• Battle of Trafalgar occurs on October 21, resulting in the defeat of the British fleet under the command of Horatio Nelson.
  • A continental blockade is se tup around the Greater Isles, with an vast spy network spread across the British Empire and assassinations of nobles and officials begin, as well as the sabotage of equipment begins.
  • Russo-Austrian forces are defeated at the Battle of Austerlitz on December 2, 1805, and leads to the signing of the Peace of Pressburg on December 4.




  • French forces occupy the Papal States, and forcefully annexes the country, along with the remainder of the Italian Peninsula.
  • The Peninsular War begins after Duke of Wellington attempts to dethrone Napoleon's brother, but is defeated by Napoleon when he kills Wellington outside of Madrid.



  • West and East Florida is annexed by the United States, and becomes an state in the Union.
  • Chile becomes an National Junta, followed by Venezuela and Argentina, after the Peninsular War and fear of annexation by France.



  • Russo-Turkish War begins, after the Ottoman Empire opened fire on an Russian fleet in the Black Sea.
    • Battle of Constantinople occurs on May 17, 1812 but dosn't end until May 21, and is occupied by France until the formation of Turkey in 1815.
    • Battle of the Black Sea occurs on May 19, 1812 after the Russian and Turkish navies engage each other in the Black Sea.
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