Cygnian federal election, 1804
Flag of Cygnia.svg
All 82 seats in the House of Representatives
42 required for a majority
1800 ←
1 December 1804 → 1808
Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey by Sir Thomas Lawrence copy.jpg Lord Castlereagh Marquess of Londonderry.jpg
Leader Charles Grey Robert Stewart
Party Federalist Tory
Leader's seat Flinders Leeuwin
Seats before 48 34
Seats after 43 39

The Cygnian federal election of 1804 was held in Cygnia on Saturday, 1 December 1804, to elect members of the 4th Cygnian Congress' House of Representatives. Following incumbent Chancellor's Frederick Northam's announcement that he would not seek a fourth term, the election of 1804 is considered to be the first competitive federal election in Cygnian history. The Federalists under former Vice Chancellor Charles Grey remained in power, albeit with a reduced majority.

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