tolerance. If Sweden refuses to acknowledge their religion, they may try to break away. Currently it's small-scale riots and revolts now, not civil war level yet. Yet...
  • Naples prepares their military for the war that will come next year, and sends messages to Sweden, France, Vietnam, Persia, Korea, and Hungary that the war they said they would help in is about to begin. The colony of Istoias is expanded by 2000 sq km due to the fact that due to Sweden discriminating against Schmittists and not recognizing them, many from Swedish territories have fled there. Vicia is now well-educated, and despite being primarily Incan or other native in ethnicity, it is almost totally Catholic
  • Ricasolia expands into the unsettled area to the south.
  • Haiti is full independent, recognised by France (though it was de facto independent since the last three months of the last year), just a guerrilla-like groups are still fighting against the Haitian government in Nouvelle France. The Emperor François is glad to accept the alliance of Ujfundland, and ask for a new one to Ricasolia. Haiti builds up its military.
    • Ricasolia makes an alliance with their fellow former colonial Caribbean nation.
  • The Emperor of France is angry with Sweden, and publicly denies the Swedish independence until they accept the previous terms. "If Sweden is disposed to be intolerant, is better to it remain a French domain until the Swedish leaders be ready to govern themselves". France builds up its military. Ahmet finally captures Aleandro, but allows him to exile himself in Haiti. Robert is angry, but he can do nothing. He's traveling to Sweden to get an independence treaty (he isn't negotiating in name of his father, who states his previous declarations). He says that he could convince his father to cancel the last claus if Sweden give to the crown the Schmittists or francophone lands of its empire (he's talking about the lands that are currently in rebellion, Denmark and Flanders, not they all, just the Schmittist parts). The Emperor, meanwhile, asks Alexander and Constantine to start participating in the French political life as part of his personal Privy Council.
    • About Finland, is it emancipating from France too or will it remain French? Because if Kogasa wants I will give him liberty.
    • If Finland can still continue having Shinto and Finnish paganism with no problem (read: religious tolerance) then I can remain with Sweden. If not, then Finland would need help from France and probably like to stays with France.
    • Who is the French Emperor again? Is it Aleandro or this Ahmet character?
  • Persia takes over much of Bharat, leaving 27% of it left. It vows that after the Neapolitan-Pahang War and the Perso-Bharat War, it will cease conflict for a few years. The military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. New Tehran expands west by 50x10 sq. mi. It declares all support to France to gain revenge on Sweden. It also asks Russia to gang on Sweden as well. They hear Naples' message and say they will help. Control over the eastern Amazon river continues.
    • You really ought to end the war with Bharat, you've dragged it out long enough to pretty much win whatever you want, now 15 years of war are going to kill your stability.
    • It is just implausible: The past year you were totally mad with Sweden for no reason, and now, that you really have a reason to be angry with them (the religious intolerance, the probable discrimination of almost the half of the population, specially, probably, the Russians), you are in their side?
    • Persia may be religiously intolerant as well, and may not want religious tolerance ideas to succeed.
    • First of all, I ended the war with Bharat, since it is now officially Persian. Second of all, Persia is religiously tolerant. Third of all, religious intolerance is not the reason I broke off relationships with Sweden. It was done so Vietnam can get on my side again, NOW STOP COMPLAINING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • According to the Algorithm you can only take about 5% of Bharat, 27% short of taking out the government.
    • What logical reason could you have to support Sweden now?
    • He could like them better than the French? It's possible the animosity was attached more towards the old Franco-Swedish regime, so they may now consider France to be more the successor to that than Sweden.
    • All right, it's changed.
  • ​The Turkish Provence of GTA (Turan) expands its colony in Greenland. New Greenlandic colony now surrounds the southern tip of Greenland. The GTA constitution draft is now up: GTA's Constitution
  • Nippon annex Karaginsky island to the north east of Kamchatka, and incorporate Karaginsky island into Kamochatoka prefecture. Chamoru's conquest of Micronesia continues to, and it is expected to be under full Chamoru control by the end of next year. Satotochi expands by 500 sq km too.
  • Madoc is killed by Racialists. The Third Civil War is now in full swing. However, the Racialists are doomed. Their area of control is the area most devastated by the Second Civil War, and the loyalty commanded by the Classists is much greater than with the Racialists. The Grand Army of the Republic moves from strength to strength. Cymbria pootles along quietly, lending official support to the Classists but trying to avoid conflict.
    • The Emperor François of Haiti sends some man to help the classists. He asks for an alliance with both Itsayghai and Cymbria.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Finland asks for help from France in case anything happens to the Finns who are Shinto or Finnish paganism as Finland is religious tolerant; and also asks them (France) if Finland could stay with France for a while longer until the issue is resolved (and so Finland can be assured that nothing happens to the Finns who are Shinto or Finnish paganism) or if issue is not going to be resolved, then Finland would like to stay with France.
    • The Emperor would be glad to the Finns remaining part of the French Parliament. As a democratic government, the religious intolerance (primarily against Shintoism and paganism) in Sweden and its opposition to a parliamentary system enters in conflict with the Finnish interests. However, the Emperor thinks that it would be more appropriate if the Finns finally elect a shogun to form an independent shogunate.
  • In Prussia, the Count is anxiously waiting to see what happens in relations between the Swedish and French. Ultimately, he knows he will ally with whichever nation supports Schmittism. Meanwhile, an experimental railroad is built in Königsberg that encircles the entire city. While experimental, it is also used to haul freight and goods from one point of the city to the other, and seamlessly connects to the port there.
  • Russian Army is getting pretty fed up with Paul and his new policies, not to mention his uncomfortable uniform! Paul is very mad that the thief that he condemned to death escaped, and before he could question his sons, they leave to France to advise the French. Many Russians back home say that either Constantine or Alexander have the greater claim to the French throne (at least more than Ahmet???? I'm confused who the French emperor is now...and could somebody please explain where the emperor comes from and what his claim to the throne is...unless it's purely electoral), and the Russian one as well, as they believe that in the true will of Catherine, she leaves the throne to them. Many policies back in Russia begin to be tightened, and many opposition are exiled. socialism spreads in Russia as industrialization does, and Russian railways continue construction. Moscow-St Petersburg is halfway done, and so is the Trans-Pacific line. The Vilnius-Brest and Warszawa-Krakowa portion of the Polspolitovskaya line is complete(if Krakow is Hungarian delete that statement unless Hungary agrees to the construction of a Warsaw-Krakow rail line),the next portions are Vilnius-Kalaipeda and Brest-Warszawa. Certain Secret societies begin to be set up in Russia, Many Russian literature experts are born. A new model of locomotive, able to go up to 50 km/h is made. Novorossiya Expands 15 000 km due to the influx of migrants from Canada (x5 expansion due to industrialization, FTW).
    • You are confused. Ahmet is the Caliph of Mecca, and the United Principalities (the former crusader states) are an elective monarchy, ruled by the elected king Edward, prince of Cyprus. The Emperor is August I Harold, and his second son, Robert, murdered the first one, Alphonse. Robert seems to be a potential tyrant if he takes the throne of France, and that's why the Emperor tries to get independence to the most states of the Empire before his death. It's easier than deny the throne to his only surviving son. Now Alexander and Constantine are both invited to become part of the French imperial council, that is over the Parliament. The thing is that Sweden is trying to get independence and doesn't accept my terms to do so.
    • Persia reminds it about the fact Sweden is attempting to break away from France, and asks it to join France to gang up on Sweden (and take back lost lands).
  • Spain upgrades its military and launches its attack on Morocco from both Gibraltar mas alla del Mar (Tangiers) and Sudeste. Spain starts construction of a Railway From Barcelona to Lisbon, Via Madrid. New Spain expands by 1550 Sq Km.
  • Sweden announces to the world that they view Schmittism as a form of Christianity. The Swedish military is developed and Asgard expands by 3050 sq km.


The unrest in Flanders has not yet reached full-on revolts, but as the violence there and in the former Japanese part of Denmark increases, many state that unless the Schmittists are given religious freedom they will have a full-on revolt in a year. Meanwhile, the Pueblos and Muisca both double their size by expanding in all directions.

