The Uprising

In 1816, a rebel group of slaves known as "The Fugitives" attacked plantation after plantation. They eventually amassed an army of 2000 Fugitive warriors. They established an arms factory, where they produced muzzle loading rifles. They also began breeding and stealing horses. Many white abolitionists entered their rants. They gained valuable supplies. They did not wear uniforms, they used hit and run tactics. About 3/4th of the men were mounted, the remaining infantry was used as baits to drive armies into traps.

The Defeat of Jacob Brown's Army

Jacob Brown led an army of 2000 cavalry, 4000 regular infantry, and 2000 militia. They were to defeat the rebels and return home. 500 Fugitive infantry lured them with a fake retreat, and then the Infantry and Cavalry charged. They were then ambushed by Fugitive cavalry. It was a shocking slaughter, with the entire US crushed. The militia however, was ordered to stay put, and did not participate in the pursuit. They militia was still unable to fend off Fugitive cavalry attacks, and soon was routed.

Henry Dearborn responds to the Threat

Henry Dearborn gathered an army of about 4000 cavalry and 2000 infantry to counter the threat. He knew about Jacob Brown's fate, so he knew that this must be a cavalry reliant battle.

The Retreat to Washington DC

Henry Dearborn was shot, causing his army to flee in panic to Washington DC. They left their cannons behind, adding to the already increasing Fugitive arsenal.

DC Surrenders Without a Fight

Although it was 4000 fugitives facing 20,000 defenders, the defenders surrendered after hearing about the Fugitives almost invincible army, and their generous terms of surrender.

 American Civil War

After DC was taken, the Democratic Union of Free Systems was formed, and an army of 200,000 was raised. This alarmed Great Britain, who began a military buildup on the Canadian border and began to arm a new faction. The Enclave, which was led by former American officials, who hoped to restore the United States of America. James Madison, was quickly ditched for a strongman intended to be a tough leader. James Hamilton, was sworn in as president of the enclave. He raised an army of about 140,000 soldiers, backed by 20,000 redcoats. Britain began to build military forts inside America, and the Democratic Union prepared to face their enemy.

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