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The Republic of California was founded in 1828 by Don Rafael Montero. Its first government was made up of the Don Council and that was later replaced by the California Senate.
California au

The Republic of California

List of Presidents

Rafael Montero 1828-1842 none

Pedro Gaspez 1842-1853 none

Luiz La Lova 1853-1861 none Pablo Vazquez 1861-1870 none

Pablo Daperno 1870-1879 none

Ferdinand Montero 1879-1891 none

Armand Zaville 1891-1900 Liberal

Alfonso Berhen 1900-1908 Liberal

Rio Esperez 1908-1915 Conservative

Raul Garcia 1915-1919 Conservative

Paul Jessop 1919-1925 Independent

Marc Ebez 1925-1934 Independent

George Galando 1934-1939 Republican

Rafael Javaz 1939-1947 Conservative

Pablo Perez 1947-1950 Conservative

Henry Alana 1950-1958 Liberal

Percival Biorn 1958-1970 Liberal

Roberto Eliano 1970-1976 Liberal

Arthur Mcborn 1976-1983 Republican

Raul Davez 1983-1994 Republican

John Wonerton 1994-1999 Republican

Jon Yap 1999-2006 Conservative

William Mcbaxton 2006- Conservative

Government and Law

Californian Government during the Don Council was largely just descisions made by the oligharchic Dons. When the Californian Senate was founded there were four main political parties. The Conservatives, Liberals, Independents and Republicans. As well as the Senate the were thesurm ou

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