  • Turan builds its economy. Turan also tries persuading Wallachia to join the GTA with promises of joinig with their brethren the Moldovians.
    • People are not just going to give up their sovereignty like that. Use the algorithm, don't just annex territory (especially since at this rate the actual Turks in the GTA are going to be outnumbered soon)
  • Naples declares war upon the Sultanate of Pahang, their fleet from Tamilia sailing across the bay of Bengal to attack the island nation. Their forces blockade the Pahangese forts and they land some armies on the island in preparation for land battles. They call upon all nations that promise aid to help them now, to victory!
    • The UAA sends its troops from the East Africa colony to Pahang, to aid the Neopolitians.
    • Persia joins.
  • Ricasolia expands into the uncivilized areas.
  • With civil unrest growing at home, and heavy international pressure, the UAA announces that it will from now on advance the cause of abolition peacefully. Utra-nationalists, and Anti-slavery citizen begin to protest. The investigative report, on the standards of living finds that Vietnamese live much better lives in the East African colony than the Natives do, and that slavery does exist there with the Natives being the only slaves.
    • The Vietnamese sever their relations with the UAA, as they do not want to deal with a nation of land-hungry liars. They once again report that the instituition of slavery has never existed in the Vietnamese East African colony, and that the UAA is using the lie to tarnish Vietnam's reputation. The UAA's lies make Vietnam's citizens view it with the same contempt as the First Spanish Empire, Venice and the Mughal Empire. Vietnamese traders avoid UAA ports like the plague, and most would rather die than head for UAA ports.
    • I have never written anything about the establishment of slavery in my East African colony. And in this map game one of the unwritten rules is "If it isn't written it didn't happen". If you insist on tarnishing Vietnam's good name I see no reason why Vietnam should continue to acknowledge the UAA. As far as Vietnam is concerned your weak conglomeration of petty states has fallen off the face of the Earth.
  • France, the United Principalities and Mecca join the war against Pahang according to the treaty of Berlin, and asking its vassals Finland, Burgundy and (de facto independent but not recognised by France) Sweden to do so. The Emperor states in his position to not recognise the independence of Sweden until the swedish government agrees with te terms. He calls for a meeting in Bruges to sign a treaty that will give fully recognition from France to the Swedish independence under the previous terms. The treaty states that the religious tolerance must be given to all the religions of the world, not just a few, and Sweden must keep, at least, an advisor council formed by not-noble people, not necessary a Parliament or Senate, but a small advisor council at least. The caliph Ahmet starts his reign expanding Algeria 6900 sq km inland. Meanwhile, the French commander Murat left his just born son, Achille, to grow under the instructions of the exiled prince Aleandro until his return from the war in Pahang.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony to the northeast by 76*60 sq km. The Vietnamese declare their full involvement in the Neapolitan-Pahang War. Though there is some tension from the UAA's involvement, it is defused by the Vietnamese communicating through an intermediary. This is the last time the Vietnamese will interact with the UAA, however indirectly.
  • Sweden caves in and relectantly allows full religious tolerance. However Sweden tells France that it will manage its own political system and asks them who should attend the advisor councils as the nobles are educated, the clergy are dishonest (Swedish civil war) and the common people are generally too stupid. Asgard is expanded by 9150 sq km.
    • Naples reminds Sweden that they agreed to help Naples in the war against Pahang.
  • King Friedrich Wilhelm of Brandenburg launches an invasion of Neue Brandenburg, where Wilhelm and the rebels have taken control. The attempted attack fails, and Wilhelm turns his attention on the natives, beating back several attacks and taking many slaves from among the locals. As a system of government, many expect Wilhelm to create a parliementary monarchy, as he promised in Germany, but instead he rules over an autocratic nation, with himself as King. He sends envoys to Neue Königsberg, offering an alliance with Prussia. Finally, he sends envoys to Germany, encouraging immigration from anyone who is dissatisfied with the current state of Germany.
    • Prussia accepts. They also state that they are on the verge of purchasing land from the natives from Neue Königsberg for a trading post, and that their colony will not expand too far so as to avoid retarding the growth of Neue Brandenburg.
  • The industry continues growing. Meanwhile, Kandy joind Naples in their war against Padang, and Hungary sends support. After knowing that there is a Russian plan to make a railway from Warsaw to Kraków, Hungary refuses, and warns that Kraków is Hungarian territory. Meanwhile, some engineers in Hungary itself, inspired on the railways which already exist on Russia and Sweden, plans to make one, although the proposal is of a experimental railway, and is not known.Uruguay expands 8250 sq km inland.
  • Persia asks Bharat for peace, as it has taken enough land for now. THe military and navy continue to expand and upgrade. New Tehran expands east by 75x25 sq. mi. They continue to take control of the Eastern Amazon region. They join the war on Pahang, but pledges that after this, there will be no war for a time.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. The ship port in Kokkola is being repaired after reports are made about it starting to fail.
  • Prussia: The Count relables the peerage of Prussia after what he called the "Nipponese Model." He himself is now known as the Hakushaku of Prussia, and declares Prussia to be a Shogunate. The largely Schmittist population is torn at the new title. Some view this new development in Prussian politics as good, since Prussia is unique in Europe adopting such a title, however the most powerful in Prussia do not like this, rather wanting to stick to their European roots. Meanwhile, the Hakushaku sends explorers once again to their colony in South America, to investiagate the area to determine what land would be best to purchase from the natives. On the way, a new Alphabetic Flag Signal is created for ships to communicate with each other that is much more effective than older models. They decide to rename the colony in South America, Argentinien. Prussia recognizes the GTA, but declines joining them, although they wish to keep their alliance.
  • The Nipponese-Chamoru invasion/annexation of Micronesia concludes with the fleet seizing the last of the Micronesian islands. A swords maker known as Takashi Gunto, in Tadanao City in the colony of Satotochi begins to "mass-produce" swords to sell cheap to settlers to protect themselves in the lawless areas of jungle from bandits, natives and wild animals. Takashi Gunto finds success in his mass-produced swords, and sets up the Takato Arsenal. Meanwhile, Satotochi expands by 500 sq km.
  • The Greater Korean Empire flexes it's muscles as its newly improved navy, along with the Imperial Marines sail down to Pahang. They blockade it's coasts, and begin landing troops along the island. Meanwhile, military bases are shelled, as is the capitol city. They call upon Pahang to surrender, as they are vastly outnumbered.
  • The Polspolitovskaya Rail line has finished construction. While Alexander and Constantine were busy advising the French emperor in Paris The Army finally gets fed up with Paul and assassinates him. They stage it to look like he just died. Rumors start that Alexander knew abouth this attempt, but did nothing to stop it. Alexander and Constantine Rush to St Petersburg for their father's funeral. A month later Alexander is crowned Emperor of Russia in Moscow, with the title: "By the Grace of God, We, Alexander I Romanov Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias, of Moscow, Vladimir, Kiev, Minsk, Novgorod, High Tsar of The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Tsar of Lithuania, Tsar of Poland, Tsar of Siberia, Tsar of The Caucasus, Prince of France, Exiled Grand Duke of Finland, Grand Duke of Evenkia, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, Duke of the Russian Far East, Overseer of Kazakhstan, Advisor to the High Chief of the Iroquois Confederation, High Advisor to the Armenian Emir, Exiled Dominator of Livonia, Sovereign of the Inseparable Russian State and all its possessions." Alexander Emediately Reinstates the Senate to its previous glory, and gives it back the possibility of enacting laws, and gives the Army a newer Uniform. Constantine is now heir Presumptive of Russia, and returns to France to advise the Emperor of the French. Many people in Russia are now much more secure in hoping that their thoughts are not being monitored by Paul's Secret OVVR agents. By this time, all administrative divisions in Russia have at least one University. Construciton of the Trans-Pacific and Moscow-St Peterrsburg lines continue, many people start calling the St-Petersburg -Moscow line a graveyard of iron, as many people die in its construction, mostly inmates (most deaths occured in Paul's reign). Expectaitons are that it will be complete by 1804. Many more secret societies form in Russia. Many families in the poor sections of Moscow are in need of having child workers work at factories. Socialist Aristocrats start doing surveys into the treatment of such workers, as oposition to the idea of having child workers in factories grows.
  • Spain improves its agriculture, and begins obtaining a surplus. The invasion of Morocco continuues apace, with troops taking the top quarter of the country, connecting the colonies (tangeirs and the eastern one). New Spain expands by 1550 Sq km.


  • Naples continues their war against Pahang, helped by many allies. They win battle after battle, but the war is far from over. Istoias expands by 2000 sq km, as more and more Schmittists leave Europe due to new fears of religious persecution. They send word to Sweden that they expect Swedish support against Pahang, as was promised.
  • Ricasolia improves their economy, although it is still almost entirely agricultural.
  • Persia's military and navy continue to expand and upgrade. New Tehran expands east by 75x25 sq mi. They continue to take control of the Eastern Amazon region. Theycontinue to fight Pahang, and still pledge to not wage war for a few decades after this.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. A Finnish ship lands on OTL South Georgia island (the largest island, one that is lots of distance away from OTL Falkland islands) and a new colony is set up, and the colony is called Sätōri.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony to the northeast by 76*50 sq km.
  • Nippon's cities start to expand, as small factories open up in the cities. Elsewhere, the competition between the Satsuma Corporation and the Nishio Sugar Company in the Satotochi colony heats up as Satsuma Corp. begin to expand their plantations to try to surpass the Nishio Sugar Company in the sugar market. However, Nishio expands their sugar plantations even more! Corporate warfare between Satsuma & Nishio steps up, and at the latest meeting of the Daimyo council the clan leaders of the Nishio & Shimazu clan fight with one another. The other Daimyo step in however, and set up a cartel agreement between Satsuma & Nishio. Nishio shall be the dominant player in the sugar trade and Nishio will be the dominant player in the tropical fruit trade. This agreement to split up the Satotochi plantation markets, puts an end to the clans fuedings, but on the other hand, this agreement & the previous market expansions, cause the Satotochi colony to expand by 1250 sq km.
  • The industry continues growing. Magyár Dél-Amerikabán expands 8250 sq km inland, 5250 of these being on Uruguay.
  • The Racialists are finally crushed, and a new general emerges from the ranks of Classist Itsaygahan ifantry. Raballahi Owanafa. He mops up the last pockets of rebellion and joins the Council State to hammer out a new constitution. The Constitution is as follows: Itsaygahi is a Federative Republic. It is to be composed of Provinces, each of which shall send a representative to a Federal Council which will debate laws suggested in the Body of the Republic. The Body is to be elected by the whole national populace and each province will send 3-7 representatives dependant on population. The Justices of the Republic will monitor the government and ensure the rule of law, fair for all. All men are to be equal in the Republic. An Elector will be elected by the Federal Council from a slection put forward by the Body. He will have the ultimate veto and will control the armed forces, with the permission of the Government. He selects the Justices. The alliance with Haiti is accepted. A Triple Alliance of Ricasolia, Itsaygahi and Haiti is suggested.
    • Ricasolia accepts the idea of alliance with Itsaygahi and Haiti, and the government had in fact just been considering proposing such an idea themselves.
  • Prussia: The Navy is largely reorganized, and ranks now reflect most OTL modern Navies. Exploration around Argentinien is complete, and negotiations begin with the native tribes around the area in order to purchase the land that Prussia desires.
  • Turan expans its new colony in Greenland by 800 km2. After Wallachia vigourously refuses to join the GTA, Turan, Rumelia and Macedonia worn Wallachia about the dangers of not co-operating with the GTA.
  • King Wilhelm of Neue Brandenburg begins the building of a Royal Palace on the beachfront, to be completed in five years. He reorganizes the military along modern lines, and his 'blackcoats' which he brought from Germany become the core basis of it. With increased immigration from Germany, a sister city to Neue Brandenburg is begun, known as Wilhelmburg. The nation expands into neighboring areas by 1000 sq km, clearcutting trees for agricultural land as they do it...
  • The UAA proposes mutual protection agreements between it and Naples,France, Russia, Persia and Sweden. If any of these nations will agree, then the UAA will help defend them if they are attacked, and they will defend the UAA if it is attacked. It also proposes an alliance with Prussia.
    • Naples states that they will give the UAA such an alliance when they repair their relations with Vietnam.
    • What exactly is the difference between the mutual protection agreement and an alliance? I need to know what I'm getting into here :P
    • Mutual protection basically means that the alliance says that you must help them in any war that they get into if they are the defender. Like a military alliance.
    • Prussia accepts.
  • Korea also launches attacks against Pahang, taking a bit of it's Northern coast. Most of Pahang's defenses are concentrated towards Naples, so the Korean troops get very little resistaMnce. Morale is high and land is captured and the Korean army begins moving towards the capitol (??) of Pahang.
  • Spanish troops continue advancing southward, with over half of Morocco now in Spanish control. Agriculture ccontinues improving, with more of a surplus each year. New spain expands by 1550 Sq Km. (Where is the Moroccan capital?)
    • You do know that if you don't get enough from the algorithm to overthrow the government, you are going to have to post that Spain loses most of that territory later in the war?
  • Sweden develops its military. Sweden sends a fleet north and annexes all of Svalbard not occupied by Toeh Ngoa Nyoing. Thorlaand expands 15250 sq km in a thin strip to Asgard as a railway is built to link the colonies.


