Christopher VIII Denmark (The Kalmar Union)

Christopher VIII, King of Denmark (1850-1869)

Denmark - Christian II dies. He is succeeded by Christopher VIII.

Japan - Japan seizes the Loaisa Islands from nominal French rule.


Japan - Japan successfully defends the Loaisa Islands from a French naval flotilla, wrecking it against the carefully mapped out reefs.


Keewatin Territory - After a month of discussions the government of Keewatin Territory agrees to Vinland's overlordship. Vinland wipes its debts, readjusts Keewatin's borders and Queen Svenný II becomes its head of state.

Japan - A more fully prepared French fleet, with Luxembourgois and Bruneian assistance defeats Japan and retakes the Loaisa Islands. With the threat of invasion of Okinawa Japan sues for peace early in 1853.


Japan - The shock of military defeat drags Japan into a two year civil war between the 'Imperial' and 'Shogunate' parties. Westernisation would follow the Imperial victory.


Australia - Finally taking notice of Javan traders' stories, Luxembourgoise merchants 'discover' Australia mapping a small portion of the barren North-East coast.


Arles - King Emanuele dies. Philip II succeeds.


Kristjana VII (The Kalmar Union)

Kristjana VII, Queen of Vinland (1857-1885)

Vinland - Svenný II dies. She is succeeded by Kristjana VII.

Abernakriga - A brief pro-royalist uprising leads to Abernakriga deposing its king and declaring itself to be a republic.

Australia - The Kalmar ship Nymark circumnavigates the Australian landmass mapping it and claiming it for the Union. This causes outrage in Luxembourg and both parties rush to land troops and back up their claims with force.


Hordaland - Queen Elizabeth dies. She is succeeded by her cousin Olaf IX.



Mvskokia - Ssiquoya Utiyu invents 'Cotton Engine' automating the process of removing seeds from raw cotton. This invention turns the South of Leifia into a cotton producing powerhouse.

New Zeeland - Luxembourg explorers 'discover' the Maori Islands, two hundred years after the Tawantin had done so. It claims the southern island naming it New Zeeland.


Svealand - Hjalmar Troell installs the first working steam locomotive at the Fagersta ironworks in Svealand by mounting his high pressure engine onto wheels.


Singapore - A revolt topples the Sultan of Johor and acting to reinstate him Luxembourg fights the brief but bloody Johor War, but effectively annexes it to its Singapore territory.


Naples - Charles VII dies. Francis III succeeds.


Svealand - Gustav VII dies. Succeeded by Christopher III.

Esselenmark - After the election of the ultra-nationalistic Chief Xasá all foreign citizens of Esselenmark are forciably expelled from the country and their businesses confiscated. Whilst enriching a few Esselensk this act will damage Esselenmark's economy for decades.

Leon - Peter IV dies. His daughter Isabella succeeds.

France - Charles X dies. Charles XI succeeds as king.


Elin VIII Álengia (The Kalmar Union)

Elin VIII, Queen of Álengiamark (1867-1888)

Álengiamark - Yrsa III dies. She is succeeded by Elin VIII.

Coabana - Coabana revolts against Granda's heavy-handed rule leading to a four-year war for independence.


Australia - The Australia Treaty fixes the borders of the various claims.

Charles IV Luxem (The Kalmar Union)

Charles IV, King of United Netherlands (1868-1871)

United Netherlands - King Henry XII dies. Charles IV succeeds.


Eric XIV Denmark (The Kalmar Union)

Eric XIV, King of Denmark (1869-1902)

Denmark - Christopher VII dies. He is succeeded by Eric XIV.



Gothenland - King Alexander I dies. Karl XII succeeds to the throne.


Albert Luxem (The Kalmar Union)

Albert, King of United Netherlands (1871-1889)

United Netherlands - Charles IV dies. He is succeeded by his brother Albert.


Arles - Philip III dies. He is succeeded by his daughter Isabella.


Aragon - Peter VI dies. He is succeeded by Alfonso IV.


Luconia - After collectively defeating their rebellions the central islands of Luconia formalize their federation.


Scotland - James XIII dies. He is succeeded by James XIV.


Japan - The short but decisive Amur War secures Japanese control over the Amur River, pushes Vladimir's territory back to Lake Baikal and effectively gives Japan sole control over Eastern Siberia.



Wessex - Henry VIII dies. Succeeded by Henry IX.


Viet Nam - Viet Nam signs peace with the 'Southern' faction in China's civil war taking the province of Yunnan.

Roasjoinn - Japan and Mexica begin a six-year naval war over the Hawaiian Islands.


Svenny III (The Kalmar Union)

Svenný III , Queen of Vinland (1885-1902)

Vinland - Kristjana VII dies. Svenný III succeeds as queen.

Mvskokia - Mvskokia descends into civil war as the Reformist party is outlawed. This begins the cycle of warfare usually known in Europe as the Cotton Wars.


France - Charles XI dies. He is succeeded by John V.


Christopher III Anglia (The Kalmar Union)

Christopher III, King of Anglia (1888-1912)

Anglia - John VI dies. Christopher III succeeds.

Reynhildur (The Kalmar Union)

Reynhildur, Queen of Álengiamark (1888-1906)

Álengiamark - Elin VIII dies. Reynhildur succeeds as queen.


William VI Luxem (The Kalmar Union)

William VI, King of United Netherlands (1889-1905)

United Netherlands - Albert dies. William VI succeeds.

Tupiniquimsuyu - Abasuyu invades an exclave of Tupiniqumsuyu following a dispute about the building of fort. Allying with Tamoioland the Tupiniquim conquer a broad swath of Atlantic coastline from Abasuyu, land-locking it.



Quisqueyanos - The Portuguese Quisqueyanos states are given full independence. They form a federation with the two ex-Álengsk Quisqueyano states.

Finland - Queen Maria dies. She is succeeded by her grandnephew Eric III.

Mskokia - The Mvskokian Civil War ends with Chikashsha being given independence.


Kanienmark - Kanienmark and Álengiamark begin work on the Erie Canal.

China - China successfully defends Taiwan against a Japanese invasion during the Second Taiwanese War (1893-1895).


Aragon - Alfonso IV dies. He is succeeded by Peter VII.

Naples - Francis III dies. Philip succeeds as King of Naples.

Mvskokia - Mvskokia and Chikashsha go to war over 'incidents' on the border. Mvskokia hopes to snuff out republican and abolitionist ideas emanating from the newly independent state.


Antarctica - The Vinlandic ship Hekla makes the first confirmed sighting of the Antarctic continent.


Mvskokia - The Mvskokia-Chikaskska War ends in a ceasefire but is soon superseded by war with the wider Mississippi War (1896-1901).


Denmark - Locomotive trials on the Aarhus-Silkeborg Railway are won by Ole Hansen's engine Sleipnir.

China - Japan is defeated by China again in the Third Taiwanese War.

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