Hordaland - Olaf IX, ill for much of the last decade of his life, dies. He is succeeded by Frederick II.

Arles - Queen Isabella dies. Her son Philip IV succeeds her.

Leon - Isabella dies. She is succeeded by Ferdinand X.


Finland - Eric III dies. Succeeded by Eric IV.

Chikashsha - The Mississippi War ends with parts of Chikashsha being awarded to Ugakhpaland. South-western Mskokia begins to seethe with separatist plots.


Denmark - Eric XIV dies. He is succeeded by Harald VI.

Thorey VIII (The Kalmar Union)

Thorey VIII, Queen of Vinland (1902-1931)

Vinland - Svenný III dies. She is succeeded by Thorey VIII.

Gothenland - Karl XIV dies. His son Alexander II succeeds.

Hungary - King Nikolaus II dies. Louis V succeeds.

Álengsk Caribaejyar - The double eruption of Fljótlavac volcano kills some 30,000 people on the island of Jouanace.


Holy Roman Empire - Emperor Louis V dies. Duke William IV of Isenburg is elected becoming William II.

Naples - King Philip dies. Francis IV succeeds.

Mskokia - Mskokian spies uncover a separatist plot by Chahtan army chiefs. With nothing left to lose, their leader Taboca Shanublee, proclaims an independent Chahtaland and declares war on Mskokia.


Leifia - Japan occupies a large section of the Tlingit coastline.

Hohenzollern - The three Hohenzollern counties vote to unify themselves though keep their separate heads of state.


Austria-Bohemia - Charles IV/I dies. He is succeeded by Leopold III/I.

William VII Luxem (The Kalmar Union)

William VII, King of United Netherlands (1905-1919)

United Netherlands - William VI dies. He is succeeded by William VII.


Elin IX (The Kalmar Union)

Elin IX, Queen of Álengiamark (1906-1927)

Álengiamark - Queen Reunhildur dies. She is succeeded by Elin IX.

Poland-Lithuania - The Warsaw Congress fixes the Prime Meridian as passing through the Royal Observatory at Sophienborg Palace Copenhagen. Much of Central Europe adopts CMT.

Hordaland & Stolberg - Germany and Scandinavia is scandalized after Countess Eleanora Louise elopes to Hordaland to marry Prince Frederick in secret.


Austria-Bohemia - Leopold III/I dies. He is succeeded by Leopold IV/II.

Hungary - Louis V dies unexpectedly. His brother Charles III succeeds.


Svealand - Christopher III of dies. Succeeded by Olaf V.

Mskokia - With no end to the Chahtan Revolution in sight and cotton shortages severely damaging the European economy several states declare war on Mskokia aiming to set up 'free ports' in southern Leifia in the vain hope of restarting trade.



Leifia - The Erie Canal is completed.

Wessex - Henry IX dies. Succeeded by Edmund VIII.


Edward Anglia (The Kalmar Union)

Edward, King of Anglia (1912-1947)

Anglia - Christopher III dies. Edward succeeds.


Wessex - Edmund VIII dies. Succeeded by Frederick I.

Aragon - Peter VII dies. He is succeeded by his eldest daughter Joanna II.


Leifia - Japan and Vinland sign the Treaty of Kaien dividing North-Western Leifia.

Arctic - Lade and Hordaland agree joint sovereignty over Svalbard. It is incorporated into neither country but instead run as special region by a joint bureau of both foreign offices.

Svealand - Olaf V dies. He is succeeded by Carl III.

Scotland - James XIV dies. He is succeeded by Alexander VII.


Henry XIII Luxem (The Kalmar Union)

Henry XIII, King of United Netherlands (1919-1929)

United Netherlands - William VII dies. He is succeeded by his son Henry XIII.



Austria-Bohemia - Leopold IV/II dies. Charles V/II succeeds.


Holy Roman Empire - Emperor William II dies. After a long drawn-out and apparently fraught session the electors choose Charles V of Bohemia/II of Austria as Emperor Charles VIII.

Poland-Lithuania - Sigismund V dies. He is succeeded by Stanislaw III.


Naples - Francis IV dies. Charles VIII succeeds.


France - John V dies. He is succeeded by Charles XII.

Leon - Ferdinand X dies. He is succeeded by Philip V.


Thorey VI (The Kalmar Union)

Thorey VI, Queen of Álengiamark (1927-1967)

Álengiamark - Elin IX dies. Thorey VI succeeds as queen.


Henry XIV Luxem (The Kalmar Union)

Henry XIV, King of United Netherlands (1905-1919)

United Netherlands - Henry XIII dies. He is succeeded by Henry XIV.



Sofia (The Kalmar Union)

Sofía, Queen of Vinland (1931-1960)

Vinland - Thorey VIII dies. She is succeeded by her niece Sofía.

Leon - Philip V dies. His brother Charles I succeeds him.


Hordaland - King Frederick II dies. He is succeeded by Frederick III.


Hungary - Charles III dies. His nephew Louis VI succeeds.


Scotland - Alexander VII dies. His son Edward succeeds.

Tawantinland - The 'Tawantinland Pact' is signed between Tawantinsuyu and its neighbours firming up the defensive alliance of the entire continent (minus Luxembourg and Vinland).


Denmark - Harald VI dies. He is succeeded by Christopher IX.



Arles - King Philip IV dies. Paul succeeds him.


Poland-Lithuania - Stanislaw III dies. Jan V succeeds.


Christopher IV Anglia (The Kalmar Union)

Christopher IV, King of Anglia (1947-1978)

Anglia - Edward dies. Christopher IV succeeds.

Svealand - Carl III dies. Gustav VIII succeeds.

Naples - Charles VIII dies. He is succeeded by James VI.

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