Inspired by the Itsaygahi revolution so quickly following the revolts in Ricasolia and Haiti, revolutionary spirit spreads across the American colonies. Many revolts are but small at first, but they have the potential to cause so much more. Meanwhile, due to the revolution the tiny former Keltic Colony on the tip of the Delmarva peninsula falls into chaos (anyone could annex it easily by pure colonial expansion).

  • Naples continues the war against Pahang, sending a final reminder to Sweden asking them to honor their debt to Naples. Meanwhile, due to the two arsenals, Naples is still capable of carrying out two wars at once, and says that they will help Spain in their conflict against Morocco as long as Vietnam and Hungary are guaranteed to receive land from the conquest.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese annex the former Keltic colony for the behalf of their Scottish vassals.
    • Is it being made into a colony of Scotland? Or a whole new colony? It's near enough you could integrate it into your Canada colony.
    • Is it even possible to give a vassal/client state a colony? And my nearby colony is my New Vietnam colony, Kanada (the proper Russian spelling) is an autonomous province of the colony.
    • I don't know, I never heard of it being done before for a vassal or client (did someone make it once for someone they were in dynastic union with? I think so, it might have been the AGC though or I might not remember right). But I don't see why not technically, although it may be finding some sort of loophole. Say, by the way, are you going to combine Scotland and Ireland into a new Keltic state ever? Because from the old Keltic union they'd be very similar, and it would be good propaganda (we restore the old Kelts to their former glory! See how the Vietnamese colonization benefits those who they colonize! etc.)
    • About the colony for somebody in personal union, it was me. I put Neos Preveza in Greek administration. Apparently, it can be possible, but the total number of colonies that you and the countries that are vassals or are in personal union, at least if they are not being played, only can be up to seven.
  • ​Immigration to Neue Brandenburg increases to several thousand a year, although this is still mostly German nobles who bring their servants with them. King Wilhelm and convinces his wife Wilhelmina to join him in Neue Brandenburg. The King orders that land be given to his prominent allies in the war as well as newly immigrating nobles. They are given fiefdoms in the surrounding area (already occupied by natives) in return for capturing natives as slaves or driving them away, clear-cutting the land, and making it into good agricultural land. As a result the nation expands by another 1000 sq km.
  • Persia continues to take territory from Pahang. The military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. New Tehran expands by 75x25 sq. mi. west. Control over the Eastern Amazon increases.
  • Hungary updates its military. The industry continues growing. Meanwhile, Zsigimond Juhász suggests the idea of a hydraulic power network on a patent. Magyar Dél-Amerikabán expands 8250 sq km inland.
  • Newfoundland continues expanding inland.
  • China expands its military. The Trans-Coastal railroad undergoes maintenance as the colony in Southern Baja expands to the north by 3800 sq km.
  • In Nippon, the Takato Arsenal expands their activities into mass producing bullets, and also goes into rifle manufacturing. Economic activity in Nippon continues to grow, and this causes the cities to grow even more. The increasing economic activity causes Satotochi colony to expand by 1250 sq km too.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward, expands Kōshi by 300 km, and expands Sätōri by 250 km. By now, most of Finns is able to industrialise on their own but the Karelians still have to supervise the Finns to make sure no problems occur; industrialisation continues. Meanwhile, some Karelian scientists start to research for possible better materials to industrialise more efficiently. Also after more years of debate, the Finnish government finally sets a time to declare war with that nation that's located on the Maluku Islands, and said war is set to be in 1818.
  • Prussia continues reforming its Navy, and reforms and modernizes naval battle tactics. The colonists finally make a deal with the natives in South America, and Argentina expands by 1250 sq km. Argentina begins functioning as the Trade Post it was intended to be.
  • France continues helping Naples against Pahang. Algeria expands again 6900 sq km inward. Meanwhile, the emperor August I dies, with a glorious funeral being celebrated in Paris. All the important nobles (like Murat, Beauharnais and even Henri Cristophe as ambassador from Haiti) and member of the Parliament (like Talleyrand or Robespierre) attend the funeral, being also invited Alexander and Constantine. Now Robert is crowned as "By the Grace of God, Robert, of the House Bertrand, the fifth of his name, Emperor of France and Sweden, King of Burgundy and Shogun of Finland". The new emperor states that he won't recognise Swedish independence until the fulfillment of the pact signed with Naples during the Third War of the North, that stated that Sweden will help Naples against Pahang. He banishes both, Alexander and Constantine from France, considering they are a potential menace to his imperial rule, with their Russian ambitions. His excuse is that he states that they both participated in the overthrowing of the "beloved" emperor Paul and probably the death of his own father. Talleyrand offers Finland again to become independent once and for all. The people are in fact mad with the new emperor Robert, who has shown himself as a tyrant, cutting off the most of the people's seats of the Parliament.I ask you to do nothing about the tyranny of Robert, I'll overthrow him when the war of Pahang ends.
    • Finland does not want to become independent as the Finns do not want to risk getting conquered by either Sweden or Russia again, and rather stay in a union for now.
    • I'm saying that I will support you in your independence, avoiding any attempt of conquest from Sweden or Russia. Also, are you in union with France or Sweden?
    • I know. But if I did do that, even with the major help and all, I would eventually get eaten up by either of them sometime down the road (or almost right away afterwards). And as for the second question, Finland's is mixed between French Union and Sweden's confederation, so I think both...
    • You'd have Nippon's support in keeping Finnish independence too
    • And Vietnam's, though they have become a little weary from all the war.
    • Perhaps after the overthrow Alexander or Constantine will try to claim the French throne (they are Robert's Nephews (Jean=Robert sister)? or cousins (Jean=robert aunt)? but anyway, they will claim the throne.
  • Haiti is glad to accept the triple alliance. Alejandro and Alexandre are both commanding an army that successfully destroy the last rebel hold in Nouvelle France. The Emperor François expands 4000 sq km (is the OTL Prince Edward Island still "red industrialized" or it became as the rest of Nouvelle France when I conquered it? Be cause if it's red I can quintuply my expansion rate). Dessalines asks both the president of Ricasolia and Raballahi Owanafa to become Capatain General of the Armies of the triple alliance. Haiti asks for a trade agreement with Nippon, Vietnam, Russia and Neue Brandenburg.
    • Nippon agrees, and forms a trade agreement with Haiti.
  • The Federative Republic of Itsaygahi emerges from the economic doldrums brought on by revolution and civil war. Itsaygahi suggests bringing Isolaque, the Venetian successor republic based in the Bahamas into the Alliance. Owanafa wonders whether a unified armed forces is wise. Some co-ordination however is necessary and states that a unified Captaincy-General should be an advisory body alone. The Body sets up a commission to decide the provinces of the new republic. Debate begins over whether Noovelongahi should be integrated into the republic. Cymbria, virtually the well-spring of the revolution continues to operate efficiently. A middle class of industrialists and bureaucrats have emerged, while the Marcher administrators are integrating into Cymbrian native society.
    • Dessalines wanted to say so. Be Captain General to co-ordinate the military of the alliance. He agrees with the incorporation of the Bahamas.
    • Ricasolia will support the adding of Isolaque to the alliance.
  • Korea continues attacks against Pahang, taking more of the Northern coat. Resistance thickens are they near the Pahang capitol, as they realize the danger of a two-pronged invasion. Meanwhile, they request trade relations with Haiti as well as Nippon.
    • Nippon agrees and forms a trade deal with Korea.
  • The Spanish war against the Moroccans continues, but all momentum has slowed, and the troops advance south barely ten km along the frontier. New Madrid (OTL Namibia, why is it not on the Map?) expands by 1550 sq km. improvement of agriculture continues, and construction of store houses to store the surplus begins.
  • Russia continues industrialising. construction of the Moscow-St Petersburg railway is finishing construction. A Moscow-Novgorod Line is equally near construction (As they use the same line for a certain period of rail before forking, one to Novgorod, another to St Petersburg). A committee formed of Alexander's closes nobles is formed to reform the government. Certain projects are making a parliament and state counsil, and absolving the governing senate's position to a purely judicial one. Alexander is furious at how power hungry Robert is, and he declares him to be an outright tyrant, and dismisses andy claims that he killed his father, stating that "this lying fool is spreading propaganda against me, for he was there when I was in the French privy council, councelling the late Emperor August, when I received news of Paul I's death. This tyrant, my uncle (cousin), had cut me and my brother off from France. I hereby in turn remove my ambassadors from French territory until Robert removes my banishment. This power hungry man has gone too far, alienating his own blood to conserve his power!". The Trans-Pacific railway is nearly completed, experts suggest that it will be complete by 1810(slower building, less people, more mountains!). The Polspolitovskaya line is officially opened, and Alexander took the first train of this new line to Warszawa from the coast of the Baltic Sea. Many Russians are happy to greet their Tsar. The Tsar's Sister, Grand Duchess Elena Pavlova falls ill, and recovery will be short lived, doctors speculate. They work around the clock, only to have the grand duchess in a grave sleep well into January. Many Russians prey for her revival. Military is updated with newer equipment.
  • Sweden and all its territories send troops to help both Naples and Spain in their respective wars. The military hardware is upgraded and Asgard expands 15250 sq km in a thin strip to Thorlaand as the railway progresses. Sweden asks Finland to remain in union with their Scandinavian brethren.
    • Finland never said that she (Finland) wanted independence. Finland said that she (Finland) would remain in union.


