In 1776, the American Resistance Movement is violently put down by British regulars. The Continental Congress is summarily executed, and dreams of American Independence falter for almost 40 years. Then, in 1811, a new group of revolutionaries assemble, determined to topple British Rule. They are successful, and the United States of America is born. The colonial powers in the region, however, have succeeded at getting a much more secure foothold in the Americas, and the prospect of freedom is again threatened by the powers that be in Europe in the "present day" of 1936.

USA States independant

North America in 1936


North America

United States of America
Mexican Empire
The Republic of Florida (French Commonwealth)
Florida Territory (French)
Native American Republics
Western Canadia

South America

South America


Greater Britain
French Commonwealth
Greater Germany
Italian Empire
Austria-Hungarian Empire




August 2- Washington and Continental Congress caught signing Declaration of Independence by British regulars. They are executed two days later.


September 6th- 23 Stars Over Trenton Massacre occurs


April 2nd- George III orders blockade around American ports.

April 3rd- December 4th- Riots break out in major Northern cities.

May 25th- French forces move into Georgia.

December 5-8th- General William Howe withdraws all British forces in the American Colonies to Quebec.


January 31st- France is sold the remainder of South Carolina for 150,000 Francs


August 24th- Mexican Empire recognized by Spain


June 7th- First Russo-Mexican War begins


January 12- Armistice signed between CCCP and Mexican Empire, border reconsolidated

January 14- Native American Republics Independence Day

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