Due to incompatibilities in culture, Orthodox Christian pride, anti-Muslim sentiment, old hatreds of the Ottoman empire, and new waves of nationalism coming from Itsaygahi revolution, the two nations of the GTA carved out of Bulgaria revolt against the Turkish government, aiming to re-establish Bulgaria. Moldavia, Dobruja, and Wallachia aid their fellow Orthodox Eastern European nation in this conflict, and they ask Russia and Greece to help their fellow Orthodox Eastern Europeans as well. Meanwhile, Gao expands.  

  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony to the northeast by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese temporarily absorb the former Keltic colony into their New Vietnam colony. It will be held in trust until the Scottish Republic declares full independance from the Vietnamese.
  • Nippon's economy continues to expand as Satotochi colony expands by 1250 sq km as the Satsuma Corporation sets up even more tropical fruit plantations, and the Nishio Sugar Company sets up more sugar plantations. Luxury food prices in Nippon begin to fall thanks to this, and Nipponese tropical food goods begin to be exported by Nippon too.
  • Naples continues to fight against Pahang, aiming to end the war next year taking away as sizable amount of Pahangese territory. Meanwhile, taxed by the heavy wars, unrest briefly occurs in the colony of Vicia, but it is quickly put down.
  • Ricasolia improves its military and economy, strengthening relations with their allies.
  • Immigration into Neue Brandenburg has now begun slowly to include people from the towns, wealthy enough to make the trans-Atlantic trip but still not of Noble blood. Wilhelm lets them stay as long as they take an oath of loyalty to him and are German. With this Neue Brandenburg expands by 2000 sq km into the Amazon rain forest. Meanwhile, to protect immigration, the Royal Neue Brandenburg Navy is formed, which, although small, is large enough to guard convoys coming to and from Europe. Meanwhile, the cocoa industry is expanded, and some farmers hope to introduce cattle into newly cleared areas.
  • Persia continues to take territory from Pahang. The military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. New Tehran expands by 75x25 sq. mi. west. Control over the Eastern Amazon increases. They declares support for Bulgaria.
  • Hungary updates its military.The industry grows in the mainland, as well as in the colonies, and Uruguay expand 8250 sq km, and bigger factories start to be set up in Új Zagráb. Meanwhile, in the rest of Magyar Dél-Amerikabán, unrest briefly occurs in the province of Öböl, but is quickly put down.Greece recognizes Bulgaria and updates its military. Meanwhile, in Egypt, Muhammad I dies and is succeeded by his son, Muhammad, which is crowned Muhammad II in August.
  • Newfoundland continues expanding.
  • China expands its San Francisco colony by 3800 sq km.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward, expands Kōshi by 300 km, and expands Sätōri by 250 km. The ship port in Kokkola has been successfully repaired and good as new.
  • Prussia expands her military. The Tirpitz Naval Design Bureau is established, and a larger Man-o'-War is created and begins to be constructed in large numbers (for Prussia.) SudAfrika expands by 500 km sq., along the coast.
  • France continues the industrialization process. Algeria again expands 6900 sq km inward. The new emperor raises the taxes and approves a new law that forces every industrial worker to pay for the days that he plans to take as vacations, or the minutes that he arrives later to work. Ahmet creates a monument in Medinah in honour of his father Djem, and other in Argel, in honour of the first caliph, Suleyman.
  • Haiti builds up its military. Nouvelle-France expands again 4000 sq km. The Russians in Nouvelle Bretagne start to immigrate to the Russian colonies, but many of them choose to stay and work under the command of Beauharnais, who now is the de facto leader of the entire Nouvelle France. Beauharnais and Aleandro are close friends, so they, among Dessalines and the emperor himself start to improve the military education, replacing the militias for a professional army composed with technologies from New Brittany.
  • In his old age, not caring for much anymore, Suleyman hands over power to his sun, Selim. Selim starts a new approach to Macedonia and Rumelia. He brutally represses most forms of free-speech and kills many Rumelians and Macedonians that try revolting. GTA troops have been ordered a many number of time to open fire on cities, and in which case killed many people who had nothing to do with the revolts. Due to the revolts, however, a state has been carved out of Rumelia called Turkish coast, as its name implies, there is a majority of Turks. In Macedonia, it is said there is a death toll of 1/9 of the population, and by most part quelled rebellions in Rumelia (1/3 of which citizens consider themselves Turkish), but it seems to only have fuelled revolts in Macedonia. Turan asks for an alliance with the Prussians.
    • No. If you decide to resist the revolts, we'll have to use the algorithm. And Macedonia is currently in Hungarian and Greek territory. I'll make the algorithm.
    • Prussia Accepts (although, don't we already have an alliance?)
  • The Korean army reaches the Pahang capital, Kuantan. The city is put under siege, and surrenders after three months. The King is forced to sign a treaty that will partition up Pahang as the victorious allies seem fit. They ask how Pahang will be divided up. They propose that it be like this:
    • We didn't win by enough to topple the government this war.
  • Spain withdraws from Morocco, but only manages to keep enough territory to unite its two colonies in a thin strip along the coast. The new colony is renamed New Portugal. The military is replenished and upgraded, and agriculture keeps improving, with the construction of the storehouses being completed. New Madrid (OTL Namibia) expands by 1550 sq km.
  • Sweden sends aid to Bulgaria. They upgrade the Swedish military and the final preparations are made for the crowning of the new Swedish King. Wonderlaand expands 3050 sq km to the west in the South Pacific.
  • Russian armed forces are given more modern material. The Moscow-St Petersburg rail line is complete. Meanwhile, a newer, faster locomotive is developed by Efgeni Lavrov. The Lavrovian Locomotive is used for the first voyage of the Moscow-St Petersburg line. Russian People are feeling that they must aid bulgaria, and a small force is dispatched to help. Same is sent from Lithuania. Russian Royal guards are trained in hand-to-hand combat by Spetsnaz. Alexander goes on the first voyage of the Moscow-St Petersburg line after finishing traveling on he Polspolitovskaya line. The Trans-Pacific line is continued in construciton. a Moscow-Minsk-Brest line is planned to connect beth. Construction expected completion by november 1811


Principia Moderni Map 1805
Principia Moderni Map 1805 Key

The Bulgarians continue to fight, swearing they will regain their independence (at least part of their territory) from Turan no matter how long they must fight. They plead to Greece, Russia, and any other nations to help them regain their freedom from a nation totally unlike them.

  • Naples ends the war with Pahang, giving Persia Singapore and Vietnam the Thai parts of Pahang. They use the remainder of the territory ceded to them from the war to make a small colony which is called Neapolitan Pahang. Meanwhile, the industry continues to grow, to the extent that Naples now can send supplies to help Bulgaria. They urge their dynastic union states of Hungary and Greece to at least send supplies to Bulgaria to help them. Meanwhile, Israel supports the rebellion openly, due to anti-Muslim sentiment being very high there.
    • And Korea? :)
    • Korea never specified if they wanted any specific piece of territory, while Vietnam and Persia did. The next war (which will be in a while) then Korea can get some land. Or they can make a colony.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony to the northeast by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese, weary from the almost constant warring, have decided to put an end to military endevors for the forseeable future. The Vietnamese annex their territorial gains from the war in Pahang, and withdraw their soldiers from Pahang's remaining territory. The war weariness doesn't prevent the Vietnamese from sending arms and other supplies to the Bulgarians, as they are disgusted at the actions of Turan's mad dog of a Sultan. The Vietnamese plan on making the services of experienced Vietnamese sathu available to the Bulgarians.
  • Ricasolia has a huge surplus this year of crops, so they ship some to Bulgaria, due to their dislike of imperialists and the fact that they see Bulgaria as a place to weaken a weak empire.
  • In Neue Brandenburg, the King decides to offer Sweden and the United Pricipalities military alliances, as allies of Prussia. Immigration continues, and the Neue Brandenburg armed forces are expanded, with male commoner immigrants often drafted into the army or navy. Expansion continues by another 2000 sq km, and their are accusations of genocide by several nobles against the natives. Meanwhile, a number of English (most of whom already lived in Germany), join the immigrants, and are welcomed at court.
  • Persia celebrates its victory against Pahang and their gaining of Singapore. Industrialization and modernization continues, as Persia researches steam engines and railrdoas. New Tehran expands by 75x25 sq. mi. to the east and begins to take control over the Eastern Mediterranean. They declare an end of conquest for a period of time, though they will support Bulgarian rebels.
  • China expands its military, upgrading the navy with more ships powered by steam.
  • Nippon continues to expand her Satotochi colony, this year it expands by 1250 sq km. This is thanks to "The Nipponese Plantation Company" being set up by the Yamauchi clan, clan of the Daimyo of Kōchi Prefecture. The Yamauchi clan also have talks with the Nishio Clan and the Shimazu clan about plantations in Satotochi. These talks form a deal in which the Nipponese Plantation Company can only grow limited quantities of sugar and tropical fruits in Satotochi, but is free to grow what ever else it likes in large quantities. The scale of mining operations in Karafuto and Kamochatoka also increase too, and more metals enter the Nipponese market, fuelling the creation of industrial machines and steel frame buildings.
  • Prussia continues to expand her military. A border conflict with Brandenburg occurs when some of the troops stationed on that end in contact with Brandenburgian troops patrolling in the thick wilderness inside of Prussia. Perhaps it was an accident, but a firefight breaks out never the less. Prussia demands reconcilliation, but none is given. Prussia begins to mobilize and put troops on the border. Prussia also contacts Sweden, France, Neue Brandenburg, Nippon, and Turan and asks for assistance against Brandenburg, which it plans on attacking next year. SudAfrika expands by 500 sq km, and Argentinien begins to see lucrative profits from its trade with the natives.
    • Nippon sends military aid to Prussia to help with the Brandenburg problem.
  • Just came back from the war of Pahang, the French army is sent again to another foreign war, this time in Brandenburg. The Emperor Robert commands all the troops to be ready for the next year. He also raises the taxes and takes some of the products from the poplaion to finance his expansionism. Robert is worried about the possibility of getting the disapproval of the noble and burgeois class, so he enables them to keep the former tax system, and only takes a part of the wages of the common workers. Both soldiers and common plebeians are starting to complain about the Emperor. Talleyrand himself has been exiled from France and forced to fled to Russia, where he asks the tsar to negotiate with his cousin, make him recover the reason. Algeria expands 6900 sq km.
    • The UAA supports French troops in Brandenburg, due to the UAA's alliance with France.
  • The Emperor of Haiti thinks it's about time to Isloque to get into the alliance. Murat spends some time with his four year old son, Achille, but he knows he musr go to war again in a couple of months, so he decide to let him stay with Aleandro. Beauharnais expands 4000 sq km the colony of Nouvelle France, now declared a full province of the empire, among Haiti and Nouvelle Bretagne. He asks Vietnam to buy its part of the island.
  • The Triple Alliance becomes the Caribbean Classist Alliance. Itsaygahi's Provinces are reorganised in anticipation of their first truly democratic election next year. A new flag is commissioned, and is based on a combination of traditional Itsaygahan symbology, and Cymbrian and Haitian elements. Much of the war damage has been repaired. Noovelongahi resumes expansion.

    new itsaygahan provinces

  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward, expands Kōshi by 300 km, and expands Sätōri by 250 km. A Finn musician decides to make some classical music (sounding similar to OTL Mozart's), and becomes popular in parts of Finland.
  • A Machine similar to the cotton Gin is invented in the UAA. It revolutionizes the cotton industry, by 50+ times as much cotton as previously produced. As the United African Allies' economy starts to develope, investors scramble to buy primitive bonds from cotton companies. Historians will later refer to this year as 'the beginning of the Cotton Bubble'.
  • Hungary updates its military, along with Greece. Meanwhile, Hungary starts to send supplies to the Bulgarians, in part due to Naples' request. Meanwhile, the experiments with steam-powered ships start again, with the objective of creating a steam-powered ship that can travel at least, the distance between Preveza and Canariae Insulae, though the only designed model up to date consists of putting a steam engine on a wooden ship like the one that are already used. The infrastructure in Achinet is upgraded, and the industry grows in Hungary. Magyar Dél-Amerikabán expands 8250 sq km towards the littoral on one part of the colony.
  • Newfoundland continues expanding.
  • Sweden crowns their new emperor in a huge ceremony. Thousands of people flock to Stockholm to watch the parade. Emperor Wilhelm the first from Eastern Flanders was selected out of almost 100 nobles in a series of elections which saw several assassinations, eliminations and resignations. The new Emperor immediately launches a campaign to unite Northern Germany and contacts Prussia, promising them Eastern Germany if they help. Swedish troops from Morocco are sent to Brandenburg. In a bid to unite Flanders with Sweden the Emperor annexes the nation. The Swedish military is expanded. Sweden blockades Hannover and threatens to invade if the small state does not join Sweden. Fjordlaand undergoes a period of expansion and expeditions go over the mountains into the Amazon and Pampas. Asgard expands 15250 sq km in a thin line as the railway endeavours to meet Thorlaand's.
    • Collapsing the government and taking over with no algorithm is a bit much. This is what I feared from the beginning and why I was initially doubtful about splitting Anglo-Germany: that the whole thing would just turn into one big power grab for Sweden.
    • I only want Hannover so that I can connect Sweden with Flanders. I see no other major Swedish expansion into Germany in the near future.
    • Really, it's less of the expansion itself that bothers me but more of the randomness. I spent decades of time donating money to the Catholic church before vassalizing the Papal states, there had been an entire protestant reformation that got me Siena and Florence, I spent several years pumping propaganda into Lombardy, a nation which had just suffered a defeat in a war and would be very afraid, before vassalizing it. This expansion just seems random.
  • Spain upgrades its military and agriculture. Plans are made for another Moroccan invasion in 1815, and to this end, messengers are sent to Vietnam and Naples asking for assistance, inreturn for divisions of Morocco. (there is a map of proposed divisions on the talk page)
  • The Russian Tsar happily takes all French fleeing from his cousin's tyranny chaos. Alexander attempts to contact Robert, but to no avail as (presumably) the Banishment is still in play as Robert fears for his power. Talleyrand becomes a privy councilor for the tsar and put into the reformation comitte. Building continues on various reailroads, as the army's defences are strengthened. The OVVR (Organizatsiya Vneshney i Vnutriney Razvedki-Organization for inner and foreign espionage) is revived, and agents are sent to France to report on the conditions, and perhaps stir anti-Robertian sentiment amongst the people. People in Novorossiya become restless, and demand more rights, and a more socialist system. Socialism sperads, and more and more people start arguing for the abolition of child labor.
  • Selim boost the economic activity in the Turkish Vilayet of GTA.


  • Naples improves their economy, continuing to industrialize as more factories are made. They rebuild the conquered parts of Pahang, hoping that the Pahangese will be too devastated by war to revolt. Istoias is expanded by 2500 sq km.
  • The Turkish Vilayet of GTA expands its new colony in Greenland. Also, there are several problems with the map: someone reverted GTA back to Turan, the new colony in Greenland isn't displayed, and Bulgaria isn't being shown as a part of the GTA which it still de facto and de jure is, according to the algorithm.
    • True, Bulgaria probably should be portrayed as the light green color while the revolt is occuring and not be made grey until after. However, by the algorithm they won, they will get half of the Bulgarian territory on their own, and then they'll get the rest too as long as Half of Bulgaria is less than or equal to 16.5% of all of Turan plus half of Bulgaria.
    • Oh, I almost forgot. Turkish Vilayey of the GTA sends military aid with the troops that aren't fighting in Bulgaria. They also ask Prussia to aid the war in Bulgaria.
    • Prussia will have to decline since it just entered a war against a larger nation this year. If the rebellion is still going on after the war is over, then Prussia will help.
    • Woaw, I just realised something. This whole Bulgarian revolt makes no sense, Bulgaria isn't a country, it split into Macedonia and Rumelia. Therefore, there should be two completely different algorithms, one for Macedonia, one for Rumelia. There is no Bulgarian government, and since there is a Bulgarian revolt, they'd have to revolt in each country. Due to that, they aren't a part of Turan, but as a part of the GTA.
    • The Bulgarian people are revolting against the two Turkish puppet states. It's one revolt. Furthermore, your entire setup is messed up, as the territory you have as Macedonia is Bulgaria, the Macedonians live further to the east. There's going to be one algorithm as it is one revolt. You're lucky we're just not undoing your implausible territorial gains and making it a revolt so you had a chance to keep some territory. One revolt, that is what's going on.
    • I know where Macedonia is, OTL Macedonia borders ATL Macedonia. Anyhow, saying that it is one revolt is like saying the Arab Spring is one revolt. It is not, there are many revolts with a common purpose, many times helping each other, however, they are happening in different countries, and the results of each revolution is dependant on the local government's strength, not the revolutions happening across the Arab League. E.g. Revolts in Syria will not join together with revolts in Jordan, they are two different revolts with a common purpose. Furthermore, if they are revolting against their own governments, Turan has nothing to do with this. They revolt against Macedonia and Rumelia, not Turan. And calling them puppets wouldn't be completely accurate, seeing that they may at a specific point (GTA constitution) have as much power in the GTA as Turan.
    • They are a single force fighting against the Turan-controlled government. One army, one revolt. They are going against the GTA itself, and Turan is the best example. We are using one revolt algorithm for this fight because it is one revolt.
    • The government isn't Turan controlled. The GTA constitution strictly says that every member nation has the right to perform all duties of autonomy. Moreover, ICR is also apart of the GTA, Turan's vote is a minority in congress... They aren't fighting a Turan-controlled government, rather a member governments of the GTA. Turan has no control what-so-ever upon Rumelia and Macedonia. The governments are, in fact, pro-Turkish, but by no means pro-Turan.
    • Well, then how do I handle the algorithm? They are revolting against the GTA itself, one revolt against the GTA. The sides are Bulgarian vs. GTA.
  • In Nippon the Satsuma Corporation buys out a rival fishing fleet in Kagoshima, and gives Satsuma Corp. the largest fishing fleet in Kagoshima. The Nishio sugar company expand their sugar refinery in Tadanao city, and buy a steam powered ship from a Chinese ship-builders to quickly ship the refined sugar from Satotochi to the Nipponese home islands. The Nipponese Plantation Company also does trade with Neue Brandenburg plantation owners to get coffee and cocoa seeds, which the Nipponese Plantation Company uses to set up coffee and cocoa plantations. Nippon offer Neue Brandenburg a formal trade deal too. All this economic activity in Satotochi causes the colony to expand by 1250 sq km.
  • Newfoundland continues expanding.
  • Hungary continues to update its military, and Greece does the same. More factories are built in other places of both Hungary and Greece. Uruguay expands 8250 sq km west inland.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony to the northeast by 76*50 sq km.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward, expands Kōshi by 300 km, and expands Sätōri by 250 km.
  • Algeria expands 6900 sq km. The Emperor raises the taxes again to have some extra money this year. Maximilien Robespierre becomes the new Chancellor of France, creating a new jutice code, in which the msot of the crime are punished with death, torture of banishment. The Emperor is too bussy in the war metters to continue the industrialization or even the civil proyects. In Russia, Talleyrand asks Alexander to do nothing until the weakest moment of his cousin's reign.
  • Haiti is growing up, and Nouvelle France again expands 4000 sq km. The Emperor François is really sick, and he can't rule the Empire himself. He proclaims Dessalines as Captain Regent of the Empire. Beauharnais travels to St. Petersburg to ask personally a trade alliance between Haiti and Russia.
    • Trade alliance accepted with Russia.
  • China offers to buy Kazachstan from Russia in return for 50 steam-powered ships and China's Incan colony.
  • Persia's industrialization and modernization continues, as Persia researches steam engines and railrdoas. New Tehran expands by 75x25 sq. mi. to the east and begins to take control over the Eastern Mediterranean. It continues to support the Bulgarians. They ask the Haitians for an alliance and trade agreements. It asks Russia to buy Kazakhstan for 50 million rubles.
  • Sweden continues threatening the Hannoverians and bribes several lords. Hannover starts succumbing to the pressure, Meanwhile, a Danish fleet establishes Swedish control over South-East Greenland. Sweden offers to help Turan only if they had over the colony in Greenland. Sweden's economy expands significantly as nobles sponsor the expeditions, releasing thousands of kronars into the economy. The railway finally reaches Bergen and another is planned to link Brussels to Aarus via Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Hamburg and Kiel. Sweden proposes to link Helsinki to the main Swedish network. Thorlaand expands 15250 sq km in a thin strip to Asgard.
    • Naples sends words encouraging Sweden not to go to war over some place like Greenland.
  • Neue Brandenburg gives its full support to Prussia in an attempted conquest of their former mother country. Although the army is relatively small, several thousand men are sent as an expeditionary force to Europe and are placed at Prussia's control. Meanwhile, at English immigrants (who now are a large percentage of newcomers) behest, he makes English and German the two official languages of Neue Brandenburg. The country expands inland by 3000 sq km.
  • Alexander sends more OVVR to help people sentenced to death in France escape to Russia before their execution. this casues more hope in the populace that somebody is looking after them. RUssian Army is in tears as renound Generalissimo Suvorov, reinstated in rank by Alexandr dies. his funeral is held in St Petersburg. many attend. Meanwhile, OVVR work to worsen public opinion about Robert in France. Russian Emperor Alexander is Very much interested in why so many nations have taken interest in Kazakhstan. Meanwhile, the king of Poland dies, and makes his daughter, Elena queen, just to have her die of smallpox before her offical coronation as Duchess of Warsaw, leaving the full control of Poland-Lithuania to the Russian Monarch. Alexander decides to put a Hussite as viceroy of Warsaw as it would be better to the local populaiton to have a Hussite rather than a Russian Orthodox person in de jure charge. Military is built up as preparing possible conflict with France continues.
    • Can Russia just confirm/deny if Karahkstan will ever be sold or not? I'm sort of tired of RWG constantly asking, but you never give him a good yes or no answer.
    • China also recently asked the same question -RWG
    • It probably won't be sold...but will I get any benefits if I accept 50 million rubles? or the 50 steam trains? what sort of IN-Game Benefits will I get from Selling Kazakhstan? Bonus to stability or what?
    • China said they would give you the Chinese South American territory. As for the money: I don't know, when I tried to raise an in-game statistical bonus people said it would be too hard to do. So maybe you should do something that doesn't affect you in-game (like say all the money helps you rebuild Moscow to be much larger and nicer)
    • You'd be getting fabulous beachfront property (Chinese South America) and 50 steam powered ships at the minimum. We can also help you fix up Moscow a bit and give you money (name a price).
    • The Moscow thing was just a random example I made up
    • Can you give it to me? I promise 50 million rubles. I'll promise Russia can access Persia's ports.
    • RWG, I was trying to buy territory, not start an auction.
  • Prussia: The Hakushaku, after a few years of building up his military, stands in front of his troops and gives a speech about how it is time for Prussia to take her place in the sun, and in order to do so, Prussia must expand its borders at the expense of Brandenburg. With the support of her allies and her newly reorganized and expanded army, Prussia invades Brandenburg, and sends her fleet to begin to cut off their ports. (I'm not going to say what territory I've taken and the likes, as I'm going to leave that up to the algorithm. I'm going to push towards Berlin, and will take territory that makes sense, and whatever of course is aesthetic, at the end of the campaign.)


The part of the Swahili lands in civil disarray by the Vietnamese colony has been in civil disarray for so long it collapses back down to an undeveloped tribal area (AKA black on the map). Meanwhile, the states on Timbuktu and Gao expand.

  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward, expands Kōshi by 300 km, and expands Sätōri by 250 km. Some more Shinto Shrines are built in the colonies as well.
  • Nippon's colony of Satotochi expands by 1250 sq km, but other Nipponese clans wish to partake in the colonial activities like the Nishio clan, Shimazu clan, and the Yamauchi clan. However seeing how limited land on Luzon island is becoming, the other Nipponese clans decide to set up a new colony. The Inaba clan lead this colonial expansion by forming the colony of Atarashii Nippon (New Japan) around OTL Rabaul, Papa New Guinea. The Inaba clan's current head, Inaba Masanobu founds Port Rabau is founded as the capital of Atarashii Nippon, and the Inaba clan form the Rarapon Corporation which takes ownership of the main fishing fleet in Port Rabau, and the plantations around Port Rabau. The initial size of Atarashii Nippon being 100 sq km.
  • Itsaygahi's new government is made up of Madocites,extreme Classists, and Riballiyans, moderate reformers named after the revolutionary who toppled the Itsaygahan monarchy. The leader of the Riballiyans is Owanafa, while the leader of the Madocites is the young Ehkanankhne von Hitzen. The son of migrants from Germany escaping the bloody civil war that destroyed the AGC, he fervently believed in the new Republic and set about utterly destroying the last shreds of aristocracy. He incited riots in cities, which lead to aristocrats being taken from their houses and drowned. Though nominally citizens of the Republic, equal politicially to any other Itsaygahan, von Hitzen saw them as a potential fifth column against the new Republic. Owanafa condemns von Hitzen's methods.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony to the northeast by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese begin expanding industrial development from the semi-mechanized arms workshops. The Vietnamese begin diverting more funds towards national economic development. One popular target of these funds is the Vietnamese Irish colony, which has not seen much economic development.
  • Naples continues to recover from the war with Pahang, rebuilding Pahang and using increased revenue from industrialization to replenish the Neapolitan coffers. Tuscany and Lombardy begin sending supplies to help the Bulgarian rebellion against the GTA, although only Israel sends actual military aid. More and more factories are being built in Naples. Istoias is expanded by 2500 sq km.
  • Ricasolia continues to send supplies to help the Bulgarians. Ricasolia by now has expanded to cover the entire island of Cuba.
  • Newfoundland continues expanding.
  • Hungary's industry continues to grow.the first prototype of the project of a steam-powered ship is finished in January, and set to tests (navigate from Ragusa to Tunis) in February. The ship arrives in Tunis, but the engines pratically weren't used at all, and after the ship comes back to Ragusa, it starts to be redesigned again.Uruguay expands 10500 sq km inland.
  • As Prussia continues to push into Brandenburg, the army with its allies does surprisingly well. However, at one smaller engangement, the Prussian Army is defeated due to the rigidity of its rank structure. As a result, the Army's rank structure is further modernized and slightly decentralized. Prussia continues its war with Brandenburg. Prussia also sends as many supplies as it can spare to the GTA.
  • Turan starts to encourage Siberian Ukrainian nationalism.
    • There is no Siberian nation, the native Siberian groups (some Turkic, some Mongolic, some Tunguscic) have no real thing to unify over, they are about as related to each other as they are to the Slavs.
    • All of the groups you mentioned don't have relations with the slavs. They are Atlaic... There is no Siberian Nation, as yet, but that is what Turkish propaganda is for.
    • There is no way to "create" a nation like that. If you start to spread an ideal of "nationalism". If the Siberians are not a nation you can't convince them to form one. A nation, and ethnic identity is formed with the time, the emigration, the common history, you can't create one with the facility of make two doss procreate and get a "new race".
    • That's the word, identity. There is no pan-Siberian identity. The Altaic bonds are as about strong as the Indo-European bond between northern India and Sweden-AKA non-existent. There's no single religious bond either, you have Tengriism and other shamanist beliefs, Islam, Buddhism, maybe even some Daoism along the Chinese border. I can see the creation of a pan-Mongol or pan-Turkish identity. I cannot see a pan-Altaic one.
    • Quite the contrary, you can convince someone to form a nation, you just have to get them angry... E.g. There was no "American Nation", it was just a colony of Britain, the people got angry and revolted for a new nation.
    • Even then, being generous I could maybe give them a population of 100 000, compared to the Russian population of 100 million, I don't think it would work, and don't bring up America as an example because America was across the ocean and Siberia is bordering Russia, so any identity wouldn't make any difference anyway.
    • Saamwiil, you don't understand by what I mean by nation. Nations aren't always states, nation is a collective identity. The American colonists practiced the same religion (slightly different denominations though), spoke the same language, came from the same area, and would all identify as a British-American Colonist. There is no such identification, no unifying factors in the Siberias. I am not going to make a moderator event to make some Siberian Khanate revolt against Russia. You can encourage nationalist movements in some specific area, like Evenkia, Manchuria, north Mongolia, the Turkic areas, Ukraine, etc., but any attempts to make a pan-Siberian nationalism will fail.
  • Persia's industry and modernization continue to grow. New Tehran expands 75x25 sq. mi. west. Control of the Eastern Amazon region increases. It continues to support the Bulgarians.
  • Algeria expands 6900 sq km. The Emperor is thinking about declare war on Russia, to finally get his condemned to death and kill them. While the army was still pushing into Branburg, helping Prussia, the king Edward of the United Principalities dies during a siege. The council of princes elects the Emperor Robert himself as King. By now Ahmet hasn't disapproved the government of Robert, but now he wants to control directly the meccan colonies, raise the taxes in the Caliphate and even establish a tax on the Hajj. Joachim Murat finally gorges on the monarch and leads the Order of Saint Robert to Paris, where he attempts to kill the Emperor. He fails at first, being expelled from the city, where he occupies a town in the outskirts of the city. Robespierre sees that the Emperor is npopular and if he is not overthrown now, he will be, and Robespierre must be in the correct side. He betrays the Emperor, letting the Order of St. Robert enter in the city. Murat executes the Emperor after a quick judgment, based in ask every member in the Parliament if he considers the Emperor innocent or guilty. Robespierre commands his men to kill the children of the Emperor, a three year old girl and a two year old boy, respectively, Josephine and Pierre. In Paris, a new office is formed, the Triumvirate of Interim Government, formed by Murat, Robespierre and Ahmet. They decide to continue supporting the Prussian war on Brandenburg. Ahmet asks Talleyrand to join the Triumvirate in his place, but he refuses.
  • Haiti is still working in its industrialization. The Captain Regent accepts the Persian offer of a trade pact, asking also an alliance with the Shah. Nouvelle France expands 4000 sq km.
  • Spain continues upgrading its military. The Lisbon-Barcelona railway is well on the way to completion, with completion expected in 1810. Agriculture continues improving. New Spain sends ships to seize the former ACG colony (OTL Perth), and takes the colony within a year, renaming it "New Lisbon". New Madrid expands by 1550 Sq Km.
  • Moldova joins Wallachia.
    • lolno, nations just don't give up their sovereignty like that. You can, if you wish, have your king or queen marry the king or queen of Moldovia, so it's in dynastic union, or you can conquer them in a war or something
  • Sweden expands farther across Greenland. The Saami Lord dies in Iceland leading to a huge amount of mourning in both Saami lands and Sweden proper. The Swedish military is expanded as Thorlaand expands 15250 sq km as the railway progresses. Sweden demands the Turan colony is Greenland or else Sweden and her vassals will support Bulgaria. Should Turan hand over the colony Sweden will support Turan. Sweden sends more troops to Brandenburg and continues the blockade of Hannover. The Hannoverian government is close to total collapse.
    • Israel, by order of the Pope himself, sends gifts of gold to the Swedish to encourage them to not aid Turan. The Pope sends word to the Swedish leaders that he doesn't require anyone to go to war with Turan, this isn't a Crusade, but he would be displeased if aid was sent to Turan from any Christian nation.
  • Russian Emperor Alexander, hearing of the Murder of his cousin is saddended and relieved a the same time. For the first time, Alexander Travels to France. While there he claims the French throne as its rightful heir. He is a bit angry that Anyone would kill young infants of two and three years of age, and denounces straight out the bloody ways of Robespierre, since Pugachev was the only execution in Russia since the beginning of Elizabeth's Rule. Alexander, upon the consultation of Talleyrand readies himself and starts organizing a coronation ceremony and a plan to bring the Muscovian Patriarch to Paris for the ceremony. Alexander, however tells nothing of these plans to anyone else. Upon his visit to Paris he passes into his old manor where he lived when he was only but the Privy councilor to August. Alexander Conducts more reforms and Afrikanskaya Zemlya expands by 15,000 sq km north. Socialism Spreads amongst some very considerate Russian writers. Many of the future prodigees of Russian literature start going to the Schools in Petrograd, including the Imperial academy, where the Imperial family is now being schooled. At the end of his visit, Alexander officialy declares himself to be Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias, Emperor of France, High Tsar of The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Tsar of Burgundy. Railways continue construction.


Brunei collapses into civil disarray.

  • Naples continues to improve their economy with the funds from the colony of Tamilia. They have now recovered from the Pahangese war, but their colony there is still being rebuilt. Supplies continue to pour into Bulgaria from Naples and its colonies, with the Pope declaring that no Christian nation should help Turan oppress and convert the Bulgarians. He sends special word to Sweden.
  • King of Wallachia marries Queen of Moldavia to join the two countries together.
    • Naples is glad that Eastern Europe is getting more unified, as that will help them aid the Bulgarians better.
    • Sweden sends two fine otter fur cloaks to the king of Wallachia in the hope that the two nations can co-operate and prosper through the years.
    • The Vietnamese recognize the new Wallachian government, and offer the traditonal Vietnamese gift of a set of crown jewels and a throne to Wallachian King Vlad I.
    • Wallachia greatly appreciates the Vietnamese gift and would like in return offer a Wallachian gift of a treasured tapestry.
      • The Vietnamese are delighted and honored by the Wallachian gift. The Vietnamese Empress thanks the Wallachians by placing the priceless tapestry in a place of honor in the throne room of the Vietnamese Imperial Palace.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony to the northeast by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese, seeing an opportunity to weaken Russia, also quietly sends funds and supplies to Ukrainian nationalist groups. The Vietnamese continue to work on improving the Vietnamese economy. The first major East Asian cathedral is opened in Belfast. It has to be placed under guard for a while after it is nearly destroyed by an attack by a group of outraged Irish Catholics. The local Catholics respond by building the first Celtic church cathedral in Dublin. The newly founded Celtic Catholic Church, or Celtic Church as it's more commonly called, spreads like wildfire through Ireland and Scotland.
    • The Pope urges the Irish not to resort to violence, but he tells them to not attend the Vietnamese Church. His influence in Ireland is not as strong anymore though, so it will be less effective.
    • The Vietnamese respond by stating that most Irish Catholics have already deserted Rome for the Celtic Church, a local Catholic sect along the lines of the Eastern Orthodox church.
  • Ricasolia improves its economy.
  • Selim II gets into power. Turan spends meticulous time in telling the Ukrainian Nationalist that they MUST become independent. In addition, Turan spends around half of its treasury convincing Crimean (a subdivision of Ukraine) that unification with the GTA is inevitable.
    • You know, if you have given up on controlling Bulgaria, you can end the war early if you give them all of the territory they want now, so that your stability will be higher and you will have more influence over Ukraine (the Crimean Khanate descendants would be much more pan-Turkic sympathetic than the Bulgarians
    • Turan ends the war, but asks Bulgaria for a small section in the South East of Bulgaria, which would pay taxes to Bulgaria.
    • The Bulgarians agree to end the war, with them getting all of Turkish "Macedonia" and the

      Here is the new map

      northwest, northeast, and southwest portions of Turkish Rumelia, with Turkey getting a small part of the Southeast.
  • Persia's industry and modernization continue to grow. The military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. New Tehran expands 75x25 sq. mi. west. Control of the Eastern Amazon region increases. Concerned about disorder in Brunei, they ask the royal family's daughter from the country to marry Persia's king.
    • I'm going to have to rule that Brunei would count as a puppet state, as it nowhere near borders Persia enough to be full-on dynastic union. Several turns should be devoted to restoring order. Note that Brunei has become part Hindu, part Muslim by now.
  • Neue Brandenburg agrees to the trade deal with Nippon, as well as offering a military alliance. Meanwhile, immigration increases still further into the twin cities of Neue Brandenburg and Wilhelmsburg, meaning that these cities increase still further. However, King Wilhelm must work to fix the roads in the capital, as they are bogged down in the rains in the area. A young immigrant, Johann of Hesse, finds many people observing gleefully natives being paraded in human 'zoos' and is shocked. He will later become the first natives rights activist. Finally, the country expands southwards along the coast by 3000 sq km.
    • Are you sure that you want to expand south? there is a country bordering you, and expand in that direction would mean war with it.
    • Sorry, I didn't realize there was a nation directly south, I thought I still had some more space. I'll keep expanding west, then.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward, expands Kōshi by 300 km, and expands Sätōri by 250 km. Finland also asks for an alliance with Neue Brandenburg.
  • Nipppon accepts Neue Brandenburg's offer of military alliance, and the Nipponese traders in Neue Brandenburg become more active too. Nippon expands her colonies as well, Satotochi by 550 sq km, and Atarashii Nippon 1000 sq km.
  • Von Hitzen secures his hold on power. Surrounding the Body of the Republic Building with his own paramilitaries, the Green Hand, he declares the Riballiyans to be counter-revolutionaries and a threat to the stability of the Republic. The Green Hand publicly drowns Owanafa and his allies in the capital, and the Purges begin. In the capital of each province, a 'Revolutionary Altar' is built. These are essentially a centralisation of provincial authority into one building, but at the same time acts as the centre for Green Hand terrorism. Thousands of 'counter-revolutionaries' have been drowned by the end of the year.
    • The Vietnamese refuse to recognize the Von Hitzen regime, and sever relations between Vietnam and Itsagahi.
    • "Every generation needs a new revolution." I swear Itsagahi has had more tyrants than any other country in this map game.
  • Newfoundland continues expanding. The economy improves.
  • Since the war in Brandenburg is going well due to the help of her allies, Prussia decides this campaign year to not push as hard, in order to wait for the following year's troop numbers to increase. The troops, when not in combat, are drilled relentlessly. There is one offensive push in an attempt to link up with the Swedes, which by December, has succeeded.
  • China expands its military even more.
  • France is in civil disarray. Robespierre is defied by both Ahmet, who just wants to keep his independence from France, and Murat, who insists on accepting the Tsar Alexander as Emperor. The Parliament finally votes to accept the Tsardom, just if France is able to keep its independence and its own ways of government, having the tsar of Russia as Head of State in functions of all the powers and attributions of the monarch. Talleyrand comes back to Paris to be re-proclaimed Prime Minister, while Murat is officially proclaimed Captain Protector and second Head of State (under the tsar and in equal power than Talleyrand) of the French sovereignty and people's will. Robespierre flees to Malouians, where he and his followers proclaim the independent Republic of the Malouinas and Terre de Feu, that jsut includes this two territories, not Patagonië, that is still Franco-Russian. Joachim Murat asks the Emperor to formally sign a new constitution of the French Parliament states and their mutual relationships, that also stipulates the right of the Emperor to have a representative (if not himself) in the Parliament. Talleyrand travels to Wallachia to propose a trade alliance to the new kind and queen. Algeria expands 6900 sq km.
    • Wallachia is interested in the trade alliance, but would like to set a meeting at a half-way point to discuss the idea before any plans are made.
  • In Haiti, the emperor Francis I dies and the Captain Regent, Jean-Jacques Dessalines is elected emperor with the name of John James I of Haiti. He claims the vietnameses Malouinas. Nouvelle France expands 4000 sq km. Eugène de Beauharnais travels to Paris to meet the new Emperor of France and ask him for renew the trade relationships between Haiti and France. Murat suggests him to accept.
  • The industry continues growing. Meanwhile, with approval of the King and the Council of Nobles, plans for building an experimental railway from Zagráb to Buda are brought up, and building is expected to start in 1810. Uruguay expands 10500 sq km inland.
  • The Korean army and navy is amped up, with new ships being added to service. The size of the fleet is now 900 ships, and the army is 1,200,000 men, although most are reserves that are drafted. However, at the core is 400,000 "professional" soldiers whose actual job is soldier. The interior is also improved, with infrastructure being built, such as road networks, hospitals and schools.
  • Russian Tsar Alexander Rides into Paris, where he is crowned by the PAtriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Emperor of France and Tsar (king) of Burgundy. Alexander officially announces Talleyrand as the Prime Minister of France, and for the moment announces the French Parliament as an equal to the Russian Senate. He also announces that Constantine will be the French Viceroy in Alexander's place and that the same constitution project that is going on in Russia will apply to France, Russian Flags are raised in the French Imperial palace. Meanwhile, Railroads continue construction. The Trans-Pacific line is nearly finished. The Tsar Sees the rise of certain Ukrainian groups, and releases counter-propaganda posing the Turks as a government that wants to oppress and convert "Ukrainians" to Islam and force them into slavery, as it is still legal in Turan, many of the movements quiet down drastically as Ukrainian and Russian Identity are practically the same (remember, Ukraininans suffered for 100 years less of Polish-Lithuanian rule, so the culture is less different from Russia's than in OTL), even the Crimea, that was Russian for over 200 years barely resembles its Turik self. The city of Sevastopole is Founded in the Crimea. Russian Alaska expands by 2000 km, as Novorossiya expands by 5000. The Iroquois confederation expands into the Michigan peninsula, admitting a new nation into the Great confederation of now seven nations.
  • Sweden expands its lands in Greenland and also Wonderlaand by 3050 sq km. The Swedish military is improved and a division is sent to Greenland to defend the settlers.
  • Spain expands its military, in preparation for the planned second Moroccan invasion in 1815. Agriculture and economy also improve, and New Madrid expands by 1550 sq km.


The Ukrainian unrest mostly quiets down, now to more of a cultural revival of Ukraine and a revival of the Ukrainian language than a disloyalty to Russia (if Russia attempts to stop the revival, there may be problems). However, the Crimean unrest grows slightly due to the large amounts of propaganda there, although the Russian counter-propaganda has greatly slowed the progress of the Turkish propaganda

  • Wallachia makes steps to begin further trading in other countries in hopes to raise money to support new land gained through last year's marriage.
  • Persia's industry and modernization continue to grow. The military and navy continue expanding and upgrading. New Tehran expands 75x25 sq. mi. west. Control of the Eastern Amazon region increases. They begin to send troops to Brunei to end the disorder.
  • Naples continues to industrialize and expand its economy. The new colony of Pahang is almost totally rebuilt. Meanwhile, in Tamilia, in the "corner" where the former Swedish portion and the Neapolitan part conquered from Bharat meet at a right angle, Naples expands the colony by 1000 sq km in an attempt to round out the border some.
  • Ricasolia improves its military, building a force that can help them remain independent.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony to the northeast by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese continue to fund Ukrainian nationalist groups, as they are advocating the existance of a Ukrainian state free of both Russian and Turkish influence. The Vietnamese are quite disgusted by the overt Russification processes being practiced in the Ukraine. The Vietnamese have never used such tactics, as they have let all minorities practice their culture without fear of consquences.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure and continues industrialisation. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward, expands Kōshi by 300 km, and expands Sätōri by 250 km. Finland also hires some more raiders/pirates to take down some ships that come from that nation that's located on the Maluku Islands. She (Finland) begins planning some more stuff to deal with that nation in the near future but is warned by the Karelians to be extremely careful, and that she (Finland) should not hire another pirate again, as it can come back to bite Finland eventually. The Finns agree to the Karelians warning and decides to not hire another pirate/raider after this.
  • Neue Brandenburg continues expansion westward into the amazon, by another 3000 sq km, as King Wilhelm hopes to make Neue Brandenburg a nation of a respectable size within the next few decades. The king accepts the alliance of Finland and also adds an offer to both Finland and Nippon: in return for favorable trade arrangements in goods available in the Amazon, in return for help in developing the Neue Brandenburg military. (I would extend the offer to Prussia but they already have a colony in the Amazon). Meanwhile, clearing land for agriculture continues apace. Finally, the construction of a road system continues.
    • Finland agrees to help Neue Brandenburg develop their military.
    • Nippon agrees, too.
  • Newfoundland continues expanding. Meanwhile, in Szent András, a steam engine inspired by Greek older steam engine models is built, although no practical use is found for it at first.
  • Hungary's economy improves. Meanwhile, the newer model of steam-powered ship is finished. It is tested weeks later, this time, from Ragusa to Canariae Insulae. The test is considered successful, as the engine was effectively used, although it was used on a limited time. Uruguay expands 10,500 sq km inland.
  • China expands its military and naval power. It again offers to buy Kazakhstan, but it states that the deal will close after 1810.
  • Nippon expands her colonies as well, Satotochi by 550 sq km, and Atarashii Nippon 1000 sq km. The Shogun also announces the start of the construction of the Edo Imperial Naval Shipyard, where the latest steamships of the Imperial Nipponese Navy shall be constructed in the future.
  • Yuran continues in propaganda stream but invests even more money into it.
  • Korea continues to improve its interior, and attempts to modernize Seoul. As more and more people flood into cities from the surrounding lands, the ratio of urban to rural dwellers is now 30:70. Korea hopes to modernize their nation.
  • Spain further expands its military, in preparation for the planned second Moroccan invasion in 1815. Agriculture and economy also improve. New Madrid expands by 1550 sq km. The king sends out messengers to Naples and Vietnam, asking whether they wish to paticipate in the Moroccan invasion. (I'm going to attack even if you don't assist, but any help would be appreciated.) Here is a map of proposed divisions:
    Morocco Division

    Green-Spanish, Purple-Vietnam, Brown-Hungary-Naples

    • Naples and all vassals but Israel will send supplies to help in the war.
  • Russian ministers continue to work on the Constitution. Meanwhile, in France, Taxes are lowered to the Russian Standard; meanwhile, more money is invested into the military and defenses. In Little Russia (Ukraine), Turks are being seen more and more hostile and are more distrusted as time progresses. Many people are distrustful of the Vietnamese due to their past Russophobe actions. More people are starting to advocate the use of Ukrainian languages, and some even say that it must become co-official. The Russian Emperor disapproves, stating that the Language of the majority of the Russian Empire is Great Russian, and a small minority should not have their language officially used in documents. People in Brandenburg flee and settle in the Volga region, so do the French. Islamophobia Spreads throughout the region now known as Ukraine. More work is put into The Rail networks as a final addition to the Polspolitovskaya line; the Minsk-Kiev-Moscow Segment enters construction. Alexander, with his more liberal policies, in universities allows the teaching of the Malorussian Language as long as the Russian Language, the official language of the Empire is also taught at an equal or greater level (this is one of the main differences with Ukraine and Russia, culture - not that different, not at all, and Russian has borrowed from Ukrainian as Ukrainian has borrowed from Russian, All three East Slavic Cultures are practically Identical, in every way, and there have not been restrictions of their practices in the past. The only thing is language and heritage from the first Cossacks that then moved across Russia. There are minor differences but not enough for them to start revolting, especially in this TL because Russia and Ukraine have more similarities because of 100 years less of Polish Rule, it's more the Avid Russification in the later years of the 19th century that caused unrest and hatred, avid oppression of all other languages that accompanied the last Tsars). Industrialization spreads. In the Senate, the first law is proposed making the minimum age for a child worker to be eight years old. This law is quickly passes as less of the Senators are factory owners, but more are Aristocrats that have no child servants really under that age. Many factory owners are Unhappy, but there is nothing that they can do, and form a secret society, the perpetual effort society, to counter the effects of socialism. A certain Scot that was settled in Russia writes a book detailing OTL Economic Liberalism. Socialists admire certain aspects of this theory. Novorossiya expands by 15,000 km.
  • Prussia begins equipping her soldiers with a new invention, percussion cap rifles. The Offensive resumes the following this year, and Prussia and her allies push hard onto Berlin. By December, it is taken, and Prussia offers terms of peace to Brandenburg.
  • Hanover finally collapses to the Swedes. More expansion occurs in Greenland and the coast of Hannover is annexed. The rest of Hannover remains a vassal of Sweden. Wonderlaand expands by 3050 sq km. The Swedish military is expanded.
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